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THE DETROIT REE PRESSE I DAY JAN ARY 3 1879 Prime reed 243O7C79 00 Cr 46 75 ci COMMERCIAL the County Jail 6700 INANCIAL 1800 111 lour 187 srij i 5 4 444 4093 24840 10 pre 10 pre 93 138 185 30 94 93 1 1 rmvoff'S: 215038 23972:1 296607 100521 140159 1 J9 109 93653 Barleybu 70158 23770 5590 17138 107 110 Barley ba 72013 17365 64352 Oats 63104 98260 77019 26789 132223 5340 bu 443380416519 110509 179354 5200 Oats bu 163407 38106 5563 5162 32800 (CB 2 4 10 15 3 05 7 90 420731 950 453 837575 702790 204890 252 226 The following are 99K 10SW 108 R9J J4jc Oats perbu Corn per bu Wheat white per bu Wheat amber per bu 20 5715 655801441200 24170 i oa 1 Corn bu 838720 14740 115931 1350 130000 343 1526542 1259810 154187 150286 15323349307 42616 Articles' lour bbls Wheat bu Corn bu Oats bu Itye bu Barley bu Beans lbs Batter lbs? Cured Meats lbs Cattles Dried fru i Dressed UPgs Dive hogs Hides lbs Iron lbd I Lumber 31 I Ard ltrs Leather lbs Potatoes Potash Sheep Seed lb Shingles Staves cars Tallow Tobacco 105738 28 19874 651 88 141 74 123 68 80 85 76 S4W 83 11 94 36 300 27461 62400 56 400 600741 708069 901651 290657 128127 219829 108328 197960 115602 183904 131603 230477 416538 353660 lout bbls Wheat bu Corn bu Gats bu Burley bn Rye bu Total grain 194028691 lour to wheat bu 3110424 Grand total bu 2252o9ll The comparative shipments at fie Western hike ports' Detroit Chicago Milwaukee Toledo and Du lath from January 1 to Df ember 31 were as fol lows: 13 20 1:1 311 03 61 A'u 5 to' 48 The following are the Hale Norcross Julia Consolidated Justice Mexican NorthernBelle ir lOverman Raymond Ely Savage Sierra Nevada union Consolidated Yelovy Jacket TirtTtr Washoe Consolidated rihtaio Milwaukee 50146 Toledo Detroit Cleveland Duluth 'IWnl 1 Last week 140891 1442416 Prev wcek 152580 1S61137 139169 824523 83056 Also 35265 barye in 1878 and 22324 bu in 1877 The weekly shipments from lake ports of flour and grain for were: 363390 Corn 1313 21055 412 8770 Tore AustinL One year ago there was boat riding on the lake hero while the wild' clucks and water fowl were startled and away at the ap proach of the boat To dry the ice and snow extend out into the lake as far as the eye can reach The sleighing is now excellent through out the county snow about eight inches in depth Although We read of the thermometergoing as low as ten degrees be low zero iu the western and southern portions of the State hcrethe lowest point yet reached is five degrees above zero The influence of the water with which we are nearly sur rounded makes the difference The oyster supper given on riday evening in Hall Port Austin by the friends and ladies of the Methodist Church at this place was a success The proceeds nearly $80 are to le applied furnishing their new church The new Methodist Church at Port Austin was dedicated on Sunday the 29th inst The church is a very neat and tasty edifice and an ornament to the village The raser Presbyterian Church edifice in the Scotch settlement in the Township of Sheridan Huron will be dedicated on Sunday morning January' 5 Marine Matters at Grand Haven Correspondence of The Detroit ree Grand Haven Jan The steamers Ama zon Minneapolis and orest City are bringing full cargoes of eastward' bound freight to Grand Haven as often as the weather per mits The Detroit Grand Milwaukee Railroad find it difficult to furnish ears for so large an amount of freight but there has been no blockade as yet The steamers have been delayed but little by ice The Amazon was stopped a few hours bv slush ice here on Christmas She started for Milwaukee Mon day night but a westerly wind hod jammed the ice against this shore anil prevented her from getting out The Minneapolis arrived outside from Milwaukee on Tuesday morning and being likewise unable to break through the drifting Tee which had Accumulated was un able to enter' the harbor and lay just outside of the pier She was still laying there5 Wed morning However the wind is now blowing' from the southwest and if 'it con tinues will drift the ice into the lake and free the steamer SAN RANCISCO MINING STOCKS Sax iiancisco Jan 2 closing quotations Alpha Alta Belctier Best Belcher Bullion Caledonia' California Challar iil i rl 14 A 71 invi 7a rmni no nr Eureka Consolidated 82 kxclumner Gould Curryi 91 4 Grana i rize 4 3 32 35M1 9 8 10 4234 1 3 7 1 The iate Jadge The Hon James O'Grady' who for about eight years held the office of Judge of the Twelfth Judicial Circuit of Michigan died at his residence in Houghton orf the 24th instant after an illness of a few days The' deceased pros born in Maine about the year 1823 of 'Irish parents and has resided iu this part of the country for man' yeais Since Mr retirement fibm the bench he has not been very successful at bar and was on that account occasionally veiy desonlent as he saw the little money liS'hAd accumulated duringriiis judgeship daily idwindling away mid consequently when the last attack of his disease (inflammation of the lungs) seized him he did not appear to have Vim eiipugh to resist it but quietly succumbed to its effects Judge was one ot the stanchest and most conscientious Democrats of these parts The deceased shortly before he died told his friends that he had during the period he held the posi tion of Judge tried to do' and believed he had acted honestly and conscientiously and was sorryr that his having done so hail caused a rupture between himself and many' or the residents of Houghton and Marquette Coun ties but that he did not regret having so acted The deceased was of a ghnial and social nature and was liked by his own' immediate circle of friends who honor liis sterling worth Ho had been married three times aud leaves a wife and four children the eldest of whom is about 10 years of age The fruieral took place on the 26th instant' and was very numerously attended representa tives being present from all parts of the county I'equiescMt in pace vanced per cent This sharp rise induced re izarionts during the afternoon and a reaction of Jer cen uel TUo market however in ilruvt dealins firm with a fractional recovery 1 he principal was in Ijtke Shore Erie North western St Paul Delaware Lackawuunn eslcmand Western Union The gold clearings which rap re wot the dealimrs in gold of Tuesday were only $430009 th? smallest on record Transactions were BXJOCO shares of which 8'1000 were Erie 2 tXK Lake Shore 10000 Northwestern common 13000 preferred 9600 St Paul common 5000 preferred 4000 burgh 44000 Lackawanna 9000 New Jersey Central 3300 Morris Essex 3400 Delaware Hudson 5500 Michigan Central 3000 I 4600 Chios atid 10000 Western Union The following are the closing quotattous western Union Quicksilver Quicksilver pfd Pacific Mail Mariposa Mariposa pfd Express 'American United StatesN CentralEric Erie pfd Harlem Michigan Centra) Union Pacific stocl Lake Shore Illinois Central INorthwestem' Northwestern pf 350 9402 104 8 5699 4810 5 ESTIMATED STOCK IX STOnl' The number of bushels of each grade of wheat at the Michigan Central and Detroit fc Milwaukee ele Is shown by the following table (X 72361245242 37497 6459 841 990 1379 1255 84863 div SO 1237 53580 20000 5203 '74 440 819 i 233 6619 41960 3792 1679 785 29966 Esq on Tuesday and resulted in his honor able discharge "The case came before the Circuit Court at the lasLtermwhen a nolle pros was entered Quite a party of prospectors will leave St Louis about the middle of the month for Kan sas greater number going for the pleasure of the trip 1 Port Austin "Sunday December 29 was a joyous day to the Methodists of Port Austin for it was the day set apurt for the dedication of their chapel toward the building of which they have been Lending their energies for the past season The cost of the structure was $1128 of which $300 was furnished from the church extension fund The balance was to be raised by the societv and they wore between $2uo and $300 behmil on the amount on dedication day The building is one in height 25x36 feet and avery neat and structure is swell and eomfortably seated and partially carpeted The own nearly an acre of ground nice ly located and' iipon which two years ago built a comfortable dwel ling to Used as a parsonage church is also built upon this pipce of ground and the indebtedness of the society ou the lots parsonage and church ag giegated about $900 or O4tbe Her 8 Smart sof Bay City who preached the dedicate ry put it $1000 to allow for shrinkages which he said would occur He remarked that it would be raisedif not Port Austin would bo the meanest town he eve visited us the forty he had dedicated in this State had been dedicated free of debt The subsenptious commenced at $5f) each and twelve of these were subscribed at once by members aud citizens of the place Then smaller subscriptions were taken until the amount footed up to about far above the expectations of the most sanguine Pre siding Elder Elwood Ker Mr Mcall of Sanilad and Rev George pastor of the ehurt and the pastor of the mission field in Meade Township lies: des Rev Mr Smart took part in th dedication services The jiayments vf the subscriptions were made easy by long time in some cases Thus the Methodist branch of the Christian Church is here established on a substantial foundation act Press Orricz Jan 2 The transition to specie basis was effected to day and the event as far as Detroit bonks were concerned was accomplished without any unnsual ceremonies Aside from this and tnc increased counter business usual to the first of the month there was little new in banking circles worthy of notice Deposits were fair and funds plenty The demands for currency from grain and provision dealers showed a slight de crease while the calls from mercantile and miscella neous sources were larger Discount rates were steadyat 7 10 per cent exchaxgb boxds and warrants Quotations carefully revised each day for Tub Detroit' ree Press by David Preston Co bankers 81 Woodward avenue Detroit 5 Baying Selling Exchange