Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 21, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 21, 1934
Page 3
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STAB HOP*.;. MBS. SID HENRY ociety NRV mi HI TELEPHONE 321 In j;iver the ladder ,,f lives we to climb, ' Knell life counts for only a secont of time. TV one iliing to do in the brief lil- HP space, IK .to make the world glad that we rar in the race. —K. VV. W M 1 '- mid Mrs, Cecil Weaver and son John Cecil, returned Monday nigh I from a week's visit to the World l-'air in Chicago. n Mrs. L. C. Becker has returned from a .delightful visit wilh relatives and .Spend at your evemni'.s tb" cool-- TODAV AND WOO. On the Stage 3:00-S::ill Amprica's Greatest Blues Singer! MAMIE SMITH In Person I'Valiirini: '"I Midnight Steppers" and Wnllci- I'irlimi and His 12--Piece--12 International Band". Positively the greatest colored show on tour. On (lie Screen Slim Siimmcrville mid /sisii 1'ills „.!„_. "I.OVfi, 1IONOH AND OH' HAUY" Ailmlssion 1'rii'e Kk-LTic Malinee lllc-:iric Nijjlil Colored lllr-air This ad will admit Mr. and Mrs. Sid Btindy friends in Louis, Mo. Champaign. 111., and St —o- The American Legion Auxiliary will meet at S o'clock Tuesday evening at the home of Mis. Carter'Johnson" on Kast Second f.treot with Mrs. R. R. llamm and Mr.';. Frank Russell as associate hostesses. Little Miss Phiina Fuller and brother, Horsy Ruy, are guests of their aunt, Mrs. Cal Lavende.r and Mr. Lavender. Owighl Andrrs arrived Saturday night from Waco. Texas, for a vacation visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Anders before entering Baylor University in the fall. o Miss Ruth Dickinson has .returned from a few days visit with Miss Joyce Thornton in J'rescott. o Miss Rebecca Norton of Little Rock is spending her vacation with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Norton. Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Smyth and Mrs, Bernie Buchanan and son Mark, have returned from a delightful Coast trip through Mississippi and Louisiana and a visit to New Orleans. Mrs. .Chester Darwin left Tuesday morning for a visit with relatives and friends in Jackson, Miss. Mrs. Alice McMalh has returned from n six months' visit with her son, Sam. in Bisbeo, Arizona. Mrs. Henry Somervillo entertained t a miscellaneous shower Monday evening at her country home on the Rocky Mound road, as special compliment to Mrs. Clyde Coffee, a ro- i-enl bride, bridge was played with tin- high score favor going to Mrs. Willie Ed Waller, and the honoree was showered with a number of lovely gifts. Following the game, the liosless served a refreshing ice course wilh cake. There were 4,700,000 families on em- rgency relief rolls in this country in April. Civil Conflict in Louisiana Possible Thong's Defiance of Courts May Be Followed by Armed Action THE WISE MOTOR TROUBLE YOU CAN SPURN IF TO ESSOLENE YOU'LL TURN \ cssofene c SMOOTHER PERFORMANCE ESSO SERVICE STATION Third and L. & A. Tracks Phone CS NOTICE We Will Gin Cotton for Ic per pound and no charge for wrapping. No Rebates to Anyone. HOPE GIN CO. COOK GIN CO. War Looms NF.W ORLEANS, La. - (/!>)- A threat of armed conflict hung over New Orleans Monday on ||ie eve of Huey Long's legislative invest igalion of Mayor T. Semmes Walmsley's cily administration. Long, backed by the slate militia, a private army and n host of "dictator" powers conferred upon him b.v a .subservient legislature, maintained an om. nioiis s-ilenep as the September II primary election approached. Mayor Walmsley's police stood at their arms, awaiting his orders, as he reaffirmed his intention to prevent Long's ''armed henchmen" from appearing at the polls on election day. Dynamite may be touched off by Long's Legislative committee investigation of governmental affairs in the city, which had been scheduled to .start early this week. It was reported the committee had been selected, the lawyers have been hired, and that an immediate injuiry will be launched into New Orleans' affairs. Walmsloy called his Old Regular ward