Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 24, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1934
Page 3
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st_24 H) HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE TME MRS. SID HENRY ociefy NRY ||11i|| TELEPHONE 321 The Arrow and Ihc Song I shot nn ni-row into the air, It fell to earth I knew not where; For so swiftly H flew the sight, Could not follow it in Its flight. I breathed n song into the nir. It fell to earth I knew not where; Fur who has sight so keen and strong 'Dial it can follow the- flight of 11 *"lie? Long, long afterwards in iin oak I found tho arrow still unbroke, And the song, from bi>tti|]ninf{ to end. I found again in the hearl of ;i friend —Longfellow. • Spend Your Evenings J • ,il your cool ' LAST TIMES TODAY All Hopj is raving over— The must ;niia/.ing drama that ever crashed the Golden Gate.-! Charming BETTE DAVIS "FOG OVER FRISCO" with Donald Wood. LI ye Talhot —2— Your Western Favor:"- 1 REX BELL —In— "THE FUGITIVE" •) Anolh .T TlirilliiiK Episode "WOLI 1 ' DOC," Admission—Iflc. Me all clay This ad will admit Mr. and Mrs. Jack Williams -EXTRA— Films showing Miss Evans' arrival in Hollywod .showing on our .H'rcen now. Miss Evans will appear in person on our stage Monday nijjht. C'rclp No. 1 of the W. M. S. of the Firsl Baptist church will hold their ri'Kiilur Mission .study Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home' of Mrs, Will Ridgdill on West Sixth Ave. Mrs. J. M. Houston and Miss Martha Houston wore Thursday visitors in Tc.xarkaiia. Mrs. Sloan Henry who has been the Kiie.sl of her .sister, Mrs. W. B. Mason for the 1 past week isc returned to Thursday afternoon at Norlh Hervt-y slrcel. her homo in Bearclen, Ark. As special compliment to Mrs. Jack Stewart, one of the .summer's most popular brides, Mrs. Edwin Stcwarl entertained at three tables of bridge her home on Pink myrtle the rooms and following o series of games, the high score favor cwnt to Mrs. John Bradley Howard and the honoree was presented with » dainty gift. A mosl templing salad and sandwich course was .served with fruit punch. Tea callers were Mrs. E. S. Richards and Mrs. Sid Henry. The Rev. C. C. Jones will conduct 11 o'clock service Sunday morning at St Marks Episcopal church. o Mrs. Laura Bennett, who has been the guest of relatives and friends for the past few weeks left Thursday morning for a visit in Fort Worth, Texas before rlurning lo her home in Riisscllvillc. Brooks Hamilton of RuKsellvillc was the Thursday night guest of his parent Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Hamilton. Burger Jonts entertained at a picture show party Thursday night hon- oriiiK Miss Lucrelin Williamson, who i 1 ' leavini! soon for her new home in Hot Springs. Following the picture a delightful ice cuiuse was served lo the yoiiut! friends attending. Mrs. Mary Maryarct Neel and Miss Li la Bowman of IIawn were Wcdnes- HOLC to Quit If BanksWill Lend Wooten Says U. S. Wants to Turn It Loose Speedily LITTLE ROCK— If private lending institutions raly lo the federal housing program within the next 90 days; active lending of the Home Owners Loan Corporation will he ended, B. H. Woolen, president of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Little Rock declared in an address at a meeting of Ihe Rotary club Thursday. With the inauguration of the Fed- eriil Housing Administration, the government has indicated that is wishes to curtail its business activities and help private lending institutions, he paid. In addition, ho added, the government has shown that it desicrs to eminent has shown htat it desires to biisis by placing James A. Moffatt at the head of it. Ho pointed out that 9.72 per cent is tho maximum interest which a lending institution may charge under the! housing program if it has the loans insured. Lenders should prefer god will to high interest, he added. J. J. Hanson, stale irector of the Federal Housing Administration, was termed "a good soldier" by Mr. W6o- len, and he praised Mr. Harrison for his work both for the housing program and the National Housing Administration as director of the National Emergency Council for Arkansas. Mr. Woolen said the Home Loan Bank was the first agency created and that it loaned ?10,000,000 to its members. He reported that ?5,000,000 of this amount had been rtpaid. He said that