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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, July 11, 1952
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if <;' ff <t<? i» Lrfai* ' ' '' "* ' V " "*•'"' ^ ^Wl?*C'7"^"?iffiW 1 ' ^%7'AF'Vf , ' t J <J %$ r f ,- I TUEART $ SPECIALS No, 21 Con IOOL AID AUL FLAVORS 6 pkas 25c PURE RD 8 Lb. Pail 1.29 IB ALCOHOL Full Pints ftESH CRISP Hood ITTUCE Tin i; la/, Jutf 10, 11 [ANANAS YELLOWRIPE 2 Lbs 25c l.FLAVORS Pk 9 . OGAR 10 Lb, 89c IAXWELL HOUSE 2.1/4 lb. Pkgs. A LliftV _ , v •MONS Dozen 29c Quarts ESSIMG 49 c •MIRATION LQFFEE 1 Lb. Pk 9 . 78< ITER er TALL KORN KlffP * CON 39' FRESH r* \^r V* W^^ (B^f VMR H»W (B •NDS AND PIECES Lb. 14< YANOSATUROAY Parole Given Carl Turner of Hempstead CUMMINS PRISON FARM, Ark. W) ~» fitly fmrck-frf worn grunted by lh« StflU- Hiutrd of Pardons and P»role» yestrrdny. No furlough, pordons or (•urn/nutation* of ««>n- wore recommended, included (name, courtly which convicted, d»U' nenfonce began, chfirtfe uml length of torm) In rtftrnclt. Polrwll, Oct. 10. IDftO, voliintnry m<iri»lnu((litcr, flvti yoar». ,Rny I,i..<> RnriK'tt, Snllrit», Feb. 20. 1052. oulfliniriK inrirwy by {nine pretense, ono ymir, !.«> Boom, Mill*, itlvcr and Columbia. July 2. ID5I, bur«lnry snd grand lnrc«»ny. tlirfu ycurn. Idn n^ll Moyd, I'ulriHki, Oct, fl, micond dogrc't; murder, cl«ht. Onochtta, Mt?y 1, (iml ultcrlnu, (fix Nov. 8, , five J. f.. TJevi*. IBM), forgery your*, Hoy F(;(ir». Columbia, 1IM0, voliintnry Oct. Top Radio Programs Machinery *t*4lfc**ri •a«.^** ^d4 «• . . . . - . JB m ^^T Sales on Farm Set a Record c» tonight-. , Bentty; 7;3 i NEW YORK NBC — 8:30 Mor(«n Th« Ch«*e; 8 Drt«n« CBS — 7 Mr. Kctn; 7:30 FTU In Pence and War; 8 Mr. Chamc ABC — 7-15 Arthur Van Horn;; 7:30 Detent? Attorney; B Amatciir' Show. ; MBS — 7 Reporter* Roundup,' 7:30 Hardy Family; 8:05 Rod and* Oi/n Club. i Krlday program*: NIJC 10:45 Dave Oarroway...('l!S 0:30 a.m. Grand Slam AHc: n. m. My Story...MBS 8:30 a n, Mnc McG-jIrc Show.. MBS CJiin;<- of Dny Network I;29 Brooklyn .it Chicago. By 8AM DAWSON ARMOURS STAR Court Attack Launched on Credit Bill \> YORK 'ifl-The machine- loving farmer ROI* n g hl on buy- in;^ gadget*. farmer machinery out put and rak'S set i-wordf lost year. DC- spite a production let down earlier mis yciu, tjiif in part to metal (.hurlaups, thi- l.-iii'istry thinks sales •i'diild hold up ;i<; lont! us: 1. The- fanner l.as an Income high enough ti» allow him to buy h;i< k-savcrs. 2. Metal : -,ho,-tn«<. s dwindle -' ;.-; tlu.y wore b...for.. the crippling ! sitff'l strike j ,, ,,,. "' . ' .1. IN? Arnonvan pcoplo Ro oni d,,mnnd.nR more - and better ™ , Ihe farmer .r hum. A . . , has had money, for , t .. < „,.,,<.,.,.., , (l „ .,.,im twit. A female hotis*tljr Cift pslimHtcs in Its July buslrfess com-, or more eggs in her ment that farmers are sfllirig their j products for 180 per cent inorej than they did before World W*£J II but arc paying almost 300 peri cent bij(her wnfje rates.. farm machinery costs the farmer 94 por cent more th.-iri before the war, but many farmers find It profitable. '. Use of machines is one of the I chief reasons farm output per man i hour has gone up 04 por cent above the prewar rate. Few farm-j 1 ers are producing more food. j It's lucky they arc, because' Americans are consuming 11 per cent more food per person than U-ey did before Ihu w;ir, und. there are many more milions of mouths to feed. This population increase and high standard ot eating is likely to continue as long as national income holds up. A by-product of the mechanization of liirms has been tho growth in the size of farms. The amount, of land used for crops remains fairly steady at Just over one bil- 1,6001 Tht practice of dyeing nftl common among ancient Eg acres, but oE the number ., , <:; ">' t 'J"yj turms has been falling. As a re- madilnery uiilesK prices of his proi sl ,|t, before the war the average duels »re hifih and he is in the! fanil wils KM acres and now it is JHIMC,I Dnvltl Gro-r, Union, 2(1, 1031, burttlitry, lw<( yciirii. Hubert Hudson. M!:i»l»xi|>|>l. Au«. 