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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 14
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 14

Indianapolis, Indiana
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14 THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR Jame R. Phillippe Dies; City Resident 40 Years THURSDAY, JULY 20. 1944. Funeral sen-ices will be held in Shirley Brothers' Irving Hill the Kirby mortuary at 2 :30 o'clock! chapel, 5377 East Washington Friday afternoon. The Rev.

John' street. Burial will be in Crown F. Edwards, pastor of the Broad- Hill cemetery. way Methodist Church, will ofii-j ciate. Burial will be in Crown JOSEPH W.

SHERWOOD. One Killed, 33 Hurl as Bus Hits Underpass Stanchion Mrs. H. C. Gilbert, Clubwoman, Dies Mrs.

Harry C. Gilbert, mother of Mrs. Garvin M. Brown. West John Hendrix, Former Resident, Dies In Ohio Word has been rfreivd hre hy Mrs.

Jamf-s A. Sutherland, 26.36 Sutherland avenue, of the death of her brother, John Clifford Hendrix, In Columbus. followine a brief Hill cemetery'. Continued From Vogt One. ISAAC S.

MATKIN DIES IN HIS HOME Ran Dry Goods Store Un Joseph W. Shenvood, 57 years old, a lifetime resident of Indi anapolis, died yesterday at his home, 613 North Colorado avenue. He had been ill six years. illness. He was 77 years old.

A former resident of Indianapolis, he was the son of George Born in Indianapolis, he was em ployed by the Bankers Trust Com pany, and was a memoer or me Little Flower Catholic Church. til Retirement Four Years Ago. Sun-ivors are the widow, Mrs. Rites to Be Held Today At Odon for Z. M.

Garten Funeral senices will be held today at Odon for 2jmri M. Garten, 84 years old, former Daviess county assessor, who died Monday night. He was the father -of William Raymond Garten, 5434 North Pennsylvania street, president of the Sutton-Garten Company here. Also surviving are two daughters, including Mrs. Clyde Frazier of four grandsons and 0so great-granddaughters.

MRS. FLORENCE S. HORTOV. Lila Clements Sherwood, a daugh ter, Charles Hoagland of In dianapolis, and two grandchildren, Robert and Mary -Ann Hoagland. 1 Funeral senices will be held in the Kirby mortuary at 7:45 o'clock Saturday morning, and', at 8:30 Waller Hendrix and Sarah Hendrix, early Indiana settlers.

He was a retired miller and lumberman. Survivors are the widow, Mrs. Lou Hughes Hendrix; four daughters, Mrs. Raymond Mendenhall of Pendleton, Mrs. Ralph Parent of Anderson, Mrs.

Reid Parent of Columbus, and Mrs. Max Money of Paris, three sons, Robert Hendrix of Moline, Hubert Hendrix of Columbus, and Lieut. George Hendrix, serving in South America; four sisters, Mrs. Sutherland, Mrs. Elizabeth Hopkins of Syracuse, N.Y.; Mrs.

Thomas Rutherford of Columbus, 0., and Mrs. Harry Machledt of Waveland. Ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren also survive, Funeral services will be held Friday in Columbus, O. o'clock in the Little Flower (r Isaac S. Matkin, 83 years old, former dry goods store merchant, died last night in his home, 120 North Bosart avenue, following an Illness of several months.

He had lived in Indianapolis more than 50 years. He was born in Green castle and, Upon coming to Indianapolis, was employed by the William Laurie Dry Goods Company for more than 30 years. He later established his Church. Burial will be in Calvary cemetery. Mrs.

Sweeney Horton, 76 years widow of Elza A. Horton, died Tuesday night in her home, 143 South Randolph street, following an illness of several 96i street, died here yesterday following a brief illness. A resident of Indianapolis and New York, Mrs. Gilbert resided at the Columbia Club here and at 14 East 60th street when in New York. She a member of the Dramatic Club, the Columbia Club and the Propylaeum.

The only other survivor Is a granddaughter, Miss Nina Brown, who" Is serving with the American Red Cross in England. Mrs. Gilbert was born in Cincinnati, and, except for a few years' residence in St. Louis, spent most of her adult life in Indianapolis. Funeral services will be held in the chapel at Crown Hill cemetery at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning.

Burial will be in Crown Hill. LOLIS J. MANGOLD. Louis J. Mangold, 72 years old, 1545 South New Jersey street, a resident of Indianapolis the last 50 years, died Tuesday night following a nine-year illness.

Mr, Mangold, a furniture company worker until he retired 25 years ago, was born in Pennsylvania. He was a member of Sacred Heart Church. Survivors are the widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Rose Mangold, and a daughter, Miss Loretta Mangold of Indianapolis. Funeral services will be held at 8:30 o'clock tomorrow morning in the G.

