Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 9, 1937 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 9, 1937
Page 2
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m [ope Star <rf Hope i«9; Ptt*> 1»27 January 1*» Q Justice, iJeliverfky Hertild From False Repvrt! l»itb!i»hed every nftertwtfn by Star Publishing Co., Inc. "' * '^^^ l ^* l- * i *P'T^I*!TWV l '" | W' i *1*"^ l *«'^* ffi Seven Vacancies in Sevier County tft th* first h«U* and a trt- C, E. PALMER, ALEX. H. WASHBURK, E<Ht» and IAJP) —Means Associated Press «.NEA)-Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. No Candidates Have Fil-, in the second half. el for Offices in Election mendwa ovation. fiwwn scored for Blythovilte aftw brilliant mains by Moslcy. Hot Springs held the Chickasaws to tour ftwt downs w the first half, but the power i home of Slythei-Hle started clicking I Unveiling Sunday Historyfarkers DE QUEEN. Ark-Seven vacancies in elective offices in Sevier county Nashville It Winner NASHVILLE. Ark. Scrappers defeated the Ashdown Panthers, 27 to 7, here Friday night. There Hope Boys Band to Participate in Program at Washinj^on Subscription Rate fAJwayy Pojable in Advance)- By comer, per , 15e; per month 65c; one year $650 By mail, m Hempsteed. Nevada. , MiHer end Lafayette courties, |3 50 per year; elsewhere $6 50. having filed fat the special election to be held <MI October 18. The office of Mewtxsr of The Associated frev: The AJ»o5nte5~Pres» entitled to the use- for repuWleation of ail news dispatches credited to it or j i trthenvis* credited tn this paper and also the local news published herein l " u " t - y ' fivp '-'f which are without e«n- rrji. « «. ^ ~~ — — ~- , . *" T V "***• "*•' Charges will be made for all tributes, cards J offae of the spetuil election The - — — —, ™~,, - - ...stict' of the prude in Boar resolution* or memorials, concerning the departed Commercial,' Ci < ek township which includes De . wW to Oil* policy in th« news columns to protect their readers' 0"'«'» * being sought by William P *eo» « deluge of spacc-tukin* memorials The Star disclaims responsibility Bjl1 wh " holds the office now by ap- Hope Boys band is nsked to meet at ope city hull at 1;30 p. m. Sunday >d a way will be provided for translation to Washington where a pro- iiiv and dedication of historical be hoH .it 3 p in follow^ Dr J C Williams ,.«« vaoinci^'ilV,;Se | The extr. point WBS |«t. On the'w- ' 5^%** <charua> ' Hlgh Scho °' "" i Presentation Speech, William Mc<° Comb. was no scoring in thp first quarter, the field. Early in the second Quarter, how_ ,_. ever Baton (>f N«&bvt)!e blocked Aih-i turn are without incumbents and no i down'? punt.on the Ashduvvn 30-yard ' line and Arnold thi-n tarried the ball CAI>! for Ndshvillos Jn^t touchdown ...».'i-late< have qualified to mak ,., L r Likf»i>».then- «re MX jus- rf th in China, " to *tttd y : fhc »»M .drama in to* tense clicks his shutter 4U than, unfuttded, *(tt,v Mnvc a Stake These people have a stake in the far eastern struggle. Nearly every on eof them has given something- money or clothing—to the cause. The Chinese newspapers in New York collect the money and a Chinese school on Mott street gathers the clothed. Many Chinatown workers have pledged a percentage of their salaries. No Japanese live in Chinatown. though a few come aronud to eat Chinese food occasionally. So ftir there has been no trouble. ,4t* the safc- or return of any unsolicited manuscript*, The Family Doctor r. tt. v. a }'»L off. By WK. MUHKIS KISHBEIM JottrnaJ of the American Medical Assoctedon. «nd «rf the Health M««azln«. Swgery, Radium, X-Ray Main Factors in Recognized Treatment of Cancers •Jtbfa in tlic 19th of a series of articles In which Dr. Morris Fishbehi USf cusses cancer, Us muses, and i for Its prcvcniioti «n cure. (No. 340; | manipulation may help to spread a | tumor throughout the body. Diets. ' drugs, glands, scrums, colored lights pointmem at the hands of Acting Governor Bob Bailey on May 1 ot this yi;»i, following the death of Goorge j Irwin, and In- is opposed by Jo<lii i Johnson. The ballots will show A. P. Steel as Demi/cratic candidate for chancellor and Minor Millwcc for circuit judge. They were nominated by the state committee »t an emergency meeting in , Little Rock last week. , The Sevier county election board is l composed of L. H. Norwood, of Lockes- of Horatio and Dr. of De Queen, and is eet here Saturday to make arrangements for holding" the' lowing kick off. Ashdown scared two passes. Welsh tossed one Thrash for 30 yard;; and Welsh then only I threw to Thrash for touchdown Welch kicked the point. Tobacco Quite Costly, the Britishers Find LONDON.