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Hullin Shuts Out Browns Without a Safe Hit ENTERS THE HALL AME riRST GAME MERELY AN EXCERCISE GALLOP IMMORTALS EOR TIGER SLUGGERS BOAT CLUB OARSMEN ANVIL IS BACK IN RACING ORM IN RONT and Wi hit I THE TIGERS (ii TOLD ABOUT Continued on ELMORE CLUB Here WISCONSIN LEAGUE AB 0 0 Give it the test of taste 3 3 2 3 0 3 7 3 3 2 27 9 Totals Is SB AB park 0 3 GAMES CASS CLUB WANTS 3 3 2 for Next 3 13 0 In ninth inning Date is good enough to stand such a test OR ONLY TWO AVORITES WIN Men and Women against Walter ex PHONE Ben West 1AEO Home City lUuO BE? ujtable not weather HITS KD haSKR bit and 6 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 team this requested TR 0 SH 0 0 0 7 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 t) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 1 0 0 0 0 I oooooo 0 0 the nag the 4 3 SCOREBOARD AT ARMORY Menominee Menominee 1 Mari aeoond on the throw on Crawford but cut the ball off and TB 0 At nette 7 At Marinette 3 Menomi nee 1 At Gladstone Escanaba 2 Gladstone! At Escanaba Escanaba 0 Gladstou' 4 K's trounced the strong Seldens by the score of 4 to 1 in a fast game Bolton Newton and McBroom played brilliantly for the K's Shotten Jantzen Kutina 1 Pratt Iaporte 2 Austin 3 Hogan I Compton 1 Stephens Adams Hamilton Mitchell pStovall 37 7 14 16 ST LOUIS 11 0 0 0 Elmorea 1 Dennetts 3 BONNETTS catching aided Detroit to tnoro tallies Vitt opened the game with and Bush walked bounder hit Laporte In the a hit nasty groin and laid him out temporarily aw well as giving the Peach a hit and filling the bases Sam came through with a safety that produc ed a couple of runs and sent Ty to third the Peach hesitating long enough at second to draw a throw to that base and then hastening to urawford Delahanty threw Cobb very close and Dela Krlchsll to Page 13 Column SH SB 0 Out of town orders $1QQ extra for bottles and case $100 refunded upon their return MAUMEE GEORGE CELEBRATES HIS BIRTHDAY IN BECOMING STYLE NO HIT GAMES IN THE AMERICAN Mullin's no hit game yesterday afternoon Is the fifteenth perform ance of the sort recorded in Ban Johnson's league wince the birth of the circuit George his the honor of being th first Detroit pitcher ever to hang op a record of this sort in the mgjor leagues The local club 'has figured in three other no bit battlee but al ways had been on the wrong aide on previous occasions Galvin of Buffalo shut Detroit exit without a hit on Aug 4 1114 this city being al that tithe in the National league More than eight years pMd before another pitcher achieved Immortality at the expense of the City of the Straits athletes Jim my Callahan being the next man to do It James put the work on the Tigers on September 20 1Hat Chicago Three years later rank Smith held the Jungaleera hitless fur nine Innings at Bennett park this being on September 1965 COBB GIVES GREAT EXHIBITION BATTING AND BASE RUNNING Electrical Device Shows Every Play Made in Ball Games Beginning this afternoon a new elec trical scoreboard will be put in opera tion in the Light Guard armory for the benefit of fans who wish to follow the fortunes of the Tigers on the road Ac cording to eldman who Is pro moting the enterprise the board Is a big improvement over anything previ ously peen here The flights of the ball the progress of base runners and fielders the umpires' decision and everything else pertaining to the game are shown clearly by an Ingenious method of using colored lights It is claimed tor tne aavice mat the next best thing to occupying grandstand seat at me can You will be so charmed with its rich malty flavor that you will want to keep your home refrig erator well stocked no run record but until yesterday was unable to do so He has come close several times 'having numer ous fine performances to his credit but somebody always has managed to break through his