Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 20, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 20, 1934
Page 3
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M^ , HOPE STAT?, HOPE, 'ARKANSAS MRS. SID HENRY ocieteU NBY ||!|III TELEPHONE 321 True f.'ullurc Tbe highest cultme is to speak no ill; 'lite best reformer is the man whose eyes Arc quick to see al) beauty and all worth; And by his own discreet, well-ordered life, Alone reproves the erring. When thy gaze turns it on on thine soul, bo most severe. Hut when it falls upon a fellow-man Let kindliness control it; and refrain Krom that belittling censure that springs forth From common lips like weeds from warshy soil E.W.W. ~n*0t_- Mrs. Perch Sharp has- re-turned In her home in Monringsport. La., after a two weeks vacation with her parents Mr. and Mr.s. Frank llearne. o- Mrs. J. If. Walker and daughter. Miss Annie Jean were called U> Smack over Friday to attend the bedside of Mr.s. Dora Strickland Rogers, sister ol Mrs. Walker, who passed on at her home in that city on Sunday. Funeral and burial will be held Monday in ElDcrndo and Miss Bessie Walker attending from this city. o Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Mason have os flies!. 1 : this week, Mrs. Mason's mother. Mrs. Euln Gardenre and two nephews Jim and Jack Gardener of Wynee. Ark. and sister, Mr.s. Henry i>K Bearden. Ark. o • Orval F. Taylor of Chicago is the house guest of bis sister, Mrs. W. It. Alexander and Dr. Alexander. o Mrs. Henry Haynrs left Sunday for a work's visit to the World's Fair in Chicago. o—-Mrs. II. D. Mayer and son Billy will leave Tuesday morning for a visit with relatives and friends in Little Hock. Mrs. M, Brannon of (lie State Highway . Department left Sunday for a week's visit, tn the Cenlpry of Prog- serr Exposition in Chicago. 1>. ( .:. Hallerr of Cape Giradenu. Mo., is the guest of his brother, Charles Harrell and Mix. Harrejl. -o ----Miss Harriet Grace Story has returned from a visit with friends Bald Knob and Little Rock. in Mr. and Mrs. Charles- Harrell and daughter. Frances,, have returned Iron) ;i week's visit to the World's Fair in Chicago. Miss Nina Williams, who has been the guest of her sister, Mr.s. 11. 13. Mayer and Mr. Mayer will leave Tuesday morning for her home in Litlle Hock. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hallum of Camden are .spending the month of August and first half of September in this city, domiciled in the home of Mr.s. Fannie Garrett. ------- o -Thomas Bo.vett has returned from a week's visit to the World's Fair in Chicago. MVs. B. R. Ha mm. Mrs. Frank Russell and Mrs. Carter Johnson will be hostesses to the American Legion Aux- ilaiy Tuesday evening at S o'clock' in the Johnson home on East Second street. ' — «» ft <B»- ............ Infant Mi-Hay The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred McHay died Saturday, August IB of typhoid fever. He was born July !). lilli-1. Burial was Sunday afternoon | in Yjondo cemetery near Texarkana. i Funeral .services were conducted by j the Rev. J. A. Allen of Emmctt. Route j One. Surviving are his parents,. Mr. ' and Mrs. Fred McBay of near Fulton. four sisters and .five brothers. Twin Sisters Dm In River Mishap Little Rods Oirls Drown When They Step Off Into Hole LITTLE ROCK-Twin daughters of Mr. and Mr.s. J. H. Moore, wading in Ihe Arkansas river near where several persons have- walked across in recent woelt.sv elrowned Sunday while a younger sister trieel in vain ( o save them. The twins, Bessie