The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on December 30, 1925 · Page 8
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 8

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1925
Page 8
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THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR, WEDNESDAY, .DECEMBER;, 30, ly.'S. EINSTEIN THEORY 10:30 P. M. Studio program. KLX, Oakland (508.2). 6 P. M. Women's hour. 7 P. M. Sunset matinee. 10 P. M. Educational program. 11 P. M. Dealer program. 1 ( - 1AY BE CHANGED , Complete -RADIO- Program (Central Standard Time.) PHQNr. I.OCAL STATION. . WFBM, Indianapolis (268). ; 6 P. M. Sports and stock market reports, courtesy of News. 6:30, P. M. Children's hour, j courtesy Franklin Life Insurance Company. 7 P. M. Gus FMwards Le Far-adis orchestra. 8:4.) P. M. Wheeler City Rescue Mission. 10:30 P. M.G u Edwards Le ' Paradls orchestra. Roberta , Smith, entertainer. ' BY LATE STUDY by Dan V. Goodman SII.KNT STATIONS. ' Central Kl'D.M, KI.KS, Wfliir. WOl, HE joy and happiness that radio is bringing to legions is well a successful new year for The Micro- ,1 piione J. " lL.Llo riviivji. expressed in the followlnR letter which was received andj ronnersville, ind. physics Authority Threatens Its Position in Disclosures . Before Nation's Scientists. Comment Fifty stations tn tnree 12 M. Sweet's ballroom orchestra (one and one-half hours). KNX, Hbllywood (336.9). 9 P. M, Ambassador Concert orchestra. , . 10 P. M. Feature program; Towne Cryer. . IIP. M. Courtesy program. 12 M. Dance orchestra. KOA, Denver (322.4). 7:30 P. M. Brown Palace String orchestra. 8:30 P. M. "Book pf Knowledge." 9 r. jM. Three-act comedy, "The Silver Fox." I KPO, San Francisco (428.3),, 9 P. M. Fairmont hotel orchestra. 10 P. 11. Atwater Kent artists. . . 12 M. States' restaurant orchestra. ' KPSN, Pasadena (315.6). . 8:30 P. M. Music; special program ; talks ; piano. KWSC. Pullman (348.6). , 9:30 P. M. Piano solos; talks. passed on to us hy WFDM: "In reply to your request in regard to your program (re WFAA. HMO, WOWI., 1VOA1V, Kaslern CK.K, tt'BBB, WlliVF, WFI. WIIAK, WHAZ, WIP, W.JV, B'l'U, " (' K.N THAI. STATIONS. CN'UW, "Winnipeg (IIS4.4). 7:.'!0 P. M. Bedtime Jtory. minutes. "Well, that s not so du iqi three minutes. Cuticura Shaving Stick Medicated And Soothing Fort S P. M. Musical program. Carry hotel. 8:40 I'. M. Studio program. C, P. Smith, 847 Eastern avenue, calls our attention to the fact that WON is listed at 370 and WJJD as SOL'.S. These stations- recently exchanged wave lengths. WON and WLIB, both of Chicago, operate on Mr'K while WJJD shares 370 with ferring to broadcasting from the Wheeler Rescue Mission), my wife, 78, and I, 30, our last birthdays and not able to get away from home at night and in had weather, enjoyed your program and others fine. We wish you all success in your good work. We hear some great sermons, music and songs. "SIMPSON BUIIG1N. "Zionsvilic, Ind." , " Comment To us, -that letter has a great deal "between the lines." Think what it means to Mr. and Mrs. Burgin, who are not Re- quest numbers. 10 P. M. Fort Garry hotel orchestra. Vocal. Keeps The Skin Healthy Tf irrttne a rrMmv. fostinp' ! WEBH. Mr. Smith adds a few slogans: KANSAS CITY, Mo., Dim:. '-'!. UP) Tedious observations, extending vit five years at tht Ml. "Wilson observatory in California, have led to 'roil-elusions that may modify the famous Einstein theory of relativity. Dr. Payton C. Miller, professor of physics nt llv Case School of Applied Science and president of the Anvrican rhysical Society, described the experiments before a general session if the American Session for the Advancement of Science in annual convention here toda. They indicate, he .-aid, that the ether drift with the- 'Hi'th KFAB, Lincoln (340.S). "WOAfl With Out Any Interference. "WFBM Where (to) Find Best p. M. lieishaw's orchestra, j as young as they used to be, enjoying the many privileges of the lather which doubles razor emcien- cv find makes fthavinor eaSV for trn- 5 :.i0 air that otherwise would be denied them. j -- r j der laced men,' while its delicate Little Symphony. S::m P. M. lielshaw Is it anv wonder that -Music. , "WHAS What Happens After Sup- per. orchestra. "MISS WALLIE" MERE radio encompasses us in its magnitude? medication keeps the skin clear WGY We Greet you." and healthy. , loo watts ; "WKBL. Syracuse, X. Y MALE, FOUND GUILTY IN MARRIAGE PLOT Soap2Sf. OinWimt 2S and BO. Ttlrimi Jtf Sold Piano. Vocal solos. KKk'X. Hastings (JS.S.3). S :.'! P. M. KIAKA program. 7 I'. M. "Doings of Congress Congressman Simmons. dial reading, 7-S-10. . "WET, Charlotte, X. C, 1150 watts; j ' I accept Mr. Parish's challenge, and iwdl say that it is very easy to sepa "Oatleara LiboratoriM, Dipt IIT, MUata, aui A suggestion sent out by the oftlclals of KFI. Los Angeles, might be. food for thought for Hoosiors. It Is suggested that discarded or superceded, receiving sets he given to charitable institutions or some one who is worthy, liy spreading th joy that follows lutieura MiaTinf suck lac. . , 7- ' " of ',i I'. M. 1'niversitv school music. I K K !', Shenandoah, la. ('.'i'iIII. j 8:30 P. M. Jones's Jolly Four. . 9 P. M. Chapman's orchestra. 9:30 r. M. "The Poeticlan." 9:45 P. M. Old time songs; "Cheer Ups." WEAK, New York (491.5). 5 P. M. Dinner music. 6 P. M. Synagogue services'. ' ' 8:30 P. M. United States Army band. , 7 P. M. Huyler's Buddies. 