defense and things About as close as George ever came prior to yesterday was in the opening game of the 1909 season here when he held the White Sox to a single hit this being made by Cravath now with the Phila delphia club of the National league The solitary safety wag a fly that sailed Just over head and struck too far in for the outfield ers to handle it In Washington this season Mul un nitcnpii nneiv Johnson holding the Nationals to three hits and shutting them out 2 to 0 George came to the Tigers in 1902 from the ort Wayne club then in the Western association and has served here continuously ever since lie led the American league pitchers in 1908 and has been well up toward the top al most every season since settling here Not a Tiger struck out in the second game and only three in the first Less than 10000 persons attended the two games the count In the morning being 4 218 and in the afternoon 5760 Cobb had six hits in seven times atbat for hla work Three of them were scratchy but all were legitimate our of the Jungaleers were hit by pitched balls in the course of the day three in the morning and one in the after noon The Tigers left last night for Chicago where they will start a three game senes this afternoon ront Chicago they move over to the Atlantic coast opening up in New York on Tuesday Adams the first pitcher to appear for the Browns in the afternoon is a scream at bat He goes through more contortions than Creatore but doesn't seem to be able to squirm his way into any hits Bobby Wallace the veteran shortstop of the Browns was not in either game Pratt has been shifted to the Scot's old berth where he seem to be very well placed He had a bad error In each of yesterday's games Bert Shotten the St Louis middle gar dener is said by some of the Tigers to be the fastest man in baseball in traveling to the initial eack He is likely to beat out any slow hit ball on the Infield Run' Willett disappointed the folks who expected to see him club fhe ball over the boundaries two or three times UHa only hit was a looper that fell almost on the right field foul line He lammed one tly a mile out to contei field but Shotten was under it Shotten got three passes In four trips to the plate In Mullin's game and Jimmy Austin got the other two It was an ex cellent plan to hand the free tickets to these birds for both are fast that they are likely to convert anything Into a hit barring a fly that Is grabbed Bill Donovan Eddie Sunjmers and Del Gainer did not depart with the club Bill shortly is to start on a scouting trip Eddie will work out around the park to get in shape while Gainer expects shortly to undergo an operation for the relief of his weak arm Cobb got a hit In each game by bound ing the ball directly over Jimmy Austin's head On one occasion Pratt fielded the sphere back behind the line but didn't even attempt to throw the speedy Georgian out Stanage is entitled to a lot of credit for the manner in which he handled Mullin and helped him to get his no hit game Although Oscar must have suffered in tensely In tho broiling heal he used splen did Judgment and did the mechanical part of his work in perfect fashion Shotten got a very cheap stolen base in care of Ab the Tigers the good at that stage cause for denying the so within an ace of mak Austin'a district while moved up to second grounded to Pratt who I out at the plate on a play Moriarty fanned hantv was doubled up Austin MAUMEE GEORGE IS NUMBERED WITH the ninth inning of the final game being allowed to walk down because everybody was intent on seeing that the batsman was property is Ken were seven runs to there was no real visitors a theft or The Tltzurs rams Ing their second triple play of the season In the second inning of the afternoon game Laporte got a life on er ror to start the round and Austin walked In trying to sacrifice Hogan bunted a fly 1 into Mullin's hands