The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on October 2, 1926 · Page 5
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 5

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 2, 1926
Page 5
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THE IXDIAXAPOLIS STAR, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1920. NEWS WITH AN APPEAL TO FEMININE READERS REPORTS SELECTION r r- c tt i Tr r- r r- r WOMEN'S ARMY PROGRESSES WELL FOR FUND DRIVE Housewife's Idea Box. Dorothy Dix's Letter Box. TO CIlB POSITION Mrs. White Discloses Appointment of Mrs. Pit-tenger by Board. Mrs. Edward Franklin 'White, first vice president of th General Federation of Women's Clubs, returned from "Washington. D. C, yesterday, after attending a meeting of the board of directors of the national federation. She announced the appointment of Mrs. O. M. Plttenger, director for Indiana in the general federation, as chairman of the federation pin committee. Mrs. Felix T. McWhirter, chairman of the extension committee, attended the meeting at Washington and presented her plan of work to the board. Mrs. Hamet D. Hinkle of Vincennes was appointed to the national committee on club institutes, of which Mrs. C. S. Sullivan of Ohio is chairman, after Mrs. Sullivan asked for the appointment of Mrs. Hinkle. Miss Vida. Newsom of Columbus, another member of a national committee, was added to the gardens committee. The general federation is making arrangements for the entertainment of Queen Marie of Roumania upon her arrival in Washington. This will be done at the request of the Roumanian embassy in Washington as the Queen is eager to become acquainted with clubwomen of America. 81'RVEY COMPI.ETKl). It was reported at the board meeting that the home equipment survey ' had been completed and its findings . would soon be published. Flans for continuation of survey work are under way and the National Klectric Ught Association and other utilities who have already given $30,000, will give $50,000 more. Mrs. White reported that the budget of the general federation for the coming biennial period has been placed at $118,468. , Other appointments made were Mrs. Duncan S. Johnson, Baltimore, chairman of legislation, with Mrs. Gilbert F. Davis of Vermont, honorary chairman, and Mrs. Kate T. Abrahams of Washington, Mrs. Palmer Jerman of North Carolina, and Mrs. Harvey L, Coit of Montana, as vice chairmen; Mrs. N. M. Robblns, chairman of juniors, with Miss Florence Diebert of Food Jars for Tour Ire Box. Keen all glass Jars, especially those with screw tops. These are splendid for foods, left overs or otherwise. They take up less room than pots or dishes for keeping the food In your ice box. THE HOUSEWIFE. ' (Copyright.) Philadelphia, and Mrs. Robert Ralston, advisers, and Mrs. George West of California, ' Mrs. Charles McDuffy of New Hampshire, Mrs. Henry S. Barker of Pennsylvania, Mrs. T.N.T. Pierre of Ohio. Mrs. N. K. Northam of Illinois, and Mrs. Ij. H. Jennings of South Carolina, regional committee members. 8E17KCTS MEMBERS. Mrs. L,. V. Hubbard of New Jersey, chairman of resolutions, will have as members pf her committee Mrs, Duncan R. .Johnson,. Mrs. Edward Franklin White and Mrs. James E. Hayes of Georgia. Mrs. Guldo H. Stempel of Blooming-ton has added to her credentials committee Mrs. Ben W. Wells of Grand Rapids, Mich., and there will be added a member from San Antonio, Tex., where the biennial convention will be held in 1928. The biennial council meeting will be held at Grand Rapids, Mich., the week of May 30, 1B27. Mrs. W. F. Blackman of Florida, chairman of the department of edura-tion, proposed a plan of reorganizing the department involving the grouping of divisions. Mrs. W. W. Milar of Ohio, who was appointed chairman of the department of conservation, was unable to accept and Mrs. E. R. Latham of Michigan has been appointed. BRIDE U finds short vcut to success in s food Hope Henderson became a housekeeper the day that she became a bride. To do the job, quickly and well, she had to use modern, highly nutritious foods, chief among which was a quick-cooking macaroni. Hope tried out several kinds and veri fied this highly important fact: All macaroni save one only is made with water. This one exception is the New Milk Macaroni, a vitalized food containing important proteins, minerals and vitamins