H. Herrmann funeral home and at 9 o'clock in Sacred Heart Church. Burial will be in St. cemetery. i ii Kroger Employes Reject Union as Bargain Agent Meat department employes of months.

She had lived in Indian apolis since childhood, and had re' sided at the Randolph street ad the Kroger Grocery and Baking Company in an election rejected dress the last 38 years. She was own dry goods store at 707 Shelby Btreet which he operated until his retirement four years ago. Mr. Matkin was a member of born in Liberty, Feb. 15, 1868, Mrs.

Horton was a member of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America, Local No. 167, A. F. of the Woodside Methodist Church. ing the Injured to hospitals and in Survivors are four children, Mrs.

as bargaining agent, A. W. Metz- JAMES R. PHILLIPPE. James R.

Phillippe, 68 years old, 123 West 27th street, husband of Pearl High Phillippe, died Tuesday night In the Methodist Hospital. He had been a resident of Indianapolis 40 years. Born in Shelby county, Mr. Phillippe attended grade school and high school at Frankfort and was graduated in 1898 from the Valparaiso University school of pharmacy. He had owned a drugstore at 30th and Illinois streets for 23 years, but for the last five years he had been associated with Van's Pharmacy, 1656 Roosevelt avenue.

Mr. Phillippe was a member of the Broadway Methodist Church and of Marion Lodge No. 35, F. and A.M. The only survivor is the widow.

Harry L. Gladden and Miss Stella A. Horton, both of Indianapolis; the Grace Methodist Church and, Knights of Pythias Lodge No. 56. Survivors are two sons, Fred Matkin and Leon C.

Matkin, both i of Indianapolis. Leon Matkin Is employed in the circulation depart-1 directing traffic. Wreckage of the bus was removed one and one-half hours after the crash. Charles Ramsey, who suffered loss of several teeth, went to the Curtiss-Wright Corporation for Mrs. J.

Shields White of Covington, and Lewis E. Horton, a major in ger, Indianapolis district manager for the company, announced yesterday. The election, held by mail the week of July 3, was conducted by the National Labor Relations Board. Results were 32 ballots cast against the union, 22 for. it the air corps, and five grandchildren, Ruth Ann Horton and Robert L.

Horton of Indianapolis, Mrs, ment of The Star. Funeral arrangements have not been completed. Carolyn Grace of New Ross and Mary White and Martha White of pki I iB(w Jfc aW and eight were invalid. Employes of 30 Kroger meat departments participated in the election. Covington.

Funeral services will be held at 1:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon in nrst aid treatment. Edward Sanders, 34, 1311 North Denny street, who was under the underpass and saw the bus veer, told police, "It was going awful fast." Asked to explain, he estimated the probable speed at "better than 30 miles an hour." The bus's fare register showed 39 fares had been rung up, and the operator said no passengers had alighted since he left Illinois and I Albert Wrhmeier. 26, 2109 North New Jersey street, eye injury. MM Vitamin Centers of Indiana Finis Houston, 58, 3700 block G-aceland avenue, shook. Lewis Bennett, 52, 634 West 13th street.

Aaron Harper, 3010 East Mere DOWNSTAIRS STORE dith street. Wilbur King, 3108 Central ave- nue, back and neck injuries. Are You Getting Enough Minnie. Gardner, 51, 2242 Plerson VITAMIN i-U VI I fl MINX street, ft TABLETS A John York, 20, 121 East Vermont I MMDIFTf Washington streets. Company to Probe.

Company officials said their claim department will investigate "until we have a clear picture of what happened and why." The last previous street railways passenger fatality was Aug. 11, 1926. John Hale, one of those Injured seriously, had been victim of a bus accident with Injured 28 persons in the 7200 bloock West Washington street Sunday night. He suffered chest Injuries in that accident and was released from the City Hospital Monday. Yesterday he suf-fered( a severe Bcalp laceration.

Mrs. Cook reported her husband's Injury late last night. She told police he arrived home covered with blood and In a dazed street. UUIIII LLIk 1SL B00 for 1.191,000 for 2.1 Mrs. Pearl Johnson, 48, 929 44 7 lf r.

I Chadwick street. INS All-Important Vltamlni plut Liver and Iron. inn rone Miss Mildred Johnson, 18, daugh 200 49c 10 Mk. CtXIS I'niU Each) 100 for. ..1.39 htV tS Mk.