7 :30 P. M. "Pooley concert. 8 P. M. Ipana Troubadours. 9 P. M. Roxy and His Gang. . . 10 P. M. Ben Bernie's orchestra. WEAR. Cleveland (389.4). : 5 P. M. Hotel Cleveland orchestra, - WEBJ, New York (272.6). 7 P. M. Danc6 music; vocal and Instrumental. WEEI, Boston (34S.6). 5:45 P. M. Elg Brothers Club. 8:30 P. M. Perkins Beale s Ensemble. 7 T. M. WEAF -program (three hours). ... WGBU, Fulford, Fla. (278). 5:30 P. M. Piano solos. 9 P. M.v Dance music. '. WGBS, New York (315.6). ., " 5 P. M. Uncle Geebee. 5 :3() P. M. Jersey Collegians. P. M. Movie Sidelights; dance music. WGHP, Detroit (270). ( 7 P. M. Little Symphony and soloists. ' WGPv, Buffalo (319). 5:3(1 P. M. Two-piano recital. 8 P. M. Ipana Troubadors. 9 P. M.-Recltal. 10 P. M. Lopez orchestra, organ. WGY, Schenectady (379.5). radio s t, real service ownership of will be done Gets -Three'Ye'ar , Prison Sentence in U. S. District Court. ST. LOUIS, Mo., Dec. 29. (I. N. S.) LAI AkkHAL JLLLY at the observatory at the rate of p- : proximately ten kilometers a second. ; To aeoo.lnt for his observations )r. j Miller declared it was ncrisAiry to make two assumptions: first that there ! j- a coiif.ant motion of the solar sys-i Urn with a velocity of ".'"n kilo uetei s ; a set ind or more toward the middle I if the constellation; second, that in, effect, the earth drops the ether. ; I liased on 1SST Experiment. , Einstein, Dr. Miller said, based i some elements of his theory on ether- j drift experiments conducted in is7 at Case School of Applied Science in ' rate KOA and WSAI. Here is one for Mr. Parish. AVIll he separate WMAK ami WGHB? If he can do this, let him try WBZ and WJAX. I do this. To help him 1 will say that when I separate stations like these, they must be in the right location. (WBZ is east and AWT AX is south. Here is the secret. I use a Kadiola Super-Het and I use a table with a top that will rotate. When I want WBZ, I turn the table so that one end of the radio points toward the station. When I want WJAX, I turn the table no that the radio points in that direction. DR. G. H. SCHENK." RidgevlUe, Ind. TOR Walter Allen, 40 years old, who posed in magazine advertisements under the gentle alias of "Miss Wallie Colds. dial reading, S'i-l'J-H." WFBM. '50 watts power, romcs in very good on vniy set, but the Charlotte station of the same power and much farther away, comes in stronger. I have a Freed-Klsemann five-tube set with a Xo. 4 Magnovox horn. The dial readings above are from my log. You can set your radlola accordingly. A few nights ago I logged C'NRA Moncton, N. B., and a few minutes later brought In Oakland, Calif., all ol the horn. BEX F. WIXANS. Brookville, Ind. Comment All right fans, here's another challenge. Let's answer it. A D-X report just reaching us says: "What is believed lo be a record for daylight reception was hung up by KFI, IjOX Angeles, Cal., when n football game, broadcast from a remote control in the los Angeles coliseum, was received by It., T. St. James, in Chicago, commencing at 2:35 p. m. Central time. With two grid contests Allen, a young woman desirous of im mediate marriage in order to inherit a large fortune," was sentenced to Get a three years in the penitentiary today by, United States District Judge Farls. Cleveland hv Prof. Mi'-ludson and th tube today. if late Prof. Kilwnnl W. Mori Makes your head and nose feel fine. which he ( x-reveal earth "Western Keserve university, produced a negalivc result. 'I pertinents, which sought lo whether the motion of I ho Easy to apply , Karl Hauler. Wabash, Ind., tells us something that we, as well as many of our fans want to know. He says: "I do not know how many have already 'told you, but the people who reported KDKA's program last Filday night, must not have been paying cloe i.ttcntion to it, becaur the announcer did not say that they were rcbroati-castlng from Berlin." Instead, Tie said, 'We are rebroadcastlng records r.,ade in Berlin. In which the Cerman peuple extend Christmas greeetings to America.' Jle also announced that the records were made by an entirely new electrical process and brought to this country by a. member of the Westing-house staff." Tliey Included the voice of the announcer at the Merlin station; members of the Merlin state opera, including the prima donna; the German secretary of state and many others prniiilnnont in Germany. Perhaps where those reporting it became confused was due to the fact that the. announcer said the program was being relayed through tin- West inghouse stations at Hastings, N'eh., and Chicago. Also that later, through the Westing-house relay svstem, points on the con- 7 P. M.- -'Had Cang, Syracuse, .Veil. KKCO, St. Louis l.-ir.D. 9:15 P. M. "Abide With I s," sermon. KM A, Shenandoah (2.V2). ii P. M. Timely Topics. Music. ! P. M. Familiar songs. Clog dancer. KPHC, Houston (2!Mi.). .) ::J0 P. M. Kiddies hour. ";: I'. M. -Fatty Martin's orohes-' tra. Voca lists. S::ill P. M. Tenor. Pianist. USD, St. Louis ( 7 P. M . Hotel Statlcr orchestra, s P. M. WKA K program. KSO, Clarinda, la. (211. Kl. 7 P. M. Vocal. Instrumental (two hours). KTIIS, Hot Springs (.'174. S). it P. M. --Arlington String fyinrtr't. liraml ensemble. HI P. M. - Majestic hotel orchestra. Jazz singing. KVW. Chicago (535.41. H P. M. KDKA program. 7 P. M. 1'ncle I!ob, bedtime stories. T :.!) P. M. Half hour of music. P. M. Musical program. Vocal. 10 P. M. Midnight revue. Ash's orchestra. 