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7 THE DETROIT REE PRESS SATURDAY DECEMBER 21 1878 DETROIT SATURDAY DECEMBER 21 1578 A THE STATE CAPITOL i The 4 pro Cv SAGINAW RIVER IMPROV 20 work on 5 of the continents ex 2 3 6 IS uo 21 00 40 00 The first thing done in Washington after the reception cf the news of Bayard death was to speculate upon the successor to the German mission and candidates at once appeared in large force either in person or by proxy It would seem that decent respect would have insured some delay but the prospect of office caused Republican office seekers to throw all decency aside 7 '1 The ire Which Does $200 Worth of Damage Caused by Spontaneous Combustion of Waste Carelessly Left in the Hall by Sen Employed to Oil the Desks What Has Been Accomplished Past Season and What It the sculptress has secured to belief in her new motor to the invention as against who ungallantly claimed it 8510 00 2 Libel suits against newspapers are not un common but it is very rare indeed that a newspaper appears in such a suit as plaintiff Tiie New Orleans Democrat however pre sents that spectacle at the present time hav ing brought suit against the Picayune of the same city The damages claimed are $25000 and the trouble grew out of a dispute about the State printing The anxiety of Mr Hayes and Mr Evarts to improve our foreign commerce is very creditable but it is a little remarkable that it does not seem to occur to either that the great evil to be attacked in bringing about the de sired improvement is the protective system We can hardly expect foreign nations to buy our products when we close our markets to theirs The two Houses of Congress adjourned yes terday for the holiday recess The members of the House at least have earned their holi days by their industry in passing appropria tion bills About Half of the Appropriation ol How it is Trapesed to Vse It Special Dispatch to The Detroit ree Press Lansing Dec 20 This morning at about 2 o'clock one of the watchmen at the new Capi tol noticed a very strong smell of smoke in the vicinity of Representative Halt After a great deal of delay (occasioned by tho door being locked and no key to be had) he gained ixri en trance to the hall and found the wainscoting and carpet on the south side to be on fire The flames were promptly extinguished but not until considerable damage had been done Sev eral feet of wainscoting and about fifteen yards of carpet wero destroyed the floor was badly burned and some of the electrical apparatus was considerably damaged The fire is sup posed to have been caused by spontaneous combustion During yesterday afternoon workmen were engaged in cleaning and oiling desks in the hall and the sweepings (consisting of oiled rags and dust) which were left near the door are supposed to have given rise to the fire The damage is estimated at about $200 and the narrow escape from a more serious loss will probably serve as a warning to make the managers of the building more careful The Adjutant and Quartermaster Generals have been moving their stores into their res pective offices to day THE MONEY STOLEN Was fifteen $20 bills and thirty $10 bills Each $20 is marked with the letter in pin holes John Morton the great Philadelphia swindler got off lightly with tenyears in pris solitary confinement And yet to a man who has stood at the head of business affairs in a city like Philadelphia such a sentence must strike It has often been remarked that there are and downs in this life' but the threadbare saying was never better exemplified than by the fact that the woodcut which repre sented John JIS Morton the condemned crim inal in a Philadeldhia paper was engraved to show the portrait of John Morton thecan didate for Governor of the State of Pennsylva nia Arrested on a Charge of orgery A Young Suicide Special Dispatch to The Detroit ree Press Grand Rapids Dec Henry Lacey who it is charged has been forging checks and passing several in this city was arrested to night Several checks alleged to be forged were found on his person He hails from Grand Haven A young man named Lyman Beals a resident of Paris Township committed suicide this afternoon by shooting himself with a shot gun while temporarily insane The Hall of Representatives ound to be on ire riday Morning Carves His Prey on the Platform of a Car Robs Him of S600 and Throws Him rom an Express Train top the A Washington dispatch to the Chicago Tri bune says that at the Republican caucus held Thursday morning to drum up Senators to accept places on the Blaine investigating com mittee was soundly berated for re fusing to serve after getting the Republicans into such a scrape Some Senators used pro fane language and said they did not intend to skin Blaine's skunks The committee will organize in a day or two but all interest in it has died