(5(100 Unit Kaeh) ter of Mrs. Johnson, same address. Miss Beulah Allen, 19, 2353 IUU UHJJ l.Ttf Yrl JV North Illinois street. 300 Caps 6.72 QnnPoncGT) 100 far 1.69 Miss Mallnda Neese, 16, Green- "Stay Wtll and Stay on fh Job" eastle. condition shortly after 3:30 o'clock, Beverley Brown, 21, Grpencastle.

Mrs. Myrtle White, 43, 1816 Broadway. Robert Armstrong, R.R. 1, Box 186. Miss Mildred Elliott, 17, 2358 telling her that he did not know what had happened to him, She said he had one eye closed, Consult Your Doctor First and then purchase your Vitamin Requirements at and there were numerous lacera Top: When this Indianapolis Railways litis crashed against the Cal-Par I aq For Reducing M9 1,000 Brewers' 9 AQ Yeast Tablets 120 Wheat Germ 1 IQ Oil Capsules 100 Ironized RQ Yeast Tablets steel stanchion (left) of the rail .50 .39 .10 .35 Bisma-Rex An ti-Acid 4 50c Arrid Cream Deodorant Feenamint Gentle Laxative Rexall Lotion for Poison tions and bruises of the head and shoulders.

He went to bed and slept for several hours before he awakened and remembered the ac Keene'j Vitamin Centers road overpass at Kentucky avenue 1 SM and Missouri street yesterday aft ernoon one passenger was killed cident. Hp told police he had to run to and 83 other persons, Including the driver, were injured, several criti catch the bus at Illinois street and Kentucky avenue and was last to cally. It was the second serious bus crash here this week. board it before it pulled away. He 'jj said the bus was crowded and he Bottom: The operator of the bus, fohn W.

Brklges, injured, sat in North Illinois street. (The following were treated In Methodist Hospital.) 1 Anna Norton, 225 Spring street, fractured left ankle. Mrs. llobert Sloan, 38, 1719 College avenue. Eloise Meece of New Castle.

Clarence Brewer, 5319 University avenue. (The following were treated by private physicians.) Capt. Frank Quinn, Indianapolis fire department, 54, 1737 South Talbott street. Charles Ramsey, 38, 1202 North Capitol avenue, teeth knocked out. Mrs.

Gladys Johnson, 2232 Central avenue, body bruises. Otis Young, 46, Unionville, mouth cut, hands lacerated. John W. Bridge, 32, 128 East St. Joseph street, operator of the bus, JLT IB OnUCt nrl TfCTUl for BONES and TEETH! had to stand on the step.

He said he remembers the bus Diabetic Supplies! the wreckage, refusing aid until all passengers were oared for. He was slated on a charge of reckless driv A approaching the overpass, then Vv Build Rich, fit RedBlood (IT NEO-BRONIN Vitamin Complex TVI iH and Ferroua Iron ing. 1 Dl CALCIUM PHOSPHATE Compounded with Vitamin "everything went blank." He said he does not know how he arrived at home from the scene of the accident. He was treated by a private physician. I If a Benedict's fi Solution.

Pint lOOTabs. 2.19 100 Caps. ..98 I Protamine Zinc Insulin U. 40 lOcc. 1,000 Saccharin Tablets, or Grain nAAT.L.

A 4 Women Lose Pockethooks. III 3nn r.anc. 7 chest bruised, left shoulder fractured. Guy Cook, 34, 34 South Tuxedo street. Frits Faulkner, 35, 1812 North Meridian street, body bruises.

Of the injured taken to Meth U. 40 10 cc. Insulin Regular or WWW WMf ww Two women passengers on the bus who were uninjured, told police later they lost their purses and contents. They were Mrs. New Globin Insulin.

1.89 Isopropyl Alcohol, pt. .29 Nttdlts, Syringit onJ JWi'nj OiMi Lowttf Pricet of Ktn't odist Hospital, all but Mrs. Norton were released after treatment. Ruth Dupie and Mrs. Erlene Hasher, both of 1116 Kentucky avenue.

Released from City Hospital 200 Aspirin Mr, Henderson, who was injured I Complete Line of Loeb, Dia Mel Cellu Dietetic Foods fter treatment were Mr. Weh- Tablets for fatally, was born in Somerville and .49 .33 Ext. Witch Hazel Pint Size 29c Mineral Oil Qt. 55c GaL 1.49 .39 .59 meler, Mr. King, Mrs.

Gardner, Rexall Miss Allen, Beverley Brown, Mrs. If (oik came to Indianapolis nine years ago. He was graduated from Oakland City High School and attended Ml 31 Solution. White, Mr. Bridges, Mr.

