Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 10, 1952 · Page 21
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 21

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1952
Page 21
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STAR/ H0f'l>< ARKANSAS- A0 RATfiS 400 18.00 3,70 'CM ».W 1.00 8,00 16.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Itffi* » % ,. H>HM 700 per (nek II •.»«.,»,»»»•,., Mo par Inch , Me per Inch •toovt «ra Mr «t* !& k r **'_ ( * r ^ "*'/** teWMtw ._ until I pw. tof Wtowliw itoy,. . Of ffWfff iueh et worn Will ftttt bd Hi i Won* Ad» 7.3431 IPESTAR W»» F(«N 1*17 H, '-'•', Huejn, kiKiiSEr •I tMMHl «!«>• m*(»«» •• 0*N« •)' H»«»i ArNtitM*! Art tf M»rtV I, Utf, •«»••« if ifan fatu (poyobli lr> < M** 19*00 „.,..>„,,,,,)„„,.,,,ri.i,.., 2.60 4»HM. * 4 BO wen" ~ TT,", it..M»M»l,».,l>ll« 1)10 r*m«i •**;«££ IT, « w»H oi jMI Af ftW lm> ' Hi MW» n W«l 01 U Help WonUd ^i;.^,.,,,.,.,,. ,,V-»—~^...~—»^. \ Cafe wilt jjfty a i phw tn««t» S«o Mm. Cnn-oll, ' ?-flt Wanted •rUnctd,w»ttr«M. Good |M MM, Carroll, DU- i»« tal . ol 84U< Lake City, »-J Uw !* PJ»»M«M at ^jChnpei. Leaving July For Salt MU 100 PIAN08 Kim St. HOPS. |78, to ttop 203 B. 17-1 m NICE ^ room homo on double lot on JE*M 8td Rtrml. n»*»«nnble price, Wfit« U W, Sparks, Box otob«, New M»xk«, or call the 4th or ftth of July, 30-121 ft ROOM modern hmiw with Ban- dlK ftulomni'ff wnnher. 710 Artnli-, KT30 down nnd H««ume monthly p»ym«ftU of W»,»8, 4 Iota 100 H 200, HoMton Hood. ',< mllr from Tnl-J!-Tcx. $800. Monroe Oranl, 710 Adnlr. n-Ot 0f)i, $7fl up. MtitAllon Mink, 13,1 lip. Vulaht Farm*. Uinlnt, Wl« •"•Atlsntfl, Texan. 0-151 Real Ettote for Sole TWO bedroom homo, hardwood floor*, venotlnn blind*. 01 by H2 lot, on pwvoMK'tU, mivill down payment, bntanct! f.1.1 p"r month, J02 South Spinet) FIVE room hiimn, hardwood floor* Venetian Winds, HUH rimli and (•flume 01 twin, total monthly payment, $a/i, i,ocnt<rd on p.ivo- mwnl «t ItW) .South Mpmct>. SIX room homo with three bod- room*, iriodyrn throuuhoitt und okiK« In, nevni'dl I«IH« Nhndc* i, 102 fool frotitnup on pnvn »H AOo Ktttt Tlilrit bodroom homo with nttlc vc'titlliitlon, vcnu-Uiin blind*, Imrtl wood floorn, unrn#ti, 117 Ijy 100 lot buy ftiuity ond nimumo KJIA Joiin, 1410 South I'liui FIVE MM.irn home on cornor lot, ncroitrt road from Hrookwood ^chool, .ofji pnvemcnt nnd cioxo III, btty tKjuUy nnd nsmimc F'HA loun, monthly pnymcntM of J34.QI, FOSTKIl — KU.1S lleiil KHUiU', InsiiniiK'c, I,onn» KW R«Kl Hccottil J'hono V-'JUUS II. 5t IAUI- nnd inn'oiid nnml Sl.un yard. Oruvel iivnltnl)l«. Kuy tlnmmoni Phono 7-ad50. J8.1M office from Citn-lKon Hulklin« to iho (ouclh floor of tho Firm NttUroinl Bunk LUilldliiu, Hoornit 400, Hopo, Arkonnnn. 7-ot Services Offered BABY ttlUInu tUuui at vny home, Nellie lli-ooki, Dial 7-443(1 ' Regulars vs. Daingerfield Friday Night ^ * •!,..