Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 17, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1934
Page 3
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Friday, August_ 17, 1934 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS -PAGE THREfi MRS. SID HENRY TELEPHONE 821 Miracle A thousand roadways lead to Rome, But Love has only one, The little trail that hurries home Beneath the setting sun. A thousand stars light up the skies, Love has a single flame; The glow that, kindles in the eyes, At mention of a name. A thousand flowers fill the earth, Love has one petal scent; The tiny rose whose magic birth Gives man God's Sacrament. —Selected. Miss Maggie Bell has returned from a few days visit with Mr, and Mrs. Fred Marshall in Texarkana. Complimenting Mrs. J. G. McCoy of Little Rock. Mrs. H. D. Franklin en- y <t TRADES Thursday Aug. 3O Ask for Trades Day Tickets Slated to Lead Tammany Hall tcrtained at six tables of bridge Thursday afternoon at her attractive apartment on South Main street. The favors went to Mrs. George Wilson and Mrs. Thos. Kinser. A gift of remembrance was presented to the honorcc. Following the game the hostess served n delicious ice course with cake. o Mr. and Mrs. Mac Anderson and little daughter. Ann, have returned to their homo in Little Rock after a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Anderson and Mrs. James L. Jamison. Miss Eunice Barrett of Hugo, Okla.. is the guest of Miss Ruth Barrett and Mr. and Mrs. R.. V. Herndon. The members og the Sub-Deb club were tho guests of Miss Opal Garner on Thursday evening at their home on Wi;st Fifth sfrect. Bridge w:> played from two tables. The high score trophy went, lo Miss Alice Waddle. Fololwing the game, the hostess served a moj.1 tempting salad course. fjarah Ann Holland left Sunday for a visit with her mint, Mrs. R. II. Ro;>- gnn niiH Mr. Reagan in Greenville, 'iVxas. Wednesday night Sarah Ann underwent an emergency appendicitis npoTiitinn at the Canlrell hospital in Ihiil city. Her mother, Mrs. Kate Holland, jind uncle Ernest Wingfield, were sit her bedside and fricndh in this city will be glad In know that her condition is reported as being satisfactory, and an early recovery is expected. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Dennis and children of Marked Tree. Ark., tiro pucsls of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Urrey and other relatives. Miss Mina Mao Milburn left Thursday for a month's visit with hoinefolks in Conway. Mr. ;inrl Mrs. "W. W. Suralt. Mrs. Kthcl Gunter and daughter, Dorothy, have relumed from n visit, with rola- Tlie prospective leader of New York's politically potmlTummany Hall la Jaiui-a .1. Dooling (above), \vlinr,o clnclInn by tho organlza- tion'H executive committee, on .Inly 1fi M.'ofiis iisMurcd. A lawyer, he will succeed the ousled Jobu F. Curry. FOOD SPECIALS For the Week-End 1 SUGAR Godchaux's Pure Cane n ' Pounds . Good Quality No. 2 Cans Peanut Butter Sultana Brand 1 Lb. JarX^:.. 15c 2 Lb. Jar........23c Nectar Tea 2 (Y/. 4 i/, Lb Palmolive or Camay Soap 3 c .. k «.14c SWANSDOWN CAKE FLOUR—Pkg 27c GRAPE NUTS FLAKES—Pkg 9c POST BRAN FLAKES—Pkg lOc MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE—Lb 29c Grape Nuts, pkg 18c Jello, pkg 6c PfCKLES oz. Jar 22c OUR OWN TEA-i/2 Lb. Pkg. 19c PRODUCE SPECIALS lives and friends in Fort Worth, Eureka Springs, and Noel, Mo. Miss Mary Gray of Batcsvillc is the house guest of Miss Elizabeth White. IVTr.s. K. N. Urrpy and children of Helena will arrive Sunday for a weeks visit nt the White house. Mrs. l,illian Kent Rider of San Antonio, Texas, is visiting relatives in Hope and Hempstcacl county. •1 Th 1 I 1 f CPPCiH i Robbed of $687 isi Tourist Camp .'5 Ajimcd Men Imprison Guests at Cassville (Mo.) 'Camp CAPSVILLE, Mo. —(/I 5 )—Z. R. Rogers and J. C. Clark of Dallas, Texas, mid Ed Roberts, former Barry county, Missouri sheriff, were held prisoners I lor a shert time Thursday by three 1 men who robbed Rogers and Clark of i iJGSY. [ Rogers, Clark and Karl Planton, also .of- Diillns. were flaying at a tourist cnbin near here while on a hunting trin. Three heavily armed men entered the cabin after Clark hnd driven into Ir.wn. Fhmtnn was a.slcep and was not molested, but the bandits ordered that Roger. 