The Fresno Republican from Fresno, California on May 4, 1878 · Page 3
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The Fresno Republican from Fresno, California · Page 3

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1878
Page 3
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u n u t 01 Items. His A XCUt fc'att inu*cle and music. hiftd feet tie full of *shoo fly." -**D6Ht tfwt" atfj one in H bar-room, ' to be, treated, It'sao t and : foolish one which Mght to be abolished. A MEMBER* of the Canadian rarlia- ·ttnt recently culled another member a "ikank." Thus arc* American hit bits of thought and speech among statesmen gradually winning their way abroad. "WHAT'S the difference between a mule and a tuotho^-iu-law?" aska some one, who'ooght to oo shot. Well, go tar us age U.concerued, it's a rac# "between, 'em to Me which cau live loagtst aucl do the mott devilment while they do live. * -A i * . IT is said that as a general thing mem- ben of the present Congress have a rather poor opiaJon X that body. Nearly every one of 'them thinks that, with the single exception of himself, there is scarcely to be found a really great man in either house. "THE New York Telegram advises pea pie to marry for love .and not for money." Goad advice, certainly; but inasmuch as you will always be in want of money if you toarry ior love, tint! aUvays m want of love if you marry for money, your safest way is to marry for H Hitle ot' both. GLASGOW Times: "We woul:i respectfully but earuestiy suggest that church lauot the best pUu-o in ttie \voild t-) carry ou flirtatious, or couriaUoua Oh, uo, it is isot the bast place lor the bu»i- uessi Doctor; but then", yuti knun*, it does pretty well iu the absence oi' a bolter one. BOSTON Post: *'^o newspaper bus vindicated its right to live until it gets oil :i joke on Boston baked beans,' 1 Ab, in deed? And is it possible tint we iKive PROCEEDINGS OF CONGRESS. BILLS LSTKODUCED--To repeal section 3,412 o! the revised Statutes, which provides for a' taxou notes of State banking associations. To amcna the 103d Article of War. to for- i bid the trial or punishment ot any person by couri-uiartial who shall not have beeu ar-; raigaetl within two yeurs, or in case of desertion within three years after the offense was committed. j. u cafe he lias beeu awav from i tho country iu the meantime, that absence shall bo excluded in computing tho time. To create a new Laud District in Idaho. Authorizing tho Southern Pacific lUilroad: Company to construct, maintain and operate a bridjjo across tho Colorado river, ut i'orc Yuma, m Caiituruin. To authoriza cLtiniauts to certain lands ia Sauiu Boi-bara (Juunfcy, Oil., to submit their ckims to thy U. y. District Court jot tliat Stato for adjudication. Rtleasiug tho titlo of the tJuitea States to certain paictls of laud in California, to theas- sipuoi John Cutter. A compromise of tho House bill, authorizing the Secretary of tha Treasury to employ additional clerks, by which appropriations were reduced to 320,000 for Colloctons oi" Internal liovtuue, and to 57,500 for post route agems. Tlie original amounts asked for ivere SiU.OOO and $2Q,UUU resgectively. liiLts P.vsgfei).--Senate bill to annul the Act ot tiio Legialdiuro of Xew Hosico ot" hist Jaiiuarj*. over [ho GuVoruor'a veto, to incorporate thd Souietv of Jjautt FatliL'rs of New ileiico. Senate bill to amend tho Revised Statutes relative to savings deposits. Senate bUl rtlah\o to jurisdiction of Di; trkt Courts iu Vuh, \Vyouiin^, and otiie 'territories on Divoice. The Ucilcieaey bili for the public prin ting Tuw Coaft-rence oa the hill to provide for delkieuces in Oovcruuient serviet*, teporteil thai the appropriation for the Interior Depart- inuat waa leUuced irom $10,000 fy j^O.HUO. The Scitatsi leceded from its nineudmeut for ^75,0f)i) lor Disti'Jtt of Coliimbiii Schools, and 5-25.UOD for the Haydeii survey. The amount lor the Sin i'mueislo -Mint van reduced from Tiio renon of the Conference Committee waagru:U to- llE'-yLL'TIOSo ISTBODUCED.