The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1940
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH 30, 19.10 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 13ai)y rate rx?r line foe consecutive insertions: One time per line Ilk Vwo tiroes per tine per day—line Three times per line per (iay.,.(Xiu 6ix (lines per line per day 05c Month rnto per line 60o Curds of Thanks 50c & 75c Minimum cliaigc 50c Ads ordered lor three or si" limes and stopped before expiration will be charged for Hie number of limes tilt aud npjieiiroU HIIO adjustment of bill nucic. All Classified Arivu-Usliiu copy submitted by persons rcvilumg oui- 5i<JC of the cloy must be aecoiii- panied by cttsh. Rules may be eus- iiy computeu irorti UDOVL uioie. AavtriisinB oidumi lor ir regular inseuions taxes the one lime rate. Mo responsibility «ill uo uiKi'ii for more, uuin one luvorrm nisor- non 01 any classmen au USED CARS and TRUCKS Talk is cheap. That's we hack o it r promises Used Oil's w i I li a writleii 50/50 j>'Uiti"int< down in Hl.'iok 6 acres Iniul 7 room house modern. N. W. purl ul elly, J35UO. C room modern, 112 Davis St. $5(M : cosh. $30 month. Many oilier nlar- jcs to suit you. Ill N. 2nd SI. Koli ILson and Co. hone H'iS 28-i'k-- why - -. .__ . . _ I „'„ | Grocery and meat niiirkct tlplm: Wlirii Vinir Auto (ids It tn Ih,. Auto Hospital Next lo ('{imp MtmHi'ie John Buchanan rlioiic 107 \Vc [ml il White! BCKK! huslin'ss. 1/wrcnl for $100<l.' —• • 111 N. 2nd. Kt. I'hone 1128. Rollison and Co. l!8-i>k-l! I'.i:i7—Ftinl A-l. Color Only 1 !):js—I'ord Hlack. K condition Tudor. Color Saddle horse, wplfilil 000 uouuds. Motor AB(I 8 . vl; ars. Blncl;. Fust and I Kentlc. Good few ^Imitation oi' 1 liU'Hsurr. fl«:>. or will tnulo. includes saddle and brittle, I!. K. Wright, 1 mile tenth on 11. W. til. 28-ek-tl -Foul Sciluu. Siiod. $449 Tires & $151 Welding EXTUKT motor Only 1!)37—I'l.vniouth Couch Tour ing. I'atin ftrccii col. \ Motor overhauled. . [.I'JlUi—Ford Fonlor. Color ; Hlaek. Excellent WtLUIftU l> I it f, 11 il u itnU nc.tvy ;i cluing * fiarksdaie irlfg, to. ! | •'>•'«> • ish. ^nl Comic, lilack lii:- peach of a ' Expert Electric ami Acetylene WELDING Dragline ant! heavy welding our D. W. Dell, Ark. t'hoiic 8-l'-JJ Farm Loans Lavgt or Small At Low Interest Kales. We arc equippud 10 handle larijj or small loans ou any sized traci; oi farm laiuij nc low cost, and ai a low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & KLALl'V COMPANY 2ia Wainiii Bi. iJlyilieviile, ArK —TRUCKS— 19;Ui—Ford IMek-up. rccoiulitiuncd, tires good 1!)37—International A real I'ick-n)). Um—Chev. — niiilor condition. Ton. Tires WG—Kord 1 y t .shoiili) really see this iiTicli 5IJi Ton. ' Voti I'lioiie 1122 Notice Hardware \Vc Sproiatl/o In SWEEPING COMPOUND Kliouso-Hi'iiry Ud\v. Co. I'luuu' >'i5 Jiniill electric refrigerator, sjootl! condition. Chcnn. Phone 174. 2(j-ck-tl D.