no relief agency had given more rcjief than the HOL(J Many persons have gotten "into the bread line" to obtain money at a low interest rate who are not entitled lo HOLC loans he explained, and criticism from them is not surprising when their applications arc rejected. He also spoke on the organizalion of federal sasings and loan associations, which he said is a clear indication the government recognizes that home financing should be through the .savings of the people. CJ Ufruj enio-q onii 'umohJno -jrvU, & 'it day guests rf Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Ham. illon and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Allen. Uurrelt Memorial MLshlonary Baptls 1 . ii Church Cck'bratinj/ their 15th birthday an- 10 mveisary. Wanda and Weaver Collins cnterlained a group of young friends on Tliur.sday night at their holm: on South Fulton street. After a number of interesting games and contests a delightful ice course was served to the following: Wanda and Weaver Collins, Ruth Ellen BoswcII, Virgie Sutlon, Louise Virginia John P. Cox Drug Co. Call 84 H ERB'S a perfect late vacation sports dress that can be made of printed linen or seorsunlccr. It fa designed in sizes 11 to 19 (29 to 37 bust). Size 15 requires 3 yards of 39-iuch fabric with '5-8 yard contrast. To secure a I'.VTTKIIN and STIH'-ltY-STKP SEWING IX. STIlt'CTIONS, fill out tlio coupon below, being sure to MENTION THK JS'AMK OF THUS NKWHl'/lI'KK. D. W. Bailey, Supl. a.m. Sunday school. Prayer meeting on Wednesday even, ings at 8 o'clock. | There will be services at our church ' Sunday morning at 11 a.m. and in the evening at 8, conducted by Ihe j Rev. Homer Henry of Mineral Springs. You are invited to come and worship' with us. JULIA BOVU, ion PAJIK AVBNUJB. NEW YOKK Enclosed is 15 ccnu la cuiit for Pattern No Si^o , Name A ".drwd City state Name of this newspaper The VMAj ]>.\TTKlt\ r.ooK, with :i complete selection of Julia Boyd desi^im, now IH ivo'Iy. U'M 15 cents when purchased separately. Or, if you want to rmi'T it with the pattern abovn. send, in just an addition"! 10 cents \viiii lliu coupon. C»rd of Thanks We wish to express our deepest gratitude or your sympathy and loving kindness shown my family and me during the i)lncss and dUlh of our son. There are no words that we can say lhat will express our thanks lo you. Please remember our hearts do bleed; but you have clone your part. Time alone can heal the wound. Our latch string is always on the outside lo all of you. Again—lhanks to all. i | George W. Schooley and Family.! Soybeans Rated a Valuable Food Are Grown in Wide Variety of Climates, Speaker Declares Phillips, Winifred Huckabee, Eugene Green and James Garrell. Hie hon-' crocs received a number of beautiful j gifts. —ii Circle No. 5 of the W.M.S. of the I First Baptist church will meet nt 4 {•'clock Monday afl'-rnoon at the homcj of Mrs. Jesse Brown on Soulh Wash- j ington with Mrs. Tom Coleman and 1 Mrs. Joe Coleman as associate host-1 cf.scs. A full atlcndance is urged. A NEW MARKET Hope's newest and most sanitary market opens Saturday. Prices listed below are the lowest obtainable on fine quality meats. SWIFT'S CHOICE K. C. BABY BEEF Rib Roast 17c Shoulder 15c Chuck Any Cut K. C. Ilindquarter Steak, Ib. 1 8c Brookfield Fork Link Sausage-1 Ib. cartons 27 c Choice fresh full Dressed Fryers 23c Wilson's Picnic HAMS, shankless, Ib. 1 6c Wilson's Laurel Sliced BACON, Ib. 1 9c HAMS, whole or half-lb. 1 8c Creamery Butter, Ib. 29c Fresh Eggs, doz 25c CHEESE-No. 1 full cream, Ib. 1 6c FRESH GROUND MEAT-lb. 6c CHEESE-Swiss Blended-lb. 28c Radio Bacon Squares-2 to 3 Ib. 1 7c fllfWli' NATIVE 1 SPRING I AMR LE GS, ib ............... 23c rilUl-jftlMrtHVUMItLluLflmD SHOULDER ib. isc SPARE RIBS, ib. 11 c NECK BONES, Ib 6c SAUSAGE, Ib. 7c BOLOGNA SAUSAGE, Ib 1 0c Watch Our Windows for Other Items Priced Especially Low. he Market Place STUTTGART, Ark. —"Soybeans can rightly be considered the most concentrated food known lo man." Dr. . E. LaClcrc Sr., chemist of Ihe Bureau of Soils and Industry, Dearlment of Agriculture, told delegates lo the American Soybean Association Thursday at. the secon day session of the national convention. Dr. LeClcrc said lhat soybeans arc "one of the most important crops available and thai Ihc bean can be grown successfully under a variety of climates." He explained the ways in which the beans may