1 - gel. into their cur. They drove toward Casville. meeting Clark and Rngwy. who were returning to the cabin. The bandits forced Clark and Rogers into their car siluo, and then drove a mill' south where they stopped and ."e:\rchcd their prisoners. They obtained $550 from Clark and ?137 from Rogers overlooking $300 additional which he carried. Adm'l Byrd Once Very Near Death Had Prepared Self for End When Tractor Party Failed LITTLE AMERICA, Antarctica-^ 3 ) —(Via Mackay Radio)— A message from Read Admiral Richard E. Byrd's advance base revealed Thursday that the noted explorer at one time resign cd himself to death ns the result of illness suffered during the latter weeks of his lonely virgil. Dr. Thomas C. Poullcr, leader of the tractor expedition which now is at the advance base, reported in a radio message that Admiral Byrd's notes giving directions for the relief party which he feared would arrive to late. Dr. Poulter reported that Admiral Byrd was stricken about the first of June and became so ill that he all but resigned himself to death. His weakness was so great that after he finished his daily observations he had no strength for anything else and prepared for the end. During this period, Dr. Poulter said, the admiral required hours to complete the simplest tasks of his routine and particularly found it hard lo crank the generator for the semiweekly radio .schedules with Little America. By tinkering with the stove and improving the ventilation he reduced the fumes and kept the fire out as much as he could. After some three weeks he began to regain his strength only to suffer a setback that rendered his condition as bad as at first. Grilled in Huey's Income Tax Case Germany Asks No Quarter-Hitler Wants Merely to Be Left Alone, He Tells Ham- ' burg Shipbuilders HAMBURG, Germany — (ff)— united Germany asks no favors of a, hostile world but has the right to ex- , pect to be allowed to go her own way in peace, Chancellor Hitler told shipyard workers in an unscheduled address Friday. On a tour of the city prior to a political speech here Friday night the chancellor talked briefly about the problems of restoring Germany's in- - dustrial prosperity. | "I am not here to make promises based on theory," he said "What we need now is results." i The purpose of this Sunday's plebis- [ cite is to consolidate the German peo-.tj pie and show the world that Germany is united, he added. JAPAN THREATENS (Continued from Page One) Japan, in 1931 seized Manchuria and began attempts to relieve Russia of her Manchurian belongings and to end Rusian influence in that Region. The Chinese Eastern railroad negotiations constituted the most important part of this program. The railway, formerly owned jointly by Russia and China, is sought by Japanese in negotiations for its purchase which have already been drawn up for more than A power in finance and politics livo years ago who faded away to an Arizona shoep ranch, JMika Moss la shown back in New Or- Iqnns for a grand jury quiz said to involve Income tax charges against Senator Hticy Long and his aides. Moss, str/iting in t.wo- gnlloD hat and bandanna, cigar at Jaunty angle, was guarded closely by U. S. ager-la. ,127-Pound Mellon Sent to Capital 0. A. Graves Shipment Widely Publicized in Washington, D. C. Hope's champion watermelons got on the front pages of Ihe Washington, (D. C.) newspapers this week as the result of a shipment by G'. A. Graves, campaign manager for Governor Fu- Irell. The Washinglon Post account of the watermelon party held in the national capital follows: "A prize watermelon, weighing 127 pounds, one of 16 grown on the Hope, Ark., farm of O. A. Graves, was served at a watermelon party given by Seth Reynolds, department of justice attorney, formerly of Ashdown, Ark., in Rock Creek Park Wednesday. The melons were consumed by 79 Arkan, sans, now residents of the District of Columbia. ".Dr. Forney . Hutchinson, pastor of the Mount Vernon Church, delivered the invocation, and Dr. Charles Hillman Brough, former Governor of Arkansas and now chairman of the District boundary line commission, gave the principal address." Missouri, Illinois Get a Cloudburst Henipstead Added to Drouth Area Secondary Emergency Declared in Southwestern Arkansas WASHINGTON. — (/I 3 ) - The Farm Administration Friday added five Arkansas counties lo Ihe secondary drouth list: Hempslcad, LaFaycllc, Little River, Miller and Pike. . The Public Worke Administration authorized increases for previous allotments aggregating $129,900, including raising from $42,000 to ?43,000 a 'loan and grant for Mena, Ark., for street improvements. if. «.