Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 12, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 12, 1896
Page 3
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Old age comes early to the clothes that are dragged up and down over the wash-board. It's ruinous. Nothing else uses them up so thoroughly and so quickly. This wear and. tear, that tells io on your pocket, ought to be stopped. Get some Pearl j ne — use 'it just as directed—no soap with it— and see how much longer the clothes last, and how much easier and quicker the • work is Pearline saves the rubbing. CJ<a«-«/-1 Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers -will tell yo OCnCL • " this is as good ns " or " the same as Pearline." IT'S .. f^ i FALSE—Pearline is never peddled, and if your It KclCK crocer semis you somciliiiia in place of Pearline be honest-*™/*/ &*. 513 JAMES 1'VUi. New York This Ljirl is .in acquaintance in thousands of American homes where she is known as "The None Snch Mince Meat Girl." Her smile is reflected in every home she enters for she brings delicious iniacc pic to all, and at the same time saves the housewife from the drudgery that old time tnince pic making required. lolil L'tirTwhcn-. Tnko DO aubuMlctr Sfnil j'uur fl.liIriiH*. naming tMi t.n|!«r, *nrl wo will iteuil roll Into ft book. ".Mr*. I'oriklui- Thtiaki- Ur humorous writer* of Ihy day. IVlERRELL-SOULECO., Syracuie, N. V,, Mfri. of .NONE SUCH, MIME MEAT. SUflMER TOURS -VIA"BIG FOUR" TO THE riOUNTAlNS, LAKES and SEASHORES Solid Vestibuled Trains W'ltD Wagner Sleeping Cars to New York and Boston rrorn St, Louis, Pcoria. Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, via CLEVELAND'AND BUFFALO "Tbe Knickerbocker Special." "Tbe Southwestern Limited." Six Terminals at the Great Lakes. Chicago, Beaton Harbor, Toledo Detroit, Sandusky, Cleveland. Tourist Hates In all Directions. E. O. McConnlck, Pass. Traffic Manager, i ; D. B. Martin, GenL Pass and Ticket Ageat. AFTER. MANY YEARS. Indliniiipolis News: .T. AY. McLean <m old resklo'ut of Indianapolis ""'1 o: Indiana, who lias beuu «\v»y for hvon ty yoars, Is ihi tiio city, the suest o! OlMirles Droilfrc. .Mr. MeLoaii . wont \\-vai many yoars :ifro. n.nd a.ftoc nn cx- pi-fienc'i.' in Knlisas, «uuo Ui.ek t.o ,Top lin. Mo,, whoro he .-now lives. "Tills 'is like the return of Kip'Y:ii •\VinkUV «i.Hi Mr. McLean. "Tin (.own IKW prrowu to a city: evorytliinf lias eliiiiti;:i'd. The old faniUHar faces avo 1ia.rd 1:0 find. «nd I ;iin not.lililt more no\\- t.lwui :i stva.upor in a stranjri city. 1 was :if. Jamestown. Sumfciy That was my home when •:!. boy. Old eomixui'ionx Imve all diisai>i)0;u l e<l. 1 found ithe friends of my ftUliLM- at ro.--t in tlic eemot'oi'y. One old mtai was the only person I found who remembered me and my t'aif.her. I spent most of the day in 'tibe burial ground rc-adiujr r.lu: iitsfriptions—Lliat was Hie way 1 visit- •ecl ainonpr old friends. AUhough I left , Indla.n'apolis some L-n-eiuy years :i,u'o, j It. was much longer ago than that when I saw .Tiiimc.sl.own InM. I never realized so well before what thirty or forty years may bring alwut—neither did I realize before tdrat. I <nn) go-t.ting old.'-" Mr. McLwm 1ms ns n. pocket p!e<^e the first seal of 'the circuit, court of Room; coun.ry. molded and enp-aved by his fiitlrer, AYilltam Melxxi.u. who was a member of 'the'Indiana constitutional j convention of '32. ' "I helped make that seal,"'Mr. Mc- Loan said. "My 'father wns a mlll- wrigJit, n.nd 'handy vttn\ tools. He molded It out of tilie scrap brass, using for a mold a. soft brick. That was in 18-JO, and I was twelve then. After the brass tad been molded ray father on- graved the words of. tlie seal with tools Improvised byhimsolf." The sea] boars flic date'1840, 'and on the face .the -words, "Boone Circuit Court Seal." wiHi 'am.eiagle and stars as a center. Tihe- workmansMp Is good. TJie seal is about .one-half Inch in thickness, mid of solid bniss. CATARRH NASAL CATARRH Is a LOCAL DISEASE land li the result ot cold ! sudden climatic •changes. I It can be cured bj a Ipleasant remedy which Its applied directly Into |tln nostrils. • ELY'S COLD ! N HEAD CREAW BAUn Opens and cleans the Nasal Passages, allays pain and Inflammation, Heals »ml protects the Membrane from Colds. Restores the Senseiot Taste ana Smell. Is Quickly absorbed. Gives relief at once. DO cents at Druggists or bj mall; samples lOc by mull.