The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 5, 1935 · Page 25
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 25

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 5, 1935
Page 25
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nn SOCIETY, FEDERATION OF CLUBS' NEWS PART THREE. MISS GLADYS ROLFE McDOXALD'S engagement to Guy Norman Loofbourrow of Westmoreland, Kas., lias been announced. The wedding will take place June 9 in St. Matthew's Episcopal Church. THE GIRL ABOUT TOWN rPRING GARDENS. Jat Many an Englishman who has been warbling, "Oh' KjQj to be in England, now that April's there," might easily change his tune to "How pleasant to be in America, now that May is here." In Indianapolis there is a generous supply of spring glorification, and the Mothers' Association of Park School will sponsor a garden tour next Saturday and Sunday, offering Indianapolis persons the opportunity of seeing some of the city's most delightful gardens. At the end of West Forty-second street, just beyond the city limits, three lovely homes stand next to each other, all with delightful gardens and walks. They belong to Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B. Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. Perry O'Neal and Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Holliday. In the American Georgian garden of the Griffith home, which is surrounded with red brick pavements, lovely tulips of all shades are In bloom. A sight which would charm any one is the ancient white oak which overlooks the garden on one side and on the other, from Its station on a high bluff, guards a glorious view of the canal and river. This is probably one of the finest views of the river and canal, which run side by side, which can be seen from any territory of this surrounding countryside. The O'Neal and Holliday homes stand with a spacious lawn between them. This site is called Shooters' Hill and also faces a splendid view of the river and canal. The O'Neal gardens are abundant with spring flowers and the iris garden, which Mrs. O'Neal has named the "Iris Bower," is delightfully informal and its coloring beyond description. A rose garden, which stands next to the home and of course won't be in bloom until June, offers a vision of beauty to anyxone with the slightest imagination. Around the corner from the rose garden is a newly laid out walled garden about three feet below the lawn surface. In it are blossoming a most enchanting abundance of all different colored pansies, tulips, hyacinths and lilacs,.. which are just beginning to come into their own. Another flower garden which will boast many peonies around Decoration day gives rather an amphitheater effect to the wood which lies beyond. . ' ' The most rustic of the three grounds, which gives one the impression of taking a hike in the wood, is the Holliday estate, where there are many winding paths leading up and down hill among all sorts of divine wild flowers, including violets, dogwood, redbud and myrtle. These little paths appear to run on forever and lead to a private path along the canal if one cares to wander that far. In one spot there is a miniature lake where there is a small flat-bot-itomed boat, where Mrs. Holliday's grandchildren often can be found. After ambling through this hilly territory we found a vegetable garden and picking garden and nearby a bird sanctuary where it is fun to sit for hours and watch the happy hunting ground of the birds who flock there, assured that ,they will find food and safe nesting places. Not far away is a teahouse, which is equipped with a grill and where the family often invites guests for steak roasts. And the always-popular lily-of-the-valley garden near the home will be in bloom by the time of the tours. 4 )0LD SPRING ROAD HOMES. Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Holcomb and Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Bommers have beautiful estates off the Cold Spring road which will offer a superb climax for those who are planning to go on the tour. "Woodvale, the name of the Holcomb grounds, is filled with all types of quaint Japanese gardens where even a Japanese pagoda may be found, several stone idols and Japanese arches. In front of the home, facing a large valley which overlooks Kessler boulevard, is a rock garden built on a series of plateaus, each with a tiny pool where floodlights play in the evening on the water. A swimming pool also is nearer the house. The Sommers home also has a Japanese appearance In its architecture and a series of four pools along different elevations built among rock gardens which, are abundantly ladened with rock plants and tulip beds culminate into a formal garden facing the recreation pavilion, tennis court and swimming pool. The tennis courts are made of en-tout-cas clay