Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 10, 1952 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1952
Page 11
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I V >' 1 > H0f2 STAR, MOrt, ARKANSAS Mid fill IN » m^§Mw tkjyK "^- •— ta.&tjf tlTClay BHI> WCh neJO »Hi* wore pout tineif, 7 _ tttftti W«f»»fUrt** to t, tfojr* were rfftjnVvt*rf<Iy Irregular, i|urei opimed 90 eenu >r tit* Ho« pHc»» urn Jrw«u'»f Wit mrmtly ttonrfy to 23 cent! lower nt enirtflrfi cwnboH muffcet*. -• Choice 100 to 270 pound haw cold from |207» (A $2% wltft A pf-flCtlCAl tAp Of ftt »t ChlPftjfO ond tndlflnnpoll* nnd 92Ut «t Rant Ht, txnilx, Anmtt Hfl.fXW hog* »ro on *n\« at IS mldweil mftrket* r'ornpnrfd with 33,rtOO a wovti «««, Cfltlle *upj»(|i9» nre cittlm/ilrd At Clo«fl to 18,600 hood, about 10,000 T H f r A R M r H'S f H I f. N D ! ''TOCK-BARN-GARDEN INSfCT KM U R JIH CONCINTMTI ~ IAIY TO MIX iff ~ w M» 34 OAUOW OF IMAY TO omicTioNi rot routtur tivutocit, OAIOIMI AND f*»M — lh«r» n wc«k ago. At Chicago, yj-nrllng* »nrl !l<tht wolsht »to<T« imd«*r 1,000 fXnifttM flrwl h«Mfcr« were *!p*iiy to SO rfntn hl*h«r, Heavier wi lght« of *teer* *»M «Urt»dy li» 28 cent* lowtr, Cholcw to low prime ffd ii««r* worn >ejM.M"fl frfwn ft*2 to M.M wllh a few up to »M. New Lark whol»««l« meat price* With Brivaneoi of ft to f2 <m vo«lj Tackett CoWlnurt frmn f»*«t id, Nomination rVtttlfiu*d from rag* OM tf*t«t"f«r the IVsndcraefi? mwnfnt* general. Previously the committee (turn yesterday Involved nww lndu«- try. «cf,ool« and "under thf t»bl«" „ , McMnth had approved n pro-Tafl group. Thl* made the new lineup In the Awoclated Press tabulation of Waves which are Mown past a Moelem law permits four wives. Harvard, planned $h i»M headland sometimes turn and break but only fairly rich men are able nded In 1639 is the oldest unl on the lee shore. | to afford more thari one Wife. • !»«$• Ift the United State*. New York nnd Chicago dlendy to frflrjtlnnolly Unv<» on htitutr. Some W scoro foutur »old nl 7.1 pent* p*r ptmnd nl new York iiiwl Home 92 (wore nt 7t (winy otrielnl'i favor Ih< alle of « l»2 jilnnt. He *nlrl that at Arkadel • •- ----Aircraft Com- Eluonhower 514, Tnft 466, other* Arkan«a» for "0, uncommitted 88. rnllllon dollar! picture could shift quickly right now we °/> lhc " r *t nomination ballot when , Now York look* for on Irrr-Kiiliir —.. of negotiation*" and "I be- "<nkK o — t j , mi ..ttve W o have thi- support of mo»tj on * condldato or another. Hovernwrnl agenclex." I " ul tn ' 8 Slow-moving convention 1 Chftticollor r-.(inci» Chorry »ald : * l '' m !f! u nl '!| ely1 to *' jl around K> nt W.u.-.m Hint tho «lnt«.>'* iichool * n * •"« »howdown until tomor-; ,.|n>w. Delegate* faced action today «r trend on «««». No are In pro.peet »t Chlc»«o, Now York — Noon July Cotton NEW YOHK — Th« New York- market w«» narrowly mixed to- dny. Trading wa» modnrntffly «c» tlv«. The curb mnrkel won quiet ond ijOnlyifackett Can Deliver the Goods ^•~ "•• •'- w^*e^^*>'*^ £%e mmK^-wmim^ ?ss. r< commended n revision of tux 'I'ructurr tn flnnnc<; "capable nchofiN" but mldcd thnt he did not iidvoc/itc nn increiiac in xtnto tnx- Jack Holt told Kl Dorado listener", that "there wilt bo no more closer) donrx when I'm governor." He xald (hat there have been "loo many nrtuVr-the-tnblc nrid behind- Ihc'door denls in our highway deal IIIKH duiinK 'the p.'Lit three and n linlf yenr.i," :il-io an id he th cnndidate*. Guv. John S. Fine of Pennsyl-' V^nia cut down the uncommitted i list Mhurply by a belated andi widely forecast announcement that he IK eupporlinfi Eisenhower. j tlun In fnvor of seating (he Georgia! group sefcmed to re-! for the! jfi*< I HAD IT MADB 'TIL CAMBBYI __ w ,, ii^i»,i. >.*•* .-<»' Pol. Adv. 1'nld for by Kd. Muhtlo, Searcy, Ark. fight point* for nn "out of politics" Hlghwny „.., merit In a radio address Inter this week Ally, Gen, Ike Mtirry stopped nt Hprlrit(dnl«> nntl Hugcm yenterdny. proponing that the attorney general bi.