«.• ' IIP' . Tho Hop« IU«Kul«r« will ploy th Blngorfloia (Tesiu) team ut llop City jjnt'k At 8:80 p.in, Friday. ThU pryml»e» to be one of tho *oh*onii' bout HiirnoH RH both Unnu are in top *hupe, Tho Hojjultu's Ihun fnr hnvo racked up 13 victories nyninit 3 Political Announcements TIM Star li •uthorlttd to •Biteunc* th«t UM following »r« candkttto* for public office tutyflct to the action of lh« Dtmooratte primary •J*ctlon»: for Tax AHtMer CRIT STUAJIT •for Circuit Cl«rh . dAKRjerr 8, A. (Spoedjr WILLIS HUtSON RepraienUtlv* TALBOT FEILD. JR. For County Jutfoa CLAUD H. BUTTON U. O, CMimKTT A. t.UCK for Sheriff C. COOK For Aldarmtn Ward 1 JOI5 BIUTT R. C, (Hob) DANIELS JOIi JONES for Aldorm*n Ward t FRED JOHNSON DWIOHT HIDOD1LL PAUL ha* driven In five run* hi each of (hrao day*. Mu*l*l. of courte, ha« fnaln- t»lni»d hl« steady, l«acu«*)«»dlng M3 pace and Peanut* I-owrey. Rf-'l St'hwndlcrut, Solly Hcmut, I>1 Rice and Dick SUler have gin, launching a It-gam* home] (land tonfgttt with the St. LouU Brown* a* th* flrrt of four WestM trn opponent*. The White Sox en-! gage the Senator* In Washington, the Indian* are the guest* of the Alhk'tlci! in Philadelphia and the vrmtributffd their *hfare to the "«' s " x "re hosts to Detroit ln| team'* recent »uece*«. Al Brazl' Boston. Hope Rolls Over Tomics bylOtol New Orleans Whips Dixie All-Stars With the help of Gary Anderson's' lias supplied the Southern Associa- • hittmg, (ou Kilagnmo's (or five, and Manager homer In the top of Thu«d*y,J4,ly, 10, Mil, 1 v A f Modljpa, who grew up Oft He Orleans baseball, had trouble Wi control and the first two fn«ft face him — shortstop Galr and catcher Jack Paepke — dre walks. Plnchhitter Francis Holter an — appearing for 1 th^ time in the game by special per mission — tried to sacrlftc* a wound up on first v/fth no tn«» rnourxl. While the CiirdK nre to mnke n three-team offnlr of the Nntlorml Ujigue rnc«>, the Amcri f . M , n „ «an continue* to resemble a fox ,! rinat i hunt with Cleveland, Wanhlngton,; Roeton »nd Chicago chasing: thri N*'w Vork Yankee*. The White Swx nhowcd xpeod of fool during the pnsl week to move Into the run nt-r-up »i»ot. three games behind the Vankco*. Th^ Indlnnx, Seno- U.r.« :>IK| fled Sox nr«> not fnr bt- lilrid. The Vnnkeoa fnee art opportunity incrcaiio th<?lr flr»l-plocc mar- Chicago, the Giants tackle Pitts-! lhe *cvcru:i. the Hope Legionnaires burgh in their rond opener andj coasted to a 10-to-I victory over the Card* engage the revived; thu Rl -'d, River 'Tomics nt Texar- Phiilie*. The Briives and Rcdni kana Wednesday night. two-game nerlcs In Cln- Hope Juniors in Texorkona Game to TVio Hope Junior bnoebull team trnveled to Texarknna today for n Kiiino Mchcduled at 3 o'clock. David CJrlffln wns to pitch for the luc.ila. Edgcl Nix went all the way on the mound for Hope. Purtlc was the losing