Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 15, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 1934
Page 3
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15,1984 HOPE SfAR, BOOB, ARKANSAS Dut of the lu'fiht that covers me, . 31ack o.i pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods that ljx>, For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance, } have not wined or cried nloud. Under the. bludgconings of chance. My licnd is bloody, hut unbowed. Beyond this place o( wrath and tears Loom.-; but the borrow of the shade, And yet the ineance of the years Kinds, and shall find trip unafraid. It matters not haw strait the gate, how charged with punishment the scroll, 1 nm the master of my fnle, 1 am the captain of my soul. Selected j Mrs. Jerry Bean of Plieonix, Arizpnn is the Ruest of her sister, Mrs. M. S. Kennedy. T. M. Anderson of Augusta. Ga., visited with relatives and friends in thr city on Tuesday. Honoring Mrs. J. G. McCoy of Little Hock, guest of Mrs. R. V. Herndon, Mrs. L. Vf. Young entertained at two tables of bridge on Tuesday afternoon :il her homo on South Hervey slreet. The high score favor went to Mrs. C. C. Lewis and the honorce was presented with a lovely gift. Following the game, the hostess served fruit punch asd sandwiches. A most interesting meeting of the Clara Lowthorp cliapter of the C of C as held on Tuesday afternoon at the Jjomc of Mrs. Lowthorp on South Elm street with a splendid number of members and interested visitors prcs- ent. In the absence of the president, Miss Frances Snyder, the meeting was opened by the vice-president, Miss Evelyn Briast, followed with the minutes of the last meeting by Miss Josephine Morris who also presented the program. During the business period Miss Claudia Whitworth was elected .secretary replacing Miss Josephine Morris who is leaving soon for school lit Hcndrix college. Miss Morris opened her program with a paper on Sherman's march to the sea, followed by Miss Daisy Dorathy Heard who gave a most interesting display asd history of Confederate money. Mrs. Lowthorp told of the history of the Confederate Seal. A very ebautiful poem was read by Miss Mary Delia Carrigan and the program closed with a vocal selection by Frank Lowthorp accompanied by Mrs. Tully Henry. Guests other than the members were Mrs. W. W. Duck- ott,, Mrs. Tully Henry, Mrs. Charles Haynes, Mrs. R, T. White, chapter .sponsor, Misses Mary Nell and Jane Carter and Mrs. Sid Henry. Misses Mary and Audrey McAdams entertained on Tuesday afternoon with a surprise birthday party for their sister. Miss Helen McAdums. The honoree received a number of lovely gifts itnd the game of Hearts was played tV It was a HOT election nice and cool at the— but it's ife:i : NOW The masterpiece production of 1934! Ct-nrge ARLISS "House of Rothschild" Faithfu I lo a man she hated . . . not daring to kiss a man who loved her . . . see what h a p p e n ed to charming— THUR. & FRI. 15c Matinee 2:30 Tluir. Burned as Fire Periled Dionne Quintiplets LOUISIANAJBANK IS (Conlirmed from Page One) himer, president of the bonk, was inside nsd also was covered by the ban- dil. Hughic Dobson, a customer, was also covered and ordered to throw up his sop's wife and child were in a car outside. Ho forcer Reidhimei 1 and Cloulicr to lie on the floor and made Dobson go to the door and call his wife i.sside. The woman entered with her child. Ho then forced all inside Ihe bauk to enter the vault. • The bandit took all of the money in the till and made Cloulicr hand him j a bag of money from the vault. The bandil then locked the vault ! door