Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 18, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 18, 1934
Page 4
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FOUR HOVE STAK, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday^ August 18,1934 Modern Poet Answer 1 to Previous Puzzle -was the poet in the picture? free. 11 Adult state of an insect. 11 Giver. 1$ Consumer. 16 Muddles. 18 Chum. iSMyseir. 20 Uttered. 22 Road. 34 Scheme. 26 Leered, 30 Dwarf bulldog. 52 Animal allied to the camel. 34 Shower. 35 Flat-flOored fishing boat. 37 Always. 38 Boy. 33 Opposite o£ lower 4ft To harden. 41 Distant. 42 Testified •under oath. 4t Pronoun. 46 Neuter .pronoun. 47 You and I. 4S Affirmative. 49 Either 51 Yellow Hn, waiian bird 52 To say again. 55 Artificial hills. 57 He was born in . 58 " " is his best known poem. VERTICAL 1 Of higher quality 3 To corrode. 4 Tender 5 Heathen gods 6 Third note 7 Mooley apple, S Kind of flic. 9 He was killed in battle during the 12 Cogwheel 13 Woman. 14 To harvest. J7 Part of a window frame 21 Valleys. 23 Writ commanding court attendance. 25 Hubs. 27, Striped cotton fabric 28 Falsifier 29 To finish. 30 Scarlet flower 31 Secluded valleys 33 Procedures. 35 Billiard rod. 36 Before 41 Evergreen tree, 42 Costly 43 Portal. 45 Aurora. 47 Tiny 50 To regret 53 Afternoon. 54 Seventh note, 55 Mountain. 56 Northeast. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS Tokio Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Whitmorris and , little son returned to their home at " Preicott after making the peach harvest here. H. R Holt was a business visitor to "Washington Wednesday morning. Olin Daniel was a business visitor Sell It! Find It! Rent Itl Buy KJ in the Hope Star Market Place Remember, the mbre you tell, (be quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30o for consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3&c line, min. $2.W (Average 5% words to the Una) NOTE—Want ads will he accepted with the understanding that the bill la payable on presentation of statement, before tha first publication. Phone 768 Expert Piano Tuning E. B. Hendricks, tuner for Henderson College (1915-34), and for nearly all local music teachers, is again in Hope. Have him tune your piano. His workmanship is always best is always guaranteed. Phone 634. Screen doors-Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. WANTED WANTED—Will share expense for ride for two to Chicago. See Steven Bader or Ralph Owen. 16-3tp ' FOR RENT to Nashville Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank May and daughter of Memphis visited relatives here Monday. Mrs. J. T. Warren and daughter, Miss Irene, were shopping in Hope Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Nance are visiting relatives in Prescott this week. Mr. and Mrs. Glair Nance of Okalona are visiting here now. Henry Lachley was a Nashville visitor Wednesday. S. W. Pool of Bingen was a business visitor to Tokio Tuesday. Astronomers estimate that the temperature on Mars registers 50 degrees Fahrenheat at noon and drops to 40 below at midnight. Markets Cotton showed declines Saturday of 75 cents per bale, New York October closing at 13.06. November closed at 13,26; January 13.40-41; and March at 13.47. Little Rock Produce Hens, heavy breeds, Ib 7 to 8c Hens, Leghorn breeds, Ib 6 to 7c Broilers, per Ib .