out and nothing is expected to come of The great investigation does not start out very auspiciously Battered and Bleeding tbo Victim Miracu loiisly Escapee With His Life and Crawls Half a Mile for Assistance CORRESPONDENCE News correspondence of interesting character is in vited AU business news letters or telegraphic dis patches must be addressed The Detroit bee Press Letters and packages should be properly sealed and full postage paid to insure their delivery Rejected communications will not be returned un less so requested and postage stamps be furnished names are invariably required not necessarily for publication but as a guarantee of goed faith Anonymous communications will be rejected Pardoned ly the President Special Dispatch to The Detroit ree Press Grand Haven Dec 20 President Hayes has pardoned from Jackson State Prison Ed ward Curtis a resident of Grand Haven who was sentenced one year ago to two years in State Prison for robbing the mail while em ployed as Assistant Mail Agent cn the Detroit Milwaukee Railroad Accidental Masonic Presenta tion Special Dispatch to The Detroit ree Press Grand Rapids Dec 20 Last night a serv ant girl employed in the family of Martin Boorhem administered a dose of poison to Mrs Boorhem through mistake The lady now lies in a critical condition De Molai Commandery Knights Templar to night presented Eminent Commander Moore with a splendid diamond pin THE WEEKLY REE PRESS May be procured of all newsdealers in the United Slates and the Dominion of Canada Price 5 cents per copy Rates for advertising in The Wbekly ree Press: ifth page 40 cents a line Sth page 25 cents a line each insertion The Name of the Criminal is Crabb Alias 1 Dickson of the London clubs the Club closes at 2 a in close at 12 and some are fined for staying later the Thatched House Club Special Dispatch to The Detroit ree Press Ridgeway Dec 20 Storms of Kingston Ont left Detroit by the Grand Trunk train aS 6:30 on the 19th THE MURDEROUS ASSAULT One mile west of Ridgeway while standing on the platform of the car he was attacked by a man who robbed' him of $600 cut three gashes in his throat and threw him from tho train HE CRAWLED TO THE NEAREST HOUSE About half a mile distant where he was cared for The doctor says he is severely injured but will recover The wounded man says THE NAME Is Crabb that he is five feet eight inches tall wears a black moustache and has a mole on his right ear He wore a heavy rough ulster and had a ticket for Montreal He sometimes goes by the name of Dick son inventress a full THE BAY CITY TRIBUNE IRE The account of the burning of the office the Bay City Tribune published in The ree Press of yesterday leaves little to be told in reference to the fire itself but having passed within the year through a similar experience this paper can cordially sympathize with the Tribune in its trouble can realize all the an noyance and discomfort inseparable from such a calamity and can thoroughly appreciate the energy and activity shown by the publishers in publishing an account of their own special on the day of its occurrence There is one bright side to this disaster and one which in a measure will compensate for all the mental worry entailed It is that the Tribune will as The ree Press has dis cover how many true friends it has and that political and local differences of opinion will in time of trial disappear when the kindliness begotten of genuine esteem and respect is needed What the Executive Commit Accomplished at Their Rec 7 7 in Ann Arbor THE REGENTS Third Session of the orty fifth Con gress the form of common coat This artist evi dently thinks the Emperor is King St Louis does not want to abandon macad am pavements of: which that city has a great extent The papers there say that thedust which is complained of makes the free from the epidemic diseases that affiict other cities the powdered limestone acting as a 'dis infectant Most people would rather have a few epidemics than the intolerable dust St Louis has most of the time Special rates for amusement column irst page of supplement Sunday $1 20 per inch Where cats are inserted they must be all metal not mounted on wood Local on irst or Second Page irst day 20c per line each subsequent day 15c irst column 1st page 15c per line each insertion Want column 6th page 5c per line Deaths 25 cts Marriages 50 cts In an interview he received from account of Mr Must Not Be Investigated 1 rom the New York World Word has been passed along the Republican line that the doings of certain Republican loaders in Louisiana South Carolina and lorida must not be investigated There is a fearful looking for of copies in the hands either of Gen Butler or of the Democrats of Republican ciphers which it had been hoped that the Western postmaster had effectually lately won by any of our foreign ambassadors