which was Imported from England. Pausing for a moment inside the pavilion, we admired the beautiful cut glass and marble decorations in the pool's dressing rooms, which are perfect in every detail. Probably the most glorious view of the pavilion is from the driveway across from a large artificial lake (which is just below a rock wall which surrounds three sides of the pool, but does not hide the pavilion) where black and white swans glide slowly by. Deeper into the interior of the grounds is a tiny winding stream, where there are occasional stone bridges, practically hidden by the graceful willows, and at one end is a miniature golf course. There is a large tulip garden where tulips of every color are in bloom now. ' NGLISH TOUCH. A garden window-in-the-wall looks through into the delightful English garden at the home of Dr. and Mrs, H. A. Clowes, where at this time the predominating color scheme is pink and light blue, due to the blossoming of luscious pink tulips and perky forget-me-nots. A red brick wall which surrounds the garden adds to the English effect. Boxwoods and a hedge of clipped jew add to the cozineBg of their garden, which would be harder to find in a vaster Turn To Page HE VOL. 32. NO. 334. 36, Column 4. 8 ! M ' II ' ' I ' . - J '"N ''; . k&te Indiana? r r - - . m mm. w r r l wwhiihiiii.i.iiii.ihii.hh iipiiniin I r YJt v. w viJrri: ill I MRS. EARL before her marriage last month the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. avenue. (Rretzman.) 'IP. .:,g ); j ( If : h,;'- i' : ' Vvv. . : '' ' ' ' ' ' ) ' i - ' x i Mm - ' ' I MISS BARBARA FOLTZ daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Foltz, whose enRagement to Herbert lftibsamen of New York has been announced, (Hill.) National Officers Delta Zeta Guests 200 Attend State Luncheon of Sorority Dance Held at Night. National officers of Delta Zeta were honor guests at the nineteenth annua!, state luncheon and dance of the sorority yesterday in the Indianapolis Athletic Club. The speakers' table, which was laid for eighteen, was arranged with two three-branch candelabra at each end and two seven-branch cande labra in the center. Three large bouquets of pink and yellow snapdragons, blue lace flowers and candytuft were used between the candles. The honor guests' places were marked with corsages In pastel colors. Seated at the table were Mrs. John W. Pease of Cincinnati, 0., national president; Miss Irene Bough-ton, also ; of Cincinnati, national executive secretary; Mrs. Hubert M. Lundy of Bloomlngton, national historian; Miss Adele Renard, province director;. Miss Edna Kid well of Turn To Page 57, Column 1. olis SUNDAY MOKMXG, MAY 5, 103.5. ir :!f ( k ' 'Wb l? GR1MSLEY was Miss Doris Hair. She Is Karl It. Hair, 4121 Central COUNTRY SEASON IN A gay throng ushered in the season's Boclal affairs at the Indianapolis Country Club last night when more than two hundred and fifty guests and their members dined and danced. Lovely spring flowers were arranged profusely throughout the clubhouse. Dinner tables were centered with flowers in vases novelly designed as candleholdcrs. Recently-redecorated rooms of the clubhouse were opened to the members and their guests. The dance inaugurated the summer schedule of the club, which will include dancing every second Saturday night throughout the Heason. Return From Prhy to Dance, Many members arrived for dinner and others came In later from the Kentucky Derby for dancing. Mr, and Mr. E. M. Chamberlin brought their week-end guests, M. and Mrs. Richard Coffin of Detroit, Mich., to the club for dancing and supper after they arrived from Louisville, Ky. One large Dutch treat party Included Mrs. William C. Sparks, entertainment chairman of the club; Mr, Sparks, Mr, and Mrs, Henry T. Sunday I ' S .-1"." r""" K X v. i MRS. DAX1KL W.- liAYMAX JR. was Miss Hetty Hums before her iimnliine April 27, Mr. and Mis. Layman have gone to Pasadena, Oil., to live, (Ashbv.) MISS ELIZABETH VIXCEXT EVANS'S engagement to William F, Kugel Jr. has b?en hnikiuikimI. The wedding will take place next month. Miss Evans is the daughter of the Rev. and Mrs, Ernest X. Evans. CLUB OPENS GAY MOOD Davis, Mr. and Mrs, Dudley R. Gallahue, Mr. and Mrs, William 0. Davis and Mr. and Mrs. William H. Wells, With Mr, and Mra. Robert Fleischer were Mr, and Mrs, Herbert C. Plel, I. C. Dellaven, Mrs, J. C, Patton and Major Downing, Mrs. DeHavcn, who attended the Derby, will remain In Louisville for a few days. Mr. and Mra. L. W, Horning, Miss Frances Kotteman and her fiance, John Heldt, attended together. With Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Jim Roberts were Mr, and Mrs, John Roberts Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Morris Lanville Brown, Miss Frances Lemaux - and Alex Stewart. : Another party at the open-lng Included Oscar Kaelin Jr., Miss