Arm and Rebecca' Eli/abelh Moore, aged 17, with their .sister, r.sabeiie, 14, and four oilier 'girls residing near Ihe Moore home, went to Ihe? river soon after 2 p.m. while their parents were away from home. Entering the river near the foot of East Sixth street, where they knew several youths hael waded .across it since it has been at record low stages, the girls walked elownslream a considerable distance. The seven girls were some'what scattered when Bessie Ann Moore stepped off into a eleep hole. She cried out for help at; she went under, and Rebecca Elizabeth hurried lo her. Both girls were excited and relatives saiel neither was a good swimmer. A.s tile twins struggled in the water. Isabello Moore maeJe futile efforts to rescue them. She .s-anle twice but man- aijed to reach a sandbar after it became thai she could not help her sisters. Si.me of the girls ran for assistance and a crowd (prickly leathered, Several men anil boy:: began diving for the bodies and that, of Rebecca Elizabeth v/a.s found quickly by Eddie Lcfler and was carried to the river bank by her breither, Virgil Moore, as the father reached the scene, witnesses said. * Tarantula, Spider in STANDINGS Soiithrrn Association Clubs- New Orleans ChallanooKa Memphis .. Knoxville Nashville . Atlanta I'irniiiiHham . Little Rock . Niillnnnl Ij'affiie Clubs-- Won New York . 75 Chicago V(] St. Louis ... OH Boston ;,K Pittsburgh r,,| Breioklyn ... . <)!) rbilndelpbia . M Cincinnati V.\ American Detroit New York Cleveland Boston Washington St. Louis .... Philadelphia .. Chicago Lo::l 15 111 21 21) Los i •11 'Hi '17 .',7 Pet. c:; ti.'t IVansconlincntal Race for Cyclists JJidors 1.6 Make 10 Miles k'.'H-li Before Aeceplinu-' lieJiof Man NEW YORK-The Uansee.nlinental I K.Vf -If loco, in which .I.JiOfl riders will PMlie-ipalo, stark-el here Sunday morn. mi 1 from the slops of th e c ity ball. The first man, Caesar Binetti, carry- iiiK a U.-lli.-r from Mayor LaGunrdia 'to Mayor Rossi of San Francisco, was •j- 1 '!" 1 hy Acting Mayeir Timolhy ,1. K'ae-h rider wil laverage between 1 -i.",ht and It) miles before being rein vefl by aiiolher man. It. was report'.d that the race from San Francisco to Ne-w York also began .Sunday. The ,'Mfi i '"'•'•'• lpf "" lo reach its destination will I In- declared the winner. Binetti started from New York Promptly at JO a.m. and arrived at Newark at. 10:38 where he was re- Invert by Neal Moan. Six other relief drive-re look turns on the way. Stove Hcici. i lie last, completed the local section, arriving at Philadelphia at l-AH li.in. Each rider was accompanied by another to be used in case of emer- f i'.cncy. They Threaten to Kidnap Weatherman OKLAHOMA Cn'Y--(/p)~He cnn't j do anything rrbonl ii, hut. Weatherman I Harry WalhRreen gol a note Saturdny i from Clinton, Olcla., threatening him j with kidnaphi" "by :i tougb gang on I the \v-st side if you don't let, it rain. W.'t/bgreen w.id (lie note; was signe'd by four sets of initials of suspicious familiarity. Pel. .<M7 .1:0:1 .017 .527 .4:12 Ml 273-VOTE^LEAD 'Continued from Pago One) C Marsh '.',!(} For Prosecutini: Attorney—John P. Vesey 197; Steve Carrigan 700; Diek Huie 1010; Ned A. Stewart. 849. For State Senator—John L. Wilson 1303; J. C. Timberlakc 744; Luke F. Monroe 001. For County Judgf— M. L. Lnvendor 521; J. C. Woodul !)83; E. If. Weaver iaco. For County Treasurer—Waller P. Murrah. 