arose from his success not in protecting his own citizens but tiioe of another nation after war had broken out between the two great continental powers Bi consequence then of our oceanic isolation and independence it has become an executive habit to make occasional use of these positions a national recognition of intellectual merit duflateij ADVERTISEMENTS 1 Day 2 3 Second University interest dno mnaw i University aid due January 1 Annual appropriation Hoiie onat1' cal College Salary Professor Geoiogy Salary Professor Pnysics Extended term Medical Coilegc Extended term IIomeopaibicV'd lege Thirdly The expenditures on a Salaries due January 1 18 '9 Contingent expenses Homeopathic Medical College uPa i January 1 1879 Contingent expenses Dental College apparatus Dental College salaries due General Librirv vouchers pm Hospital salaries due and vonchvs Physiological Laboratory Physical Laboratorv vouchers pel Astronomical Observatorv von Professor of Geology salarv dnohr' 1879 Professor of Physic du ln Extended term of Homeopathic ci College salaries Extended term of Medical Coilej due January 1 ls9 School' of Mines salaries due Jar i 18 Total Balances due on the the payments are due General und Homeopathic Medical College Dental College apparatus Dental College salaries Hospital Physiological laboratory Professor Geology Professor Physics Extended term Homeopatinc 'ie i lege Extended term Medical College School of Mines The English officers and soldiers in the pres ent Asiastic campaign have something to blow about It is a handkerchief The British Government has distributed arndng both of ficers and mqn large calico handkerchiefs on which are printed scale maps of' Afghanistan after the of the pictoral children's handkerchigfsp pommon in dry goods stores Who iiose may lead to? It shows tlie English are determined to come to blows The map idea is certainly a good one It makes every soldier familiar with the country and must come very handy in case of a retreat And then it helps to amuse the soldiers They can roll up a calico handkerchief ram it into a gun and have a calico ball at once And then just imagine what delightful flirtations the boys can have together ItTs to be hoped the British will introduce a regular handkerchief drill' What a noble sight it would be to see the whole British army at the word of command whip out their flaming bits of calico Another word and the nasal organ of each brave soldier is hidden in tho folds of a map of Afghanistan Then the commanding officer shouts the word re verberates along the ranks Then each sol dierly head slightly inclines and a sound like muffled thunder rises from the vast army un til the command you and relieves" the red faced warriors UWW 4 Some weeks ago the New York correspond ent of Tue uee Tress gave a very interest ing account of club life in that city New York copies London in the matter of clubs London is the home of the club The annual dues of the best clubs of London are fixed at from $35 to $60 The entrance fee differs in like ratio sIn the army and navy it is $200 at the Guards Club $158 and so on There are seven military clubs in the city The Beef Steak Club is the only one in London which a stranger is not allowed even to enter In three others members are not allowed to ask a friend to dinner Dinners at the clubs are more ex pensive than in New York varying from $3 to $10 All the clubs close comparatively early The latest open Thatched House Most however at 11 Members A person leaving between 2 and 3 a has incurred a fine of one dollar The fine is doubled at the begin ning of each succeeding hour and so the per son who stayed until 6 would be over $30 in debt Some of the clubs fine only $2 an hour for the night still this cannot be looked on as very chaep lodging The St Petersburg and Moscow clubs which are modeled after the English pile on the fines for late hours much more heavily than any others in the world It has been calculated that a member of one of the clubs by staying until 7 a would owe the committee $8000 It would be more economical to purchase a house and lot for the night and give it away next morning VARIOUS TOPICS A Silesian sculptor has sent to the Town Hall at Konigshutte a bust of the Emperor in diamonds The diamond however was in LITERATURE AND Mr Bayard success in his diplo matic career was assured before he entered it if personal renown and popularity are the es sentials of success at American embassies in Europe Indeed for the most part those are the principal qualifications for the position since our intercourse with European countries is chiefly a matter of courtesy and human in terest not of policy and conflict or a sharp hard aggressive for We know Europe chiefly as a library and picture gallery a park and a parade ground or a theater on whose crowded stage