George threw to Mo riarty to get Austin and Morris pegged to second to nail Laporte Umpire Sheridan ruled that Austin had got back safely but called Laporte out TIGER WILDNESS HELPS RATHER than HINDERS HIS WORK Hudsons Have Open Date The Hudson team has an open date for Sunday and would like to hear from some uniformed team for Sunday morning Call Grand 2 11 after 7 or call Hudson's and ask for Leverton or reached first on fumble hot liner to Pratt ATERNOON GAME DETROIT Lanln? Mich July Get away day at the local racing meet saw the favorites win most of the money In three of the (our events the expected happened During the course of the day the season's rec ord for the mile in an actual race was broken by Gold Seal In the first heat of the 2:06 pace Jim Logan the eventual winner was the favor ite but the ort Wayne horse Jumped into the lead at the start and never was headed Her time for the mile was 2:05 1 2 which also tied the exhibition record of Alcy fras over the same course Jim Lo gan had a had start but forced Gold aeai ij ureaK in ins stretch juogea ruling tnat tne Kerr was across the wiry before break occurred 2:24 TROTTING PURSE SCO Queen Worthy by Axworthy (Murphy! Ixrd Guyton (Brady) Onward Todd (Dean) 2:15 2:11 2:06 PACING XK) Jim Iztgan by Charles Derby (Montgomery) Gold Seal ch (Kttr) King Daphne bik (Dean) Ruth Lx (Murphy) 2:09 TROTTING PURSE L00 Anvil by St Valient Vincent (Geers) Cheeny br (leming) air Mabkn (Dean) Swanee (Goodwin) 2:11 2:10 2:00 PACING PURSE JSOO Molly Darling by HaHon (Dean Early Thacker (Geem) Clara Paul (Pennock) anny Stanton br jDodge) Time 2 2 2:12 Wilkins 2 Stolen Bmjy Scrib ner Wnlan 2 Bueknell irst baee on Off Phillipa 2 Struck By Mey ers 17 by Phillips 6 Double A Wil aina (unastsica) era to a whisper Adams a young ster whose outline and movements resemble those of an eel started the game and was jerked after four innings in which time the Junga leers had made six hits and three runs Hamilton who cams next was very effective except tn the sixth when he got into a bad hole from which a double play extricated him Stovall took place at the bat In the elgth and had to send Mitchell to the front in the closing half of this inning He was the real cinch of the day be ing taken for six hits in the one period of his incumbency four runs resulting Leads Id Rutting Too Mullin was the leader In the bat ting as well as in the defensive work getting a hard double and two singles Louden and Cobb made three safeties each also Two of the were very scratchy but Injustice would have been done him had they been scored any other way than as safeties In one case Kutina fumbled a ground ball when he would have had nobody to throw to at first even nad ha llelded it cleanly while another time Ham ilton got the tips of his Angers on a high bounder but couldn't reach quite high enough to grasp it Shotten was passed to open the game and took second on sacrifice Neither Kutina nor Pratt nnuld hit the ball out of the in field Pratt fumbled bounder to open the game and Oscar stole sec ond after Bush had popped Cobb was safe when Stovall made a mess of his easy hopper Vitt advancing to third While Pratt was throwing out Crawford Vitt scored and the Georgian went all the way to third Austin made a nice stop of Dela hot smash and threw him out A double play that missed being a triple by Inches only got Mullin out of a hole in the second Lou den walked with one out In the Ti part and scored on ong double after Laporte had thrown out liner fling Only Rush nnd wounded by a pitched ball with none out in the third filling the bases Delahanty lifted a long fly to Shotten and Bush scored Cobb tried to go ail the way home from second after the catch and almost got away with It Stephens feiving nothing to spare in touching him out Moriarty skied to One Hound" Hogan Mitchell was pitching when the Tigers came up for their