The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on December 13, 1925 · Page 43
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 43

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 13, 1925
Page 43
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J ? if 4 :HE INDIANAPOLIS SUNDAY STAR, DECEMBER 13, 1925. V BOWERS SUSTAINS HIS REPUTATION BEVERJDGE COXCtCDED FROM PACE TWO. public becomes vocal. Financial panic follows and dissatisfaction Increases. Jefferson's Activities. Throughout all this Jefferson has been selecting his agents for the inevitable political revolution, clever. he disapproves some of Its provisions; Jefferson is utterly against it. So grew the "party of. the people," and it was electing its candidates in an ever Increasing number of constituencies. Finally the decisive deed ok unpopularity was committed. As a result of the growth of the "Democratic Societies." and. criticisms of the government, and amid the patriotic outburst that followed the publication of the shameful treatment of ur envoys to France, the Federalirta enacted the alien and sedition laws. These were mild statutes compared with similar acts- passed by most states after our war with Germany and still capable men In every state, and these lieutenants are mobilizing the forces (on the Btatute books ; but the sedition or democracy everywhere. Now cir eumstance adds to the economic rea f sons for popular opposition to the government, the" powerful element of sentiment. War breaks out between France and England, and Washington proclaims neutrality, which is favored by New England Federalists and the ' commercial classes In the cities, but ahhorred and denounced by the rest of the country. Genet comes and is , received with tumultuous public ' acclaim but coldly by the President. Hamilton defends neutrality in unanswerable and unanswered- arguments, the famous letters of Camlllus; Jefferson takes the popular side, although not openly. The Jay trfaty infuriates the country; Hamilton sup- " ports it in powerful appeals although taws 'of 1708 Justly aroused the Indignation of the great body of Ameri can citizens. They were looked upon as an effort to suppress free speech, and they- were. Hamilton protested In vain., Marshall disapproved. No matter! The infatuated Federalist Congress passed them the Federalist President signed "them; Federalist Judges brutally enforced them. For Justifiable criticism of public officials, meh were cojvicied under outrageous charges from the bench, lawyers ware Insulted, courts turned into arenas of persecution. , ' Hour Ha Struck. The hour had struck at last for tha host? of democracy to make the grand assault, Soon after the stupidity of IN FADS, WRITER SAYS tO.NtLlUt.D IttOil l'ACK ONE. the. alien and sedition laws had been, LONDON'S WOMEN REVEL the historic Kentucky and Virginia resolutions. The standard was raised, at last, around which the accumulated discontent of eight years could rally. So came the radical upheaval of 1S00 "the bloodless revolution," as Jefferson called it. Such is an outline of the evrflution of democracy which Mr. Bowers presents. He tells it, however. In terms of the plots and Intrigues, the quarrels and machinations and other human Incidents that accompanied the proofs of the spirit of reform. These fairly Jostle one another, so thick tU'y come; indeed one must keep an alert and steady eye on the main story or he will lose the thread of it in the multi tude of picturesque details. By' uncommon frankness in championship of Jefferson, by his open and genuinely sincere partisanship for the democracy of the great radical, Mr. Rowers has saved himself from sharp criticism. But nobody can scoll a man iwho makes no pretense, to partiality,- for supporting his cause with vigor. Moreover, Mr. Bowers presents his case with such charm and sagacity that complaint is disarmed. My own regard and admiration for him is Rtich that I am not a competent critic of anything he' w'rites. Many' Informed and Unpartlal persons will disagree with him about a number of Important phases of which he treats and eminent men of whom he writes. ; newest 'satinV shoes having a pair of gold wings on the instep and a Jeweled strap passing around the ankle. De spite the cold weather some women gull go about in sunduls and bare legs. The. newest silk stockings have elaborate Jeweled designs mound the ankle and lower calf, Jeweled head dresses in the form of airmen's helmets tit the shingled head light, while Jazz-colored umbrellas have a facsimile of an Tiratfge for a, handle, with smaller facsimiles on the end of each rib. The feminine monocle Is fash ionable, while the Russian boot, or course, Is everywhere. Up sticks and dance requisites are tarried in all sorts of odd places. One type of earring, tor. instance, having elongated "drops," unscrews the pendant end and discloses hollow, cavities, in which are, respective!