The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on December 3, 1927 · Page 4
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 4

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1927
Page 4
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THE TXDTANWrOUS STAR, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3. 1927. LATEST SOCIAL AND PERSONAL NEWS Christmas Kindles a Light in the Eyes of All Humanity T 1 IN GIVING (ilFTS WE RECEIVE THE GREATEST GIFT OK ALL 1 SNOWED the other day, and because it was late afternoon, the mellow, yellow light streamed on Block s windows, rich with gifts. It glinted and sparkled on the great white snowflakes, and on the smiles of gift-hunters seeking the windows, as a girl a mirror. A man. ;i kindly Rtay-liaired man. seasoned hy many Christ masos, stood watching with a look of unfathomable mystery. Turning to me, he said, "Do you see it, too? That's why I like this time of year best ... It does something to people's faces . . . there isn't an ugly face here . . . they have all become suddenly lovely, haven't they'.' It's because they have forgotten about themselves, in trying to make others happy ... and in doing so, they are receiving a thousand fold, an enrichment to their souls." I looked, and saw every one hugging a gift for some one else . . . maybe that interesting package concealed a fur coat, maybe that tiny one was a Tecla pearl necklace for H-E-R, and perhaps there was a dolly or a train of cars for Toddy carried by that brisk young man and he, why, he would get more of a thrill than Toddy out of it. Who said "Christmas was just for children?" "I've always thought," my new friend went on, "it was much nicer and more thoughtful to give gifts that are Life's Little Luxuries the things people always long lor, but somehow miss buying for themselves ah ! that is the gift that brings greatest joy. Though, truth, it isn't what you give, it's the Way you give. A little gift in a great big package with a letter of love tucked in will be remembered the whole year through. Folks are just little Tads they really never grow up. We play make-believe all day, all year long. It's the way you give gifts that makes us shut our eyes and dream and find you great. People should think hard about Christmas giving; work at this thins of making people happy, and they'll find it well worth working for" . . . Block's Have Worked Hard for Many Months to Make People Happy in Assembling Treasure Gifls From Hie Four Art Centers of the World And Today, Blocks Is Radiant With Christmas Cheer, A Store So Filled With Gifts, It Fairly Sparkles! Exquisite gifts, unique in charm, each one supremely fine and the most beautiful of its kind, be it ever so useful or one of life's little luxuries. Gifts just as blessed to receive as to give making Christmas Shopping a glorious adventure. A Store Which Has, In Truth, "Gifts Worth Giving" We Take Pleasure in Providing for Your Shopping Comfort A Gift Wrapping Service A Mailing Desk Parcel Checking Service Mail Order and Phone (all Service THE W I1.BL0CK Cs BRIDE-ELECT GIVEN LUNCHEON BY MRS. PIERRE F. GOODRICH HEADS COMMITTEE. Mi." Dorothea Stout, daughter of Mil BmHf W Stout. S11S North "Meridian iot, hos marriage to Var,l will tak plaea IV. ie at Shrlh wll? " 'h honor guest at a prettily apr"intd l'.inchaon-bi ldge yesterday g h en by Mm. Pierra . Goodrich at her tiotne, 447D Central a rmie. Yellow anil were the rnlors usd in the arpoin tments and covers were laid for Miss Stout and Mesdamep Jamn Cunning- V ictor Jos Jr. ham Krwin Cory I. Jerome I.ittell Stout Cleon Nafe and Wm Berenice Reagan Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs Erwin Cory Stout will entertain witii a buffet-supper and bridge in honor of Miss Stout and Mr Wands. AXXniXfKS MECES ENGAGEMENT AT T AeXTY. Mrs. V. B. Sharritts, 2938 North Talbott avenue, entertained .aat night with a bridge and bunko party, In honor of her niece, Miss Violet Archer. The decorations and refreshments were carried out in a color acheme of yellow and white, small silver baa- kIs Itn given fl favors and announcement of mtm Archer gagement to Fatal Anglin Peirce of I Amarillo, Tex., was tied to trie nanme of each basket with yellow and white lihbon and small wedding bells. The guests included Media me Bernard Slenker Donald Inderwood Carl C, l lrirh .lohn Broom J, Walter Winget Ruth leather Kussell Young Misses MM Hodapp Dorothy Brauna Albeila Claffey Ksther Diion Helen Hudson Isabel Broom Frances Duncan Bertha Vatenkamp Anna Foster Margaret Hooker the wH aS 11 Love's Embers Adele Garrison $ Absorbing Sequel to "REVELATIONS OF A WIFE" (Capyrlght. 