on New lorK par Exchange on Chicago par United States bonds buying at per cent below rates Michigan 7s 1890 interest to seller Ill VZ10WS Aftfsk intnwAf stv WUil "9 to seller 2' 1 103 Bav City 8s' interest to seller 103 Detroit 7s long dates interest to sel ler 10a Canada money 99yfi Trade dollar 95 Mexican dollar 80 uaND warrants scrip etc 8J9 War of 1312 85 12)s 2 120 160s 'V' Ito WiftWfiY imxCV XtARKETS Iondon Jan 2 5 111 Consols 95J Stocks 1111 noisCentral 82ZU Pennsylvania Central 3341 Read ing 124 Eric 23 preferred 38 Bonds 67s 104 10 40S 1094: new 5 1094 44 1074 Paris Jah 2 Rentes 112f Bullion in Bank of England has increased £635000 the past week Proportion of bank reserve xo llabil itv 28 7 16 per cent 'Bullion gone into bank on balance to day £340001 Paris Jan 2 specie iu the Bank of rance has decreased 30 000600 francs the past week i NEW YORK MONEY MARKET 4' Nbw York Jan Gold was at par The Sub Treosnrv here gained $270000 gold to day as follows United States notes redeemed 130000 coin received for United States notes $400000 At the New York Clearing House the clearings wette conducted Without nuy distinction between gold and paper At the Stock Exchange the gold de partment was abolished and any quotations for gold forbidden in future This afternoon the gold dial which for so many years has Indicated the changes ia the gold premium jvas taken down Money Money active at 4(5)6 per cent prime mercantile pa per cent BOtlHOWINO RATES Borrowing rates were flat carrying rates 13 1 STERLtNO EXCHANGE bills quiet at 4SJ4 and 81J4 sight exchange Xr XTxkxir VnL va? crsAHixaa Clearings were $430000 4 A tILltOAD BONDS Railroad bonds were firm government bonds nrtrtrl iViJrw the closing quotations: Cp 103lNcw4s 1 102)4 lO lOs reg Cp Itti 10 cp New 5s 6s New 4jS SOUTHERN STATE BONDS Southern State securities were quiet iris are the closing Quotations Tennessee us' mu Tennessee Us new Virginia Us old The year 'opened buoyant feeling aud Chicago Milwaukee Toledo Detroit Duluh Total' 1 jistsweek Prev week 15651 11600'J AlspJ027 bu lye iu 1878 and 4744 bu in 1877 The comparative receipts at six Western lake ports Detroit Cfdcago Milwaukee Toledo Cleveland and Duluth from January 1 to December 31 were as fol lows: 103453 133587 152653 169921 588045 995499 213885 126935 93084 813921 515655 117838 121165 644736 69419243 19006743 6137163 OREIGN EXCHANGE Kantbr Cofllankers Larned st west issue drafts on London Edinburgh Dubun Paris Bkr tin Vienna Home and all European cities Pay ments and Collections mode in all parts of Europe oreign Moneys of all kinds bought and sold The follow 3641 Virginia 6 new 25 80 IMbNOurl (Is 7 Av 103)426 I 'stocks to on the Stock Exchange with a bn large transactions prices ad Pont Jac Arthur Tripp elected Circuit Court Com missioner has resigned his position held tha past two years as Probate Clerk and Hie va cancy lias been filled by John Brown for ineriy Deputy County "Clerk 4 orshipful Master Nicholas Tjaurent about to remove to Kentucky has been presented by' the brethren of Pontiac Lodge No 21 A with a Past jewel Bromley lias given bail to appear for ex amination on a charge of obtaining several hundred dollars under false pretenses Eber Barbour arrested in Wavne County Sunday is in jail in Pontiac5 Nearly five years ago a horse was stolen a farmer nniiiad Dodge iu Commerce Township and a warrant was issued for Barbdur A search led to the recovery of the horse but Barbour kept out of the way and supposing that the matter had died out returned near to his former home only to be arrested 1873 6246081 81632418 76452177 23265194 9381857 329 1013 'Special Dispatch to The Detroit ree lint Jan 1 A dwelling mthe'' Second TVard owned by Perry of Grand Blanc and occupied by Aitken and Miller was burned this morning Loss $ulXX) Par tially insured in the Home pf New YoVtr An Aged Man on Trial for Marder ocu zinve MnrniTp Jll Ul rt rtAJ fcSabine aged 76 years was arrested and placed in jail at routine cnargea wnn uw nnnuvi ul a 1 rx A IL 1 1 nn iis whp raoiije ub wiv vm HuiDycvcAva T7n Co "Hie rlnne hn nrdmnt at time of the tragedy is the principal witness for the Bople but owing to the delicate state of her alth she was unable ta appear against her father A few weeks since she gave birth a child and as soon as practicable a day a 'Wwas set for the examination The day arrived and for the first tinle since nfa incarceration the old man walked from the jail to office The meeting between the old it ot1 liij dn Tlrrlit st IVIbi Yei'V SOtTOWfUl 'A'he old inau having pleaded not' guilty to the information the examination commenced His daughter aged J34 and the mother of three children testified in substance as follows Mvimrrie Is Phil iinda Scott and on the 28th of October last I living 4ft house with my husband Kfifihpr mother ana a nirea r'msn composed the rest of the famfiy I didmv difiienltv between father aud nniun ci n't 1iv till the afteimoonJ It was i half past when father sat down ibv the bureau