Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 20, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 20, 1934
Page 2
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HOP®, ARKANSAS Mon d ay,'ArigHst 20,. 10 Hope tar QJtwftice, Deliver Tliy Herald From Fals* led evAi-y Aveek-day afternoon by .Star r\iMishina Co., Uw, ' let & Alex. H. Wnshburn), at The Star building, 212-214 South ftt, Hope, Arkansas. ------- • C. K. PJVLMER, President ALEX H. WASHBDRN, Editor ami Pnbltsbw Kntered as second-class matter at the postoffice nt Hop^ t ^ Under the Act of March 3, 1S9T. '"^lie ne\vspaper Is an institution developetl by modern clvll- to present the news of the day, to foster commerce and industry, t widely circulated advertisements, and to furnish that check upon gpVenarient which no constitution has ever been able to provide. "-Col. K B. McCormick. &llcriptlon Rate (Always Payable in Advanced By city enn-fer per V^ n 1011 '^? 2 - 75 : one year $3.00. By riiail. in Hempstead, Nevada. Miller and LaFayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $5 00 ol The Associated Press: The Associated Hr-ss is excmswciv te liso for republicMum of all news dispatches credited to it or credited in this paper and also the local news published lier«in National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies liu? Memolrr to, Stenck Bldg.; New York City. Graybar Bid*.; Chicago 111 ^ EvCk- Drive; Detroit. Mieh.. 7338 Woodward Ave.; StT l.onU, Mo.. Star Bldg. On Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be made for r,ll tributes cards . r £!vM V OI «!' ° r -7? em ? rial , s> concerni »S the departed. Commercial , nold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers c-.: ssgff^ysfz^zsss: r """ Mn " Your Health By DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor,- Journal of (lie American Medical Association, and of Hyjjela, the Health Magazine Doctor Find Smoking Affects CircuTa'tion. By Olive Roberts Barton ('cod Taste First—Then Children Will Learn Manners j Manners in children aren't import| ant, or at least the gestures v/o like to i call manners are not the criterion of I people- and think of others' comfori ; <>!K.v in a U'hile. : Once a child has tho rij-ht outlook. i hi:; actual "estures won't bother us It Since; it was Jfouncl that cases of blood vessel inflammation occur more frequently among smokers than among Jipn-smokers. more attention is bein;; given to the relationship of tobacco j a i'i cr ,urtcsv smoking to the blood vessels. • ,,,, o . . _ Expeiiments have shown that smok- I nerf, "a^suc" mg_ cigarets v/ill produce in the great | child a"cerfii majority of normal people under cer- ' tein conditions a change in the surface temperature of the arms raid le^s. Moreovei, it has been shown that, toith many persons, slowing or oven -eorii'plete .stopping of the flow of blood %Vill ocqur in the capillary blood vessels in the finger tips during the smoking of, a cigaret. Investigators have er.n'tinued their studies in thii? connection and hnve brought -out some very interesting focts. They tested the effects of ciga- rets on a number of confirmed smokers, using not only standard brands, but also special types of cigarets with- j though lie wero about to out nicotine, mentholated cigarets, and I poodles. some made with ashless filter paper. | They also made special studies on : certain people known to be especially j sensitive to tobacco. The investigators are particularly, interested in the reasons for excessive ; smoking. Obviously, if the effects ar Bells Chapel We u.v i-iThiinl.v having sonic hut .!..;•! iH.v \vi\Uhrc mid would bo i-lad of Kveryuno- is invited to attend Sun,.!-.'.\ -.vi'.oul here every Sundby s.fter- ''.'>,.- sinyini; .school closed Frid.-i.v '.. uv ;< U'r\ interesting pre,i;ram. Vo-i-l Vntcs spent Monday and Tues-.!;..v vUiting fronds in Louisiana. Mr and Mrs. Jess Wood and ehild- K'n sjvnt Friday in Hot Springs. Miss Pvelyn Stewart has- relurued h-..;"..