magnificent tragedies are enacted for our entertainment with far reaching and perpetual plots carried on by able and fascinating dramatis personce the grim and astute Bismarck the panto mimic and spectacular Disraeli or the once live ly and sardonic Palmerston Our foreign min isters are mere reporters admitted to the green room but scarcely ever called upon to take a part in the great drama going on there in which the actors all perform their roles to per fection because they are thinking of every thing but their audience their playing is spon taneous their extemporized and uttered in honest and downright earnestness The word diplomatic itself originally meant anything which is doubled or folded and sealed and it is at least curious that diploma cy has come so much to mean words and acts which are of a double and secret nature that Bismarck fooled all Europe by plain and truth ful speech But there has been so little neces sity for this in conducting our foreign affairs abroad that diplomacy in an American minis ter is an absurdity not even a rudiment or a relic of it is visible Sir Henry ancient definition of an ambassador a person sent to lie abroad for the benefit of his country can scarcely be true of an American minister If he lies at all in either sense of the word it is chiefly for his own benefit So small are our interests so in significant our relations that certainly within present recollection the career and conduct cf our foreign representatives have but little aided their promotion at home These positions have been the reward for previous achievement in politics or literature not the means of securing further influence and reputation These of ficials are seldom praised and paid for their skill in delicate negotiation and their success in defending the honor and dignity of their country as seldom excites the gratitude of their fellow citizens because there are rarely any delicate negotiations to conduct or na tional honor imperiled Billions of tons of oinui water between titiguish international jealousy and hate The chief distinction A fire at Ludington riday afternoon de stroyed the City Hotel marble works two boarding houses and two other buildings Loss $6000 insurance light $1 00 I 5 Days 1 50 I 6 2 00 2 Weeks 2 40 I 3 One year 7 MICHIGAN7 A TRAVELING DEMON Calumet Wm Sumner has just arriyed from De troit where he was engaged as bookkeeper for Mr Barnum the hardware merchant to fill the vacancy of supply clerk at the Hecla Branch of the IL Mining Company caused by the resignation of Mr Swift who has filled the office for the past six years but now goes to Clinton Wis where he is to take charge of the Clinton Independent The Circuit Court of the County of Hough ton is now in session The trial of Geo Shelden and Geo Quirk for the murder of Peter Lennon who was shot during a disturb ance which took place in front of Mrs Stroe concert hall in Houghton last September is in progress The Prosecuting Attorney caused the indictment of seven persons for keeping houses of ill fame who will be tried at this session The roads are now all covered with snow and will probably remain so for the next six months We wonder those of our citizens who can afford it and when business will allow it do not spend their winters in the beautiful City of the Straits and other pleasant places The? want of a State reform school for females was strongly exemplified during the trial of a person named Griff for keeping a dis reputable house The complaining witness was a young girl only 16 years of age but who by her brazen countenance and manner might have led a life of shame for twenty years The father of the witness who livedn A proximity to Griff had tried to get his daughter home but she would not go and he thereupon had her arrested so that she might be sent down to the Detroit House of Correc tion and give her a chance to reform if taken away from her present surroundings If there a reformatory for females her chances might be good but if she is convicted she will have to go to the House of Correction where she may get worse contaminated instead of im proved A lorida editor says he looks out in his yard and sees roses in bloom watermelon' vines in blossom a fig tree with figs on it and banana plants with young fruit A Michigan editor can look out of his window and see a boy tearing along the with skates 'a fellow and bis girl drive past in a cutter a portly old gent sit suddenly down on the ice and other things that cheer the heart of the weary laborer 'G American competition proves too much Canadian magazines The New Dominion monthly after struggling for existence for eleven years has given up the ghost When it was a good year it lost only about $1000 but some years the loss was $3000 Various magazines have been started at various times in Canada but none now live