The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1940
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VOLUMR XXXVII—NO. 12. MjrmiyEJDDDm NEWS Blylhevllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Courier Blytheville Herald Louisiana Tornado's Death Toll Is Five, More Bodies Sought By United I'rfss , Southeastern Louisiana counted its tornado dead ;il I'm today and .searchers looked for tho bodies of two children still missing. The twister struck its most devastating blow at the little isolated French speaking community of I'ieirc J'art in the bayou country, 85 miles southwest'of New Orleans. JJodies of three victims had been recovered and two were missing. Two negroes were killed by storms in "strawbem parishes" some 140 miles from* ' Pierre Part. State Representative Clarence J Savoic went Into Pierre Part to compile a first official check of the dead and Injured. Doctors estimated tlie injured at "between SO and SO.'.' The tornado struck Pierre Part Ui-YTJlKVll,!,],', ARKANSAS, SATUKIMY, MARCH IU), 19-10 at noon yesterday. First reports were that 50 persons were killed but first surveys of the devastated scene from the outside world indicated those reports were incorrect. Savoie had been told that seven dead victims of the storm had been found, by last midnight, but he refused to accept the figure until he personally checked all families In the liny settlement where no citizens ever had been on relief and where Ihey made their livings by fishing anil picking moss. Injured were in hospitals here, at Donnldsonvllle, New Orleans, and Thlbodaux. Savoie quartered more than a score of the refugees at his home for thc night. The known dead were: Elme Templet, 14 months, who was drowned when she was blown from the luncheon lable of home into Pierre Part bay. Mrs. Nicomet Brand, 60, crushed when she was blown into the side of a skiff as she carried lunch lo her husband. Abnarre Cavalier, G. Lester Templet, brother of Elme, still wns missing. Survivors had given him up for dead, Tlie most seriously injured included: Perlie Templet, 5, Herbert Templet, 19, Mrs. Edna Templet, all members of .the family of Neuville Templet; Cletuz Cletus Cava- lieiy-38;- Nicolet Biaud; her Girl, 13, Is Burned Critically A 13-year-old daughter who was helping her mother do tlie family washing may lose iwr life ns the result of using (factor fuel oil to start a fire. liuby Pay Self, 13-yeju--old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Self, of near Luxora, was critically burned about the face nnd neck (his morning when a can of tractor fuel oil exploded ns she was pouring oil onto a smoldering fire in the yard of her home on a Lee Wilson farm. A large wash kettle was on the Welles Returns From European Trip SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Stimnei- Welles, President Roosevelt's special envoy to rip to the war one in-lived In New York from his fuct-llnuini, • - • - -iv .1 i vi r.. 11 VJII1 llJ-'> 1)11 v He is shown above, right, telling the press -that he hud "no comment" ,, s the Italian liner, cont edl Savolu. fire, and scalding water was thrown ! on the girl adding more pain to; thc severe burns caused hy the j . Brought to Walls Hospital, her condition was critical shortly before noon. Mechanic Whose Wife Was Killed In Road Accident Arrested Paul Howard, 33-yenr-oJd me- Heavy Gun Fire Heard Off Shore TOBNDEa, Denmark, Mar. 30 (UP) —Telephoned messages from Saed on Ihe Danish-German North Sea border said loduy that steady cannonading was heard, beginning Only Two Contests, Interest Is Slight In Approaching Election Seven Hurt In Alabama BUTLER, Ala,, Mar. 30. (UP) — Seven persons were Injured, one Rated With Helena And Searcy As Best In Festival .Competition , Tlie Elytheville high school band, under the direction of Charles G. Moreliead, in its second year of competition was placed in the first .. - . M ^^.