--]ifsohiii, Tbat any ladic^i change in our present tarm' itiou to American l:t- the Conimiit-je yet to vindicate our right to live? Tiiei), bring-on your--but no; Bo.sron sl.wi! never accuse us of joking iibout sacred thinga. MlLWAtfKEi: Sentinel: "Beecher s :iy a that the ounihihitiou oi the u tckcd is iht, doctrine he believes in. This ia t gcrous doutriue, and it' truu u i i l i Chicago aud Louisviiie to mc:e LTUM- roads settlemenls.'' Wlmt, reduce tiiuu almost to the level of Milwaukee! llrJj- « a dangerous doctrine, to bo sinx-. -TllE Philadelphia Bulletin JecJares that tlie eaglo on thy n«\v dollar louka like a hen living off her nest, ami t h u Baffalp JSxpreas "that it looks like ;i o«- mofalized buxzard. Au eiUile, « li^a ilj- iug oil" lier uesr, and a demoralized buzzard, all looking jiist alike, coustiinte uu ornJthological cumcidence U'lduin ^c·ULt ia this country. I» the Detroit Fres Press was ever a boy, and tlie pupil uf an oid-iiciii suiiool j jfoDy Lci;i,l.iturc- s luid'p.i--aed billd'admitautf in tbe country, it ought t: ki:uw Icr.t l!;e j \'iouien hi btate L'jnru. There -.vas ny runson tiog it istaiJviug { t b j U t i s ^ t . t luuGiijle- j vrhy -,iom_t.ii =]miilu no: IK.- {idmittcd in law, buch jirii', 1 !'- '· k"* ilted States HinUter to England, has gone to fans for a week. TIIE Itiueiaus aro making requisitions for houses iu Adriaaople for hospital). Btx hundred horses were shipped from Montreal one day last week for England. Fum* petitions in bankruptcy were filed iu Chicago one day, mostly of email amount. THE House has defeated a motion to increase letter carriers' salaries Jor to increase their number. York Times' Washington special Bays that the new silver dollars coined io data amount to $2,451,000. A XE\V YOIIK 'Iribune correspondent says a canvass of tho House show* a majority uf 21 against tho tariff bill. GEXERAL OIUBOSB has been before the Houso Committee on Military Affairs again, advocating transfer of the Iiitliau Bateau from the Interior to the War Department. TUB suit against General Phil Sheridan by owners of plantations iu Louisiana, for the recovery of damaged incurred during the war, has been postponed until October. THE ilatapau paper mills, at Hyde Park, Mass., tlie oldest in Xcw England, nave shut down, owing to dull times and lack of orders lor tbe first time for a hundred years. H. J. JEWETT has been elected President of the rc-oryanized Erie llailroad Company, the name ot which i^ to be changed to New York, Lake Erin ami Western Itailruitd Company. PiOi5uEST UAVES and party took a tour of tho coal end ITDII regions of Lehigb and Sclmylkill valleys. Tho niofli prominent in- diutrifj establidhmeuts ou tho route were inspected. THE select committees aupoiuted by the House and Seriate to report \vliat changes are needed iu tbe present plan of electing 1'reei- Jeut aud Vice-President, held their tirtt conference. A ' from Cincinnati says: Hon. lie judgment of the Senate, be iu- opportiiiK; v, fuid uccdlesly de-range tbe busi- msiiai«i«atsuJ lite country, and would stri- uusiy reuul that return 10 prosperity for isLich all siliouU taraestly ou-opuratc. ll-S'jlifd, That iu tliO judgment oi' thy SCH.ILJ it lie tli2 lixtd pulky ot this Government to so maintain uur unfi' for rovwiue to ailord aJtquute prat bur. An MUtn-ame-nr, insiraciin^ oil i'initutti tu rcpor;, :i» early a^ posiibit, a bill provitliitg a L'ouinnssioa iu txiumne into and u-jjor: upoa tiie aiibject of tho tarilT tu agrted to reyoit with iavoruble tbe nest fungus:-. | ttoti the bill lucroducedin tho ilouso provitl- IftioLLTiox PASSED.--Senate lesolution in ing fur tin.