20, 19-llt, fnrxt'ry nnd ullurlnu, 5 ycitm. llniin Howie, Auhlcy, Mnrch 18, IMS!, cow sUfiillniji, oru.t y..-nr. Dudli-y Johniton,' Crlttendcn, Mny B, 1052 dlftpnulnjf of mortgaged property, six months, John WiuHlny Kcillum, ArkiinNqii. July 7, 1051, Brand lurci.-ny, three yenr*. Dick Khiiii, Jcftorxon, Doc. 1, I Ml, uriind lurcuny, one year. Robert Luniulownu, Polk, April 2(1, 1051, burflliiry find Rrnnd liir ccny, two year*. Clnrvncc 0. * Lcdbuttcr, Union, Doc. 21, ID!H, annul lurcony and u«»ault with Inti'iu to kill, two yc«r». Roborl Lot-, Jf.'fforHon. Oct. 12, 1035, ffr»t dcttrcu murder, 35 years Cheater Muck, Ptilnski, July 17 ID47, Hfcond degree iiuirdt-r, HerslXfl Mill-tin, Miller, June 22, IBM. robbery, three yours, ISddlu McMuth, C'nttcnden, Keb 2tl, IDS!!, uruiid liirccnv, one year, l.croy MeN'Ml. Cli.rk, Aug. 2 10,11, forgery und iittcrinK, twi years. Cornelius Miller, Milii-r, June 5, 1051, bui'Klury, twn years. Aiiron Mobloy, Miller. Sept. 10, 10.11. (ornery nnd ullorlnK. twc; yeiirsi, William Mosley, Union, March 24 1052, Kruml lureeny, one year, Knrnest (Uiidi Nixon, Clark. Jmi 22, IQflU, Kniiid larceny, one yenr Jainon Rutherford. Clnrk Oct. 10 1851 fornery nnd uttorlnit, two years, J. C. Rhcw. Jr., Wlilte, Nov.- 3 1080, second doyree unirder, five yours, s Hoblnson, Union. Feb. 7 LITTLK ROCK (/T) Four,, Pulnr.kl County taxpaycm moved late, yrs- U-rday to stop a public vote 'on a iropodcd amendment to the stalu Constitution Involving the law's 10 per cent limit on intcreit rates. Tho taxpayers filed a direct ac- ion with the Arkansas Suprrrnni nuichinery. Court, attacking the proposed) Farm labor chips. Growing weather has been good h most sections. It's small c6m- fort to nn. individual farmer if the price of corn is high, but his own corn crop was a failtiru. However, with good weather and hlfjh prices or government supported prices— the farmer ean, nnd does, buy slightly over 200 acres. amendment and asking that it be knpt off the ballot in the November goneral election. costs have gone up- rapidly. Kami hands have been hard to come by. find have de-i n-aniled Rood pay. The farmer! Earlier yesterday, petitions re-j turns to machines to cut costs.) |iiestlnn that the amendment bej The Northern Trust Company of placed on the ballot were certified; Chicago, which keep;: a sharp eye I Secretary of State C. G. Hall by as sufficient. Half was named as defendant In the suit, Tho proposed amendment would niter that section of the Constitution which limits Interest rates on loans to 10 per cent. Sponsors of the amendment contend that it would permit the legislature to au- er L. Murrel and Til/;hman E. nixon. No action will be taken on the case until the high court con- vi-nes in September. thorize chari'es over the present It 1 (''U limit. The plantlffs in the suit charged title "conveys a false idea as to what the proposed law is to be; contains halt truths, omits the tiue nature of the proposed law; fiintnlns partisan coloring, nnd withholds material "hicls." The! 1040, burglary and grand larceny, title of the amendment is "Modern! Hi years. Consumers Credit Amendment." Johnnie lingers, Union, March 10| The suit was filed by Brooks 10.11, bi'rulary and grand larceny. Jlnidley, John W. McIIiuihes, Roo three years. Granville S p u r 1 o c k, Ashley, March 18, 1052, cow stealing, one year. Oscar W. Spin-lock Jr.. Ashley. March 111, 1052. cow stealing, one your, - O'Neal Swedholm,,., Mississippi, Nov. 4, 1040, forgery Vhd-jrttcniiK five years. " '^ Curl Turner, Hnmpstend.fJuIy 5, 1051, assault with intent to kill three years, Otl.s Lee Walmvrlght, jAshloy. July 21, 1051, robbery, three years. Raymond Walker, Union Keb. 20 1045, robbery, 10 years. Bill Wise Polk. Nov. U, 1951, burglary two years. Mike Witt. Columbia, Nov. 0. 