— (Of-,- -Smoking is an expensive habit heie. American cigarettes cost 37 cents a package. Most, Americans, as a result, smoke English j brands but don't save much since most of those cost 25 cents for 20. And they don't give matches away—you have to buy 'em or carry a lighter. Many pcr- .sons do the latter—Kay itV cheaper, al- Address. (Historic Sketch), Hon. E F. McFnddin. Poem (The Old State Capitol). Mrs R-Jsa Polk Shipley. Heinpf,tead County Prosp, A. H Washburn. Soldiers Chorus from Faust. High School Bund. From July M to 17, 1911, 88.15 itichcE of rain fell at Bogulo. P. 1. More thun 45 inches fell on one day. COTTON LOANS QUICK SERVICE IMMEDIATE PAYMENT TOM KINSER Hope, Arkansas Tong Differences Mended by War COTTONTOANS^ We are now making Government Cotton Lorou. Brlnj? us your cotton for quick sen-Ice. Jett Williams & Co. though the. match,, o,,.y cost a cent«| Chinese in New York Are ^ Pjiglish cigarettes come in heavy I and similar methods also have been i sa 'd- provided the.v have paid poll j used without any real success. j taxes this year. Vacancies among the It has been rather well established I J ucl ses and clerks will be filled at election. The same judges and clerks 1 cardboard packages and usually hove who served in the last general elec- ) souvenir pictures inside. Pbpular tion will be used, one board member brands come not only irt packs of 20 but of 10 and even 5 cigarettes as well. The main factor* in the treatment [ that neither worry nor cheei fulness Of cancer today Are surgery, radium, | can control the cause or disappearance the meeting Saturday Only 1716 voters have paid their poll and the X-ray. The X-ray has been' cf a cancer in any way. Jt is not pos- * ax **"* Qualified to vote in the special tremendously improved in the last 20 bible to cause a cancer to disappear by j election, according to the libt made years and much more hai been learned adopting a cheerful attitude tow did it. T-uW'c this week by Sheriff Jess, Pick- OtWttt radium. j Chief danger ot attempting to treat j en!> The nonrul vote m U.e county is Long ago H was found that the tU-! a serious condition by mental methods' about 240 °sues which make up a cancer are more ! is the possibility of overlooking any NEXT: Danger of cancer treatments by quacks. to radium and the X-ray i possible chance that exists for treat- j are normal tissues, j merit with well established scientific' A surgeon may remove a cancer by ' methods. vac o£ a knife ot the electric cautery! or by similar method*. When he removes the cancer, 1\* tries also to remove all cn{ the tissue near the cancer which may have been inva4ed and all of the swollen glaxids related in spy w«y to the growth. The radiologist is particularly concerned with caneer of the skin and cancer of the cervix and uterus, and these methods are used also in cet- tain tumors of the mouth, throat and larynx. Radium has really been found to be of: rather limited value in cane*r of the stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney and intestines. The dangerous methods or treatment include ointments, plasters of mas- sagc. Ointments containing caustic drugs may damage the neighboring tissues and make them more susceptible to cancer, "Massage or any rough Eskimo Can't Dance With His Girl Friend BAHROW, Alaska.