with the'ex ception perhaps of a lately consolidated magazine composed of one that aimed to be like the Atlantic and another that copied after Scribner Many of the Canadian magazines had good features but they all fell far short of their American competitors THEIXAXClALSinAT! report of the treasit Blaine orced to Take tlio Bull by the Horns rom the New York Nation Arguing from the premise that every negro is a Republican ami considers the onnortunitv of voting the Republican ticket the dearest of eartuiy oiessmgs Mr Blame concludes that the non appearance of Republican members of Congress from the South indicates a vast body of silent mental suffering among the black population for which no security of oerson or property can compensate He assumes too uiat it was some manner understood the compact by which the Southern States were restored to their places' in the Union that the uuaiuuo Tuvalu eunap VMW LUO XVepULMlVUJl ticket and that their failure to rin so evidence of a breach of faith on the part of the whites toward their North ern brethren which calls for constant pro test and censure It is this view which has foi soma years really prompted and supported the denunciations of the South in which a por tion of the Republican party has indulged but it was covered up by that profession of anxiety about the personal safety which is known as the bloody Since Mr election the outrages which fur nished the materials for the agitation ami which the carpet baggers in part furnished by failing to execute the lawS have ceased and the signs of the rapid social advancement of the colored population can no longer be denied Mr Blaine has thus been forced to take the bull by the horns and confess that his opinion and that his followers the chief object of the constitutional amend ments and the reconstruction acts was not so much the elevation of the black race as the maintenance of the Republican party in power HOUSE The Bill Authorizing the Payment of the State of Tennessee for Keeping United States Military risoners Passed Also the Bills Constituting Portsmouth a Port of Delivery and for the Relief of the idow of Gen Adjournment to January 7 1879 UNITED STATES MILITARY PRISONERS Mr Henderson (Rep Ill) reported back Senate bill authorizing the payment of the State of Tennes see for keeping United States military prisoners Passed BILLS PASSED Removing the political disabilities of Bell of Georgia William Ward of Virginia and Ktmbell of Missouri A bill was nassed constituting Portsmouth a portof delivery Also a bill for the relief of Mrs Louisa Mansfield widow of Gen Mansfield BALANCES IN NATIONAL BANKS The morning hour having expired the Speaker laid before the House several communications among them one from Secretary Sherman in answer to a olution calling for information as to what balance on loan accounts was standing to the credit of the United States in any national bank from March 1876 to the present time The letter states that there were no balances on loan accounts standin" to the credit of the United States Treasury in any national bank from March 1876 to January 1878 and incloses a list of national bank depositors with the balances on the loan account held from ebruary 1877 to December 1878 The banks which held such balances had been made depositories under the law The large balance held by the irst National Bank of New York was caused by the temporary deposits of the proceeds of the per cent bonds and the large subscriptions of that bank to the 4 per cent loan Mr Hewitt CDem order to avoid read ing the schedule I would ask to have read the deposit to the debt of the irst National Mr Townsend (Hep Y) us have It Objection was made to the reading i Mr Hewitt the gentlemen allow me to re call the Objections were Hewitt (speaking amidst great confusion and cries of "What I want the world to know Is this Unit there has been for six months an aver age sum of $30000000 to the credit of the United States at that hank as near as I can make it Mr Springer (Dem 111) alluding to the confusion hoped 51r words would be read at the desk in order to give the House a chance to hear them as they were a serious arraignment of one of the departments The communication was then referred to the Ways and Means Committee GOVERNMENT PRINTING OPPICES Mr inley (Dem asked leave to have printed the testimony taken in regard to government printin'' offices Mr Garfield (Rep O) objected ADJOURNMENT air Townsend (Rep Y) moved to adjourn Agreed to ayes 91 nays 5 Adjourned until Janu ary 7 1879 RATES ADVERTISING PER INCH IN DAILY $2 70 1 Month 8 00 1 no 4 50 6 00 SENATE The Bill Passed to Repeal Section 820 of the Revised Statutes Adjournment Until January 8 1879 Washington Dec 20 Most of the morning hour was used in discussing the order of business After the recess no special order was