The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on June 1, 1925 · Page 20
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 20

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 1, 1925
Page 20
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The ! i services will be at the Trenck home, For twenty-five years Mr, Peane was assistant city engineer here. He had b'-en an invalid for the last eight i years. Mr. Deane wag born in Tren-i ton, X. X, the son of Mr. and Mrs. rhnrles , Deane. 'When he was is years old he accompanied his father to this city and had made It his home ever since. Ills first appointment to I the office of the city engineer was dnr- ins the administration of Mayor Caleb S. Denny. He held the position of assistant city engineer during the administrations of Mayors Taggart. Sullivan, Holtznian, Bookwalter and llrll. Widow Survives. PiMn? his prolonged Illness Mr. Peane made his home with Mrs. Trenrk. He s survived by the widow, Mrs. Alice Deane; two (laughters, Mrs. Trenck and Mrs. Joseph E. Bell, and a. son, Charles H. Deane of Des Moines, In. Thomas J. Deane of this city, a brother, and five grandchildren, Lawrence L. I'mphrey and Hetty, Dorothy, Fred Jr. and Dirk Trenck, all of this dty, also survive. Burial will ba in Crown Hill cemetery. MARBLE CHAMPS READY FOR ANNUAL CONTEST ATLANTIC CITY. X. J., Mar 31.-Vi Slxty-fiur marble ..hooting champions of a. many citle,. arried her tonight by ?icial train, ready for the third annual national tournament darling tomorrow. Thlrteen-yea r-old Marie I.awey, Harrtshurg, Pa., th.' only girl who won a city championship, led the party. A band played, hundreds cheered, the key of the city was turned over to them and th sixty-four marble experts smiled in appreciation a clty ofticlnls welcomed them to the resort. The champion, escorted by winners of school ami playground marble tour-namont In Philadelphia and Camden. N. J.. making a total of 4."0, went in the forenoon from Philadelphia to I Valley forge, where after a patriotic service In Die 'Washington Memorial chapel they inspected the historic ramping grounds of the revolutionary war. FORD ANNOUNCES COST OF AIRFREIGHT SERVICE DETROIT. Mich.. May 31. (Universal pervirei - As his recently created air freight service between hare and Chicago Marts Its eighth week tomorrow, Henry Ford revealed that thus far it has cost him S' cents a pound to haul freight by air. Kig'.f.-s for the first six weeks of "jieratlon were given with two planei in operation alternately six days a wek for four weeks and six trips mude hy the plone, r plane In the first fortnight. They showed that fi3,S02 po-inds bail been carnei. lo do this they hurne 1 4, ,121 gallons of gas and "52 gallons of oil. W. C. T. U. Notes. Marlon County AV. C. T. V. execu-ii'.e meeting will ha held at 2 p. m. t :iv nl the Young Men's Christian -;i.t. union will have a meet-i. m. Thursday at the Faith toi Fletcher avenue, A. C. Miller. .-!7 Bosart ave- :ng at h'"n-. Mrs. 'in', "ill he the hostess for Vayhlnger imn at 2 p. m. A'ednesday. The !!-'. Albert. .1. Spaulding of the Fast I':k Methodist Church will be the sr-aker. Mrs. Iura Kellic will have cluirge of the musical program and Mrs. K'atherlne Bauer, county vice I president, will give a parlimentary ; drill. ZTelda "Wallace union will hold serv-i ii-cs at 2 p. m. tomorrow at the J iviice for aged women on North Cap- " ago. anditol avenue. The Rev. Lee Atkln will n he way fi ' he the speaker, Mrs. L. K. York will n on the slagcisho a reading. Mrs. AA . K. Uavlu- son will give musical numbers. Work Declared of Inestimable Value to Training of