The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1940
Page 6
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"PAGE-SIX Expected To Intervene For : , Rookie In Dispute With Dodgers ' CLEARWATER, PI.,,. March 28. IUP)—Bnsebal) men here today , believed Dial the Brooklyn Dodgers would be forced lo alier holdout rookie Lindsay Deal n contract with salary terms sol by Judge K. M. Landis. Deal, lust of Brooklyn'.-; holdouts conferred with Land's yesterday .and announced himself ns satisfied with on agreement whereby Landis stipulated the salary he ivas lo be paid. President Larry MacPhnll did not attend. Landis was unable to reach MacPhnll who was In Lake Wales, Fla., watching Hie Montreal' club, Bought last year from Montreal Deal Joined (he Dodgers Inlc in the season, Brooklyn Irled to ship him back (o the Royals bill Deal protested to Landis, chiming the Dodgers had failed to give him n fai trial. Landis ordered the Dodgers d bring Deal to camp this sprino bii 1 •hey would not offer what °Dea felt was a satisfactory contract. The offer was said to be less than he received from Montreal and he became a holdout, although he reported to camp several days ago MIAMI, Fla., March 28. (UP) — Outfielder Joe Medwlck snitl today he expected lo be In perfect condition by the lime the St. Louis Cardinals open their regular season at home on April 1G against Pittsburgh. Manager Ray Blades announced before Ihc team left for four gnmes In Cuba that Medwlek would be permuted lo get himself in condition before he Is required to play in exhibition games. , ' '" BLYTH1EVlTJjBjm.Y-CqURniilt NEWS McCoy Hits But Cubs Beat Atliletic,'7~to^ llenny McCoy, Phllndflphlit Athletics' a hitler, Olctin Russell. Ith Mack's learn which the Cubs inflcldci SltiBKW in 7 to 3, | living up to Malinger Connie Muck's v cetcd for a homer to break up tli« exhibition' game ! s AneelM, McCoy Is shown above connecting for a Int and triple. Chase WH.S 1 FORT LAUDERDALE, pin Mar 28. (UP)-The Philadelphia Phillies returned to minor league competition today against the Syracuse Chiefs. Two rookies, Catcher Joe Kracher and Second Baseman Charles Letchas, were optioned to the Baltimore Orioles, bringing to seven tin number cut from the Phils' roster In four days Yesterday's game with the St. Louis Cardinals was rained out at Miami Beach. HOLLYWOOD, March 28 (UP) —In their final California game of ;the spring season, Connie Mack's Philadelphia Athletics meet the PJllsbtu-gli Pirates licre today The Maekmen droppecl a 3-2 decision ox helc Z "' game's hero, but Cecil Travis wi- the bud man at bat for the Tigers He gathered two singles and a double for a perfect clay at bat and scored two runs. LOS ANOELES, Cnllf., March 28 (UP)—Frankle Frlsch headed eastward with Ills Plllsoiirgi) pirnle.s today after rain cancelled Die pi- rales' final exhibition game' with the Cubs here ye.sterday. Heartened somewhat In regard to the worrisome pitching problem by acquisition of Lloyd Diet* from the Cincinnati Hods via the waiver route, the fighting Frlsch turned his wrath' aunlnst California weather. The peppery mnnngcr suld his sinmd lins been handicapped throughout training .season by the dampness ind he threatened to mov limilers to next vear. Uaylonu Bench, ve training Today's Sport Parade By I1KNF.X McLEMOU Baseball Hall of Fame at Cooperstown. or even hail something on Ihe mnn who does, I would reserve two niches (or nlchl) for bronze busts of nfy own selection. In one niche, where 1 would be >nre lo gel cross ventilation aiiri :he morning sun, I would place ,1 bust of a typical Philadelphia Phillies fan. And right next to It, lecause misery loves company f would place their teams are training f O ; eighth place. What good all th< ,f rcpoiLs of calisthenics, long baiting and fielding drills, and exhibition games? None, Deep In their hearts the Phillies and Brown rcoters know that their athleirs might just as well be lolling in pool parlors, smoking big black cigars, and staying out to all hour of the night. Once the seasm opens, anil the play Is for keeps the Browns and the Phillies will stnrl tumbling down, down, down, until by inldscnson a miner's llgli^ will be required to find them in Ihe standing of the clubs. 