in the sitting room to: look Over some papers Mv ten year old boy waikecl up to him grabbed Iiis pocket book and ran be hind the stove with it I was in the bed room aujoiiuji iwerit in picked up the httie one land slapped him eeling a 'spell coming oil 1 called mother to take the child She carried him into the sitting room and I heard her telling fathersomething about leaving his papers arouiiiI ather commenced ito swear at her but I heard no threats neither I hear mother make any answer I was verv much excited and thought I wirtild call 1 went out of doors and rang form Ltoll While I heard a walk ing about in the room and my father talking but donot reineinber hearing mother say any tuing a coma see iier sianuiinr me ujji way leading fo the kitchen More frightened than ever that the children might get hurt I ran through theorchard to meet ray husbandsn ns to hnnv him Hs caine running toward g'tlie house When I next Saw mother she came frnm thA ninxBrv wiLii a iriaxs ol shiik 111 iaci hand She brought it to the Stoop I took a swallow and felt relieved She theh sat down on the stoop and commenced groaning one a ne Vnrv nn1e and looked as if she would Mv husband gave her a sip of the sling and then I saw finger marks on her neck 1said: what did pa do to and when llo started to reply blood came from her nouth She appeared to be strangling My (husband carried her Into the bed room still strangling I then said to father' you you have killed but he made no i replv Mother said: he has killed aud 'shortly after died Mv parents liad not gloomed together for about three years A cross examination followed and then Dr Moore took the stand testifying to the con Edition of the deceased when called fe 'rhe examination has been continued till the Rp Cthiust 't Sale of the Michigan Arena The Michigan Argus of Ann Arbor As whir ond is the editor and proprietorifeLJwas sold Tuesday to John Bailey of Au bum In the withdrawal of Mr Pond from connection witn me Argus xne democra cy of Washtenaw County and of the State of Michigan experience a great loss The Argus last week completed its thirty third "volume and Mr Pond has 'been connected with it for twenty four and a half years and under him the Argus has become one of the chief expound ers in the State of sound Democratic doctrines During the last campaign the service which it rendered to the cause of honest money was probably not surpassed by any newspaper in the State Asa true and able exponent of Democracv and principles the Arfeus has'long stood in the front ranks of iournallsmin this State The Democracy of Washtenaw County however With whom the Argus mid its publisher for so many years been closely allied ivill feel more keenly the 1'etirement of Mr Pond' Air Bauey its new proprietor brings to ui position aii abundance of enei sY wlinn has previously v'beett tried and not found wanting He is a jouns man a practical printer and has successfully established two newspapers in Auourn NA the Democrat and 'the Independent Ha took possession of the Ai'gtts and its ajipiu ktuitinces vv MniporiflAr lAiiiMirv i anti ina in tention is to do away as soon as jxjssible with I the patent outsides on winch the Argus is now printed and have the entire paper printed at home The success of Air Raila in his Dre vious newspaper ventures augurs well lor the Argils under Its new management and the ability and energy which he brings ta his new field of labor Will do much tn rennitn tha loss experienced by Mr retirement The iaiter ui remuui iu Ann Arbor tor tue pres ent a nd has not matured his plans for the future MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH LIVE STOCK Cincinnati Jan Active firm and higher common $2 252 60 light $2 80 packing $2 75 2 95: $2 953 receipts for the past two days 10310: shipments 115L Chicago Jan 'The Journal reports: Receipts 20000 shipments 1300 steady: choice heavv $2 8003 light $2 75 mixed' packed S2 G0a2 70 common to medium do 40 hl2 55 Catue Racetpts 3100 shipments1100 steady and unchansed: shipping steers S3 8J Stockers dull moderately ac uvo but I a un proved demand cows $2(3: bulls $2d 40 steers S2 20 Receipts 200: unchanged ir rt PeMln ZlfMYlflTIfl TOI GRAIN MARKETS I oeetshipping grades medium qualities weak rood 7 to choice heavy fat steers $4 do ligat S330 Morning 10:40 I 3 75: stock dull native steers $2 53 The market was dull at a decline of I 3 50 cows and heifers cjro fed Texans Me per bu from Tuesday closing rates The record 415 for the call was os follows: Extra white casa 9j4c JhipmVnta none Strong and active light bid to per bu asked No 1 while cash bid 302 55 packing S'J 5032 93c per bu asked January sales 1000 bu at 9354c fancy good and 1000 bu1 at 93c per bu ebruary 9554 per bu I g3(g ch01ce to fancy $3 504 25 receipts asked May sales 2000 bU at $10014 Per I 750 shipments none oPtuiTwint4 to KAnn 1230 I East Libertt Pa Jan Receipts to NooH Session 1230 i throngh ana local total for three The market for this staple was very quiet Js 