made THE REVISED STATUTES After some discussion of the bill introduced by Mr Beck (Dem Ky) to repeal section 820 of the revised statutes Mr Hoar (Rep Mass) said it was evident the bill could not pass to day and moved to adjourn but soon withdrew the motion Mr Edmunds (Rep Vt) moved to proceed to ex ecutive business This motion was supported by the Republicans and opposed by Democrats and the' vote resulted ayes 25 nays 25 The Vice President then voted in the affirmative and the Senate went into executive session The following is the vote on the motion for an executive Messrs Allison Anthony Blaine Booth Bruce Burnside Cameron of Pennsylvania Came ron of Wisconsin Christiancy Conkling Dawe Edmunds erry Hamlin Hoar Howe Ingalls Kel logg Kirkwood Morrill Paddock Rollins Saunders Teller and Windom 25 Messrs Bailey Bayard Beck Butler Cock rell Coke Davis of Illinois Davis of West Virginia Eaton Eustis Garland Gordon Grover Hill Jones of lorida Kernan Lamar McCreery Maxey Merri mon Morgan Randolph Ransom Saulsbury and Thurman 25 Messrs Armstrong (Dem Mo) Johnston CDem Va) McDonald (Dem Ind) Harris (Dem Tenn) and Hereford (Dem Va) who would have voted in the negative were paired with Messrs Oglesby (Rep Ill) Dorsey (Rep Ark) Matthews (Rep O) McMillan (Rep Minn) and Mitchell (Rep Or) who would have voted in the affirmative When the doors were reopened Mr Beck (Dem Ky) withdrew bis amendment to the bill to repeal section 820 of the revised statutes so as repeal section 821 also in regard to the test oath The hill to re peal the first named section then passed without op position and the Senate adjourned until January 8 1879 SUBSCRIPTION KATES PAYABLE IN ADVANCE bv earner per month liunv bv mail per year postage paid irf iwirnrnrul Ti i mail per rear postage paid 5 00 Scad ostoffice order or drafts when practi caiie Remittances may be made either by draft express postofficc order or in registered letters at our risk tn order to insure attention subscribers wishing their address changed must give their old as well as their new address Write plainly name and postoffice also the edition whether Daily Tii Weekly or Weekly Address THE DETROIT REE PRESS CO They are the American substitute for Olymp ian crowns and olive wreatlis for pensions and court patronage Hawthorne and Irving Motley Bancroft and Lowell have had theso remarksand employed them in their studies of which their works in some cases are the actual fruit in others incidentally betray tho imp rove 1 ment of their opportunit ies Mr fame was peculiarly his avant i courier his letter of introduction his master of ceremonies at the court of Berlin His pre vious residence in Germany his marriage with a native lady his speaking command of the language above all his translation of which was a deferential tribute to the great genius of Germany opened wide the doors to him As the appointed official dignitary was about introducing him to the Crown Prince in formal and ceremonious phrase that imperial personage stepped down and forward and thrusting aside the court official extended both hands to the American Minister remark ing have no need of an introduction to Mr Taylor I have read his to the Grown Princess and we have much enjoyed it and I am now reading it carefully to When Taylor was introduced to Bismarck they had a long social and cheerful interview Bismarck paid his guest the most delicate and subtle flattery imaginable not by blunt indis criminate praise in general and unshaded terms but by keen and pleasant criticism of his books showing that he had not only read them but had thought about them He ob jected to the disposition the author had made of some of his characters in his novel and His He thought more of them ought to have been kept alive Mr Taylor de fended his literary homicides and after further conversation tho Prime Minister promised to give it more thought few days afterward the American minister saw a carpet laid upon the platform of a small railroad station near Ber lin amidst donsiderable bustle and ex citement On inquiring he was told Bismarck was expected speedily i and that he might wish to get out of the train at this point Mr Taylor waited among the crowd until the train arrived The railway carriage in which Bismarck was seated drew up opposite the carpet He did not alight however but he saw Mr Taylor and sent an aid summoning him to the carriage see what said he Tay looked It was and His re read said Bismarck on the whole think right about These pleasant anecdotes are not only cred itable to the intellectual democracy and at tainments of the eminent persons but emphatically illustrate the peculiar con tradiction lie tween foreign relatibn iships and all traditional diplomacy THE HOSMER MOTOR Miss Hosmer another convert and in her title'Mr Chapman will be remembered that he and not