such as are found also in 9ggs, meats, nuts and whole wheat. Ordinary macaroni, good as it is, lacks these vital elements. Only the New Milk Macaroni has them. , , Thousands of women have found relief from drudgery by the regular and frequent use of this quick-cooking New Milk Macaroni. Richness and delicacy of flavor in a food of highest nutritional value, and it cooks in five to eight minutes. Look for the Quaker on the yellow wrapper. The Quaker. Qafs mpany "V I W "V 4 XV A T Hiii italized THE MIBERAM.r. WIFE WHOSK KINO. GF.NEROC HIIBASI) WON'T MAKE I.OVr TO HER THE I.OVE-STARV El WIFE WHO STEALS AFFECTION FROM HER HCBAM)'I FRIEND IS THE OIRI, WHO nOKSK'T THRII.I, REAI.I.Y IS I.OTET EAR MISS DIX I m married to one of the best m.en in the world. TTe is kind and generous, and I am sure that he Is fle-roted to me and appreciates all that I do for him, for I am a good wife and a good TEi1 housekeeper. But, Miss Dix. my heart breaks because he never pets we were marrie J nobody could have been more affectionate and demonstrative that he was to me. I spend days and night on my knees praying God to bring about a change In him so that he will show me again that he loves me, but my prayers are never answered. He Just goes along the same old way. Good to me. but never saying to me the things that I would give my life to hear. And I think it will kill me. MRS. C. J. B. Answer: My dear Mrs. C. 3. B., when I get letters like yours and hundreds of other women write me Tirtnally the same thing I wonder which are the moat stupid and blunderlng'la their relation to earh other, husbands or wires. I wonder that men, as a class, never seem to realise that women put more stress oa words than they do on deeds. The average wife will believe her husband lores her if he tells her so and pays her a few compliments, even If . he beats and starves her, and she will doubt his affection If he Is dnmh about It, although ho works his Angers to the bone to prove his devotion. And I wonder why a man who will do everything else on earth tomake a woman happy, who will toll for her and sacrifice for her and go hungry and cold for her. won't make love to her, although he Is bound to know that the one thing on earth that would make her perfectly blissful Is Just to have him make a fuss oer her and tell her that she is the most wonderful creature on earth and that she gets more beautiful every day and that he loves her better all the time. I wonder that men don't realise thst marriage doesn't cure a woman of her craving for admiration or for affection or for soft talk. Rather it Intensifies it, and the htufbend-who refuses toflll this need of his wife's soul starves her Just as much as If he failed to provide her with food for her body. Most of all I wonder that men do not realise that a few kind words to their wives will make them eat out of their hands, and that the easiest way to -work a woman is Just by soft-soaping her. And then I wonder shout women. I marvel at their genius for making themselves miserable about nothing. I am filled with amase-ment at the trouble they take to And the crumpled rose leaf under their forty mattresses of ease. Certainly the woman who haa a husband who is good and kind and generous to her and whose affection for her Is daily proved In a thousand different ways, has mighty little to complain of. She Is going a. loaf distance out of her way to hunt for trouble when she can make herself wretched over the fact that he isn't a glib lovemaker, and Isn't always telling her that her eyes are like stars and her mouth a rosebud. And I marvel at the lark of common sense that prevents a woman from ever understanding her husband and seeing the plain, practical business man no more considers It necessary to tell his wife every day how much he loves her than he does to go about announcing to all he meets that he Is an honest man or that he always pays his debts. Chairman Reports Campaign Organization Best on Record. .Organization of the women's army ftr the 1B27 Community Fund campaign is "coming along 100 per cent efficient," Mrs. Russell Fortune, general chairman, reported at a meeting of the women's executive committee yesterday at the Propylaeum. Reports were made by the four division chairmen. "Never before has the women's army been so well started this far In advance of the