11:10 P. M. -Sander's Nighthawks. I A. M. Insomnia Club. Allen pleaded guilty to the charge of using the mails to defraud. George Zatrow of Buffalo, N. Y., was the only victim post office inspectors found. Zatrow sent .$30 to Allen for the "prospective bride's" railroad fare. "It is inconceivable to me bow any one with ordinary intelligence could be caught by your scheme," the Judge said in sentencing Allen. "It is so Quick to act eloeity Miller through space affected the lichl. was renewed hy r When husbands take their wives to see the "Follies," the latter are sometimes envious maybe. Mme, Poljy, beauty specialist, will broadcast some of the secrets back of the "Follies" gills' good looks. She will tell the feminine listeners the various ways and means whereby these actresses manage to keep their beauty. She will discuss everything, not only complexion, but hair, physique, and so on, at 9:S0 o'clock this morning. TRY DRUG STORE FIRST , 30c end 60a pn tub . 5:45 P. M. Dinner rmisic. .0:30 P. M. '.'Book of Knowledge" program. 8 . obviously ridiculous. However, I sup m Boiioi M3 m re pose the law was made to protect people without sense enough to get in out of the rain hs well as others." 'CATARRHAL JELLY the Ml. Wilson observatory. "The general acceptance of the theory Hint light consists of a wavn action in a liinilniferiius ether," Dr. Miller lixplained, "made it necessary to iletelrnine tie1 essential properties of till' ether, which would enable it to transmit lipid and lo account for the optical phenomena in genrnil. "The ethir was at llrsl presumed to 1111 all space, even that occupied by material bodies, and yet to al ow nil bodies to move through it with aonarent freedom. The question of scheduled for Thanksgiving, the whistle blew for the first game at l'J:3() p. m., Pacific time, and it was reception of this igame that brought St. James into prominence as a daylight D-X champ." Oscar Winters, Wliilestown, Ind.,' had to take his pen in hand when he read The Microphone last Tfiursday. Head on : "I much prefer to listen instead of FINN PLEADS Gl'll.TY. I tinent wdll also be reached." TIIK FIK8T D08K WILL STOP YODIl TROUBLES J. C. Jackson's New Discovery for Indigestion May He Found in Any Drug Store. Manufactured In Indianapolis. Conrasra to Tart In Fake Matrimonial Scheme. NEW YORK, Dec. 29. (I. N. S.) When the case of Walter Aho and Perkl Makl, Indicted last November for using the mails to defraud in a fake matrimonial scheme, was called in 'ed- whether the, ether is carried along by j the earth's motion has been consid- J ered from the early days of tin- I ...... . ... ' ., 'IM,,.....o ,,f t lie I 7 :05 P. M. Musical program. , WHAM. Rochester (278). 5:45 P. M. Eastman theater orchestra. 7:05 P. M. Little Symphony. WHN, New York (361.2). 6:30 P, M. Musical program; songs and instrumental. 9 P. M. Roseland dance orchestra. 10 T. M. Silver Slipper Revue; orchestra. n IIP. M. Cotton Club orchestra. 11:30 P. M. Richmah orchestra. WIP. Philadelphia (508.2). . 5:05 P. M Ben Franklin orchestra. -6 P. M. Uncle "Wip's roll call; soprano solos. WJAR. Providence (305.9).' (1:30 P. M. U. S. army band. 8 P. M. Soprano; speaker. S :3() P. M. Assumption choir. 9 P. M. "Roxy and His Gang." w.T'R Pontlac (517). "In answer to your own query, as well a3 that of Cyrus Myers in the column of today. Mr. Myers Just about answered the question himself. If you have a perfectly good log of one hundred or more stations, It is quite simple to gel seventy-five or eighty In an evening. For. Instance, if your dials are set for WRC, you're not Just sure whether it is that or WCA.P or KFI, so don't, bother to wait for the announcer but just put all three clown on your list. The same scheme Is applicable all over the dial, "I notice! one of the reports a short time ago in The Microphone, which list was made on a Monday night. There were several Chicago stations listed in the number. The fan overlooked the fact that Chicago stations are silent on Monday night. I also noticed .WFBM listed on a Saturday night, also WSAI and WLW on Fri (llgntj Wave lOCeiV. III',,,,'.- . ether are intimately associat', wi'h theories of the structure of matter, and these are among the most fundamental In the whole domain of physical silence." KNOWIYOUR RADIO SET. Series. A number of instruments or cells connected ip in a circuit so that the current must pass through each conductor successively. Sharp Tuning. Kxists where a very slight alteration of the tuner produces a marked effect In the strength of received signals. Short Circuit. One having a very small amount of resistance. To cut out resistance of Instruments of a fishing out stations. However, I will have to answer Mr. Parish, 1001 Albany street, in his challenge to the fans to separate KOA and WSAI. I, for another, can do it very easily on my Krla balloon circloid five. Some of you fellows with Erlas speak up. I would like to hear what other Erla fans are doing. I find that a short aerial, about sixty feet long, is best for tuning." Mr. Winters says he enjoys reading The Microphone, even if some of .the boys do exaggerate a little. WAMD, .Minneapolis (211). 7 P. M. c.arrick Symphony orchestra. .Vocal. Saxophone. U P. M. Skyrocket frolic. W11AP, Fort Worth (I7.j.!. li P. M. Texas Hotel orchestra.. 7:.",0 P. M. Concert. 11:30 P. M. Texas Dance orchestra. WIIPM. Chicago a-:t). X P. M. St ilng trio. Orchestra. Quartet. Tenor. 1- (iiddnight)--Duo. Ilanjo. I'lano. Drchestra. Xylophone. WI!C, Chicago CJllO). 