« .. ...... 1,1.,^ ^»vn tjciauus \veiu uimveu, one j- - , — ,-•-—» - ..,.,„ ,},,.„,,„ seriously, when a tornado y,-epl dmsion of thc Northeast Arkansas | "-P"« through a farming community five i Ba!lci . Association which had its Pd '"™- on charges of manslaughter and driving while drunk In connection with a highway accident Jan. 21, in which his - wife, Mrs. Audrey Mae Benton Howard, 20, was killed, and Mr. Howard and their two children, Bobbie, 5, and Anita, 4, were seriously injured. Placed in jail following his nr- rest,_bolid;on the two (marges wns set at $1000.: ' '••'"• -,' :;-•-: H Is planned lo flic information, directly in circuit court which convenes here Monday, according to Deputy Prosecuting Attorney II. G. about U a. in, from thc southwest, i QSCEOl.ft. Ark Mnr 30-Cmly In the Bencrnl direction nr Rvii <i>»i !,..(..„, ,„, , ,' „ ' imnoi interest In Osccola's city election lo be held next Tuesday April second, hns been noted due In the (jcnernl direction of Syll and Helgoland, Germnn nlr and navn! .bases. i Saed residents said Ihc gunfire wns continuous and Unit 11 Increased In Intensity from noon to itlGUl i/ne p. m. Thc gunfire, they said, sounded more like heavy guns on men of war than anti-aircraft gh a farming commuiiitv five" miles south of nearby Gilbertown ?"". llil1 festiVBl '" Forrest City ycs- Inst night. Authorities reported hbout 20 homes were blown away when the wind dipped into this southwest Alabama section after demolishing a church and turpentine still at Bucatunna. terday. Forging ahead of older and more I experienced bands, the local group " was placed in the division ahead of bands in three rival towns, Memphians To Speak At Medical Meeting Dr. Richard Ching and Dr Charles S. Paddock, both of Memphis. will be guest speakers at thc Mississippi the meeting of County Medical Association Tues- day night at the city hall, 8 o'clock. Dr. China's subject will be "The Clinical Significance of Blood Pressure." This will be followed by Dr Paddock's talk on "The Clinical Manifestations of Prostatic Disease." A number of out of town physicians are expected to be at the meeting which officers nrc urging all members lo attend. New York Cotton May July Ocl. Dec. Jan. Mar. Prev. open High Low Close Close 1056 1060 1056 1060 105-1 1036 1040 1030 1039 1036 982 987 982 086 982 967 912 967 972 966 S61 954 963 959 961 054 9G3 058 959 954 New Orleans Cotton May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. Prev. open High Low Close Close 1065 1068 1065 1068 1065 1045 1049 1045 J040 1046 087 991 987 990 SS8 974 977 974 975 975 965 968 965 968 964 955 960 955 960 952 Stock Prices A- T. & T 172 Am. Tobacco 89 Anaconda Copper 29 3-4 Beth. Steel 77 3-8 Chrysler 87 Cities Service 51-4 Coca Cola 131 Gen'l. Elect 39 Gen'l. Motors 54 3-4 nil. arvester 53 3-4 \Tnnl Wot-ri RO o D """" ~"'"V... , «J, llmual<:< U| H (|jp NY. Centraf.-.::: " ™ ??*•.