- ELY BRO CHEBS, 5C Warreu-St.. New York. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower Bart RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose - - $3 Express Ad, Kc. Croventa Wetting Head Floor or Walls. Hornless Water Closets. Send for Catalogne Frost Prool Water Closets, Sell-Acting Water Closets, Kelly Stop and Waste Cock, THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. aoi Madison Street, Chicago. Greatest 'Discovery or toe 19th s Century.! Dr. Tengno'ft. 'Uedlontod Air For tho Cure of Catarrh, Aitluna Pulmontttr Diseases, It has no 1 equal tot Sick and Nervous Hwd- acae, 1,000.000 .people die annually from the above named diseases. Wbj unfler and die, when Medicated Alr.ls CAT et>A>* ' guaranteed to cure jou.- 3Iocllcntc<l Air and Drug Co., , • • " Blctimond, Ind,, U. 9. A. '/:'', Bre»iU*n Balm cures colds, old congns, °^ pleurisy liko CHAUACTBIt IN HAIR. riiila.delp'hiia Bulletin: Men with lino light ha.ii: are smart, conceited, and it they do not marry until late iu life 1 lire apt to grow cross amd selfish. It a girl wishes to select a -husband 'slie should examine his liair vory closely boCore accepting .him, because it is a .flue indication of what his disposition is. Men -wMi flue brown balr, llglut or dark, uifilcc >the be*t liiisbands, -They are quick, thoughtful and less nipt to be .sclfl'sli than, their very ligbt or very tlarl? lui-ircd brothers. ' Those whose 'hair turas giuy prematurely are ncni'ly always good fellows. They are.a little •nbrvou-.s, but 'are brainy, sympathetic, aad .very honoralxle. The haJT turns white i'roau being overscrupulous Ln money matters and frlends.hips oftou- er than it does for .grrlcyJng over one's s'hortcomlufrs. Nearly ail red headed people are smart,- whether the liair Is course or frne, but whan you do run across oiw that .isn't -he is the stupidest person under .the sun. Tho women wi'fch pale blonde hair, on the colorless, aslay kiiud are impulsive, loving, fickle. They are not to be depended upon, but iare usually good company while they like you. On the contrary, those with dark brown hair are very .loyal. They are full of sentiment a.nd easily affected. TJioy otijoy keenly and .suffer, in proiwrtlon. Women with, fine l)laok liair arc higili stronfc, nnd those with coarse black hiiir, if they arc smart, .are nearly always mean. All women with dark hn.tr are more tempestuous than those with 'Jjglrt hair. The dark eyes and complexions tta.t go with the different shades of dark brown and black liadr denote strong feeling. They are also more .faithful than light- haired women. Men who are bald are not desirable as husbands unless they have money. - • ' 0> - THE LIST. •Lafayette Courier: "Gil" Shan.klin, the Indiana member of. the National committee, 'sent to -his tree silver •henchmen at Indianapolis a list ot names lie recommended should bo dropped from the Domicratic State-executive and advisory committees, and among others is that of James llur- dock,- of .this city. His objections- to these m>en Is that they, favor: sound, money-and: are not In sympathy with' the revolutionary doctrines advocated by the Chicago platform. Buy the "Bon-more" $2.50 and $3.00 guaranteed hat Style and quality un : equalled- for a popular-pripe.hat.—Mor-. risi:Flsher,.;hatter,mid^furalsher.->;.v- .{.- THE RAILROADS Li Hung Chang Asked Hany Questions. USED FORGED STAHPS General News of Railroads and Rail- I road Employes. George W. Boyd, nssistant general IKisseng-ei 1 agent o£ the Pennsylvsiuiii. who accompanied Li.Huug Cluing and pnrtiy over the Pennsylvania lines, 1 returned to rhilntlelpliiu.. He staled to a -reporter of the Philadelphia Press that Li was very observant and wished to know a.ll t'he minor details.in connection wlt'h the opei"iitioii ol.' the Peiin- sylvjiuiii llaJlroad company. Th Mock siijjnnl .system attracted the dis- tinjruixhotl visitor's attention, and ho was deeply Impressed with the, way in which the trains .of the'Pon.'