-, a tiny; thin program pencil and "a woe lip stick. Jeweled pendants open to disclose tiny powder, puffs Pendant ornaments from Jeweled wristlets contain one or two petite scented cigarettes. And so on. II - . . , - il HOOVER It BEATS as it Sweepr as it Cleans There's nothing you can buy her this Christmas that will bring more happiness and longer lasting benefits than a Hoover. It will fill her greatest need, ending forever the drudgery of housework. Call Lincoln 2321ior free home demonstration. Only $6.23 Down Balance Monthly Daily Hoover Demonstrations . on First Floor of Store VONIMEGUT HARDWARE CO. 120-24 E. Wash. St. IA hum; Si or a Advocacy In History. Personally, I do ' not care for advocacy In the writing of history; I prefer the method of absolute, impartiality. Every one Is entitled to prejudices, favoritism, animosities at least all of us cherish them, being human. But when giving the public account of a personage, an event period, the writer has no more i business to allow his personal feeling or opinion to influence him, than a Judge when hearing a case. But when he does write with the pen of favoritism, it is only fair to tell us so frankly; and this Mr. Bowers does with engaging candor. This, perhaps, is the reason that every Incident, action, attitude or remark discreditable to Hamilton is- sot forth and with conspicuity and notable skill; so that when we close this enthralling volume, that gallant figure' Is badly "soiled, not to say, bedraggled. Yet Mr. Bowers admires Hamilton who could not?. I should like to see an article by Claude Bowers on "The First Report on the Public Credit," treated only as-literature; and another on the same subject treated as statesmanship. But, of course, the artist must have a sombre background to show off his hero. . ' FamnuK Words and Deeds. , Then, too, certain famous w'ords and deeds of Jefferson go unnoted For example tiis defense of Shay's Rebellion "I like a little rebellion now and then." Or his glorification of the French revolution: "The tree of liberty must , be' refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It Is Its natura.1 manure." Or Jefferson's covert attack on Washington's proclamation of neutrality; "The pusillanimity of the proclamation," "the sneaking neutrality" it set up this, too, while he was Washington's secretary of state. Or; the anonymous or father, fictitious ' I'enduium't Swing Tredlcled. i But It is predicted that the fashion pendulum will switlg back again within a month or two and that the fashion caliphs will have to begin ail over again. , There are few women in England today, particularly of the present generation, who do not seek solace in the fragrant weed. Every restaurant fashionable or otherwise, has Its quota of young women languidly discussing life over their coffee 'or chocolate and scented cigarettes. The manufacturers of cigarettes here long since turned their attention to special brands of an intriguing aroma for the special benefit of the women folk. Those eastorn-scented cigarettes, tipped in gold, colored silk, rose petals and the like, are expensive, but they repose in the camouflaged cigarette cases of four out of every six young women. Jeweled cigarette holders, costing from $r,() to Langhorne letter, which deserves a hard adjective. None of 'these' things, nnr others Tike them, are sot out'; yet they were the cause, partly 'at least, of the ridiculous tfrror that Jefferson' inspired in the breast of conservatism and which finally aroused Washington's distrust and dislike. But, of course, there was not room for everything. Mr. Bowers could have written a sclntlllnnt page of truthful praise, too, of his hero's greatest state paper, Jefferson's famous letter on the freedom of the seas. But let us not cavil over omissions in a volume so entertaining. Here lj a book that combines something' of the art of a Stevenson, the touch of a Straehey, and peak of praise traces of the scholarship of a ("banning; and we can read It with pleasure unimpaired by Its naive' and delicious partisanship. $250 each, ore marketed especially for the modern society girl whoso single purpose in life is to appear among her friends glittering like a Jeweler's shop ami pulling at the stem end ot an ivory holder nine Inches long and on which squats a Jeweled fly, whose coloring harmonizes with the narrow band of rubles ami sapphires encircling the tube. . Among the fashions here now Is the dead white hand with blood red nail. The nails are coated w ith a vermilion liquid. Manicuring of this sort is obtainable at any good class beauty parlor. Now that Christmas Is drawing near the various novelties of a utility nature carried by women are In the limollght. Suede handbags already in demand are those containing a "hanky-puff," compact-BOwder bos,! Hp stick, cigarette holder anil cigarettes. These tfrit all nied on the outside of the bag under a flap to which a minor Is attached. They are easily accessible. The smart society woman Is now anxious to own one of the hew jewel case musical boxes which also have a tiny compartment for scented cigarettes. The case Is of polished wood. Inside is the tiny musical box. As soon as the lid is opened It begins to play up to date, melodies. All these articles, of course, are unnecessary and can be placed under the heading of "luxuries." But thry are insisted upon by the smart women of. the metropolis who have no use fur the people who are always discussing the poverty-stricken classes of the country and the fact that 1.230.000 persons cannot even find jobs. The flaunting of very valuable Jewelry in public lias not been cured by. the attentions paid by Jewelry siiatclinrs to theatcrland. Scotland Vard has numerous squads of special men watching theater entrance closely, but the raids on the Jewelry worn by fashionable women continues un interruptedly and tlio women themselves do not appear willing to help the yard by leaving their pendants and necklets at home. Nearly 100, 000 worth of necklets, pendants and brooches have been snatched in the past three months from outside met ropolitan theaters. The manner In which the women flaunt their gems to nnd from the theater h imply at tracts attention to themselves nnd they are marked down as legitimate prey by the highly organized bands of gem snatchers, One of these bands. known as the ','Uecrfoots" because of their agility and cleverness in getting swny after robbing their victims, eludes the police night after night. Their haul of valuable Jewelry has been tremendous and no doubt will continue to be so since "my lady" continues to dress In the approved style nnd carry her costly baubles on feet, arms, neck and shoulders to the theater box twice and thrice a week. , In scintillating gems. Tiic nearest they can get Is to flock to tl.i parts of the metropolis more brilliantly lighted the Kaleidoscopic orgy of color -and movement. In Piccadilly circus are the animated electric signs, (popularly than the rest, and feait their eyes on known as the "Scotsman's Cinema"). It costs nothing to gaze at these so the poorer classes flock to Piccadilly winter nights. To them they are as. the jewels of the more fortunate. "Jefferson and Hamilton the Struggle for Democracy in America," by Claude, G. Bowers, Published by Houghton-Mlfllin Company, Boston, Mass. , ., t That the present craze for bizarre Jewelry emanates from a desire for brightness after the gloom of the war years l shown in the actions of the poorer classes who can nut Indulge U J -i rfli jl WAV WK 4 on any model' A-B with Oven Heat Control. This offer .positively w i t h d r a w n night. Tuesday just a ova hnnAinmi Ail-White A-B's ,4 41 1 'i f -fV;i With Oven Heat Control We sincerely urge you to come in the morning this model in terests you, as there is every possibility that the few we have left will be sold by noon, i SB Ml $125 Value For ?5.00IXrtVN im,50' $1.50 WEEKLY J y ill' . A v VONNEGUT All Models on Sale Have the A-B Oven Heat Control HARDWARE CO. 120-124 E. Washington St. M m 1 1 M urn inn in 111 immi i itT tirimmitiuTfi iiiiinii iitirinrrri riifrniTTiiminiiiiiluniiiiilllllltl I IrniinmCA. 1 m If: Bifis jor$omm 1 lj r-sL , i.p0agor' For Beautiful Practical Lasting Gifts Vonnc gut's Casseroles and Pie Dishes Both are highly appreciated gifts. We are Bhowing an unusually large and varied selection, all excellent values. The casseroles can be used both for baking and serving. Casseroles with Pyrex and china inserts, nickeled or silvered frames. .... . $4.23 to $12 Pie Dishes with Pyrex and chine inserts, nickeled and silvered holders $;J.5 to $0 i , . Dresser and Mantel Clocks . Handsome mahogany - finish clock!! in several very attractive designs. They keep accurate time. Triced . from $3.73 to $18 Vacuum Goods They keep i liquids hot or cold and 'are useful the year .round. We have bottles, pitch-ers and jugs. Vacuum pitchers' $8.50 to $13 Vacuum bottles, $1.19 , $12.50 Thermo jugs $.3.48 to $8.50 I va 1 m Silver Tableware Sets and Individual Pieces No woman really has too much silverware and there are so many individual pieces that she could Use to. good "advantage that you can be sure she will be more than grateful. Manicure and Scissors Sets Those who are not acquainted with our Silverware Department will be surprised at the tine selection and the number of patterns shown. We can make up seta in the latuwt patterns (if Community 1'ltttn, Tudor Plate. Honors tiros. 1847 anil Koer Kro. 2G-piece Huts of silverware. , ' $10.98 to $32.50 Teaspoons, set of six .... Iced Teaspoons, six Bouillon Spoons, six 8h lad Forks, set of six . Pickle Forks, each fold Meat Forks ,. ., (Iravy Ladles ......... '. . . . Jelly Servers, each Dessert Servers, each ... Sugar Shells and Duller Knives Individual Pieces .H 60 to .$1.75 .$4.-5 !i'to . .HI to $3.60 to 0 to 7 to $7 .HIM) :!..-,0 . 1.5(1 ..$1.50 to ! v ' Silver Baby Spoons and Eating Sets Something that will delight the little tots and Just fit their tiny hands. Attractive, packages. Baby Spoons 50c to $1.00 Spoon ami Fork Sets 15)c to $2 OO Educator Set of knife, fork . : and spoon $1.75 Kiddie Kups SOe to $1.75, Carving Sets and Stainless Steel Steak Sets to A-B Gas Ranges Hoover Sweepers One Minute Electric Washers For either come' to Vonne.-gut's where you can get just exactly the set you want at the price you desire o pay. Our selection Is the largest in the city. 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