1050 second degree murder, five years. LISTEN TO THE Republican Convention OVER KXAR DAILY 10:30 a.m. 4:00 p. m. 7:30 p. m. Presented as a Service of .Hope, Prescott and Nashville Visiting Around Arkansas BY JOE MARSH "HIGH MflHHII- V/>/ StfHCfi For y»ar» I've boen trying to find time to (to un Hlch Mountain, nowr Men* In Polk County, and Uko n look nt ArkntiKiu from th« higheit peak,between the Rockies nnd tho AUftgheniod, Tho trip lUelf through western Arkfiiiims U worth your time, Rut the peak is tho payoff, I got n hlitffer kick out of Knstngr out over Arkansas' Ounehitu Moun- tKlns, spotting the cultivation strips In tho i>li\o valleys and on hillsides, than I did when I first got up 4m Pike's ISmk. I told th« gnni? around the office tho other day thnt getting up on ift if/ ike Ksctirs!" that highest peak In Arkansas reminded me of 'Che hefffits reached by Arkansas v6ters last cleetUn when they approved the continued legal solo of good molt beverages. American brewers of beer and Hie are ever striving, too, for the heights by producing » fhui product and then having it served in clean, wholesome establishments under a legal and Self-Regulation Program. Slliconlttd For Zlpl Peppy PO-DO GOI.F BALLS 3 for PURE LARD 4 57 U.S. CHOICE BEEF STEW MEAT CHUCK ROAST Pound Pound 35< 65< LIBBYS SLICED or HALVES PEACHES DECKER'S SUCAR CURED BACON JOWLS 23- SEA HAVEN SMOKED RED SALMON Flat Can JERGEN'S TOILET SOAP Cakes 29< ARMOURS WASHING POWDER 2 L £. 39< MONARCH WINE VINEGAR TARRAGON GARLIC Bottle Bottle 49. 35. Phone 7-2826 HOBBS Grocery & Market We Deliver . COX DRUG CO. DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS I'M, Sttttt Brtwrrt FoumfafidH. No.. Arlanmu />tri>um f'yrVBitd 0uiUin«, Litllt AVrl. XrianMt Sensational 5MJ BIAUTIFUL ONEIOA.ROOIRS SILVERPLATED TEA! Sherbet \ Build up * complet* «tt ol 9 or tl ol thet» lovely, hwvtty *llv«r pl«t*d tt«- tpoont In gUmorous Encor* pattern. 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U, Itl* HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, JULY 11, 1952 Mcmtmr: Th« A«oel«l Av. Ns» Paid Cite). <l Prc» 3 Moi. ln«ll«« Merth J\, Clf«ulotl«lt» 1»» — 3,»»1 PRICE 5e 60 ' As I write this General Dwight Sisenhowcr has just won the Re publican nomination for President by acclamation, as the first- iround balloting at Chicago turned rUo a starrtpcde. Nomination of tho Kansan marks] fundamental change in the na ^ional management of the Repub party. On domestic issues) Eisenhower and Senator Robert | fait were surprisingly in agrec- |ment, but the Taft wing of the party was definitely short of an- Iswers on foreign policy. It could j Inot shake the old label ot "isola- Itionist" — and so Eisenhower was nominated and the whole top stru- Icture of the party has been over- j Iturncd. It fs true that there were liberal cevolts within the party in the past Is when Wendell Wilkie, author lot "One World," got the nomina- Itlon in 1940. And New. York's gov- lernor, Thomas E. Dewey, repre- Isented a flavor more like Eisen- isenhower Winne n V* ,.'#>»*, \1 , ^ ^ Over 500 More i Women Than Men in County \ Males numbered 12,275 and I females 12,805 among the 25.080J inhabitants of Hempstead County, Arkansas enumerated in the 1950 census according to final figures announced by the Bureau of Census. The total population included sented a tlRVpr more i«e jwsen- • • Ncgrocs , and howcr than like Taft when he head-, <" „,',,," „„„„. 