Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 8, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 8, 1937
Page 3
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Friday,.. October 8,1D37 STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE MRS, SID HENRY TELEPHONE 821 Vhe night has n thousand eyes, The day but one; Yet the life of the whole world dies With the dying sun. The mind hns n thmi&ind eyes, And the henrt but one; Vet the light of a whole life dies When its love Is done, —William Bourdillinn. Mrs. Chlnru Citly, Miss Helen Knm- ccs Citty, Mrs. T. L. Hockerxmith, nntl Mrs. Durlcy Liiuke of O/.an wore shopping in Hope Fridny. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. J. Mnrl.'ir announce the arrival of a (laughter, horn Thursday, October 6, at Julia Chester hospital. -O- Mrs. Jim Bfiirriun, Mrs. Reginald Beardcn, Mrs. Webb Lnseter, Mrs. Foster Wiggins, Mrs. Claude Doyle, and Mrs. C. C. Wcstermnn were among those from Hope attending the meeting of the Southwest District of Woodmen Circles hold in Tcxarknna on Wednesday. The Pnt Cleburn Chapter of U. D. C. met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Don Smith with Mrs. C. S Lowthorp and Mrs. Pal Casey as associate hostess. Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp and Mrs. Pat Casey us associate hostess. Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp retiring president opened the meeting and introduced Mrs W. O. Shipley the newly elected president who presided ovci the mooting and appointed the committees for the ranting year. Mrs Wilbur Jones of O/an was in chars'-' of the program and presented the following program: Poem, "Murfrocs- born's Dead," Hon. J:is. W. Ellis, read by Miss Willie Sluurt. Piano, Tetitc Mazurka. W. Sapcllnikoff op 2. Mrs. Wilbur Jones. "When the Flag Goes By," Miss Kli/.agelh Haitnu. Vocal, "Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses," Cook. Carita Mai, Thurlow Licuraticc, Miss Helen Francis Citly. At the close of the meeting the hostess served n Iclicious ice course. _O- Thc Paisley P. T. A. met Wcdnes- Iny afternoon at 3 o'clock at the school 'or the first mcetifig of the school year. Mrs. Seva Gibson as acting iresident, presided nnd appointed tho committees for the coming year. The meeting closed by count ing the mothers and awarding the dollar to Mrs. Witt's room for having the most mothers present. Revival to Close on Sunday Night ! Rev. Mr. Copeland Concluding Service at Church of Christ The revival meeting, which has been in progress for a week at the Church of Christ, West Fifth and Grand streete is announced to close Sunday night. The public Is urged to lake advantage >f the opportunity of hearing the Rev. Mr. Copeland in the remaining ser- Yolanda Here Tuesday, Oct. 12 Children's Colds \*A Yield quicker to double action of STAINLESS now, if you prefer Twice dully .... Starting Sundn.v Ronald Cohnan in "Uist Horizon" PAUL At u P. m. 'MUNI "Life of Emile Zola" SATURDAY Double Show 25c "ONE MAN JUSTICE" —and— "It Can't Last Forever" FIRST CltRISTIAr- V. A. Hammond, Pastor We began the new quarter last Sunday with nn enrollment of 107 mid mi attendance of GO, only 56 |KT i-ent of our enrollment. We will have to Ret busy this week on both increased enrollment and attendance if we reach our quarter's goals of an increased enrollment of 15 per cent nnd an attendance equalling 90 per cent of tmr enrollment. We will need to have % present Sunday. You will count for one. Some t/> Sunday school. The week of October 3-10 i.s sol aside in our brotherhood as the Week of the Ministry, nnd in (ill churches this week the sermons will present the claims of the ministry, both as regards his present day salary and as to security for his old age. For any present day minister a living salary i.s two-fold—cnuf for the necessities, home, fooo, clothing, lights, water and phone, nnd gasoline and car expense—find food for ills mind mid soul. This means books, magazines, conventions, additional schooling. No church can keep up n vital program with a stale-minded preacher. If the preacher's mind becomes static the church most certainly suffers in program and effectiveness. The sermon Sunday morning is on "Gospel Preaching and the Week of the Ministry." "Mow shall they will on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him whom tl.c-y have not beard'.' And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach except they b<_- sent?" Tho morning service begins at 10:50. In the evening service, beginning at :30 the .sermon is "Hand Upholders." V pastor's first sermon to liis people night well be on the text, Acts 10:29; I ask them, for what purpose did ye end for me." The sermon