- from Nashville. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Brooks had as s'Aiesis Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. ,la.s. [•>-r Taylor aad children of Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Leveret I and f;::;r.ly of Blevins made a business trip t'.i Mope Monday. Dallas Ihu'g has returned home after vviiiim: friends in'Arkansas and Tex- Vi c .s Jenny Verin'lle Honea return- id homo to Hosston Tucsdav after vis- j ding relatives here. The 'I'.ue family left Friday for Main l J'-piin!.;s to camp durinK the revival! j We are glad to huve Mr. and Mrs. Melton Wliite back in the eormmm- 1 ily- Mr. and Mrs. Shellic Cullins went t<; Mot Springs Friday. Guayule is a substitute for rubber cbtaned frcm a plant found natve n Mexco and southewcstem Texas-. know which routine you're t'oing to folio whereafter. While the trial and emu- procediiri- i;-. going on, keep a piece of elcansini; tissue. 02- soft cotton close at hand. After covering each nail, wipe off .surplus polish that has run down on cuticle or spilled over on half moons tind white tips. Be particularly careful about polling polish on smoothly. Never put on a second coat until the first one is set. And allow nothing to touch the polish until it has bad ample to dry. Strange Harvest a., .-I ti*;''.'..' PotlRt AnnounMincnts The Star is authorized to announce 10 following! rri candidates ntibject to 10 net inn of Iho Democratic primnry I'nr Kintf Srnnlnr Ufllh District) ./OI1N 1,. WILSON For Sheriff CT,AHF,NCK K. BAKER ,1. I'). (JIM) BEArtHKN Tux Assessor ivrns. ISABRLUO PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. l!» Rr-feiTod (c) Ihe JVnpli' by the ,' (Ivnt'rid As^emM.v 'n uwihi*' I si-'xlmi nsM-mblt'd, l!l!U. i lie il. rr::olved by the Iloiee of J!f-p- | roMentalive-, of Ihe S!:do of Arkaii'a 1 i and by Ihe Hoiinlo of the Slalo of Ar) I'.iiii'-a. 1 -, a majority of all elect d hi eaeh llnii.'e a»ree to: ! ; Thai. Ihe following is hereby pi'"-! ! posed ns an Amendmenl, to Ihc Con-] . ;:lilutioii of Ihe Slalo of Arkiimia;:, i.'wl.j ii)ion beini; siibmillrd In the elector:;! of Iho Slalo for approval or rejection! I at Ibe no\t. /tjonoral elrelion for Kon- alorH and lioprosenlalivo.';, if a major| ily of Iho elcotorn volim; Ihoreon, al, | such an election adopt such Amend-j - nicnl, Ihe Name shall hr-como a part! p im ,ha:o of tho ConslllulioM of the .Stain of Ar. CIIV 'F:,M Under my hand this 4th dny UIKH;!, lo-wif: (if Aufu ,., A r,., 19;)4. Thnl. A.rliclo !i of the Constitution ofj ' . DAI,! 1 ' C JONES Iho Stale of Arkansas be amended by, OornmiwionVr in Chancery. K theretn Ihe following: I A, „ p <•> .m 1 SWTHiN I. No! Ic.-.-s lhan a major-1 '-i-'---'- ily of Ihe Mi'-ratv'.-r-f nC each HdU'' 1 'iff i Ihe Gr-neial A.'-.somhly may enact aj i law. ' '• SMCTION If. None of Iho rules foi-| properly, e"ri:,o, privilege or personal! laxev. now levied shall be increased, by the General A:;!;oinbly except after! tlio approval of the qualified electors votin;! ihereon at an election, or in case of an eiai rf,'ncy, by Ihe vote:; of fourths of Ihc member.'! elected i to oarh House of the General Af.'iem-' bly. j SMC'TION HI. rixeopf inf' nonicM; raised or ei,j!er-!oil for educational j * and Other Effects of Malarial osrs. hiuhwav ,,urpo..-<-:;. to pav! : '" ;l ""-' ' , o£ i-chattenng cldl.s . fever. Get rid of «ell.n.!: the mlfction 6ul ('onfedei-.-ilc pen:, ion'; ami tho jn:,l! , , , debts of Ihe State, Iho General A':-!" 1 v '-'"' • VSlen,. I hats what Groves i: ; ; Chill Tonic does--destroys rive.'; on: Ihe infection. At the ! Ihe Mini i.f Two and One-half Million! ' ; '""' lim ''. il llllil(ls ''"' - V(>UI ' W slcm j Dollars for all purpose:;, for any | " i : ; ""-' ;t furlbcr attack. I biennial period; provided (ho limit j Grove'.