- better protection of cattle John L. Vance, Ex-Congressman, lias arrived 1'iom riau Francisco, and will proceed to his home at Uallipolis by boat, lie u undoubtedly insane. THE ilayor of Venice called on General Grant, \vlio expressed his satisfaction at visiting Venice, and warmly ttiauked the Jlayor fur the cordial expressions addressed to him by the letter of the Venetians. A UEAvy gale has prevailed along the northern c-oaat of Spain. Kuuieroiw lidhiug vessels have bewi lost, and abou: I'JUUeriueo iisber- uien were drowned. Fifty-six fishermen belonging to Saniander have also bi-eu drowned. TiiK-old propositioa to settle the question of polygamy in b tab, by annexing tliu Territory to JseMidj, Juis been again revived in Washington. The ecus tit utioii of that State would, it is argued, quickly dispute of the problem v.'itliout lurther trouble to Congress. Tiis House Committee un Agriculture have lie Uailroad Compnny. iliscnLi^AN^ou^.--Sarifent submitted the f»l- io'xuug aBi'j:dnie:u in tho nature of a. Mibsti- ;utu tu Ho Use Lull reKevhii; le^al disabilities ;t' }voui''.:i: 3Co person shall bt; excluded from jjructic- What ft Tottering Fabric ; Is a ftfBtem depleted of vitality and irregular i in its functions. It is only judicious and prompt medication which cau save it from i t ; speedy and total collapse. The Ionic u n d ' regulating properties of Hosteller's Stomach , Bitter* particularly adapt that benign medi-' cine to revive physical vigor and reform those : bodily irregularities which are a burner to its permanent restoration. Biliousness and constipation ure totally overcome by it, and tbe dlguitlve activity and thorough assimihition which it promotes nave tbe effect of increasing the vmtying aad nourishing qualitits of tlie blood. The Biitera are also au excellent detergeii t of the vital current, since tliey com- iimnicate a healthy stimulus to the bladder aad kidueye, which are the most important channels for the escape of Us itupurHie*. Pure, agreeable, and of botanic origin, tiior. ough and prompt, but never violeufia its action, the reasons for the transcendent popularity of this medicine ure botli cogent untt appreciable. WASTED.--A good Agent in every city, town and village In Hie United States, to take subscriptions for the COMMERCIAL ADVOCATE, the only anti-Catholic and conserva- Uvc labor paper published in America. Subscription J3.W a year, in advance. Good inducements will be ottered to Agents. Write for terms and full particulars. Address COM- MBBCIAL ADVOCATE, 53(J Montgomery Street, San Francisco. Cal. tuTsiciASs of high standing uuhcsituUng !y give their indorsement to the us^ of the Wrsefcaberg-Jlarahairs Catholicon for all female complaints. Tbe weak aud debilitated find wonderful relief from a constant use of this valuable remedy. Sold by ail druggists. tl-50 per bottle. MEADOWS iLiGiu LIXIMEXT is'a sure cure for Neuralgia, Headaches, Rheumatism, utc., or money 'refunded. It Is sold by nil druggists, at 50 cts. a bottle. Abrams tfc Carrol], Agents, Francisco. JETJTA Mowcits, with double motion and latest improvements'and "extras," at greatly reduced prices. Berry l*laee, eorucv Market and Fremont sheets, San Francisco. J. W. SHAEFFER C0'3 GKEEN SEAL CIUAU3 are intide from liiiest Itavaua Tu- baccr,, :V^J Sacramento si,. San Francisco. Foe tlit; best fJi w atiil tlie Jowt-si prices t to ttui ul'l aud reltable estauHsluneunit \V.\l. SUKW, Xo. llSKearny street, San Frajiciscv, est-iWishcd lit 1331, anil roniierly located ou Jluntgoiimry strc'-r. LADY canvassers wanteU fur HUH- :uicl s:i!ni*le arn- cU'fa. Vims Suaauemeu*^. for panieMlara ntSfircai A. COl'tlX, J70 1 Jtli street, Ouklftliil. LM. THurn SAvao.-FlliiiiuTwHli a SJ Teeth from £iU inward. Teeth u fain. mi. Moilt'FEW. l*4t) Siitte: unco can IJL- nccomilui Jor u p t m tliu supposition only liuit (lie Free 1'nss lu?i nil its front teeth from tbe kick c,-i a y^ui'ir mule before it ".vn.- t.Ui en mglj to play the game. THE city of New Yurie can point willi pride and exultation, to the i'aut tb-..t t'u-; has accumulated within teu years u i :i^cr debt than the city of London his dnn-j m u thousand years, and thm tbe [)f.