Miss Hos mer made the discovery which is to revolu tionize the world The London correspondent of the New York World is quite as enthusi astic in support of Miss claim as was the correspondent of the Evening Post whose communication on the subject gave rise to the Chapman controversy with the the latter connection with the invention According to her story her attention was at tracted to Chapman by the ingenuity and skill he displayed in working out an idea of hers whichtook'the'7 shape of a ina' chine for turning the leaves of Subse quently when the magnetic motor buret upon her inventive vision she naturally sought him as a suitable person to aid her in perfecting the idea and reducing' it to practice He at first confounded it so Miss Hosmer intimates with perpetual motion and sjxike very openly of lunacy and mad houses but upon a full investigation ho acknowleged that the discovery was indeed a momentous one and declared that there was no reason why it should not be brought to success In his en thusiasm he made a model but Miss Hosmer now declares that his connection with the in vention ended at that point and the model is and always was worthless being made under a total misapprehension of the principle in volved The evidence adduced by Miss Hosmer as to her title against Mr Chapman appears to have been entirely convincing to the World corre spondent and included some details no ticeably letters from persons to whom Chap man had spoken of the invention as Mrs Hos which were well calculated to con vince anybody Miss title therefore as against Chapman may fairly be assumed But even when that is done there is still room for serious doubt to tho practicability of the invention Some months have passed since the public was first apprised that the discovery was perfected and the manufacture of a ma chine to display its workings in progress Yet the machine does not make its appearance nor does anyone come forward who has seen it in successful operation Miss Hos mer is a lady and entitled by virtue of her sex though she probably makes no claim on that score to a good deal of latitude in the way of patient waiting upon her movements But it cannot be denied that the story of her motor has a strong resemblance to the story of the Keely motor which was told so often and so long that tho public at last got heartily sick of it It is earnestly to be hoped that the Hos mer motor has no family likeness to or affinity for the Keely motor but the public can hardly fail to associate the two in their minds unless something is done within a reasonable time to show that they are radically different East Saginaw Dec Saginaw River improvement for thei year is concluded During the past wing dam has been constructed the hea Crow Island for tho purpose of euttia head of the Oneida channel and nJnjgu water to its regular channel Thn dam feet long is composed of two with superstructure six feet above Lv marK ana nix lwu with slabs and a of stone and on is sheathed with two inch vent the work taking tire ironi passing tugs The contractor wer? tfeK' way Hayes of Painesville 0 an it a'Ta cost cf the work is $33 (W to about i 'pi than the bid Tito engineer are work will accomplish the object or intended The revetment pier onpoite Cirro tB has been completed at its lower tion which was burned in Octo paired and the entire length of pa cnannel sheathed with to li pia revetment is 322S feet in length tie on the bar has also been dredger to a 100 feet and a uniform deptt ten water clear guaranteed It i toiie a further improvement at necessary The cost of the wot will exceed the bid of Canon Crane who did the work a trifle tL $5039 62 Only about one half of the ted by Congress last June for tne ment of the river has been exp ana the balance will be ue proveinents now being prey Tt' 1 are to be made this winter at York Works and in the vicinity ot Island The Purpose of an Ingrained Demagogue rom the Chicago Times Mr refusal to serve as chairman of the committee of inquiry raised by his own motion upon the terms of his own resolution must bo regarded as a confession that his only purpose in moving the resolution was the pur pose of an ingrained demagogue By the rule of parliamentary usage Blaine should have been appointed chairman of his own commit tee and every Senator who assented to his re fusal to serve in that capacity may be safely set down as a demagogue only second in degree to the demagogue of the Penobscot No or England rom the Chicago Tribune or commercial England and all the mil lions who depend on its prosperity it is evi dent that the year will set in gloom There will be discouraging balance sheets for the trader and manufacturer and pinching want for thousands of families to whom the evil day comes always unprovided for merry will sound like a mocking jest to half the people