-! Ta::lclc.':.s Chill Tonic eon- herein fixed may In; exceeded by tlio lain:: t;>:.U lo-:; ([uinine which kills the important than man- ! is to ingrain in the is quite a.e; s i l . iUpl . I . 1an ' 1| '"' '"" l l p,, or taste for llf ' n " il> l every %£ ,Vn ,1.-, , ,, .- ,, , ' , ,, .' U '''; n " U '.'"> f ori ' h -, - , r ''" , "'* ,in ' *H *' n, • : r '1 * "' 1 n't , e ( likely to Avoid Unnecessary Apologies When children get into the habit of saying, "I am sorry," every time they move, people p,et a bit tired of it. A child too apologetic .and unnaturally | contrite i;; not attractive in the least. Every boy and girl .should bo taught, however, that there are some kinds of rudeness that arc rudeness indeed. unpleasant, one is less smoke. They found that two elements are predorninaint in the desire for the next srr.oke, the first being tho Wish for the soothmg, quieting effect, j wiu hhu oco ,, sionally , imd „ and the second a nervous disorder to ,,..., ,,.„,.-;.. i,.. ., rill , , , , . .. . do something with one's hands. The \ ^Vtha^ye on'^i chaps or most immoderate smokers who use from 40 to 60 cigaret-; a day actually smoke less than half of each cigaret indicating the nervous habit involved. It is interesting to realize that the investigators found no appreciable difference in the average effect between standard, and denicolirized cig- arets. Neither was there any difference between mentholated cigarets and those not mentholated. With all the different brands there Was a drop in the surface temperature at the tips of the fingers and toes, and in most of the persons studied a slowing and stopping of the blood vessels at the .tips of tho fingers. Apparently the lack of symptoms noticed by experienced smokers und • £i- the usual condition."; of jmoking is not due so much to develcpment of any kind of immunity to the poisons of tobacco smoke, but rather to some sort of control over rate and depth of Wh °" ' hey ™"' y U l ° Then there is the child who chatters aJi the way through a movie, sits half way over on the next lap and won't keep his arms or body still fov a second. Natural restlessness is to be expected but the child who shaws and chatters his way through a show is being rude. He can be the best ''bower" in town, the cruickest puller-out- cf-chairs and the most contrite of "excuse mo" parrots, but if he is a nuisance in .1 public place he docs not knew the meaning of manners. Important Matters Listed IJe.'il manners consist in a sense of fitness. Courtesy is a real asset to the adult and. of course, should be ingrained early. But so often essentials are overlooked for superficial things of no great importance. There are other things to be in...,,. , . , , . , grained in the really well-mannorcd the inhalation which keeps poisonous, chik) Compu , c a £poUed (ab!e cloth to a neighbor's trampled flowers, a effects at a low level. The work also seemed to show that nicotine is probably the most important of the toxic factors involved and that anything developed by the ciga- ret papers is not concerned. lifted cap to a stare at the unusual or the malformed person; displaying smug manners when guests arrive, to deliberately sauntering in front of a i frightened driver or tossing a ball I into the street to startle him. Niceties are important but they are ju.-.t that. Good manners involve dcoper feeling and are better calculated to develop self-respect and liking of others. the Finds Communism Spreading in China —Writer Tells of Growth of Bolshevik Influence HOOTS II A !•; il IJ n N, is nml pivlty, trli-n not 10 We JfiihiiiN nf l/ie other mrmljcr-*. of hor rrmvtl :n l.nrphncvk, r.