eighth and he proved the easiest sort of picking Singles by Cobb Craw ford Louden Stanage and Mullin with a double by Delahanty netted four runs and the Jungaleers might have gone on scoring Indefinitely but for a double play that resulted from hot liner to Pratt Vitt 3 Bush Cobh Crawford Delahanty lf Moriarty 1 Louden 3 htanage Mullen Chooses Anniversary of His Own and the Nationals' Ad vent as Proper Time to Break Into Hall of ame It was singularly appropriate that George Mullin should have pitched his no hlt no run game on his birthday The big slabman was just 29 years of age yesterday be ing born on July 4 1883 It Is commonly supposed by the fans that Mullin Is an antique this Im pression being gained from the fact that he has been with the Tigers for so many years This makes It seasons that George has worn the Uvery of the Detroit baseball club Ho Is the oldest man on the club In point of service but according to his own reckoning to which he is willing to take oath Is farfrom being the: daddy on the bunch tn years or lot Ever since coming Into the Amer ican league the hig fellow has been striving to hang up a po hlt after Lanorte had Standee Shotten got for thQ end ot the One Hun Scores Cobb hit and Sam was West Side Brewery Co LtcJ AVindsor Want Saturday Windsor Border league team has an open date Saturday July 6 Would like to hear from some fast city team Phone 168 Windsor or 681 Joe Renaud Good Trotter Steps ast Easily Beats ield in Lansing Event George Mullin Is irst Detroiter to Pitch No Hit Game THE DETROIT REE RIDAY JULY 5 1912 ED HAUSER CO On the Point Cor Michigan Lafayette Aves Buy Your Clothes in the the Best Way The Beer With the ine lavor Baumgardner Is a Mark and Brown a Very Slight Improvement Score Is 9 to 3 With Detroit Leading from Start to inish of Jousting a Suits to your order $20 to $50 IIBWAY CLOTHES SHOP iijcro was nuuitu yea tardav morning's game to excite the most emotional fans The Tigers took the lead in the first Inning and hold it to the last picking up a lot of superfluous runs along the way and improving their averages con siderably Idealizing hat the doings lacked that element of competition which lends flavor to a ball game Ty Cobb took it upon himself to throw in a few stunts that would help the fans to geu their worth The first added attraction contributed by the Peach was a home run with Bush on the buses It was one of the most peculiar circuit drives anybody ever made hut withal a perfectly legitimate and proper one Tyrus caught a fast one squarely on the proboscis and lifted it to the concrete wall In front of the righi field bleachers on the fly The ball hit the masonry so hard that It bounded back almost to second base and Shotten who was racing out toward the extreme regions of the park had to turn and set sail on a new tack Before the outfielder finally rnrnee Tv was far advanced on his journey th il was jcl ty throw home Dove bume Sprinting The next time up the Georgia) went all the way around the bases by (he stealing process Naturally he steal first base that be ing prohibited by the rules even when playing St Louts He was nicked by a pitched ball as a start on hla journey stole second and third without trouble and then fin ished up Jhe job by Jogging home when Moriarty drew a throw from Baumgardner to second George also being safe Jimmy Austin also broke Into the circle of those talked about with Pause Moment The Tigers paused a while but started the flailing maohkie again in the third Vitt inaugurated thia with a safety and was forced by Buffii who bunted too hard Then the Peach bant the concrete wall of the right field bleachers with his homer sending Ownie around ahead of him Sam whacked a two spot to left and scored on Moriarty's bing to right Delahanty having been hit meanwhile George tried so take to the plate Baumgardner GEORGE MULLIN Tiger veteran who let the