7 P. M. Classical hour. LEG SORES aKK tlltABlJC. If you suffer from L Joraa or Varicou Ulceri, 1 will Hnd rot baolutely t'liKB a copy of my famous ook that tails how lo be rid of thai troubles for all time by using my remarkable painless treatment. It la different from anything: you ever heard ef and the result of over 16 years specialising. Simply send your name and a-dres- to Dr. H. J. WIIITTIER. Suite Hi. til East 11th s4reet. Kansas Cltv. Mo eral court here today, Mam pieacteu guilty. Passing of sentence was held up pending the result of the' trial of his alleged accomplice. ' The two men, both handsome young Finns, are alleged to have secured various amounts of money through inserting false advertisements using a girl's name in matrimonial papers seeking "acquaintance with an attractive young man of Finnish descent with a view to marriage." Numerous male members of the Finnish colonies In the middle AVest and Northwest were swindled of varl-ous sums of money, according to Federal officials. day nights, all of which are silent on W. P. Stiles, I Entering memory lam Every minute at WAHG, Xew York, from 8:45 to:3() tonight is filled with every kind of thing the particular radio fan would elect, Frinstance, at the beginning is llyna Roan, one of nicknell. Ind., says : "I. too, remember back (two 'when every station in ui the days The Pnited I o you re- 10 P. M. Jazz Jamboree 'Stales was on 300 meters. Europe s brightest opera stars In BOIES member toe thrill you received when Rr0Up 0f arias from well known grand ou brought in California for the first operas. Then conies Michael Lam-bertl, who was for so many years the (J p, M, IjolUKeue S mra"""' Soloists. . 8 p. m. Burrough s hour. 10:30 P. M. Jewett .Testers with the "Merry Old Chief." WJ'A, New York (454.3). (1 P. M. Levitow's concert orchestra. 7:15 T. M. Zoological series. 7:30 P. M. Announced. 9 P. M. Veres trio. 9:30 P. M. Moulin Rouge orchestra. WLIT. Philadelphia (394.5). time on vour home built receiver'.' And do you remember what you said when leading cellist of the New York Sy phony orchestra, Walter Danirosch those nights. , , "The law of averages forbids getting more than eight or ten stations in one hour and actually hear made." C. L. BARKER, Indianapolis, Ind. Comment The column is open, D-X fans,- for your rebuttals. We're willin' to print 'em, etc. Twenty-five minutes of fun will be on tap at WAHG, New York, tonight, beginning at 8:30. Evan Davies, leading laughmaker of radio, heads the merry murderers of gloom with a new group of songs and stories. Arthur Feldman, who reminds one of Dave Warfteld In the old Weber and Field days, will tell of the multitudinous MMIXS hours). WCAl!. San Antonio Cjr,:i). x P. M. Musical program. WCCD, Minneapois-St. Paul (410.1). 5:30 P. M.-Children's hour. Markets. 7 P. M. Mid-week church services. S P. M. WKA F program. "Safety Talk." 10:05 P. M. St. Paul Hotel orchestra. AVI.) A F, Kansas Cltv (3(! YOUTHFUL HUNTER HURT. FRANKFORT, Ind., Dec. 29. John Wallace, 15-year-old son of Cecil Wallace, farmer living near Rossvllle, may lose his left hand as the result of a hunting accident today. Young Wallace was sitting on a stump attempting you blew out a perfectly goou racuo- tron at $5 per?" To the record breakers, he says: "I have a little record of my own which I would like to 'crow about. For made with to shoot a rabbit when the gun fell Uhc last two years I haven't missed j listening in ov er a. dozen nights. Near conductor. Following Lambert! comes an artist who will soon be known in radioland as the Great Dane. He is Aage Hye Sorcnsen, the Danish barytone. "I would, like to be enrolled as a member of The Microphone Club," writes Clarence F. Kramer, Lebanon, Ind. "I am an ardent 'radio bug.' Would also suggest that if possiblo to from his hands and was discharged. REAL FRUIT for : States ( nnslnniy Principle. Einstein. Dr. Miller continued, states , the principle of the constancy of the j velocity of light. He held, the scion--, tist stated, that, for an observer on , the moving earth, the measured ve- j loeity of light must be constant, re- j gardless of the direction or amount of the earth's motion. i As to adjustments, which 'the speak-I er considered might have to he made I In the Einstein theory. Dr. Miller suggested that they would not he more difficult than In the old theory of stationary ether. "The ether drift experiments at Ml. "Wilson during the last five years, 1921 to lirjo," siihl Dr. Miller, "lead to the conclusion that there is a definite displacement of the interference fringe of the Interferometer such as would be produced by a relative action of the earth and ether at this observatory of approximately ten kilometers a second. In order to account for these observations as the result of an ether drift, it is necessary to make two assumptions; (I) that there Is a constant motion of the solar system with a velocity of 2IKI kilometers a second or more. "The. first assumption as to the magnitude: and direction of the. motion is in general agreement, with indications obtained hv other methods. The study of the proper motions of the stars and also of the motions of the line of sight "h id to the conclusion that the sun is moving toward the constellation Her-iiiles . . . with the velocity of nineteen kilometers a sec mid. . . . "The results indicate that the drag of the earth on the ether is related to local contour, and it is not unlike ordinary refraction." The load struck the back of his hand. He was brought to the Clinton County hospital here for treatment. CONSTIPATION (1:30 P. M. Dream Daddy. 