and lefl . What's Wrong With This Picture? (Copyright, 1934, NKA Service) •, Her hands and. left ankle swathed In bandages, Nurso Louise De Klriline is shown here recuperating from burns siif- ferecl In the Dloune quintuplets' home* near Callander, Ont. An. •alcohol container with which she was sterilizing the babies' nlpplea overturned, dashing flaming liquid on the nurse, anil inost o£ 'her clothing was burned before help cam a throughout the afternoon, with th prizes going to Misses Mary Augusta Urbas and Lorraine McCoy. Folloxving [he game, the birthday cake was cut and served with an ice course. Miss Lucille Wiggins has returned From a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Flonnie Wood in Dallas, Texas. Mrs. M. M.| McCloughan entertained at a most delightful picnic Tuesday ufternoos at Dykes Springs, as special compliment to her house guest, Miss Dorothy Joe Yocoin of Tcxarkana and Vliss Mary Calvert Franklin of Galla,in, Tenn. The hostess was assisted by Vtrs.. R. D. Franklin in serving a most tempting picnic lunch with ice cream to the following: Mary Haynes, Mary Wilson, Mary Cornelia Holloway, Patricia Williams, Mary Ann Lile, Florence Davis, Mary Calvert Franklin and Porothy Joe Yocom. ALLRED CAMPAIGNS (Continued from Page One) to the governor's office obligated to McDonald or Ferguson. If you elect Tom Hunter for governor, Jim Ferguson will still have his fingers in the pie." Big oil interests are supporting the Hunter's candidacy, Allred charged. He said Hunter "wanted to take all the ad valorem taxes off their property." Allred then said that he (Allrecl) had opposed oil companies, ''both in and out of the courts." "If he denies that ho accepted a contribution from a chain store, "I'll prove it under his own signature under oath," Allred said. He added thai "Huster has been trying to welch out of the letters he wrote favoring a sales tax, but I want him to try to wiggle out from under this contribution from a chain store." Ordinary corncobs, treated with as acid and put through a simple converting process, have been found to make effective electric insulators. Thank You I wish to thank my friends and support- ors for the loyal work in my behalf. I appreciate the large majority accorded me in the race for County Judge. H. M. Stephens Although peaches lack some of Iho valuable minerals found in apples, they have a definite place among the tonic fruits. Use them often in the i season, but cook the fruit that child- ion under five are to eat. They often find peaches difficult to digest and it seems wise not to tax them in the hot wcaher. A delicate tartness, brought out in cooking peaches makes they particularly satisfactory combined with rico and tapioca. A pudding of this sort does away with the need for potatoes in a mnal and is good to serve after a light main course. Bilked I'cncli Dumplings This is a good old-fashioned dessert that is very easy to make. One and a half cups flour, 3 teaspoons baking powder, 4 tablespoons shortening, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 3-4 cup sugar, 1 tablespoon flour, I teaspoon cinnamon, 1-4 teaspoon nutmeg, 1-H teaspoon salt, 4 peaches, milk. Mix and sift the first two ingrediesls with 1-2 teaspoon salt. Rub in shortening and cut in milk and make a soft dough. Roll on u frourer molding board into a sheet about 3-8 inches thick asd cut in four triangles. Peel peaches and cut in halves. Remove the stones and fill cavities \vith teaspoon <»f red raspberry preserves. Press the halves together again and place a peach on each triangle- of dough. Sprin klu with a mixture of