Young Men. Letters written by several Injuria 1 'f'r?rf'..Hmcn Ir.dlcafe thlr a pprovs 1 of the citizens' military training ramp! j'f't;rflni. Thr communications wre received in resinse to a questlonna ire ; sent out by Rrig. G'-n. John Ross DflafM'l of T hp Reserve (JfTlrf t ' As-j ."'M.istUnn of the Vnited State, whose ; headquarters are in Washington. S'-nator .Inmpn K. AVatson, in writing j In On. lclafle.J, pointed out tliBt th j work "f the r-M Ixnn' military training J camps 'are splendid places to strength- ; en the character of young men and t arouse a new il p I pfnt I tin t i rn in t br"'Ht of srh Pt Ki Pn t to do every thing In hi power to make hi roun try w nUi living (or and worth dy ing for. ' Militarism i not tauajht, though the government In ta bllshlng those ramp had In view the future defense of the country In case of necessity, but lather they are here prepared for discharge, of the highest duties of citizens,'' Senator Watson wrote. Senator Watson "heartily commended' the camps to the young men of Indiana." Aid to ( Itiienalilp. I n H. K. Rowbottom, rep-I lesenllns the First district, declared J tha.t he was tn favor of the citizen' military t ra Ini camps, mhlch he said were "not only a mean of making the future citizens, of our country hd-; ter physic-illy, mentally a.r,d morally. but alonif the line of educntlon, 1 don't. know of any better mea n ' to bron-len a. younn msn experience than the t raining- ca mps." ; ( 'onirressma n Will R. A:ool of the Tenth district stated h "took ereat ! ' pleasure In commendlnir the camps to j These are things that should he re I everv man. woman and child In the,speoted by citizens of a democracy. I'nlted States." He nso minted that "every younn man who attends them becomes a. better citizen." ('onirressrndn Harry ('. Can Held of the Fourth district expressed his opinion that the citizens' military training camp as "one of the most CMFFMRATF, MAI) HONORED BY SERVICE AT . q Gathers at Site of Strews Flowers for 1,616 Once Buried There In a tiny grass plot at the foot of the Confederate monument, and encompassed by railroad tracks and smoky manufacturing plants, all that remains today of the once beautiful Creenlawn cemetery, about thirty-five persons of Southern blood paid tribute yesterday afternoon to 1.H1H Oonfcd-etate soldiers who died In Indianapolis during the civil war. The memorial services were under the auspices of the Southern Club of Indianapolis. Old rancors were forgotten In the services yesterday and the Confeder- atP heroes were honored as loyal .sol- dlers, true to the. cause they thought was right. Perhaps In no Memorial day services was the spirit of unity of Ihe I'nitprl States more forcefully expressed than when J. AW Price, 2i;fl Ashland avenue, a "Johnny" who served tinder Stonewall Jackson, feebly declared: '.'We are one today." There were no graves to decorate. Long ago the ashes of the Confederate dead, along with others burled In the abandoned cemetery, were moved to uther cemeteries. Nothing marks the i site hut the monument with Us bronze tablet bearing the names of the men who died In Camp Morton. It bears the. chiseled statement that it was erected in honor of "Confederate Soldiers who lie In unmarked graves." Flowers were strewn by members of the club. No Sectionalism Tolerated. "1 have no sympathy with sectionalism," declared the Confederate veteran. "We are one people. Some of the best friwids I have on eanh today confronted me as enemies half a century ago, "We have not come to deify a lost caue," continued Mr. Price. "1 thank find the l'nion was victorious and that we lost," said