be used, and traced Hie history cf Ihc crop, which he said provides Ihc chief source of protein food for the Chinese, apanese, Koreans and other peoples. The entire soybean crop can bt utilized profitably, he said, the roots supplying nitrogen for the soil, the hay providing feed for livestock ond the bean ground aj-jd crushed to give oil and cake to be used as slock feed or ground into flour. Listed among the fods in whicoh the beans are used were bread, cal;c, pic C.TUS!, cixjkics, macaroni, pret/.els, ice cream, caj-jdy, pudding, salad dress- ing and shortening for cooking purposes. He said lhat soybean flour 17"^,- be mired with regular wheat flour to ob- tnin breads and pastries of unusually good taste. He explained that refining removes the undesirable ingredicnls which formerly kepi the bean from being used cxtcntivcly. Dr. LeClcrc said that soybeans were Urong in vitamins A and D and good nt vitimins B and G and that eggs arc Ihe ovjly foods richer in proteins. There were more than 800,000 acres at' soybeans in the United Stales in 1!).%'. and (ha!, there are more than 2,500 varieties under observation at Ihe present he explained. Russia Protests Jap Rail Arrests Moscow Resents Charge That It Fomented Railway Attack MOSCOW —(IP)— The Soviet gov- j ernmcnt has protested directly to the ! Japanese government arrest of Sov- ' iel citizens along the Chinese Eastern railway in Manchukuo, it was learned Thursday night. | The Sovitt protest, which followed an earlier communication addressee^ to the Manchukuo government was delivered by Ambassador Yureneff to the Tokio government, it was learned. Moscow's comunication took particular exception to a commirjiciue issued by the Japanese War Ministry August 17 which, it charged, contained an "unprecedented statement" that the Soviet Far Eastern army issued orders for fomentation of attacks on Chinese Eastern railway property. \ "For the above mentioned actions the Soviet government has charged me (Yucrnclf) with lodging its pro- ; test with you," the protest read. I "The government of the Union of Socialistic Soviet Republics expects that the Japanese government will make all necessary inferences." give Rowe an extra day of rest. "H depends on how the series goes with Washington. He may start Sunday against the Athletics. He's like Dizzy Dean. He'll pitch every game if you'll let him. He's beaten all the tough ones and twice went into extra innings in his big streak. He's not in perfect shape though. You saw his ankle." The leap to fame is swift in sports Unknown a year ago, Rowe now has a waiting list of vaudeville fight managers, seekers of cigarette endorsements, sporting goods test!* monial writers, and most-ernbarrasS-> ing girl reporteJs, who ask him eftibar- rassing questions about his girl frieiid, frjend." "You either do or you don't in this business," muttered the newly great mnn. "Keep your fingers crossed tar me Saturday, will you master. SCHOOLS NEED (Continued from Page One) Arkansas' applications for federal aid will be based on the report of the districts, but Mr. Floyd explained that the full amount needed may not be obtained. The 459 districls which have reported include 152,792 pupils and 4,046 teachers. These dstricts require 70,723 school days for a normal term, but estimated revtnues will pay for only 23,017 days. Federal aid will be needed for 47,706 days. These districts estimate an income of $^.657.187, but general expenses not i including salaries, debt service and transportation, will be $2,076,781. This will leave only 5679,551 for salaries, debt service and transporation. ROWE NERVOUS (Continued from Page One) Ozan Miss Edna Adams of 7 : exarkana is the guest of Miss Dorothy Freeman. __ Mrs. E. Hasclman and daughter, Jcancltc have returned from a visit with relatives in Ashdown. Mrs. Johnnie Carrigan spent the past week end with relatives in Ashdown. Bill Freeman of Hope spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lo Fletcher. Miss Lucille Barrow has returned to Memphis after a few days visit here. Miss Wilma Butler of Arkadclphia spent the week end with relatives in Ozan. Mrs. W. F. Robins returned home .Sunday H fler a visit lo Dr. and Mrs. Rue! Robins in Texarkana. Miss Jetlic Curliss spent Saturday night with her parents Mr. mid Mrs, man-Park hotel, in full view of a party of touring Gtrmans, ball players, bell hops