- jtlven power to prosecute "gtnte offleluls who violate the Inw.," Irregularly loxvor. On the stock exchange, the A«- Hoclnted Pre.is 00-slock average at noon was unchanged nt 100.2. Housework *> Easy Without t Nagging Backache Nuglilng hucknrhr. Ion ot p*p >nd tntrry, hradACMM and fllzxln«RM m>Jr betiuv to alow* ili i w n of klilncjr function. Doctor* icy good klilnty function U very Important to ifood hi'oltli. When torn* «v<-ryil«y condltlun.iueli UK »(n-(in nnil utrnln, CKUIH thli Impurtunt fuii«tlimt<»luw<Jtiwn,m«nyfollui<uir«rnftK- Klnif barhuche—fvrl inUt-ruhU. Minor blaJ- dvr IrrttntionA ilu« tticoltl or wrung tlltt may cau««K«tllnHupnl|[litiiorrreiiu<>ntpi»Mr«*. Dtin't imitU'cl your kl<ln>>'< It thnt oomlt- tliitu bother you. Try l)n»n'« I'lIU—n mild Ului-etU'. llmid aucco»»fully by million* for over 6(1 your*. It'll »nm*lnf how tnuny tlnm DUIIM'H i-1vi' lut|)|iy rollvf from thei« illnrnm- furt*-h»l|i tliii 1 1 nillmur k ldn«y tub«t und HI- tern Ilimh uut wuntu. Ciot Uo«n'« 1'IIU todayl STARTS FRIDAY, JULY llth SUMMER CLEARANCE r u. f T» % ^ m ** p •*t -t <« * i, *' t SUITS PRICE fc-r- erV' I: - AH men$ summer suits go ot HALF-PRICE. Rayons, light wtight woolens. All models and all sizes to go at '/ 2 Price. IS SPORT COATS NOW SIS IE MENS STRAW HATS • P** ., £T feft ALL $5.00 ** Hf| **r A , •., Now */«3U HATS Now ' ^O«VU ALL $3.95 HATS Now $2.00 RiDUCiD iARLY FRIDAY MORNING FOR YOUR COMFORT • ' There was no suggestion they! mlKht Blve way for another can-! tlldate, nhtough there was Krowln«i talk on the fringes about Gen. DOUGHS Mac-Arthur as a possible runner. i Taft himself reiterated he ex-; peels to bo nominated "on an early' ballot." He said that a number of! delegates who voted Eisenhower's way on the delegate contests have assured me they will vote for mo' on the roll call." Kisenhowor, who slept through the convention's midnight vote on the Georgia test, earlier had declared he would win the nomination. In the Georgia contest, tho convention's notion seated a delegation listed as 14 for Elsenhower, two for Tnft and one undecided. The Credentials Committee - np- provcd .group would have given Taft nil 17 votes. Elsenhower's Texas victory gave him 33 votes, Taft five. The Credentials Committee had voted for 22 Tuft and 10 Eisenhower dele- nates from the Lone Star State. In the Georgia contest, Tnft showed he has rock-bottom support of about 531 delegates toward the 004 votes needed for the nomination. Eisenhower's strength was more difficult to pinpoint. Although his, side polled 0,074 votes on Georgia,! these included 101 publicly committed to Gov. Earl Warren of California'and former Gov. Harold E. 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MOM STAR, HGM, ARKANSAS SOCIETY 74441 t«tw««n I A. M. *nd 4 I*. M. Electronic Continued from Page On« alendar rlday, July 11 DeAnn Lilae. Garden Club 'sponsor a bchefit ice cream on Friday, July 11, at 8 l. All proceeds will be used to ^lete the club house. The pub- ivil liUnviled. i^Wr, and Mrs,' G. A. Hobbs and WK' and Mrs. Webb Laseter, Jr. will be hosts and hostesses to a young peoples dance at the Hope Country Club Friday night, July 7:30 to 10 o'clock. them in one hour." If business Utrns to these ma chine?, one of the first results would seem to be a reduction in clerk-Mi workers, since reports now 1 belnj; made marmully could be; thing for the supper. The Sunday: m«de with fewer clerks and less'; School will furnish the soft drinks! expensively. But machines also I and ice cream. This picnic is an| produce new jobs. annual affair and is always held' develop data once ermslHefert too! hard and too expensive to Ret. j For; example: Financial reports could be prepared once a rrioiith instead of otice every three months nnd the businessman could keep closer tab on how he stands. British Radio Continued From TaRe One .'f new . Piiul rf Drescher. vice president on the evening of the last clay