—<#>-The opposite sexes do not dance together in native Eskimo dances. Another custom is that only relatives may dance at one time and each participant dances by himself. The "floor," on occasions during the short Arctic summer when such celebrations are held outdoors, may be pieces of walrus sjkin sewed together and laid on the sand. The musical instrument is so/nething like the top of a Arum, made from the lining of a whale's stomach. Camden-Jonesboro (Continued from Page One) Weather Affects Crime BERKELEY, Calif -//FV-Sex crimes are most common in summer, crimes against property in winter, says Dr. Hans von Hentig, German criminologist lecturing here. The greater strain of poverty in cold weather is the explanation for predatory crimes, he says, while sex crimes may be due to the effect of sunshine on certain glands. According to "Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering,'' an automobile tire, costing $50 in 1910 produced 5.000 miles, while in 1936 a tire costing $15 the extra point on a line plunge. Th<j kicking of Jack Rust kept ', «s good for 20,000 miles. Jonesboro in possession of the ball deep in its own territory most of the game. Joriesboro made 16 first downs to seven for the visiton;, but its running attack never clicked in Rocket territory. Chicks Beat Hot Springs HOT SPRINGS, Ark,-Possessing a weight advantage of 23 pounds to the man, the Blytheville High School COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That in pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the decretal order of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, made and entered on the 6th day of September, 193T, in a certain cause then pending therein wherein Frenla Amonette et Chickasaws defeated the Hot Springs j al - are P lai » tiffs and Alonzo Reed et Trojans, 26 to 0, here Friday night. j al ' / 5 re Defendants, ^ the ^ undersigned. Weight and fresh reserves told the'"" "" ~ "' ' " story in the second half. Much to the surprise of the big crowd, which expected an early massacre of the Trojans, Coach Perry's gridders held their heavier opponents to one touchdown fe^^ CAST Of CIIAKAOTI'!R» l*IU(it'H,l,A VIKHCK — lierolne, mtt% finnan «(turnr). AMV UDHlt— Cllly'M jroomniHtc nil mordvrvr'N vlc-ilm, HAHHY H H'eCll J.N S^-.Alii}'« I'll tUSff \ittltAlTi HKHOEJAK'I* OOI.AN— nlttfrv (IM- g^tit lo nuivc ii>« uiiiriicr "' <4tf Keif, * » * bring her back . . , something which the doctors haven't thought of. The trouble came so sudden- like, you see. There must be something to bring h^r back ... if we could only find it," There were tears in his eyes, which he hastened to brush away mitted in this house, Mrs. Hunte she reminded the woman. "A the murderer is one of the m Jiving here. Your husband v> the nearest to the roof last Su day night. . . ." Mrs. Hunter began to cry hj tericully. "Mr. husband is no mu Yt*«ti>rdayt VCfuf* ilint or no MM. ITowner re- miin tvhl*!Mti'?fl hi T in (Hi- bull (Id boiir tUe murder of Am) !()' iili'tilri'M xlie IdeuIIUcH him Hi Iliirvoy Ann-*. CHAPTER XXU AFTER the investigation, Cllly wailed for the others to leave In 'order that she might see Ser. geant Dolan a(one. She felt thnt she should try, at least, to correct the false impression Mr. Corbett hail given of tier. But Dolan himself was the first to leave the room; later Detective Martin told her that he might be out for the remainder o£ the day. Returning to lute Unit founcl front, the apartment afternoon, she Mr. Johnson standing in "Good evening, Miss Pierce," the superintendent greeted. "I was tKii't ot hoping you'd come along. Can I gf-'ii you (or a few minutes'.'" "Yes, Mr. Johnson?" "It's shout the other morninfe'. , J don't Know how to tell you. Those ijooks you savv, , , ." filly nodded, 4l JjoJa« asked me a lot of ques^, tions ybqut them today, t IK/; thinks I'm insane. But I didn't with a work-roughened hand. Cilly's heart went out to the man. "I won't mention what you have told me, Mr. Johnson," she promised. "I hope you won't, Miss Pierce," he said, appealingiy. "I never spoke to anybody about this before. I don't want It to get around. When my wife gets better, it won't help any to have it known that she's been away all these years. Well, if there's anything else I can do, Miss Pierce He- started to leave. "Oh, yes, Mr. Johnson, there i.s something else. Remember what I said this morning, down at police headquarters, about Mr. Hunter?" "You mean about seeing him walk last night?" "Yea. That was the truth, Mr. Johnson. I went over on the roof across the way just to watch the Bayview. What I really hoped lo !