Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 10, 1952 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1952
Page 12
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HOM if A*, MOPI, AUKAMIAt ,Wl June MJrWth Mm, Pirf!*/ 1 ' 4 '* , J*ty td, MOM STAR, HOU, ARKANSAS mum. Wop*** 1 ' Cl " b wftMMlM* for bttad »»•«». «TrM» Mi>1«)»e H» Club to- Kuwt* tor * t«-» to I*"* W, t«r Honeycull drew the K~™.»*. Mr*, Ifodnett **rv*d » de§erl p1»tc to tevcn member* «td Mm. •LorYAlnn Illackwood. H .-D Agent, • WW -"• •I lh<» I'.om* n' Mr*. O,; „.— _ -,.-,.„, aot'ldl hour Mr*. '' c * {>( Un»c''<l oil, rmin «»<! no;i«>. PRESCOH NEWS Bros, »y4wr^» fy k'*»H I A-,>«' . Serving You Since 1896 PIAL 7-4431 FREE DELIVERY Women of Preibyterl»n ! Mrs. V. l.Wottham Jtnd.Mlu Dorf Chureh Meet > othy Worthara.-W 'Ourdoa J6I**« j The Women of it"-' Pr^byterlan relative* at Fair Pnrk in Hope : Chureh met Mim.lny afternoon at Saturday evening for a family re| Hw mania- with Mm. W. G. Ben*-1 union. . ( »nd Mr«. K. I AtWAYS GOOD AND FRESH Ib. 55c JICEFED INS ft Jtorh Lbs, 79c .2 Can > I ?5 IERRIES -anonoMc ANGE JUICE IQc ftUobol — Slttr .,. tNAFISH con 29c SIZE CAN MATOES 2 For 29 r i&Sanborn IE: ,1 Ib, Tin 79c 14 0* Stokl.y't CATSUP 14 0*. Bottles 33 ( No 1 Icon DRY SALT Lb , 22c HALF OR WHOLE — TENDER (.M.otf 'itfc Miracle Whip DRESSING Quart 49c 46 OZ. DONALD DUCK Hl^ar^gSSBaKSa «JH^£«S3A- committee chuirinun were heard. Alter the circle bualncus. con-j M r . an ,j Mrs. L. L. Buchanan dueled b> Mr.i. Allen Oec. chaii- „,„] children, Mr. and Mm. Charlie mini. Mrn. T. C.'. Mcttne Jr. led j nuchunan and family of Camdeo, an Int'fiTMtinp. disciualon on "dim; MI-. nnd Mr*. Warren Porter, SI tiiin Citizenship.' The mooting r jor .-ido; Mi»» Dorothy Wortham iliini'd with Hit; MUhuh tKTiecHc. !o f ourdon. Angel McKlnnon and ti<">. j children of Shreveport met at A dainty duhbeit courxu wns aer- Cimp Albert Pike for a 4th of j ved to the rifU-fn members pro-i July outing. sent. 1 —•—---•— I MI,, Ocncvlvc King Is spending WMU Meet, at Church . Mver>l wcc|{! , ,„ Llu , c Rock „ , Tin- tt.MU of the First Bapllsl^o C«est of her grand mother. Cmuch met Monday iiftemoon at' Mr*. Ira Ward and her aunt, Mrs. llu- thur.1. lor .1 combined bus!-'.•"»» Dush " ntl Mr - Huan - noim inul royal siavico proyrarn , The iiu'tMiii« was opened with Mr. nnd Mrs. Loycc Anderson i the M>iiK "Let the Lower Lights, spent the week end at Camp Al-' Lk- HunilriK." Mrs. .lack Cooper i bert I'ilic. <-rl in prayer. ' • The pi-fHiui-nl. Mrs. L. L. Buch-i Miss Ann McSwaln of Memphis, (iiinn. conducted the buHlness at, was the week end guest of her which time U WHK voted to adopt parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Mc-j a little Kirl nt thc FJottoms Baptist S\vnin. Mrs. McSwaln accompani- Orphunagv at Muiuli:ello. i cd her home for a visit. Mrs. Kdrilu Danncr gave the' • devotional talk nnd presented thc Pal Fore or Kansas City, Mo. program topic "Liberty and Jus-; was the week end guest of his lice for All." She also presented! parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vernofi speakers who gnvg din-! Fore. LARGE SIZE PET MILK 7 cans Gerbors BABY FOOD4 a,, 35c •;oo Sue KLEENEX 3»,« s 39c 100 Ox, Size VINEGAR RESH HOME GROWN Purple Hull PEAS Ib. HEAVY CALF I' 5. CHOICE Deny Church Group Hit by Ptomaine SII..OAM SPBINGS, Ark. 1*1 An Arkansas Bap'ist Assembly physician denies that sqme 200 per- Defeat on Delegate Issue in Bitter GOP Convention Is Crippling Blow for Taft sons attending a meeting here wert stricken with food poisoning last Sunday — as previously reported by the State Board of Health. Dr. L. D. Reagnn of Little Rock said last 'night that none of thc 1,350 delogntes attending the encampment suffered from food