Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 17, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1934
Page 4
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£AGE FOUR HOPE STAR, HOPB, ARKANSAS Presidential Candidate / OUR BOARDING HOUSE ««< $ St c r i,: ». • r J-i ,5. * ' "3,6 Who was the i leader of a f minority U. S. - / party pieturotl / toere? 9 Sun, V 13 Plant stalk. ','13 \Vheat cake. ,M5 Cavity. v 16 House cat. ' U Forced air vin- lenlly through » the nose. * 19 Dry. , if it To abound. J" J2 Toilet box. 21 Preposition *' of pliU-o. 1 ^'JTo biiut. < <u;o rail. * HS Salahumrter. ," v SO Spike. - v^J Parts of ; writer and a y (pi.). 14 He did not believe in . . 17 To observe. ' 15 Instrumental iluet. 21 Sesame. 23 Sick. 25 Caused by tides. 27 HlacK- bird, 29 Steaks. Ozone. 32 Father. 33 Note in the scale. 35 Before. •<•' i ;17 Plant. 3S Variety of reindeer. 41 Lump of butter. 43 Guided. ByAHERN OUT OUR WAY Friday, August J.7,, J.934 By WILLIAMS ; J4To ogle. K 16 To help. 'jr Ironic. "ISIform of verb ', "be." I0-Undrie<l raisin. 12 To change. 44 Gibbon. •15 Thing:. 47 Seventh note. 45 Structural unit 50 To wager. S- To pull along. r>4 Employing. CO J.'imaira cobnut tree. 5S Name of his party. £9 Ho was a rail- s Hed vegetable.51 Twitching. 9 Call for lielp 52 Japanese fish. at sea. 53 Tumor. 10 Olive shrub. 55 Nickel (abbr.). 1 He was con- 11 He was also a 57 Not (prefix). victerl under the act in 191S and pardoned iu 1921. 2 Indians. ;> To secure. 4 Type standard. 4(j Spanish dollar. 5 Domestic slave. 49 professional C Drone bee. tramp. 7 One who enters 50 p u bli c auto. ' way official.' [ WELL, \F IT AIN'T OL* MAN NEPTUNE:/ £>ET OUT £>F- TM^ "FLOAT VA1T5, AN' SHOW US HOW YOU WON TH V BUPFV1LLE '•^ SAyUSTEN,'—6 WHEN I WAS IN IAV I COULD SHOW YOU BABOONJ& e WHW "SWIMMING R ALL YOU DO \S STAND AROUND L\KEr CRANES/ "WXFF • A-N\—\<NOW WHATT I =>ED TO rsO^-^-SLVPl LOOPS OF TROPE OV£R I TI > CHAMPlONSHlP/a ( IN TI-T r\ „ -^ TOWN HALL ) \ ^o INTO A CRAWL TOLJNTAIN/; & 7 WiTH -T^ E SPE&D OF A 1 AND CRUISE ABOUND 61V\NG ^.^. 'BATHEPJSl^rx A ^"Dt ON AN AQUAPLANE MRS, HOOPLE • ^>t^CB VOU STRETCH A 4E TVA' -VEH J --WONT S\-p VOU-R TEA OUT OT= A ^ f*«Z' rt:^ -^ ^ 3 ^u_ ^S^ ^3 oe' ^S. «es '\AtVftP: A>LU r S-IV- STAxRS c 133-; G'C tic;. <,c»v.'':.'.!..: 'ATS WHV "X. PUT 'EM INJ FRONT—SO' 0 ? THb,'D THINK THES' WAS IM MV -STUMMICk [ TAk EMM S SWELL PARTY, WHEN TH' CAKE, CASJDV AH 1 COOKIES COMIN' TOO FAST, HE STUFFS HIS SHIRT FULL AM'COMES OUT /=? WITH A BOLD RONT, LlkE THAT. 4 BfHEA SfflVlCC. INC. ^2^.S2S AM INSIDE JOB. e., u :i PAT ori" BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES \)O HA.V5E Of All Things! 3y MARTIN -; —^ Liquid, Tables, Salve, Nose Drops Checks Malaria in 3 days, Colds First day; Headaches or Neuralgia In :tO minutes. 'FINE LAXATIVE AND TONIC Most Speedy Remedies Known. Bell Ml Find It! Rent It! Buy IU I ''_'"' .\m the Hope Star ; ! Market Place Bemember, the more you toll, the ' quicker you sell. t : time, lOc line, miu. 30o fi"cr consecxitive Insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. ''' '3 times, Cc line, rnin. 50c : 6 times, 5c line, min. fflc - -26 times, 'JVic line, min. ?2."ft (Average 5Vi words tn the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted ' with the understanding that the " .bill JO payable on presentation of *_jjUit«me»v before tha t'trat publi- catioct. Phone 768 Expert Piano Tuning E. B. .Hendricks, tuner for Henderson College (19J5-:J4;, and for nearly all local muaic teachers, is again in Hope. Have him tunu your piano. His work- •rnanship is always btst i;; always guaranteed. .Phone ti34. Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. WANTED STANDINGS Sotitliern Association Clubs— Won Lost Pet. Vew Orleans 34 13 .723 whattanoga 25 18 .581 Memphis .