- 10 to 13c Roosters, per Ib 3 to 4c Eggs, candled, per doz.-— 14 to 16c DINGS Furnished rooms. Apply 702 South Elm. 1 tc. FOR RENT—An attractive modern furnished apartment for rent. Call 178. 14-ltp FOR RENT—Five-room house, newly-papered, at Gateway Park, $10 a . month. Phone 1638-4. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. 14-3tc FOR RENT—Five room apartment, furnished, garage; in my residence. J. A. Sullivan. ll-7tp Southern Association Clubs- Won Lost Pet. New Orleans 35 13 .729 Chatlanoga 25 19 .568 Memphis 25 25 .500 Nashville 22 24 .478 Knoxville 21 23 .417 Atlanta 22 28 .440 Birmingham 10 27 .413 ittle Rock 18 28 .331 National League Clubs— Won Lost Pet, New York 73 41 .640 Chicago 67 46 .593 St. Louis 66 46 .585 Boston 57 55 .50t Pittsburgh 54 57 .486 Brooklyn 47 63 .421 Philadelphia 44 67 .39f Cincinnati 40 73 .35-1 American League Detroit - 74 FOR SALE FOR SALE—Six-week-old male police pup, f5. Mrs. R. O. Bridewell. 800 bales Johnson grass hay. Floyd Porterfield. Phone 101. 3tc. Used parts for 1 all cars. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. 16-26t ' Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. Used cars bought and sold. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. 16-26t. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. LOST LOST—German Police dog, answers to Bin Tin. Reward for return. Mrs Hattie A. West. 13-3t LOST—Between Geo. Williams store and A. G. Martin's a grip of women's clothes. Reward of ?3.00 to the finder. Ellis Williams. New York .... Cleveland Boston Washington . St. Louis Philadelphia Chicago 68 58 61 51 . 48 45 39 39 44 51 54 59 60 62 75 FRIDAY'S RESULTS Southern Assocation Atlanta 5, Little Rock 4. Nashville-Memphis, postponed, rain New Orleans 10, Chattanooga 0. Knoxville 4, Birmingham 1. National League New York 7-8, Pittsburgh 3-3. Brooklyn 12, Cincinnati 4. Boston 5, Chicago 2. St. Louis 12, Philadelphia 2. American League Cleveland 3-0, Washington 4-1. Chicago 8-3, Philadelphia 9-2. Detroit 0-2, New York 5-0. St. Louis 0-5, Boston 6-2. elson-Huckins LAUNDRY Wash Suite Properly Laundered SO PHONE 8 SWELL, TH£ TH-LTWEN\ 1 ^f-.™ ' -\ -Tvpy THEM fcS fv\Y GUESTS TON!<3WTTOtt M- THE HOTEL / / ^O •PUT THEV MUST BE J TW HEAVY WEARY OF HOT L c r.. T5O<bS SHC7T, AM fX -DCSZEM \N MY n SCENET I GOT TH" HELMET 6066LH& 7l_/l_ir»» i 11 i-—/ BUT I HAVE TO HIT TH' BALL, FOP IT TAKES ALL OF MV T'ME -TO PROVE VOU GOT IT ALL Eri I I THINK. IF VOU PUT DOWN TH' TIME )T TAKES U TO MAKE OUT A TIME CARD ON THIRJV JOBS, THEY'LL CUT OUT TIME CARDS, SO VOU CAM PO FORTY JOBS. OH, DAVE / PUT DOWN EIGHT . FEfcTHEM.AM 1 ONE PER YOU— THEV <3OT TH' EIGHT, BUT SEE IF YOU'LL GET TH'ONE •^ fe !f^f O »934 ev HCA senvicx INC A TIME FOR EVERYTHING BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Plenty Sore! • 8-11 _T_ M nEG, U. S .PAT.J Sy MARTIN BUT,OH AM SO WORRVtOl VOUAT _ . _ ABOUT VMM I VOOVLY. WE | DO?1M 6O1M6 DO? — OOVi'T ^ -•'.'