\s annually i n t h e f f a y d ' i n t e r e s t o n b o m m a i wt rruhiu"tujj; rasmbL-rs of CongnM or Uov- ffloney more limn London spemla iur ;t'i | irunjeiu employes irom U-iajj counsel for purposes. Autl yet Loudou bu'id'.s t l i r . t } L-laim.mid a^ainsi iJio Guvc-rmueur. lUii^ on Pureign Affairs \u::i r.itiLUce to jkxit;:i: . uoul'lw, toj,-(.lUi 1.11:1 .1 IjiU rui'iLPtuig tho rrc-i'IiMit t j ki^o on tuu 'I'mia bimkr in: I--* j UI..TI O.f.O'J !i!U! vu nim^i .Yniu-iuiui titv/.eu^, of StatOrt a | i\ointn to the Its she is that than Kew York. IT is said that Augiut Ucliv.' bought a fiii'm for vtiiich lio i/uUi ; rS 000. Mr, Belmoat mi= lived m thu all his liiV, and (·!" tours 13 kns.v,i ;: lately uotliiug ab.-ut innijn^; mil i will take our novice- and pia.:t rm.- of that lam! iu wooden mitmc^- «ucl 1 the other half well stuckeu \ \ i i l i : transportation. Tlio'oill provides tlmt cattle ahull bii ful at least once cvtrv twciitv-four hours. Ir u ttiled it the Pension Ofiico that already tlierc have buta received UjUU'J upplicatHius iioai jKi-noiia chumiiig pwisioiiii under the law ryC'-'Qtiy taiiL'ttd by Congress granting pension;-, ro^ardlfsd oi' length of sorvico, to all soldiers ol liiy war of 1812 ami their widows. THE Senate Coamiliiee ou Post Offices and i 1'oat Jtuada havt- tiLt'idtd to recommend the pjivitigc of tliu bill to aid tiie establlatiutiit of sieiui-iuoiithly mail bervic-fc betweou the United I Watts nrnl Ura/.il, by two lisus of Bttamsiiips, iiiteniiudv clepaiiiug fiom New York and jX'tw ; '"'iTJ^udTM-^^- . U , r - o ^ , , . o f : Torntonca Lutl adniiitt-d nointu to tho bur. u u m w c-utc-redSt/Jolin last nightWd p'iaded ; T;iC-:'r ctiS'-s niiglit couie io the *3iiprtme Court, | ^ ativt-'is this moruing, iiuiuwhin^ revolvers aiMit v.ouid ljfiiijjii=t tyt! t:i!jiu. -'»'! actiiiy in a riotous manner, pearly all oi tliLin c.trribd iirmsi. Tnu sppearaae'o o f ' ^omcof ihc party led to tin,- Lt-H'-t tb;it they were more ibaii ovdiuavy ivampe. 'J'llh UpordtnCo' strilip in JiugUml increases. Ni-Aily ;dl tlw operatives lit "lluruley, \vliov-e iioticvi expired, iia\o joined in tlie strike. TnoiisrHKw of idlers at Blackburn aro wander- tug the sheet-*, some of tiiem becoming verv clamoroiia. Jiinployers in Lancashire district say arlntration id out of the question. SENATOR EATON'S bill to authorize tlie maintenance of Die Southern. Pacific railroad biidge 'across the Colorado river, provides tliat the brivigemast be'so coustnieied as not to obstruct navigation, but must have a draw of bufiicifciu spaL-c to permit any steauiGu or other ver-sei iKiviq;atin^ -?aid river to pass at ail bordtr | times. Tni: Secretary of Btatahas rca'ivtd a letter f tnauli-J frnm the Loadon Colonial Ofiieu of ivi'.t Joy ih« ttrvicu rentlered TO tbe [;t])!e t'l'Is'ew yjialind by our government itvi'gh Uio i'eciei-jil i'ish Comuiiadioners, by ii-cj-jg the colotiic-3 in pos«e.ssion of a large ippiy oi Califoriiia suhnon, which have irnen in t'.ie waters of !New Zciihnid beyond ie most s-aiiyuine expectations. TiiE bail: Azor, with tho fiibt bldploan oi migrants sent To Africa by tho JUberiau Kxo- sii Aawciation,"sailed i'roia Charlutuu rt-eent- y, beiijg atcouipanied to the bar by two li or Ptcamtis crowded with escnr»ioni! vlulu the whole battery and wharves v, hnjii(-'d T.ith tho'.tsamU of negroes shout- ng and waving hats and handkerchiefs writ bore out to sea. The Azor carries 25i Ait. PJiytosraiHis made at the New Vorl; (.'.illery, Ko. iM Tlitni St., b. I-'., are guaranteed to In 1 iliat thias. Prluus tu suit ttic time?. J. 11. IB rKj;y. i'r,)pri"t.jr. fiiornaiuriiaut superior Quisit ut Mwi-sc'.-Hit'.ia of Art. l i t .Mijlitsuiiii-iy Slrett, Sau Fr;»ii-l=c). " ernj-, s|inuij stjic-. fc'ei Z'o=t St.. SHU Kr.ii'i'f- f , y Par, of li fd M C A L V E R T ' 8 CAtttiOl-IC SESBPWASH iga per gallon. T. ff. .