Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 9, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 9, 1937
Page 4
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-V j" 4 'ou Tell, the Quick** tti Sell* SATES minimum Me Word, tftln. 50C ji, minimum 90c «tt(Mh (» tbn*s)-lSc word, tontlnuous Inser- woftl Count, disregard fttme such as "For Sate/' e(c.-thls Is f«e. tniti«l « name, or com- number, counts as For example; H£NT— Thtee-room modern apartment, with garage* WH &T Bargain. J. V, Blank, IS words, at 2c word, 3* time- at 3ftc word, 53c lot tifttt titaes, etc. All orders placed by are due and payable upon ittoa ol bill PHONE 768 Service* Offered Contracting, Repairing t '? ,' TWrty years experience A tt Segnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W «,- .- 5-4-tf to JntosdtW* W tfet line of toilet gwxJs. See m« it &unftf"fiN*y Handle Co., afteJ 4 p Ross H. Sales. , * £>6 Today'a Aniwtri t« CRANIUM CRACKtHS Questions on Pa$e One 1. Madagascar belongs to Prance, Java to Holland, Greenland to Denmark, Jamaica to Gfeat Britain and Puerto Rico to United States. 2. Napoleon died on St. Helena. 3. Jupiter was supretne god of the Romans. 4. The clock will strike 78 times during the day. 5. Eighteen is two less than 20 of which 12 is two more than half. EVERYTHING. Don't have fllghtmares sleeping on that old hard us reb'oild It or call us for i on new white cotton or feather HEMPSTEAD COUNTY SHOP, 712 West Fourth et, Paul Cobb. Phone 853-J. 5-6tc For Rent !>!B6R^RKNT—One or two room apart- l^eixtS, furnished or unfurnished, ptfEyate bath, utilities paid. Also sleep- itigxtems. 413 South Main. 7-3tp it-' Is ' RENT—Furnished rooms, with private bath. Mrs. W. R. Chandler, J&one 906. 402 South Pine. 9-3tc t or 6aie iR SAIiE-Seed oats, Ferguson No. . e jBecleaned by 'us, tested by the its']-Laboratory, tagged and guar'"""l 99^7% pure, no cheat, no Just oats. 50 cts. per bushel while last It has been brought to our itfon seedsmen have been selling __ years representing them as oats when we never saw them. oats are good, none better. Hope Works. 7-6tc SALE—New sorghum molasses buckets,.high grade. 55 cents gallon. Call at office o£ Hope 27-15-dh. Rye, Oats, Barley, May Wheat, Vetch, Winter Peas, Winter JKe, Grass and Fall Bulbs. * ; -' MONTS SEED STORE l-28tc '**_., Found f >10UND—A key ring. Owner please - 7v ^, Hope Star. 4-6tc Owner 4-6tc The Best In Motor Oils Gold Seal 100% Perm., qt_ 2Sc The New Sterling Oil, qt. Me Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. East 3rd, Hopc-*pen Day & Ntte Orville W. Erringer Hope, Ark. Representing Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositors Coq>. ladies purse. pl%e call at Hope Star. — White and red spotted male bird dog. Apply John W. 409 South Elm street. 7-3tp Wanted •tfWANTKD TO BUY—Logs loaded on lii''Si A. tracks. Hardwood or Pine. Good prices paid. Write or wire Roy 't* Martin Lumber Co., Castor, La. Alberta 2111. . 5-6tp Uflirr Ws maki yours smart, ftuhionab l«\ rtmovt til soils, diri& wrinktn by dry cleaning. PHONE 385 HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters Cobb's Radio SERVICE BEST WORK LOWEST PRICES Phone 383 II Common Animal HORIZONTAL Answer tp^ Previous Puzzle 1 Well-known •• animal. 7 It Is a of the hare • family. 12 Bitter herb. 13 Rounded molding. • it Source of ipecac. i7MXid. 18 Minute objects. WAle. 80 Encountered. 21 Soldier's extra pay 22 Conjunction. 23 Father, %S Cry for help at sea. ?5 Rodent * 27 Tone 40 Island. 41 Male child. 42 Structural unit. 43 To guide. 