of am , controller of Associated Ilospi-; llu ;° 11|U> '' V,f"! Vacntion Church Sch.iol. tn , Scrvlcc „, Ncw York, points; '' u fl ' ll .... v ' ..i \ : illOlH UK' SUUt . Sen* Russell No. 2 Choice of Arkansas useful to «n enemy. Justice Barry pronounced sen- It nee after clearing the courtroom I secret evidence j A picnic will be given the mem- , bers of the Presbyterian Sunday J School and church and those who | have been attending the Vaca- j tion Church School Friday even! ink'!:-at 7:30 at Fair Park. Each family is requested to bring some- Monday, July 14 Circles No. 1 and 2 of the First Christian Church will have a joint business meeting, program, and social hour in the church Monday, July 14, at 3 o'clock with Mrs. Cline Franks, president, presiding. Mrs. 11. O. Green will be a hostess from Circle 2 and one from Circle 1 will be designated later. out that no mochnnicnl brain can work unless it is fed inuteriiil. j And this is prepared by nu-n iinct women. The lightning-like speed of the electronic compiler nlso must be geared to the eonipnrntively slow speed o( the electric typewriters and punched tnpes which prepare and feed the data to the computers and electronic memory units. Tho n'iilly important thing the Miss Norma Jean Franks to Wed Bob Shaddox I snvinu Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Franks of! chance this city announce the engage-1 . merit and approaching marriage of their daughter, Norma Jean, to Bob Shaddox, son of Mr. and . Mrs. Ogle Shaddox of Nashville, | Arkansas. The wedding will be an event) of the latter part of August in the Cumberland Park Avenue Presbyterian Church av Memphis, Tennessee. electronic machine will do for busi- 1 l<M , ful (o ness, llrescher holds is not the | I. ITT I, F. ROCK W — Sen. Richard Husse^l of Georgia appar-j (illy L.i'ks second only to Sen. .T.i| William Fulbri«ht <D--Ark> with] n lariie number of Arkansas dele-| e.ates to the national Democratic!I convention as a presidential nom-i Marshall's face fiw.e when Jus-.'"»<'• I lice Barry said "t should have foM; The 22-vote delegntUm Is pledge,!' bi'iiiKl to impose a considerably, U> support the Arkansas senator as; li.nyer sentence" if the jury had', long as it thinks he can obtain the! not recommended leniency, I nomination. Sen. Fulbrlght, \vho;| The Jury deliberated an hour and has no ither delegate backing, has; who rt'quesled the see-' supnort of the Arkansas || curlier this week, had; group'x 22 votes yo.stor-j thirteen delegates say-! favored Russell if the * four minutes before Hinting Marshall yuilly of three chnrgos of passing information to Soviet li'm- bassy Second Secretary Pavel Km- retsov and one charge of record- ini< information which might be an enemy not said ht Huss, 11 olid choice delegation i, clerical help but the gives businessmen to| Marshall, swallowing hard but r u ibriglit Hague —May Betrothal Told The announcement is made by Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Hogue of this city of the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Novalene, to Ernest Arval May, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest May also of this city. The wedding will bo solemnized August 24 in the First Baptist Church. Texas, to Paragould. Mrs. Johnson was the former Miss Clarice Mi-Daniel of Hope. Mrs. Oliver Adams attended the District Directors Institute of Arkansas Cniuu-ess of Parent Teai hers at the Albert Pike Hole', in Little Rock July 7 and 8. PLUS * SPECIAL ApO-minute screen revue Robinson - Maxim FIGHT PICTURES Round-by-Round Description •; Starts Friday — DOUBLE FEATURE 30 A** HRREm GIRIi ,r= PLUS Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Haeckcr of San Antonio, Texas, were the holiday guests of John and Marjie Harrie. Rev. and Mrs. Richard L. John son and family of Beaufort, South Carolina, were Wednesday visitors in Hope enroute from Orange, Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Bob