14gr throcsh anit 893 local prime 1400 to and prices displayed no change 'rneaemana wiucu i OO lbs 4 goou aav iv ow wholly from the local trade A atacs ralea steady as erg 752 85 Philadelphia $2 Sheep Re oaoted ceipta to day 400 head to: al for three days 5200 astrv brands' 4 404 75 market fair selling from $3 25 to $4 05 itastry branas 7 00 1 New York Jan Receipts for three St Louta Sxx1 5 50 kys 4500 market dull both to day and yesterday Ainbcr wlttbranto 4 254 35 common and medium about lower than Monday Aiuixr wneai praiiQs jn Knme of the worst cattle went as low as $6 750 2 ro3 10 few steers $102310 50 theldghest fig Low grades 3 2Q ten Kentucky steers LB75 lbs general saes common to prime steers $7 259 50 including 4 cara There was a moderate demand for spot coiiee cattle' 950 lbs at $3 Exporters took wheat but speculative trading developed only to a 1 goo nt $3 509 50 Exports from New York tor limited extent Tbo mrtw eompf UvlJ steady at a decline J4o per bu in cash and tnues dull and weak slow sales to day and vestcr per btl in future" values from day at 3945c for sheep and 4945J4c tor lambs the closing rates The session In tafl Was as follows: Extra white cash opened at 95J4c per I port ast year 19724 live sheep and 56034 enr bn but quickly advanced to per bu leasees mutton Swine Arrivals for three days whieh tmtUoswo market closing With buyers of fresh and sellers of I rt8 for year 1062 live and 9903 dressed i stale receipts at that' figure Extra to arrive Was Butfabo Jan Receipts amefca 0KepttbaelpM1Iwlts AnUUWSj jggd ure and sellers at 95c per bn No 1 white cash Btocers $2 102 75 Sheep and lambs Receipts opened at 93Uc advanced to returned to 93J4c I 1300 marketinactive'Eastern reporU tad Wet and closed quiet at 93c per bu opened at era shy 803 markrt 934c and closed firm with majority of sales at 93c I MgerUYorkers $2 80(22 90 heavy tne per bu ebruary was steady at 95c per bu till at I aium to extra 403 10 yards bare of stock the close when offerings at that figure found no buy gEW YORK ers March was quiet and firm at 97J4c per bu April I ToRK Jan Cottw2Dtdi at 9 7 contracts were held during the fore part of the ses I lour Nominally unchanged super Hou at 98? with 9SJ4C per bu later buyers I fine State aud Western common bid the tot7 mentioned figure and sellers to i extra advanced their price to 99c per bn May a3 705 St Louis $3 805 contracts were' held at $1 00j With $1 004 Pcr im I sota patent process $5 508 Dull No 3 bid? Milling' No 1 white was quiet at 91c perbu spring nngraded red 01l 08 No 3 do the market closing with that figure bid for State re 1 1 amtien $1 054 ungraded ceipts 'and an J4c advance offered for fresh No 1 I white? JI 054 No 2 do 06 Jl 074 No 1 do amber was held at 95c per bn with no Wers Sales hs 2400 ba at were: Extra white cash 1 car at 9jJ4c and 30 cars I dnJl Jgj Quiet and unchanged at95Mc per bu do to arrive 1 car at per bu I Dull weak and lower ungraded 45J447c No 1 white cash 3 cars at 8 cars at 93c 8 No '3 44c steamer 45c No 2 cars at 934c aild Wears at 93o per bu January Western 431c do 32J453cl 1000 bn at 934c 9000 bu at 93cperbu ebruary I Quiet but steady at 40ai5c irm 9000 bn at 95 per bn March 2000 bn at 97c per yearlings 46 Eastern and Western bu Milling No 1 white cash 1 car at 91 J4c per bu York State goof refining The market was quiet and prices steady 1 66c Dull and unchanged as quoted: High mixed' 334cbid tNo 1 mixed Quiet but steadyTanoQutat new 33c per bu No 2 mixed 324c per bu bid WesUrn 27c The market for this cereal continues doll dull $7 107 25 Quiet and un and prices nominally unchanged We quote No 1 I changed Cut Steadysbort clear nuddles white nominal at 27q perbu No 1 mixed quotable I e80c lleavy at per bu No 2 mixed nominal at 28c Western 38J4c Whisky $1 IX per bn There was a moderate inquiry for choice I CHICAGO lots but common or inferior stock was dull and nom I Chicago Jan 2 Dull and nominal Wheat I Dnli weak and lower No 2 red winter nominal: inal Prices were steady as quoted No 1 State I 2 spring cash 8140 January JI per cental No 2 do $1 50l 75 No 3 $1 I ebruary No 3 do 69c rejected 52c 125 sample lots Sll 75 air demand but at lower rates 29J4c cash Brz Cbota SttU 1 prompt tomort per ba fair to good steady at 4345c I Rye Market aull and prices a shade lower I air demand but at lower rates VPimiTfE MARKETS I lax Unchanged Generally unchamred EKODUCE MAR KE1S I but some sales rather higher: 30 35 cash Apples The demand is limited and prices steady I 454a? 47 ebruary $7 557 57 J4 March Lard Good to choice lots in store ore held at Si 251 50 airly active and a shade higher g5 40 cash $5 per bbl do from wagons 90cl per bbl Inferior to fair stock hel(l at per bbl I demand Steady With a fair demand The market was dull os quoted: City I $1 06 hand picked in car lots dull and nominal at $1 30 I AtWclse whtsandcuiheryCorn perbu smaillots $1 35 per bu choice unpicked I nnchanged irmer and 24c higher 80cQSI per bu fair to medium 75c per bu Stronger