Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1937
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS. ' "ft* Mof« You Tell, th« Quieter .. OftS RAltS ' WW* minimum 39c ttb*s~3Wc word, mln. Sftb S8x times'" 8e word, minimum Me Otw month (26 tlmw)-i8c word. Rates art tot continuous \oattt- iSnuaa only. Id ttftklng word count, disregard Classification name such as "for ItettV "T« Sate," «tc.-thJs is tote. But each taltte.1 of name, or com- *fel« tftlepftone dumber, counts as a tttli word. For example: £OR BENT— Three-room modem jurabhed apartment, with gaiagc» close la. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phofi* 9999. total, IS words, at 2c word, 3*c tot one time; at 3ftc word, 53c tot ihree times, etc. Vt MOTE: All -jJders placed by telephone ate due and payable upop presentation of bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience a. R. Segaar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf Anjf Car Trouble? See Benson at 556 Service Station. Prices reasonable. 6-3tp THE HOPE MATTRESS CO. is thanking every one for their patronage of the past. See 'them at once for prices and easy terms on any kind of mattreses from straight renovate to , air-condition inner-spring. Located on West 67 Highway. 5-3t-p HOLD EVERYTHING. Don't have nightmares sleeping on that old hard bed. Let us rebuild it or call us for prices on new white cotton or feather mattresses. HEMPSTEAD COUNTY MATRESS SHOP, 712 West Fourth Street, Paul Cobb. Phone 853-J. 5-6tc For Rent FOR RENT—Furnished rooms, with private bath. Mrs. W. R. Chandler, Phone 906. l-6tc FOR RENT—One or two room apartments, furnished or unfurnished, private bath, utilities paid. Also sleeping rooms. 413 South Main. 7-3tp For Sale FOR SALE—Seed oats, Ferguson No. 922, *Recleaned by us, tested by the State Laboratory, tagged and guaranteed 99»57% pure, no cheat, no . grass, just oats. 50 cts. per bushel while they last. It has been brought to our attention seedsmen have been selling oats for years representing Ihem as our oats, when we never saw them. Our.oats are'good, none better. Hope Brick Works. 7-6tc FOR "SALE: Residential property, 92x225 feet, Southeast Corner Hervey and Avenue C. Box 1503, Shreveport, La, 22-14tp. I FOR SALE—New sorghum molasses in new buckets, high grade. 55 cents per gallon. Call at office of Hope Star. • 27-15-dh. Found FOUNl>—A key ring. Owner please call at Hope Star. 4-6tc FOUNfr—A ladies purse. Owner please call at Hope Star. 4-6tc For Battery Service, Phone Benson At 556 Service Station. 6-3tp FOUND — White and red spotted setter male bird dog. Apply John W. Owen, 409 South Elm street. 7-3tp Wanted WANTED—New or renewal of Subscriptions to any magazine. Special clubs for schools. See Chas. Reynerson at city halt l-6tc WANTED TO BUY—Logs loaded on L. & A. tracks. Hardwood or Pine. Good prices paid. Write or wire Roy O. Martin Lumber Co., Castor, La. Phone Alberta 2111. 