Sunday light is <-i pica for the fullest co-operation between pastor mid people, nd urges the membership of the •hurch to find out the pastor's wcak- icsses and his strengths, to capitalize on his capacities, his abilities und his alents, to pray for him and liclp him overcome his shortcomings, to encourage him and counsel with him on lis personal problems nnd on the roblcms facing the church, nnd to arovc their interest in him and his sacred calling by their continued support and loyally. Every member of the Official Bonrd if the church should hear both the vices. The HCV. Mr. Copeland spoke Thurs- I«y night on "Calling on the Name of :he Ijord." He pointed out the fact :hal thcro was a certain way to call on [lie mime of the lord. He quoted Molt. 7:21, "Not every one that salth unto me Lord, Lord, shall enter Into the kingdom of Heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in Heaven," and many other similar showing that there was something to do to properly call on the mime of the Lord. He then pointed out the way to call upon the name of the Lord. "Sin, und Two Laws of Pardon" will be Bro. Copcland's theme Friday night. Services Saturday night at the usual hour. Two services Sunday. Sunday school and young people's meeting at the usual hours, ter n short teaching session. This program will not extend into the morning congregational worship. Parents are cordially invited and urged to attend this program, which will begin at approximately 10:20 o'clock. The Pastor's morning sermon subject will be, "Givers of Goodwill." The Intermediate and Young Poo pie's Epworth Leagues will meet a 0:45 p. m. At the night service at 7:30 o'clool the subject of the Pastor's sermon wil be, '"Die Art of Cooperating." You are cordially invited to attend these services of worship. Neutrality Act Is Like Prohibition, Mr. Grover Finds Everybody Is for Staying Out of 'War—But Try and Do It WONT "SEE" WAR FIKST I'RESBYTERINA CHURCH Thos. Brewslcr, minister 1. Triple I'roRram <!KO. O'BRIEN "Hollywood Cowboy" Our New Serial "JIJNOM-; MENACE" KKKMIT MAYNARD ••Whistling Bullets" COTTON LOANS ( Wo are now making Government Cotton Loans. Bring us your cotton for ([iiick service. Jett Williams & Co. Our postponed Rally Day exercises will bo held the coming Sunday and will be mered wtih the morning service and will begin at 10 o'clock in the church auditorium and attention is called particularly to the special offering for Sunday School Extension. You are urged to support this service. Evening service 7:30. x Auxiliary Circle meetings at 3 p. m. Monday. No mid-week service Wednesday as the fall meeting of Ouachita Presbytery will Ije in session Tuesday and Wednesday in the Scotland church near Junction City. Monthly men's meeting Thursday night 7:15. Supper will bo served. "Yolanda" queen of Bubble Dancers is one of the many charming and beautiful girls with Billroy's Comedians. Tliis great show plays Hope in a beautiful water proof tent theater seating nearly 5,000, located just beyond old Garland school at West Sixth street for one performance only on the evening of Tuesday, October 12. Eighty people, fifteen vaudeville acts and "so many girls you can't count 'em all." transported in thirty- five huge buses, cars and trucks are with the company. Everything but the name is new this year with talent recruited from leading night clubs from Miami, Havana and elsewhere. Nearly a half-million people witnessed the show the past season in Florida which included a sensational three week's run in Miami. Popular prices will prevail for this performance with all ladies accompanied with one paid adult ticket admitted free. Doors open at 7:15 p. m. on the night of the performance with the overture starting promptly at 7:30. Parking space is free. ST. MARKS EPISCOPAL The Kev Chas. C. Jones Priestln Charge Services Sunday, October 10. Holy communion 7:30 a. m. Holy communion and sermon 11 o. Weekly Sunday School Lesson By WM. E. GILKOY, D. D. Editor of Advance Christians In God's Cure Text: Jude 1-4, 17-23 At the New Thrilling scenes that could never \hiive been rehearsed were obtained . _ . , , ; j in » i. IVWL. t j i uJit^rn £)i.i-t »UJ v uuiuiitw Sunday morning and the Sunday night by naymond Friedgen while on lo- sermons thus week, and should join \ cnlion o!l the Florida coast during the pastor in urging the entire membership to attend these special services in observance of the Week of the Ministry. A little girl was sent to the store for .sumo fly-paper. She was too long in returning and the anxious mother called to her ns she came in the front gate, "Mary, hnvc you got the fly-paper'.'" And the little girl replied, "No, mother, but it'.s got me, ami we are