(ACKBON, Saa Fran ' 0. P. H. HSBSLL CO.. BOlSreANDSHOES, O. 410 CJL.AV H Beffc'iiftii SAHiioinc aud Cittery, Mannfarrarera or Men s. Kwjs' drt-n'a FllxK CALT? ilO01: x . K solicited aud promfitsv flt.ea. tita matic at the lywcet market pr ett exsmma tlic soovls »r.d wwc* SAM FUAKC1SCO. ronth'f, RD-! ChilAJ: aucs nj,c ' Yevba Bucna Bitters Parities the IMooil. Yerba Bnena Bitters Regulates thft Liver. Yerba Bnena Bitters Reflates the Bowo's. Yerba Bnena Bitters For EIHouflnus?. Yerba Ruena Bitters For UTC? Complaint. Yerba Buena Bitters Cures Dyspepsia. Yerba Bnena Bitters Cures Jaundice. Yerba Buena Bitters MAGNOLIA SOAP MaifacW to Compete ilj tat Men Import*! GUARANTEED SUPERIOR i IN EVKRV WAV, ASI Twenty-five per cent. Cheaper! 6 s - $1OO,OOO.OO *^» Tliat it contains UBS foreign raiUnee, made of purer ttoek, it m»» dtttrgttt or oluuiae, anl every way totter than the Eastern 8o«p. BUY CHEAPER AND ENCOURAGE ROME MANUFACTURE! *TAY1AR1 SOAP CO., * Mto " CBAHB £ BEISHAM, Agents, S. P. That tiootl "laeliine, "THE FLOJMCE" htry tl. iny. «r Kiiiff- ouutj, «-iilc»: "1 p«»- nt-«- Mnwins 3S«fi»liie : It h;iK t»c« Iu toil- and lini uevor b»en ti t!l itou-tltu Hlll« rnb- u iv!ivc*l liiis slveu out; Florence Sewing Machines, White Sewing Machines, Howard Needles tor an ^M^. Florence Oii Stoves. MUSICAL FESTIVAL San Francisco, May 28th. 29th and 30th, 1878. 2,000 TRAINED SINGERS! 200 MUSICIANS! Telephones, Electricity, Anfils, Artillery, Big Mm, Colossal Orp! M. tV. WHITXGY, the Oreateit tlviuar Bn»«o. MHS. BILLI.ViiS, the Celebrated Oratorio Hoprnuo. Hit. FESBtNDE.V, the Bi-no»ue,l Tenor. HISS CLiREK, (b* ir«at ·oulrallo. Tits 1V1IOLB L f .\OKH TUB DIRKCTIOX OY CARL ZERRAHN, the Pttmons Director of the Great Boitoa JtnbUeet. SEASOX TICKETS for the three daya $8.00 RESERVED SEAT for my day of the season.. $1.5O, $2.OO, 92.6O According to Location. Ticket Office at SHERMAN, HYDE CO.'S, San Francisco- STOKER W. BUGBEE, Manager. Office, 78 Nevada Block. GRAND SPRING OPENING --OF-- AND BOYS' CLOTHING. I'roiapt attention given to orders from the country. PALMER BROTHERS, TJG, 713,730.733 nnil 731 Mm ket St.. San Fnmctao. CLIPPER SPRIHQ BED! TURBINE WINDMILL A N D Ornamental. This Mill Is SBLF-KSOyLATlaft^ therefore caniiot be Injured by EtorniB. They are made of the beat mwterlalB, anil warranted ti glvu enliefactiou. Manufactory, Oakland, Oa!., them In San F \\'. Jt.Asi.Icy, wii-i will bfiul MiTtj[)!ca Of -rfjiHH ful { ir !iisinif!lo:i. To the ittd-.e-, I '.voulil v,\y i!;;u I I ·u si firtst-claid estalillshiiiL'nt Iur Ire?.-tn.i:-.lug, ami j ·ed tot^f'cute countryoniorawitiirihtpiitf! iij'l ii-upa-ty. · .-,i!;!u Commit Lo Kiibnii[!c;l a report .-ill iu ixUuon u tho Vonvzuchm and .lui^i-ji^. Tiie bill repeals the .·ut of ;Hljiiclio,ited clainia, ;uUhur- ·i'lt::t t'j cuter into negotiation l'i iur extension of time for the f April 23tli, ISiJC, with regard tu A std u]jon by tornier Commit- n.--IJivcr uiiJ Hai bor bili. tili. It appropriate c-7,;}00, Jtiny !rui;i enrollmeni and · v " ! Z 'TL horsea, Irisli bul;s, ii^ydrdulic nuns. :K:! I , m ^ the like, Ue may ^ut lii-; money I'.ick--] ^L_xii\i:i Co though he probiibly never \\ili. i ALT ft-r ;uyii j 1Z.S t!.y I'r THE friends of '-thy ^:tut ami tnUed n u h V c w z i little humorous cuss,"' 31. Q-itui, iutvc ;m t ~'j- IlTr , LI '^' 1u excellent method ot' ilclciuiiiiin-,' a» lo vi\"sloi' 1 ^(. whether or not tie i tuber. Tiiuy dua't I alt elaiuis ask Mm to repeat ''Vetur PJpei picked H peck of pickled pepp'-is;" iu«y s i m n i y ast him. tlm day uiouih of \\u biU!\. If he says the ''Jburtcuutli of Fcbru.ii v," tlxey rtjoico to know ilui: be i:. suijcv: but if lie innkes it the ^iobtticntn oi Fowbruary," they turn uway and voii their eyes and weep. TilE Ciitifonna. Lc-gishituie ha? been ! agt considering a bill to vireatc ttiy dlic:.' oi'1 I'roviuu State Gaugcr. At iiist iiyl.t it u n u l . l | ?; ltl , l i ' L L t not appear that tSiere cnu'ni be ismwi nf j IH( Q ^"J."' u gougo in this arraugement, u u t tiie j Tv-obill opponuniVies ot'uch un oiiieiai .nt- vLi- i " i ' llL '. 1}1 ^ tji t-xtentl il-e tinu for tliecoti- blu when it is knovMi tii .t according to ' the term? oE the bill ic^iirdujy fee.