sugar, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt. Moisten the edges of the dought with cold water, bring up over peach, making a triangle and press edges firmly together. Place in a well-butterer baking pan and pour over a syrup made ol one-half cup sugar, 1-4 cup boiling water and 1 tablespoon butter. Bake until peaches are tender. This will take about 40 minutces depending upon the si/.e and ripeness of the fruit. A hot oven, 425 degrees Fahrenheit, should be maintained throughout the baking. Serve warm with cream. I'cach Pie Six or eight peaches, 3 eggs, 1 cup sugar, 3-4 cups flour, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 4 tablespoons lard or other shortening, 1 tablespoon cold water. Mix and sift flour and salt. Rub in shortening with pastry blender. Then sprinkle over water and cut with a sharp ksife until dough forms a ball. Pat into a flad round cake on. a molding board and roll into a thin round sheet. Fit into a deep pie dish. Peel the peaches and cut into halves. Remove stones and put, into the pastry lined pie dish. Boat eggs until very light with sugar and pour over peaches. Bake IS minutes in a moderate oven ,'!7. r ) degrees F,. Cool and serve. 1 Leonard 245, Page 312, Humphrey 123, Parker 397, Parrish 32. Parke 241, Kitchen 79, McElhnnnon 70, Marsh 122, Atkins 41. Indepc=sdence county, 1 precinct out 'of 35—Futrell 41, Hall 21, Norwood 20, Bailey 42, Leonard 17, Pago 45, Hum, phrey 36, Parker 16, Pnrrish 10. I Craighead county, 5 precincts out of 33—Fulrel! 207, Reed 50. McDonald J 152, Hall 104. Norwood 149, Bailey'109. I Leonard 97, Page ICO, Humphrey 138, Parker 71, Pnrrish 38. Caline county, 6 precincts out of 28— Futrell 226, Reed 149, McDonald 243, Hall 133. Norwood 138, Bailey 244, Leonard 203, Page 177, Humphrey 190, Parker 135, Parrish 54. Izard cousty, 3 precincts out of 32— Futrell 129, Hall 112, Norwood 89, Bailey 174, Leonard 45, Page 227, Humphrey 159, Parker 89, Parfish' 11. Union county 1 precifict out of 33— Futrell 42, Reed 20. McDonald 36, Hall 24. Norwood 43, Bailey 18. Leonard 21, Page 37. Humphrey 45, Parker 8, Parrish f. Kitchen 13, McElhannon 13, Parks 10, Atkins 1. Pulaski county 2 preciscts out. of 58 —Futrell 232, Reed 96. Howard county 3 out of 30 precincts —Futrell 68, Reed 26. Norwood GO, Bailey 30. Leonard 19, Page 71. Humphrey 55, Parker 12, Parrish 3. LaFayette county 1 out of 24 precincts—Futrell 18, Reed 8. McDonald 9, Hall 17. Norwood 14, Bailey 12. Leonard 6, Page 20. Humphrey 18, Parker. 8 Parrish 0. Atkins 3, Kitchens 17, Majsh 0, McElhannon 1, .Parks 5. Jefferson county 1 out of 28 precincts—Futrell 18, Reed 3. McDonald G, Hall 15. Norwood 7, Bailey 14. Leonard 4, Page 17, Humphrey 7, Parker 13, Parrish 1, Congress 6th Dist. The setting's perfect, the bathing girls eye-filling and life- game fas- cinatiiiK, but what IS wrong with this picture, snapped at "Virginia Beach as three mermaids enjoy :i game of tit tat toe in. the. new seaside fashion? .Study (.lie picture! Oive up? Well, the miss at the left never can win by pulling her next cross where she's about to drop it. Plucif»S il insto!Ul, in either the lower left or right hand corner, she'd have the game on ice! ** GLORIFYING YOURSELF gg By Alicia Hart Egg A charm expert lo whom I talked the other day names three defects which she .