>c-o was soniabociy in Pile of the empty apartments. It just happened thut I mot Mr. (Jorbett first was drunk, and very unpleasant. . , ." Johnson nodded, "He looked thut sort of a man." "However, I did see Mr. Hunter walking ahout his bedroom just tell him. ( won't tell the police, las sure as I see you now. He's and have it all in the papers. It's 'faking this paralysis, for some reu- rlift'erunt with you, Miss I J ierco. j son, and I'm going to find out I'd like to explain to you—" jwhy. What time do you usually "The police should know, Mr. Johaaun, if it has anything tt) son'.' t: him up on the roof, Mr. John- "He's up there now. I took him up about 15 minutes before you cairn; along." "Then Mrs. Hunter is alone JOHNSON ht-ld up hu hand in '•* ii)l ' n - ; novv, probably washing the "Jt hasn't anything to do with di,ii.-s. I think I'll go up to see A FEW Hunter * # » minutes came to the door of later, Mrs. ••• lu.-r upFirirncnt in answer to Cilly's |t, You t-iti> check tip tin' your* xqlt, ii yiiu duit't belic-ve me. { iiiiijy/ you won't lot it «ut into the pajiers. . , , it's n.y wife-, i> she's not quite well, Mjsa Wtrce.", ,. irlg . V Vlien she aaw who it was. '•I'm uorry, bit. Juhnson. Ter-- sl)e stopped back, startk-d. Cilly ribly liorry. I didn't know you hud entered, shutting the d.oov behind a wifis." t |- lt . ri "fjhf'a been--away It'.s almost "l'ij lilui to talk to you about 10 years now. We had u baby, your husband, Mrs. Hunter," sht.' fjnU it lived Wily a i«w Jays, Th'-n .aid unhesitatingly. it WM like Jjojiifcthing iujpt/ufl ;n ' "1'vt- nothing to tell you!" the my wilfc's mind • . • a; it'a m.-vt-f gotten over it. The (JotCn-ei d<jii'l 8dG.m to kiww how k/ help her. t haven't hud much education my- ?,tlf, Lilt 1 gOt those boolin to titody. Sometimes J think it might |us| bb on«? UUife t^ing . , . onu little ww4, cerhaps, wliicb tnigtit cried in terror. •you should bo ashamed of yourself, making trouble for decent people. You've- no right in my apartment, . . . I'll tell my husband. . . ." Cilly walked boldly into the living room and sat down. been u rnurdfr com- derer," she sobbed. "He never killed that girl. He never hurt anybody in his life, no matter what else . . ." "No matter what else he did?" CUly finished for her. "What is his other crime then, Mrg. Hunter? Cheating an insurance company?" It was a blind stab in the dark; at the moment Cilly did not know herself what prompted the words. They hit home, nevertheless. * * * TVTHS. HUNTER wilted. Beseeeh- ingly she held her hands out to Cilly. "Don't testify, rniss. I'll tell you about it, but I beg of you, don't let them think my husband is a murderer. He was in his lied when H happened, I swear it!" "Why does he pretend to be a helpless cripple when be ian't?" Gradually the woman's sobs subsided; she began to speak more calmly. "My husband was out of work, and we v/ere up against it, One week we hadn't had food lop three days. Ho was frantic, Luta that third night he was coming home, when right in front of our house.- a big car came tearing dovn the street. All of a sudden, it I it a dog and killed him. The driver swerved, and kept on going. |Jo hit my husband. I saw it from the window. 1 screamed and ran out. Somewhere down the streut, the polite got the driver of the car. He was so drunk he couldn't stand up. It made rny husband wild wilh anger. We hadn't eaten, for three days, and Ibis man could go around in a $10,000 car endan-. goring other people's lives and proptily. "Mr. Hunter had .studied medi~ cine, so when the young intern on the ambulance: arrived, it was easy to make out he was paraly/.ed. So easy, in fact, that he kept up the pretense. The young fellow who ran him down settled for $50,000. He'll never miss it—his father left him $1,000,000. We live hero quietly, because the man's slill check up on my bus- we go uway my husband baud. Hut on little doesn't have to pretend. . . , (})), J know it's wrong . . , but what does it matter to that man? Ha should have been taught a lea- son. . . ." (To Be Continued) as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public vendue to the