5-6tp OUR BOARDINC with Mfcjor Hoopla OUT OUR WAY Thursday, October,?, 10 By WILLIA LOST—Pair of silver rimmed glasses in black leather case. Thursday night near Missouri Pacific depot. Return to Mrs. J. F. Kaufman Okay, Ark. 6-3tp LOST—Five keys, 1 long, 3 flat, 1 round key in black case near Fulton. Return to Hope Star. 7-ltp Today's Answers to CRANIUM CRACKERS and Questions on Page One 1. Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn are planets. 2. None of the words is hyphenated. 3. The famous husbands were: Josephine—Napoleon. Sarah—Abraham. Elizabeth Barrett—Browning. Isabella—Ferdinand. 4. Victual is pronounced VYT 1. 5. Set your watch at 5 o'clock and you'll quit on time. Notice NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION Abruzzi Rye, Oats, Barley, May Wheat, Vetch, Winter Peas, Winter Rye, Grass and Fall Bulbs. MONTS SEED STORE l-26tc Take notice that a special election will be held in Hempstead County, Arkansas on Monday, October 18th, at the following places for the purpose of electing a United States Senator and Chancellor: Hope Ward No. 1 Cross Roads Hope Ward No. 2 Washington Box 1 Hope Ward No. 3 Washington Box 2 Hope Ward No. 3 Jaka Jones Hope Ward No. 4 DeAnn Box No. 5 Pine'y Grove Rocky Mound Beards Chapel Centerville Deaneyville Shover Springs Wallaceburg Sardis . Blevins Patmos Friendship Stephenson School House Spring Hill McCaskill Battlefield Belton Guernsey Tokio Fulton Bingen McNah Union Saratoga Goodlett Columbus Ozan Box Given under my hand this 7th day of October, 1S37, J. E. Btorden, Sheriff of Hempstead County, Arkansas. For best automobile repair work see Benson, at 556 Service Station. All work guaranteed. 6-3tp FOR SALE—One fresh 4 gallon cow. I MEAN 4 gallon o"w for sale. See Hugh D.Clark. 6-3tp INSURE NOW WUh ROY ANDERSON and Company Fire, Tornado, Accident Insurance U. S. Lawmaker HORIZONTAL 1, 5 Senator from Kentucky, pic- , twed here. jUTa, scoff. 12 To worship. U Greek god . of war, '16 persons for whose use things are done, j 17 Assessment ! amount. . i 19 -Female sheep. 120 Sun god. Answer to Previous Puzzle 11 He j goddess, 1 23 Senior. 1 24 To depart, !2e States of j insensibility, j 28 Unit of work. j 30 Waving but i one face. ! 32 To help. • 34 Lukewarm, j 35 Genus of ', auks. 1 30 Form of "be." ( 38 To perch. 39 Secular. 42 Portico. 44 Lair, 46 Preposition. 48 Crucifix. 50 Rim. 52 South America. 53 Drone bee 55 Spike. 57 Roof edge. 59 Ages. 61 Lying across, 63 He is Senate «-* leader. 64 Lawn 'tennis. VERTICAL 1 Bronze. 2 To ogle. 3 Daily food, 4 North America. 5 Feather scarf 6 Distinctly uttered. 7 Cause, 8 Musical note. 9 Before, JOTaxaccoas trees. was a - in his home state. 13 Doctor, 15 He has —— as lawmaker many years. 18 Restriction. 22 Money vaults. 25 Verbal. 27 Possessing flavor. 29 / Fourth pint. 31/Quotes. 33 Costly. 35 Chaplet, 37 Unassuming, 40 Electrified particle. 41 Raccoon-type mammal. 43 Century plan 45 Back of necks 47 Precept. 