Houston, ft Q1 a if a 5 a 1.50 Amphojel I fnr fnlnn and Stomach. for Colon and Stomach Mr. Bennett, Mr. Harper, Mr. York, Mrs.

Johnson and her daughter, Miss Johnson, business college in Lvansville before coming to Indianapolis. if OOH'T MISS THIS He was employed at the Indiana Although the driver, Mr, Bridges, DOWNSTAIRS STORE .49 GIVEN AWAY! 50c Package Sal Hepatica 60c Size only was injured seriously and refused 1.25.Absorbine Jr. aq for Athlete's Foot Milk of Magnesia aa Quart Size in wivanaaai C3 to be taken to a hospital until all News Company before becoming employed at the Inland Container Corporation one year ago. He attended the Berean Baptist Church. the passengers had been cared for, B1 oof he was ordered slated by police on His only surviving daughter, charge of reckless driving, After treatment he was placed of 1 7f isaturai Natural ifp YIIHMIN Sandra Sharee Henderson, celebrated her sixth birthday anniversary yesterday and was entertain under $25 bond and ordered to ap if pear in Municipal Court, Room 4, TABLETS Th A II err VMamiai at 2 o'clock this afternoon.

VITAMIN COMPLEX for Hay Fever The death of Mr. Henderson 1 fVfWrns 1 whin you purehasi the large package ef IS Vlmrae for ft marred the company's 18-year rec ing neighborhood children witn a birthday party when police notified Mrs. Henderson of the tragedy that took Mr. Henderson's life. There are no other survivors besides the wife and' child.

i to Mk. (inno Units Earn) 100 1. 19 ord of no passenger fatalities. 5 tor Comtlpattoa aad I -oi ol Appettt Street railway maintenance men 100 Mir. I'nltn ftarln tvnrh i 1 .69 A today are completing a check of 100 Funeral arrangements have not 100 Tabs, 59o ft the wreckage to determine wheth been completed.

69 er mechanical failure caused the 1 bus to veer suddenly against the pillar. Mechanics said they found Atterbury Hurdle the front axle broken, but were 0 Curb, No One Injured unable to determine whether the break was a cause or result of the ARTHRITIS? CMOWM0, COOOMtHO, WHIlim' OASriHA FOft BMATN MM TO Total Value of 2.25 accident. "Wheel Seemed Ixosc." II A 1 of I i akellyL 1)1 Ton have no doubt read tha oumeroni artlclea In leading magailnea about the Bridges told police he was ap new amailng Vitamin la the treat proaching the underpass at mod PAROXYSMS ment of arthrltla. loa can get It at Brakes failed bn an inbound Greyhound Lines, bus from Camp Atterbury last night. It grazed an automobile, hurtled the curb at Illinois and Maryland streets, crushed a city trash container and struck a steel trolley pole.

None of the six passengers was injured. The driver, William D. Long of Greenwood, told police he tried to stop tha bus behind the car of Frank Wilton, 1445 Hoyt avenue, erate speed when the bus went out NURSE LOSES FAT Acid Stomach Keene'at Hlth Potency Vltamla to II nu ara aaakinf tocMthinC tht mar hclp you to slata without (aimaf, mttt of control and veered. He said: "The wheel seemed to be loose in Capanlea (50,000 t'nlta each). Sneeeaa-fully preecrlbed for Arthrltla.

Should be aaea only ob direction from your Ulcers, Colitis I or COOf nine iron jwnn work mort comfortably and SAFELY AYDS WAY Ctf sHmnt wKONf MaVdM Eat etarchea, potatoea, frayy, iuat cut down. AYDS olan my hands." phyalctan. Consult your doctor Brat and duo to acidity ZffTlSi He had been a bus operator since then purchase your requirements ai April and company officials said breatht moro oatily hore I food now. Many lufftrera from Aathma nd Cougha duo to minor Bronchial irrlttj tioni, after using Templeton'i KAZ-mam hivt found comforting relief from tnttr diitraninf aymptomi. FAZ-MAH may oo and revolutionary DRUGLES8 treat ment Pure vegetable matter com Keene'a prescription centers I ale, etnsible, euier.

No ezer cm. No dm ft. No laaatirea. his safety record is "good." who was waiting for the tratnc When the Impact rolled back HEW LOW PRICES! signal, and found the brakes inoperative. He said he swerved to tna try memsin tns pounded in tablet form.

la eaay, and pleaaant to take. Mo druga of any, kind. Provldea atomach and connecting Intel tinea with protecting lining of veg- etablo mucin coating over inflamed i aurfacea and protecting them acainati the side of the bus like orange peel, many passengers were thrown out to the pavement. Broken elass NurNwM aaeof aMrethaa IN Mmn hMtaa 1 llie. imla la few weak la clinical toUwitbArdaPlaa eaaducted by awdical aedata.

ward the curb deliberately to avoid worthwhile relief, in capsum; take. Caution: Ute only aa dlreetedBaJ. Ufacdoa (uarantetd er Baoaey rerunoom. 2.98 collision with Wilton's car. etceea ftomacb aclda and Irritating 100 Capsules 300 Capsules 1,000 Capsules was showered 50 feet.