.is.vlv.aT Railroad company were moved .at ivi.ulu. ert a. hiirh riito of speed without a.ny accident. In CniiM. Uifve is onlv one ra.ilroad. L'OO miles Ibnpv on winca only rhrc-e trains a day are run—morn- i'Dir, noon and aI'tenmon, None are run .,-i.v iiijrht, a« -i.hoy are afraid of acci ('inMifs, nnd do not understand how to operate ;i railroad. The line local stations a.nd the nra liner oC eonsirnction i-e fully explained to vhe Viceroy, a.nd dnriiiK' his ride he- iiskod such estions a« t.lie life of a cross-tie, how how much it cost a.nd \vh-nf. kind of material was' used in the rails. When fold it was steel he wanted to know if the steel rails made in this cov.ntry were as durable as those made in l£ug- land. He also went into tin; r-ost of .sseu^'er coaclww, locomotives and Pullman cars.. 1,1 Him;: Chang was specially pi-eased with First Vice Prescient Thomson's private car, .-UK! when he was informed in Wn.^hiairton that he would -have another car to Niagara. Falls he thought It would not. be as pleasant as the one he had used from New York. The Pullman car, however, mot all -his requirements, and he WAS more than ever pleased wi-tli the train service. STAMP FORGED OX TICKETS. 'The roads between Chicago and St. Paul are much worked up over some frauds that have been discovered in Mm sale of the Grand Army tickets. It lias been found that some of the brokers at St. Fiaul have secured a stamp similar to that of the a peat appointed jy the roads to certify the return por- i;lon of tlie Grand Army tickets, and a largo,n-umber of tickets certified with :he forged stamp have been presented for passage. The' roads have issued the most stringent orders to the conductors to.see that the person presenting-Hue ticket is the original purchaser, and as the time limit.of the tickets expires on Sept. 15, they -are not fearful ;ha:t any large number o-f the tickets will be worked off on them after this. .They have already, however, been victimized to a considerable extent. COR:X RATE'S GO UP THE.1CTH. Local freight agents have received instructions from Joint Traffic Association Board of. Manaprers that all lines 11 die Trunk Line and Central Freight Traffic Association territory must restore rates Sept. 1G to the basis of 20 .•cuts per. 100 pounds Chicago to the ieabord....The corn.rate a.few weeks igo, - was reduced, with the expectu- ;ipn that'it would divert business west of the Missouri river which was going out for export via Galveston and New Orleans, bu-t the effort seems to have been unavailing, and, freight officials now believe that just as much corn will be. shipped "to th'e Eastern seaboard at 1, 20-cent rate as at a rate 3 cents per, 100 pounds lower. • . . . RAILROAD NOTES. The Railway .and Station Agent ap : pears in a new dress. It is now a noutlily periodical, but there is some ;;ilk of making it a weekly organ of .lie fraternities. . . - . . Harry Lougabaugh, the Panhandle. rig.'iu'ei 1 , Is off on a vacation, -He will not resume his duties until engine No, HO, which is nnderso-'iJg a course of repairs is reedy for Only. The detectives oZ. the Western Pas- anger Association have * discovered hat Rome 91! -the association lines are quietly working with scalpers, and here is trouble over -that discovery. . . live Railroad .Telegrapher, organ, of i-e Brotherhood of Telegraphers,. suites that at no time In its history has the- membership been.so large. It' Is. itcndily increasing, and its financial concision is satisfactory. . , Tony Cook.of the boiler shops, was struck on d'he right arm yesterday, by _ sledge .while he was holding a bar. used in, cutting off stay bolts'in the bo 1 Her.of an engine., His arm was pain-, Inlly bnii8ed,jrbut.,Mr. Cook was not icimpelled to quit-work. -.,.; ; Ft Wnync-Sentinel: .Chiirles" Watts, general superintendent of-.the Pannsyl- -anla. company,-came in over the Wa-. from Lojransport last night aiid vent.east on the limited -ait, 9:25, • He CLOTHING. CLOTHING. We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15.00 Suits go for $12.00 Our $12.0O Suits go for $9.OO Our $10 00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.50 Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 50fl FOR CHOICE OF ANY STRAW HAT IN THE STORE. 