St Louis Browns down without a run in yesterday game He passed' five men and one Passes ive Batsmen and the Other Gets Life on Rank Error Detroit Wins Both Battles Easily Morn ing Contest Is eatured by Work DetroitersJSweep the Schuylkill in Eight Oared Event of Pay Regatta at Philadelphia July ourth Special to The ree Press Philadelphia Pa July 4 The Detroit oarsmen contending agalmt the pick of the rowing talent of the east proved their merit this after noon by winning the senior eight oared shell event in the Peoples' regatta on the Schuylkill today Philadelphia oarsmen won seven of the 13 events Of these the Vespers carried off four firsts the Undine Barge club two and the Mal ta Boat club one In the inter mediate eight race New York was second tallying four wins and the Arundels of Baltimore carried off the senior four oared shell event while Detroit crew won first honors in the red letter event of the day A strong wind blowing directly up the course made fast time im possible and no records were brok en although all the races were hot ly contested With the exception of the strong breeze conditions were perfect and the big crowd of spectators which thronged every place of vantage had lots of opportunity to enthuse over the stirring spectacle as the crews swept down the Schuylkill to the finish line at the Columbia bridge Summary eight oar event: Senior eight oared shells Won by Detroit Detroit A Shaldin bow James 2 Ellis 3 Lundy 4 A Nar 5 Duffield 6 Lothrop 7 1 Hilton stroke arnsworth coxswain Second New York Ath letic club A Kenna bow Niewenhous 2 Dooley 3 Ta Spalding 4 Houston 5 Brady 6 Tracy 7 Kusche stroke: Scannell coxswain Third Vesper Engle box Gordon 2 IT Hag gerty 3 Lehm 4 A Graef 5 Debacske 6 Muller 7 Kelly stroke Koch coxswain Time 7:10 1 5 second 7:111 5 Base Ball DETROIT vs CHICAGO July 5 6 7 The greatest automatic electrical base ball game of the axe New and orlgtnaL Don't miss it As realistic and exciting as if you were on the ground Admis sion 15 and 25c Doors open 2:30 Pi jn Canton July 4 Dut two of the fa vorites were able to win In tho five events run off hre today In the Iike Erie cir cuit they being Mattie Allerton in the 2:16 trot aikl Dr Bowers In the 2:20 trot Gor don boy In the 2:14 pace and A In the 2:18 trot wero outsiders Summaries: 2:16 Mattle Allerton (Jamison) won Reuben WMtesox (Nuckols) second Brownie (Getty) third time 3:18 2:13 2:16 Nctrfb McEwen (Garth) won Lito Boy (llunel) second Dun (Nuck olfO third time 3:16 A (GUnell) won Dr Mack (Nuckols) second Zoe (Por ter) third Uine 2:19 2WU 2:14 Gordon Boy (Lee) won Lily Woolford (Jamison) second Mabel (Grwnvll) third time 2:14 2:15 2:20 Dr Bowers (Gormley) won: The Kentuckian (Conley) second Moella (McGrath) third time 2:19 rnrea more for which Mullin had an rMV would 1'1" in tneir nails suulrinecl ntlv 01 thelr cigars Probablvd utter a sound alrh? wy 'ha ooo'est person In Slit MuIlln himself As ho crls tt10 to face the bo calmly turned to the press to ns three fingers that thfflcUL soorer to Indicate hit ha(1 made three "th? fhel to this con ihSnsr1 safety In tje previous have Ven hl a lype that ml8ht fom hlm lf any" Msurredd atra tj? a point Going thtt'h Jwn an get three In the th sct work on Browneua1'll'ol1C man for the final tlflrSn t0 Mllln 11Aiorae 'nnlng )ifa 8whlo'h dn 1 them over for WsH as Ch' wa Just as tonc'edtd Ala Particular Brown Is In th? ibe about the fastest bse and euagl'e SoInS to firstort of Jplght have beater) any "rytblnir 8round balJ and spoiled Achieves the Goal of Every Ambition in Afternoon Tilt dL ourth of July Program Six St Louis Men Reach irst BV A BATCHELOIt WM than three weeks ago waiv er were asked on George Mul lin the Detroit club announcing that the big pitcher had outlived hit usefulness here and publicly of fered him for sale or exchange Today the entire baseball world Is congratulating George upon