highest bidder, at the front door or entrance to the Citizens National Bank Building in the City of Hope, in Hempstead County, Arkansas, within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, on Saturday, the 16th day of October, the following described veal estate situated in Hempstead County, Arkansas, to-wit: The Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SWVi S£'/4) of Section Thirty-three <33), in Township Nine '9) South, Range Twenty-six (26) West, containing 40 acres, more or less; I Also all of the West Half of the (Southwest Quarter (WVz SWVi) of [section Ten HO), Township Ten (10) ' South, Range Twenty-six (26) West, except the following described tracts of land, to-wit: " Commence on the north or east side of the right-of-way of the Arkansas and Louisiana Railway, 250 feet north of the point where said Railway crosses the section line betv/een Sections 10 and 15, in Township 10 South, Range 26 West, and run thence east 50 feet to the point of beginning, run thence east 280 feet, thence north 150 feet, thence west 280 feet to within 50 feet of said right- of-way, run thence southerly parallel to said right-of-way 150 feet back to the iwint of beginning; also commence on the north aide of the right-of-way of the Arkansas & Louisiana Railway Company 400 feet north of where said Railway crosses the section line between said Sections 10 and 15, at the northwest corner of H. Bright's one- acre lot, the point of beginning, run thence east along the north line of Bright's lot 280 feet, run thence north 150 feet, run thence west 280 feet, run thence south parallel to said right-of- way back to the point of beginning; l*o begin on the section Una 29 rods north of the southwest, corner of Section 10, in said Township 10 South, Range 26 West, and run thence east rods and S'/s feet, run thence north 9 roda, thence weal 17 rods and 12 feet, thence south along the section lino fl rods buck to the point of beginning (except, however, the right- of-way of said Railway Company); begin at the southeast corner of Catherine GiiiiibiU's lot, and run 165 feet eu-st, thence 200 feet north, thence 150 feet west, run thence 200 feet iack to the point of beginning; also commence at the southwest corner 01 :he iJMj SW'/i Section 10, Township 10 South, Range 2<i West, and rui iherice east 120 yards to the point of xiginning; run thence east 18 rods thence north 18 rwris, thence we.sl If .oils, thence south 18 rods back U :he point of beginning, containing i icres, moru or less; also commence (it lie southeast corner of Catherine Ganibill's lot utid run thence east 165 eet to the point of beginning, run hi-ncu north 160 feet, thence cast 100 eet, thence south 150 feet, thence west 00 feet back to the- (joint of bu- -jinning; also one-half acre in the lorthwost corner of the .SW/i SW'Xi of aid Section 10, in said township and aiiat-,- -the auinu being all the land 'Wiu.-il by (he .s;ii<l Harry Ift-erl in the V'/s SW'/j- of .said Section 10 at the inio of his clealh. TEHMS OF SALE: On a credit of net- month*, the purchfiAcr bc-ing ro- iiirMl lo execute a bo/nl aw required y l'iw and Die order ami ilt-creu of ui'l C'uiirt in .-viiid cause, with upf/rovcd L'i'iirity, bearing inlt>ri > .it ,-jt (he rale- of i«hl per ci-nt I8'v.) pt-r jinnum from iite of fcult.- until paid, and ;i hen eiiii! wUiiiicij on Uit- preinLsc-s ;,ul<l to jcui'f tht piiymt-nt of the purchase Given unUVi- my ImmJ this 15th day : Sfplumbur, 1037. RALPH BAILEY, in Chancery Welded Together by War With" Japan By the AP Feature Service NEW YORK.