leaders to the cily hall Monday and confcrcd with them for some time, but made no announcement. The Investigating C'omittce is not scheduled lo report to he legislature mill February 193fi. the month in which the gubernatorial primary will be held. The committee, however, is empowered to .hold open meetings at any lime, and it is- believed the quiy. would be started immediately for its effect on the September election, in which Long and Walmsley are supporting rival candidates for congress. Wiilmsloy Awaits Developments Walmsley, apoarenllv was waiting for Long to crack down before moving into a showdown strugle. We still have Ihe courts and the courts have the power lo enforce their orders, 1 ' the mayor said. Reminded lhal a court decree ordered Long's militiamen out of the city regislfi-ation office which had been ignored. Walmsley shrugged his shoulders. "The courl can swear in deputies to enforce its orders." he replied. The discusion hinged imediatcly on the point that a situation of this nature would naturally involve a conflict between Ihe military powers of Long and the civil authority of the judiciary. And thai would mean civil war," someone said. Walmsley nodded, but remained silent. Allen Monday .signed all the "dictator" bills Long shoved through the legislature. Only one bill, and thai of a minor nature, was vetoed. Twelve more citizens Monday filed suits in civil District Court seeking lo force Ihe stale to appoint registrar uf vocrs, R. J. Gregory, to replace their names on the-voting rolls. They said their nnmes had been illegally removed when the office was in control of National Guardsmen.. Three similar suits wore filed last week. The United States Grand Jury here was reported Monday lo have summoned additional witnesses in its investigation of income tax returns of Long and some of his- henchmen. It. ,vas believed that Iho probe would include a survey of Iho high expend!' lures by Ihe Louisiana Highway Commission during the big road building program several years ago under a $75,000,000 constitutionally approved bond issue. The National Guard, still in possession of the registcration office, in addition to being charged with "protecting" the voting lists, is also directed to investigate vice and gambling in the city. Card gomes, rou.lelle, lotteries and handbooks are closed tightly, or operating clandestinely, as is the old restricted district. Luxurious gambling casinos in the neighboring parishes on the outskirts of New Orleans, however, where Long alwaye rolled up good vote majorities are operating openly. RFC Sells Bonds at Good Premium Mamie Smith at Sacnger Tuesday .Famed Negro Stage •Company here for Two-Day Engagement Miimio Smith. America's prcatosl blues singer brings her company to the Siienjjer staj;e Tiicsdny anil Wednesday. The famous "Tlirci> Midnight Step pors." a dance trio, nrc fenturcd in the singe performance 1 . Walter Picbon find his 12-pieco In ternntional orchpstrn will offer the latest in dance rhythm. ' You have seen Mamie Smith on ll)t screen—you have heard her on the air—yon have played her records— now see and hear her in person. This is the greatest negro unit on lour. SHIRLEY TEMPLE (Continued from Page One) To the Voters of the 8th Judicial District I wish to express my sincere appreciation •for the splendid vote you gave me on August Mth. I have received many encouraging letters, telegrams and telephone calls from all over the District within the past few days and I am confident that I will be elected on August 28th. I want to thank you in advance for your support in the run-off on August 28th. Ned Stewart Candidate for Prosecuting Attorney 8th Judicial District PWA Local Securities Taken Readily by Investing Public WASHINGTON —(/P)— The Reconstruction Corporation Monday tested and found .successful a method of keeping Ihe Public Works Adminislrat i lion supplied with funds for employ- | mcnt spreading loans. It offered for sale a §5,889,307 block ' of state, county, municipal and road bonds previously purchased by the ( 1 5 WA and received bids ranging as high as .