he turning with outstretched amis toward the monument on which were engraved the names of Ins comrades. His feeble voice was sometimes drowned by the shrill whistle of a passing train. "It your love he like that of the Prince of Peace and extend to all corners of the earth and to all people," he pleaded. "Let us thank Cod for the l'nion, and do our utmost to carry on the things that were started by the soldiers of both armies who are sleeping, nuny of them, in unmarked graves." Hopes lo Move Monument. Pald S. Praigg, outlined the attempts of the Southern Club of Indianapolis to move the Confederate monument from th Creenlawn cemetery to Garfield park. There Is no congressional appropriation for moving monuments, although ther is one for construction and maintenance of monuments, he said. Mr. Praigg said that the monument may be moved this fall through popular subscription. The project would cost about f'J.oOO or J.1,000. A site has already been obtained In Garfield park. Frank Manner Is chairman of the committee of the club. . : P. H. Catighran, Indianapolis attor-nev, outlined the achievements of the South since the civil war. "The achievements are worthy of the credit, to the men who He beneath our feet and who gave their lives for the Southern cause. he said. "The old South is 'lead, hut It lives ten thousand fold in the good things that have sprung out of It." he concluded. AM, JOIN IN' MEMORIAL. Creeds and Races I nlteit In Honoring Soldier Dead. WASHINGTON. May 31 ifl Celebration of Memorial day by the na tion's citizenship, including b. liev ers in diffwent creeds and those or an-n racial staiKlanis, was described today hv Uwight Da.vis, acting secretary of war, as "typical of the general life of America." "Some heroes lie In official tombs." said Mr. Ilavis, speaking at toe "n - brew cemetery' here, "and some on ground set aside hy the congregations of they separate faiths. let everywhere the tribute Is the same. The universality of the tribute rendered the soldier dead today is typical of the general life of America where Jew and Catholic and atheist may frankly hold their separate beliefs and yet live freely together and work side by side for the betterment of America. "It is no mere chance that Anglican cavalier, refugee Huguenots, evangelical Puritans, Catholic emigrants and emancipated Jews have contrlb- No supremely fit tiny (or the Bride's own pattern for thrnuijh all the chnnqinif yrars, il ela'nhs uvrhanuiii; admiration and prrsliijr. In both flatware and holloware i.'wrs tTrf mvip-i (r-'ntn rar rit j r ' . Charles Mayer 29-31 . WnMiington M. Important actlvltlea our government ha at the present time" and that' jhe result of urh ramp would make! young men Deuer, pnynimuj , in-n-tally 8nd morally, and. In addition j to this, It make them better American citizen." ' The, work 'if th camp, he, addeil, ! would fit young men to "become lead-( era In their different lines of work and : (earn them to realize their aerlous du- I tie ami responsibilities a American j citizens." I Of Inatlmabla Talue. . Congressman A. J. Hlckey of the Thirteenth district atated In his letter that th "Influence, of this training upon the youn men who annually asenihp In these camp I of inestimable value." 