coming together." The secret of co-operation Is in catching the spirit and aim of the lender and nil coming together. L AUNDRY FIRST METHODIST Fred U. Harrison, Pastor The Promotion Day program, which vas postponed from last Sunday on iccoimt of the paralysis four, will be leld Sunday morning immediately af- during the filming of "Killers Of the Sea," Grand National's novel screenplay, which opens at the New Theater Friday. Captain Wallace Casewell, Jr., the famous fisli fighter, who is the leading player, required a large black fish to be used in one of the sequences, so when the company left for the hunt, the director invited his friend, Gordon Russell, a Universal ncwsrecl cameraman to join the party. After the huge fish was located and arpooned, the crew started to tow I to a specially constructed tank, vhcn suddenly it ran amuck, capsizing small skiff and tearing the rudder rom an accompanying motor boat, secured by the harpoon, the run tic fish continued in its rampage, high out of the water and daring back and forth between the dis- bled crafts and the men struggling in _ FRIDAY ONLY N O W Natures Own Drama! Ik-auly . . Tragedy . . Terror in Jungles of St.-;i Monsters! KILLERS Of The SEA Commentator I.owcll Thomas ALSO Clyde Mi-Coy & Orcli "Vaudeville Is Buck' FAMILY NIGHT SAME FAMILY Up to 5 for 25c C A New Serial . 12 Tliiincliriiiff Episodes A -Tliu I'ainteU Stallion" T with Hay Corrigan, Hoot , Sammy Mi-Kim Christianity made its way in an ancient world of evil. Tho pure souls who hoard the voice of Jesus and :urncd to His wny of life, and the early converts who came after that First generation of Christians were at once face to^acc with all the difficulties and temptations and dangers of a surrounding pagan'world. To be a Christian meant to be in constant danger of persecution because the world at. all times has been very critical and hostile toward those who have not conformed to its ways. The menace that besets the Christian however, does not all come from without. In every such situation there are .hose who take some compromising and expedient way. They do not bluntly nnd frankly yield to temptation, but hey find some means of justifying their conduct to themselves and ithers. It i.s tills situation that is described in this lesson from the one-chapter book of .Tudc. Jude is described as the brother of James, and it is supposed that they were brothers, or half- brothers, of our Lord. Apparently the brothers of Jesus were slow at first to believe in His divine mission, but James and Jude became zealous disciples. Our lesson reveals Jude as a man of pure and beautiful character, zealous to save' the early Christians from corruption and from the debasing influences of their environment. His message to the early Christians is one of mercy and peace and love. into the church who have not understood the purity and beauty of this faith, ungodly men who have been corrupt and lascivious and who have denied their Master. He calls upon these Christians to remember the words of the apostles, that there would arise mockers and hypocrites, who would be deceived themselves and would seek to lure others from the life of: the Holy Spirit. What are Christians to do in the presence of such a situation? They arc to keep themselves in the love of God. They are to seek the mercy of Christ into eternal life, and they are to be merciful toward others, particularly toward others, particularly toward those who are in doubt. Some they are to save, snatching them out of the fire, but in other cases, mercy is to be associated with fear. How finely this is put: "On some have mercy with fe-nr, hating even the garment spotted by the flesh." Where could there be better counsel for Christians of today? For the Christian of today, like these early lisciples, is in the midst not only of temptations and dangers, but he is apt to be beset with attitudes and philosophies that would destroy or pervert the simple sincerity and beauty of a faith established in mercy, peace, njid love. Hull Refuses to Recognize War—Neutrality Act Is "Dynamite" By PRESTON GROVER WASHINGTON—The neutrality act these days is in about the same status as the prohibition act in the years immediately before repeal. Nearly everybody was for abolition of the saloon and its attendant evils, but many, including the heads of government, came to the conclusion that prohibition merely substituted the speakeasy for the saloon and developed a whole new set of "attendant evils." Now Viearly everybody is for staying out of war and for avoiding its attendant evils, but many, including apparently the headts of government, have concluded that the neutrality act won't keep us out of war and