„„ 25 25 .500 Nashvillev .....-, 22 24 .478 Knoxvillc 20 23 Birmingham 19 2G Atlanta 21 28 Little Rock 18 27 National League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. New York 71 41 .034 Chicago ....: St. Louis Boston Pittsburgh Brooklyn Philadelphia Cincinnati Detroit New York Cleveland 'Boston Washington St. Louis Philadelphia Chicago American THURSDAY'S RESULTS AVANTEO-Wil! share expense for 'r|de for two to Chicago. Sc;c- Steven or Ralph Owen. }0-3ti FOR RENT ' Furnished rooms. Apply 702 South i to. FJOH "RENT— -An attractive modern "••furnished aparunent for rent. Cail •"ITfc ; 14-ltp "/FOR RENT—Five-roon: house-, new.'it Gateway Park, $10 a Phoiit- 16.'iti-4. Mrs. J. E. y. 14-3tc ">••- J?OR RENT— Fi^e loom apartment, Turnlshcd, garage; iu i/iy residence. J. A. Sullivan. ll-7tp FOR SALE FOR SALE—Six-week-old male police pup, $5. Mis. R. O. Bridewell. £00 bales Johnson grass hay. Floyd Poitert'ield. Phone 101. :UL-. Used parts for all tars. P. A. Lewis Co. iG-2Ct. *':." Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. ^*' !i 'lfsed cars bought and sold. P. A. *"'- Ysr Motor Co. 16-261. Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. LOST —German Police dog, answers Tin. fit-ward for return. Mrs. tiattie A. West. 13-31 LOST—Between Geo. Williams store and A. G. Martin's a grip of women's flollics. Reward of $3.00 to the find- itr. Ellis Williams. Soiidiern AssocnJIon Little Hock 7, Atlanta 6. Knoxvillo 4, New Orleans 2. Memphis 7. Nashville- G. Birmingham 3, Chattanooga 2. National League Cincinnati 8, Brookly 1. Boston 2-G, Chicago 3-1. St. Louis -i-7. Philadelphia 3-2. New York-Pittsburgh, rain. Arm-riean League All fames poslpont-d. rain. There are 345 consulates rnantaned by the Unlc-d Slates H foreen coun- tre:,. elson-Huckins LAUNDRY Wash SuiU Properly Laundered 50c PHONE 8 VHP VOO ANO QOVlt v-x~:. V? ,V,v,VO \-\\M, VO R -. ALLEY OOP Nobody to Blame but Himself! By HAMLIN FOOZY - ARE YA ) AI i Dir-,HT? ARE HURT? WELL, IF YA AINT HURT NOW, . YA SOON' WILL BE/ -TAkE A LOOK. BEHIND YA// /M SHOOK. UP SOME, BUT BOY. WASH TUBES Not Such a Good Idea! By CRANE HALL i GET \ IMSTOMTUV, vour-oot WO OF THEM, / INSTAWT/.VJ SHOOT " DROVVM 'EM ! DO AM^/T! !'''-. ! Oi TO STOP THAT IMPKI'CJJAL NOISE, SO I CAM 60 TO BAXTER? 'WHAT ( OM EARTH IS MAKING "WAT IMFERKJAL RACKET? YOU COMPLAIME-D THAT VOU \^2lfOflfa*- l'-M%2*$&**'-> -~'- fa -f"-.' f , < T_jty- lr '<s) iHgVuT Hj.;_fthr.iWK^.._iHt: _T._M : n_!:u.ij___a_PAT.OFr. By BLOSSER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HEY, SHERIFF. THEY ' J; ^ UST FOUND Old Faithful! us TEH! THEY Rt; OUT .V/ITH CHARl-IE, AWT You GONNA JTHEY? AM' you IT, (THAT INJUM.... HE MACE y AIN'T IM THE HABIT . OF LOSIH 1 BOYS fc'l-1- I TRUSTED TO HIM .'.' 1/lbBBE S0 y BUT 1 A RABDIT'". ! UlCk'Y ONLY "|0 A AM' l£VEM A RAB3IT I-CUR OF-' THKM / "L- i-'F.LLO^/IACJ ..BETTER 3£NO A WIR5 *fo THOSE BOYS' FOLKS ADVISING OF AM' ACCIDEHT.-. I'LL GIVE Y>u THEIR X'M MOT GONMA WORRY 'HEIR FOLKS.' BESIDES^ IMJUH, CHARLIE, :£S A RABBIT'f FOOT ." JU CAI10E THAT BELCNC Re Boys CHARLIE TOOK OUT V/I7H HIM. 1 . 1 Hice BO/£ THEY IN 'TV-IE BOTTOM! WHERE'D ^ FIND The Constable Gets His Man! THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) — EVER SINCE I WAS (\ MY OUD HAV1 OFFEQED I OC.TECTVVE, 1 I'VE NEVEQ FAJUEO t'CWCH YET, AHD I'VE BEEN f\ DETECTIVE MY UFE.'. — - HOLVAl teY IS * \ VEAH, I'LL 14AB TBS CPE AT DETECTIVE AND \ SMP^U-TOWN YEGG I'VE E.tlfJAr,F_0 H\tt TO 1 FOP YOU—OUST so you'pE COIN' T'CWCH THIS THIEF, EH HELP YOU CKTCH THIEF Pipe, Valves & Fittings Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Appliances Phono 259 DRESS SALE tiilire Siotk Cotton arid Silk THE GIFT SHOP "'iEna v-^ ANT-ADS

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