-islilnnalilc »\» York nllhnrli. SYLVIA lUVKCs. lli'lie-u trlr I In town, illslil.i-* lliioix nni) fail* to nsh her tn n party tit the Y.'iflit Club. Root* iici-rntx n last-in !u lire invltnllon friini Sins. WATKHIIAN, Kiiclnll^ Iironmtcn t. to n dinner :i t Uif rluii thn't siimr iiiu-lil. Quilt? Innoro'ntly, 1! o o t H U tlirmvh into an riiihnrrjiSMiiip sil- nniioii iij riAfiiiy \vi]i'i'.iroi:i<:. «ni« «f SylA-i.i'M ^iii'.nlN. ivho h:nl lM-on 'drinking. lie tricx 1o •iiiituee JtnitiN to ^-<* s.'iiliii^: tvidi him ami. when slio rnii<4 nuny, U'oeN olV In n limit alone nml fnllv overlioanl. in* rescue pruiKew eoiisiilrrahh* e\- (•itenicru nml Sylvfn {N fm-iniix. Slie in:illcif»n.Nly rejie.'lfs the .slor; t.» SlltS. Ki'.K. \Ki.l,. wiio iiNkii l:nolM in resiu'il friiui tile Junior*. llnrtiy callN to ii|iol<if^r/.e (o Ittnttti. lie :isk« fier to "£o phieeM'' Ihnf evening nml l{(l:il.s, hurf niirl ilelhllil. ti'llu titiu siloM II!. !• lo ^o 10 ^'J'fie iJarn'*— u IJUI'M I iona lile ilnnee ri'.uorl. !: STOItV VOW CO O.V \V1TII T CIIAPTRR X VIA'IA flicked the nsh from cisarnt. Tlio Irnnrt Moldin her it n 1ORIFYINGJ trembled n litl.lo. Sylvia wore hiise r-mnrald on lie.r third firmer: nsainst tho sunburned nkin it hiirnrd liko nn evil nyn. "1 don't know what, you're trill;in."? nhoiit," dm paid languidly. hinhPl f.innd hor squarely. Tho rri«p rod curia on Isnbi-'l'a small liead fairly ernoklod. "1 ihlnl; yon do." r. c nl;ol F.airl stiinlily. "Mrs. Fftrnoll saw you that day. Sho ;:onl for riools. And now Hoots is—Is out," Klin linirdiod. sproadiiiK hor smrill (insors apart i in an expressive gesture. I "And so what doon Hint, ivialcn I ma?" Sylvia wanted lo Iviiow, with inpolcnco, "Von know as \va\\ as I do, •Kylv.tiV Rivera;" -said- Ir.-abot hotly, "Hint Bools Rucbtu-n hadn't a i thing in Uio world to do will) i Hardy's IIRJUS ti;;ht ihrit niRht. ! Ilc'd had a. lot hoforo ho arrivnd j at your tal:lo. JIo had .=01110 more there—" "Am f donyin- that?" Sylvia inquired, squinting thronsh Kinolco, Kinilintr ever KO faintly. "Xo, my j)'.', dear, your litl.lo girl friend's hi;.' mistake was in gnin.q out on tho boat u-illi dim — pnuing tinrsnlf talked about. I ."H By BBUCE CATTON Communism is steadly grov/in;; in China. Fully a sixth of th;; country Nanking government is utterly un- i.s already under the red flay, the able to check it, and every indication is that the movement fill continue to spread. So says Victor A. Vakhontoff in ''The Chinese Soviets," an elaborate study of the orign and growth of the revolutionary spirit in China. This spirt, he says, first came- out into the open with the Taiping rebol- Gordon in the middle of the last con- lion, put down, by England's "Chinese" tury. ft continued with the Boxer uprising, caused the overthrow of the IVTanchue dynasty in 1911, and is culminating in a strong trend toward Marxism. China, says Mr. Yakhonto/f, i.-; a feudal land given national consciousness by foreign aggression. For the, reason it presents the odd spectacle of a country which may leap straight to Communism without really passin;-; through the capitalist stage at all. It is a diluted form of Comrnuiii:-ni which the Chinese are adopting, to l/sure. So far no attempt h-is br-cn made to institute communal ownership of land, or to dispossess capital. But enough is being done to win tiv- allegiance of the hungry city labor- t-rs and the millions of poverty-stricken peasants—and fully 80.000,000 Chinese today live under Communist: rule. ; Nanking has tried repeatedly to i crush the red army, and has failed I s»^i'->:i r> A i c • ik^oy Alicia I'disliiiij; t!p On Your Nails—Try Those U'i.'.y.s of Applying thf I.it/iiid Polish Nail poli:;b, .'ii-tlessly applied, is v.-i;r>.<; than MO polivh at all. Knowing this. the .viiiarl -.'.'Oman—one who prides iK/rseif on dn; ajipearancc of her h.-iiidrj- ., :,:'•!:,hers a fev/ do and don't riilf:-' -.viien siie goes about the I'in.'.l 5'!'.-|/ in ,'« i,',i!:!K.-!li-(.'. V/.::-h '-;' : ' .- !i cuticli.- oil or other clean, LI--V/.-'.: you start. Poli;;h won't I',,-!. MI ;.n oil 1 / surface. Dry the : ;-i; i:: cart fully. h'.n.c mbi.r ih:.t ih.f-'r:.