Richard Steed Emmet. Ed Jackson, McNab, Mrs j W. F. James, Hope. I Discharged: Mrs. Bill Groves, of Hope, Mrs. F. S. McPherson and son Frank Michael, Hope. Josephine Admitted: Mr. J. C. Goodwin, Rosston, Mrs. Moss Rowe, Washington. Discharged: Mrs; A. K. Holloway, Hope, Mr. J. C. Goodwin, of Rosstori, Mr. and Mrs. Moss nouncc the arrival of July 10. Rowc, ail- betrayinK no emotion on his fnee,, roeV-d back on his heels as thej fereman pronounced him Kuilty on the first count. - | When the verdict was read he sail down, starin.u straight ahead,. cluspiiiK and unclasping his hands. ,ii\ the dc.ck. His mother, sitting in | ] the gallery, U-nned on thji. shouUlor | i uf his father. ' ' | Marshall was tried under the of-j ! ficial secrets act. Britain's anti-i | espinnuKc law. The trial was in j I Ihi^ same court where traitor Wil-l li.ini (Lord Haw llawi Joyce and' !,lom spy Klaus FiiChs were convicted. Mar.sl-all transmitted coded and uncoded I'oreiyn office messages to British diplomats abroad and worked for a year as n clerk In the British embassy in The prosecution told .Russia is whom we war." The exact information passed over by Marshall to Ku/nttsov in "clonk and dnRger" meotiilKS before Scotland Yard arrested tho pair on June 13 was not made public. Kuznetsov was freed move doesn't uinlerlal- No other candidate could account for inure than 1 'j votes. Arkansas has 32 votinrt delegates of which \'l have a full vote and 21) hold a half vote. Tenty-two delegates were will- iuu to express a preference in a poll l\>- Tin' Associated Press, with :.ix undecided or refusing to say and (our unavailable, USE T-4-L FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT BECAUSE — It peels off the outer skin and ox,, .„- poses buried fuiiKi to kill it on coil- h ,,,ii tuct. H not pleased IN ONK HOUR . i,, i with instant-drying T--1-U your 40c | ' " | back at any dru« store. Today al Moscow. I j t ,hn s. Gibson Drvm Co. the court 'a potential enemy with} might some day be nt boson on j cause of his diplomatic immunity. — LAST CHAPTER — "MYSTERIOUS ISLAND" • Color Cartoon • Starts Sunday KATHRYNGRAYSONH WRIALTD • LAST DAY • ADDED SHORT SUBJECTS • Starts Friday • 2 — BIG - HITS — 2 Knife Against Fang and Claw "JUNGLE OF CHANG" PLUS LARRY CRABBE "ARIZONA RAIDERS" CARTOON & SERIAL Branch Admitted Psilinos. Discharged: Hope. Mrs. Robert Rogers. Mr. Alston Foster, Some animals that exist near or above the line of permanent snow in the mifihly Himalayas are tin? ghostly snow leopard,' Asiatic mountain goats and tho bharel, a wild sheep. 8 HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE Main & Country Club rd. THURSDAY - FRIDAY "THE LIGHT TOUCH" S. Granger - Pies Angcli G. Sanders 1st RUN REPHAN'S WEEK END SPECIALS CHANGE OF PACKAGE S/ILE BARBARA GOULD is changing its dress. 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Wf mfm** MEN'S DRESS PANTS Values to 7.98 $4.98 ALTERATIONS FREE 1 MEN'S DRESS STRAWS All Sizes, Now $139 ^^^^w^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ pppjqpppjpJH^ ••-•— MEN'S ALL LEATHER WORK SHOES Ventured Uppers, Ftill Bother Middle Sole end Rubber Sole ond Heel. R«fl«lor $3.98 value SHOP AND SAVE •r^F >WP WL wl.'W ^^^i IN THREE BIG DAYS! FRI., SEE THE BIG BARGAIN SHOE TABLj Ladies Shoes. Value to $8.95 $1.00 $1.88 $188 Close Out. All Summer DRESSES \ REDUCED Save as much as 50% LADIES HALF SLIPS $1.29 value 50c each All Men's Adam Dress STRAW HAT: REDUCED Save up to 50% Each hat marked to sell fq|j 36" Heavy Brown SHEETING .MEN'S SHORTS i 69c value 2 prs. $1 MEN'S UNDERSHIRT! value 1 SEE THE BIG SELECTION OF MEN S DRESS SLACKS EVERY PAIR PUT ON SALE AT A SPECIAL LOW PRICE LADIES RAYON \ 59c value 4prs.97c MEN'S $2.95 SPORT SHIRT Close Out, ' « Special Purchase. Ladies Regular and half sizes. Values to $5.95 $2.87 Lodiei Garcrest Cotton HALF SLIPS Wide embroidery trim. Come to Owen 1 For the

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