poisoning. A nurse at thc hospital here said although "three or four" of the delegates had been admitted ;o the hospital, none of them suf- :ered from food poisoning. ! the Republican convenuuii ^".M-, ^ • Dirksen |g guch fln ftrdcnt Benton County Sanitarian .Robert) PI! nil over the place last nigni.; .' , h h chosen to, Bogle reported to the Stale Health And when the dobris Plopped fall-1 »uppoilcr he nas been cnoscn wj 3oard at Little Rock yesterday During his campaign to win the Republican nomination Taft has Chuck RoasHb-Wc ALL. MEAT — SKINLESS IN PERSON Will Be With IKE MURRY At Each Speaking Date HEAVY CALF — U. S. CHOICE SIRLOIN STEAK Ib. 9 ALL MEAT The meeting closed with the! M'nu "Ji'.tiifl In Passing this Way." | MI-H. L. L. Hurhmmn led in prayer. ; Mr. nnd Mrs. Joe Cel.iyn of l Houston were I In' week end guest , of Mr. nnd Mrs. Hyran IJoody and | other relatives. I Mr. and Mrs. Uene Hale and i NOUS, Mrs. Nurmn Matthews, of; Phoenix. Ariz., Mr. and Mrs. L. j h. Huchanim and family, Mr. and ' Mr. Pat Combs of El Dorado was the week ; e;nd guest of Mr. nnd Mrs. C. D. McSwaln. He was accompanied home by Mrs. Combs ami their daughter, Jane who have spent thc past several weeks htre. Mr. and Mrs. Dale McDanlel of LoiiKview were thc week end guest or relatives. Attention Farmers: You can plant thc following feed crops as late as July 20th: • Funks G.-46 Hybrid Seed Corn • Sweet- Sudan Combine Milo Hegari "4 $ Whipporwill and Table Peas. MONTS SEED STORE 310 E. 2nd. Mr. nnd Mrs. Herman Ackcrman m«I son. .Johnny, have rccturned to Little Rock after a visit with her mother, Mrs. Thomas Hest- crly. BOLOGNA Sliced FANCY 5V;.'U? pi: ? ^ Hi US AND At Last! A Candidate with a Definite, Positive Program! cmc A \GO^T. MA tKadlv bitter-'att»c k on the convention^ floor , L-MU.AUU LIT ir.ru - in :Bgainst Gov. Dewey. one of the ,-oss bctwern the " vn> fact '° n * '"i n ? ost efficient backers of ElsCtW I thc Repubhcnn convention cxplod , n , rk ,. n ,, , uch ... Ardcn t O^H that some 200 persons nt the encampment contracted food poisoning. He said the illness was caused] Tin I'.owcr. blas-t was set off by Sen. ay improper refrigeration. i t U Ultl.it %\ »i o £>v-* «j-- — •• j Dirksen of Illinois with a personal} spoken scornfully ol twice himself had won — j the nomination (once beating Taft the ^ ^ . .. _..-~~- —-."^ZUl^-—^.^^^ ! llll liuillllltttiuil \VMI\-U VV.Kvuigk •"-( out of it) but had lost both times Why punish yourself shopping in a hot store. I ln thc Democrats in thc elections. ^ _ _, «. Come on down to your B&B store where it is 20 ~ "' degrees cooler than it is on the outside. Shop with us where the employees have o smile for you. Make it a habft of shopping with us. PURE CANE SUGAR 10 us 93c Mrs. Tucker 3 Pound Carton ^/"NCCCr FOLGERS and 1 Lb L*UrrCLE MAXWELL HOUSE Can A&P 4# Vs 46 Oz. Can DAILY ?at or Fish Flavor Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hnltom Jr. | had us their Sunday guests, Mr. i and Mr.s. Frank Haltom Sr. of Cnindcn. ' Mr. nnd Mr.s. Watson Yaneey | ami Tommy of Helena were Ihe week end guests of relatives. Mi»,s Marjorie Anderson oi Little 1 Hock has been the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ani derson. : I Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McRac wore I the woek end guest? of Mr. and ; Mrs. C, J. Taylor in Tcxarkana t find nttondud a family reunion, . S. D, Dickinson of Little Uock has been visiting his mother, Mrs. Sam Dickinson. ere fl rt Miles that Make You Happy |pp _^*ga^BB^^^^H^5Swbk. /•z Lb. Pkg. SULTANA TISSUE DIAMOND SOFTEX 1000 Sheets Rolls 85c 29c TEA LIPTON'S Lb. Box 29c FRUIT No. 21 Cons ROAST BEEF ARMOUR'S STAR 12 Ox. Can ICE CREAM Sparkle VasiiiSa Pkgs. 