7 P. M, Pennsylvania male quartet, f . 8 P. M. P. R. T. band. ' 9 P. M. Arcadia dance orchestra. WMAK, LOckport (265.6). 6 ;30 P. M. Dellwood dance orchestra. , . .. . , ' . 7 :30 P. M. Musical program. WMCA, New York (341). 5 :30 P. M. Hotel McAlpin troubles of Mr. Cohen, Mrs. Cohen and ly always as one as vou c hours." And then he asks : "I wish to know where station KFA la located. One finds them near the 455-meter mark and at (lll-72-S on a Freshman Masterpiece. Theywere on the uir Christmas eve at 12:55 and reception was very poor." Answer: We do not find a station KFA. KFI has a wave length of ION. 5, Perhaps some Freshman fan can hel.) Mr. Slitcs. do so you would arrange to broadcast I the ten little Cohens. Cliff Ulrich and a "Microphone Club hour" one night his trio in a little trip to Jazzmanta, a week from WFBM and would Ilk ,' interspersed with Dutch stories by Ul-to know what other fans think of this I rich. At intervals the Blue Pyramid Indiana Colleges Roofless Plates Idea. Write in, fans, 'crow in The I orchestra will take up the entertain-. IMllAVA-i leaf from a Gutenberg Microphone' and let us know. Wishing ment with Miller and Griffin and Ii P. M. "School of the Air." Address. Music (one hour). S P. M. Musical program. 11 :45 P. M Nlghthawk frolic. ,WLHH, Chicago (370.:'). 7 P. M. Oriole orchestra. A'ocal (one hour). 0 P. M. Orchestra. Talks. Soprano. Songs. 11 P. M. Orchestra, Vocal solos. WdKS. Oak Park CJ50). 5 P. M. Organ. P.asso. Tenor. s P. M. orchestra. Contralto, etc. 11 P. M.--Serenaders. Comedian. Organ. Tenor. WON. Chicago (30-J.S). 3 P. M. Itrldge gam. 3:30 P. M Tea time. 0:30 P. M. Illackstone quintet. Drnkr ensemble. Bllilfi which la 475 veais old Is one of the all of the members of The Microphone Club a happy and prosperous new ........ i., tl. most treasured articles the university library nossesses. The original Bible rontained sixty-four pages. The page in The persuasive coaxing of I Mgma r mmt. wh,I(, we not WHnt to ! Perkins, noted exponent o bettc die-, , we wlU whisper Hon. as she asks her radio fn your ear that we have somethlnrup possession or t lie nnrary is irom um Viook of Isiah and the first Issue of the linok. Large Gothic characters are used in the typp, which is In Latin and which required five vears to print. The InK used has defied the centuries and the printing Is very clear. In 1911 a copy of In reoeat nhr ases oi m,,,. ,L,, ".! ,,.. hjl. nossihilities. Beatrice Anthonj' to follow. "J gladly accept Bert Parish's challenge as published In your Dec. 1'4 issue. On the night of Dec. '.'3 I separated KOA. (322.4 meters), WJAZ (322.9 meters) and WSAI (325.!) meters), all of which was done very easily. I have a five-tube Claratone set, but when I accomplished the above I was only using three tubes.' I never have any trouble separating KOA and WSAI." A. S. BERGER, Indianapolis. Keep vour eyes and ears open and or to take notes," will he heard from WllAP, New York, lit (1:30 o'clock a perfect uutenuerg mme was soia lor $50,0011. . . . Two copies of engrav-inirs hv Piranesi. noted engraver, etcher and writer of antiquity of the latter part of the eighteenth century, have been purchased for the Latin department, L. 6 P. M. Talks. Orchestra. Spanish lesson. Banjo Boys. 7 p, m. "Florida" talk. Services. ,8:15 P. M. Barytone. Readings. 9:20 r. M. Hawaiian guitar ensemble. 10 rf M. Hoffbrau entertainers. Frivolities revue. . WOO, Philadelphia (508.2). . 0:30 T. M. Hotel Sylvanla orchestra. 7 P. M. United States Army band. 7:30 P. M. Pooley period. 8 P. M. Male quartet. Address. P. M. Fox theater program. 9:30 P. M. Dance music. WRC, Washington (468.5). 4 P. M. Meyer Davis orchestra. Talk. WRKO, Lansing (2S5.5). 5 P. M. Dinner concert. WOR. Newark (405.2). 5:15 P. M. "Words. Talk;" sports. 5:30 P. M. Dinner music. (1:30 r. M. Vocal and instrumental. 7 P. M. Concert program. watch The Microphone for a very pleasant surprise announcement in about .thirty days. Now, don't tell anyone. We acknowledge our congraula-tions to the Times and Blythe Q. Hendricks for broadcasting the Butler-Missouri basket ball game last night. Blythe knows how to handle a microphone and we know of no city in the that should broadcast a ORDERS SALE OF GOSHEN EX-MAYOFTS PROPERTY S p. M. Classical program. 10 p. M. Jazz scamper (one hour). WHAD. Milwaukee C.'75l. (1:15 P. M. organ recital. 10:30 P. M. Dexters and Klgers Creole orchestra. 11:30 P. M. Homiest organ program (one hour). WIIAS. Louisville (3!Ki.M. 3 1'. M. Organ recital. I P. M. - Musical selections; "Music Pox" specialty. Going up : Jerome Smith, North Manchester, Ind., writes us that, "after seven hours of tuning and waiting on Saturday, Deo. '-'. I heard from eighty-eight different broadcasting stations. Most of them came in with plenty of volume." Mr. Smith then listed the eighty-! I;;ht stations. "I believe this is the high-water mark." he adds, "for the number of (iO.SHKX, Ind.. Dec. 2fl. Bids on j ld-j acres of Elkhart county hnn land, appraised at .'