that, if applied, it would bring on a whole new set of "attendant evils." Dead Letter Before repeal you could stand in the offices of some federal and state enforcement agencies and hear the clinking of glasses in the "speaks" a few doors distant. Prohibition agents would sit around the office hoping their pay wouldn't be lopped off, and occasionally would dash off into the hills and knock over a still they had known about for many months but which had been "saved up" for a time when a raid was necessary to satisfy the Anti-Saloon league. In Changhai, agents of the department of stale can hear Japanese and Chinese shelling, see bombing planes overhead, and watch columns of ambulances hauling off civilians wounded in air raids. But the law enacted to cover such situations is not enforced. The neutrality act, which automatically goes into effect upon the "outbreak of war," and imposes mandatory embargoes on war equipment, has been voided by this government for weeks by tho simple process of refusing to recognize there is war. Furthermore, Secretary of State Hull made it clear in his speech broadcast internationally for the national peace conference that so far as Japan and China are concerned, he expects the act to remain a dead letter. Evidently only some formidable circumstance like a declaration of war by one of the countries would impel him to ask the President to invoke the act. His reason: It won't promote peace. 'Isolationist' The neutrality act is an "isolation:- ist" act, and, says Secretary Hull, "any nation which completely fails to show interest in and to give support for, the existence of international order would lose its influence fdr peace." This country must promote peace by avoiding isolation, says Hull, or war will spread so widely that even isolation won't be safe. Just as the prohibs knocked over an occasional still to comfort the drys, the government now orders its own merchant vessels out of China and issues an occasional "trade at your own risk" warning to mollify the isolationists. Methodist Mission Society Meets, 0«&n The Otjm Methodist Women's Missionary Society met in the home of j Mrs. Chas. Locke, at 2:30 p. m. Tues- | day, with a large number of mem- | bers present. ! The society began a mission study ! about the Moslem World. The topic I for study was "What is this Moslem World?" Mrs. Rush Jones was in charge of the study. Those appearing on the program were: Mrs. Ben Ooodlett, Mrs. Floyd Matthews, Misses Willie; Stuart and Marie Stuart, Mrs, J. F. ] Stuart, and Miss Alma Hanna. There were three visitors present. The hostesses, Mrs, Chas. Locke and Mrs. Lula Goodlett, served ice cream and cake after the close of the program. tions for the large pieces of bark. Even a jail with bark handcuffs was a part of the hut village. James Monroe Osborn gave a very entertaining language report of his trip to Hot Springs before school opened. Third grade pupils after studying a lesson about "avoiding accidents;" "Suppose someone runs over you because you fell down in the road and can not get out of the way?" Jim Robertson: (Another third grade pupil) Well, you could fine him, and if he couldn't pay his fine he would have to go to the pen; then after he got out, if he did the same thing again, they would put him in the calaboose!" 666 Liquid, Tablets Salve, Note Drops checks Malaria in 3 days Colds first day Headaches, 30 minutes. Try "Rub-My-Tism" World's Best Liniment CALLOUSES HERE? If you have callouses or burning or cramp-like pains where finger points, it is a sure sign of weak metatarsal arch. Dr. Scholl's Met Rest Insole at $1.00 per pair will give you relief. We carry over 40 Dr. Scholl's best Foot Reliefs and will help you select what you need. A Free Foot Test will convince you. HITT'S BROWNbilt Shoe Storo He constrained to exhort these Christians, but it is not with any superior son.se of righteousness, but out of his quiet zeal for the faith. Jude speaks of those who hnvc crept Miners Support "Sit-Down" Strike Two Score Sit Down in Deep Tunnel—I,700 Outside Walk Out Attendance Is Good at Ozan Public School INSURE NOW With ROY ANDERSON and Company Fire, Tornado, Accident Insurance LANSFORD, Pa— (/P) —Seventeen hundred anthracite miners walked out of the Coaldale colliery Friday in sym- pahty with two score fellow workers who began the fourth day of a sit- down strike in a tunnel 1,300 feet underground. A tropical squall made matters worse incl it was only after hours of effort luring which the men had to swim ilongside the rudderless boat to pro>el it, that the blackfi-sh WHS finally s-ifely into tin tank. Fortunately, lussell had taken his camera equip- nent along on the hunt and was able :o film the entire episode from start to finish. "Colossus" Captured Carnivorous animals lop up water with their tongues; herbivorous animals, such as the horsu and ox, suck it up. The cocktail is said to have originated about 1779 by Elizabeth Flanagan, keeper of a Westchestcr County, New York, tavern. The proportion of persons over 70 in tho total United States population more than doubled between 1860 and 1930. 