&P.tlft Cotton Seed Certified & Treated I'imicrt on IViviile d'iu Ben F. Butier Co. Ost'l'ola Four head line cheap. Wiley imilijs. Will scHl Smith, Burdclte. lO-pk-l-lO For Rent 2 room furnished apart mi'nl. W. Kentucky. I'hone lisa. '.ID 108 Cull «5-\V-l lor orders of milk, cream, or churned bulici milk. All cows government, treated, llal- scll's Ualry. [2-|ik-.f-U Shoe U(.'.|»uiriiig OPEN for, Oliles! slinc- maker in tin- eounty. Wlirn other, fsiil. try i!t. Fix Vin ye|i. IVI Kn. 1!. rj. HI. ,Simon P. Lee, Mgr. 20-pk-l-Zfl Wines, Liquors The Ltllle Shop—Hotel Nublr. Vine wines mid llqnois. Wo siicclall'ic in Scotcti mid Imported items. tf(> Lintzeiilch, Mnnai'er. 25-ch-l 3 room inifiiniishwl aimitmenl. DowtLstaiis. Newly tlt'corated. I'hone 227-J. ' M-ek-tt G room house. '?. npni'lmcnt-s. Newly riccorutcil. 313 So. First. Washing Wauled rninlly Uuiidiy. All clothes wasll- cd sepnrali'ly. Mrs, MM. mo Uko. -t-nk-4-4 Sewing 021-W. Call - General housekeeper. Hxpcrlciiced. Cull !>0 in day, (151-W nlplit. :!T-ck-l :iO-ek- room apnrlment. llnlh. Newly decorated 10IH W. Mnln. CulM Hoom nml board. Plume MS. 20. ' HO-i'k-tl lG-ek-4-llj Two lurnisheti rooms. Near bath. 701 W. Ash. Phone 2'JD. 20pk-t-2!l Cienn;in boinbiiig of couslal Ifeht- slnps, tnidilionally imnnino as safeguards lo neutral navigation aroused anger in Grcut Britain.' Ahuvc, an ofllcer goes aloft to inspect tiic sluilturcd lanlcrn of » liB(itshi|) 'blacked out" by a Niwi ruiilcr olf England's enst coast. 4 room iinfiirnished af Call 327 day--night 55. 3 room fiirnishetl nimrtnicnt. t'i'1- valc Kith. Mrs. Werl, plioiiD 357. 2Qek4-it) II Ihe valve cap h not replaced after imtllni; nir In an niitoinnbllv tire, the pouslblllty o[ n il n l Is Ki-eully Incrc-aspvt. _ & .Slipcovers. Mrs, Smith oV Mrs. Ulni'kwell, Armorel. Phoi- SW 7-ek-t-7 U'AKMMi OlIDKK Mrs. ASIIKI .Hiilaln: .llniiny air. Iain; Mrs. .Hue Annies lliuiictl; f'Mdle lltiind Hinliiln; l(<.v. MuVrliih i'rttllli; IIOWKII W. Hmltli; ,i wst . |,> Wiillli; lt»nilul))li Smllli; finiuiifl I'inltli: Mnleolm Sliilth anil PJlllull V, Smith are warned lo nupcnr In , Cliinu-cry Court for Ihe Ohlclin- District of Mtwbslupl Cinm- tj', Arkimsas, \vltliln thirty clays from this dale, io answer n coin- piulnt (tlr<l aiuilnst them In said court by Norman c. Jones. Dalnl this March nth, mil) HARVEY MOlllilS. Clitrk. Hy lill/.nlieth Illylhe, due . , to Wood nhowlng llnrougli tlie transparent ILssucs. True albinism Is hereditary. , Twliii I'arlid 20 Vonrs !, Wnsb. (UP) — Wide In environment, changed them but mile, according to twin sisters fie|jnrnlc'(| n years aso by adoption when lliey were 5 days old. After many futile attempts, Mrs. Lloyd K. Esnolt and Miss A^lle.s Wallers were remitted, II. Is said Irci7.(w more rl^lit huiid. tlmt the Icfr rapidly Oiiin tlie Allilnns l.nrk I'lcnu'iil lark Ilir dark pl(!ini'ii(s rc.s|ii)nsll)le lor iiornuilly eolurwl skins, hnlr. leathers and sculoN In (he anhiiiU world. The eyes. In I I GUARD k Jntometriit • a In Hlythr.uilln. • H Fillet! Currtttly 9 H APPY HOUR GRO.