14, Stttl Wire Frame 18-ln. Leatherette ZIPPER BAGS Rtinforctd tnd pieces. . Ltneliztd; Easy-spreading "Perfection" SUNBURN LOTION Soothing to sunburned akin. Corfon SO BOOK MATCHES 2 29 C 'Limit 2V Mennen Quinsana 49 10-01. •JUSTRITE CLEANER 29 C "fcnwfc FOITIPIEI NAII HCIIIII CENTAUR Card 0«ck w«t.. Fox uorulT haii. TOOTH POWDER BATHING CAPS Many coloa. I ed the opposition party in the campaigns of 1944 and 1048. Both I Wilkie and Dewey were defeated, I but even in defea.t they represent- led the resurgence of the Republi- |«an party in a new and more lib- ra 1 form. That this is true is shown conclusively by this week's events at Chicago. Although the national Republican organization had been run in the lean years by' Senator Taft the international wing pro gressively took charge as the convention started its play for the blue chip of the presidency. Everywhere in Washington you hear there's no man in the govern- ent with greater personal integ- •ity, or greater knowledge of how pur complex bureaus work, than Senator Taft. But politics is a compromise between talent and popularity; in this instance Eisenhower 'offered the Republican party the .chance of nailing down as its candidate the most popular figure of our: time. fH His career,, of course, has been Almost wholly a military one. •Neither MacArthur nor Eisenhow jr Deemed to this writer in the iegmning 'tq be *the $'o. ; - s l i choice of Ufe Republicans for President jjuf the trial runs/of the primaries 'UTapped by the" tumult of the con vention, changed matters. Against the original objection that Eisenhower was a military man there 'arose the still greater objection that Senator Tatft, for all his knowledge of government, couldn't unite the party for a successful campaign. And finally, Eisenhower's gifts as a civil administrator are confirmed by the fact that after his World War II tour of duty he was • chosen by Coltumbia university, one of the major business enterprises of the world, to be its president. You arc reminded that this is in the tradition of the South's • own Robert E. Lee, who, after his soldiering day's werb done, won equal renown for his work at Wash- gton & Lee university. The Republicans' Chicago vention was a shattering one. But .for bitter personalities and angry debate it may have been no worse than the one scheduled for the same city later this month, by the Democrats. Mrs. Ray A. Gorber Dies at Noon Today Mrs. Ray A. Garber, age 57, died at her home on Edgcwoocf today at 12 o'clock. She is survived by her husband; two sons. John of Boston, Mass.. Ray H. of Minneapolis, Minn., and one daughter, Mrs. Roland Shop-1 herd oC Arkadclphia. Funeral arrangements are in complete. persons of other races The median age of the population was 28.5 years, while 0.1 per cen were 65 years old "and over. Thi number of children under 5 years old was 2,688. The number of persons 21 years old and over wais 13,006. Among the 8,570 males 14 years old and over, 5,908 were married: among the 9,223 females of these ages, 6,071 were the 5,155 married couples living Negotiations Reopened in Steel Strike PITTSBURGH UP). — Top level secret .negotiations in the 40-day old steel strike are under way today in this steel 'capital. After their first meeting yester- togetKer, 5,450 lived in their own louseholds, while 305 were sharing the households of others. The total number of households was 6,991 and the average population per household was 3.58 persons. Of persons 14 years old and over 8,611 were in the labor force, comprising 77.6 per cent of the males and 21.3 per cent of the females in this age group. Of employed workers, 18.0 per cent were engaged in manufacturing. Of persons 14 to 17 years old, 84.4 per cent were in school. In the group 7 to 13 years old, 07.7 per cent were In school. The median years of school completed by :persoas ; v 25;'Ayears ;< old