.'7,r'm, pmt of the estate of Alfred liwiy, former mayor u. uerry, proressor or L.aun, hhh announced. One copy shows the Forum at Rome as it appeared about one hundred vears ago. The other shows the Interior of a columberium, a place where the ashes of the dead were placed in vases that were kept in niohea of the wall. . . . Stone work has heen completed up to the first floor of the addition to the university library. Work has been started on walls for the first floor of the 1200,000 addition. Plumbers are laying all the underground water pipes in the basement. ... All members of the senior and junior classes are required lo subscribe for copies of the 1928 Arbutus, senior class annual. It has been announced. By a system of checking, all students who do not subscribe will be solicited personally. . . . One of the big events on the calendar .when students nf Indiana university relurn from Mike wants to thank Bert Parish for his? challenge issued a few days ago. It has made the mail bag heavier and what we like better than letters Is more letters from fans. If you are a reader of The Microphone, you have noticed how many crowers accepted Mr. Tarish's challenge. That's good stuff. Always keep in mind that this column is just a big family affair and VSF. SOME OF VOl'K XMAS SAV1NUS TO 8AVJS iOUK TKETH, Ask about our special Roofless Plates and improved Crown and Bridge Work. Elteljorg & Moore, the family dentists, will watch over your teeth the same as the family doctor guards all other troubles. Come In for free examination. Eiteljorg & Moore Family Dentists Corner Kant Market and Circle Few Sleps From Circle Theater M. Rand concert; special-1 stations received In one evening. What of (ioshen. will h teeeived hy County i 7:::ii p. Auditor 1'iopp here Feb. I under or-! ties, dor made hy the hoard of county com- . 'H, t ,... missioner. I li-.'in i basket ball game more than the capital of basket balldom. . "The Silver Fox," a three-act comedy bv Cosmo Hamilton, Is billed tonight over KOA, Denver. This micro phone production will be given by the KOA players under direction of Iris i do you think 1 did in my spare time Moims (5'JO). .Saturday evening?" . M. Reese-Hughes niches- Comment Not only is this Ihehigh- ! water mark. This Is dangerously near M. Capital Ihealer artists, i die flood gale. However, we're willin' - liance program (two and j to print 'em If you're willin' to sign Proceeds . from 1 his , together, ti a. 7 :."!( P. II P. M 7:15 P. M. Celebration, Rudyard the circle surrounding it is made of one-half hour. 'em and send 'em in. Kipling birthday. 10 P. M. Dance program. . WR.N'Y, New York (258.5). Ruth Pavey and ts scnemueu lor if o'clock. Music between acts will be played by the KOA orchestra. their Christmas vacations next wePK is the senior class election, which will be held under a sneciaTset of rules. Salient, facts about the Aeons' election proposal are as follows: Each of the seven schools of the university will have a, separate slate ot officers for each class, the graduate school alone excepted. A senior administrative board will be features, adds the. 6 P. M. Whose birthday? Sport- regular weekly New York, now To It: WRAP, I The Inana Troubadours will feature flash ; opera notes. WHAT Symphonic sextet, which will ! (,llring their .entire program, to be Why have 6:20 P. M. Studio program; song give its first concert at o c ock L.j.( heir nninsr at K o ciock tonigni ster; radio talk. formed. Representation on tne noarn win he bv schools, every seventy-five rubber which stretches easily to w iden the circle. So come on in. If we may borrow The Star's slogan for a few minutes, we want The Microphone to be "ALWAYS FIRST ALWAYS FAIR ALWAYS COMPLETE." WEDNESDAY FEATl'HUS. 4 P. M. WOC, Davenport. Dixon Y, . boys' band. 7:15 P. M WOR, Newark. Celebration Rudyard Kipling's birthday, 8 P. M. WSM, Nashville. Scottish Rite program. S:30 P. M. WJAR, Providence. Assumption choir. students being entitled to one representa 5)i BDL? with proceeds from sale of other ; Lnwry property, in all alien!- Soil. owl, will he turned ov er to the common j school fund of Indiana. i Lower, who cane1 lo Goshen an or-' phan at the beginning of I he civil war.; died soon after leaving a theater here in 1010, without known relatives and ; without a will. j More than two hundred person.-; in various parts of the I'nlted States i tried to establish legal claim to his j estate before it was ordered turned i over to the state of Indiana. COPYRIGHT FEE RAISE I TO STOP BROADCASTING j LOS ANGELES, Cal., Hoc. I'll. fT) Increase in the annual fee charged; a Los Angeles hotel by Hie American Society of Authors, Composers ami; Publ'shers for the privilege of broad- j WI.IT, Chicago I Kill). 0 P. M. -Classical program; or- ga n ; string trio. 7; 15 P. M. --Musical features; Alamo orchestra. 0:30 P. M. Request organ program; vocalists. L' M. Your Hour League, WIL. St. Louis (J7.'l). II P. M. - Radio vaudeville (two hours). WJPL, Decatur C'70). 0 P. M. Millikin hour of music. WJJU, Mouseheart (370.:!). 