«* at - hls ho » E ™* "»> m North Am. Aviation 24 1-4 Mrs. Howard, an expectant mother, died two hours after Ihe Howards' car had crashed Into the beam of the concrete abutment of thc bridge at KruU's corner, 2 miles north of Blylhcville, as the ,e .""• will be made In only two positions. Mrs. Adcle Williams Is seeking Die ofllco ol recorder against Herbert Hry- ttnt who has held Ihc office fo has been-.hc jectlve of firitisli "Royal 'Air : force attacks nnd resident of thc German border arens now clntm to be able to distinguish between antiaircraft and imvwl Siimlirc. Saed residents suld that wind Yott E. was strong from the southwest and Hint the gunfire might Imye occurred n considerable distance at sea rather than near Sylt or HID islnnd between Sylt and Ifegoland. Other coaslal points reported ui Muiiuo in LIU ci; 11 Yell IUWI15, . — ~'jvin,»im., iu> LIHJ "tiiti L,utioi4i J. (JUJIIIH FClJQrLCt.1 Jonesboro, Forrest City and Para- i faml 'y W! >s returning home from a! tlmt gunfire had been hcnrd but gould, which were relegated to the jy ls " *''"' Ml ' s - Howard's parents "no ships were 'sighted from second division. " |'" Cariilher-ivllle early one Sunday const. Although criticized because of: n 'Xht. Inck of instruments, the band was complimented on musicianship, euphonium, nice tuck of brasses.' James S. Payne, Ihc Tilc "t Lle daughter received n technic. tone, broken right leg above the knee, wllicil l"»s proved to he n very I com P |i(; ated injury, and severe cuts, | Tilc son received a brain concus- I First Aid Classes To Be Heft} Here of Chicago, hcnd of a musical in- , - - strument firm, praised the band sion alltl numerous culs from which for its very fine work in spite of lle !m recovered. the lack of 'color' instruments. Mr - Howard's arm was broken, nr(1 .. . ..,.„,„„. , . Othe> judges were F. J. Mute. >" s tnce «»dly cut ami several teeth ^"V^ie K chanter or llrwtnr nf Ihr Tlniirorcll,, r,, A ' knocked OUt, J UJ tile iDCfll cllaptCI Of director of the University of kansns at Fayelteville and Jo Berry Mulllns of Itta Bella, Miss., nationally known band leader. All were agreed that French horns, — .......... tympanl, oboe flutes, alto and bnsc tt ' ho wns driving. The car was be- clarinets should be added to thc }"/, (lriv en '— —- -'-•- - -• present band instruments. knocked out. According to officers who investigated, tiie impact hurled nil members of the family through the windows except Mr. Howard, Firsl aid classes laughl by Dr. R. E. Schirmer, director of the Mississippi County Medical Unit, thc next project to be under the to : by Mrs. Tom secretory. S^^^lt^^^on^nday « Tho band which had a perma- thc abiitment without the brakes A m: uciitu wniun i ma a ijcrniii- i,_ t ,, „ j - t : . , , nent director for the first time bclng ! "'"'" : ' ! - ll ls ch "rSKl. last year, climbed from third di- i vision of concert bands to first (W-iL,, rj( division in lhat time, but even '»°iner UI cui<i . t aii ^ ulill ,, nul 5UIl( . u n[m while in its first year it was Woman Dies Thursday • shc also cx l >ecU erouus of cm' jiloyes for various coniunnlis wnu Anyone who Is interested In Inking the course Is asked to contact Mrs. Bindslier. i Elementary school teachers of the city are enlisting for the course, Mrs. Brndshcr staled, and rated in the first division of marching bands. U was necessary ., i ..