The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1940 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1940
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JIAKCli 28, 1010 U1ATHEVILLM (AUK,)" COtmiKK PAGE NINB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rntc per line for '/otisectt- livc insertions: One time per line lOi; Two limes per line tier clay,.', ."lit Three limes per line jior <iny...OCc liix limes per line per day 05o Month rale per line liOu Cards of Thanks Mi' & "I0c Minimum ehan;c,50c Acts ordered for three or ;it* limes niirt stopped before fxijira- (ion will be cliargocl lor Hie timn- bcr of titrte.'i llic add appeared and arijiisliiiMil of bill made. All Classified A<lv<irllsins copy submitted by persons residing • outside of the cily must, be aeeom- panied by catli. Rates may be easily computed trom above tnolc, AdvcriifiiiiB ordered for Irregular insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will lie taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified act MARCH-END SALE KXCKITIONAI, VAL.IWS i THKSU CANS MUST CO! i ni:{7—Fun! Tudtir Kail in, lleuUT. only acres land 7 room house mm!mi. N. W. liait of city. $3500, Expert gun repairing, See K, M. Damon nt (lie lilyllicvllle Arm- U room modern, 112 Davis St. i5W ory on Wednesdays am) Thursdays. ciisli. $30 inoiilli. Many oilier plae- es to suit yon. Ill N, and si. liol- ILsoti and Co. hone 1128. '28-pk-- WE FIX ANYTHING We Cull Kw ,t Deliver BleyeJes, Irons, KHUN, Toasters. l'<i' $228 TilTM Onlv -l''»nl Sedan. Motov Guild. Ton Truck I (Mi—Kuril GoHil Tires, Motor A-l . HCfi'i—Kurd Konlor. In condition throngh- otif. Onlv Grocery and meat market iloliil! ... , , , , , Kood business. Low rent for$1000. | ' lllc ' s ' I ^' !ll l». i Upholstering. son mid Co. 28- Saddlc hnise. weight 901) pounds.j ti yeurs. nliu'k. 1'asl iind yc'iitle. Good for pliuiUilioit or pleasnie. $185, or will Inide. In- eludes siuldle and bridle. It, K. JJlytlicvillt' l^li li'Jlsl Milln fi',, Co. (/arages III tjooil $161 Welding l!i;)7_r/onl pick-up. iMolor only lias hccii driven -tOUtl milt's, Bargain i Onlv WELDINC l> i .i t line and heavy \\ uulinj; '+ Barksdaie Mfg. Go. t'tione 111 ur Ites. Expert Klcelric Aeclylenc Dragline and heavy wetdiiif rx'Ciaiiy. D. w. m Dell, Ark. I'Uoiic S-F-11 $224 I I'k'k-ttp. Motor Will. Only .. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. t!Kt;i) CAll LOT t!i * Walnut- I'l Pi Hard ware In Farm Loans Large or Small Al I,o\v Interest Kates. We are equipped to handle large or small loans on any sized tract of farm lann, i*t low cost, and i\i a low interest nuc. TERRY ABSTRACT & KLALTY COMPANY a 13 Walnut, St. Blythcvillc, iVrk Found SWEEPING COMPOUND Shoiise-Iltmi-y lldw. Co. I'lionc 35 Dairy I mile south on It. W. (II.| When Vour Audi (j'rts SU'k Urii HS-t'k-tl | It to lli<- Aiito Hospital Next lo ('itnip iMiiultrie John Buchanan I'liiiiU! 107 (i year old Welch Pouy weiahhiB (il)0 pounds. Hverelt 13. Gee. 2(i-ck-2!) Sinnll electric refrigerator, good con'ilitloi). Clicap. Phono 174. M-ek-lf D, & P. 11A Cotton Seed ('erlitietl K: Tri'iili'il (limii'il on I'rivale (iiii Ben F. Butler Co. Osi'cola Four head line liiulr.s. Will sell! elieap. Wiley Smith, liiirdeUc. IU-pk-1-iO Business Directory FULLER BRUSHES SAJ.KS AND SI;KYII:K .1, tllOS. ItDNl'UO, I'ilONi: Ml Washing Wauled family Uunulry. l-iike. All Mrs, Mleh, tilO Wines, 'I'lie Lltlle Slinn -Hotel TTtiiili'. Fine wines n n<) llquorx. We s|ic'el»ll?.e in Henleli idiil IniiKirlcd Items. U'<> l.inlxeiiidi. Wiuiftijer. LTj-ck-l Poultry Baby & Started CKicks Oiisliini Hnli'liinfv Marilyn Hatchery lllwy. lil Noltli Itlylliev There lire seven vmieties ot Iho Afriean llou. Yim'yn Irleil tins Hi-sl, N,n,- |rv tin IIKSI « o\i. I.OWtBI ASII-Mir.HCST IIEAl REDASHS1O.OO DIXIE QUALITY LP. S6.95 liausekeeix'i 1 . Kxijerlenccd. Cull 50 In day, 951-W nijilil. Tins Week !