$-10 above their par value of $1000. The premium represents a margin of profit for the government. All PWA loans to states, municipal' itics and railroads consist of outright i j purchases of four per cent gonds at j I iiar. Between Ihe PWA and the RFC i | par also is the basis of transactions. j PWA's funds available (o states, cit| ies and railroads have been virtually allotted. Last winter congress authorized the RFC to lend to the PWA a maximum of $250,000,000 on the bonds i held b.v the latter. I By seling Ihe securities as the PWA j needs money, the RFC can keep wilh ; in that limitation and still provide acl- j ditionul funds with the sums in effect coming from the regular money market. Black Coupe Found Abandoned Near City ' A black Chevrolet coupe that was found abandoned four miles east of Hope and held here two weeks by C. j C. Mitchell, revenue inspector, was j claimed Tuesday bv Don Massey of Litlle Rock. ' ! The car had been stolen in Little Reek a day before it was recovered here. theater goers is sponlancous, natural. How long Shirley' film career will last her parents do nol prophesy. Figures have been collected to show that the av."-nge child star's earning period is limited to about three and one- half vf,ai-.s. Mrs. Temple hopes Shirley can continue making peicurcs for a long lime sis she wants her daughter, In be r.s.';und of financial independence when 5-ho grows up. Aside from that Mrs. Temple isn't com;<:r."cd. It i S'virmv's personal wel- f.nr. til''!, is of importance- to her moth- U. S. COTTON (Conlinued from Page One) eil lhal recommendations for Ihe loan had been made lo Ihe president and thsil fill that remained was his approval Mr. Roosevelt last year authorized the 10-cent :i pound loan on slaple. Millions of dollars were saved for Southern farmers as the result. Under the loan plan Ihe government would advance farmers who wish to hold their cotton the price agreed upon —12 l-.'l or 13 cents, probably. Should cotton full below the loan price and stay (.here, the government would take the loss. But if it rises above the figure, farmers could repay the government, sel Ithe cotlon and lain-- iho profit,' A group of Roulhr-rn senators, including Unnkhead, Alnbarna, Smith South Carolinn, and Thomas, Oklahoma, advocated recently thnl such loan/ he inado on wheat and corn as well a; cotton. A corn loan plan was put into effect for the 1033 crop but officials said that cotlon is the only commodity likely lo be included, for the present, at least, in the loan arrangement. A figure .of 12 1-2 cents a pound has been suggested for the advances to cotton growers but so hns 13 cents n lint pound. Officials said this would be decided by Mr. Roosevelt. In effect the loan would be n price fixing arrangement, because it assures the average farmer n minimum figure for his crop. Cotton was below 10 cents last year when the administration put its loan plan into effect. Little was sold until the price reached 10 ccns. Blood Pressure Is Reduced by JtRay Mew Method Successful in 80 Per cent of Cases Treated Italy Negotiating Defense Entente? 1 bohind Ijouis Josephs, who will oppose Milton Onts in the runoff primary. Josephs advanced to within 21 votes of Onls' total, and his load ovr-r Wostbroolc v/ns increased to 8. r >. Oats lost six voles and Josephs picked up j ( Wf) jf] {[„, r( J COUnt 7-), 0 fj,,,,] fig U1 .(, K Government Denies Rum-,'" lhc tree's race are: oats 954; n»- T?nrrmv1m,~ Ann* in a ,' r ° s °P hR 9 'tf; Westbrook 848: Lev Per- oi Kegaulmg Austria, , on 4.10; George Lewis's^-fir L c Hungary FLORENCE, Kuly —(/P)— Unconfirmed rumors said Tuesday that Premier Mussolini and Chancellor Schus. chnigg of Austria, meeting here, were drafting a military .clause for an Italo- j Austro-Hungarian accord. The clause would be one of mutual assistance between the three countries ! and would permit Italy to rnorch into /ttislria if necessary, to aid that nation. Well-informed sources, however, said they wore not inclined to give the rumor much credence. Winchester 272. The rechetk was mfcde imd Satin day by a Ccnlrqt corfltmt- lee sub-Qdmtnittc* 1 composed of A Flcnikcn, Max Elrod and Albert j tie. • ' If placed large end up in the eggs will maintain their quality tor. SHERIFF TURQUETTE (Continued from Page One) is 1943 and Turquette's 18'78. In the judge's .race. J. C. Weslb.rook. who with Tui-qucUe had requested Ihe recount, slipped six additional votes CHICAGO.