having attained that goal of every pitch ambition a no hit no run game Yesterday afternoon the veteran uf the Tiger band earned a place among the immortals who have held Clubs hitless for nine in nings or longer tho bt Louis rirowns being his victims by a 7 to core This was Detroit's second victory Of the day the morning game going Into tlfe grip by a to 3 count It might be contend ed by some that the Browns aren't really a Pall club and therefore the sensational feat Is somewhat dim med but to these qulbblers let It be said that among the baseball drelicits floating around Inlledges's Saragosso aea are several meh who are just as likely to thump suc cessfully as anybody living In fact having no worries about the resuts ot games and their stand Bl to spot Totals Batted for Hamilton Innings I 3 Detroit 1 1 St Louis 0 0 Off Adams 6 in 4 innings off Ham ilton 2 In 3 Innings off Mitchell 6 In 1 In ning At Against Adams 16 against Hamilton 9 against Mitchell 8 Two base Delahanty Mullin Struck By Mullin 5 (Kutina Pratt Hogan Adams Hamilton) by Adams 1 (Vitt) Bases on Off Mullin 5 (Shotka 3 Austin 2) off Adams 1 (Louden) off Hamilton 1 Bush) Double Mullin to Moriarty to Rush Shotten to praU to Stephens Stephens to Kutina to Stephens Pratt to Laporte irst base on Detroit 2 St Louis 1 Left on Detralt 6 St Louis 4 Hit with pitched By Ad ams 1 (Crawford 2: Dineen and Sheridan 3760 Beady to Book Contests Week Play Today Cass A club Is desirous of book ing games for every afternoon next week ormidable teams call Grand 319 (jess win play a strong local afternoon and ail players are to be on the job early Chicago vs De troit Sept 20 1904 Young Boston vs Athletics May 5 Tannehill Boston vs Chicago Aug 17 Dineen Boston vs Chicago Sept 37 Henley Athletics vi St Louis July 22 Pmlth Chicago vs Detroit Sept 6 Young Boston vs New York June 30 Rhoades Cleveland vs Boston Sept 13: Smith Chicago vs Ath letics Sept 20 Joss Cleve land vs Chicago Oct 2 1910 Joss Cleveland vs Chicago April 20 Bender Athleticsvs Cleveland May 12 1911 Wood Boston St Louis July 29 Walsh Chicago vs Boston Aug 27 Mullin Detroit vs St Louie July 4 (p m) Phone us for 3 free Prompt delivery An entire case of 24 bottles costs but $100 Drink 3 bottles and return balance of case if you are not entirely satisfied We will call for case and re turn your money Both bottled and draught Mundtu served tn all leading cafes In other words drink 3 bottles Then decide whether you want to Keep balance of case Bocrult Die Hani cruk Jantzen a re wlu which Ior a few hl job" i gct a firmer grip on ly and b7natzn vlgorous pfch to Irrepressible bnintng anotticr dandy Kutina tb? One eone: breaker Aa former Saginaw fencA 'fit hitter th0ll8h not a consist ed wheL the ball very A weak foi 8 conbevts wag next and whns1s bfst could tn S'anaSO Picked It off Peot un grandstand the huslsrn of the fans was Iwo rOar lke Niagara gat! Thls noeifiV1 batting tn aa may be con first best Mul ftfi balls on to the pIate and then S0fi When gr8t any forther In thefififtrou Laporte a very Pratt a i crowding hard Cltvh slald ono over Tha certainly did rvln? the hnC Proceedings rJi deep center on "Uidly ta more Tyrus "in and the Dixie lad they am It down And he In bSii was earning his prs of fame tne Ti re dubbing St Louis pitch Ing in th3 race the Browns more than ordinarily Hable smash the sphere to safe now and then Aothiug S'luky About It There was nothing fluky about Mullin's performance either Six of the Stovall outfit reached first )ase or to be more exact one man got on three times another twice and third once ive of the visits tu the premier canvas were the re sults ot buses on balls and the other was caused by Louden's rank fum ble of the simplest sort of a chance a play that any primary school boy ought to make in spite of the fact that the summary shows five Browns among the walkers lack of con trol was an