433: Owen Waters 1234; Odoll Garrelt 10-12. For Representative—W. R. Steed 358; J. B. Silvey 1015: A. E. Cross 738: T. J. Gentry 048. For Circuit Clerk—Vcrnio B. Mead- or 1070; .T. M. Whittcmore 1481. For Tax As«ov;or--Emmet Jarvis 090 C P M( c wnn 240, Will H Munn W. W S Krt 4r? Pclix Co/ 471 Sdeit nil hifhw iy li iffic miships arc costing (lie Unitt'd Stales more (h n (2000 li fs ,n,l ,1,1-10 t I 000(100 injuries annunlly. !ons Sleep, Piro relief ftitrt migh acttort, yj$ K A * " H JOHN A MBSntf I)R«G CO/TAKE WARNINS After a long continued diy spell is an ideal for typhoid fever to bleak out. Take eveVy caution, boil youi- drinking walor when out dm camping trip. Find out when you took the typhoid vaccine kst and if it has run out fto to your doctor and arrange to take it now. John P. Cox Drug Co. I'honc 84 We Give Eagle Stamps SMOOTHER PERFORMANCE Tarantula Favored 16 Win Over Spider by Fivo to One' Sl,'NT)AV'S ItKSULTS Soulhern Association Atlanta 10. Little liock 1. Chattanooga It). New Oi leans Knoxville 2-0. liirmiuKham i Nashville (1-!!, Memphis 2-1. National League Now York (!, Ciiifiimali •!. Brooklyn 2, PiUshuiyh 1. Chicnfio 3-1. Philadelphia 1-2. Boston 10-, St. Louis !)-:!. American Le::/;ue New York !!-:.!. St. Loui:. IJ-I. Detroit Sl-l. Boslou 0-:!. Chicago !). Wa.Thiimlon H. Philadelphia !!. Clevelantl .'i. Mr. W. N. Wade and J. A. Wade at- ti.ndt-d to business matters in Hope J-iiday. MY.i. Mamye Harris and Miss Mar- i-aiel Man-is spent last week in Ui2 Marll>r<;ok cominunity visiting Mr. and Mrs. Harlan H. Honea. Mrs. Jenny Hdnc-a of Rosston is i X'isilinj; her brother Horace Honea and j Mrs. Honea. | Misses lone Arrin/;lon and Thelma i Urucc motored to Hot Springs Tucs- | Mrs. Edgar Dye and children of i TiKron. Arizona arc the guests of Mr. 1 and Mrs. Barbee Coopwcad. ESSO SERVICE STATION Third and L. & A. Tracks Phone US Many, Many Thanks Accept my sincere thanks for the support I received in Hempstead and Nevada counties, in my race for State Senator. Iii this connection I desire to thank Mr. Luke F. Monroe for conceding my nomination and avoiding a second Primary. Sincerely yours John L Wilson MORFOf.F. Va. -- (/['•) Plans were revealed here Sunday for a battle to u ill-nth belv.'ct-n two poisonous insects whose' biles often prove falrd. One Is abl calc One is a black spider, which recently killed il.s mate, and Ihe other a tn- rantula. Isolated in ijlass jars, both insects are in "training" for their battle in the. customs house, pen.iing return to Norfolk of Major I. W. Tru.:ton, customs collector. He will Ti.x :i date when the spider and the tarantula will meet before a small crowd he intends to invite to sit in on the buttle. Meanwhile the spide.- and the tarantula are testing new holds, bites and punches on such harmless spin-ring partners as grasshoppers, non-poisonous spiders, horse flies and other prey placed in their jar. Norfolk citi/.ens look to the battl'.' with anticipation. Bets have been placed, wiht the tarantula the favorite five to one. LONG PREPARES Gfocers Will Meet Basket Men Monday llubbs Clrocery will meet Hope Basket Kacloj-y in a soft hall ;;ainc f-chr'd- nli.-d M'r.-nd.iy Hi;hl at tin- hii;ii school alhlelic fielt.l. 