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PMk LIBBY'S LUNCH Bars 21* MEDIUM SIZE SVORY SOAP 15* Bars LARGE SIZE No. Vi Can IVORY SOAP 2 B O , S 25* LIBBVS VIENNA SAUSAGE So. K Can KARO WAFFLE SYRUP 23* 16-oz. Glass WOODBURY LIBBY'S DEVILED No. V< Con ARGO STARCH 12-oz. HAS HAD 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE WITH HONOR: ID State Government Business Administration As A Successful • Legislator ' -As A Deputy Prosecuting , Attorney. Asst. Attorney General and Elected ATTORNEY GENERAL Read IKEMURRY'S 14 Point POSITIVE Program: 1. A 12To cut In thc overall costs ol state administration 2 A Tax reduction fund to which shnU tae credited all savings over nnd above the absolute requirements for the operation of the state government 3. A fiscal control board composed c* 7 constitutional officers to replace the board on which the governor >and hw appointees now constitute a majority 4. Public compotiuve bidding lor state purchase orders and contracts under supervision of a state purchasing officer selected by the reorganized fiscal control board, not •by the governor alone K, '8. A state comptroller selected by the P reorganized fiscal control board Cor • term longer than 2 years so that th« governor cannot interfere with audits of state expenditures 6. Completion of the Highwiy Audit and annual audits thereafter by an audit commission designed under IcsislaUve authority. Perpetual audits of all slate agencies by a comptroller independent of the Governor 7. Restoration to the public school fund of the tax revenues which were taken from it by the McMath administration in 1949 8 25 Million dollars of new hlgh- « ) way construction in 19S3 WITHOUT BONDS and another 25 million tn 1054 WITHOUT BONDS, while reducing the bonded debt 10 million dollars 0. A program of industrial expansion to balance our economy, which wlU entail eventual elimination of the double taxation now Imposed by the state Income tax levied on federal income tax 10. Removal of the iron curtain which has kept the General Assembly and the public in the dark a« to essential facts and figures relating to management of state . agencies: full frank appraisal of all » appropriations of the actual need* oi-all phases of state government 11. A sound, honest governmental base for Arkansas's economic growth; honorable, experienced men and women on boards and commissions and in top administrative positions 12. Opening of Welfare rolls for inspection, so as to increase payment* to the deserving recipients oi age and to purge from the roll*, all political hangers on IS. Prompt publicity for an furlough*, paroles and pardons and * waiting period between announcements and w> lective date ol clemency order* ano proclamations so as to allow time tor protest 14. A two term limitation oi the governor's tenure ia office. IKE'MURRY Has A Definite, \ Positive Program-! Has Shown How I These Con All i Be Accomplished PQi. AdV APPLE SAUCE 303 Cans CAMPFIRE PORK & BEANS 1 Lb. Cans 25c CORN GOLD BELL CREAM STYLE YELLOW No. 2 Cans Here is what you have been wait-ing for. ALL OF OUR PLASTIC GOODS, POTS, KNIVES, FORKS, PANS and Many Items too numerous to.mention. 3 Tables o.f itw.Out it ^ 30% DISCOUNT ON EVERY ITEM YOU BUY. Lima Beans Bells and English Peas Super MK Brand £m Boxes FROZEN FOODS STRAWBERRIES Hosier Brand lOJOz. Cans ORANGE JUJCE Wholesun 6 Oz. Cans PRODUCE DEFT. ONIONS SWEET Pounds 25c BANANAS Pounds PEAS Purple Hull 19c Pounds TOMATOES HOMEGROWN Pound 21 c MARKET DEPT. BACON TALL KORN 40c Pound FRYERS HOME GROWN 53c Pound CURED HAM i or whole PICNIC HAM Pound 59c 47c Ttift derided what he called Dewcy "me, too," campaigns. Dcwcy'a 96 New York delegates have been one of the main convention prizes. They seem lined up almost solidly with Dcwey for Eisenhower. More than that. Dcwcy and Her berl Brownell, twice thc mainspring in gelling Dewey his nominations, have worktd behind the scenes for thc general. Dewey and Brownell are credited with being two of thc best wire-pullers in thc business. Dewcy hasn't spent much time attacking Taft personally. He's used his energy to wound Taft where it most likely would be fatal: by lining up votes against him. On., Monday, the convention's opening. 