—(/P)—Use of X-ray in reducing ibe inexplicable, falal con- dllion known ns "high blood pressure" has resulted successfully in .nearly. 80 per cent of cases Ireated, Dr. James H. Hullon of Chicago told the American Associalion of Railway Surgeons Monday. The irradialion • is applied lo Ihe pituitary body in Ihe-head and to the adreniai glands over the kidneys, on the hypothesis lhal over-activity of these Iwo endocrine or ductless glands is the reason for the high blood pressure. "Tliis method brings aboul symptomatic relief and a fairly satisfactory reduction in blood pressure in cases of essential hypertension in the vast majority of cases," Dr. Hullon said. "We have had no bad results." "Hallelujah" is a popular European name for the word sorel. ,of the gcrn- aium family; (his name is due to Ihe fact that the plant flowers between Easter and Whitsuntide. Total 1933 milk production of the United Stales has been estimated at 105,135,000,000 pounds. Positive Relief for MALARIA! Sure End to Chills andFfVer/ Hqre's real relief for lytalaria— Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic! Quickly it stops the chills and fever and .restores your body to comfort. Many remedies will merely alleviate the symptoms of Malaria temporarily, but Grove's Tasteless.Chill Tonic goes all the way and completely rids your system of the infection. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is a real corrective of Malaria because it contains two' things. First, tasteless quinine which kills the Malarial infection in the blood. Second, tonic iron which helps overcome ,the ravages of,the chills and fever and fortifies against further atlack. Play spfe!! Take .Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. II now comes in two sUes—50e. and $1. The ?1 size contains 21/2 times as much as the Me size and gives you 25% more for your money. Got bottle today at any store. DRIVING TKPVLL tv OL& CARS INCREASES THE There has never been anything like it in Hope before, and we have the only one in Southwestern Arkansas. There is no extra charge for Moto- Sway when we lubricate your car. It's just another of Lion Oil Sales Company's accomplishments to give you better lubrication. Sales Co Third and Elm Streets Cot y's Powder and Perfume, combination Dusting Powder Talcum Powder Face Powder Cleansing £rea,kn Tissue Cream Facial Cream 98c 98c 49c S 49c to 25C m 49c 49e 21c 750 Antiseptic^—3 oz. bottle 7 oz ; ...45c 14 02, Shaving Cream Tooth Paste Misceljanioiis FACE POWDERS Arrnand's Face Powder—49c and 25fi MeUo Glo Face Ponder ' 49|i P.qnd's Face Powder 44)C Princess Pat Face Powder—49c and 25C Luxor Face Powder & Perfume, -Combination /I Of* April Shower Face Powder 25c 49.C 49c Pond's Cold Cream—49c and Page's Cold Cream J Page's Cleansing Cream Xilazo Finger Nail Polish Jergen's Hand Lotion Jane Carr's Hand Lotion—16 oz. Almond & Benzoite with Honey—16 oz. Tar Shampoo—big bottle Olive Oil Shampoo—big bottle Jo.a.n Crornwell Cold Cream—big jar Joan Cromwell Lemon Cream Joan Cromwell Liquifing Cream Princess Pat Rouge or Lipstick TOOTH PASTE Squibb's Dental Cream Pepsodent Dental Cream Pebeco Dental Cream lodent Dental Cream Bost Dental Cream Colgate's Dental Cream TALCUM POWDER Squibb's Mavis Johnson's Baby Powder Mennen's for Babies SOAP Life Buoy—2 for Woodbury's Facial Soap Palmolive and Camay—choice Jergens Hand Soap—3 for $ \\'E GIVE EAGLE STAMPS THE LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE Geo. W. Robison & Co, 39c 21 c 21 c 21c 21c 21c 21c 21c 10c 39c 39c 39c 39s 390 21c 25c 21c 230 23c 15s lOc 5c 10c HOPE PRESCOTT NASHVILLE

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