The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on November 24, 1925 · Page 12
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 12

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1925
Page 12
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12 THE INDIANAPOLIS - ST Alt, TUESDAY, SOVK31BEH' 21, lU23.r Walk-Over Triced S7 S8.50 $10 Heavy Wool Hose Collegiate , in Color and Style Walk-Over "Brogues" for Winter m RfG u 1. The vrathf'r mm all toll us we are dun for one of the coldest winters in history. Nature has already prepared the aninials world with heavier fur coats. Walk-Over has prepared as never before to take care of your shoe needn. These WALK-OVKK "Brogues" are heavier leather tops, heavier soles, Etorm-welted, and the very latest styles are displayed in their raakc-up. 28 North Pennsylvania Street WARMER WEATHER IS EXPECTED AFTER SEASON'S COLDEST Rising Temperature Looked for, Accompanied by Snow, Turning to Rain. Warmer weather is expected to follow the colli wave which struck Imll-ampolis Sunday, otiirlals of the T'nlt- ! cd States Weather I'.urenu station saiil (last niirht. The niiniinlim mark of !! Iiliprrees above zero, reached yestenhy i morning shortly after II o'cloik, was the lowest of (he season. . The t' tupi rature fluctuated yester day between the low of lit degrees and the maximum of 20 degrees at 3 o'clock in the nfternoon. The normal average. yesterday of 21 degrees was 13 degrees below normal for Xov. 23. Change Expected Tonight. An area of warmer weather now in the Northwest is expected to movo down into the lake regions and Indiana by tonight, accompanied by snow or rain, according to J. H. Armington, United States meteorologist. The snow is expected to turn to rain with the coming of warmer weather, he said, Hourly temperatures yesterday follow : fl n. m...!0 degrees'; p. m...2S degreoi 7 a. 111... 10 (Ii-Kive.s 3 p. in. ..19 (It'Km-H 8 H, in. ..10 rli-Kri'i'S'4 p. ni.,-.tS degrees II a. In. ..2 (legl'i'vx'5 p. ln...TS (legreen 10 a. in.. .24 degrees I! p. in. ..27 degrees 11 h. in. ..HI ill gives. 7 p. in. ..27 degrees Noun 21 degrees n p. m...27 degrees 1 p. in. . . 9 degrees CLAIMS SHOT FIRED AT SELF KILLED WOMAN CHICAGO, Nov. 23 (Universal Service) Charles Hamnierle. a piano tuner, sought to kill himself, but the bullet went wild anil killed Mrs. Ko.e Oillard. As a result of the "accident," as Hammerle characterized it, lie was sentenced to serve fourteen years in prison today. "I had no intention of shooting Mrs. (Jillard," said Hammerle In his plea of guilty to a manslaughter charge. "I came to ask her about my wife, who had left me. When flie said she knew nothing of It. I became desperate and, fired several shots at myself. One of them stunk Mrs. Cillard. It was an accident, but I'm willing to take my medicine." ALLEGED SLACKER IN GUARD HOUSE Lodged in the guardhouse at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Harry Jacobs, 300 T.ast drive, Woodruff Flnce, who, it is said, changed his name to lien Keith and left the city rather than serve in Uncle Sam's army during the world war, linil his first taste of army discipline, yesterday. ntft records which lire expected to arrive from Washington In a few days, may spell many more months of Federal confinement for Jacobs, according to Lieut. ('. 1 . Haisley, provost marshal at the fort, who wired for additional information concerning- slacker charges against the prisoner. in all probability, Jacobs will b court-iiiaitial 'd at the fort if War Department records substantiate the orig- Inal charges placed against him, It was said. J'enally lor evading the ilralt law carries with it a sentence of from one to two years at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. However, confinement on minor charges is usually in the disciplinary barracks of the penitentiary, officers ;it the fort explained. HOAGLAND FILES PETITION AGAINST ELECTRIC RATES Thirty-four residents of Hoagland, Ind., yesterday petitioned the public service commission for a decrease In j electric light and power rates of the Indiana .Service Corporation. Although j only