--- - lore , arc. candidates -for alderman 'with 'two 'to be elected. Mr. Walscn has served on tho council for six years from wnrd tvra bin. recently moved inlo ward 111rce. Gcoige Florida nnd Hen Butler, who formerly represented ward three resigned, the latter lo miike the race for mayor. J. n. BIIIIII Is asfctni; for Mr. Watson's piece In wnrd tivo and W. W. Prcwltt. seeks reelection. In wnrd one Sam Coble Is asking reelection with Abncr Driver n I candidate for the place left vncnnt by Raymond Ciu-lwrl|jht's removal to ward three. Den P. Duller, popular business man m»| school Ijonrd member, Is a candidate for miiyor ivlllinul opposition to succeed A. s. Kouers, who hns served ten ycuvs. Dave Young, who hns served ns Cfly Marshall for ti'n years, Is n candidate for reelection. Joe w. Wio-Ies nnd Leo J. Schrlcck have no opponents for city attorney nnd treasurer, respectively. Clerks nnd Jiidyes for Tuesday's elccllon ns niinounccd by V, G. Ilollnnd ol Blytheville; E. 11. Smllli of Osceola nnd W. P. M. Fcruuson of Marie are: Ward one: Judijcs. Robert Siunncr, J. a. Hlsavv, \v. E. Hunt; clerks, Emory Wa^es, K. C. Wade. Alfcnmtc Judges, Ed'sar Ilerrnn. Milton Clinton; clerks, Gordon, Eddie Shelton.' Wnrd (wo: Judges. W. A. Hnllcr, * m'tmj .1^1 »ii_ps will tic hold to cancel Die'afternoon i,, Jonesboro for which were scheduled for last R",^ ™ 0 died'Thifrsday^mornini. night, because of the rain. Thc; nlS t, Bernard's liospil"? i, Jo e.- Inf-n? crrnnn fninf»rf ,,-ltl-t ,,,.,Tf.^ n . n ,r ,. -,|j.»», ,1, ou tl ^., local group joined with uniformed'„„,„ .students from other schools for j ,,' ,.-,. . . , lhe o massod baud parade at ,1:30 ' h ^ wUh'M^L'^.^1 ^ in the solo divisions, n,,, Mto. f ^^ « ™' ™ K ^^ received an excellent judging and jtrs. Roth had moved to Blythc- George Hubbard, a superior. ' ,-llle recently from Joiiesboro, Mrs. Forty five local students made Hill remained there In thc hostile trip to thc festival which was pltal as her condition hnd become arranged to provide music lovers more serious, and the general public with a rmisi-, Mr . nnd Mrs . Rot| vvho wcnl cal treat and to encourage and im- to Jonesboro Wednesday night prove band work throughout the. whcn hcr condition became critical. • 5lale - arc expected to return home to- In addition to the local group, morrow. Searcy and Helena bands were j • • placed in the first division. Jones- j boro, Forrest City and Paragould i Automobile Damaged made up thc second division and i "amogtu Batesville. the third. • ' British Minister Of Shipping Succumbs In Highway Accident A highway accident near Arkansas-Missouri slalc line the this i Two tracks owned by Louis Free- LONDON, Mar. 30 (UP) — Sir man of Dell were going north as John Gllmour, 6J, minister of ship- was u coupe driven by Miss Irma ' -•-'••• Dare of North Manchester, Ind., did not see thc I M, W*~M nv »<4j iiuuit: ujl& 111UJJI- , LJUIC Ol WOrif 94 1.4 lng ' hls mfnistr 5' announced. j who said she Sir John had held his post since: second truck slow up whlcli caused Pncksrd i^i o" Jumi naa neia nis post sine PjiIDips is i s i P^ , of J, a5t , veal ' whe " llle mln " ner lo Mtee "><> second truck which Ra"r 3 « -8 MO- of shipping was created. The was knocked into thc first truck 2±bli«'8i«V ;••-:••- ^^"^^..l-Sd"!?"^ to co-orto-i which h^ first slowed up afler Republic Steel 21 1 Sid. of N. J. Texas Corp. U, s. Steel , *|nate' activities of il" the merchant coming upon a wagon. All State police, who invesllgated the His death was a shock the an-! accent" whl h ,ScSSST^ Z h° eU h C aT^ f ZH^ mistry ssld ,T^.