- are tv/o meth- i.ii.i of [.uiiini? on liquid polish. Try ii'ilh to find out whivh is easier, f:u:ck'.;- .-ind iiioi--,.' satisfactory for ; (ju, pc-j-sonally. Fiivt. on three or fuur fii.H.er:;. move ihe little brush | fi-crn r.uo yidi.- of a nail to the other, I li'.-iiif.-; careful, of cou.-.se, not to get any 'jf ihe Jirniid on the lilile h;j)f moons. | "bon. ',:i ifie rcm.timng fingers, tryj ihe otbr.-r v.'ay. ui:ins rlov/nward 'ticiki;'.; from half inuon 10 tijj of each nail. Before you've finished, you'll — — i each lirr.u. Mr. '/akhontoff belioves ; tli.-it. fuliire effort;; will be equally fruition; and liiaf Communism rnay '.vf.-nt;ially spread all across China. Published by Cov/.-irdMcCann, this I hook .sells at $2.75. | rual aloofly, v.-jth Mint." "film diiln'l kno'.v if. 'J' poreli." "And iiflrj- that." v.-IMi n Iniii'li thai (lie!; (.f a whip, ' "'iV/rOIJj, ;ny ilcnr, ask her your. v sell'." Sylvia'i; manner v/as a judicious compound of sympathy und boredom. "Mvc-n nowadays," slin wont on judicially, "a girl lias to ho fairly careful what sho does. Oh, 1 know, my dear, wn all pot and smolcn and tako a drink if lh« lahhios aren't looking — but tho am! V'.'f.'ll, oven I draw tlio line at that," (--aid Sylvia virtuously, I omittin.'c to add Hint rim hnrl hocn ithoro t.'.v(j or throe! timns during I. srnd Sylvia coldly ||hf! wj|ltf:1 . ,..,,„„ ,-„,. f . ol| . n . ; .. W(!| . ft •allior in Dm n.-itiirn of ili.s;;iii.';o.s and when Ihe Larchno:-!; ::i>(. didn't ;;o thorn much, anyhow. ;m)p/y mur.l palcli llic U'/io/e tiling up," Isabel insisted. "And I think Hardy I.T terribly Inlwptr'd in lier if yon ask me," f!-:ubel llarnd, annoyed at the other's air. "\Vliy wouldn't ho b'-,?" "U'ell, that's perfectly :;Wf;f:t Of you, dear," murmiirijd .Sylvia with Ilirj tolerant air of ouo humoring a luniilic. So Isabel v.'ent away, wounded and puzzled and worried. nothliiK to do : -;o wilh him nml you -y v.'eiit. out on Uio Sylvia finiHheil v.-,-i:i liko the after l.liat sho SIIS|lio.ioil!i SWOfit- reiiienibei-r-d nollilnv. nil, I know thai fai; line. I've heard it before." .ni;- to |;i r fn-t, lln.';li- l'-.'ibe] ppranr; to ill); deeply. "If you h'l ]!,„,I.; :-uff,.'i- for thi, VIHI .'Hid I arc- l iiMiin-ii as friec.d:;." "l>t--ar. drar, ho-.v nieli.ih'.-nnal ic the child ,-;," miiniinrod Sylvia f.i'ifily. "Coino n round r.onie day v.-lu n Ihe i.-i-athor i-:n'i. ;;o hot and pThap:; you'll |-.f,| differcnlly." .She (Iroppccl her air of studied Inso- lf j ;ifc a;id iio-.v .-,-poko almost coo- in:;ly to the othor girl. "Snap out of it. I.;a!,e|. [ luivon't a thin;; to do wii.h this affair. If Hoois lin? noen iiuli.screot thai':; her !ni"-ine--=. U'liy. I'd be Kind to talk lo .Mi- Kernel I a. bom ii—a;;k her in ;-:\- J'ools aii'/tlii;r e!i:nico." "You would? llonr-.-llyV "Yes, only Hint—only that Boot./, wont in (lie linrn la. t. ni;<lit v/iili Hardy, and John KeriK-ll -saw her there. It's Ml." finished Sylvia in a tone of ;;-:nl.lo ro.'uet, "all over town this uioruins." "1 don't. Ijplieve it." Isabel knew what Mrs. Uaehuru thought about tho. Barn. Not Dial anything shocking hatl ever happened there—only, wall, tho nicest girls in Larclineelc didn't go there, usually. "OOOTS' aflitndo, when I::abo.l saw lioj-, puxzlPd )ir;r further. This was a now JJools, cool, oniirmatic, nnloiicliahlfi. It was funny, rotiign- ing from l.ho club, wasn't it? she wanted l.o know. Silly outfit, anyway. , c ;lio hail novor likml it. "I ftdmirn yon for your loyalty," Kvoryhoily was KO Ktnffy. . . . "lint noxt year's dancos," Isabel hngan, ap|):ill(!il. "Why, wo Kimply mn.'