-cays will completely obscure charm in time. They are, according to her, egotism, .selfishness and envy. Egotism manifests itself usually by monopolizing the conversation. It uses the personal pronoun first person overtime. Lots of people think if they just depreciate themselves enough, will avoid being charged with this fault. Bui it's not the braggers only thai are egotistical. Being humble constantly will keep you in the limelight, loo. If you know that you bring "I" into your talk at lot, why don't you try to delete it entirely for awhile? Occasionally gfl through a day without referring at all to this engrossing | topic. It'll probably raise your pop- j ularity quolienl. ! And then there selfishness. Di.:i': you know a lo tof otherwise charming people- who nuber seem to have thin; to make advances; who expect you to do all the writing or telephoning, i'or- gul your birthday, and brcka engagements? And are not charming! Envy is the most difficult lo overcome of all the sins against charm. TliL- inability to rojoice- in another's good fortune is a sad and twisted du. feet. At the root of it is apparently the belief thai another's good luck will lake- away from your own. 1 know a writer who can't bear lo pass a bookstore where somebody else's novel is gutting a big display. She's pretty successful herself but she doesn't want anybody else to be. And she's fast losing whal used to be greal charm. Arkansai Cleburne county, 5 precincts out ol 24—Fulrell 95, Reed 152. McDonald 125, Hall 117. Norwood 98, Bailey 15«, Leonard 56. Page 198. Humphrey 97, Parker HI, Parrish 45. White county 3 precincts out of 4G— Futrell 96, Reed G!). McDonald 106, Hall 57. Norwood 39, Bailey ll'J. Leonard 44, Page 125. Humphrey 59, Parker !)0, Parrish 13. Crawford county, 3 precincts out of 32—Futrcll 52, Reed 70. McDonald 73, Hall 52, Norwood 41, Bailey 82. Leonard 51, Page 73. Humphrey 64, Parker 51, Parrish 8. Dallas county 5 precincts out of 24 —Futrell 172, Reed 329. McDonald 301, Hall 192, Norwood 158. Bailey 341. Humphrey 23G, Parker 167, Parrish 87. Lee county 6 precincts out of 23— Futrell 132, Reed 53. McDonald 103, Hall 87, Norwood 99, BailSy 90. Leonard 45, Page 143. Humphrey 138, Parker 31, Parrish 29. Clay county, 4 precincts out of 2G— Futrell 108, Reed 107. McDonald 119, Hall 81. Norwood 87, Bailey 114. Leonard 59. Page 151, Humphrey 76, Parker, 85, Parrish 39. Polk county 15 precincts out of 27— Futrcll 719, Reed 1G5. McDonald 631, Hall 209, Norwood G32, Bailey 342, Leonard 288. Page 58G, Humphrey 591, Parker 195. Parrish 83. Washington county, 8 precincts out of 43—Futrcll 2GO, Reed 34. McDonald 196, Hall 90, Norwood 177, Bailey 10!), Leonard 95, Page 164, Humphrey 173, Humphrey 17;-!, Parker 56, Parrish 49. Phillips county, 4 precincts out of 26—Futrell 108. Rood 61. McDonald 138, Hall 35, Norwood 107, Bailey 67. Leonard 102. Page 90. Humphrey 6G, Parker 36, Parrish 70. Cleveland county. G precincts out of 16—Futrcll 237. Reed 105, McDonald 255, Hall 95, Norwood 168, Bailey 187, Leonard 84, Page 2G8, Humphrey 28S, Parker 42, Parri.vh 12. Hot Spring county 11 precincts out of 27—McCicllan 795, Glover 500. Fu trcll 781, Rfed 533. Bailey 827, Norwood 44.1 Leonard 777, Page 484, Humphrey 663, Parrish 578, Parker 176, Hall 749, McDonald 533. Faulkner county 4 precinct;; out of 30—Futrell 206, Reed 157. McDonald 296, Hall 148. Norwood 18V, Bailey 264. Leonard 214, Pa«<> 236. Humphrey 277, Parker 90, Parrish 84. Howard County, 5 precincts out of 30—Futrcll 26!)