-»—. ' EVANGELIST GONE .•: (Continued from Page One) To Cut Surpluses on Three Products Peach, Butter and Cotton Program for Relief Administration WASHINGTON —(/P)— Plans to reduce surpluses in three farm products and supply work for 60,000 workers on the relief rolls were announced Friday by Federal relief organizations. The California organization has been authorized to contract for 10,000 tons of surplus peaches; bids have been asked for one million pounds of butter for distribution; and a mattress- manufacture program aims at the removal of a quarter-million bales of cotton frcm the market. Crop harvesting is in full swing in some part of the world every day in the year. Canada's poultry population is said lo be six limes that of its human population. .c : vcr to Sheriff Paul Garrison this 'tncrning a note she received through the mails yesterday. Typed on cheap paper and enclosed in a plain envelope, it said: .;,.. "Ge,t $25,00) at once or you will never see your husband alive again. Instructions will follow." The letter bore no signature. Il had been postmarked at Goldsboro on August M at 8;,'iO p.m. That is about The surface of the earth contains 55,000,000 square miles of land and 141,000,000 square miles of water. the hour that letters taken from city boxes here in the last collection of the evening are postmarked. Mr. Askew and his wife are persons of little wealth, although Mrs. Askew owns some property of small value in the wcslern part cf the state. Sheriff Garrison informed the Department of Justice of Mr. Askew's absence and the note, but said that so far as hn knew no federal agents had been sent here. Sheriff Garrison said that he did net eblievc anyone familiar with Mrs. Askew's means would expect her to raise ?25,000. Four other crimes besides murder are punishable with death in some slit ION. They iire arson, rape, first-degree burglary and perjury in a capital case. Some of Corn Saved, and Midwest Pastures Are Revived Potatoes—Fancy No. 1 Red—10 Lbs. 17c Fancy White Rose Potatoes—5 Lbs ...14c LETTUCE—Fancy Hard Head 5c TOMATOES, Smooth, Firm, Pink—Lb 9c Thompson's SEEDLESS GRAPES—2 Lb 15c California Oranges, "Pure Brand"—Doz. 27c LIMES, Balls of Juice—Dozen lie Mrs. 4 Lb. Carton....35c Tuckers 8 Lb. Carton. .660 GRANDMOTHER'S DELICIOUS CAKES :'|H-c. netn ''"'""'nftn As.s'(<l. ^r o limappU- 1-K.vrr X,|J« t'.ilir 4W" R! "' S l5" l '''" ffs GRANDMOTHER'S BREAD—Loaf 8c PAN ROLLS, Doz 5c RAISIN BREAD. 9c DILL or SOUR PICKLES—25 oz. Jar 15c SOFTASILK CAKE FLOUR—Pkg 35c FANCY WHOLE GRAIN RICE—Lb Gc COMET RICE—2 Lb. Package \\ 17c BOKAR COFFEE—Pound 27c RED CIRCLE COFFEE—Pound 23c EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE, Lb. 19c Salad Dressing -\ ; ,.,, I!!{AN»— -MARKET SPEQALS- SLICED BACON-Lb. 21 c WISCONSIN CHEESE-Lb. VEAL STEAK ROUND OR LOIN L i.i,. VEAL STEW E|» MEAT, Lb **** SEVEN ROAST Q« BEEF, Lb.-, *"* Dry Salt BACON, Lb. Smoked Bacon Hj 7** Good Quality, Lb. " •> Watch Our Window For Added Specials Lovely Diana Wynyard "ONE MORE RIVER" When Shopping S A T U R D A Y - plan to sec this big- Double Program Chap. 5 JOHN WAYNE —In— 'SAGEBRUSH TRAIL" Rin-Tin-Tin Jr. "WOLF DOG" By the Associated Press I Farmers of Missouri and Illinois enjoyed rain Thursday. The precipitation l almcst reached cloudburst propor- I (ions in several localities and fell down on burned fields in time to save some ot the corn crop, push later crops on and revive pastures. A downpour of 5.42 inches was reported at Mexico, Mo., the heaviest .since 1928. Union City had 4.20 inclies and 10 out of the 25 Missouri sations had more than an inch. A violent storm in Tuscola, 111., filled dry stream beds, stalled highway traffic and soaked fields in 5.63 