Margaret Moore of Chicago. Mr, and Mrs. George ZieRler, William Coleman Atkins, Miss Clarisse Clune, Russell Langsenkamp, Miss Marguerite Dlener, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Turn To Page 36, Column 7, THICK .At. i ft i Miss Helen L Titus Is Honored at Tea Mother Entertains for Bride - Elect With Trousseau Party. Mrs. Clyde E, Titus entertained guests with , a trousseau tea yesterday afternoon at her homo, 736 Middle drive, Woodruff Place, In honor of her daughter Helen Louise, whose marriage to Nicholas J, Demerath of New York will take place Friday night in the First Biirtist Church. ' Miss Titus received her guests In a gown of dark blue net trimmed in white moire. Mrs. Titus wore a Kown of yellow and dark blue chiffon. Mr. Demerath will arrive from New York Wednesday and Mr. and Mrs. Titus will entertain with the bridal dinner Thursday night In the Indianapolis Athletic Club. Spring flowers In yellow arranged with greenery carrying out the bridal ertlors wero used with yellow tapers In decorating, Assisting , the hostess wore Mrs. Turn To Page 3Ct Column 2. .V" Star TEX CENTS. j nM 1 VW t " - if V ; ; jut i MRS. JAMKS OliKAR is chairman of heiu-flt hrhlgo jiarly the Alpha Omicron Alpha Sororlly will givo Friday afternoon in the Woman's Department Club. (Voorhls.) "Jfi At Y t ' ' ' I Vtf- m. if w . ' . 'V:' f" V .. '. MRS. W. DOW I1ARVKY of Kokoino, chaiinian of a depart mcnt of work In the Indiana League of Womeir Voters, will have a part in the program of the state council iiirctinu May HI and 17 at Turkey Run state park. (BreUmmi.) SOCIETY WILL FLOCK TO EQUESTRIAN SHOW One event drawing the interest of society this week-end, In which horses figure, but whether it rains or shines matters not one iota, is the United States Olympic equestrian trials this afternoon in the Coliseum at the Indiana state fairgrounds. Under cover of the huge building, 1 Indianapolis fashion setters, who planned to bowl over the Southern belles at .the Kentucky Derby yesterday, . may don their spectator sports wear this afternoon Without hurdling mental hazards, although the weather man still may be contrary and inject a tinge of crispness to offset physical comfort in spring modes ! Out-of-town folk will be numerous in the crowd of socialites and horse lovers which will view the feats of the expert horsemanship, and many parties have been planned for them following the trials. Ferrels to Knlertain. With Mr, and Mrs. Paul 0. Fcrrel in .their box will be their guests, Mrs. Hal Fletcher of New York, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lyon of Chi cago and Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Kelly of Harrisburg, Pa., who also were with them at the Derby yes terday, Occupying a box with Governor and Mrs. Paul V. McNutt will be their guests, Mr, and Mrs. Kemper Williams of New Orleans, La,, and Frank Belgrano, national commander of the American Legion, and Mrs. Belgrano. " Commander Ola Fred Healer, pres ident of the Indiana Saddle Horse Association, which made it possible for Indianapolis to see the trials, and Mrs. Hesler will occupy a box with Mr, and Mrs. Yale Rice and Mr, and Mrs. Perry Meek. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Fortune will havt with them in their box their NEWS OF INTEREST TO WOMEN READERS PART THREE. I " ' . . - ' ,:, III. ""UK ' . ..I. son, Russell Fortune Jr. ; his fiancee, Miss Martha Murray of Baltimore; Mrs. Fortune's brother, Ralph A. Lemcke, and Mrs. Lemcke. , Following the trials Mr. and Mrs, August C. Bohlen will entertain ln formally with a buffet supper at their home for the officers in charge of the tour, Col. C, L. Scott and .j.u.. i ... inn, biiu ic;aiii members, Including W. B. Bradford, Capt. H. E. Tuttle, Lieut. Earl F. Thompson and Lieut. A. B. Williams. Dinner for Team Members. - Capt. I. L. Kitts and Capt. N. N. McMahan of the Olympic team, the week-end guests of Capt. and Mrs. L. V. Harris of Fort Benjamin Harrison, will be dinner guests of Capt. and Mrs. Harris at the Indianapolis Athletic Club following the trials. With the Bohlens in their box will be Mrs. Kenneth Edwards of Win-netka, 111.,, who Is visiting her mother, Mrs. Oscar D. Bohlen; Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Rhoades and Robert Bohlen. The Hcslar party will join the Bohlens' buffet supper party. Z Mr, and Mrs. Thomas Kaufman will have In their box their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hibberd and Miss Melissa Hibberd of Richmond and Miss Lucy Aufderheide Kaufman. " Mr. "and Mrs. Harris Thiebaud of Springfield, O., will be In the box of Mrs. Thiebaud's sister, Mrs. William Henry Coburn, with Mr. Coburn and Daniel Coburn. The Coburns will en tertaln at supper afterward. Turn To Page 36, Column h

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