-.t. palch llio. wholo thing up! It's all f:o stupid. Yon want to K<5 l.o Iho Tlianksi-.lviii;; danci!, don't you?" Hoods smiled a faraway smilo and said sho liruln't. thn faiutOHt idea whoro ;;)IR would be by Thanksgiving. I;-ahel, ropulsed by Iho oilier girl's coldness and dls- infnrfiKt, i-efruiriod from saying anything alinnt Sylvia, the liarn, or any of the oilier topics hor mind had boon churning about. It she had known that, on her departure, ISoots flung herself down on the living room conch and burst Into frantic weeping she would have returned quickly. As it was, they parted with a distinct sense of re- wrve, almost iinl'riendlinos.s 1 . ; Sylvia ;:nid ! n.'-.'i.s and t:enl!f>no:;s. "Nobody knows Ixilfi'i- than f what u trim friend you are. liul., hoiiftvo mo, you're wa.-linr; your limo on J!noi;i. Sim i:> eviileiilly dolonnine.il l.o bo lidiovd il," Isabel said, up lo.'.'.olher. llnlil t.hoy iiiiuiey about live year;; was asked l.o ovory- family lias livfi) Itr-rti anyoiio else':!." allir.vod herKclf to look inndly bored. "I know," she olTei-f-d lightly. "But whoro does all i.l;;u - e '<:t n.-:? Tlicrc's no use l;id(M:iH yo;ir:-.i;lf, Ixxy darling. HMOI.-S ini.-i r:ho.;en a different line. >-l:-'.-i (iroljahly decided she's got to dn ';fiiii<:ihin^ .spectacnlar to get no"••a nowaday;-!. Not that I think :,':;nly would over take hor seri- '•'•' jn.'-t ainiising himself." i- beautiful enough for to lak "f don't know what's getting Into dry bread and ranc;-! moat. Ihmly. hi-ingiriE onf. a flask', and rurinlm; entirely truo to form as tlio wild young mau out for a nlghl.'n gayety. Hootii had hatod all of it. and had drawn a IOIIK breath of relief when ar. last, rlie bad boon set down in hor own driveway. Hut today everything waM .more horrid til ill. Instead of pouring, out tlm torronl; of sympathy and Indignant championship .sho had expected. Isabel had come around with a stiff, worried air t.o ask- if she didn't mind hoiiiR loft out of l.lio autumn partios! Roola made boils finrl washed dishes with apathy. How different tlio lionso looked with Mothur away! Nothing seemed to KO right.. 10von tho window shades wero at j crazy angles and no matter how she twitched at them they didn't seom l.o respond. Oh, slio would get out of liero, go over to the oltili and swim and forget, hor troubles. * * * OHR wont along swiftly, swinging ^ her bathing bng, humming a tune with an air of casnalness she was far from feeling. On the veranda, a magazine in her lap, her eyes on two small figures in tho sand, sat young Mrs. Terry George, one of the rtaobtirnsos neighbors. Boots liked and admired tho tall young woman with the fresh color and tho friendly eyes. Frances fleorgo had been an editor's assistant bo- fore and after hor man-iaso. "Hello, thero." Francos put. down the story sho had boon reading and beckoned to hor. "I hear you're jhonsokoopor. Como and havo lunch iwilli us today. We'd love it." ! Boots perched on the arm of the j haltered winker a mi chair. "I'd adorn to. Sure yon want mo?" There was something challenging about; her tone aipl Francos (ieorge elevated an Inquiring eyebrow. "Wliat d'yon moan? of (yini'so, v/o do." Boots shrugged hor pretty shniil. (dors, "The old lailio:: are after my scalp. I'm no longer a member of tlio T.aro.Iineek Juniors." "Oh, that!" Francos laughed cheerfully. "Well, I don't see how you stood it a:; long an yon did. You'll he (load long onoucrh." "You don't, iindormunl." Bools went, on with a sort of cay do- (iance. "I wan askod lo resign." Tho young woman in tlio hluo print frock frowned. "What do you suppose 1 cai-oY" sho demanded. "Toll me about it if you want to, but it doesn't matter in the lo,-(. r il." She rose from her chair al a shriek from one of the small red-Kiiilctl figures. Tim boy-cbild was ho- laboring Iho tirl-cliild with a shovel. "I nuu-t rescue Owen from the, Fiend," she paid casually, t.o Ihc. utter scandal of two ladies nearby, gossiping over their needlepoint. "Hoe you later. Chow at one." Boots wont toward the bathhouses with her head held bigli. ft gave lior a. lift t.o have tho matter of her disgrace taken so casually. Maybe sho wasn't outsido the pale completely, after all. But as she passed a group of young people at. tlio siiowors several bonds wero turned aside ea.s- , "Hoots any man aid, with heat. me these days," Boots murmured ually. Judith Devlin, whom sho at last, struggling to a .sitting had known rallier we'll at Kchool, -orionsly," Isabel i position and mopping her stream- looked straight through — looked ":,iy cunsju Ma- I ing eyes. "I look a perfect fright, beyond her. rlon — you know, the artist— said j What it anyone should come to the "Come along," Jutlilh said to wiicn .