and over was 8.41' ' • The median.'income In. .1949 of families ; "ahd unrelated individuals was $1,082. The data on education and in come are based on inquiries made of a sample of one in five of the whole population, while the other data are based upon complete enumeration. and the CIO Steel workers were tight lipped. A union source said a second Violent Death Toll in State Climbs to 8 Tests for Oil Decline in Oklahoma TULSA, Okla.. I* — Oklahoma operators staked 112 new well locations during the past week, a drop of 13 from the previous period. Creek County led in the total number of first reports with 11. barter, Garvin, Osage and Stcph- ns Counties each had nine. Completions for the week totaled 06 compared with 11 a week ago. The Tulsa World survey disclosed he "wells finaled consisted of 51 oilers, two gassers, 46 dusters and seven abandoned sites. The oil wells had an initial daily flow of 4,650 barrels and the gas ses produced an initial flow per day of 4,440,000 cubic feet. Total meeting would be held at an unspecified time and place today. There is every indication that most ot the issues of the long strike were discussed at least gen erally at the first session. Ostensibly the meeting was called to talk over the industry's request to get iron ore production moving again. A. union spokes man, when asked if other issues were taken up, smiled, and sale 'You may assume that." Philip Murray, president of the CIO and the steelworkers, and gei oral Counsel.Arthur Goldberg head the union team. Among industr leaders -present.^were-V-ico •;, Pros dent : John A. Stephens of U. S Ben F. Moreell, chairman of th board Jones and Laughlin Steel Corp. Meanwhile, in Washington, Price Administrator Ellis Arnal indicated* the government \will answer in several days the latest demand for higher prices from the steel industry. The Weirton Steel Company at Weirton, W. Va., filed notice July 1 for a $5.50 per ton ceiling hike Continued on Page Two 'Phone Rates Cut, Refunds to Be Made Lower rates on local telephone service here went into effect to day. Meanwhile, the Southwesterly Bell Telephone Company is corn puling the refunds for each of Its 200,000 present and former Ar kansas customers. Jerry Poe, manager here fo Southwestern Bell Telephone com pany, said that refund checks wi start going into the mail on Jul; 21 and that the company expect to have all checks mailed by Aug-, ust 20, thirty' days Inter. The refund due each telephone., customer amounts to the diff.er.t ence between the rate that customer has been paying since September 21, A950, and what he would have paid if the new rates' had been in effect since that date.- The company will also refund^ .he 15 per cent excise tax and'f he 2 per cent state sales tax applicable to the difference in rates. In addition, each customer will.re. ceivc interest on his refund figured at 6 per cent annually. Poe stressed that it wasn't ncces sary to call the telephone business office to get your refund. Just as soon as each customer's refund is computed, a 'check amount plus taxes for the full and interest .By The Associated Press The toll of violent deaths in Ar kansas this week climbed to eigh yesterday when a 15-year-old Negro boy drowned in a stock pond a t Arkansas State College in Jones boro. The victim was identified a ank Lloyd. The body of another drownin depth drilled was 408,193 feet. 