'I he conli-si ::lai I:; al X o'clock. HERE AND^THERE fContinued from Pago One) ous tendency toward a complete monopoly by the press of all political broadcasting. Today this is changed. The candidate gets on (!HJ radio and delivers his speech, Or, better still, he takes his .sound-truck and MOOS directly to the voters, so they may apprehend what kind of a man he actually is. The printed page remains the most powerful single political weapon—but radio and Ihe sound truck arc likely to restore the fashion of public do- bate in America. And I say, God speed Ihe day! Laxative "Dread" Because of harsh action, bad lastp or infer- Ft-n-nri^ with daily duties, people dangerously 'tlt-hy. J-'cni-a-rninf, the delicious chewing iiuni laxative, containing a laxative ingr«difnr 1-t-eul.irly prebCMbi'il by physicians, iinsweia 'lu-ii piubU-m. You clicw it, tliiiii ttie laxativt' iii £ '.ii-rijt m is distributed uniformly, giving * iiion- natural onion, complete and pltasant. l-lclkioufi l-L-cu-a'tiiinr roMMiny no rirltneij to itp.vi :,tdm:u.li or diet, Dp/ay is dangerous, ?.u today .sifrlv K et back nn Kcheduli> an.i itdy trifle, e^how ppcn-a-tnint for constipation. (Continued from PaRe One) NOW SHOWING STAGE—SCREEN & RADIO STAR America's Greatest Blue Singer! MAMIE S -in person— The g famous RJISnUMIf^ T IVI H W na 1 v* • STEPPERS — Walter Pinchon 19 Pi¥»rf 19 I , . • * international Orchestra Poetively the Greatest Colored Show on On the Stage Tcur! TUE 3. p. m. & 8:30 Wednesday at 8:30 On the Screen Slim Sumrnerville Zasu Pitts "LOVE, HONOR & OH, BABY" Prices lOc and 3Sc This ad will admit Mr. and Mr.s. Clias. Dana Gibson Colored lOc and 20c January campaign and demanded that he be permitted to name candidates ) for certain important offices on the j Old Regular ticket Walmsley's men • threw him overboard and Long toss- I ed his own ticket in the field and lost. i Brushing: aside a wave of mass meetings engineered last spring by , political foes when Long and Allen j were burned effigy. Ihe senator strode | into the legislature, flanked by his , guards, and shoved through a pro- I gram described by his enemies as the \ "punitive expedition of Long into New Orleans." His friends said that he never forgets a wrong and seldom forgives. He is a student of politics and its working from the beginning of that game. While ho wtis escorting O. K. Allen, then , slate highway commissioner, around in the country stum]Mng for him in Long's campaign to pick a governor to succeed himself. Long told the crowds: "Allen will be your next governor, but 1 am .still going to keep the books." He sat Allen in the governor's chair and after he had made the country "safe for Long," the self-styled "Kingfish" gathered his entourage and cere- moneioiisly departed for Washington in a private railroad car and broke into the United Stales Senate. A vaccine for treatment of rheuma- lims was discovered by Dr. Benjamin J. Clawson of the University of Minnesota medical .school. There are more than GOOO mines in I'D states of lht> Union, producing an average of 500.000,000 tons of coal annually. Misses Mabel and Helen Cross of Camden are visiting Alvin Robertson and family thio week. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McDowell were the dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Huckabee Sunday. Miss Thelma Curtis is spending a few weeks with her cousin, Miss Mar,Stuart at Tokio. Mr.s. Otis Butler visitor her sister. Vote for ODELL GARRETT For County Treasurer Nevada County Honest, Courteous, Efficient of Spring Hill last Mrs. Frank week. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Butler made fi business trip to town Thursday even- Mr.s. K. E. Phillips M. E. Butler Teusday called on evening. Mrs. Mrs. Hollie Stcnnct and dau.