49 Filth. 51 Smooth. 54 Reign. 56 Unprofessiona 58 Eagle. CO Therefore. 62 Tone 13. WANTED—Agents to introduce Mariet line' of toilet goods. See me at j Bruner-Ivory Handle Co., after 4 p.m. Ross H. Bales. 5-6tp. Lost IT'S AkkSTMeta, LfeTTEP, FROM 3IVE YOU AM IPEA OT= THE IKJ WHICH SHE ALWAYS HAS HELP* BROTHER "--1 CAM HAR*PLY WA)T TO SEE YOU~~ 1 AM MOT SURPRISE!? THAT YOU HAVE MA PE SLklH A BIG SUCCESS WITH ALL.THE THtWGS YOU TOLP ME ABOUT IM NOUR LETTER/ "FOR A HOOPLE,YOU ALWAYS WERE * LEAVlWS AS SOOSJ AS X. GET pACKep-^rr's SUCH A DOB FlLLIWcS "FOUR TKUMKS —v-w. AFFECTIOWATEL.Y, SISTER ELIZABETH/''' WHAT POES SHE IMTEWP TO DO/ BACK I WTO OWE OF- OUR STAUli-S AMD BEP POWfJ FOR THE WIMTER? WELL; I'LL TAKE- HEP, WHEW SF BAKCiBS HERB / .0 (((Hi!: MARTHA HER MOOPLES = VERTICAL SPEED. 10-7 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Fair Warning By MARTIN J\ :i COPR. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. ALLEY OOP 'BY GUM^FOOZV-it'5 A CIWCH OL'OIMWV MADE OME SET OOP, MOW.' fW0/A/> DINNY'S A Break for By HAMLIN MO,OOI5OL'BOY-VOU'W ME HERE-YOU T'PIND SOVEEV •" BE MEAR.l'VEGOT F20M HERE- ,_ uO M6) FELLA-L' VOU IM MOO.' TMESE TRACKS ARE FRESM.' WELL, ALL RIGHT, PAL- S OKAV,COP-AM' 1 WISH BUT I HATE T'LEAVE / VDU LUCK.' IF SOME YUH WAV OUT HERE; I CRITTER. SWIMGS OM TAKE CARE OF ^/^ VOU, BE SURE TO YOURSELF.' / . ^-—r DUCK.' ^7 0 ' NOW T'FIMD THIS MARVELOUS WEED 'THAT 6OTH ME AM 1 TM' WIIEI3. SO DIRELY NEEP. Wvf^ : - '""' •'••• '" '•" •*<?*•<• i' .''>•«• w COPR. 1937 BY NCA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. WASH TUBES Free-for-AU By CRANE V\EY/ WHO KNOCKED THE LAMP OVER?. WHO CARES? THEY CANT fPOUCESFOUCE! HELP?? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Tables Turned >AYE VOUR BREATH, SWEET CHILD; NOT A COP WITHIN MOO MILES; By BLOSSER.' "OM ACCOUVJT OF ALL TWESE l \ I GUESS YOU MAY ' •SE-S, I CAM'T DAtJce! 'YOU'RE BIGGER TWAM r BUT I CAM CERTAIKILY SIT NAM.. AklD BESIDES, BETTER THAM AW v r'OME AROUWD ) I WEvER ARGUE HERE:.' MAY I WAVE THE WEXT ) WITH STRAMGERS.' ONE WITH YOU "? I REMIND OF SOMEOME AhJD-WWEPE. HAVE I BEEM WELL,IT'S CERTAIWL.Y A BELIEF TO FIMD A BOY V;HO IS A LITTLE ORIGIMAL ! WHERE. HAVE YOU BEEKI ALL. MY LIFE "2 MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE A New "Patient" By THOMPSON AND COLL, rao IMTEMT IS MVEA UPOW LISIEMING) TO THE E"3 COWVEK.SATIOM OF D£. VOM EODEkl AK1D •&ULL" KAePOM, THAT SHE FAILS. TO HEAR- THE S7EALTHV APPECAO4 OP 'TRUST V'O'HABA - EK, 1 WAS JUST \ WAITIMG TO SEE \ THE DOCTOR-IS IT I ALL (2I6HT -TO CO / IM, WOW.' TH' DOC DOU'T LIKE FOLKS WAITIM' OUTSIDE HIS VOOK-. SI5TEE....6IT ME? OH HELLO •TEUSTV'-/' I GOT THAT MEW WHAT IS IT? ^-~J MU6 FEDMTHE PEM HERE, DOC.. DEY CALL HIM "FI3HFACE 1 . 1 HE'5 REAOV TO REGISTER- ILL SHOW HIM IM. JUST A MOMEMT, FI5H-. FACE. AH....EP, MISS MOtTH, ' PECHAPS V^t/iL ' BE IKJ1ECESTEO IM THIS PHASE OF OUR. IT'S QUITE

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