of England this year Too Machiavellian rom the Spnngfidld (Mass) Republican The Washington correspondents are trying to put Zach Chandler into the Senate They propose that friends shall have Senator Christiancy sent on a foreign mission probably to Mexico and then the Michigan Legislature is to ba manipulated so as to elect zacnarian tor tne unexpirea term scheme is quite too Machiavellian Tho Blaine Investigating Committee rom the Chicano Tribune Its composition is not calculated to give to the investigation the prominence it would have had but for the bad example set by the author of the resolution in declining to render practical assistance carrying out its visions Killed by the Cars Special Dispatch to The Detroit ree i Kalamazoo Dec Louise a German milk maid was run 0Vl being backed up at the central depov ing and instantly killed The coon in their verdict blamed the railroad emp for carelessness The girl was about ou years of age General Items Vermontville Enterprise A being put up by the tV Chester Station to pump watei that has been therefor some been furnished with water b) Ionia Standard: Maj A score of valuable sheep one they being bitten by flogs On I those that wero not right being so terribly mangled to be killed Ingham County News: Neely of this city assisted by i of Lansing both of whom are Central Michigan Detective Aocia a heavy haul of thieves and rjie Tuesday morning Monday 3 had been operating qtute exe vicinity They passed through early hour Tuesday mormnn rested at 9 o'clock the Lansing by the above named offict of were found in their pair of dark bay horses one gray bolriv sleighs four horse blaiikets near full of clothes which were Alaiedon and Ingham clothe uii es bridles stolen from Merrickb art a set of double harness stolei of this city a spring wagon at iron three watches and a 5dt Sherman City by the assan The sleigh is near uerty of a man named Allen a liamston suppressed And after this word has been passed goes another to the effect tbat for i860 every one of the Hayes clique who had to do with the Returning Board conspiracy must be thrown over Those Republicans who con trived the plot or who executed it in those States or who defended it before the Electoral Commission must be disowned as Tweed was disowned by the Democracy Tliis will be hard for the masterlv contriver in the Cabinet for the executors of the contrivance who have been appointed to office and for the defenders of the contrivance elevated to the heads of de jjartments or of foreign missions But neces knows no law and especially party neces sity The plea will be that these Republican plotters who secured the returning boards by whatever immoral practices had no power or right to represent and taint the whole Repub lican organization Hence candidacy! Better to Salaries rom the Boston Post The proposition to dispense with the fee sys tem and substitute for United States District Attorneys a tjxed salary has much to commend it Under the present system temptations are presented to multiply suits to protract proceedings and to prostitute official position for purposes of gain Although the maximum of fees receivable is now fixed by law the actual receipts in some form or other in many districts is no measure of the profits of this class of officers In others the fees pre scribed are inadequate to give the government a competent prosecuting officer Under the present law a salary of $200 is allowed with such fees additional as with reasonable in genuity the attorney can work up Better )ray him a regular and sufficient salary to look solely after the duties he owes the government than send him on a hunt after personal perqui sites and profits The same applies with equal force to Marshals not to add all officers of the courts Ann Arbor Dc 20 if Maclean controversy had ecutive Committee of th remaining portion of their session discussing the finarrivala beiore the Legislature tions to be asked Prof Jenner prf tecture the Uni verity indefinite leave of absent ture two yeas ago failed to priatton for th school of tonttnuau camebefore the board which he dwelt on the affvan 1 peeted from the revival pressed a hope that an appr 5 made for that purpose hr tb 'v which would place the sch ent foundation The substance of nno bodiedin the 1 lature A olchard UnivPihv nutted a report showing in the various accounts' sero priations now due and be niir'i' 1 1879 thirdly the exn nl tu said time for salaries and eorui the balance due after said er been deducted irst Balance on hand in cenrral icco Homeopathic Medical Coil Dental College apparatn Dental College salaries General library Hospital Physiological Laboratory Physical laboratory Ast ronomicai Observaioi Salary Professor of Extended term Medical Col School of Mines.

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