campaign," Mrs. Fortune paid. Mirs Ijeona Kopplnno, south division chairman, reported that all her district chairmen had been selected. DI8C18S RALLY PLANS. , Plans were discussed for the opening rally to be held about the middle of October for all women workers in the campaign. Last year more than three hundred women attended the rally and this year an even larger attendance Is expected. It was decided to divide the north division, under Mrs. It. Harry Miller and Mrs. Nathan P. Graham, Into twelve districts Instead of the usual seven. This will mean more subchalrmen, captains and workers. Other members of the women's executive committee are Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Charles K. Rush, Mrs. James H. Dunne., Miss, I.eona Kopplnno, Mrs. Wolf Sussman, Mrs. John II. Phillips, Mrs. Thomas R. Kackley, Mrs. William H. Coleman, Mrs. Irwin Hertermann, Mrs. P. C. Reilly and Mrs. Walter S. Greenough. All Interests of the Home rty Agnes M'Cnlloch Raana. He thinks that his devotion, his care, his work, speak for themselves and that words are superfluous beside them. He says it with beefsteaks and new hats and limousines. And she goes around, poor foolish soul, beating on her breast and walling out her misery to high heaven because he has quit quoting poetry to her. Bo, two people who love each other make each other miserable over a few words one wants said and the other won't say. Can you beat It? DOROTHY DIX. DEAR MISS DIX I have been married for eleven and a half years, am 28 years old and have two little boys whom I love very dearly. My husband brings his pay envelope home to me and tells me that he loves me, but he fever shows me any affection or takes me to any place of amusement I am love-starved at home. There Is a man, a friend of my husband's, who hsa been In love with me for ten years and I with him. Ha Is married, too, but he is as hungry for affection as I am. We jneet occasionally and he kisses me and caresses me and says to me the tender things that every woman loves to hear, and we are passionately happy when we are together. Now, do you consider It wrong for us to love each other and Is there any harm in our little stolen interviews, our' little auto trips and dinners? Can we go on being just lovers? Please tell us what to do, as we have decided to go by your decision. i BROWN EYES. MENU FOR SATt RDAT. BREAKFAST. Grape Poached Kggs on Toast Coffee LUNCHEON OR SUFFER. Assorted Sandwiches Fruit Lemonade or Hot Tea DINNER Roast Beef to lie Sliced Cold on Sunday Concordia Potatoes Baked Summer - Squash Chocolate Loaf Cake Bllced Peaches Answer: You know very well. Brown Eyes, that what yon are doing Is very wrong and that no good can possibly come of It. You are being disloyal to your husITand and breaking your wedding vows In spirit, if not in fart. Even if your husband Isn't afTertlonate and you are hungry for love, It doesn't give yon the right to steal It, And think of your children. You want to train them up Into being fine, honorable men who will go straight. How can you do that If you are crooked yourself? How can you teach them to keep their ldeala unamlrched If you have lowered yours and trailed them In the dust? Every boy has a right to think of his mother as the embodiment of all that Is pure and exalted in womanhood, hat he can't do that If his mother has been carrying on Intrigues with a married man and meeting him on the sly. You don't want your boys to he ashamed of you, to have to hliinh when your name is mentioned, as they will if you continue on your present course, because no woman can escape being gossiped about who has a lover. And what happiness do you expect to get out of this affair? Do vou and this man think that any peace and happiness will come of a love that' Is built on treachery; that goes In trembling fear of being found out and that Is bound to result in the end in the breaking up of two homes and the orphaning of two sets of children? My advice to yon both I to tarn back while there Is still time and put this guilty love out of yourhearts. DOROTHY DIX. DEAR MISS DIX I am engaged to a young man who is a verv fine chnp We get along well together, like the same things and are real pals. But the girls that I work with are always raving over their men friends, and as I have no Inclination to grow hysterical over mine I wonder if I