0 P. M. -Dinner concert. N P. ,l. orchestra ; Junior hand: talk. bv AVI3AF, WEKI, WCAl', vvueu, WWJ, WC.R, WSAI and KSD, the most popular song of each year from 1010 to 1925, these to be selected from suggestions sent in by the radio audience. , "At present I am operating a tive. The senior scnooi presiuems win be members of the board, The clean of men will preside over' the board. Members of the board will compose all senior class committees, this being its only known function. Elections will be held on the first Monday after the first Tuesday in October. Tickets must be filed bv the last day of September. Tickets will be filed with deans of the respective schools Instead of with the bursar Only seventy applications for the first Jordan River lievue tryouts have tonight. This sextet, consisting of a string quintet and a flute, will broadcast the orchestral works of such composers as Liszt, 1'eethoven, Auber, Schumann, Gtieg and others wh:ch were transcribed for the sextet by Hcrnhard Listeman, who was knqwn for his work as the first concert master of the lioston Symphony orchestra. "A few dais ago you had a paragraph about some low powered station a fellow fan had brought in. When you have t:nr try these: "KI'N'Ci. Coldvvater. Miss., 10 watts; Thermiodyne with dry cells, master ,7 P. M. Ampico artists; Pictorial Review; violin. 8:15 P. M. Architecture; songs; aviation; minstrel. 9 P. M. Odlerno quartet. WRAV, Tarrytown (273). 9 P. M. Orchestra; songs. ..10 r. M.Entertainers; orchestra. WTAG, Worcester (268)., 6:15 P. M. Twinkle storyteller; talk. ' 6:40 P. M. "Spanish lesson;" concert program. 9 P. M. WEAF program. WTAM. Cleveland (389.4). 5 r- M. Royal Canadians. control, and 1 have no difficulty In separating WLIB and KDKA, KOA Boils and pure, rich, red blood never go together, They simply won't mix, any more than oil and water. Healthy blood dries these pests right up! That's the reason S. S. S. drives agonizing boils completely out of the system. There's not a chance for a boil, or any other breaking out on the skin, when pure blood, full of red cells is rush ieen tiled, Leon Wallace, revue publicity 9 P. M. WF.AF, New ioik. Koxy and his gang. 1(j p ji. WLW, Cincinnati. Piano classics the world knows. and WSAI, WFBM and Clearwater. KGO, KPO and KFI are tuned in reg-nlarlv. By actual count upwards of 10 P. M. Stud 12 .v. Dance gram. program. j in.-io ; popula r pro- j (122.31. j ev lew : Siviss l.iar- j fifty stations have been tuned in in I less than three minutes. , e ,u,.,.,irt-0 ij.-ut f'nnaHiiins Jv re director lias announced, i ne manuscript, which was written by William Itawles, a postgraduate student, lias been revised in order to III the needs of the production. Ten sngs have been submitted lo the Tllreetor. . . . Examination of 244 children between the ages of eight months and' three years has been made, accordion, lo a report of casting music copyrighted by moinbei s ' 'K l; '. Cincinnati of that organization from S10 to $.",,01111 s . M.--!nnk THE YEA Ft IS DRAWING TO A CLOSE CROW IN THE MIKE BEFORE IT GOES. , .w.. .. . - 'fine; also the Payton South Sea sere- dial reading, 7-0-11: slogan id station: 'The strongest 10-vvaM station in the world.' naders and Vincent Lopez. Here's to a year has caused the imp 1 to ,ceas- ,,.n orchestra, broadcasting, sa v s an announcement : s;:to p Popular made hy Kill, the station over which ! :i p ' M.-Koonics I "tigs. Little Sym oracle; vocal (1:30 P. M. Sport the last three years worn at ine monni-Ingtnn branch of the psychological clinic of the university, 'i he report is to be published in the university news letter. The Clinic here is maintained for two purposes; to serve as a laboratory, where university students can receive theoretical and Practical Instruction in all 7 r. M. Concert' program. .8 P. M. The Hollenden hour. , 10 p. M. Royal Canadians. WTIC. Hartford (4?5.9). 5:30 P. M Hotel Bond trio ami vocalists. 9 P. M. Dance music. VVW.T, Detroit (352.7). 5 P. M. Dinner concert. 7 P. M. Orchestra; soloists. 8 P. M. Dance program. 9 P, M. Roxy and his gang. Ihe iiotci enhe-tia went en the an. The new fc would he chaiged beginning Friday, th" radio station announced. According to radio lien th's i.s the first announced instance here of an increase in the annual charge by the copyright holders. phases of psychological study, analysis and direction of human life and to make a psychological study of children who are residents of Indiana and make rec ing inrougn your system. And that's what S. S. S. does. Builds up the red blood. Puts red-blood-cells ,by the millions back in , the system. S. S. S. makes the , blood so strong in healthy, red- ' blood-cells that painful, torturous boils disfiguring pimples, blackheads and blotches itching, burning eczema and rashes and other embarrassing skin eruptions , simply get out. It's a fact. S. S. S. has been doing this very thing for 100 years. You can get S. S. S. from any druggist. So, why have boils? Get the larger bottle. It's more eco nomica). AdvertiseVient. ommendations ror tneir training ano treatment. Dr. H. H. Young, director of the psychological clinic, and his graduate students' In clinical psychology made the examinations. The report shows that thlrty-elKbt different kinds of recommendations have been given on the basis ot examinations aud studies. WDAI. San Antonio 301.5). S::;o P. M. Army night concert.. WOAN, Lawrenceburg (2VJ.S). I) P. M. Vanghan orchestra. WOC, Davenport ( 4 p. M. Dixon Y. M. l A. boys' band. 5:45 P. M. Chimes concert. (1:30 P. M. Sandman; weather forecast. !) P. M. Organist ; tenor. WOK'. Chicago (217.3). f, P. M. Vocal; organ: pianist. . 10 P. M. Varied musical program; dance music (three hours). WORD. P.atavla (2751. - j, M. Concert trio; sacral songs, lecture. and instrumental. 8 P. M. Musical program, continued; vocal solos; orchestra. WAFD. Detroit (275). 9 P. M. Musical program. WAHG, Richmond Hill (315.6). 0:30 P. M. Soprano; pianist; cellist: tenor. 7:30 P. M. Barytone; tenor. 