^ «?» « M 59 he had died suddenly, 61, made no arrests. lo be acmiainled with first aid principles to enroll. If a large enough class Is obtained, n national representative will come here Inter lo examine local students In the tests, It Is snld. Leachville Man Is Jailed In Assault Case Cecil Gatcwood, 28, of Leachville. was held to circuit court without bond on a statutory charge following a preliminary hearing at Leacnvllte yesterday afternoon before Magistrate P. M. Nelson. Clco Hooker, 18, also of Lcach- vllle, had previously been held to circuit court on a statutory charge Rounding Up Defeijdanls, Including Two Officers, In Hogging Cases ATLANTA. Mnr. ;io (UP)—County policemen were out loday vounil- hni up It) KII KIUJC Klammi'ii, in- eluding two dcpuly .slii'illls, who were IndleUxI Inst. n| R ln f or n .wrlcs of •» «ojt«lnit!i In tho city suburbs in I),,. pn.M i.ivn ycnis. The wiirruiiti were sl'ijtinl by Biiperlur Cinirt ,)ud|(i! lluijh M. Dorscy. llmids were .set lit $!>IMI) and $10,000 path, di'pmdlnii ' on tlie char B os which Induded kld- un|ilii(j nnd nssniili, to murder. The two dcpuly siierufs wen' Ed liiirdelle nnd Mcrli Kdlson, 'I'hi'.v me .sllll on ihu fmvc nl- tliounh Ihey were Klven Indellnllo leaves of absence Mnr. yi when It bewuue evident tho urniid J'»i' wns In earnest about dolm-- somc- HiliiB lo end (he reign of terror Some of tlu> Housed men up-' penred before the ijvnnd jury. They said Ihe nlfjhtrldcrs j m( | accused them of Wiisphi'iny nnd miti- soclal olfcnses, Thc kidnapers did not wear tho Mini's while robo nnirorms, thn vlcllnis snld, and made lltllc clfort to conceal llielr Identities, depending rather on thu victim's terror lo save Ihcm from pro.wcullon. '1'lie kliiu's linperliil wlwird JnmeH A, Colescoll went before the (jmml Jury yeslordny prcsiiiiinbly with nil Ihe klan records whlcli he liml been ordered lo brine. The olher el«hl Indicted were Chnrley Watts, Henry Cnwlhon. Wnltcr Forstcr, Dnn Kdlson. w, T. Walton, CHIford Golden, Cjcoi'BC Cnincmn nnd Duymond Urynn, Solicitor Clerennl John A. Uoykln liullcnlcd the Investigation wns far Ironi iioinplelo and It wns reported llml bills hnd nlrcndy been drawn for Indictment of principals In tin: IloBBlnn of Ike Qnslon, Knst Point barber, whose fatal lashing prompted Ihc broad probe. Charges And Denials Keep U. S., German Relations Strained 1WKMN, March SO. -comimniliiiK , on iilli-Kwl polish imlilishtnl hy the t'ovonnneiiL, t'liiirtrwl Uitlnv tluiL Willinni 0. Hitllill iiml Jo.s«j)li !', Ki!ii- nnil>n.s.smloi'n Britain, wily, lo Kriuici! jni ( | r; .snared mspoiwiljjliiy for UK: iii-opt'im war. An millmilmi Informant Hint ollU'lnl (Hinders Bald Am- Inlori'sl mid fh,. dormm-nli tlml on Die o United Stales reliction would - H'ud any ellVel. on iuiimi Cierjuiin- Anu'i'li'ini ri'lulions. Tlie iNliiii'iitfnl niinibm'Koi' Vmn- ' tho ntdick on (hi! ili'iiblntl, AiiH'rlL'iiii ,.