a short distance from Fort i Wayne, residents of Hoagland pay al most twice as much for current as Fort Wayne patrons, according to the petition. REAL ESTATE MEN GIVEN SENTENCES Three; Term Haute real estate men received nine-month sentences In jail and were fined $100 each by Judge Hubert C. Jialtzell in Federal ronrt yesterday following their conviction recently on charges of using-the mails to defraud. The nu n, Clarence Kir.m-h-ner, William Sheldon and Solon R Freeman, are said to have swindled an elderly couple from Montana out of their .:!,()( l homestead by offering a rundown farm in Martin county In return. Mr. and Mrs. John llnnn, the elderly couple, made the trip from Montana to Indiana in a wagon only to find the "house" on their new farm was nothing but a shanty. STATE TO REST TODAY IN LOCAL MURDER TRIAL The state will rest its case early today in the trial of Clifford Pollard, 31 years old, negro, !)2." Indiana avenue, on trial in Criminal court on a murder charge. Pollard Is alleged to have stabbed to deatli Henry Hrown, negro, Aug.. 22. Special Judge Alford Freemont is presiding. The death penalty will be asked by the state, Judsim L. Stark, chief deputy prosecutor, said, TOOL ROBEERS ESCAPE. RICHMOND, Ind., Xov. 2.'!. Police hail no clew tonight to two robbera who entered the plant of the Knowlcs Tool Company, obtaining tools of employes valued at fl,'0."i0. More than one hundred tools, used for close accuracy in tool making, were taken. A taxicab driver, who drove the men from the plant to the Pennsylvania railroad station, reported the Incident to police, who believe the men boarded OHIO COMMISSION SEEKS CONFERENC COLUMBUS, O., Xov. 23. (P) The reciprocal relations committee of the Ohio public utilities commission today sent a letter to the Indiana public service commission inviting that body here for a conference Dec. 7 in an attempt to iron out differences over interstate operation of busses and trucks between Indiana and Ohio. The relations committee was authorized by the last Legislature to conduct such negotiations. Tliad H. Brown, secretary of state, was named chairman of the committee. Oeorge P. Poor, Cincinnati, member of the public utilities commission, an i.l George F. Schlesinger, state highway director, are the other members. IDENTITY OF STORE THIEF STILL REMAINS MYSTERY . No clew has been found to the thief who took !fl32 from the safe of the Wilson Stewart Music Company,' 44 North Pennsylvania street, over the week-end. The theft was discovered yesterday morning when Miss Rachel Oberlie, 2131) North Meridian street, an employe, opened the safe. According to Walter Wilson, manager, the safe was locked Saturday night. An investigation by detectives assigned to the case showed that the thief worked the combination on the safe. After taking the money the thief closed the safe door and turned the combination, thus locking the safe. e1 10-Day Florida Tour $150 $1.-)0 pays all expenses except dining car meals sleep In tropical beach cottage, fine, meals, hotel service bathe in Florida surf, play golf, catch tarpon. Fast all-Pullman trains leave December 1 and 13. Free folder and details from Holly-Wood-by-the-Sea Touring Department, 3012 Merchants Bank Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 1 Hi When You Dine or Dance You want to be sure your dress clothes are right and there's no half way right about it. That's why Indianapolis men wear Schloss -Tux-odos. They rely on us for correct dress clothes and we never fail Feature Tuxedos at them. The New York Store Store Hours, 8:30 A. M. to 5:30 P. M.