-.ho was hero last year that! door!" some unseen ^companion iu her Jioota lias truu classic beauty, j She bathed reddened eyes aud I clear, pleasant voice. She ignored Alarion n,vcd ubciut Jier." j straightened her tumbled locks. Boots completely. Sylvia contented herself by i How could Isabel understand that Tho girl went "on to Jier cubicle, merely lifting her finely arched her adventure last night had been her heart beating fast, her blood brows over i,e r too-prominc-iu, too- [a gesture of defiance, directed at racing. So it was 10 bo war lo closely spared blue eyc-s. 'licr eueiuies. Why, tlio Barn had (lie knife, was it? Slio would show iteally. ' she said, dispo.siug of : been a horrid bore. Couples revolv- I them bow much — how lillle .sho Root:) and ci.u.-.i,, Marion all in one ing slowly iu a smolce-laden room, 'cared! l "' cal ' 1 - 'indifferent food. H.-iiidwichetj with j (To lie Continued) infii'lion in the blood. It. also con- vhich builds up the blood and helps it overcome the effects of v.Y-11 aft fnrlify .'iK>'ii'ir.t re- volo;: of throe.fourth:-',.of Iho mombei-.s elected to each Ilnn.se of tho General I Assomhiy. SMCTION IV. In inaJcin,'; appropri.i- lions for any biennial period, Iho (Ion- infection. Those are the effects you i ral A:,:;eiiih]y ::hall l"n::t. pa. 1 :; Iho Gen- want for COMHI.KTK relief. Grove's- eial Appropriation Mill provided for Taslele;;,; Chill Tonic is pleasant to | in Sci-lion :;n of Article fi of the Con-j laki- and absolutely safe, even for 1 : lilulii.ni, ai.d no other appropriation | children. Nn bilter taste of quinine., . bill may be ,-nailed before lhat i:h:ill | Got a hollle today and be forearmed ; have bi.'1-n d.-ne. ; at.raiiisl. Malaria. For suit- at ull stores. | .SKCTiON V. Nn e:,-p/'n.-:o f.hall be-, j\[ ( ,.. v |.,,.,„ ...i/.-s.-riOc and $1. The *>l onlains li'i lime.", as much as tho voii :!.V;i ii]<-ir.' for ! by bo'.li lion.-e:; and iip|.-roved by Ihi'; yuiii- inian-v. f lOVl-l Unr. Tho i/rovii-ion:; of Iho f.'on::!ilnlioji of tho Stale of Ai!:aii.'-a:i in conflict wilh thi:; Amendnii-nl. are hereby 7-1;-1 p'.'.-ilfd in.'.-ofar a:; lluy .-.re in coiiflii'tl berewilh, and tin:; Amendment shall be r.o.lf-c::eoiitTtii: and nhull talce and have full elfecl immediately upon Us | adoption by the i-lcctor:; of Ihe Stale. NOTICE! Have thai old Matlresr, .Renovated.' We make them look new. Call for and deliver. (llvi« Us A Trial Home Mattress Shop U. !•:. Ihitclicr 115 N. Hazel St. The above rewjlntion v.'a:; filed In Iho office of tho Secrelary of State ofj UK; Slate- of Arl:(in:-."i;; on the ,'JOth day; of Jianuary, Kl.'l. 1 !. ] Kadi (.'lector may voln for, or ] ajtain:;!., UK; abovi; proposed Amend- [ merit. j i Y.'iTNKSS MY HANI.) and Official; ::eal of l.hi:; oll'ico thi:; Uif: ;!Sth day I of !\T:nch, l!i:(-',. JOD P. Mc)30NALD, Secretary of Slate. iOXKt^'S SA1,K Pipe, Valves & Fittings Harry W. Shiver PliimbinK-Klcclrical Appliances Phono 259 ' NOTICK is iiKi'tKF.y GIVKN. Thai. in pHi-::iiaiN:e of the authority und directions contained in Ihe decretal or-I df;r of l.hi' C'han.'ei-y Court of Hemp- j .. .'.lead County, Arkan:-:a:,. inadi; and entered on the Ifjth day of May. A. D., I'.l.'i-l. in a ci'il.iin cans..- 'No. 205-1) then pendin'! therein between The Federal hand E.