'plans. Stonequist Resigns Post in Penney Co. A. E. Stonequist, for 21 years manager of the J. C. PeiMiey company store in Hope, announced his resignation today effective July 31. Mr. Stonequist has represented the Penney company for most of its time in Hope, being only its third manager here. The local store was opened in 1925 by Roscoe Evans, who was followed in 1930 by Bob Huegenin, the latter retiring, however, after one year. Mr. Stonequist assumed charge of the Hope store January 1, 1931, and has been manager ever since. He plans an extended vacation trip before announcing any future will be mailed to him promptly,.' The new telephone rates that went into effect today will res in reduction of 25 cents to $1 month for flat rate residence ma telephones, and from 75 to $1.' a month for- flat rate. busino ina,in telephones in Arkansas ex«. chang"? served , by Southwestern "Ben.. ,;.-•*'• •• ~ ; :; £• This rate, change, and refund marks the. end of the telephone company's, 2-year-old rate case which began in August 1950- —• ~ - """". ,"""" ' "> ' /' Shirley Robins Heads County FH A Group^ Appointment of Shirley Robins, Ozitn, Ark., as a member of the Hempstead county FHA committee has been made according to information just received by W. M. Sparks, 'county supervisor, from J. V. Highlill. state director. Farmers Home Administration, Little Rock. Mr. Robins will replace Earl Martindale, Rt. 1, Nashville, who WELL DONE — Gen. Ike Elsenhower congratulates Jack Porter, Houston, leader of the- El«en- hower forces from Texas after they won their fight to be seated at the OOP Republican National Convention. Reversal of the decision of the credentials committee which nave Taft 22 Delegate* and Elsen- hower 16, came at 12:35 a. m. Thursday when the convention, on a voice) vote, seated the Elianhowar delegates. — NEA Telephoto. i< v; 4 First-Ballot Switch Leads tolandsli CONVENTION HAUtt, CHIC (UP) — Gen. Dwliht!TD. 1 hower captured tho, Ropub presidential nomlnatlcMt id hair-breadth fl«t-b4Uofr >«Vk over Sen. Robert At T"'^' J-M turned dramatically ifUp,f«> li slide' when »t»t«' /ilwr:/ changed Its vote to - lm ;,ift roll had been What With Following First One Candidate and Next, Hal Boyle's All-American GOPer se appointment expired July 1. In addition to-SMr. Robins, the FHA committee of Hempstead county is composed of Emcrry A. Thompson, Rt. 4, Hope, and Horace B. Fuller, 1523 S. Walker St., Hope. The Hempstead county committee under }he FHA act of 1946 is definitely responsible for 'determining the eligibility 1 of applicants for loans and passing upon farms being considered for purchase, en largement, or improvement with loans made or insured by the Fai mers Home Administration. In addition to these duties, Mr. Sparks said, the committee assists the county supervisor and advises •vith him concerning agricultural problems and conditions in tho county as well as the overall ac- (Editor's note: Wilbur Feeble, viptim, 51-year-old Lester Childs, America's most average guy, has gotten himself into serious trouble was ound by four, fishermen in the Black River near Poeabontas Wednesday. Childs and his brother, just eight months ago, The body L Omer, 60, drowned near Pocahon- of the elder brother was recovered April, near Powhatan, Ark. Board Denies Influence in Teacher Case FAIRMONT. W. Va. MB — A member of the West Virginia oard of Education yesterday stified that 'the board made up s own mted when it decided not to rehire Dr. Luella R. Muadel 9t Fairmont State College. The witness in the $100,000 slan- 4fT suit Dr. MuiKiel is pressing against board member Mrs. Tbel- ' na& &. IjfHMJJB w3$ It d^rlKsbiiirjK. W, Vs-, Attorney, lawmww while attending the Republican national convention. He tells about It himself in his letter to his faithful wife:) By HAL BOYLE CHICAGO Oft—Well, Trellis Mae, I just hope you can realize the spot I've got myself in by marching for Taft. Eisenhower, Warren and MacArthur. I have overnight become the DEJECTED DELEGATES — Members of the unseated Taft delegation leetedlv in their hotel suite after the Republican GOP Convention refused them seats ao delegates, At 12-35 a m (CST) Thursday, the Taft men surrendered. The motion was