and 2J4c higher There were no new features developed in I BOSTON this market to day There was a moderate local in BosTOlr Jall 2 lour Steady Western super' quiry for fine table qualify stock held in light sup I fln8 25 common extra $3 25(8 4 25: Vi is ply at pcr lb Stocksof medium and lower consin do $44 50 Minnesota do $4 855 5 lor MUjU nominal Good lots were freely offered at 14ai2J4c Wisconsin and Minnesota patent process spring per lb while medium and low grades were held at a wheats 508 winter wheats 50 range of 3J4A9c per lb Grease stock quotable at 2 Steady0 and No 1 8c per lb a and extra white 35439c: No 2 white 3384c Buckwheat The demand is light and I No 3 white and No 2 mixed 3233c Rye prtcueom3dal MUUsooto1o1eo 4 25 per bbl I The market is qnict and steady at 9 I MILWAUKEE 9J4c per lb for good to choice State stock I Milwaukee Jan 2 Quiet fair demand CornMeaB The market was quiet as quoted: I closed firm No 1 Milwaukee hard 924 No 1 Mil cor 04 do sireis ilS ton fine 50 provender $17 per ton I ggc jjo 4 5S4c rejected 43c Dull and The market Is dull and free offerings at 6 lower No 2 29J4c inn No 2 t9J4c Rj 1 null No 1 42c Dull and lower No per gal find a slow sale I 87 JC ebruary 88c Provisions The market for State stockis quiet easier mess pork dull old $6 new at $5 50SJ6 50 per bbl for good to choice Choice I 57 40 prime steam lard $5 40 Live Dull and cultivated are in fair demand at $6 509 per bbl nounual $2 G02 70 dressed hogs firm at $3 (k Dressed Receipts were moderate and taken I PETROLEUM at $8 053 10 per cwt I tveland Jan irm and dnand heavy Dried Dull and nominal at 33J4cper I standar(i white 110 degrees test 9c I London Jan Refined lOd Strictly fresh receipts were in limited de I Antwerp Jan Quoted at 224r m4ra e(d d2i ii a piaa oj cfh stock dull at 1516c per doz I at $1 01J4 bid shipments 26000 transactions The market was quiet and prices steady as I 250000 quoted Brandnll at $9 50 per ton coarse middlings retaedl held at $10 per ton in car lots fine middlings scarce I gjtj PhUadelphia delivery and quotable at $1415 per ton I The market was quiet and steady as quoted I DRY GOODS Dncksfinallard 5055c per Pn and wood 25 TtaS coTtoS partridges per pair woodcock per I jIjacyvej but prices are generally firm Prints quiet doz $22 25 snipe quail $1 1 40 pcr except patchwork styles which are in fair request doz sonirrels nor doz 75c rabbits each 5c veni Clothing woolens in light demand but agents hold aoz sqnrreib pcr uoz dd ruvmm ov fair ordr3 for fancy cashmeres cheviots and worsted son carcasses per lb saddles per lb I codings for future delivery turkeys 10Hc per lb The demand is light ('supply large and of I CINCINNATI ferings free at per lb I Cincinnati Jan 2 Pork Dull at Lard There is a moderate movement with dealers Du ann to Blcon imer asking 913c per lb I and qiiiet at S2 3744 50 Whisky Lake The market is quiet1 and steady as I at $103 Steady and unchanged quoted: Whitefish per bbl $4 trout per bbl $3 Linseed Qiuei as The market Is quiet and prices unchanged I TOLEDO State quomble at $1 15 per bu Canada SI 35 ToLEno Jan 2 Wheat Steady amber Michigan perbu ebruary 95 No 2 red winter spot 94c asked Mince Very quiet and prices nominal at sales January at 8194c ebruary No 2 10c per lb Dayton Michigan red 93c Corn Dull No 2 Oysters In seasonable demand os quoted: Stand I new asked 314c bid ard per can selects per can slack OSWEGO 1517c er can standards in bulk S0S5c per gal I Oswego Jan Wheat Dull: No 1 bard Dnlnth 35 eal 57 BOperbbl core clams $6 o0 per bbl I Steady No 2 Toledo 43c The market was dull as quoted: Tur I keys per lb chickens per lb geese 6 I ST LOUIS per lb ducks per lb I st Lours Jan 2 Wheat Dull and lower: No 2 The market was quiet with choise Rose I red fall 90490ccash d0 bto in store heid at 65c per bu No 2 Provisions The market was steady os quoted: I TURPENTINE Mess pork Detroit brands new $3 per bbl new Wilmington Jan Spirits of turpentine uc amily 25 per bbl clear $9 50 per I Inal at 2uc bbl lard in bbls and tierces per lb I OREIGN MARKETS keg do G4c Per lb hams per lb I jIYEaP00i jran 2 cotton market Brcadstuffs shoulders 444c per lb bacon per lb I aull Mess beef 77s American lard 3s 6d Lons' dried beef 10c per lb extra mess $9 50 per bbl I clear bacon 24s ine American tallow 80Sn Steady Onondaga $1 per bbl Saginaw VofwhMtltoJlW 1S8000 flour per bbl I 38 JJOO bbls 84000 sacks peas 83000 oats 14000 The market waa quiet choice clover seea caney jw I Beans per bu I nor lb Butter per lb rr irw 23 1 a Sk Per aoz 1440690 I £jesscd ra ns ii I Hies per ili 84 141 4 Powtor9 ppr hu Tallow pct lb 18 4 29s Ophi IO94 Oyeri S'l SJ4 444 Gould Curry1 91 4 Grand Prize 45904313 91920121 17884510 6889066 2116649 135714'toO 26880110 162600769 the week ending December 23 1378 Oats bu 97995 8018 1500 785 10O 69 79H 8 28 6 lid Chicago 11114 St Joe pfd ssta Central Pacific bonds10596 1877 5511587 44300378 5979230(3 15736103 6109356 1791415 I'JLS'SOIO 1S76 5991108 43911140 58256420 18290351 