'They are benefited physically, men- ' ll.v :ind mnrally by t his training" he Insisted. "Should an emergency arise. It qualifies them to erve their country. They are (Blight to re.ipect authority and to be obedient to law. If the mothers and fathers of the nation wer fully conversant with the splendid work helnK done In these camps, I am sure they would urge i their boy to enroll. In fact, all younc men eligible would profit by this training. i OLD MONUMENT . i Greenltxwn Cemetery and Soldiers of the South Sha't May Be Moved. uted substantially to national Ufa and national progress In peace, and war. As all of our citizens celebrated Memorial day, so all of our citizens serve the nation. In fact, nil of our citizens celebrate Memorial day because it is an American tradition to render service to the nation." SERVICES A DAY. rrceedent Set In May SI Obterrnnce Sweeney and Illllen Speakers. COLUMBUS, Ind., May 31,-For the first time, in the history of Bartholomew county, Memorial day was observed May 31 here. The observance was county-wide and finished this afternoon at the City cemetery, where a patriotic address was made by the Jiev. 7,. T. Sweeney, pastor emeritus of the Tabernacle Christian Church here. The observance was participated in by all of the patriotic organizations of the county and graves of the dead of all wars were decorated. ' Services at the City cemetery were I preceded by a street parade, In which patriotic and fraternal organizations of the county took part and which is said to have been the biggest Memorial , day parade in the history of the j county. In the forenoon, members of the local AV. R. C. and women's auxiliaries to other patriotic organizations in this . county placed flowers on the waters of ! AVhlte river in honor of dead sailors. I later in the forenoon, patriotic serv- ices were held In Garland Brook rente- , tery, where graves of departed soldiers In that cemetery were decorated and a patriotic address was made hy ; the Rev. Francis X. Hillen, priest In : charge of St. Bartholomew's Catholic ; Church. I .1! IHiK Mill NT SPEAKS.' NOBLES " I LLE. Ind., May 31. The annual patriotic address was delivered , here Saturday by Judge Mount in connection with the Decoration day services which were largely attended. ; A special feature of the program i Included exercises on the hank of , AVhlte river by members of the AA'. R. C. In memory of the sailor dead. : After prayer and short talks, boats i were sent out on the river and boys and girls scattered flowert on the I water. The Grand Army of the Republic, j the Spanish-American war veterans, j the Sons of A'eterans. the AA" omen's TtAll .Ua A.pjnnM i ..i iriieL . ui i,f nJiu in.- .inn unn ir,it'ii had a part in the services wnirh were, held at the two cemeteries. j MONTrKMER HOLD SERVICES. HARTFORD CITY. Ind., May 31. j The annual Memorial day sen-Ices werei held at Montpelier this afternoon. The day was observed today instead of yes- terday because of the fact that the . business houses were open during lhe: day. All patriotic orga nidations took; part. i J.oflO TAKE PA RT. ANDERSON. Ind., May 31. -Two , thousand persons participated in Me- i morlal day exercises here, at which j the Rev. F. A. Hall and Gerald Elliott J were speakers. G. A. R. members Iil the parade and supervised the decora-! tion of 47(1 graves of soldiers. T. P. A. NOTES. .lames G. la!y, Anderson; James, W. Keys, Frankfort ; John S. Peter- ! son, Decatur, nnd Mr. and Airs. AVil- liatti Gordon 7,ink. Akron, O.. were j among the out-of-town visitors last : week. Ray Felix, with Paragon Milling; Company, and I.. F. Powell, with1 Becker Hoofing Company, were ad- i ndttc,l to membership In Post BJast j wf,p, R A Maurer. tv ho has been suffer ing with an injured foot the last two weeks, is able to be out again. ; The ladies of Post B held a -busi-1 ness meeting at the club rooms last j Thursday to further perfect their i plans for the organization of a ladles j auxiliary, along the lines which other; posts enjoy. - The regular meeting of Post B to, he held Saturday nlfht, wis postponed j until a later date. Joe. Gardner, tinner, 41 Kentucky ve. AMmi 11 & Company Kstiiblished 1810. Wet Wash With the Klatwork 8c neatly ironetl ant foIlel, per pound . . . ft. 25 Minimum Charfe. Wet wash, 6 cent per pound: 17 pounds for ? 