-; Tor gauging and b r a o d i D g i u i 5|mits. wintjs Stat»«r im- aod l"K|uord produced in ported, tbe State U auger \vouli] %ul ;ui income ot"^010,000, -.t \v'iich S3UO.OOO would be from native \vinei. would indeed be u fat wine f (v)at* -tn.Ltioii tnil complotiuu of tliu ^orthen l',cinc Tijihoitd ^a^ iO A '.a. \^i Mid tin- Uh.-.v 11:^ uiisL-uthiiL-jjti £ilopU(!. \it: 'j'ii:tt v,i lU i lji;!s granted to the Compan IAVL Ucn sunuyul and the COUIPAU x\iR\f cnlitltd t.j a. patent for the iuH be Mi'jijtet to taxation hv S :·;·; tlnttlic i d l y fur until trait O KlWtnt Viirdt,Oil''Ht'tt t liiHHinei-'r'Ini-if ·.'· t-n t.'tMtesciljhjui M.-,l(!'-._( .-jU.Jl-iv,-^. Mijii n 1 1| i^.\y. a UMAX IlAIIt! Tii-U;.:;i!U'-rAKo I L'-- '·'I 1 ^_^!L^J!l_ ! -_' i ?5l^ · * *·** i?ct,iM»t tut. «I»-I!;A S CARCE GOODS, Kwiis, Photos-, . _ pic Catalogue, tic. ^i'arla^QBk Co. l-'liicago. 111. VO/A-JCIwrT^TIi^Fwpr"A(!(lr.BS tait Wcs'.cni Gun Wui ks. l'» taliiirg. Pa. too much, but when \ve stc tix with *1D7 and $2,OUQ wurtli of inspired by "a wild spirit of a - i \ from the reading uf tucii den I strike out f u tue reaujug ui t u u n pupvis, BUM- | f,'»''j c-oi.'immi;;gruiit-', n^hi-,, imvtiu^Cii.ctc., | ily disappear 'from lliu-c u t i w tunl \ itj tiic C'ompdb... ^-al.JLct to uny Jawi'iifly si-s j ke out fur the plain?, it m u s t he con- ! "^J"-^T''"!-"^'] -TM? '\ tjd -' 1 ' i ; 1 . t ' r j l 1 or Led that the tendency i= u littk ihat j ^.k'rVi^i'u^orjli/zlS^^ way. Parents should know t i n t it it, j ' T:tc-i-ill , their solemn duly to do nny t\i" ivvo tliinjv?. j S^iuto lull ;·. or both--cither cuiupel liiuir boy» to quit j "J,^", r^i^i-, 71 leading such ruinous tiash, or tako tnctn j ' -^ lC 1'acilk- J!;'i to the nearest horse-poii.i nnd 'Irn^n j idkui up and them. . the rrc^idcut to ^ n i t l i tue Ute Indi- QUE of the whisky (tealers i-i of 1*10 i V(? opinion that at the ciul of t\v u or tinx'c i tli! bill years there will be such an of that invigoratiu; tuis eection c -.]. .'Scrjiti'iii of r ;c y c inte bill for t'n us iiL-irrox, tiie celebrated Africai r cotiuuaiKlin'^ the IClitdival bxpeditwc .0 survey mines in the luncl oi' Midian, hud re .uniecl Irom Egypt, bringing tweuty-fivo ton jt specimens, touiprisinj; £j»U, silver, copper tin aud lead. Cap tain Uurtou found tlire sulphur cenlrea, tmce turquoise mines, un estuusivc deposifcj of gypsum, saltpetre an rock salt, ite goes to Kuglaud to arrange to working the iniues for the Kiiedive. 'J-'HE Proliihitiouista of iiow York, u.t tli late convention ia .Albany, passed re-solution demanding that the m;uiutacturo and aalo o iutoxicatiug liquors bo proliibitvd by law S 'Oiesting agairiiit the tiiiictmout of tli oiiet Bell 1'micb. act: lavoiing tliu enfrai ehisemcut of \vomeii; opposing tho nationa bankiug system, and dechiring U is tho duty o Congress to create tlie amount of currene neoedjjary to start into activity the suJl'eriu industries of the country, A CUICAGO dispatch says: There is contm CJ'ahle interest felt by citixens iu movcmeu of Communists of tlji-iciiy. They arc activ Iv at work drilling ami arnuHg witd bretc loading rifles. Upon being questioned, the profess they arc preparing for mtare emerge cic-.--, but bay that tiicy will act merely in st dtfence, and will not foment disorder. The are abwU 8,000 of tiicm in this countv, and iri stated that from 1,000 to 2.0UU a're arm. and dull "weekly. The police force, am vrate ing tlit-ir movements to prevent a recurren (;[ thu riotous proceedings of last July. k Tin: bill authorizing the Bale of ti Or '. lantli in California, Oregon aud ItVaslih.-.,, "iViriwry, aspired by the U. fi. Htnato, j)i vid-.