love him as much as I ought to, to marry him. For I can not gush over him nor get thrills every time he looks at me. I even see his faults. Do you think I am in love or not? - TCZZLED. Answer: You must, of course, be the Judge of the state of your affections I can not possibly diagnose your case from these few symptoms, but because vou do not have hot and cold flushes and tremble at the sound of a footstep Is no indication that you are not In love with the young man. It only shows that you are not overly emotional. Don't he discouraged by your Inability to thrill. The thrillers are the quickest to get over their love affairs. Nor Is it any sign that you don't love the young man because you see his little weaknesses. The supreme test of love Is when you can say: "With all thy faults, I love thee still." DOROTHY DIX. (Copyright, 3926, by Public ledger.) Making the Most of Your Looks. BY DOROTHY 8TOTE. dlOCOLATE LOAF. Another favorite la also a loaf cake one of the easiest kinds to prepare and to cut. The Ingredients are: One cupful of sugar, two eggs, four tablespoonfuls of cocoa, one-half cupful of lard, one-half teaspoonful of baking powder, one and. one-half cup- fuls of sour milk, three cupfuls of flour and one teaspoonful of soda. The lard and sucar are creamed together, then the eggs and cocoa are added, and the mixture is beaten until smooth. The sour milk and soda are stirred in next, and the dry ingredients, sifted together, are added. An Jcing of flaked citron and halved maraschino cherries make this an ex tremely decorative cake, as well as one which satisfies. An ice-box pudding may be made by very young cooks, and Is much more Interesting than some of the things usually allotted to them. But It Means "SEE OUR SHIRTS" Indianapolis HI EN should SEE OUR SHIRTS because the SHIRTS are distinctive and NEW. Just as women's "AUTHENTIC STYLES ARE FOUND AT AYRES' FIRST" So are Men's Styles in Shirts and Finest 1 1 A I E R I) A S HER Y. DROP IN Today and SEE OUR SHIRTS. And when you SEE them, NOTE: ' 1. Their Newest STRIPES and COLORS. 2. Their MADRAS Shirtings of Finest Grade. .'I. Their Snappy COLLARS that FIT. 4. Their Well-Made ROOMINESS and Length of SLEEVE. To suit Exacting TASTES in a $2.50 to $5 RANGE. SO S O S TODAY. MEN'S STORE MAIN FLOOR BITTERStOTCH BISCCITS. Two cups flour, two leve,l teaspoons baking powder, one-quarter level teaspoon salt, two tablespoons shortening, seven-eighths cup milk, one-third cup butter, three-fourths cup brown sugar. Sift the flour, baking powder and salt. Rub In shortening with a knife, add milk. Cream butter' and brown sugar. Roll dough thin and spread with the creamed mixture. Roll up like a Jelly roll. Cut off pieces one Inch thick, put In greased muffin pans cut side up, and fifteen minutes at 400 degrees F. This mukes sixteen biscuits. , CHOCOLATE ICE BOX BCDDINO. One and one-half dozen lady fingers or equal amount of sponge cake, one cup butter, one cup confectioners' sugar, two squares chocolate (2 oz.), one teaspoon vanilla, one cup granulated sugar, one-fourth cup water, four eggs, one-half pint heavy cream, whipped. Line bottom and sides of round baking dish with lady fingers, separated, rounded side toward pan, and close together. Chocolate Filling Place chocolate, granulated sugar and water In double boiler and when melted and smooth add yolks, well beaten. Cook until thick and smooth, stirring constantly. Remove from the stove and cool. Cream the butter and confectioners' sugar together. Add the egg mixture and vanilla. Stir well and Isstly fold In the stiffly beaten whites. Place filling In round pan on lady fingers and cover with rest of the lady fingers. Place in Ice box to harden. When done remove to a platter, coyer with whipped- cream and decorate with candled cherries and nuts. ' m : MM Dear Ann, I Ilk this little frorft on the left, don't you? It is plain and simple and an especially good model for the tall girl because of the plaid vest and plaid skirt, both of which help to reduce her height is no similar style In a plain material could ever do. Youn for the right thing, LETITIA. (Copyright) h HOUSEHOLD fffcv KINKS SONNYSAYINGS BY FANNY Y. CORY. Mower say It's my soft palllrk, but It look a lot more like a nnngle-worm to me. (Copyright.) NEW NANCY HART SHOP OPENS TODAY Announcement of the official opening of a third retail candy shop was made yesterday by C. R. Coombs, owner of the Nancy Hart candy shops. 