Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 15, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 1934
Page 4
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FOUR HUi'Ui SXAJU, , ARKANSAS Wednesday, August lg, 1984 ^ i Through the Air S ItOfilZOKTAli tt Modern com- ' unification ' system. »What is its popular term? (PL). It Ester of malic acid. 14 A gypsy. 15 Cistern. IS To hum. II Explosive shell. 30 Ovum (pi.), 21 Babbits. 32 Sheltered place. 23 Rumanian coins. 2"4 Southeast. 26 Corpse. 26 To free. 2& Churn. 2$ Monkey. 31 Neuter •pronoun. 33 The first commercially successful system •was patented fcy . Answer to Previous fuz/.le. oGTo undermine. 3S Refrigerants. 39 Inlet, 41 To press. •\:\ AVrongcloing. 4-1 Is victorious. 45 Constellation on the equator, 47 No. 48 Heavenly body, 49 Packed one within another. 50 Flits. 51 Profound, 62 Lee 's invention made possible transcontinental telephone service. VERTICAL 2 Efflgles. 3 Cooking apparatus, 4 Large deer. 5 Minor note. 6 Sketched as on metal. 7-Harem. S Washed lightly 9 Preposition ot place. 10 Flatfish. 11 Sea goddess. 12 Uncle. II Departs. 15 The newest form is . 17 Kither. 19 Stubblcfleltl is credited with tha first (pl.). 23 Flowering shrub. 26 Male sheop. 27 To plunder. 29 Fruit of tho oak. 30 Foe. 32 Smeared with tar. 31 Fabulous bird 35 Wrath. 37 Balance, 39 Verses. 40 Sluggish. 42 Short letter. 44 Intertwined into fabric. 46 Wool fiber knots. 45 Heart, 50 Stop! ?£ Is la Zd 2.fo 4Z E.-3 4b Ib Z9 8 10 II \Z SO nr Treat your horse as you would a lady, a Pennsylvania riding academy advises its patrons. But it won't accept a cigaret. DINGS Australian explorers have just discovered 200,000 lost natives in the cen- Southern Association Clubs— Won Lost New Orlaens 33 12 Chattanooga 25 16 Vashville ,. 22 22 VIemphis 23 25 Knoxville 19 22 Sell It! Find It! Rent Itl Buy It! in the Hope Sta? Market Place Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. I time, lOc line, min. 30o For consecutive Insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3%c line, min. ?2.7» (Average 5Vi words to the line) NOTE-Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that th« bill is payable on presentation of statement, before tha first publication Phone 768 OUR BOARDING HOUSE Atlanta 21 Birmingham 17 Little Rock 16 National League Clubs— Won Lost New York ........................ 70 40 Chicago . ..................... ........ 66 44 St. Louis ............................ 63 46 Boston ................................ 55 Pittsburgh ........................ 53 Brooklyn ............................ 46 Philadelphia .................... 44 Cincinnati ............. '. ............. 38 54 54 61 64 71 Pet. .733 .610 .500 .479 .463 .447 .395 .372 Pet. .636 .600 I .578 .505 .495 .425 .407 .349 .664 .606 .542 .527 .454 .448 .408 .345 Expert Piano Tuning E. B; Hendricks, tuner for Henderson College (1915-3!), and for nearly all local music teachers, is again in Hope. Have him tune your piano. His workmanship is always best is always guaranteed. Phone 631. Screen doors—Hone Bldg. Mat. Co. FOR RENT American League Dtroit .............................. .... 73 37 New York ........................ 66 43 Cleveland ........ . ................. 58 43 Boston .................................. 59 53 Washington ...................... 49 59 St. Louis ............................ 47 58 Philadelphia-. .............. .... 42 61 Chicago .............................. 38 72 TUESDAY'S RESULTS Southern Assocation Little Rock 7-1, Nashville 4-2. Atlanta 2, Memphis 1. Chattanooga 3, Birmingham 0. Knoxville-New Orleans, postponed. National League Pittsburgh 3, New York 2. Cincinnati 5, Brooklyn 0. Boston 15, Chicago 2. St. Louis 5, Philadelphia 1. Furnished rooms. Apply 702 South Elm. 1 ic. FOR RENT—An attractive modern furnished apartment for rent. Call 178. 14-ltp FOR RENT—Fivn-rnoin hou.se, newly-papered, at Gateway Park, $10 a month. Phone 1638-1. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. 14-3tc "FOR KALE—Six-week-olrl male po- lie pup, 35. Mr;;. R. O. Briclewell.-143tc. FOR RENT-Five room aprirtment, furnished, garage; in ray residence. J. A. Sullivan. ll-7tp 800 hal'« Johnson grass hay. Floyd Porterfiel'l Phone 101. 3tc. Used par«r for all cars. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. 16-26t. Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co Used c;:rs bought and sold. P. A Lewis Mr, tor Co. 16-261. Wai) Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. LOST LOST--German Police dog. answers to Rin Tin. Reward for return. Mrs Hattie A. West. 15-3' LOST—P<etween Geo. Williams .store and A. G. Martin's a grip of women's clothf-s. Ileward of ?3.00 to the finder. Elli^i Williams. American League Cleveland 5, Washington 1. Detroit. 9-7. New York 5-3. Boston 7, St. Louis 3. Chicago-Philadelphia, postponed. er of New Guinea. And all tihs time he natives never realized they were ost. British Broadcasting Company has barred the song, "Love Thy Neighbor," from tho air. Europe might ake it as a personal affront. Dr. A. ./. Anderson, of Mt. Wilson Observatory, says there's no such thing as completely empty space. Where yo uthink it's so, there must he a nut rattling about in it. Sun spots will increase static during the next ten years, says a radio engineer. But that will make little difference with most of the programs on the air. H. G. Wells has finished his scenario for his first film, to he entitled "The Shape of Things to Corne," and just after such a rumpus has been kicked up about Mae West pictures. Isn't it funny that Austria should have to depend on other powers for its independence'.' Perhaps, if the starving cattle in the Chicago .stockyards were told of the drouth in the midwest, they mightn't feel so bad about dying because of the strike. elson-Huckins LAUNDRY Wash Suits Properly Laundered. PHONE 8 SOc ---YOU AP£ SUCVA &N \HTELU<oENT LISTENER NYR SAPPEU-VEFF, I AM GOING* TO TELL YOU I vSUST KECENED OF A. M\LUON rc>F^ (^Y LATEST MAs(oNET\C WA"R TORPEDO '-^-*- -BATTLESH\PS,A^S YOU KNOW, fcWE PLAxTEI^ NNHW STEEL TORPEDO \S W1GHLX WWE.N •RELEASED W AM --<-o>NE\A_-T— VOL) GET THE BLOKE I MEW, 1 By AHERN OUT OUR WAY AW W\K\ 4K OP U By WILLIAMS THE ONE WITH THE J ™g HOSE /"v- LET HlfA TALV< UNTIL YOUR UKE CLOCK SCOTCH A\N SODAS, EVERYONE TOTEM ./•«« SAPPELVAEFF J LJM-M <?? f ?>r--'°~- ,vtS= '-'v rSer-^.-t-fr.-if- 1 " ~">*«fc.'-, -. . K ^ ,^ Nt« SERVICE. INC. T. M. HEO. U S>»T OFTf 1 H\<B GLORY 8-/.T YE GODS. WHAT DO<OU CALL THAT? M PEG u 5 PAT orr. 1 WHY, WE'D LOOK RIDICULOUS, GOING TO TH' PAVILION, AMONG ALL THOSE PEOPLE, UNDER SUCH A CRA7.V LOOKING .OUTFIT. A i 't THE ^WRIGHT—A LL-LL- TMEM, DROWN/ 1 FINQ NOTHIN 1 ARC HERE TO MAKE YOU A ARCH OF TRIUMPH, TO STRUT OVER. THERE UNDER WET BLANKET BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Looking for Trouble^ * ov NTA scnvice inc 3y MARTIN WASN'T PWR«EO W TV\ <bToo\o<b , N>ote wr w& HOME 11 VOOUES I OM3 \T~-1 WO^O^-Q. BOO O 1 ? '\M ? : \KiO OUT 1 . WOT TO \MUEN> OOfb YO EXPECT M COOU;K>'T [i y> SNY.— .., VJtU- ,00^-0 ( K>0 ' YO \<lNiOVO / V^iV\^V\ AV\ I VCMO \*b COO\_D gi.NEAScnviCE.mc. j. M. ncojJ. s. PAT^orr & ALLEY OOP A Skyride! By HAMLIN > erf *" GRAB ON,AS' « 6O BV VUH.' *to^7 •' .jws* .;< jKiMiii.*' ( WHOOPS A V o^v, GOTCHAf S/NV OOP. I'VE AVEN J / VOU RE TO DO TI-\\5 V VJH/NT WASH TUBES What a Job! ;-rm=w HOW ABOUT A BRIS><\ /^oiov? By CRANE » . - • I DIDKi'T COME HERE TO LOOK AT BEARS, YOI I , CAMBPORAfiOODriME. WHY SAM WILL DOW'T VOU THINK W SOMETHING -, TO DO THAT'S INTERESTING ? MO WO KJO' ', HAYC. -^:-'"•••>(:. I I HATE SWIMMJM6. ' HAT£ CANC6IM6. } HIKE THRU ^HE WOODS? \^ MAVBE WE'D SEE BEARS / AVESEEN HUMDREPS OR- 7 [OF BEARS. IF I WAMTED I TO SEE BEAFJS, "'P GO .. THE 7-00 KiHiiix*:,'',:-.; L^ ^^iivJ.-S;'-, i'-,'.' ; FAR AS HORATIO BOARDMAN \S COMCERMKD, THt CAMPIMG TRIP IS By BLOSSER The Last Resort FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BUT.WOH'T ^ SMokE RISES...IT |e ' r / /-we WATCR! MERE CLIMB orr- BANK INTO THE RIVER AVID GET REMIND A WE BREATHE S WON'T BE CLOSB ,N SMO^.JOST I^lll^l^ TUG SMOKES THESE DRV WEED'j AND DOM'T ASK I AMY QUESTIONS... JUST HURRY.' S3 ALREADY If CURRENT WOM'T IIII YOU..THEM PUT A WEED IN YOUf? MOU7H, AND BREATHE TVIROUQH J COMES THE FIRG, , JUMP!.' Big Time Stuff! THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) COi-<STABLE QUE.EK, THEY / \\t\.\\ \ r -,tl'V E/KCTLr /\ VIOLPUP, STABLt:, BVJT r\ PACKAGE. OF ot IE r---- ^~"l UUHPPtD FIVH-DOLLAR BILLS HAS \ DISM'PEAPEir.) \\\ "bOHt \-1YSTEWOU5 WA<-WF- CMl'T DOPF- IT \F THFSF- TH\LVF.S POBBiH'TUF. VLL. BE- READY FEP THEH - AMD, f& A < tE.VV THIS TOWH At It) A THAT THE POUGE FIND TVie TH\EF WHO STOLE! MY TJEAH i-IAOOG'S PICTUPC. NNAUTA "YOU OVEP AT- A A FOBBED 1 ,!

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