-; t u a t any _snrvi'yrd lands iu Calitonn Ori-gcm :tnl iVushington Turriiorv, not reserved, and valuable ciik-liy for timber and tiulrtd for sale, may be sold in qiuiutitied not exoc'.ding 10') acres to ilny one person or association at a minimum price ot yl.o 1 ) per acre: and that lands cliidly valuable for stone nidv b'j sold on the same terms, Nothing in Una Act is _to jmpair any bona n'de claim under any L'uitcd States lav?, or nathorize the ?ale of any m.iiing claim or miners Hands, or interfere of ditch ov.utrs. An itsntisflml w-ltli tliiigwya^ siut pilu'slii yiil-1 ilnJ it to Uic-ir ad\autiigc tu I'oi- nl ths:r in)ere to tiie j!J »ml \vell-kiimvii Grocery .tins wf C. J.HAWLE-I ,t ci»., i-stsblislicd Itt Ibo'J. ha, one o f t h « l.irgcei and best selected J-tucJ; of jas ou tlie I'-K-ltlc Coubt, rieasc f.ivor us w Wi ymir Itii-b. \\'u guarantee satisfaction or refafid livi nicy, ffvwls. shipped tu any dopor or boat free of nrgf. Uoti(itl:e^Itjitet03Lnd your ordcri. C. J. UVLEV ,t t'O., M'liolwalfiand IJetjiil «rni;ers. 215 riaiTSultorrri;et,.Saii Francisco. I'.O.lioxSH. JULY 4, 1878. Ail «:XLS, rn-m "Cold Chop lianta. \V«;irc cUi.iuii out wir l'ir« \Vnrks- av ' rS!UTi;i! tt»!;tic*-iHftit« tu tJie tratlL 1 . CHUECH CO.,-Sac Francisco. . to Third Sitr*· -^ ;. «. 1IAI.I,. MA* Ut-ACT t l i Pianwortes. Fatlory »»d Sftlesr r iScrcci, Sun Irancteto, bend lor Tric II. 1EAKKK, Mllu.tfra V l., -140 Cliiy Si.. S. Y. lioilOB, Ccrttntuttt-a wf Slo liqc.ta. UniUa. ^utu3, Corpunirion Seal", c , Ac. IAV.1I'I.I rESSIOSS JS'CJEKASKI*. AVritu col. L. UIXOHAM A: (JU., .\Uorii-is lo lahoji, L'MCtits. Und 'rules'. \UMiittBu.n, U. c. pUKICIS J. on reci :sll KUtt PATHiUXS S ·f byiiAlL MittiL tor ). Cal, has removed u flsa Alarkat br,. t,un THE TAELOB, 203 Wontgomery St. and 103 Third, S. F, ....*.'( ENRIGHT'S STRAW RPKXINU EMrT Portable Straw-Burning Engines, GILHAM^ GREEN OINTMENT, TKU:nil external (lisfiir,- U f tiie Horse, lias no cnuii] -T for sale by Trailers. Dniggbu suiil liarueas-uwk- "" MAI; * *= ^''-V^|"^ ban Kranciecu liU-ZZUrd*. 1 DitlrtHd. !or S5 Ccilts. mi: .1. H. JtUgKpltI'a SONS. iidc by Agentsscllhii: our jotis, 2icinreundCbromo ;n!nj,|.jg, worth W3. FCIII Cuiuloiriie free sf iiSi"vS iUi iH il · I'OULTIiV CIKCULAK TKL1..« HOW TO mlilu egy iiroduciiou of haus, rutsti cuicken* HofSlioin iliseasc, etc. Sent froc to any n,I- 0.1'. Sl-uNE. .Mivion MarKct. San Frnncl«c-4. T-MMESSK SAJ-ES OF UOLDES KULE ^ A Huu-uliol(l Package-. Sdmplcs fcc. AHv .Mi ip lictlectori-, Liglitiiing 1'Iidtcrs unit MaL'lc I'Jji -nil new. S.\b3jKli fc CO.. Hit rii.-tt-trftt.t-. J fron zcil VtialsTreccin^T.' "^"l hii . . 7 _ 1Vlt ' 1 ' ry . Jl»rof. A. ' . York. A FEW FIKf-C -tl an uppintuniti iii'.ney-ntaklny busiue^s tiy"Viivl: lending for circulars :y JJifcuU Strct't^ Mn I rancitc-j. SENDFORWI^iSn^ n ACEXTa CAN HEAR " _ ' « a HttUt. yluitiaDt.a Jt saili-flicujry Iwnil 1.) a!l piiri uwi lui- cr my lisa-ins, (iu'd Hint tlic utc und rlytit uf ueilig. UR nv -uiii. El'Il KNRIUHT.San JIM. Ciil. THE FOOTMGHT TJIIi KECOGXIZED 5KAMATIC OIUJAN Of the X'ailllc Coa*it. tbe Prauiatii; IVorld. it-nd for FOOTLIOHT PUBLISHING CO., ALBKRT MAC CO.'K . . c ( l , ninl nlt[l t! ' e "a h ^ ° E -. i;»cu-i-cil ;itJ»n^tli. 0;T-ntI anini'i- [ ile»inn{f ([» IJHJ- sucli jaii'l-i h to malic ver ftnaUy 'vass--(i(i. Iimt; h Mich an application and proof as to tbt- cliiimcter of Mm liimls and its being vacant, etc., ns in the case of minin f f Jand purchases! { not Ich^ ihaii S10U nor more than 51,000; but permission is given for^any miner or agricul- tlicrcin nii'kr acts Jitrthy repealed, , ue- in full fuice and ttlect until the mo eh.ill be- f u l l y diipoae.! of in the same manner a* if -ja MiscELLVNEOL'.-*.-- Tiio pablicHtiuii of post rotitc lrom?25.i)00tp*»j,l)l)0. BHiae'a riuid'-niial resn able wliisky to cmnpetc wilii hc«r n. a j mj. popular berenige. 11 S.i^s Die i.lo-tiur: "A^ | AcC lieor is tlje clieimcst U n n k llicn: U '---.MI- "?" '·"'? al ! !ai ' rc I""""!'"* ter being lit fo,· navig,,li.,,i oni l ^ »'. PTM'.