|,vi.y,s, mid cimiKdig ' Ireclly Hint Kullltt ,,,,,1 Kennedy MI n red responsibility for tin, H -»i', "ll was Ihelr siul work lo cvery- hliiB ImaglnnblK lo Influence Po- uml and hinder the thought of nn- . Tlie documents nlxiv« all hi- crlinliiHlo Uiilllu ns Die man who •an eliilm iiii! dubious honor or mvlnii in tho fiUeful dnys of March mug lmm[ , ]p(m s(1 ,j VBi;1) _ nling England mi iilllmici) with 'fflnnd thus u win- of encirclement il'.nlnst the Greater lictcb. WASFIINGTON, Mnrch »0 (UP)—Official dciiiaLs and coujfrcssioiml I'csenlment of (JnriHdi) clwi'gcs that thc United Sliitei )icl|)cd bring iilKHil the Kiii'0])Giin war np- pofiml todiiy to have (limmcil (lit! possibility of nu early wisiiiij of strained German- AiiHivii'iin rcliitions. There has been considerable unofficial speculation as to whether President Kooscvcll might appoint « nt'iv utnlinssadar to' Germany and mute other moccs lo better diplomatic relations between the two Boveriunenls, strained severely U. s, Ambassador to Ger- nuiuy Hugh H. Wilson wrus recalled a year ngo la-st November. 1'iiblleatlon of Ihc clmrucs lii a 'IJnllltl uiKcd a I'ollsh alliance with Knglnnd and Prance, with he .sneclit! powers wlileh ho C n- loys from Wn.slilngton lie ordered Kennedy lo Inlliience clinmborliiln (Prime Minister Neville Oinmber- i ,-• aln ol groat Uillnln) acc'ovdliiBly." : ° " lry All newspapers BIIVD prominence paper Issued In Berlin .. I Immediate and emphatic denials from American officials. President Roosevelt, at his press conference, snld Hint one should lake wllh n grain of suit—he later boosted It lo ihrcc grains of salt —any propaganda, coming from Europe nl thc present time. Secretary of Slnle Cordcll Hull, hi n formal slnlomenl, said Hint ncllhcr he nor nny other slaU; department official gave the "sllglilcjil credence" to the slale- menls contained In the documents. William 0. Dullltt, American nm- issador lo Vrnnce who was rc- ai'tcd In this documenU to have Ihe Polish ambassador lo this ...-, thn!- Ihe United Slates "undoubtedly would participate In Inter slnt;ci> of tlio war," declared Hay ti Leader Confers With I.ilicnlliai About Possible Kxlcnsion IMYTI. March M.—Ellis Kolm of Hnytl, secretary-treasurer of tlie Soiilhcnst Missouri Kleclrle Distribution Association, who recently went lo Washington lo usk for u TVA liouk-np for iiiis iif L -ii, roturiicd Thursday ni B ht and re-' xjrtcd lluit Ihc possibility of a Federal |iomir project supplying ciil cnei(jy to Southeast MIs- In Ihe near future w«s fa- vonihle. The association, nf which seven towns arc members, Is cngii«cd In i co-operntlvc movement lo ob- ;nln nn cconomicnl source of elci:- -I'lcnl power for (ids pail, of Ihe state. Kolm .said thai while he wns In Washington lie conferred with Senator Norrls nn< . dent; (lie Rev. I,. John nankin of Mississippi nnd received some assurance on Ihu future realization of Ihc hook-up. He said a TVA conference wns arranged by HeprcRentallve Orvlllc • ••**- - - • • "- •-.•••\..,|-i.i-i 3 *.i,j uj ik^jji L .->L < i m 1,1 VL ui vi lit Ira Dnvenporl, Klllott Sarlnln, :il- i Xlinmcrniaii of Mlssnurl In whlcli Icrnntcs, Mrs. K. H. Stephens, G. P. Jordan. Tlnks Hall; clerks. L. W Walters. Jr., J. C. Scnrlock, niter- nates, W. P, Hale. Jr.. A. P. Spiese. Zimmerman, Rankin, Oavld Llllcn- Ihnl, memljcr of the TVA board, nnd B. C. Gnlhlmjs, Wnile II. Kll- . chcns nnd Clyde T. Ellis, rcniwen- Ward Ihrce: judges, Everett Held, j tntlves from Arkansas, look parl. Henry Patterson. Senrcy Mcars,' Tlie representatives from Arkan- alternntcs, Tweedy Forsythc, Jake! Sils . all from Ihc northeastern dis- Krnus, F. J. Reynolds; clerks, Mrs. trlct. also arc Interested In a TVA R. G. Bandy. J. I). Smith, nllcr- hook-up for Ihelr area, and a shn- . , nates, Alenc Word, ffubej-t Reid. - , - ilar associnlloli in that stale is Voling places will be tnnlnlnincd j assisting In the movement. at thc old Mississippi County Hank building, Osceoln Lumber Company, and the courl house. In connection with the same case. He is under bond. State Officials Flock To Spa For Derby Theft Admissions By Two Men Claimed Shcrllf Hnlc Jackson has announced thc arrest of two more [men on charges of grand larceny „,.