and assorted guests, he pulled up a pants leg, dramatically pulled up a pants leg, dramatically exposed a bruised left ankle, which was the color of an overripe banana. "See that?" he shouted, snatching j the reporter's elbow, "I can't bear | down on it. I'm hurt all right but no- ! body is going to give you an alibi. I'll pitch my regular turn Saturday ' against Washington and I'll pop that ! record too." | Shanghaied out of the ElDorado I (Ark.) firehouse only three years ago and already standing on the threshold of basebal's Hall of Fame, the young man is pardonably querulous and nervous. He.nee,ds only one game to tie the American League pitching record of 16 consecutive victories. This mark was firsl set by Walter Johnson In 1912, tied by Joe Wood the same summer and equalled in 1931 by Mosc Grove. "Maybe I haven't got any business along side of them fellows," confided Rowe. shielding his shin bone from the frankly bewildered gaze of the German tourist party. "But I have 15 in that satchel and I dream about lhat number 1G. I have a hunch I am going ing lo win it Saturday, but I can hardly sleep, thinking about it." Mickey Cochrnne said lhat he may Fulton Curtiss in McCaskill, The Missionary Society of the Mctli odist church will have a social on Ihc "luirch lawn Tuesday afternoon and all members arc asked to be present. Rev. Harrcll will fil) his regular appointment at the Methodist church Sunday morning and night. The Baptist Missionary society met at the church Monday afternoon. Mrs. Irma Ryo has accepted a posi- Ucn in Ihe store of C. D. Ball. She asks her friends lo call and trade with her. Tho St. Paul League and a number of invited guests enjoyed a swimming parly Sunday afternoon at Kellcy Ford on the Litllc Missouri river near Mur- i'rccsboro, all making the trip on Bcr- ncar Webb's truck. 223 South Main Street. Free Delivery. Phone 412 To Women Who Vote Do you ladies remember the many years of struggle before we secured the right to vote? Do you remember that we promised, when half the voters were women, things would be different? That we were going to improve the class of men elected to office, and clean up politics? Have we done it? The man we elect as Sheriff on Tuesday will have a strong influence for good, or for evil, for the next two years. Think of the effect it may have on YOUR boy, or girl. Let us be sure that the man we vote for has enough strength of character to do right, and to resist the temptations which beset that office. Don't elect a man as Sheriff who has failed every time that he has been trusted. You can't reform a man by marrying him. Paid for by Women Supporters of CLARENCE BAKER J. Oscar Humphrey's Message to Voters I take this opportunity to thank those who endorsed me by a vote nearly double that of my opponents on August 14th. I also vigorously spiocit the vote of those who did not get their first choice and continue to solocit your support purely on ray past record, proved ability and qualifications. Now in the final test I urge you to return to the polls on Tuesday, August 28th, and roll'up'a majority for Humphrey that will erase all doubt as to who can be trusted and depended upon to best serve you in this important office. State (This atl paid for by Supporters of J. Oscar Humphrey) It Pays to Buy Quality Groceries Specials for Saturday LEMONS CALIFORNIA RED BALL—Nice Size—Doz. 19c BANANAS NICE AND YELLOW—FOUND 5c 10 Pound Paper Bags ................... .52c 10 Pound Cloth Bags... ................. 54c TOMATOES 3 No. 2 Cans Kelloggs Corn Flakes, pkg Hersheys 1 Ib can Chocolate Syrup MATCHES 6 Boxes .'.. Del Monte Peaches LARGE CAN 17c Pork and Beans CAMPBELL'S—CAN 5c !/2 Lb. and 2 Tea Glasses....45c TEA, Lipton's v< Lb - and ' Tea Glass 23c COFFEE RED AND GOLD—POUND 19c OATS Mother's Clirystal Ware (C'lore Out)—Package 23c SALAD DRESSING—Table Garden Sandwich Spread ^ m ^ 25c SALMON-Qium L Tall Cans faiWw Golden Puff Guaranteed Lb. $1.65 Wilsco, 100% Cotton Seed Oil Lb Carton 65c -MARKET SPECIALS- Veal or Beef Roast, „ «i,-o 3 ,.,„ 25c FRYERS , HOICK. nrrs!,od ;uul I)r;i\vn—POUND 23c Wilson's Picnic Hams s ..... *,„_,.,,. 1 6c CHEESE, No 1 Full Cream-Lb. WILSON'S LAUIM'.L Sl.M'KD—POUND HAMS WIIOI.K Oil H.U.r— POUND HAM ENDS 1 In li Mi. Pit-as—POl NO Spare Ribs, Ib_11 c Sausage, Ib 7c Franks,iblzi BoiogniTb

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