9c GOVERNMENT COTTON LOAN FORMS RECEIVED Forms for effecting government 9-cent loans are here, and we arc now prepared to arrange loans with the 1 same prompt and careful consideration that we have extended the producer for over 30 years. The L-vidL-iicu of this constructive and gratifying .service is the retention of the valuable patronage of some ot the largest and most influential planters in the Hope territory for that unusual length of time; and those who anticipate placing their cotton in 9-cent government luan.s can be assured of this mast satisfactory attention. Furthermore, they will find it to their decided advantage to urrangi 1 their loans through our firm. Respectfully, E. C. BROWN & CO. Cotton Merchants 8 South Walnut Street Hope. Arkansas The percentage o£ attendance in the Ozan Public school has been high for the first month. Fifteen pupils in the primary room had perfect attendance. Tho installation of dustless crayon boards will be completed within the next few days. The boys and girls are very glad Mr. E. Haselman is well on the road to recovery from his illness of last week. Last week some of the pupils in the upper grades showed an interest in their school grounds by stocking some of the wood that has been bought for use this winter. Building "native huts" is a playground activity, started near the close of school last year and being continued this term, which is proving very interesting. Near the western boundary of the school grounds is a thick growth of bushes and saplings, and on all sides are many large trees. The youngsters have stripped bark from the old stumps and logs near by for the roofs and walls of their huts, constructed pigmy sixc, under the dense growth. Stripping bark from the saplings, they have plaited it and made founda- CRANE I WATER $5.00 Down SALES and SERVICE Harry W. Shiver Plumbing--Electrical PHONE 259 I FOR SALE 5 room Residence—322 South Shovcr street. 140 acre farm, BO acres cultivn- J lion. 80 acres timber and pas- o ture. 4 room house, new barn. I Good water, 7 Mi miles south of | Hope. Cash or reasonable terms, ~ \ i JFoster & Borden I 123 W. Division St. Licensed Real Estate Brokers JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME, I'VE BEEN TOLD THE NEW 1938 DODGE IS NOT ONLY ANOTHER MONEX-SAVER BUT I HEAR THEY'RE CALUNO IT 11 THE AMERICAN BEAUTX"OF MOTOR CARS! HOPE, One Night Only Oct. J3 Tent located jusf heyottd oW £cuo<>l ml West Wl> Street, between South Washington w"d t\roAy Pictured above is "Colossus" the huge fiS-tou whale scheduled to b<? exhibited in Hope for one day only, Saturday, October Kith. The photo shows "Colossus" immediately after losing her historic battle to the crew of the Killer shop "Hercules." The battle lasted 16 hours, and ut its conclusion the \vhule and killer ship were within sight of Cutuliiia island, just off thv coast of Southern California. She js a Pacific Finback, the largest of her species ever captured und is now on a trans-continental tour vvbicH will bring her to this city. The luiye exhibit car on which she is tnuisp,ortfil well to? parked on team truck at (he Missouri Pacific depot. . mid lite exhibit will be upi'ii to Hie public from noon until 10 p. in. It's Got That REAL OLD COUNTRY BEER FLAVOR And it's made right here in America by old tittie master brewers who learned how across the v i ocean. FoxDeLuxe Beer is leisurely brewed and expertly lagered under uniform temperature control until aged to the peak of perfection. That's why Fox De Luxe gives you real old country goodness .• i t with a rich, creamy collar and a mellow tasty flavor that makes every glass a drink of delight. It's so fine in quality that it won FIRST PRIZE at the Brussels, Belgium Exposition in competition with the world's best beers. i •- . • ' * ' One taste will 'con- ' vince you it is the real thing in old country flavor. Try it. Get a supply from your dealer today. 12-OZ. STEINIES Handy short necked bottles easily stored in refrigerator. 8-OZ. CANS The newest thing i n canned beer. Holds just a handy glassful. i/4-GALLON DRAUGHTIES Full 32,oz. bottle in convenient family size. Contains 5 iull glasses. PETER fUX. BREW CO.. CHICAGO Otsrri6uced By JAX SALES CO. Main St. Phone Nashville, Ark. •w

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