pitcher. He gave tip 13 hits and 3 walks; Nix yielded It hits nrid 3 walks. The Legionnaires will play the Hot Springs Eafiles here at 8 p.m. Friday. Uanz Stevens will hurl for the lucals. I Helium was discovered in specto- ] scopic studies uf tho sun before it I wns found on earth. surprises all season and the latest eye-opening event — a 4-3 decision over the league all-stars hist night — just follows naturally. But the way the Pelicans won the 11-innins game caused a few of the more sensitive eyebrows to slip up a notch. H took a New Orleans-reared pitcher to bring the Pelicans their first all-star victory — and that pitcher plays for Nashville. Tho early mixture of walks, errors arid a tew scattered hits brought a 3-3 deadlock in the sixth and it lusted until the bottom of the I Hh. when Nashville right hander Pete Modica took over p.'tch.ins chores for the all-stars. out. The next two men popped out t infielders and Modica started Felipe Montemayor with the base loaded and two out. Montemayo wprked the count to and two strikes before drawing walk and forcing home the winninj run. Each team got only seven hits with four of the all-stars' comin after they had finished scoring. Walks and errors did more da nge than hits throughout the som times-dull contest. Sicily supplied most of the wqr- Id's sulphur for centuries. Tusmtmliv W«B fli'nt dincovennt when two Dutch ship* undtu- Capt, Ab«l Tntunun wcro driven onto Uw cunvt by KaluH In lt)4!i. MaU Help Wanted South IlOl Bovitr- uie Wt vvctt PIPE WELDERS Must hove passed Certified Pipe Test, and hove refinery; powerhouse, booster station, etc. Welders experience. $2.75 per hdur, 54-hour workweek. $167.75. PIPE FITTERS Must have 5 years experience in refinery and powerhouse piping. New construction. $2.75 per hour, 544w»ur work $16775, Long Job, ->&. Savannah River Plant Augusta, Georgia For Aldermen Ward I B. L. ItKTTIO Stale TOM J, DR. £. C, CHOW Chancellor (Pint Division. Oth Dlitrlct) WE8MSY hpWAnD A, P. STKKI., For Congron OflKN IIAHHIS Next 2 Weeks Anxious Ones for Cards By JOE REICHLEft AP 8porU Writer Tho iK-xl two wi'i-l(s shc)iil<l d'f- cklt- t)u> ftilt* n( (•'ddy Stnnky'.s St. I.UlllH C'lll'lllllllls Bi'«lni)in« lonliiht, tho n-d-hot tnkc on l'lillii(lcl|)hi:i, und Now York In succes- dlon before i-Josliut wti their lu>nn- stny with Hoston In nn U-KIIHII> fctmul nKnlnjtl tho Kastcrn cities, t)y tlum, the slxy.llni; Cnrds mny olthrr hiivc blown n fviso or hnvu fsttibllohfd thonisflvoii «» a solid pnnnunt thrvat tin an even fnotlnu With the Dodiiorit und Giiuits. C'urrontlv tho holti-st olub in tin- Nutioniil I.oiiHiif, tin- Curds nit- 'iltUnn high on n nlne-8iinu< win- nlUB stidnk with l« trluinpha in their lust 22 K<liin<ii. Wallowing In Iho si'coiul division n month ago, the RedblrrlN Imvo pu.shod Into third place. 