advantage rather than a defect The big curver was Just wild enough to kgep the aliens guessing and hitting at bad balls He was In a hole with almost every batter but had nerve enough to put something on the ball when ha had to get it over instead of hand ing it up "already hit" as do some twiners in endeavoring to steady Comparatively few hard fielding chances were given the Detroit flelders until late In the game George either had the visitors striking out flying weakly or foul ing and the balls hit on the ground were of the type that a man could play with his eyes shut In the eighth and ninth innings the Browns got hold of a couple in good style and Ty hustling helped to save record two very neat catches being among the elx putouta made by the Teach Crowd Begins to Notice Along about the fifth the crowd began to realize that Mullin was pitching exceptionally well and from that time until the linish the tttirler was cheered to the echo whenever he came tb bat or finished an inning As the game progressed ue excitement became intense and In the last two innings the fans hardly dared breathe i Stovall going to let Mullin grab off any honors that he dldn earn and in the eighth Bent in two pinch hitters Comp ton and himself Compton smashed center that seemed VSht at the safe spot be waJh Sobb an(i Crawford but Ty hu un a mile to pull down tn atthis stage of the proceed mint K0 thls one A wl aimed center 'but attain the ueoreta boy was under it could have heard a pin drop stands when the Browns ba? "Ao tholr tln9 at oat Only three mom tr et ni tie had Take these 3 bottles of this delightful this beer with the fine flavor Georgian Gets Homer and Two Singles and Steals Three Sacks Willett Keeps Hits So Well Scattered That They Produce ew Tallies Thera was nothlna about ta es a homer a corklnB Hna drive to center on which James who is as fast as anybody In tho world ex cept several made the four quar ters by much sprinting Laporte rac ing merrily ahead of him Manager Stovall sent in Brown to relieve Baumgardner and Alex ander to spell Krlehell In the sixth the Tigers at this time having tho game won absolutely unless they happened to forfeit The left hand er wasn't hit much but bad fielding behind him and Alexander's ragtime some ALL STYLES AND SIZES MAKE YOUR EET GLAD 3 blocks below Grand Circus Are the most satisfactory oxford to wear Thnv fha iii'ihr wniKinff ntnotiiro nn hard sidewalks and pavements Thousands people have housrht tnt srins ror veara drcaiira nn nthar cn Mnoro with its easy comfort features No breaking in process wirn eooi comrorian ur uceea Thov oro 4 I I A 4 A I i I ill A A mt: iuiuuub in otcijtiuug iiitu iiiunua snoe wonneriUl voliin fnr tha mnnov easiest on your feet and In the country by the seashore in the every where! the Cool Dr Reed Oxfords Comfortable Cushion Dr Reed Cushion Shoe House 272 WOODWARD AVE K' 4 MEZjEl lift 4hMBMMiarTh A a "MSaa 53 Vi Xifi 04 I Bi Td Li 1 1 1 3 5 3 12 3 3 1 1 I 4 3 4 14 3 3 3 111 8 2 4 1 1 1 Si fk 3 3 3 Bk 4 4 4 aO jjM I I SB T' mt 1 SSB9 3 SS AMV aS mSbK Stagers jPylX r2U fl lMB I ft I iL Sf A Kii im a li ill jwiQUtfia mb 1'1! i wi Iftl U'pffi'w ABiWI JVnHU i Hu ai! uir hl siiiiHi 1 iiliitr lit 1 Wj Bggj BR in Ki ibiw i ts I SfSS'1 1 tai rSmtafi 4 I lgqwHg He AB A AB HOAE 5 0 6 3 1 ullerm 5 0 0 0 6 5 3 3 0 1 Tew 3 6 0 10 2 Winibl 3 14 1 Vleks 8 0 8 1 0 JW'ins3 6 10 10 Dahl3 5 0 3 8 0 Wolanm 1 4 1 0 Burly I 5 10 0 0 Buck'llr 6 110 0 Plep'err 6 0 2 10 Scrib'r8 5 2 2 4 1 Siefferl 6 1 11 11 Reddyc 5 0 6 10 Anxec 5 0 17 0 0 PhH'p9p 4 1 0 1 0 Meyerap 4 3 0 3 0 Totals 42 9 36 12 3 4 36 8 8 Innlnxs 1 2 3 4 6 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 mons 0 0000011000 4 Bonnetts 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Rommel Wilkins Scribner Wolan 4 Steyers Atge 3 Two base Sleffer Ronunt Sacrifice 11.

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