'The new shop will be at 25 East Market street. It will open for business at 11! o'clock noon today. Mr, Coombs also stated a fourth shop would be opened at noon Saturday, Oct. 9, In the new Chamber of Commerce building. Nancy Hart candles have been made here since May, 19fi. During that time Mr. Coombs has operated one downtown shop at West Market street and the Circle. The studio is located at Ifl-lS West Twenty-second street. Increased patronage has necessitated the opening of the third and fourth shops, it was said. ' The Nancy Hart line has been extended since it was first made until Round Trip to Detroit Round Trip to Toledo Saturday, October 2 Lv. Indianapolis (P.R.R.) 10:15 p.m. (Ccnt.Time) Ar. Detroit (Wab.) . . 7:15 a.m. (CentTime) Ar. Toledo (Wab.) . . 7:15 a.m. (CentTime) At Detroit you arrive at the Fort Street Station in the heart of the Downtown District. Returning leave Detroit 1 0:30 p. m. and Toledo 11:05 p.m. (Central Time) Sunday, October 3rd, arriving Indian apolis 7:10 a. m., Monday, October 4th. Coach Service Only. For tickets apply City Ticket Office, Pennsylvania R.R.. 116 Monument Pisco, Tel. Main 1174 or J. C. MllUpsush, Dlv. Ps.f'r Agent, 610 Kahn Bldg., Tel. Main 3360 Pennsylvania Railroad and Wabash Railway EXCURSION SUNDAY, OCT. 3 It o unci Trip fare to CINCINNATI $2.75 Train leaves 1 a. m. Keturn, leTe ( Inrlnnotl 7 p. m. ( p. m. . Clnrlnnntl time). One faro round trip to all stations on C, IJ& W. Saturday and Sunday. Ileturning to and including following Monday. Information and tlrkets at City Ticket Office, lit Monument Place. M A In 6404. Union Station 4,.!7. now It Is carried in about 100 drug stores in Indiana and Ohio, Mr. Coombs said. Little Lady The Star will par tl for ctstt racrrs'lon printed which will leases tho labor or Increas tbs pleators tt horns Ufa. It may tncloda homemade devices, cleaning- methods, cooking or canning Ideas, painting, repairs, rqnlpmeat or decorations. Material submitted must bo orl( InaL Tell In 100 words bow Too did It. Trado names of articles most not bo ated. Writ only oa on slds o( paper. No manuscripts returned, address HOME LIFE KUITOR, lbs Indianapolis Star. Hundreds of letters are being recelred each week and all ran not bo published, but ton may bo tbo lucky ens any day. RKXKWIXO TORCH 1 TltXITlRE. Every spring I sandpaper my porch furniture, and follow by scouring with hot suds and a brush. A few days later I apply a coat of paiDt, uitlng black as my foundation, and any color desired as a trimming. I Rcrub my grass porch rug In warm suds and after drying I go over tho border with the paint used as a trimming. A week before I use it I go over the surface of every piece with a coat of transparent varnish. I find thla the only way In which to retain the look of newness. MRS. ELNORA BUNCH. 2243 Columbia avenue, Indianapolis. a$$ rfF amy AI..JU has been ' ServincJYou Faithfully xorivianyiears WEEK-END EXCURSION One Fare Round Trip Petween all fnlon Traction points, Saturday a'ternixm and Sunday; $1 minimum. " BREAKFAST " in Baker's Breakfast Cocoa Means Something. The United States Food Standards define " Breakfast " coco as cocoa containing not less than 22 per cent of rm-nx hiitter. Manv cheao cocoas (which cannot be labelled " Breakfast " Cocoa) contain not more than 14 per cent or 1 1 per cent of butter. Baker's Breakfast Cocoa contains not less than 26 per cent of cocoa butter, almost one-fifth more than Government require mem. The phrase Baker's Breakfast Cocoa means a pure, delicious cocoa of high quality and possessing a considerable amount of nourishment. WALTER BAKER 8C CO. Ltd. Established 1780 DORCHESTER, MASS. Canadian Mills at Montreal Indianapolis-Chicago Parlor Motor Coach Trips Dally 8:30 A. M. Leave from new bus station Cor. North Capitol Ave. and Market Bt., Arrive Chicago 5 P. M., State and Madison Streets. ' FARES Chicago, One Way, Jfl.SO ChlcaRo. Round Trip, $12.00 Danville, One Way, $2.78 Danville, Round Trip, $5.30 Interstate Carriers Only For Reservations, Call MAln 254 Depot Motor Bus T.lneg. There Is Just one big- difference today between a new esr and a used car THT3 PRICE Sea the Classified Ada. YuiLcgnrEEL the djjferenca

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