25c choice of any /of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys' Duck Suits one third off, they are bargains. Now is the time to buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing GJ ds, and 526 Broadvvay is the place to save money, These Prices are For Cash Only. G GRACE & CO., 426 BROADWAY. made an honorary member of that or- gnuinatiou. .Total Grimes, tlie uight watchman, is ou Anty a.gaiu nl'ter a few weeks' lluess. Ed-Manes, the machinist's helper, was off duty yesterday on account of sickness. R. G, Thompson, Y\'aba.sh ticket iigcnt at Ft. Wayne, was here yesterday on company's business. W. F. Bruiiuer. assistant general passenger agent of Hie Yandnlbi. was lore for a short time yesterday. 'Victor Hendrix, assistant engineer of the Maintenance of Way on the Michigan, was In the city yesterday. Baggage and nw.il car No. 724, and milk car No. 742 are ready to leave the shops a.f,ter having been treated to class 8 repairs.. The Omaha, division of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, is do- :crmln«d to secure the next convention of the Brotherhood in tha.t city. Peoria, 111., is making an active fight to secure it, but being the -headquarters of the organization ft is not as likely to succeed as is some outside city. •Eleven- men in tlie car shops were laid off yesterday. Four ^of the men ,n Homer's gans w> rc released for an udoflnlte time, while seven of the em- ployes of. the paint shop were released until October 1, «t which time, they will be allowed to work 'alternately with the other seven employed In the paint shop. fly New Goods Are here. C?1I and examine them before buying, , " AL. YOUNG, The Practical Pearl Street Tailor. $100 REWARD. $100. ;Tbe readers of' this paper will be pleased to learn that there,is at least one'dreaded disease that science has jeen able to cure in all its stages and ;hat is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh .Cure s the only positive.cure now known to ;he medical fraternity. Catarrh being i constitutional disease, requires n :onstitutlonal treatment. Hall's Cft- .arrit Cure,is taken Internally, acting directly upon tbe blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby dcs- jroyinjj tho. foundation cf the disease and giving the. patient strength by building up the constitution.and asslst- ng. nature in doing its work. Tha pro; prietors have so much faith 'n its cura- ive powers, tlmt they offer One Hundred Dollars ."or auy case that It falls o cure. Pond for list of Testimonials, Address F...T. CHENEY & CO Toledo, Ohio. Sold by Druggists, 75c. CHATTANOOGA EXCURSION. Very Low Rates Via Pennsylvania Short Lines. . ' Exceptional, low- rate round trip Ickcts to Chattanooga will be sold 'via 'enaisylv-an.ia.LlneK Thursday nnd Friday, Sept. 17th-and -JStli, account the aunlversnT.v of the Battle of Chicka- mauffa. >, : From Lofj-ansport the excursion rate.will'be only .?10.10 open to all. Tickets .will be goof! returning leaving Chattanooga not l.ito than Sepfc 21st. For particular information, concerning 'time of'.-trains and other details; please •apply to. J. A. McGullough; Ticket Asrcn'.t, l Logansport, Ind. , , Drawings of All Kinds Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co., TUB wall-Known Specialists of N«w York Have appoint* D. A. n AUK as agent for tbolt celebrated Spectacles and Era Glasiws, every pair iruarantead. D. A. HACK bn oroalac* -ns^-.mrit a:ill!i/!t-»ttll satlslt themselves ot the great superiorltr ol thosa goods OT« sny rnHnutacmreJ, at the store ol D. A. HA0K, Sole agent Tor Logonsport lad, NoIPoddlers'Supplled. •• >£ CLASS"*""" POINT OF THE SILVER QUESTION A colored exhorter launcl>ed' off into a-discussion of the money question, based" on the text iii the eightli commandment "Thou sli'alt not steal." He 'proceeded to sny: ''While on dis here uionoy- question, I wants to tell you people the hull thing In a nutshell. •Tain't no question o£ the government bein' able to stamp miohey. outer anything. The Gov-jneont kin stamp so much iron, or copper, or brass and'call it a. dollar. Dat aia't de p'int; But dc p'jnt iis'. dis,.-jus't like It Is -with everyone ; o%;uSjJpo^:;slMher^v;T^^'lnt;;lSiiv ;Wn ; we soy and Uin the dollar," and here he held up a big silver dollar, "say, In the 'language of Scripture: 'I knoTv that my Eedecni^v livcth.''-' INDIANA STAXE FAIR EXCUR- .. .SION . Via Pennsylvania Lines, SeptJHtli to 19th.—Low round trip tickets.;!? Indi- .anapolis will be sold via Pennsylvania 'Lines for Indiana State Fair; return., coupons valid Sept 20th, Inclusive.: Subscribe for The Journal; 40 cents a.

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