1W7. bf Kewapaper Feature Service, lac ) MB v TOWMIXD BREAKS MOXOT- i my ears. 'Are you going to be at MR. JAMES T. BARRETT. Mrs Barrett is chairman of the special Christmas seal committee of the Marion County Tuberculosis Association 0X1 AT THE FARMHOl SE , As ltie at the telephone uttered 1 the name Townsend, I rose abruptly t" my feet, tingling with an excite-. merit altogether out of proportion to j the summon. But that Lillian shar : my feeling 1 saw a she leaned for- want and whispered tenaely j ' Til clew to this bucineas, 1 11 bet a year's income." That a wager I II not tak," I I whispered back I went to meet Katie, who greeted ma with the t wholly superfluous information that "dot Meeiif Townsend" waa on the telephone. My little mald'a voice whil aha wa at the telephone could eaeily have been heard at tha Ttcer farmhouse, a halt mila away, I told myself petulantly. 1 picked up the receiver and put It to my ear with shaking hands, lor I chared Lillians opinion that in the message or something it entailed I should And a clue te the mystery of the occupants of the Larches. Yet I had no reason for the feeling except the remembrance of a chance remark Mrs Townsend had made one day &t the Larches when she and I met there accidentally while we were both railing upon Kleanor Lincoln. The message home for, the next hour or two? ' I assured her that 1 did not intend to stir from the house during the day. 'Then, Jo you mini if 1 come t see you for a few minutes'.' 1 won't detain you long, but 1 have something 1 simply must show you. 1 am so thrilled, and jniizleJ. 1 want your opinion. Do you remember that day at the Larches?'' "Perfectly." 1 told her, "and I Can imagine what you wish to show ma. But 1 think for many reason wa should not name it over th telephone. " "Oh r he cried contritely. "Ton are right, and I am very thoughtleaa. But I am so excited. May I coma down right away?" "Of course. 1 shall be awaiting you with much excited curiosity." "Thank you so much. You are inch a dear," ah said with th pleaianl but meaningless compliments which her sort utter with such facility, and returning her "Good-by," I hung up the receiver and went back to Lillian. "1 think your 'hunch' la beginning to work," I told her. "Do you remember what 1 told you about Mr. Townsend s call at the Larches with Penelope Hadley Dorothy Rogga Clara Goete Kvelyn Mann Kliiabeth Miller Alpha Thackery IRVIXGTON CI.rB GIVE! CHRISTMAS PARTY. Members of the Irvington Fortnightly Club held their meeting ye-terday with Mrs. Charle L. Stubbs, 30 North Bolton avenue, and Mr. K. A Williams as hostesses. "Arts and Crafts of America" 1 the subject for study this year and the papers yesterday were In keeping with the study outline. Mrs. Henry U. l'lescott read a paper on "Early American Glass," using many piece of IBM old American glass to illustrate various period ana styles or Amenuu lnuu-nets. Mrs. C. H. 'Winder read a i paper on "Stained Glass and Its Modern 1'ses," giving a glimpse of the progress of stained glass producers in America. Mrs. Stubhs's home was beautifully decorated with poinetta and lighted candles decorated with Christmas greenery. The club color ef lavendar and gold were used In th dining room. Tapers In the two colors in colonial crystal holder lighted the dining table in the center of which was n large cake with the number 13, i the age of the club, and a pansy, the j club flower, in colors. Mrs. T. M. Richard, the oldt j member present, cut the cake, followed by Mrs. J. T. Wheeler, Mrs. Frank I McCaaltn, Mrs. Jason Greenstreet, j Mrs. Adah B. Mann, Mr. Ira Fox- worthy, guest of the afternoon, who I each gave a wish for the future i growth of the club. Mrs. W. L. Leonard presided at the coltee urn. The hostesses were assisted by Mis. I, H. Butler and Mr. Samuel Mc- Gaughey. The favors were tiny candles In a miniature holder, which were lighted one from another, giving a Christmas wish. LARGE RESERVATION LIST FOR 1,1 NCHKON AND BRIDGE TODAY. The following persons have made reservations for the luncheon and bridge party to be given today at the Woman' Department Club in connection with the settlement school