8:30 P. M. Davies, Feldman, Ulrich trio. 9:15 P. M. Blue Pyramid orchestra; Miller and Griffin. WBZ. Springfield (333.3). 5:30 T. M. KDKA Little Symphony. 11:30 T. M. Radio Nature league. 7 P. M. Announced. 7:15 P. M. Motion picture talk. phony; soloists. WLl't. Klgin (302.M. 7 I'. M. Dinner concert. 0 P. M. Roxy ami His Gang. II P. M. Chapman and Plaek- stoue dance orchestra. WLS, Chicago ( 0:30 P. M. Organ recital. 7 P. M Lullaby time; Ford and Glenn. 7: !5 p. M. WLS theater. V15 P, M. Metropolitan choir. 0:30 p. M Roys' choir; brass sextet. . 1 :tn p. M. St. it.a's choir quaitet. 11 P. SI. WLS circus program Ithlei; bouts). WLW. Cincinnati (122..",). 3 ;3o P. M. -Cooking school; shut-in conceit. 7 P. M. Hote Gibson orehosP a ; farm talk. 10 P. M. -Piano elassVs. in p. M. Mis. Fulton and artists. WSMB, New Orleans (310). 11:30 P. M. Organ recital. 7:30 P. M. De Luxe program. WSOE, Milwaukee (240). 5":30 P. M. Twilight musicale. 9 P. M. Open air holiday program. 9:30 P. M. Lakefront studio; community singing. WSI I, Iowa City (483.(1). 7:45 P. M. Correspondence lectures. , KASTKRN STATIONS. (,'NRM. Montreal (111). 7:30 P. M. Musical program: address by C. N. R. officials. CNrtO. Ottawa (13.5). 0 P. M. Aunt Bessie, bedlime stories. 7 P. M. Chateau Laurler orehes- . . t ra . 7:3(1 P. M.- Program from CNRM. Br 1 FAR WEST STATIONS. KFDJ. Corvallis (252.8). 9:30 P. M. Musical selections; . talk. . CFAC, Calgary (435.8). 9 P. M. Studio program. KFI. 1.os Angeles (407), 7:3d P. M. Matinee program: "Seeing California." S:3il T. M. Vest pocket concert; detective stories. . 9:20 P. M. Tenor and assisting artists. ID P. M. Ventura program. 11 P. M, Examiner program. 12 M. Patrick-Marsh orchestra. KGO', Oakland (3(11.2). V ,j p M, Lecture ; conceri III", choral singers. WHS, .Itffetson City ( lin.O), s P. M. - Musical program; ad- llf'SS. Wil l. Chicago ( 1 17.51. 7:45 P. M. Piano; flute: violinist. S;(5 P. M. Harninnlcif. selections. WCAH. Pittsburgh (4111.3). 5:30 p. M. Dinner concert, Wil 8 P. M. Hull City band. Rheumatism Can be treated at Home Rheumatism me.ansNatureneedshelpm cleansingand toning upyoursystem.No change of climate or expensive visits to Springs are needed if you use our home method CHRONICURE.Thousands of sufferersf rom the torturesof rheumatism, neuritis, lumbago, and neuralgic pains, report speedy relief after usinrj CHRONICURE. Let ut tend aFREETRIAK. to you can test it for yourself at home NOW. 1 --..cowo.v---------- , SiMtmtri Medical C.,Bn Ii 29 Srath Band. M. ' Pltue send without oblljttlon to m FRE"! TRIM, f your CHROMCUKfc. Ufttlur with metal iafar-siatioB. V MAN STAYS AT LIGHTHOUSE POST WITHOUT SLEEP ST. IVKS, lORNWAI.U, Dec. 29. i)-Out in the Godrevy lighthouse, on a storm-beaten rock oft the Cornish coast, young Thomas Evans lins been working single-handed for five sleepless days and -nights to keep his light In order, while parties from shore have battled vainly to take him aid through the gale-swept seas. Evans's coworker was taken from the lighthouse last Thursday ill of pneumonia, and since then the fierce storm has prevented all boats from reaching the beacon. Nevertheless the great light has continued nightly to warn shipping away from' the dangerous rocks, ' I0;2U P. M. "New Year's Five," reading. 10:30 P. M. Male quartet ; Castle Farm danc" music. ' 11:15 P. M. Organ concert; piano-log-lies, VVMACJ. Chicago (147.5). 2 I'. M. Shut-in piogram. 4 P. M. Music school program; recipes. 6 P. M. Organ recital, story lady. 8 P. M.Northwt stern lecture. 8:30 P. M. Musical program. P. M. WMAtj players WMRR, Chicago (250). 7 P. M Trianon duo; semiclassl-ca! program. 0 P. M. Trianon orchestra ; Wood-lawn orchestra; popular pro- liam Penn hotel. fi:30 P. M. Children's period. 7:30 P. M. Pooley period, 8 P. M. Concert, Choral Club. WCAP, Washington (468.5). e P. M. WEAF program (four hours). WCX, Tontiac (517)'. 5 P. M. Dinner concert 7 Book Cadillac hotel. 7 P. M. Musical program. WCAU. Philadelphia (278). 5:45 P. M. The Parodlans. 7 P. M. Health talk. 7:10 P. M. "Dad Bailey and . Bunch." 8 P. M. Rico's Royal Gypsy band. 5 P. M. Soprano; piano; violinist; talk. 4 . , (I P. M. Concert orchestra. 7';30 P.. M. "Mr. Fix-It." 8 P. M. Dinner concert, Metropolitan orchestra. " , KGW, Portland (491.5). ' 10 P. M. Concert. 12 M. Sherman Clay concert, KHJ, Los Angeles (405.2). 8:30 P. M. Children's program; screen juvenile. 10 P. M. Astronomy talk. 10;30 P. M. Courtesy program. 12:30 A. M. Hickman's orchestra. KJR. Seattle (3St.4). U P. M. Sears-Roebu"k program. 7 P. M. Ralph Williams and nis P.ainho orchestra. 10 p, m. Skylarks; entertainers (three hours). 1 Ai M.Gi-Tor hour. WSAI, Cincinnati (325.0), 7 :45 P, M. Art talk. ' S P. M. WEAK program. , o P. M. WSAI concert. 10 P. M. Talk by University of Cincinnati women's dean. 10:15 P. M. String quartet. WSR, Atlanta (428.3). 10'45 P. M. Melody Artists. WSM, Nashville (2S2.8). (!::" p. M. Craig orchestra. ( .7 P M. Bedtime stories. 6 P. M. Scottish Rite piogram. CNRT, Toronto (357). 7:30 T. M. Program from CNRM. KDKA, East Pittsburgh (309.1). 3:30 P. M. Market closings. 4:45 P. M. Mailbox, Postman Dan. 5:30 P. M. Dinner concert. 7:15 P. M. University of Pittsburgh, address. 7:30 P. M. Concert by Allegro mandolin sextet and William Kottman, tenor. PWX. Havana (400). 7:30 P. M. Band concert. WAAM, Newark (203). (j p. l, Dance orchestra. g and f I Troubles f ' , i OVKM 70 VEAUS OF SUCCESS ; ra m. V

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