made to seat tho. Eisenhower deieaatlon'on a voice vote which was quickly made and passed, sooting the Elsenhower group. Delegates refused to Identify themselves. — NEA Telephoto Civil Rights Issue Dodged by the GOP .By EDWIN B. HAAKINSON CHICAGO, l/J'i — Weary of name- calling iind intra-party feuds, Republicans today .had a four-year program with which they hope to drive the Democrats from office. The official 1052 platform won a roaring shout of approval late yesterday at the Republican convun- ^ _ tion. But its plank on civil rights tivities of the Farmers Home Ad- ca rne within a splinter of causing ministration. and angry floor fight. The Hempstead county commit-j Democrats were quick to chop all-American Republican, and I have had to beat down a move men among the stockyards boys to name me for president. Here's how U happened, honey and that blonde who held my bane while the television camera was pointed our way was just joking— she said, anyway, I didn't see her later. Well. dear. I didn't have a pass to get into convention hall, and. naturally, after a week of civic duty here I wanted to see what was going on. I was standing at the entrance to the bail when » fellow came up Well, honey, after that, just as they were about to throw me ou of the hall, an elderly man will a California accent thrust a "Wii with Warren" sign in my hand, am said: "Carry on for a great Re publican Democrat." That's when I was hit by on Well, Trellis Mae when they I were throwing , up for fun. Of i course, the saucer that hit me! would have to ha.ve a stale hot dog covered with mustard on it. Honey, .there is no way you can •take mustard off a suit here for less than $2.50 — and a letter of oratitude to the valet. There is no charge for the black eye. Well, Trellis Mvnx9 hen they tee has rendered valuable assistance to the Farmers Home Admip istration in connection with tho Arkansans Pleased With Platform CHICAGO iffi — Arkansas' 11 delegates to the Republican National Convention, happy with the party's stand on civil rights in the platform, apparently still stood. 0-4-1, for Tafl as the crucial balloting got underway this morning. Osro Cobb of Little Rock has said he will cant a courtesy voto on the first ballot* for Gen. Douglas MucArthur, a native of Arkansas Eisenhower has four pledged d«l (.•gates in the Arkansas contingent Arkansas, along with the other Southern states, yesterday approv ed the platform's plunk on civi rights — an issue that once hac threatened to erupt into a flooi Here's How States Voted on 1st Ballot The roll call, oilman hg-lhfe 5» GOP National ConvenUonjmriM ed with Elsenhower fiMf'* of Taft but lacking nine the necessary 604 to in. With weary dotog'aWH , for another ballot which the .convention'* main busl, Minnesota handed all !»• voter tho general. - ' ^ ^ Tho 62-year-old'general recelyi news ot hla smashing his Blackgtono Hotel\He_ „ His eyen filled wlth, ; tear:» was too overt tnlk. Hla first act on recover! composure W,BB to walk act street to Taft headquarter*! the Hilton Motel to shako' hai with tho defeated senator', Out 1 at Convention Hall, stutes switching to Ike at that'iifti For Eisenhower It was>a per< al victory rnntchlng' his trlt of World War II whon> ho 1 W lied forces to victory In Nprtl eo and Europe. • • / - Ij -For the 62-ye«r-old ! iien*t! the end ojC a, 12-yonr-old di WBH hit third and ' ho •hi* )a«t tt-y 'lor V ;f ; ;pVtV'a highest ho.n •,\ 'The ^nnouncemoi)t wl '-Hi iu'»t'b«llj)fesJ»»>S ; bright Victory was . Edward J. Thye of th,ci Mi delegation. ,' They went ahead with 1 the,, change despite a'porfoftal *ffdn' Vlvtory A, Jdhniton, director.; pN ganlzatlon for the* Tatt-c»m| ' to argue him out of it < No bandwagon (ever >«i rolling (aster, The"MJrinoBpta;' gallon's action promptly pui favorite vun candidate, Btal high In the speculative lint tenftlal vice presidential dates, , f-i ; ; Picking a running.mate ^ is now the conventjotyp first ,or< of business, Ejapnho^er, has " ed he wants a youn|im»n, Si Is IB. Senator Kno\vllnd of Ci 'it * A -i r* * * * •** i - - - nla Is 44 and f aamu state .39 Minnesota's swltah'ifye hower 614 vtjtes,. 