0> a it'ameit behind Biooklyn. Stanky, thutiith well nwure of Iho Dodgers' heallhy 13-goine cd«u on the d<H'l»|v« defeat »Mn of the NlaiullntfM,, ruftite* In cmteedo ni Ihlns to Brooklyn nnd N«w York. | "We've sitill Rtit nn outside chance for tho pennant." he nnid. "wVr«> going «oud right now. Thoro U no I-CUHOU why we nhouldn't continue. We picked up lour game* on tho Dodtfors in « lit- lie over a week, And we're going to pifk up more ground. This race Isn't over by n long shot." Stunky'jt optimum was bnsod on tlu- fact that hlx tuain has shown It can boat the Dodgurn. Tho Card:; hold a fl-5 niuriiln over the U>agui< l«adei'(S, Only J4»e Giants have an advantaiit* over them, thai by the riarruw 7-0,edge. The Curds' suiUlcn KiirKo has U't'U H icsmi affair with nearly all regular!) sharing tho credit. Hut the man most responsible, even iv.ore so than St;m (The Man) Mu i*ial. hax been Kn«s (Cvxuttry) Slaughter. The Sfi-sear-old warhorse, who refuses to bow to age, is enjoying one of his best sea- MM1S, Tho fourth leading hitter in the league with ,S14, old ('wintry luii buen vi:iin» his but with devastal- l«8 cffuct iu tho past two weeks.! He's driven in nearly half of his 49 runs during that time und he Cott«n Statti L.««gue W L .Merutian mi 30 Nutche* 4U 34 Monroe 41 37 Green wixKt 41 S7 Pint} Bluff 40 aa El Durudu 39 40 Mot Sjoinjss au 4t tinteiwille 29 51 l.asi uijiht's results: El Darad0 B Monroe 3 Pine Mlulf 1 Hot Spams 0 Meridiun <j Natchez 1 Qreemwod H "Greenville S Tot>U;!u's games: Pine 8Ki(( at Hoi Springs El DwiKlo at Monroe QreoavUle at Greenwood MvrWiun at Kutchex Pet .am .575 .526. ,m "363! Big Semi-Annunl price reductions in all deparfmentsl 81 Inch Seamless UNBLEACHED SHEETING 50c yd. Compare! CHILDREN'S SUMMER DRESSES REDUCED FOR SATURDAY SELLING 60 Double Bed Size CHENILLE BEDSPREADS MEN'S FAST COLOR SKIP DENT SPORT SHIRTS .49 84 K 90 Cotton MARQUISJETTE PRiSCILLA cu FRIDAY WILL BE REMNANT DAY AT PENNEY'S LARGE TABLE — SUMMER DRESS MATERIAL 50c yd. Reduced^ LADIES SUMMER DRESSES REDUCED SEE THEM Special — Large Size FOAM RUBBER Compare! ea. ALL LADIES SUMMER HATS $1.00 Reduced MEN'S PRINTED PLISSE CREPE SPORT SHIRTS .49 Reduced LADIES SUMMER BLOUSES REDUCED $1.00 - $150 39 INCH RAYON DRESS MATERIAL Sorority Print A SPECIAL BUY! COTTON BROADCLOTH and RAYON SATIN BRASSIERES 50c ea. 32 to 38 ONLY A FEW PAIR MEN'S SUMMER SHOES $5.00 LADliS SUMMER PURSES $LOO MEN'S SUMMER DRESS STRAW HATS $1.00 - $2.00 SPECIAL PURCHASE — MEN'S SPORT SOCKS 100% Smw Nylon COMPARE MENS FULL CUT SANFORIZED SHRUNK Blue Chambray WORK SHIRTS 14 to 17 SPECIAL PURCHASE MEN'S RAYON TROPICAL PANTS $3.98 28 to 42 MEN'S RAYON SPORT COATS $8.00 MUST SELL NOW CHOICE OF STOCK MEN'S RAYON SUMMER SUITS HOM STAR. HOM. ARKANSAS July 10, 1952 PEALLV * WHAT OlO I DO tODAV THAT MAKES >CXJ SO HAPPY? VCU ARE ABOUT TO fflVE M€ gNOUCH BLIYA BATHING SUiT NO CWV GOES BY THAT I OOrT HAVE TO "THANK: CWPUNG, I'M UICKV WtXAN TO MAVt A HUSBAMO LIKE VOU-SOKIND ANOSOCONStDEfPATE •v J, R, WilllaiMt OUT OUR WAY Answer to previous Puzzle AITIS MOT «O PAST/ t WHUT ? TAKIN Time and Tide WHO WANT* A CHAT WITH VOUTWO/ HAMP? CCMT LEARM HORIZONTAL 1 Period of tirae " lokling . „ 8 Longer time > Soviet nver neriod 4 Narrow ;•{?!