'I lie fans of these two clubs cannot even allow themselves In gel excited over the accidental discovery of n neiv star or stars by llielr teams. They know from past experience that just ns soon ns the new discoveries prove tlictn- FORT MYERS, Fla,, March 28 i to (UP)—The Cleveland Indians broke rani]) today with Die assurance of President Alva Bradley (hat tin Tribe would return here ugalu next 'ear for .spring training. -flic Iu _ tiaiw were rained out yesterday In heir game with Syracuse of "the ntmmlional league. They will 'olnmbns nl Colu CIUOIT' First they must | )C i| )e grenles Tom Seals May Prove Answer To Detroit Mound Woes BV I'AUI. SCHKFFKLS Hulled 1'rcss Stair foiresponilpiil NEW YORK (TJP)-A jiimp hi ie year from a discarded minor league ball player lo u highly- ri'Bimlcd prospect, left rookie Tom -Seats sitting pretty today Scats, a skillful .southpaw pitcher, Is down South now al the Detroit Tigers' training base In Lako- laiKl. flu,, serving up his slants '•"dor the watchful eye of Man- itter Del liaker, who believes that last, year's 22-gnmc winner may n possible solution lo Detroit'- mound worries, "nt just one year ago, Seals had » Job with a Sncramenlo woollen company am! was convinced hi« baseball clays were over. He refused to return (o organised baseball nnd only after Sacramento cemented to give him a conditional contract, did he come back If he filled to make the grade, the contract released him outright. If he lasted afl er Mny , 5 _ , ]p was (() paid a .satisfactory salary. Will, his career ni stake Seats began pitching- w i|h }ii s heart as well us his head. Ife lost his first start but connected on Hie next to snap a lo-gnmo Sacramento losing streak. Seats began stepping auer that and wound up ih e season ns the club's lending winner '*'"' 22 victories against 12 defeats, by a one-run margin, in (he firs, he won two and dropped I. 10-lnnlng decision. The Ti»= rs drafted him on Oct. 3. ^",'"J?l''?^^!al^afhis At the Height Of Their Fame THURSDAY,'MARCH 28, 1940 lovers of baseball we have In, country. Year after year thej have been loynl to teams which . —•> ••••*•! «'" destined from the opening of the ooinmbiis nl Columbus, an., season to finish Insb, always ful- lmv filled their destiny. Sccoiully they deserve niches'nl Coopcrstown because, like the buffalo, the chnfln dish party nnd the spit curl. Ihcy arc fust dying ml. If last year's allcndnnce flg- ires of Ihe two teams means mvy- -. .-. v , ltjll LI11J lil;u gaine -"'^D' 'he Plillly and the Brown i-4 earner (his month but suffered fnn won't be wilh us lon» Tliif a 5-2 defeat yesterday at the bauds '"'"" ""' "' '"" ••••'" LAKELAND, Fla., March 28 UP)—Boston's Bees were here to- lay for n return engagement with he Detroit Tigers and a chance to cvcn their two-game exhlblllon sc- pes. Detroit won the first game - Five New York Giant H . ltlll;lB w(!ro on their way lo minor league farm clubs today. Manager Bill Terry sent Bob Carpenter to Knoxville Johnny Wittig nnd Mnmie , Sa ,£ on option to Jersey City, and Tom Gorman and George Bnusewein to Uinlon, Iowa. The;Giants meet the Cincinnati Reds in an exhibition eame today. Yesterday's contest was called off becousc of rain. SEBRING. Fla'., March 28 (UP> -The New York'Yankees began lo trim their squad down today as they optioned pilchers Ernie Bonham and Charley Stanccu to Kanh"l Clt Z *"? Pitcllcr 0™-ge Wash- WHSliinglon Senulors. While (he Qrlffs were holding Detroit to four scattered hits, they , and First Baseman John Sturm Outfielder Bill Matheson and Pi u chers Marvin Breuer, Tom Reis and Lee Grlssom as the only new men •m OK club. The Yanks ,,la v t," fodly S ''" aU CXllibUi0n ^™ ORLANDO. plaT&Iarch 28. (UP) ~™ c .. Washington Senators, bs- "d the four-hit pilchiiig of Ken were f Sot six off Buck Ncwsom I,, „„,,..