7521496 1734006 134703413 29955990 161719 403 Total 99150 377465 42837 6459 841 990 527742 Barley 3237 2353 Jt" ree Press OrrrcE January 2 Trading in' jobbing circles was quiet to day and merchants and employes devoted much Of their time to ascertaining the extent of their stocks and the state of accounts The attendance of buyere was light and orders by mail were limited Transactions were chiefly of staple articles prlcesfor which were steady and unchanged Trading iu Board of Trude circles was but' moder ately active Values ruled lower and fairly steady AV the morning call the market Was dull at a' decline of Per from closing rates At the noon session there was fair demand for cash wheat at a decline of 4c per bu whilefu tures were limited active ata shrinkage of per bu from closing rates Valnes were steady the market closing with extra white showing a gain of J4c per bu ana No 1 white' for spot and Jana ary delivery an advance of per first figures Corn was quiet and steady oats dull and' nominal barley and rye in fair local demand at unchanged figures The following are the reported receipts and ship ments of the articles named for the forty eight hours' ending Thursday morning and also re zZMrttonnrriinrY Hrno la aft 1879 100 8200 Xthac 4 Rising Star Lodge No 151 1 elected the following officers for tha enduing term: A Evans Wilson A Ik Llncolm Giles Brown Geo Wideman Representative to Grand Giles Brown The congregation of the Church swung a new mix hundred pound bell into the tower of their house of worship on the last dav of the old year and its first notes at 12 mid night ushered in the new year The church is in a prosperous The examination of Charles Halliday of St Louis a charge of forgery bv uttering deed was concluded before A Russell ingvear: 5V? M' ithitnev 'Jo Mftyworm rank A Douglass And approved following: Pl Raymond V'fckcrs Treasurer Win Karris Secretary Thoma Sullyford Langdon 11 Merryman 3 Holly Od 1 ol Election Otseningo Lodge No 295 I at Ann Arbor elected the following officers Tues day' night: WG Lewis Treasurer IL Manley Recording Secretary Charles Durheim Perinnninit all Representative to Grand Lodge Gardner Odd Election at Pott HnrOn ort Huron Lodge No 262 I elected the following officers Monday evening: Noble Grand ISaAC Springer Vice Graud William Jamieson Recording Secretary Edwai Gowling Permanent Dr Spencer f' Treasurer II nil Representative tp Wright General Items' S3 Mark Burhans aged 85 and one of the oldest settlers of Washtenaw Cdiihty died Monday at his home in 'Northfield Gladwin County Record: There is a big de maud for oak logs and a larger crop of them than "ever will be harvested this winter At Laingsburg Monday night dry goods and boot and shoe stores and saloon were burned Loss $5000 no insurance Paw Paw True Northerner: Chas Russell of Comstock Kalamazoo Co has a sheep with a horn growing out of its neck on top about five inches from its heaiL Saginaw News The city Director of the Poor is supplying about thirty families from the poor store at present giving them such as sistance as is absolutely necessary Saginaw A fight took place Christ mas night at a dance at William Hall in reelands in which JBradley Irvine sbit Charles left ear clean off Jris head Thomas Gaines who bought the Niles Water Works to secure his own claims against the original projectors on Monday sold out to a company who purpose completing the work A German named John Hoffman had his right leg broken at Port Huron New day by a log rolling over it He was engagedin getting out timber for the Port Huron Northwestern Railroad Tuesday night Mrs Neis the widotv of John Neis who committed suicide at Port Huron a short time since attempted to follow her hus example She first tried to kill herself with a revolver and that being taken away from her she swallowed a dose of carbolic acid It is thought she will recover none offering quotable at $4 per 'bn 1876 I was quiet and steady at to per Jju Street Markets GRAND RAPIDS Important Order In a Will Case An invalid Lady Burned tJeaxB Dispatch to The Detroit ree Press grand Rapids Jan Judge Hoyt of the Kent Circuit to ddy granted an injunction training the executor of the vast estate of Al frod Rathbone from administering the same and appointed Aldrichreceiver 7 Yesterday in uaKneiaine wwvw Jackson who was an invalid was left by her 1 hv the fire the daugh ter returned she discovered that her mother clothing had taken fire from the to rue I 4I rt VxA 1 1 I rt1 a woman was so uuuij from the effects 1 Murderous Saloon Row Speciai Dispatch to The Detroit ree Press Grand Rapid3 Jan 1 Early this morning wWla ainco was in urojrresdat' Ottenbein's TTnllnhilcrs entered and called for liquor While thb man 55'lp ordered thA drinks was navinc for the same one oi lire dancers knocked him dowfi He andliis paitj rotiroH nm ftfl arms ana retumea io hk saloon where they weranjrt at the door by the inmates a fight ensued during mcii fi earn: were discharged rrea a spectator received