1 .no. put In your rag rug? and bed clothes. Soft Water Family Wash Laundry 8,31-837 K. Washington St. Phone Lincoln 7338 TROUSERS TO MATCH YOUR COAT $2.93, $3.95, $4.95, $5.95, $6.95 and up The Tants Store Co. 48 W. Ohio St., Near Illinois. i 1 114 N. Penn. St. il 55 Ave. 802 Mass. 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Tablets 19a 80c Edward's Olive Tablets ...,24 15c Edward's Olive Tablets ...,18e 50c Hinkle Pills 24 25c Carter's Liver Pllli Ida 30c Poan's Regulets tie 50c Cascarets Me 25c Cascarets 19e 25c Pierce's Pellets 19e $1.00 Bliss Native Herb Tabs...M BLOOD REMEDIES $1.00 S. S. S fl.SS $1.J0 S. S. S 74 $t.2." Ayer's Sarsaparilla 99a $1.25 Hood's Sarsaparilla 89 $1.20 P. B. B. Plood Balm 84a SI. 25 Burdock Blood Bitters. . . .M $1.00 Cutlcura Resolvent 79 80c Cutlcura Resolvent $1.00 Jones' Sangvim 74 TONICS $1.00 Bltro Phosphate M 50c Blaud's Iron Pills 14 $1.50 Cadomene Tablets 98a II. 50 Fellow's Com. Syr. Hypo. $1. 10 $1.25 Gude's Pepton Mangan...9Se $1.25 Gray's Glycerine Tonic... BXe $1.25 Baeee's Cordial 89c $1.50 Maltines tall kinds) 90s $1.00 Miles' Tonic lt $1.10 Nuxated Iron 74 $1.20 Pierce's Gold Med. Dls...89o flOc Scott's Emulsion 89 $1.00 Pure Cod Liver OH 69e $1.00 AVampole's Ex. 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Cold Cream.. 89a 10c Klraya Cream 49n 00c Malvlna Cream 4flij 50c Aftlkweed Cream nc, $1.00 Milkweed Cream 74o 60c Pompeian Pay Cream 4o flOc Pompeian Night Cream ...,41a $1.00 Pompeian Night Cream.. ,74c 75c Satin Skin'Cold Cream o 75c Satin Skin A'an. Cream 6fin 60c Sea Shell Cream 4o 250 AVoorl billy's Facial Cream. .lfte oOc Woodbiu-s Facial Cream... 9o 50c Theatrical Cream so tr'k Lemon Cream SOe FOR THE HAIR f2.50 Bare to Hair fl.SS 5t Cleero $1.00 Waukea S4o $1.00 TAan-ierlns 74a 50c TJanderine Ma 35c Danderlne tla $1.25 Canute AVnter 98a $1.50 Brownatone 11.19 50c Brownatone na $1.50 lyotus ss $1.00 Lucky Tiger 74a 50c Lucky Tiger In, $1.00 Wild Root Hair Tonic ....84a 60c AVHd Boot Hair Tonic 49a i)5c Wild Root Hair Tonio 29 $1.50 Mary T. Goldman It i $1.50 Kolorbaclt si 19 $1.50 Pinaud Hair Tonic It. 19 75i Pinaud Hair Tonic (14 251 Golden Glint 1 25c (Jolden Glint Shampoo 19a 50c Parker Hair Tonic Ita $1.00 Parker Hair Tonic 74- $1.00 Mquid Anon (, $1.00 B. Paul Henna (all colors) 74, 15c Arnam). 2 for '. "lla $1.50 Weetphnll ' '.. 10c Wertphall "J,. $1.00 K. D. X H. 50e. k. d. x ;;;i:9a 75c St a comb (ta S5c Stacomb. tuba a 5"c Hair Groom 25c Nelson Hair Dressing ...,!j9a CHAMOIS SKINS 75c Chamois Skin (, $1.00 Chamois Skin '74. $1,50 Chamois Skin 51.75 Chamois Skin " ilia $2.00 Chamois Skin "ai'li $2.50 Chamois Skin W' FLOOR WAX S.V, Johnson Floor Wax, powder 29a 50c Johnson Floor Wax, powder. 89o 75c Johnson Floor Wax. powder. S9o 50c Johnson Floor Wax, liquid.. 89a 75c Johnson Floor Wax, liquid. S9o $l.iO Johnson Floor Wax, liquid. 98a FURNITURE POLISH 25c Lyknu Polish 17, 50c Lyknu Polish 29, $1.00 Lyknu Polish $9a 80c Liquid A'eneer gs 60c Liquid Veneer 8e Soc O'Cedar Polish 50c O'CeOar Polish 'nl FLESH REDUCERS $1.00 Oil Korein Capsules ( $1,00 Marmola Tablets 74, $1.25 Arbolene 75c Thyroid Tablets, 1 gr (n $1.00 Phy-Thy-RIn Ma $1.50 San-Grl-Na Tahlets l.j $1.00 San-Grl-N's Bath Salts ..91.19 $1.00 Fayro Salts TU

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