-Saturday to 6:00 P. M. Now! A Great Pre-Christmas Selling of Men's Collar Attached -Neckband Styles Also Fine Fancy Shirts White! Tan! Blue! Gray! 1 lESEBm&A nmssa&si v!asa&av IU'Pi j New Stripes ik Ni Hi aie so rc"""k' hK x v wit y m Me - "iat ihe XpM OtW(fev X rSX 44X X wW!i "V Wi, What an opportunity for gift givers w i t h shirts in mind! What a wonderful sale for men who desire good shirts for their personal needs. The Shirts are High Grade! They are full cut, faced sleeves' barrel cuffs on the collar attached and French cuffs on the neckband style. The Fancy Shirts are of percales, woven madras, rayon striped madras. Collar attached or neckband style. the half doz- and more! $35. and 50 Correct Dress Accessories, tool 17-21 East Washington St. Iter Members of Troop IS will take part in the annual post Thanksgiving hike to the reservation Friday and have made arrangements to spend the night and Saturday ih camp. Scoutmaster Howie will be in charge. i Ilaskell M. Cook will be formally enrolled in Troop 47 Friday evening. Members of Troop 4(1 had an enjoyable hike Sunday afternoon to the home of John A. Hook on White river, northwest of the city. Frank Roisncr Jr. and Edward Mc-Dormott,- new members of Troop (!), will be given patrol assignment Friday evening. On account of the Thanksgiving vacation Thursday, Executive F. O. Belzcr will review applicants for first class and merits at headquarters after school tomorrow. There will be no swimming classes this week, Scoutmaster Fox reports William Martz enrolled as a member of Troop 30. Troop 73 Scout parents and troop committeemen have been asked to meet Executive Belzcr at Branch Library (i. Commerce and Nowland avenues, at 8 o'clock tomorrow evening. The November session of the Scoutmasters Association will be held this evening at the headquarters of Troop 7S, Central avenue and Forty-sixth street. Signaling will be the subject for discus.sion. Adrian Lang and Jack Garner are new members ofTroop 44, which has been reorganized with headquarters at the First United Brethren Church.' The electricity merit class will meet at headquarters at 4:30 o'clock this afternoon. Assistant Executive Norton wdll be in charge. During the last meeting of Troop 4, Ernest Bicknell was promoted to second class. Herbert Sedam, assistant scoutmaster of Troop 21, conducted a test-passing hike this last week-end for the members of that oiganization. Fire building, cooking and other outdoor tests were completed by the boys. LOCAL RAILROADER WILL BE RETIRED After forty-three years of continuous service in this city' for the Pennsylvania railroad, John W. Smith, 70 years old, will be retired on pension Dec; 1. Starting in service In 1SS2, Mr. Smith worked in various capacities in the machine shop until he became a machinist in 1918 at the East Washington street shops. Mr. Smith, who lives near Clermont, will devote himself to his hobby of gardening. His name will be put on the Pennsylvania railroad roll of honor, reserved for veteran employes with the longest records of service, it has been announced. Two other employes of the Indianapolis division of the Pennsylvania railroad also will be retired on pension Dec. 1. Martin A. Rupprecht of Columbus, a water station gang leader, has worked for the company since 1SS2. John W. Spaulding, boiler maker, also of Columbus, has worked for the railroad since 1SS3. INDIANA PRISONER SENTENCED TO HANG HELD UNDER HIGH BOND. Meyers of Frankfort is being held in thir city prison under high bond pending an investigation by detectives of two automobiles ho is said to have stolen. According to police, Meyers has served a sentence at the state reformatory at Pendleton. KLINCK, GENTRY BROUGHT INTO COURT BY MISTAKE Earl Klinck and Earl Gentry, who as codefendants with D. C. Stephenson were found not guilty of murder in connection with4 the death of Miss Madge Oberholtzer, made,an unheralded and unexpected appearance In Criminal court yesterday before Judge James A. Collins. Klinck and Gentry are being held in the county jail on charges of at?on and conspiracy to commit a felony in default of $10,000 bonds. They were brought into the court room by John Sands, a deputy sheriff, who said Judge Collins desired them there. Judge Collins said that he had issued no orders concerning the two men and Instructed the deputy to take them back to jail immediately, Ira M. Holmes, attorney for the men, who is said to be ill at his home, has been making an attempt to have the bonds reduced. DRY SLEUTHS CONTINUE PREH0LIDAY CAMPAIGN to" Can-vine on their campaign nake the holidays dull for the pro- SIMPLE HOME MIXTURE DARKENS GRAY