„„ ^. ,_., l ,^ l ,. l , lu ,,, B ,,- v/uiuuiia i-nrn nt not springs this light the circuit court session which | afternoon for Ihc fifth runnlnc of convenes here Monday, because of the Arkansas Derby "'" ~ "~ ' '•""' ' ' well I 1 " connection with thc theft of ton Thc speech nt Moscow of Vln- hesliiv Molotov, !tusslnn preiiiicr nitiiml forcluii minister, suffered by conlrnsl. Oerniiins expressed .satisfaction wllh the sjiccch,' pnr- licnlni-ly Mololov'i; rcfcrcnci; lo conllnucd lUisso-Cionnan friendship. Other quiu-lurs, however, saw more slunlcnncc in Mololox's om- pliasls on Russian neutrality. They commented Hint ho used (he plain Italy, word neutrality 'Whereas pnrlnev In tho Bcrlln-noirie ii.vls, calls itself not. noiitrnl but .menily noii-liclllnerenl. -i---i -• o.i . v [IL vjji imijinjv; '. o the aliened documents, nud puh-1,, , , - —- — Ishcd long editorials cuminei Ihur' '"" lin '""' " llcw "' " mclc lo nny ' on them. one the statements attributed to me," Polish Ambassador Jcrzy Polockl made the dcjdnl general when he termed Ihe allegations ."German propaganda" and said he "never had any conversations wllh Ambassador llullilt on American par- (It'lpnllon In war." Mnny congressional leaders expressed resentment at publication of the "white paper,"-, and several labelled i tliij, allegations "propn- : Banda." ''"v."., n ;-; i / : *-.. ., , .-.'.-.'--;• i Chnlrn'ian Key Plttmnn, D., Nov.',* of (he senate foreign, relations committee, termed the .charges 'unmitigated falsehood" and declared thin "(he purpose of Hitler's government Is lo stir up opposition lo the president nnd create fenr In the- minds of our people." "Congress alone can declare war, nnd It Is not responsible for statements inndc by our diplomats and will not be Influenced by them," he said. Sen. Walter F. dcorge, D., Ga., snld It wns "loo Improbable, to commend llsclf to anyone who knows anything about the circumstances." Sen. Arthur Capper, R., Kans.. suld the report was unreliable nnd tluil he wouldn't attach nny Importance lo It, and nsserlcd that 'it's Intended to Impress their own people." ' Sen. Cliiuile Pepper, D., Pin., termed Ihe publication "Germnn propaganda," Hut" Sen. Rush D. Holt, W. VB., anti-New Deal Democrat, disagreed. "I frankly believe that Bullltt did say that," lib said. "In n speech at Bordeaux, he snld practically (he same thing.'" C. W. Watson Heads Osceola Rotarians OSOEOLA, Arb,,'M(ir. 30.-C. W. Walson was elected iiresldent of Osccolu Rolavy Club succeeding II. .!. Hale nC the aiuiunl election of olllcer«. He will lake office July Elected In serve with Mr. Wntson nrc olmi'Ics I'. Miuiley, vice-presi- Ijiwrencc, •.Tcietnry-treiisurcr; lien p. Butler, •ii'rgi.'niil-iit-dims; Godfrey L. While, iisslsliint. Time ivldi U,c ixccpllon of Mr. White, together with Mr. Hnle, D. S. Limey and W. E. Hunt miike up llic board of A delegation from Ihe locnl club will Ku lo Hot Springs April clnh- tccntli for tlie District Conference of Rotary, Habbl