baiaar being given by the PI Beta Phi Alumnae Club: Mcsdanies William T. Allen Fiank U. Hatfield ian street, is visiting Mrs. Herbert J. ilreen in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred rierson t onk-lin, 3117 North Meridian street, entertained with a bridal dinner last evening at Woodstock Cluh in honor of their diughter, Miss Mildred Conklin and Oscar Frederick Frenxel Jr., whose marriage is to take place at R:30 o'clock this evening at the Meridian Street Methodist Episcopal Church. from her might well pertain to the i young Mr. Jackson when I went over local charity In which we were both to invite her to you welcoming din-Interested and which formed my onlyjner?" silent tie with this member of the I She straightened from her lounging fashionable set at Southampton. 1 1 position and looked at me with riling genuinely liked what I had seen of the j excitement. hustling little woman, but I promptly "i remember nothing mora vividly." Miss Ine! Metzger assisted by Mis Oliv e Waggoner and Miss Edith Washburn had charge of the bridge and bunko party given Wednesday evening at the l.timley tearoom by members of the Rhn Sigma Sorority. WIN ootP OTCe; Vntil the holiday vacation, special rehearsals of the Scout drum and bugle corps will he held at fl o'clock every Saturday morning In the basement of Shortridge high school. Marion Bugher and Hugh Eons were enrolled as members of Troop 8" last evening. Scoutmaster Bidding' '(" n,pet members of Troop tilt at Capitol avenue and Thirty-fourth street at 1 o'clock this afternoon and will conduct a teft-passing hike along the riv er west of Fail v iew. Scoutmaster Pope reports Byron Dicks promoted to second ( lass during the last meeting of Troop 64. A lot of posters for distribution In the outlying districts ate available at headquarters. The posters are for the Anti-Tuherenlosis Society, advertising Christmas seals. Time spent in this service will be credited on service medfi Is. Troop BO, with headquarters at the Jewish Federation Center on West Morris street, has reregistered with an enrollment of eight Scouts. During the meeting of Troop S2 last evening William Wampler was formally admitted to membership. Scoutmaster Hunt reports Bennett Stunkel registered as a member of Troop 38, Robert Johnson was promoted to second class during the meeting of Troop ,") last evening. This is a new organization and Johnson is the second member to receive promotion. Roger Hooker and Hurry Campbell were given patrol assignments during the meeting of Troop 37 last evening. Scoutmaster Ernst reports Irvln Myers and James Wlshmler enrolled as members of Troop 41' last evening. Leon achlossman, who recently completed first class requirements, will represent Troop 75 at the next court of honor. forgot her between our meetings, and if it hd not been for the persistent memory sounding in my brain, responding to her telephone call would have held about as many thrill a on puts Into an order to th butcher. NOT STIRRING. "Mrs. Graham!" Mrs. Towniend't voice, excited, almost thrill, cam to she said. "But do you mean to tell me " her voice trailed off Into nothingness. "Ye, I do," I returned. "Sh lay she is so thrilled and ha something she simply must show me. I do not imagine It is a treasurer' report of shoe distributed last month." " OLD CASINO GARDENS TO REOPEN DEC. 16 The old Casino Gardens, which have heeen converted into a municipal gardens by the city, will be open for community programs Dec. 16, Jess Mc-Clura, director of recreation, announced yesterday. The building will be available two nights a week for public community program and the remaining four night will be devoted to social, athletic and community activities. There will be an inside playground for children and a men' room is being arranged with a lounge, card tables, pooltable and other recreational equipment. Young women will receive instruction In cooking, sewing anil housework during the winter months. W. E. Kennedy 0, M, Weaver U VV. Datighcrty F. E. McGee Bertram Sander E. R. Smith W. C. Zirpel H. D. Trimbl Scott Legge Herbert S. King D. 0. Kearby Ellis B. Hall Vernon Grind!. H. C. Gemmer Carl Fletcher Clifton Ferguson F. H. Mcintosh F. H. Davis B. K. Westfall Robert Wild Justice Paul ft. W. Batman R. E. Peckham D. P. Barrett B. W. Mercer R. L. Smith J, A. Brookbank Irwin K. Brown J. O. Cottingham F. J. Carroll Thomas A. Cooper