> room residence, 100 fuel tot, nice ?IMO. JI25 e.'i.sli. )!;tlnncu $11.111 inuiilli, Thomas Land Co. II. C. C'nni|ilit;ll, salesman J. L. GUARD Opiometrul Only <!radiMlc Oploinc- Irlsl In Glasses I'ltled Currcclli' I H APPY UOUR fiROl U " FKXX DBUTUtT W., M^iln Sf, Phone U Italn Is Only Water In purls of French pquiilurlal Africa, Hie sllorl niluy season provides Hie only voter available the entire year. Natives colleel Ihi/i wntcr nnd pour It Into I lol)0 «»»«'». the liollow trunks ,. ol baolrali trees, where il remains fresh dur- Ini; the cDlirc long dry season, A tree may hold between $00 anil — PRESCRIPTIONS— Sufc - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist. Fowler Drug Co. Main ,t first I'luitio Ml SPECIAL! l/II More fqr llie.'same mimc'y JitlniMin'M U'nv mill (ili)-('oal IIAKIWAUK CO, I'lionc 35 Fleet Joyiier Say:' Yoii (ilvc Me Your (las Hushii'ss I'll (live You the •TlUCIi" —SAVU— JOYNKK Oil, CO. Try One. of Our DdlcloUi PIG SANIWiCHUS Ole Hickory Inn flcrnsj From IHeli School Now l.'Ji-.iful. In (ileiieue. llolel HUlg. ADDING MACHINE &. TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON UnWAIlDS, I'rupiidor All Aliikr.s nf lU'lnilli Typc'in-ili'is, Ailtllnj; iUaeljinr.i niit Calculators—ili' |Kiiilnj[—Parts—Hlljliuns For Rent SO acres. Can be divided. 7 miles from Blylhcvillc. Cheap rent. Hv- erelt li. Gee. ' 2G-ck-20 MAN THE LIFEBOATS, DARLING- I'M SUNK! front bedroom adjoining bath. Outside entrance. S57 VVuhnit. Phone 838-W. 2C-ck-2 Two furni.'ihcd looms. Near hatd. 701 W. Ash. Phone 29!). 20pM-2!l Call 455-W-l lor orders of milk, cream, or churned butler milk. All emvs yovenuncnt trcuted. Hal- Bell's Dairy. ia-i>h-4-12 nSIJSU CKKAMK!) Cottage Cheese Craig's Dairy 1940 Arkansas '^ Ion TriicV: license. Number 224-7'j3. Owner nmy Imvc same by paying tosl ol this ad. Courier News Office. 1D40 Arkansas License Taj; number 51-08G. Owner may have tinnc by paying cost ot lids ad. Courier News oftlce. fjidies Kellon Ycllow-yold wrist watch, with iuili:\lx "II. C." o» back. Finder pleusc return lo 5111 W. Asli for REWARD. 2(i-[]k-a'J 4 room inifinnishcd uiJ Call 321 day—night 55. 3 room furnished apartuienl. 1'ri- vule bath. Mrs. \Vcrt, jjlione Nicely furnislicd bedroom. 1017 W. Walnut, phone 102. iG-ek-U a or 4 rooms for rent. Phone 170. JG-pk-l-lli Nice furnislicd room. Adjoining Ijalli. Inncrspring mattress. All conveniences. Phone (j'3(i. 12-dh Cirain drill and tractor for rent. Sec Ben Craig or Paul liyruin. U-ek-tl i ^ room furnished Jipartnicnt. ly decorated. Oarage, Close 120 Dngan Street., Mrs. Belle Wood. I Fcrsonai Kooni and Board Room and board. Phone 9M. Arouse Sluggish J.ivrr, word off the bile lo rlcl yoiirsclf of tonsil- pai.ion. gas pains, and Uiat sour pnuk feeling. Take one uox ol KIRBV'S ACTIVE 1,1 VER riU.!j 25c at ali Klrliy Stores Sewing A -Slipcovers. Mrs. .Smith & Mrs. Bliickwell. Artnorel. t'hon 930. 7-ck-!-7 MASTER PRINTER HORIZONTAL 1 Johannes — pioneer Drinler. it He was born in , CJcrnianv about 1338. 14 Jejune. ITi Avouches. 