Herman Pollack (if Dlythc- vllle reviewed Ihc play, "Abe Lincoln In Illinois" ut (he weekly luncheon meeting In (lie program arranged by Nathan Welnbcrg. W. S. Daniel. Lltlle liock, slalc director, spcnk at the Is scheduled lo meeting on sccnnd; Prosecuting Attorney liruce Ivy on April ninth. The on April sixteenth night Is lo Father of Osceolan LiiTTEjEj HOCK, Mnr. 30, (UP) "" ^• ij " iiv '^' iii 'j" *>nn \.n\^ mvn, ui tet of the state's constitutional COU °" scc<1 Khldl mnkcs n ' otnl ° r -- ; —ficers will be iti thc stands at " me metl « rr ested In a special 1 . — • •• -j. •• Both cases arc cxpecled lo high-1 Oakland Pork nt Hot Sm-ines thk drivc to solvc lhc numerous cot- llre salesman of Houston. Tex. He >hi ih* >ir«iiit . n ., r> .~.i... ..t.i.i. l.» .....'» » .„.. sce(] n ic[ t 5 which have been l" ckcct »l> two hitch-hikers—Mrs. .. Henry and Harold F. Burks, 23, Dies On Friday ...v^...^ ,,,, *v]jin Mxii-i:nin is lu OSCEOLA, Ark., Mar. 30.—Ful)e combined wllh the Boy Scout >'«al services for .T. J. Miller of I'nreiil nnd Son biuuumt. I East licmard. Tes.| father of John R. Miller of this,city, who died ill the Cmiey Valley Hospital In Wharlon, Tex., Friday morning will ba held from the Whnrton Funeral Home In Wharlon, todny with burial In Whnrton. He was eighty-five years of age. The elder Mr. Miller hnd been ill for several weeks c.nd Mr. John Miller hnd only returned from a three weeks visit with his father last week. A telegram was received Thursday notifying him of the serious relnpse of his father. He left later In the day accompanied by his daughter, 'Mrs. J. Paul Balrd, wife of Dr.. J. Paul Baird 'Woman To Hang For Slaying Of Tire Salesman LAKE CHARLES, la., March 30. (UPl—Thc "Tiger Girl" must hang anil she doesn't care. With titlcr iniillfcrcnce, Ton! He.'.'ry, 26, thln-fnced, small-eyed, listened late last night to thc jury of Dycrsburg. and Clint Caldwell, i Jr., of this city. His father passed verdict which condemned her lo ic gallows, c,,_ , , iui., vi tma vit-Y. (110 lulu She murdered J. P. Galloway, a Bwny beforc ,,»„ nrr , ved illstnn Tnv lift \ Mr. Miller hnd visited the fnm- pre-vnleni in Mississippi wTe" ftc »^ a»d HaroW F. Burta/ a.j^^U «m In OKWJ. ami Is ccntly. j i>™r Orange, Tex., nn Fcb, 14. Soon I Ulember ™ by " n!!y tiere ' n „»,»> ,..^« , ,^,_ ,_,. , ., jfg leaves his wife; four sons: young woman has been quite HI' a delegation juuns »un.nii nab u~ m quite in a delegation of several hundred "" since the crime allegedly occurred,' Little Rock, residents going to Hot sM first degree murder "as charged,' i Springs for the races nnd about Most of the recent Ihcfls have i capital city will be descried this Sheriff Jackson, and seven other {afternoon. ,tucn previously arrested ^CUrr^r^f't Sal i'^.»sunnv weather and inter- <*S, SSTSn .^^•'Jl,"' »'"•*"? «t "' Ihc derby with fo $5,000; Dales of thc be the great domed celling has no supports olhcr than thc walls. outside i largest crowd' ' Oakland.. thc sllot il1 statemmts Bte tta nrtlmlnarv hear ^ thc sllot il1 state m L naiml^rK 1 ^ n po!lcc ' but sllc told the i £ £ffi* &»»£• £* l no, ocen set. | (hroiighout. that Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Sunday, slightly warmer Iri .northeast section Sunday. .• Memphis and vicinity—Fair and peratirc tonight about 4.,, ^ u ,., ' fair, slowly rising {emperature.

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