& nut* uujvuiy »«» W. JHlIn Si, I'honr 14 HOOTS AND HKH HUDDIRS Voii'vo trl^l lli« l(i'»|, Kuw Iry TIIK IIEST COAL LOWEST ABH-IMOlieeT HEAT REDASHS1O.OO DIXIE QUALITY LP. S6.95 Ul.l) SUl'KltlOft VAitD-l'HONK 7tW On A curve-ball baseball pltclicr i-i less effective in Denver than In Sim Dlcgo, because llierc Is less ah- rcsWancc in Denver, due to the hlfih altitude. FOR SALE SPECIAL BARGAINS;' <i room collage nn Kentucky. Nice home close In. price $1050. $250 nisli, linl. « 10.00 month, inclndci inli-iwl, tuxes nml insurance. 40-1 K. Din'ls. 7 room stucco. $1150. Owner says "sell It," $350 cash, Iml. $21.00 nionlh. Possession tb- tliiy. — PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Voiir Picscrl|](loii Uiusulsl Fowler Drug Co. Main & l.'lrsl I'liuim Ml SPECIAL! l/;t More for tbp .name inoniiy Jolinsini's Wax mid (;ln-(.'oal SHOUSK-HBNHY IIARDWAHI5 CO. I'llttllC K Highway 01—20 acres and handsome, brick residence. All conveniences. This home Is new, Price W.500; See us tor terms. Thomas Land (,'o. Stitu Aiils. Try One of Our PIG SANDWICHES Clc hickory Inn tti-rnss Frnin Illch Si'lnml Now I.ocnlcd In Olencoo Itiilc'l Hldg. ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KINVAims. TrnprlHur All ISlalics of Uclnilll Typewrlti'in, AiliUiiR IMat'lilncs niid Wjlon terrier, w h i I e face onol •liiWiiand one blue eve. Mrs. W. ! J.,P^-.d, Armorel Road. 29-tkeJ , U1 18''.I/Arkansas 14 ton Truck license. ' dumber 224-7V3. Owner may hiwu '*. me by paying cost of this ad. Courier News Office. 1940 Arkansas License Tag number 51-086. Owner may have same by paying cost of this ad. Courier News olflcc. Business Directory ""FULLER BR.USHES SAI.KS AXO si:uvjci: J. THOS. IJKNFKO, P1IOXE ?.(H your property sold— fann lautl—.snc or rail N. 2nd. 51. Rollison and 28-pk-a TERMITES Work While Yon Sleep! Wake up before (hey rinmagc your property. For Free Inspection Cnll 582-W. Walker and Archer State Licensed Operators Nicely furnished bedroom. Walnut, phone llu. a or '1 rooms for rent.. 1'honc 17ci. Nice luniLMicd room. Ailjolnlus bnth. Inneisprin^ nialtrcwi. JiJi J Grain drill aud See Ben Ceaag ! i> oom fnrnlsiii'd npsivtmcnt. New- j y (iccoJatcn. Giirage. Close Jn. ------------ _.... Diigan birecl, Mrs. MOLES Will trade for Mules, Cows, H Cattle, Corn. Hay and Lumber. Delta Implements, Inc. See Floyd Simpson 8-dc-u STRONG MAN HORIiONTAI, Answer to Previous mnn jjf "Claiic MylHs." 8 One of his fenls, ]>rocuv ing (lie apples. 12 By way of. 13 ( up. 15,U>ng space !>'' time. IBTiinioi-.v. 17TU1<- of respect IRjValtccl. •20 Cooired. 22To r t«il. V!-i Raihvay {.Vob",.). 25 IWdgcpndgc. 27 Rehold. 28 Opposed io highland. 31 One who inherits. 33 Sail trees. 3Ti Insertion. 37 Roof edges. SB Postscript (nbbr.). •10 Lava. 12 Long ;igo. 43 Lone-honied cattle-. •l(i Perl Ijoy.