£»«.. two-edged 12 Taj Mahal site swords in India BU Brazilian • macaw 14 Iroquoian 5 Short barbs 6 Exist 7 Island in the Pacific 8 Pine' 9 Sea eagle river 25 Phial 41 Beast of 26 Graf ted (her.) burden 28 Lampreys • • 42 Lame 29 Naughty child 43 Mountain 30 Wagers (comb, form) 32 Stations (ab.) 44 Swerve 35 Passage in the 46 Unclosed 17 Emmets .. 18 Legal offense , „ 2(0 Top of'a wave 21 Oriental ooojf, 4 Each 22 Gift cart 23 Pseudonym of 36 Serious jjtii v f*hai*lftc T ntt^li ^Jir-j-irti^v. 8 Receding tide ChailesLamb 1 Containers 2 Slender : 3 Before 34 Burmese wood sprite 35 Genus of shrubs 36 Lath 37 Malt drink 38 Light brown WASH TUBES 47 Nostril 48 Wild plum 50 Indonesian of Mindanao 51 Put on JT<S QUITE (SPBQUMB, 7»Uf HOWU THBV KNOW <K cotiicTOR m we KFTtRVOUR «T R^DIOOIJ I MWONGED TO WM3H. PROVIDES THBl WUMf TURNED PMMT«.. 39 Golf device 40 Approaches 24 Sicilian volcano PROPER WMOePHEREVPfc W«BR6 TO PIMO Wll? . KOOMTI,,-HB'*OM / OIJ THE SBtBCnOM COMttlTTBiOP UBfeV A Bid MUSEUM. HOWWT rWW THBVU WMIt A FEW WM~J *C FOR OlSPLMIUfi WORK TO MM WU5EUM IM TH' VILLAGE FOR YOU, MR.MckEB. >» PICTURE PBMER5, PRIMER. NOW T^KB WE TO A HOTEL IN WE1CSH80R- HOOP1 39 Trials 40Cuddler Wim Ma)or Hooplo OUR BOARDING HOUSE ..£42 Flit Ins Citrus fruits / LET GO/ frAAT -iSrJ'T A 6EET ,ft Scope > SO Girl's name 82 Gem 33 Sidelong look 34 Male cat , .% /-TOLD YOU HE t€ST HIS TEETH •v Idgar Marrin BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES • 'emperor : $6 Rocky ; pinnacles 37 Collection of sayings Dirk VERTICAL ITlme indicator . E5P£CIALLY At-iV VOlVGtS a WN Dick Tvraot UNNIMG PRESIDENT IS OKAV.OKAV/ TH«R CBMT* worm or JBULY AN' B0 TH»Y'«B 9UACK POWN, CICERO/ BU4SVWHBRB YOU KNOW,' MONBY<* GOOP HBR*/ WiSTf •y Honhborfor FUNNY BUSINESS CONTROL POOM , r ,, / •y V. ?, H«p - ALLEY OOP SHE CAME,OH,HISH- ^ YES,COUNSELOR, I 6EEKIN6'A-» /AM...THATA KINQ OF0HEBA1 /OF3HEBA 18 NOT THERE IT 10. JUffU START MAWN' WITH LIKE I KNEW.' /TH'SWITCHES,DOC.. OOOUA'S BIT [ WE'KE fiONNA OFF MORt'N V GO PUU. HER OUTA 6HECAN «fV TH'SOUP.' CHEW/ -You have no idea how proud it makes roe to know that •omeone in the housejias the nerve to talk •y GcJbralth ' n i n 11 11 C.»i. HJll, MUJ,r.Ut. IM. ' I'M Ml |- - --v x "Co ahead—he's fitted!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS iy CHRIS WILKIN, Ploneteer TMB BARTHAWN DA - J |p "" ^ ASWT r*r% S *n ic uirNrti c ft MIDDLE Of UUV I'D KIO HIT OTMtR. Ohie WITH A ••/' S \\ Til

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