44 Street. 45 To consecrate 46 Myself. 16 Fastened, with 47 Father. nails. 51 Burial stand, r 33 Meadow. 52 Male pronoun 35'Genuine. 54 Pertaining to 8$ Often. * ,38 Three, 3ft Intention. animal. 57 This animal is a (pi.) in Australia. VERTICAL 1 Battering machine. 2 Larval stage. 3 Tiresome person. 4 Red vege» tables. Genoa. 5 Vaults for the 51 To implore, 56 The wild hare dead 53 Being is a 6 A variety of 55 Upon, this animal. 7 Rose garden. 8 To argue 9 Opposite of odd. 10 Requires. 11 Sailor. 14 By way ot. 15 To permit. 23 This animal's (pi.) ia used for co&«° 26 Beer. 28 To bury. 29 Enamel. 31 Dry 32 Apportions medicine. 34 Notched. 37 Its is used as {bod. 40 Passage. 43 To slumber 45 Twice. 46 Crowd. 48 Since. 49 Church bench 50 Blackbird. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoopla j-^ 0^ I _.* | ^^j^ -fcfr, t iliifci iMjMflM tlMS « tifjffy" '"" '" l1 ^J'fe''">^'g""&i';l.M!>JgiaBll>Jfe»8 ^^VffZfZtf HUM/ -MB ©0 TO BASK IS euse wu«. petty M§<£W-IKid/ §dAO, 1 AWAIT TMS AftftlVAL OF MY U2tl§ MUCH A>"£ A FtSJD MARSHAL LOOKS FOft \3 WHEW R eW<3UL.FE=D NUMBERS— )l vou THAT *TWD S ES, BACK tO BACK/ AP.'Ry ANY "tHRUST / -pOIMf Et? 3IBES/ ^ HAWCV to LBAKJ Y3u ALWAYS -fHE:: FAST OW£S THAT COME SOUP, WAY WITH FIN6ERS/ THAT HE GO TO BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Go On, Steve ALLEY OOP so THiSHSTH' SECRET OF TH' WIZENS POWEE-A Lit QL' WEEP, WITHOUT ' &VEKJ A FLOWEE,.' /—' NOW, HOU/ DOES HE FIX IT SO TH 1 FUTURE HE CAM SEE? IP THAT I KMEW, I'D BE- AS POWEEPUL AS HE.' WASH TUBBS THOU&HT: WOW, WHV SHOULDN'T &V 6UMMITV HECK, IT WOM'T HUI2.T DOT OUR WAY An Idea Is Born NOW, WHEW HE USES IT, IT'S POWDERED AM' DE.V- WOULD THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE? DOW'T SEE WHS TH' Wilt?, OF COURSE,WOULD BE MAO IP HE (AMEW-8UT MOW CAKi HE EVEE. J'.WOW WHAT I'M ABOUT TOO ? /-V r WHAT TH' WI2.ER CAM'T' SEE, WOM'T RAISE HI5 U IRE-SOTH 1 PIR.ST .THIM&I DO IS BUILD, ME A COPR. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U 5. PAT. OF£f Farewells By CRANE ALIVE! THEY'RE .) vou BET THEV AREH LOOK! 11 j& TOOK MV MONEV. i KKIOW VTHE.WRETCH. w& IT'S MINE \ OUGHTA HAVE HIM BECAUSE PUTIN i MARKED WOW, VOU PACK O 1 THIEVING SKUNKS GET THE BLAZES OUT O' HERE AMD i * * FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Mystery Maiden WON'T You PLEASE TAKE OFF YOUR MASK SO I CAN SEE YOUR FACE? I'D LIKE TO RIND OUT IF YPUR EYES MATCH THE PEST WELL, GEE:, i HAVE TO -LEAVE AT ELEVEN .' I'M OUT FOR FOOT- , BALL, AND 1 HAVE: TO BE IN E3ED AT A CERTAIN HOUR asss~ WOU'T By BLOSSER, WOM'T you JUST SOPTA LIFT THE MASK A LITTLE AMD GIVE ME OF A I WOULDW T THINK OF BREAKING THE PARTY COME ON,ROMEO... WE GOTTA BS "-(_ GOING ' ^•"T MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE ^v»,« •V**V/5 - t *^«•VHfc Only a Ruse ALL YOU GOTTA t)O IS PUT A MASK OVER THE EVES OF C5IRL "rOU SEE., AND. WHEN THE RIGHT F-EATURES ARE LEFT OVER., YOU'LL KMOW ' THE OWE.' QMFSQN NOW, WHV PIDM'T HE \ WAWT ME TO HEAE WHAT \ HE'S GOIWQ' TO A'SK \ THAT MAKJ?SEWDIWe ME j FOE ALCOHOL WAS OMLV / HELLO, MURSIE< SAV, I WAUT TO APOLOGIZE PDf?- THE WAV L TREATep VOU THE OTHEC> DW- I'M REALLV f^OT SUCH A BAD BOY, MOW - 000 VOW BODEM HAS- POME. WOMDEES FOR ME? S MOW, MISS WORTH, OU12. PATIEMT 15 UMDEKTHE IKJ* R.UEWCE OF THE "TRUTH SERLM". ITS EFFECT IS LIKE THAT OF AM AMESTHETIC. THE SEMSE OF HEARIM& ALER.T. I UNDERSTAND, POCTOe. ARE YOU ABOUT TO QUESTIOM HIM? WOULP VOU MIWD blMG TO THE AKJP BeiMGIWG SH BOTTL ALCOHOL?

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