-!. Til Deceit fruil. , r )5To rrdiict. SG Neilhrr. r>7 Dogniii. 53 High niounljiiii. 59 He was Ihe son oi Zeus or , GO Most expensive. YERTICAl 2 );ach. 16 lie was in ancient. Italy. }!>£xcliini ( ilion. 21BvawI. 23 To pull. 26 Material. laid on. 28 Circular wall. 2D Metallic rock. 30 Engulfed. 32 Abstract If?] being. ' 3'1 Nok-hcd like a saw. 3fi Light brown. '•iS Dry. . •II Gluts marble. •13 Cessation, •H Pertaining In air. •I, 1 ") Dyeing flpiwiv>lu.«. •17 To lislcti. •13 Unemployed. •19 Cheeks the growth. 50 Saint (ahbr.). 02 Clod of. sky. ComtorUiWe front IjctlvooiM, oui- side entrance. I'lioiie tol, a!5 Wiiinut. 1-clt-U Nice bcdrooui convenient to Steam heat, "hone 2BU. Unfitinished apartnier.t in Shane, Apartment Uutlctlni; on West! Main Street Call 571 or 191. 1-ck-tl Expert gun repairing; Sec E. M, i Damon fit Ihe BlytheviUe Armory an Wednesdays and Thursdays. •1 Box. 5 Thin I;>yor li To shoot forth. 7 Tint. R Cotiplccf. fi Smooth. 10 Hardy. 11 To dose. _________ M To nndci mine 54 Onward. ^I.Mj *$(; U ,5. HY FKED HAKMAIN i RED UYUEIJ fJAP OM TVf — WILLIE is TOR OA1L; >••»., i HEARD \ -AILED l-\ON*tE AMDl \-JlLUE,' WHERE'S f\Y J HE SWEAnS IT Vs>A_ TAKEM FROh\ WHERE ' * 1ID IT - . . f-\e. KNOV^ PL EOT Y AEOO1 6^CK OF I3OLD---L1STI1K!.' . THOOGH HE IS W OWN SON. GREW SCOTT, UTU-E BEAVER. Repairing ALLEY, 1 VWNT TO vou ON VOUR RESTRAINT; IN NOT SETTING UP ANP SLUGGING HE VOU .HERCULES, I WILL VOU HOLD " --- -v ,> WILLvuo MY, IT'S JUST 1 y< S ' y AX FOR E YOU SWP--TVIV BUT ILL'MY AX FOR .' THCT A LCWPOWNY 1 ' WAS A PRETTV ' Baby & Started Chicks Custom Hatching Marilyn Hatchery YOU SWP--TVI i BETTER -Vronsc Sluggish I. i v r r, work on* the bile to rid yourself of const!nation, gns pnlns, nml sour punt: feelitig. Take one box of KIIIBY'S ACTIVE n.lVER PILLS 25c at all Kirby Siores WASH TUHHS HY ROY "CRANK , GUI? 6OLPEN OPfXIRTUtlfTV IIA5 ACBIVEP! AT LAST OLP LAB/ PIPP1M6TOH IS TAKIW6 THE FAhSOUS PIPPW6TOH WAMOHC HECKIACE OUT Of HER SAFE PEP051T BOX. SHE IS 60IW& TO VWEAR IT AT THE BIG POLITICAL 8AHQUET " YOU RE .SORT OF A 816 SHOT roilTICALLM LETORE. I'D LIKE AN IHVITAT10H TO THE 8 AMtJUET OM. HO,pUKE. IT'S OUT OF n!6(}UEiriOH THOCT'6 OHLY TOR M- FLUEWTIAL HEklBEES OF THE PARTV, ItOWOR- I TOUT 6WE A ELAWEV,'- SLANK ' IT'C; FOR, on WHV! VWRE TOSET ME AH IWTATIOM ND HISFIUKN!)S Merely M Tcuhniciil Difference MEIHHLL'BLOSSKK YOU CAM STAV, PRECKLES-.. irs ALL; MOTHER QIRL9, ,.^,,^ IN TM1S MOfJWIMe > JUME— -^JGOWQ-fo DO THE WELLO,JUME- Heuo . ._ B4.SCAMJ FRECKLtS, WAV I SPCAK TO , You OJTSIDE! WELL TM-M-'S A K-EUE!-'! .I'M Gt-AO ITS HCLfNA f.'ORSE ' 1 THOUGHT YOU MO JUNE WERE Gosn, MOM, YOU'RE ALL Of- A TWIT .' TOO V\OM'T Be OLD ENOUGH ib TMIMK: CF MARRIAGE FCR A5QUT A YEAR/ ji^i.j • — . fROPQRTIONATELY LOW /.' At Today's LOW PRICES!! As • 5ft Low As «lv On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5lli Walnut Plionc 810

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