„ '—- Innings and two off Clay Smith in one. Hank Grcenlierg, the Tigers veteran first baseman learning to be mi outfielder, made two spectacular catches nnd threw n runner out .it the ptnte. LAREDO, Tex.. March W (UP) — Bob Harris or Male Andrews were expected lo start for the st Units ui-owiu agalz«i the Toledo Miid- •icns at Ciioro loday. The s»i> An- lonlo .MiMloiis. Texas Lcnstic te:nu of Ihc Id-owns, defeated the Amerl- nun Lenguers ye.«mlny 5-3 concentrating nil their rims n, one IE cltmnxcrt by a homer wilh two men on base. KUIon Anker bore ihe brunt of the Tc.xaiis shelling. More thnn i.000.000 people in England attend night school, studying approximately MO different subjects. Including practically even art, craft, nnd science. *^ Joe ' Tigers yesterday, 5-2 The m,, rS , CamC ° Ut ° f tlleir '"«»'« •lump and smacked Detroit pitchers for eight hits, including (l vo <l oll b- Werf Optometrist | "HE MAKES 'E,M SEE" Over Joe Is.i.ics' store Phone 5<10 *UllU5KtS5LH KJS&W ilying out of two noble races is >asy to understand. What fans 'hey do .have are of long, loin; standing. Because certainly they avcn't added any new ones in •ecciit years. One can scarcely a newcomer to baseball turning 1 adoring eyes to- inaglne r andom 'an! either of these teams and saying—"these are -my heroes 1 vlll follow them." You Yankee, Red Sox. Reds. Ti iers and Cardinal have no cnccplion of the misery mid gloom hat surrounds a Phillies or Browns ooter. Take right now. during he spring training season, you get bang out of reading what your earn Is doing because you know hut summer will find il in Ihe hick of the pennant light, with chance to win II nil. But what delight can Browns or 'billies rooters find in reading </i pring training? They know what two hits in a row or", drawing three successive bases on balls'.' The general' belief is that Die Browns and the Phillies will even be worse this year than last. Thai Is a generous tribute to their inefficiency, because they were top:: al being bottom last year. Tlie Browns lost ill of their 154 eanus last season, and the Phillies dropped 10G of their 151. ",- ' "Come'on Cooperslown! Let's havi- n little space. Women's Auxiliary Gets • Par Rating With R.A.F. LONDON (UP)—No longer er.ii Ihc lads of. the R.A.F. look patronizingly on Ihc girls of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. Tins graceful pose, held by Hollywood skaters Gone Tlieslof and Ann Taylor, shows why they scot-eel a hit in their first eastern appearance at the recent Carnival of Ihe Skai-ing Club of New Y rk. Ho recalls how the late John McGraw In his younger and more ncHvc days, broke 'em in when they were scarcely dry behind tlie ears-Larry Doyle, Tilly Slinfer, f™"* F rlsch, Freddie Llndstrom, Mel ott and others. Kid Elbcrfiehl, master shortstop ol the ancient New York Hl K h- lers and the lightmgest ball bafn^ i"' """•'' ••"'" ' w «"«:tK baseball schools. J ce Engel then scorn,,,,; for Washington, plucked -cell jvavfs of Washington out ot one of them, ti^TTI 1 " 01V selll " owar. ^ ''° 8 '™ CkS ' is a blt ?mm N C gi !"' C Wlllch " mle hlm famous. No place I,, | t tar and no ! ejjard for old-timers who con- ' U-llHited so much, ele He managed a minor league outfit for three S( . Jlsoa<! 