a wound iu the head from a pistol fired by Anton II en nink A bad wound was made ip hand by a bullet from fils own pistol ioters were arrested Till i tv Davs iu JtllL V' Dpatcli to The Detroit fe PoRT Huron: Jan 2 In thu Justice Court to day a man named Sullivan charged with obtaininv money on time certificate from the Port Huron Railroad was found guilty and sentenced to thirty days in Extra white No 1 White Milling No 1 white No 1 amber No 2 amber No grade Grand totals Elevator tsc Elevator Total 24825 Last year' 11753 41631 There were inspected into elevators during the past forty eight hours 49 cars of extra white 77 cars of No 1 white 8 cars of milling No 1 white 3 cars of No 1 amber total 137 cars of wheat 3 cars of oatapl car of barley The weekly receipts at lake ports for the week end ing December 28 1878 were: lour Wheat DOIS 64331 176 4270i din None reported :120436 1154962 1 to December 28 in the years named was as follows: 1988423 om Marshall' At their Monday evening meeting Peninsula Lodge No a erected tho following officers for the ensuing term: McCiill David Ciiniiinghnnii Recording II Peck" Permanent Edmbnds Stttart 3 ltapreetitative to Griiul 'C Stnart At their last meeting Marshall Encampment 2to 5 elected tho following officers for tho en suing term: It McCull Kasr vs ts John Jluyscr Stuart Senior (teo Greenfleld Vogel ItepreHeutativfe to Grand Geo GrtcufiekL On Monday evening the city government hired Welles as engineer of the steam fire engine at a salary of $150 per annum together with the privilege of a work shop in the engine house Mt Clemens An old gentleman by the name of Branden buro dropped dead wliile at work about noon to dav (Thursday) The deceased was about 55 of age and has been a resident of Mt Clemens for several years during tho most of the time being employed in Hall Shook saw mill where he was working at the tune of his death Mo was engaged Lri wheeling saw dust and when first found was lying across bis wheelbarrow Tho body was yet warm when found A physician was at once sum moned who pronounced life extinct Cause heart disease Mr Brandenburg leayes a large family of sons dnd daughters The weather changed very suddenly about 3 a It is cold and blustering here to day that but little life is seen on the streets Y1 1 lilTl 1 1 The following officers were elected by Ypsi anti Lodge No 15 A for the ensu ing year Tuesday evening £rvtt Xn ib cairv'tii' i' Xl Ife CVVlUfe Martin Cremer Waahbttme Jr 4 IL Whitlrtyf JJecorder i rank Joslin McKinstry Receiver William Robbins JWA Warren Whitney AvL Coif 1 ivtisnotirne Representative to Grand Lodse Hiram Batchelder The Light Ghard have elected Bowen George Noyes (vfeterans) and Haight to the offices of Ctiptain irst and Second Lieutenants respectively ft The semi annual election of officers of Hills dale Lodge Na '1 of ellows was held with the fol St John rd Stnrki i tl Secretary Shepard Treasurer A Alien Reprcsehtatv to Grgnd Lodge CJMansfieldL Tiustce ArChMVen'S Tuesday December SV at 1 in Charley AV Waldrort nephew of Hon Henry lice Murphy were united in niarriaglMitUC (Episcopal) Church Rev RatTnond Rector of thp Parish officiating in trie presence of a large and bril liant assemblage Masonic Election at Houghton Houghton Lodge No 218 of and A have elected the foll6wing officers for the eaisu 1 1876 6109815 42812904 65298015 16333056 3979691 1645341 120069037 30549075 150618112 ports com Wheat Corn OOIP OU 46391 130940 52403 142423 837 106159 3186 lour bbls Wheat bu Corn bu Oats bu1 bu Ryebu Total grain ba 166 025 929 lour to bn 3223'39(1 Grand total bnl982628SJ' 155394 494 (The cereal crop movement at Lake pared including receipts Detroir Chicago MIL Waukee Toledo Cleveland sad Dulutt frooi August 4 lour bbls 2657304 i 1 bu 1216334 8M2SM 85M712 Barley bu Bye bn 21708j3 Total grain bQ 103963658 83263984 Hour to wheat bu 13287520 9042140 Clrftnij bxtr 117251178 03566124 if Tt'ADTKa The following were the receipts of flour and grain Wood per cord at the points named Thursday: I Oate per bu ceipts for the corresponding time last year: lot Os 1513 26160 2217 1831 916 6290 bu 151196 400 41209 65 toO None reported 1 11J4N Central 32 jRock Island 13 St Paul 3 St Paul pfd Wabash ItoUjort Wayne 96Vta Peire Haute Haute pfd f' Alien III a l' 114 Chicago Jt Alton pfd103 iinm mm DeiLack West4816 A Telegrapu Missouri Pacific St Joe St Joe nfd Tnlnn Pnrific land grants 10855 Us Sinking fund 103J4 4 tf i 'v A 8 i ICK i 1 1 Ci 1 i 1 rr Hr 3 fv lai fl Pill Ill 5 ls ar JM 5i 4k ry 3 3 'j 1 5 1 i 1 a A I i I 1 lour Wheat Corn 'Oats Ryc Barley bbls bu ba bu ba bu Chicago 14000 144000 173000 63000 6090 20000 York 2fAxM 121000 55000 16000 7500 27000 Toledo 22000 41000 BnrMNTS raoM LKADINO POINTS The following were the shipments of flour and grain from the points named Thursday: lour Wheat Corn Oats Rye Barley hols bu bu bu bu bn Chicago? '13000 54000 44000 33000 22000 14000 19000 Toledo I 13 000 3000.

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