F. S. Chiles H. L. Bartholomew A. M. Early Robert Hammond Arthur E. Guedel Paul Brown H. D. Kellenbach William Straw- myer Loiun Hickman Dwight E. Ault- man Jr. W. P. Hahn W. D. Hammer- stadt J. T. Holland U. C. Holler B. J. Larkin C. M. Green J It. Goldthwalte I A. jvioynaoan C. W. Allen C, G. Murphy C. F. Neu H. I Nixon -C. H. Pier A. B. Roger J. M. William Albert Off H. J. Elekhoft Karl Freese R. E. Jones l. S. MacBrid W. T. Palmer O. I Pond .lasper Scott A. L, Smith John E. Spiegel Frank H. Streight-off U O, Ward 0, O. Watson Carl Weyl Rohert Mannfeld Misses Katheiine Dins- Julia Vll II. C. Cm tin C. D, Deeds w. w. W intlow A. G. Mueller G. VV. Bowlin W. C. I'.achelder H. K. Bachelder William Engler E. K. Temperlcy C, M. Matthews F. W. ulossbren-ner i Robert Wolfe Forrest Spencer Russell Wilson W, R. Galpin R, I, Hollowsv VV. K. Gearen R. I, Terry C. O. Hoffman John Brook man BUS LINE ASKS PERMIT. In a petition filed with tha public service commission yesterday by the Purple Swan Safety Coach Linei, Inc., of St. Louis, Mo., permission if asked to operate between the Illinois state line and Indianapolii, through Terre Haute, to carry interstate passengers only. fflSET&TITUS , the njnkal wju& 99tN0)miDCLAWARCSl Lincoln 38Z8 INDIANAPOLIS FOREMOST FUNERAL HOME mil SPENCER BUS LINE PURCHASE APPROVED The public service commission yesterday approved the sale of the Spencer-Martinsville bus line, owned by Andi'w Carll and J. H. Gregg, to Elmer Wedel of Brazil for not more than $1,0110. The commission also authorized a charC of 50 cents hy the Home Telephone Company of Elk-hat t and Goshen for installation of cradle telephones. Several minor rate schedules submitted to the commission by W. H. McNcely, head of the tariff division were approved. They include a slight reduction in electric rates at Newbury and installation of I mtii,nil rnlpe f e hu'tnn anil Weal ! Lebanon. NORTH AND EAST OF INDIANAPOLIS iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiif Decorate for Christmas HEADACHES ARE A WARNING SIGN 1 Enter The Star's Contest r ! moor Martha S ott Frances Kearby i Betty MMthew i Sarah Birk Helen Seward Mary Tant Josephine Har- man Fannie Miner Marguerite Clin Helen Aker Helen Barrett Elizabeth Workman Margaret Paddock Vance Garner Ethel Curryer Geneva Hungat Allegra Stewart Martha Hawkin Mildred Jaquith Charlotte Com- tock Nadyn Cook Martha Kellenbach Dorothy Davi Kellogg's ALL-BRAN will relieve constipation safely, I permanently! TTesdarVific nimnlp. nnt hafnra 3 the eyes, insomnia are all ymp- I S ! lorn of constipation. They are seri- , 5 ous enough in themselves yet they S are often forerunners of worse to J S ; follow. Constipation is the causa j 5 ! of more than forty diseases. It j -' spares neither young nor old. ! Z Yet it can be relieved more, prevented! Kellogg's ALL-BRAN ii guaranteed to brin relief. Kellogg's is 100 Ve bran. It produces results no part-bran 'product can equal. That is why doctors recom-; 3 mend it. Serve ALL-BRAN often. Eat two tablespoonfuls daily in chronic cases, with every meal. Delicious with milk or cream and add fruits or honey for an extra treat. Use it in cooking. In soups. Sprin- ' Mrs. Basil Miles of rails. France, is expected this week for a visit Willi j I .Mr. anil Mrs. rreoericn r.. 'it , j " , f. , , s al the hotel. Mrs. Mile kled over other cereals. Delightful is the wife of the head of the Amerl- ; recipes on me package. jlane ivy s can idmalstrativ commission of ti Kellogg in Battle Creek. Sold by S international chamber of Commerce. all grocers. Served by hotels, reatau- 5 Registration Blank Holiday Season, 1927 Decoration-Illumination Contest I hereby enter The Star's Decoration and Illumination Contest. I wish to be enrolled in the division marked below. Small home division Other homes division Business place Churches, clubs, etc. Name Address I ! Jl i , I, , rants. On dining-cars. a 3 KIm Julia Harll0 Moore of Die HI X I faculty of Teachers college will tvi I KegUttHtinn tiiiisl he mM latei Hum midnight, 3 III I a talk today before the meeiing of th X g fliil himIiiii I 1 I I Sixth District Association or Teacher? A iwimin to. . f g Ut c-eenftel.l on "Tminina th Habit i . U JlfMtmMin 3 I of i-bild In iinplrmeniarjr P-i ' mLM mwMJwW W -- 'J i F a WL-BRAN il I 1 "- Miss Claire Mann, 567S North Merid- raa-a-a-aw :,,nHj

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