1TOn ^ I'l'imanls and finished second but ^ousted for a p,aying Jj,'! Mnriuiard laughs at players like •roe Medwlcl: holdins- out for ?20,- "We didn't gel anything to speak of. yet when we were. stars we spent the winter worrying about whether we'd as much as be sent a contract. Now it's all business and «ck of Instruction and failure of players to apply themselves are the principal reasons why you see so much bad baseball •• JVH.UAItlS PUES HKILMANN WITH QUESTION'S While Hellmann Is at Lakeland making baseball radio records for use In Detroit, he likes best to speak of Ted Williams of the Red "I thought Hank Oreenbere could ask questions until William- dug me up 1,1 Detroit last sum!"?'.'• S(l >' s I'"? reomicd slugger Williams pumped me until the wee hours 0 , lhB Jllornfns _ J(je Cronin is right about Williams being Ihe biggest threat to Babe Ruths home run record." He hit the ball so 'far u , s i de VVaterfront Park, St. Petersburg the other afternoon that two of the fastest outfielders in baseball — Terry Moore and Country SlaugMer-couklii't retrieve it in tune lo nail him at the plate. In the Cardinal chain next year '"'° Ba '" es ""'' |OSD s ior of the Westen, Asso- setting an all-time strikeout mark of 281. He slniltled from -olimibus in the American Asso- •ia on m 1935 to Asheville and to h ° For the W. A. A. F.s Ihe R. A. Fs have been equnlized—in iille if not milte in pny — nnd Squndron Leader Elsie sinilir'br, Squadron Lender Jnmes B'rowii' neet on the same fooling. The nlr ministry has madn this ieclsion to enable the two forc.ts o work In closer co-operalion, and although the women's ranks vary slightly and (heir pay is less, they actually rate the same dignity. An Ilnlian woman gnve birth to Ive children in 11 months; twins were born one June and triplets he following May. Komieed Back and Down Here Ins hard luck began. Seats -"lip 'I wins against 10 defeats at Sacramento, n first-place cinb i" .937. with (he same' cluS ,W year he lost his fust live and then when he won his initial victory' was sent, back lo Houston. 'There he lost five more and bounced .., „ jij W [ t: «((i(.| ^ack, unwanted, lo Sii tl , lHlema Sent to the Thrce-l League, he However, he was persuaded lo loin Decatin- and finished the season «.ilh n record of six and six At training camp time in 193!) s was working with the svool- company, an apparent baseball tnihire. but -salisfied. Fortunatclv tor him. he ehanyed his mind Today he's tossing tlie ball ,,p lo the ngers. confident, successful and certain he's just what the doctor ordered for (he "pitcher-weak- Delrolters. linker hopes so. Snails, because of (heir ability to undergo long fasts, are taken nlong on safaris by African natives ns a source of fresh fowl. THE PAYOFF BY HARRY GRAYSOJf NEA Service Sports Editor TAMPA, March 28. — Old-timers on the Grapefruit circuit — Jack Doyle, scouting for Ihe Cubs; Kid Elbcrfield, originator of the baseball schools; Rube Marquard. famous left-hander of the Giants, and Harry Hellmann, one of the greatest. of right-hand hitters. Doyle's presence in Florida while the Chicago Nationals train in California, is a striking example of the vigilance of major league clubs. The first baseman of the immortal Baltimore Orioles keeps tab on the others — National and American alike— just in case (here is a deal. It's well to have a line on recruits returned lo the minors, too. There. always is Ihe possibility of their hopping into the Wriglcy Field hamper somewhere along the line Doyle comment.? on Gabby Hart-" nett counting on 19-year-old Bob Sturgeon at shortstop, where the youngster led the American Association in assists, and the Boston TSecs starting with