., Ueed 11(1, McDonald 224, Hall 153, Norwood 165,-Bailey 207, Leonard 177, Pane 195, Humphrey 195. Parker 104, Parrish 48. Craighead County, 3 out of 33 precincts—Futrell 103, Reed 56, Jefferson county, 3 put of 28 pre- cincts—Fulrell 111, Reed 46. McDonald 91, Hall 65, Norwood 59, Bailey 104. Leonard 74, Page 82, Humphrey 71 Parker 40, Farrish 50, Glover 63, McClellan 94. Polk county, 10 precinsts out of 27— Futrell 627, Rede 134, McDonald 555, Hall 162, Norwood 546, Bailey 303, Leonard 263, Page 482, Humphrey 517, Parker 166, Parrish 165. Desha county 2 precincts out of 15— Futrell 30, Reed 16, McDonald 30, Hall 17,'Norwood 22, Bailey 25, Leonard 21, Fage 26, Humphrey 27, Parker 13, Parjrish 7. I&ncoln county, 2 precincts out of W^F-Utrell 114, Reed 79, McDonald 129, Hall 71, Norwood 71, Bailey 122, Leonard 86, Page 111, Humphrey 58, Parker 94, Parrish 38. Miller county, 2 precincts out of 35 —Futrell 41, Reed 38, McDonald 40, Hall 36, Norwood 41, Bailey 38, Leonard 36, Page 43, Humphrey 54, Parker 9. Parrish 17. Arkansas county, 1 precinct out of 32—Futrell 26, Reed 0. Jefferson county, 5 precincts out of 23-Fulrell 138, Reed 58, McDonald 121. Hall 69, Norwood 76, Bailey 126, Leonard 96, Page 96, Humphrey 80, Parker 52, Parrish 63. Sevier county, 3 precincts—Futrell 65, Reed 46, McDonald 74, Hall 56, Norwood 52, Bailey 80, Leonard 35, Page 97, Humphrey 59, Parker 35, Parrish 35. Ouachita County, 14 precincts out of I 28—Futrell 388, Reed 169; McDonald 253, Hall 293; Norwood 201, Bailey 353; ' Pipe, Valves & Fittings Harry W. Shiyeip Plumbing—Eleclrical Appliances Phone 259 DRESS SALE Entire Stock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP Phone 252 Thanks To Voters milking you for your vote and support. To those of you who opposed me I have only the very kindest feeling as you had a perfect right and was your duly as a good citizen to support the candidate of your choice. Luther N. Garner kYou To my friends in every section of Hemp- slend County I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the overwhelming endorsement given me in Tuesday's primary. Also ] \\'h.;li to publicly extend my appreciation to my opponent, Mr. Kidgdill, for the clean, fair campaign which he conducted. I shall ever strive to fulfill my obligation to the citizens of I-iempstead County. Again I Thank You, Do we 11 COUNTY CLERK-ELECT • •' *Por the Plai'nfii - ' ,<f%'*'SR-. j.imfaag&Si.'ssA Juries ore awarding' high, verdicts ia cases of automobile personal .injury claims. i It la NOT expensive to iiaTe your automobile liability iusuraiica -written for an ADE- ^JDATE amount. Only a trifle more than is now paid for an nverngo policy will incresso your liability protee- tionby man; thousands of dollars. I ; COMPUTE INSURANCESERVKE Phone 8!O Hope, Arkansas Glover 4, McClellon 17. Washington county, 4 out of 43-pre- cincfs—Futrcll 94, Reed 10. McDonald 7C Hall 20. Norwood 74, Bailey 27. Leonard 39, Pake 63, Humphrey 58, Parker 15, Parrish 19, Polk county 5 out of 27 precincts— Futrcll 374 Reed 3G, Norwood 329, Bailey 126, Leonard 181, Page 267, Humphrey 313, Parker 104, Parrish 33, McDonald 342, Hall 8G. Sebastian county, 3 precincts out of 42— Futrell 132, Reed 161, McDonald 147, Hall 47, Norwood 100, Bailey 93, Leonard 53, Page 138, Humphrey 120, Parker 53, Parish 17, , ' Ouachita county, 2.8-FtUrel,i 33, ftee4 4 ~ Hall 55, Norwood 34, Bai ard. 28. Page 53, Humphrey 10, Pafk- er 63, Parrish 9. Guaranteed. TypeWf K*f Repair Set-vice O. W. MILL? 218 So. Walnut , ' To My Friends,... I wish to express my sincere appreciation fpr the splendid vote given me in Tuesday's primary and thank you for your support in the runoff of August 28. ; ', . • Mrs. Isabella (Fred) Onsteact Candidate For Tax Assessor NOTICE The Pines Swimming Pool Is temporarily closed for draining. WATCH FOR RE-OPENING ANNOUNCEMENT Formerly Colliers Lake ,the 16 til ONLY URSDAY AND SAVE THE LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE ROBISON & CO.

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