05 of thc 96 New York delegates, headed by Dewey, voted for a move by thc Eisenhower forces which was successful. This was thc vote not to let delegate! in dispute vote on other disputed delegates. This was thc first test of strength between thc Taft-Eiscnhower forces nnd Eisenhower won. The result was a stunning blow to Taft. In the two days that followed, Dewey and Brownell had more time to damage Taft behind the scenes by trying to swing still-uncommitted dele- Bates to thc general. At any rate yesterday afternoon public attacks oh Dewcy began in earnest. A loudspeaker blared through thc Chicago streets: "Dewey is full of hooey" and "Phoccy on Dcwcy" and "Pcwcy wants to be president by. jjrpxy" — another way 'of saying the general is a Dcwey stooge — and "Poor Blind Ike, "\ sung to the tuna of "Three Blind Mice." ' This attempt to discredit'Dcwcy and Eisenhower reached Hg peak with Dirksen when the'• convention began its session last night.-'It was preparing to vote on whether,;pro-' Tafl or pro-Eisenhower,delegations from Georgia and (later) Texas should be scaled and permitted to vole on thc presidential candidates. In tight balloting thc Georgia and Tc-xas votes could swing the nomination. Dirkscn pleaded with thc \ convention — or at least those delegates who hadn't already made up their minds — to vote pro-Taft. He spoke soothingly — about principle, party loyalty, the need foi p:iri.v unity, respect for tradition Suddenly he abandoned thib approai.il, turned toward Dcwcy who was with his other 05 New York delegates, and heaped scorn on him: "We followed you before and you took, us down thc road to defeat." It the suddenness and nature ofj this attack shocked or revolted some ot thc delegates, for others it unleashed cither personal dislike for Dcwcy, anger at him tor helping Eisenhower, or their own frustration built up over years of successive defeats. They booed Dcwcy, who twice led them to defeat. As thc booing grew it was' not clear whether the boos were all against Dewey or partly against Dcwey and partly against Dirksen. That may have been the end of his speech anyway. Whether it was or not, Dirkscn ondcd it fast after that. Thc voting began. Tafl lost. Now Taft and Eisenhower face the votCj on the, nomination, with pro-EiKcn-i hower delegates from Georgia and! Texas sitting where pro-Tuft menv might have sat if the majority oi; the convention hadn't decided, otherwise, j OLEO SUN VALLEY WHITE ELEPHANT Business SALE Don't miss this Gigantic Money-Saving, Closing Out Sale, ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT - EVERYTHING MUST GO. * THE BIG SALE GOES ON SAVINGS AS BIG AS THE WHITE ELEPHANT QUITS Ladies & Childrens Shoes One group of $3.95 and $4.95 $1.00 LADIES DRESS SHOES One group of $6.95 and $7.95 shoes. Pounds B SB Super IwHet Birdeye Frozen Food Dealer rAM-6:30PM'' PROMPT FREE QEL1VERY 222 E SECOND PHONE 7-4501 Oood Campaign Workers | CHICAGO MV-Rcp. Katharine St.j George of New York says women; are particularly well qualified asj campaign workers, ! "One of the things you have to du is hear thc candidate tell the same story time and time again—j and still laugh," she told a group of women. Maybe it is because women get so much experience in listening to their husbands' jokes, she commented. 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