-The "war" in Chma has done something to Mott street, the heart of New York's Chinatown. Drably-garbed denizens have buried factional strife and politics to make common cause of the campaign against Japan. i They've even lost some of their i dread of photographers. j Time was when an assignment to j Chinatown was among the toughest I for New York cameramen. Rush to Bulletins ' Enter a shop where ulderly mysterious-looking Chinese are smoking placidly, and one of ,lhem says quietly. "Go away." They won't listen to an explanation. But if a shopkeeper should agree to have pictures taken in his store, his clerks scurry awav. Some say the Chinese are afraid they loe part of their souls when their pictures are taken. But today there is much less interest in the passing photographer. Everyone concentrates on the news from the homeland. As bulletins are posted on the sides 1 of buildings, there is a rush to read them. Young men in styles fresh from Allen street, old men in timeless sack I suits, or befrogged jackets they wore i He Wasn't Afraid of the Big Black Bear DRUMMOND, WIE,—{*>—After this, when Roy Oore sees something flit- Saturday, October cising his duties as night the Pigeon Ltike CCC earflp. Gore saw a shadowy form slip inlo cniup after curfew, n running tackle, and found ting around in the dark, he'll call out. full of a black bear. Gore "Halt, who goes there?" before cxor- wa.\, the another. 9c GOVERNMENT COTTC LOAN FORMS RECEIVEI Farms for effecting government 9-cent loans are here, and prepared lo arrhrige loans with the same prompt and cnrofu tioti that we have extended the producer for over 30 years. The evidence of this constructive and grntrfyinp ITVKC i t! of the valuable patronage of some (if the largest ami most planter* in the Hope territory for lhat tinii.-n.Hil lviv:th nf timi who anticipate placing their cotton in 9-cent government hums" assured of this mml satisfactory attention FiinhrtmuT th-\ It to their decided advantage to arrange their loans thrtnmh i.ur : Rexpectfully. E. C. BROWN & CO. Cotton Merchants B South Walnut Street Hnpo, PUBLIC SALT $ SEE US «JFor Painting and Body Work— Ji Special Car Paini Job—$17.50 I- O. K. Body Shop 51015 S. Elm (Old Hgl M. M. MORGAN > M. M >.V.V.V,V, NOTICE: To My Customers and Friends: I have changed from Nelson- Hucklns to Hope Steam Ijiundry, and invite you to continue your business witli rue. We offer you service of the highest quality. HARRY FHIPPS •v •. v-«— —, m*-m iy ^W VlP We arc in the market for a round lot of Forked Leaf White Oak, Cow Oak, Overcup, Burr Oak, ann HsU Oak Logs. For Prices and Specifications Apply to Hope Heading COMPANY Phone 245 We will offer for sale at public auction at thi Kisinger farm, 11 miles south of Hope, near dence church, and four miles northwest of WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1937 beginning promptly at 10 o'clock, the following* erty as described: ? j 1 thoroughbred White Face registered bull, 2 veal 7 Cows, all to be fresh soon. " $ 1 good smooth mouth brood mare. f 1 pair good mules. 1 1 Hay Press, good as new. 1 Wagon. i 2 2-wheel trailers. 3 4-wheel trailers. £ 1 Cream Separator, good as new. 2 Cieam Oa$ Household Goods: 3 Bed Room Suites. 1 Living- Room Suite. 1 Sun Porch Suite. 1 Electric Singer Sewing Machine. 2 Office Desks. 1 Dining Room Suite. 1 Ice 1 Range Cook Stove, good as new. 1 Piano. 3 Violins. 1 Saxaphone. 1 Guitar. 1 Banjo. 3 Phonographs. 3 Smoking Stands 2 Library Tables. 2 nice Wall Mirrors. 2 S^ind Tables. Several framed Pictures. 2 Typewriters. 2 Saddles. Several Shot Guns, Pistols and Rifles, and manyf articles too numerous to mention. TERMS made known on day of sale. Lunch will be served. S. L. SANFORD, Auctioneer. AGAIN-OLDSMOBIU STEPS OUT AHEAI ;.vvM \1 i!'W/1 UM cM WITH Two NEW STYLE LEADERS FOR 1911 BOTH SIX AND EIGHT OFFERING (::=») " THE AUTOMATIC SAFETY TRANSMISSION i ••' - . i.'HK'M ftMUR« *• * "C"- . 6 :r«;Su'«. -HOI*"' today presents the new Style Readers for } 938... a dashing nevr Six... a dynamic new Eight! Here are care! designed to set America's pace in distinctive streamline styling ... to eet a new high in fine^car performance.., to outvalue anything else within hun» dreds of dollars of their moderate price. Both of these great new cars for 1938 feature all the latest improvements and refinements, such as the new Safety Instrument Unit and Safety Dash, the new Safety Interiors and roarjy others, Both offer the new driving sentatiofl of the year, Oldsrnobile'? AuttyitaUe Safety Transmission. Come in tpday aji4 see the cars that set both the Styles and the performance pace for 1938! 'Built in ut tlic fuctocy Bt er»f» cost. A GENElUk MOTORS VA14JE Lewis & May Motor Co, 10 South Elm Street Hope, Arfc

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