. "WW I <bOMtTV\\W6 ? VOU DON'T 1U. TE.U- VOO ONE HOW ( . OHHH , «&'€. GOIMfr TO "&B / V^iVi \ OP'-VXt OP ^V ALLEY OOP One False Move and—? By HAMLIN HOYKAWOW , AN' HOWDEDOOJ NOW WHAT TH' HECK AM I GONNA DO/ WELL KNOCK X ME FLAT/ WHADYA KNOW ABOUT TMAT'f IT IMITATES EVERY MOVE ) (MAKE/ ESCAPE FROM /••> THIS, SOME BRAINS •T'W/LL TAKE/ 1934 BY NLA Stf'VICF, INC T M "lltG. U S PAT. Of?. _ WASH TUBES Noise Instead of Noise! By CRANE ' vou TELL THAT SOUR-FACED, OLD\ PLEASE, PLEASE, CAPTAIN. MR. \ t 4,ooo PKKLF: TO KILL HIS OWN FROGS. /BoARDMAN'S USED TO HAVING HIS \ GEE WIZ.' I'LL BU HAMQEP IF | 6ET OUT O 1 7oWW WAV. HE CAN'T SLEEP. HE'S / ^~BED AMD , ,/ < ORDERED US TO SHOOT EVS3V / ' x V ^ , PROG ON THE LAKE. ' MORESHELLS! ( HOLD OW! STOP ) WHAT'S \ MR. BoARDMAM ) HE; COULDM-TSLEEP^ SEWD A PLANE V THE SHOOTING./ TH 1 CAM'T SLEEP. /ANVWAV AFTEF? MORESHELLS^T rs r-f^i MATTER,y FOR THE NOW? / SHOOTIN6. WOT HE WEEPS ISA POI4BIMTHE HOSE, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS 3 BLAMING — OVER ON 3RK, NEAR'S I CAM FIGURED BURNING RIGHT DOWN JO RIVER'S EDGE / Little Do They Know! / WAITJ i SEE A CAMP.,, SOME- By BLOSSER IT CAH'V SPREAD, THOUGH, UNLESS THE WIND CARRIES SPARKS ] W° USE . ACROSS THE ^ WATER .' /^ /BOUT IT, THEN, RANGER BODY'S BEEN THERE... AND THS FIRE'S GETTING TO IT.'..THERE GOES THE TENT.' GET BERT TANLGY ON THE PHONE....ASK HIM WHO'S BEEN CAMPING , BERT SAYS TWO BOYS AND CHARLIE SHONTASSE" HAVE BEEN STAYIN 1 THERE .' I'M AFRAID WE CANT HELP THEM,NOW...THAT FIRE HAS ABSOLUTELY V^ GUTTED EVERYTHING- / V;'. /^JD,UNDERNEATH Tl4E WATERS OF THE RUSHING STREAM,ARE FRECKLES, MUTTr' AND THEIR INDIAN GUIDE, BREATHING THROUGH HOLLOW WEEDS, THEIR 5LEHDER THREAD OF UIFE r M HL<j u '. PAT OFF /i<V^< rt 8~i?- -t"^ \M 1334 Or Ht»_SCRVICf. INC Ull£l-'_. IS 1 -. THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) The Nickel Nurser! ;XEW'D BELTTEQ KEEP \ \WAL,VF HE AN EYE ON THET CITY | CATCHES THET DE.TECTWE MRS. VAN SWANKTOH BROUGHT/ TOO, BECAUSE. I DOWN HEDE-HE"5i / I'M RIGHT ON iGOtN' T'SHOW VOU / HIS TPA»L-HE'?, \V» | up.iiD y THE POST-OFFICE. NOW \T'D KIND Or" SUCPPtSE VA T'KUOW THAT HE'S DOWN A THE DEPOT HOW VU D\D HE GET DOWN THEQE'? i GUST <5AW HIM GO IMTO THE PUST-OFFICE. VtAH,BUT WHO'S FCIEND-GO DOWN ' TO THE DEPOT, \ MVCKEL. AUD IF HE'S THECE, L PHONE: 1 ? PHONEME. By COWAN "7^ VLU TEtL YE-IF HE'S Ti-£V3E YOU ( CALL ME AT EXACTLY THREE O'CLOCK I AUO t VMOKT AVJSWEO- THEH yOU'U- l GET YOUD N\CKEL BACK AWD VNE V ...~.,~- N ^THEO OF US BE OUT ANYTHIN'f li ••?'» :««•'.•'•'• id i

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