Passengers were stacked In the front of the Ddidm AYDS hfa each 7.98 .....18.98 Optimist Club to Hear 1.00 SIZE ONLY 93c it ill Keeni Drag Stint vehicle. looa rougnagee, mua giving mnamma-i tion a chance to heaL Leading doctort, and hoapitala have announced amaslng, reaulta from the preparation, which wag heretofore aold only on. phyaidana' preacrlptloni. BMalduUa tha appetite. Yet you pt vi taint na, iaerala.

aaarntiai nutrienta la Ayda. Start the Ayda way to loaa weight now. 30 day rapoty of iTwalo The operator sat In the wreck OTHER SO.OOO-CNIT Make Your Talk On Penicillin Discussion and explanation of i.mi lee for i.oet ve rot age and demanded that all of the Injured be attended before he would consent to be placed in an VITAMIN CAPSULES Ctioico This the properties of the new wonder' drug, penicillin, will be given by ambulance. Dr. Mark Mothersill of Eli Lilly Mr.

Griffith, whose feet were sev guest speaker at the In ered, was seated in the right front seat. Several persons were stand dianapolis Optimist Club luncheon RIO! UapS.f lUO'S, 0.98 CAN ACTUALLY AMAZE YOU WITH BENEFITS 11 tomorrow at the Columbia Club. ing- At least eight of the Injured were Clarence D. Irish, president of the When not feeling your ttbnndauit best try club, will preside. JUNIOR DOT-TER isrtiy For war workers en route to receive army-navy awards at ceremonies in the propeller division of Indianapolis Today For Better Appetite Better Nutrition Better Pep Strength Vigor Indiana Gas Association, meeting aw -ki IS and luncheon, Lincoln Hotel, 10 Boericke and Tafel Uomcopathio tlCDICCIES ALFALCO R8C8SStT.ctiv8 Pint Size U5 1 A Vitamin and Iron Tonic AMimllmtloo a.m., tzzytM Indianapolis Chamber of Com me curtiss-Wright Corporation.

They were Mr. Ramsey; who suffered a lacerated lip; Gladys Johnson, lacerations and bruises; Mr. Brewer, leg Injury; Mr. Young, face lacerations; Minnie Gardner, chest and leg injuries; John York, bruises and lacerations; Mr. Ben 100 1.19 SI merce, luncheon, Lincoln Hotel, noon.

COOL FOR WORK OR PLAY COTTON PRINT PINAFORE 3.50 Three Sizes, 1.10, 1.89 find 3.39 Indian Life Insurance Companies, luncheon, Columbia Club, noon nett, head lacerations, and Mr. Indiana. League of Women Voters, Wehmeler, eye injury. luncheon, Columbia Club, noon. Three ambulances made two trips each.

A private ambulance Private Truck Owners of Indiana, Palo of RheumaUem, relievo dinner, Columbia Club, 6:30 p.m. NeuralUa UW took one load to a hospital, and or ited or 11m I Advertising Club of Indianapolis, motorists took several of. the in jured to medical aid. luncheon, Indianapolis Athletic 13 Sizes 12 to 20 Club, 12:15 p.m. Doea the work quickly and to your complete tatiafaction or your money refunded.

Why eufferT Aak your drua-(tat today for Wl.STEH-X TAnLKfa or mall J.OO direct to Koeoe Druf Co-, Ml N. Delaware It, Indianapolta, Ino Rosa Aqua Blu. Many Were Dmsed. Indianapolis Hotel Association, luncheon, Indianapolis Athletic Many oi those injured were Club, noon. dazed and unable to talk coherent Indianapolis Camera Club, meeting, ly at nrst.

one passenger was 110 East 9th street, 8 p.m. fioyfmt firtii Dpt. PHONIC Rt. R421 or MAIL VOIR ORDER (PImm ttitfc tcad cslor chtlc) found wandering, his face covered with blood, two blocks from the Slirma Nu, luncheon, Columbia QIL FILLED! Wo Py foiUg Wfcon Rt-miHine Aecmpiii Ordari Club, noon. scene.

Caravan Cluh, luncheon. Murat Nine police squad, totaling' 21 men, twisted with nt aid, Temple, noon, A.

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