[;h!ci- Darlyne are visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson. Mr.s. Dale. Bonds- spent Saturday in Everyone to Read (lie Sacnscr | Theau-i- ;ie| s Daily: Eacli di'.y tin.' names of twn Hope? c-ili/ens will appear :-;ome- where in our UiL-ater ael. If.YOU i should find your name in our ad simply cut out ael, prosont .same to our doorman and lie will admit, you. WATCH <)l!K ADS DA11A. YOU 1MAY HE LUCKY! about l/uuilt'el Supply Elberta Peaches IJcsl Qualify Grown hy Kxiierinient Station inches in si/e indies in size Purchase Same At Southern Ice & Utilities Company J..V 1S7G Alr-xaueler (iruluun licll linally lierfecU'il the telephone. The Tn.-.tveiire heard over wires \v:is Hell's, \vhen he e-alled tliroiiijli his instnimenl l.o his assistant, "Mr. Watson, come here, I want you!" At the threat (.'en- tennial K.xpositiem in I'liiliieliilpliiii, liei\v- e.-ver, I'ell'.i exhibit was almost iniiio- tie.K'd. His problem was but half solved. He. liiul his telephone. How \v::s he to convince people they could use it'.' •' ; :1'"^ V''~" •-.- -i;: t tf.f ^ Hell wisely left, that, problem to his f:ith<-r-in-!a\v, Gurdim-r (1. Ilub- bard. Hub bard and a xroupof frit-nds lit ujiOi-i llie iele;i eif licensing eitlicr -om|ii;iiie.-; lo use Hell's palrnts. Tn they ue't-c-jite'il stock in (lieiso e-omiianie'S. Thus was laid the groundworl; for the American Tt'le 1 - plione and Ti'le^r:i|)b Conipany of toilay. parent e)rgaiiization eif the L 1 '! regional cnmpatiiys, of \vliicli the Sout)iv,(-sti-.-n Company is one. NOTICE! 1 have moved my .shoo shop to the Hope I'Yuji. Co. Slore building. All Work Guaranteed J. W. PARSONS Shoe Repair Shop Phone G(i7. We call for and deliver 111 South Main Street your cve-nn tin- ciiol Wt- lake pe;^,urt-' presenlinK lo you this vvrel'., lhi.-.s-ca.M)ir;,-oiit- .•itandinu attractions! NOW SHOWING Bing Crosby Ail FOR Service .SHI-: i.ovrs NOT" TUKS.-WKI). On th Mamie and Her ]•> Orchestra 1'Valiirinv. "'I'lie - -Al.-ii- Ou Ihe Sciccn Slim Siuiuiu i \ ilii anil Xasu 1 -In l.O\ K. OH' HA1 at Fair Over more than 50 years of operation tho fundamental policy of the He'll gro.ip, as guidi-el by this pi;n nt opjtinix.aiioii, has been to Kivc good ! :i fair cost. I it is our belief that in an planned like the !<•];>- i-rvin' lor the long pull, what fur you as a ti-leuhone usi-r • in the end the policy that K us the sounder, more pphone C'o. OJOfvlS OF ASKED . . . exactly, Knee-Action dc? EVROLET easure of m&toring The best Way to prove that Chevrolet's Knee- Action actually makes motoring twice as pleasant as before is to drive the new Chevrolet over all kinds of roads. You will find that the continuous jars you us(?d to get even on smooth pavements are ended. The steering wheel is free of vibration. Back Beat passengers are comfortable and relaxed. You can maintain higher speeds over rough roads that used to slow you down. You will find, in fact, that probably for the first time in your experience, every foot of every mile is equally enjoyable. This fine feature is combined in the new Chevrolet with beautiful, luxurious Fisher Bodies, safe, weatherproof, cable-controlled brakes, the flashing performance of an 80-horsepower engine, and the great ec-.onomy of six-cylinder, valve-in-bcad construction. This combination is exclusive with Chevrolet. Perhaps that explains why so many people are buying and recommending thia extremely low- priced car. CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY; DETROIT, MICHIGAN Cmiiiiare Chtrvrol??* law Jrlivered privet and rosy G.M.A.C, lermt. A General bfoton Valu* OF-ALFN AOVr.RTlEEMEUT Chevrolet 1 prices have reduced as much as

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