-i.ilc of St. I.ouis, St. Louis, !',Ii.::-'ouri, us cempUiinanl, and Manuel Ilnod. it al. defendants, tho und?.'i>:if:iiod, as- Commissioner of said j Court, v.-ill oiler for sale at public j veiiduo lo the hii'he.st bidder, at the, j front dour i>>- entrance of the Court j Ifuus:'. in the town of Washington, Arkan 1 ';;.'-., in !iie County of Hon-ip: t",-:d. v/ithin tlio hour.'; prescribed by law for judicial sales, on Saturday the first day of .September, A. D.. 103-1, the fnlln-.yin'! (!c:cribod real e.;tale,' tn-v,-il: ; I Th-:- V/e.-l Half (W r :l of the South- j \vc:.l C^iu.ri'. r fSW'.'il of Section i T'.veniy-.'.jit> <'>]>, in 'JVnvn.'ihip Tvvi.'lvf I 'l!!i South, of li'anire Twentv-f'ix 1^1!) i DRESS SALE Kiiliro Slock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP rhonts 252 ^Kinmiml Complete coverage on your home is very essential. Head your _ lii.licy carefully. If [A'OfVH/ (lie 80'; is not clear, iWfll '"' Sll 'e '" «sk our advice. ROY ANDERSON H^> ffifetffWJWAVF S&Vlf? PHONE SIO HOPE, ARK | containing Kinlily ''Wd ;:ev: -, more or I ':'. in I li io;i.-;li'a(l Countv. Arkansas.! Tl'lRMS OK SALK: On a credit ofj three month 1 -:, the purclia'-er hei!i;.; re- j |(|in;vd In e::' 1 !-!!!!! a bond a:: required i j by lav/ and (!>-• oivler and decree M ] ."a'ni Cinirl in ;;;,;d eaure. v.ilh ap- j proved M-'urity. lieorin", interest at I I tin. 1 rale Ml' fi pe.i' (.-."lit. )jer annum/ I fn.ni d..le .,f :-,:!i. until paid, and a' I lien in iiij: :-(-lained en the j, remise:: i ;:(>!'! t" M'eui-e the p:. ynu lit of the! pi!!' 11 !!''.: (• inij-v V. ', fJIVl'?,' l!,i,| -,• ;„-,. l,,-,,,,l t|,i..; 4th day' nf Aiii-.i. :. A. I) . !!;:;l. i >>AM-: C. J(";NK, r ; ! f'.iiiiini. ;:i'.,!'.i-r in Chaucf-ry. i AO;>. i; i::-'<d. j 'S SAI,K * SALE. * COOL ' Sinnrnci 1 Wash Drosses Ladies Specialty Shop t "Excnsive lint Not Kxpensive" I NOTll.'K 15; III'IU'MY CU'KN, 'Dial jin Mir.-:u.i!i<-.- nf ihe anllinri'y and (li- i nrli'.n' eui,iai:,( <l in the decretal order I of tli,. f 'li.meeiy Ci.llll of lielilpslead i - fijuuly, Ai|-..uv,a'J, made and entered j "n Ilie ltd!) dav of May. l!K:l, in a eer- , i t.-iiu i an .,• IN,,. .'I'lV-li, then peiidini.! ' ] ll''-' 11 iu bel-.veeii I'.!. .1. Hal-.er, com- i I I-I- 1 :':i:;nii. ;,iiil J. J. Kvan;;, el al, de- ' I ! iiilaiit;;. (he undiTsi|/ned, as Com- j nii.-sieiier (,f .said Court, will offer for :.ale at pul.iie vendue lo the hif/hest bidder, al Iho front door or entrance i of the Court House in the Town ofj Washington. Arkaiis;:K,in the Cnunty i of Hcmiistead, witliin the hours pre- .vcribed by Jaw by judicial .sales, on | Saturday, the first day of September, i A. i)., !!):;t. il,,. follow-in;.! described '. real r.<!M". fo-wit: '-•I- Nin,,i,er Kie.ht fH). and the 1-Iortb i;-..lf (.%'!.,, ,,r i,,, t N,,,,iber ; 1 !; -!-! in lh" City of .,,.•!, Jel, Mumber .'] I i.". Bigger Than Ever I£c\all I''acl(iry to Ytiu SALE iTuftts .s,-ici'iftce<l to make mere friends. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "Tim BaxAiiL Store" ' Hope, Ark. Kstablished 1885 '. 'IV'ii (Mil. in I ]f')|):>. Ai !::,!. I Addiiinn | , I ! . TKKMS <>',•' three men 1 ;,--. o.ui!-t:d i,, ,-•;, by J:e.v ; ; i:,l il : 'i" (l (! ' = i''' in proved i ;,:i '•"•' "'''• o,' :i f ;' r;l ' n (i:i! " ' f lien hfi:,:' r-'i "o-l'l to ..''cur • J!/,,,.-!: -1 !, JJr,:ine||y 's : . . A'ka.ir-.T-., in Hemp- ]-:.-.r,iisa:-:. A^K: <)„ c , credit of ;,,, pm-e],;.;;,,;. b,.i nH ,-u- ,[., ,, |,,, li( i a , ; required ,. fi ,.,-i,. r ., n .| ,!,. C ree of :>;.i-l cauxi... with ap- . bea-iiit; interest at | ; ,.j. cent, per annum - i!i; imlil paid, ar.d a ini-d on the premises the. paynr-nt of the Ladi les We have installed a new patented machine that sews on soles. Old fashioned tacks no longer necessary. No advance in prices. Give us a trial. All Work Guaranteed' Theo P. Witt Shoe Repair Shop 210 South Main

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