17 Great lake. 18 JieVcrucralcd. 19 Silk. 20 K;ibiiloi;s bird:;. 21 Modified. 23 Upholstering dolh. 25 Land right. 27 Bad. 28 Choice part. ;i2 narricr. 34 Awiim .•>« ICaclc. •H) t^lcetric.'jl unil •K \MC,I( position; •!•! Applying a InaUe. Answer to 1'revious Piuilc 49 Ill-wisher. :>0 Alley. 51 Bower. M Soared. , r )7 Gr;iflerl. fi.T Part asMimcd. (it) He was a or expert nicliil worker. HI He invented printing with • type. VERTICAL 1 Auto shed. 1C Dress fastener 22 Fish eggs. 2-1 Sea inlet. 28 Ccasls' Ijccis. 2!) Field. 30 To fac tired of. 31 To make an equal score. 33 Resembling a frog. 30 Me priulcd a or Scriplnral liuok (pi.). 37 Portuguese? inoncy. 33 To agree. •II To bevel limber. 43 trunlc. •15 Grown course 2 Russian mountains. 3 Light color. 4 Brim. 5 Founded. 6 Capable of liciiu; evaded. '16 Person 7Tn rot flax. opposed. 8 Gravel. -17 To tapsii air. 11 Pressing implement. 12 Fastidious. 13 Heightens taste ot. 48 Grilling. T>2 Common verb. S3 Brother. frl Tennis stroke 55 Measure of. length. 50 Tiny. ComiortablK front bedroom, ottt- .sidc entrance. I'lionc 351, S15 W. Walnut, l-ck-tl j , room furnished apartment. KiOl W. Ash. 29-ck-tt j Nice bedroom r.uuvcnicnl lo bath. •Steam licnt, fhbnc 280. lek-tt Unfurninhcd apilrlineiU In Shane Apartment, RulklinB on West Main Street,. Call 571 or 107. 1-ek-lf SlIC TOOKONC\ SlPW OUI5 'ICA— w A J SUE Five MINUTES LATER; Wliy,T*)iS TEA IS MAUVELUUS I j I-ICVER TASTED SUCH i HAVE ANOTHER. CUP, PEAR? S3 UPTON'S? THKr OnKNB TEA? Wlt6A,EMILV...VOU'Lt- BEND THE RtlDCET' VOU 5CE, LIBTON'S IS 60 VOUHEEI) OIL-/ A LEV«L •It-A'SrOOH Ptn CUP /vj-io MOH i I-OR 11 in POT. M LIPTOI l'5 GOES I IK riCR PdooCV! IT'S PEAL ItOLDEVCRV THING, CAL, WHILE I 6ET MY RAT - AMD UPTON'S/ IT Ttte WORLD'S MOST POPUtKM TC-A. •VASH TUI5US BY ROY OK AN 15 SOME OME TIICEM A ROCK. THRU ZE THERE IS A MOTt Tii-D TO IT , WELL! CLUTCHES AT 6TRWWS. I WLL HOT 5EHO f.W LETTEti OF COHfESSlbU TO ZE — i DISTRICT ATTOENEV VOWS MAW WIW JUMPED OPF ZE TRAIM WIIEM BUT WHO (SHE? VO 1 KV10W HE IS :TRUSTEnf IJY KKHD.HAHtMAN WHILE BACK O Rao's VOILUli .1 GOTfA STOP l)lE.'l KILL RYDER BtVbQfi. R&O CAfJ REGA\ri HIS 8AL&MCE, VtOGE. HAIRV C(5A"bVl IMT6 KIOVV ^aJ BOYS \ VEH,TOC,I GUESS/ _f rf Ol IT TUICL / v<r->, I 1 . n~ f r*-, -r, tt J. i6\v, PAL... > L'KA PUTIIW'.' 'j THERE'S WOTHIM LIKE A 6OOO V -' •„-.-- 5HAKE THELPA COUPLE CUVS ) &•!*'• "' •• - - ------ ^^..-f- VQU\ ' ) CLIT OUT THIS OWSEW -SHAKE DDK,. WE'LL LET BY60MES BE BVGDNES UMDEC.STAMD EACH OTHER, IS THERE, HERCULES; \Vill trade for Mules. Cows, Hops, Cattle, Corn, l!ay and l.nmlicr. Delta Implements, Inc. Hoc Floyd Simpson I 8-ct-ll I HOOTS AW). UKR BflDDIKS the Honll>s!\Hl WOULD ' X BE" S. PRESUMIN1& TOO MUCH I IF 1 ASKED YOU WHERE YOU'RE 'GOING f ISMT HE DRESSMAKER. WHQ DES.ISMS HATE 'TO PRY INTO MY SON'S PRIVATE AFFAIRS, Aswr DONE ANYTHING UT J. HAVE AW IDEA HE'S PLANNING TO MAKE ME A FATHER-IN-LAW/ PICK UP JUMc .' GOMMA TAKir HER HE'S GETTUJQ A TRIFLE IARGC HIS WHAT HAS ME DCME. HEUfjy? If you want, your property .sold— eily or farm laritl-wc or cdll j ALLEY 001' liai), 111 N. 2nd. St. liolllson and Co. TERMITES Work While V(iu Hlecp! Wake up j before they rlama^e your properly. ' For Free Jaspretion Call 5fl2-\V. Walker and Archer Stale Licensed Opera bra rR-OPORTIONATELY LOW // At Today's LOW PRICES'.' As fcftc Low As BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Mil Walnut Plioiic 810

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