HAIR Cinrlnnnti Barber Tells How Any One Can Trepare It in 5 .Minutes. Plenty of Sizes 14 to 17 Now But Come Early! Many extra tables have, been given over to this sale. Extra preparations have been made to give prompt service to the hundreds who will attend! $1.59. FcttU mnn'i i-hop, direct floor. I A t 5 mliiim Pettis Dry Goods Co. IWjWlWWWfc Pettis Dry Goods Co. ftfcA&Mft&fMmWWtl Any man or woman can easily look twenty years younger by simply darkening their gray, faded, or streaky hair. This is now easy to accomplish with a recipe given by a well known Cincinnati barber. Simply take a half-pint of water, add one ounce of bay rum, ounce of glycerine and a small box of Barbo Compound. Shake and It is ready to use. These ingredients can be bought at drug stores at trifling cost. Applied to the hair twice weekly this delightful mixture quickly gives the desired shade. It Is easy to use, is not sticky or greasy, will not color the scalp and does not rub off. Advertisement. - KECOMMEXDS IT TO HIS iniEXDS. "Pass it along to every one if possible," writes Landon Taylor, Dorchester,' Iowa. "I hope it will help others the same as myself. Kvery morning I was dizzy and could hardly walk, but now I feel fine. I never thought the change possible in taking your pills." FOLEY FILLS, a diuretic stimulant for the kidneys, flush the kidneys and Increase the amount of waste matter carried out of your system. Advertisement. lchoholle group, federal prohibition agents confiscated a large still and barrels of whisky while making several arrests in various parts of the state in a week-end drive reported to A. R. Harris, state prohibition director, yesterday. A sixty-gallon still was seized near Brookville and three men were arrested by Agents Manlove, Ray and Holopeter. Harry Ferguson was arrested by Agent William Hays, when a drinking party was broken up near Clinton. 'Two 14-year-old girls were found in a roadhouse near Clinton, who told officers that they had purchased liquor at the house. A large quantity of liquor also was confiscated at East Chicago and two men were arrested as operators of a saloon. . WINNIFEO, Manitoba, Nov. 23. (ff) John Stanton, recently convicted of killing John Fenny, 70 years old, of near here in December, 1922, was sentenced today to hang Feb. 0. The aged man was beaten to death with a hammer and robbed of money and jewelry. Stanton was released to the Canadian authorities at the Indiana penal farm at Greencastle, Ind., last summer, where he was serving a term for j-agrancy. g r'-Sw mm mmilihr Htld in the hands Cin-Kodak Mf . PERSONAL motion pictures the Kodak way are now within your reach. The new Cine-Kodak, just received, costs but $70. And it's so simple to make your own "movies." Hold.the camera at waist level (no tripod, no crank), aim, press the "button" . Cine-Kodak is spring-motor driven. Let us demonstrate and give you all the details. The H. Lieber Co. 24 W. Wash. St. NEW INCORPORATED TOWN OF 14 PERSONS CREATED A new incorporated town came into existence in Marlon county yesterday when the board of county commlssiori-ers authorized the Incorporation of Shooters Hill. Fourteen persons comprise the population of the town, which la in Washington township. It is boundej on the north by the canal, on the south by Crown Hill cemetery, on the east by the Fairvlew addition and on the west by Northwestern avenue. The population of the town Is divide:! among the families of J. S.. and W. J. Hollilay, Ernest Rolir and Edward Duniap. . Ic was explained to the board by .T. S. AVhiie, attorney representing the the property holders, that the families pro id'! their own . sewers, electric lights and water. There are no school children living In the town. 4: great satisfactions for autoists 2 3 4 HEALTH " Ilex and Victor GhiKS Knclonureg WARMTH Capital Kxhaimt Heater Works In Open as Well as Closed Cars SAFETY Swa-Bac Signal Device COMFORT- IIuBtil-r Stabilizer Frier and Terms Reasonable Service Satisfylnf HABIG MFG. CO. Indiana Distributors. 10S5 N. Meridian St. Lincoln 830' Lincoln MM J 1-

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