Sebastian Sisti also 1!). at second base MoGHAW BULIEVED IN STARTING 'ESI YOUNG , '•They'll make mistakes." says the grizzled Doyle, "but that's the way to build championship clubs. Play- Keiser News Miss Robie Gowan spent Frldaj it Jackson, Tenn., where she play- eel a piano solo on a program presented nt Lamuulh college there Prom Jackson, she went to Bemis renn., where she visited her parents. Mr. and Mis. J. T. Gowan Mr. and. Mrs. Leo Galther end Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Gaither and children all of Mountain Pine Ark., were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. ff. Lyons of Keiser. Mr. and Mrs. John' Woodward find children spent Thursday in Memphis. ; Mrs. Troy Kny and daughter, NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service spent several days tills wft-k ffldj Mrs. Kay's grandmother, Mrs. T.Jk Slnglcy at NelUelon. Ark. Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Polk and daughter, Llndla, spent several days this week with relatives at Faycltevllle. Mr. and Mrs. E. Colin spent Sunday in Memphis. Miss Mildred Swan visited at Lynn Grove, Ky., over the week end. She was the guest of Mr and Mrs, JJ. C. Swan. Miss Charlie Mae Wright and Miss Mary Ann Faulkner were Ihe guests of Miss Faulkner's parents, • Mr. and Mrs, a. O. Faulkner, of Joncsboro. Ihe past week end. . Mr. and Mrs. Swan Brock and £on are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Ronnsavall of llazen, Ark., this week. Miss Mary Alice Stutllc and Miss Kathurinc Loftiss were the guests -f Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sluttlc at Pocahontas Sunday. Charles Dial visited his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. C. M. Dial, dui'in b ' the Easter holidays. Ife is a student i »t the University of Arkansas ni i* !'"ayelteville, ^ Mrs. Raymond Lemons and children, Raymond Jr., and Charlie Pay, were the guests of Mrs. Lemon's mother. Mrs. Henry Haiii'n, of niylhevllle, over the week end. Mis. J. C. Ellison returned home- Sunday after n week's visit with her mother, Mrs. C. E. Ashworth of Millington, Tenn. I Miss Helen Moore, a student nt I State Teachers-college at Conway was home for several days this week to visit her''parents', Mr. nnd Mrs. B. R. Moore. Mrs. Rose Kennedy, Mrs. Jess Stubbs and Roy Johnson attended the funeral of an uncle in Mississippi this week. Miss Ktilherin Watte, of Mem- Phis, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Watts C. M. Bedford, will be the guest of his sister, Mrs. Bob Herndon and family of Aberdeen, Miss for several weeks. ^ Miss Ruth Bradford was the week * ; end guest of Mr. and Mrs. Davia Bradford at Hcber Springs. Miss Willey Quinn and Miss Mnry Cecilia Cohen were the week end guest,-; of Miss Cohen's irarents, Claud Mrs. O. T. Cohen, of Jones-' j boro. J. B. Lee, who was a member of the .school faculty here last year was the guest of Miss Ada Mae Burton Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Brun and Leroy Ellison went to Blythevitle Tuesday to see "Gone With the Wind." R. H. Robinson is spending several iveeks in Hot Springs where he will attend the races. Washer Need Tuning Up? JUST 01VR US A CAUL FOR '"•" EXPERT WASHING MACHINE SERVICE •: —All Slakes— PHONE 233 We have secured the services of Mr. Phillip Prie, n factory trained Maytag Service Man HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Service On All Makes Radios—Refrigerators 20S W. Main Phnni- 2X3 CAN'T BUY A FLYER MAjV'S If AT THAK A $ [j DOBBS NunnBush you own a pnr onlii'so smart Nurm-Hvish ventilated oxfords — because we know you will enjoy their comfort and the w ; ,v Ankle-Fashioning makes them stay "new" ]oiii> n . R. D. Hughes & Co. 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