10 g «f~- malorlty. to 809 f6p. / Oov, Earl Warren of Cal for O. Douglas MacArtln one for Stamen. ' ike was (n 'and the proa could have stopped there But delegations wanted to get winning *We, , ' ' ' '•" Texas changed 33 Ike, 8 Taft-^o- one for MaoAtt Other, «t< -'"-• the chair and record CONVENTION HALU CHICAGO (ff— Here is the Btate-by-gttite vote on the first ballot for the Republican presidential nomination: Alabama 14 votes: Eisenhower 9 Taft 0 Arizona 14 votes: Eisenhower 4 Taft 10 -~ Arkansas 11 votes: Eisenhower 4 MacArthur 1 Taft 6 California 70 votes: Warren 70 Colorado 18 votes: Eisenhower 15i Siassen 1 Taft 2 fight between Dixie delegates und i Connecticut 22 votes: Eisenhower heart, The doings were match and Tatt go' mans hotel, jammed. Cor»tl|i away at the platform. Early com ment from th reival camp includ .._--. — ..." t 4 i -: ed denunciation by two men out to those who wanted the party to 2 l Taft 1 the civ settled 6,000-word platform convention action. was up for Even as deep-voiced Sen Eugene Millikin of Colorado, chairman of the Resolutions Committee which drafted the statement of principles, was proudly reading the document, c|vl , fj hu baUlu the purchase by Leonard Ellis of.; h „ v r the naa started the Eisenhower demonstration, and the lady in front of me tossed away her Warren sign and to W* asA *»#: "How algput car banner into toe - said: "If you can't you're yellow." carry for Ike So I grabbed an Ike sign and the Foster-Ellis Insurance Agency 108 East Second street. it never materialized was a i tribute to Millikin, who had worker as =s^ft=!S SS««T Foster-Ellis Agency Bought by L Ellis Announcement is made today of Delaware 12 votes: Elsenhower 7 Plan within the Constitution to oppose) racial and religious discrimination. Chairman Townst-rid checked the plank with the two Negro alternates in thu Arkansas delegation and both approved it, members of the group said. , Some such approach to the con-j 10, trpversial question had been sug-t Kansas gfcstea by Cobb, Arkansas member Iduho 14 votus: Taft 14 Illinois 60 votes.: Taft 59 Indiana 32 votes: £lsenjw>wer Taft 30 Iowa 20 votes: Eisenhower 22 votes: E)!s*nlMW»r ! . . ,~* .«.^, v—,.„ location and from Scutb Dakota - or was it -' -——« .iHlWMlC t>V *«***•»»*•••> " •"** ••—•— " — During the past six years the ] day and njght to pro d uce a plank insurance agency has been owned l acce pj a bj e ^ t, 0 th Northern and jointly by Vincent W. Foster and| Southern R epu jjU C ans. Leonard Ellis, under a partner- 1 ^ few nours earlier, Harold C. ship agreement with Mr. Ellis as j Burt0 n of New York called a strat- active manager. | e gy huddle of other Negro dele- Mr. Foster has sold his interest! ga t eg an d alternates to back a to Mr. Ellis, who will continue to j stronger civil rights plank. Assur- until! operate the agency at th,e same- e d of recognition by the convention ui»n» •• . _.. _ _. ' from Vermont? It became such a madhouse, Trel Us Mae, that when they ooujinated » sign- I W. #4 .IP* firjn name of Foster-Elite Insurance Agency. Although Mr. glti* will devote 9 greater part of bis time to w- bu»ine»», be w«l als« be chairman, they had a plank ready. But tbey were advised » of the Platform committee. Jet Builder Averts Strike of17Pkmte fi«bt J««s woujd be New Yftrlff Taft 2 Kentucky 20 votes: Taft 10 15 votes: Taft 3 Maine 10 votes; , . Marjrjand ' tractor < duct«4 6

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