inches cf rain. St. Louis had the heaviest rain in 13 months. Farmers of northern and eastern 1»WH saw r.s.surance of an average crop of corn following intermittent shower?; cf tho last four days. The heavy precipitation had dented the drouth in parts of northern Kansas, had briRhlc:i rd Michigan harvest prospects and had rescued farmers from total oss in Southern Minnesota. Meanwhile relief authorities m Washington added 23 additional counties; to their map of emergency areas. With the droulh officially described as "the worst on record" the totnl of siin-devasled counties mounted to 1,- 12'i. It was announced that the ROV- crnmcnt, which planned originally l" buy.only about 2,000,000 head of calllc to relieve the feed .shortage on western plains, prcbably would buy up t' 1 15.000.000 animals. Generally the drouth area was cooler with tcmcpraturcs in the 80s. but t |ic mercury climbed up to 107 at Ncwkirk, Neb., and climbed lo 100 al Omaha. Annual flow of the Missisippi rivcr carried to the sea about a half billion tons of solid matter. SUN. & MON. {SUM TO MY FRIENDS In Hope and Hempstead County By reason of your loyalty and untiring efforts in my behalf, in my race for Cogress, I carried my home county by a majority of votes greater than my opponents received in their respective counties, for which I am deeply grateful to you. W. S. Atkins A stone letter supposed lo have been written by King Entcincna of Layash 6,000 years ago. has been found in U' c hands of a Chicago collector. Some research experts contend that natural «us onlains about twice »* much heal per cubic fool as ordinary cily gas. WAPNINt; ORDER No. 28115. In the Chancery Court of Hcmpslead County, Ark. Mae Berry plaintiff vs. Hilburn Berry Defendant The Defendant, Hilburn Berry, is warned lo appear in this court wilhi" thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Mae Berry. Witnesss my hand and the seal of i said court this 24th day of July, 1334. | (Seal) DALE JONES, Clerk. j John P. Vesey | Atty. Plaintiff. July 27-Aug, 3-10-17, I take this means to express my appreciation and thanks to my many friends for the vote you gave me and for all the kindness show'me in my race for Representative. I live at 517 South Pine Street and maintain an office in the First National Bank building, I want you to let me know when I can be of service to you. I will thank you for your vote and support in the Primary of August 28th. Willie Harris Candidate for Representative. + . SALE * COOL Summer Wash Dresses 95c Ladies Specialty Shop "Excusive But Nol Expensive" •A year, with no imemdiate prospect of a settlement. Two girls are employed by a rubbtrf concern In Liverpool-to 1 'test rubber footwear of various types. They Walk, ed 12,000 miles in four years of testing. Ladi les We have installed^ a new patented machine that sews on soles,, Old fashioned tacks no longer necessary. No advance in prices. Give us a trial, All Work Guaranteed Thep P. Witt Shoe Repair Shop .210 South Main IF You Are Planning a Trip Check This List of Things You'll Needr- ,jf=r ( ) Kodak and films _!&= ( ) New powder puff • ^ ? ( ) Traveling first aid kit ( ) Airmi ad ..hosiery s* ( ) Thermos bottle, ( ) Barbara Gould weekend set ( ) New comb 3 ^^, ( ) No-Glare Sun Glasses —Then Call 84 and We Will Deliver John P. Cox Drug Co. —QUALITY GROCERIES FOR LESS MONEY— Specs s SUGAR-PoreCane- ™**'*##'***j 10 Lb Cloth Bag .S4c CABBAG! COl.OltA[)O'GREEN—POUND BANANAS NICE AND \ELLOW—POUND 5c Hersheys Chocolate Syrup, L^-i Oc MUSTARD Quart Jar.... TOMATOES 3 No. 2 Cans Lime Rickey- 2 Large Bottles MATCHES' • 6 Boxes 2—10c Boxes 2flc and l-]0c Box free &WV Del Monte Peaches I.AIJ<;K CANS 17c ? SOAP—3 Bars ..........:.;..-14c BEADS—Box 5c SOAP O. K. or ri'IKT'S V/UITK 15c I;I;D AND fioi.u-rouND. 19c flavoring I'anli'.v Pal All Flavors Jug .] 00 e Tan '/« L " b can and l Tea Glass...,23c S 1 Gd i/ 2 Lb can and 2 TcaGlasses.....43 WILSCO I A OH 100% Pure 4 Lb. Bucket... 34c LftJU/ Cotton Seed Oil 4 Lb. Carton .65c J-MARKET SPEC!ALS-; : Beef Roast ,„ »„„ ,.•„. -^ 3 u,.. E5c CH01CK—r 5c SEF STEAK 13c SWISS CHEESE-Pouiid LOAF MEAT SI'KCIAL GROUND—POUND lOc DRESSED FR

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