-«"^ '««( mra ,,u, purposes only--"tiie poor jaeu are compelled to drink it, if they m u s t 'Irink ut all." And they must drink, of course. And to prevent such u terrible (Ulster ;i 3 a "whisky panic," \\e must rc-iuc'C the price low euough to ctiablo the poor men lo drmk the surplus out of \hcvr;iv. Ityrt; is a chance fur a realization ot" I'm ito'ij- ! s l' r lum'8 dream of "tlint hell-roaring old ! me " time we shall have wben whisky is 6v« CTDta a drink." Poor, indeed, must I h u mtn be wboee gratitude is not urou. ; ed liy this glittering scheme For liia benefit. Afld nil wife and children--they may sut- ler from want of something to cat nnd wear, bat perish tbe thought of spoiling » "hell-romribg old time 11 on that account. fc* tbtta think of tbat and be happy. [ not been repealed appropriation for. napd was mcreasul the ordinary working of his mining claim Iluu-u and IM\ In tlie itn*i "ra[!lijly"l:i'i* I'.u.uif, part of ttie city: within r, utlnuttv V,-I\'IK ^ii'jriUj ivoiii AdaltneoT Lcnire Slrect M»tii)is. L'ji .'dxlij. JIwujc nearly new. A^s «iid beautiful C-ol(.i{,"-. In the flii«»t fcTvle of nrcliitectiire; «ix rouiiK [«o b,iy window*, two ^nurblt fimuieis, stas, Ua\l». liot anfl i.oid water, and all jnwlcru linfiruxcincnia. \Vij] b'- 1 so!-! at n^iiti fur cJ:li. lurmlrc on ti!' 1 prcuii 1 -- eslWO Ktrkliaiu St., or of N. 11. ,KillSb}\j3(. SiS .Market St.. feari i-ntncihco. Ihlnl tio'.r. J_ Mineral Specimens FOR TilK M I C R O S C O P E , 11 m r uutc'l on plaw. fur sale in Iwxo^ uf mt ili/rn (I rurd'-icrlnilverlrctilar. o r c i l J at 331 Ciilif-tr- C A JWTE R 6 iTltJDUSEii *·*· r ~cranicnto fct.. Cor. Lcl'lttOorif, L II- RAILSV, FOIi iFIPTECS TE\KS I'UO- « prktor of tlwj (Hi! l'wu:n«u;h «««. ban Francisco, has X-ascrl tlm nljorc HOUPC, nnd Imvjiiaput MIC panic in g'jotl order awl retulr. will le Iiaiijiy to PCI; ols old cviatomtre, ami will endeavor to inafcc i\w.\ rl home, n-»nt tiifi former locittlon. lVa««!i«»ctiin AotPR. IXFOIKUTIOS ii.ig Ijccn rcfcivod that lie-so Minister acorulitcd to Wjishin^h;-, cornpanicd by mt-mlioi-i of Legation and Con- preparing Ins land for tillage, or in support of ilia improvements. Parties now bnng pro^c- onttd in Culfoniia, Oregon or Washington Twriiory, weeptinjj such ao liave cut timber for exportation, are to be released on payment of 52 50 per acre for all landa Irom which tliey have taken timber. They aro not, however, to acquire title to the land by the pay- jnrnt of tlie penalty, but will have the same I rights «a other persons to purchase under tho 1 provisions of tirid bill. I WAR ITEMS.--Grand Duke Nicholas baa in- 0 viced Hie i'orte ty send two moro officers to Chi- urge the regular troops who have joined tho n "-' "MussiUtnau insurgents to submit. Sor- corn pained by mf-mlioi-i of Legation and Con( Greeks and Thracjans and Macedonians are siils for the principal p o r u u f this country,! joining the Mussulman insurgents will soon have Oiiirw for tlio TJiiitc-a Slates. | ,\i[ t} sr vi aj j soldiers on furlough lavo been THE N. Y. Commercial Advertiser savs; Iti ordered to join their commands immediately. ' ·" · Germany IB seeking to secure tiie neutralist- rcporied that Secrctiry Wherfflan is altou calliug in for redemption ten millions of Ihe livfi-twcnty air per ceut. bond*. tion of the lEaltic iu tho eTer.t of i . Continnutti ttghting-is reported in CrtH. iMTEBHATIOKAL HOTEL, 9*4 mid sao Kenrcij $·*., J-.m (rran aflii iw «»« PP.* D A T . IJ. 0. i'ATBIDttE. - - - I'EOMt Two Jniicor«l f;ua«U«fi, -A-jtii IM, nn -.,, Hotfl u:i, will always HP in wuiiiuj; -u t;«- :--i ~ 3 PROOF AGAINST BED BU65 ASP \'FRM1S 1 First-class Huir Muttrcss furnislied. ScntO. O. D. J any address In the countrr. Prices from $7 to tu. vhli urrtt-r Fcii-.l ineasiiremeiit i»r beilstaiil. C I) fc . HIXCKLY, l-i!»S"eiv .Montgomery fctreet, S. V.' WANTJBD! TO SOLICIT PICTURES -- -?em -Copying-, Enlarging uid Retouching. tVTiie bt*t woi-s ond Mghest n Vhlft \-PieL AiWrcsa"*3«Wl «. 120 Mntt^r Wtr^^t. MRU m mis." Ions given " ' JONES : GIVENS, Sacramento,Cal., Pacific Coast General Agent?. , ^'Patent Steet^BarbcFencihg. 100,000 lbs. EXTRA STRONG T O B A C C O ! SHEEP DIP ! Patkcil Iu Dales, for ulu [n lots to Mit bj E. UltKJUS CO., 525 and 527 Market Street, THIRD FLOOR flau Frauclxco. 3IcirRh 1. 1878. OH for Family Use. NONPAREIL OI TM ^" OIL - "° (1 «- "*· Te1 im, 2, «t4ieoii«ncuii.' BIHtMAXT OIL. F«m« «r,i Flub. KA " IAHT ""·· 1'Aiusn, O O COMMISSION MERCHANTS, %IO UnvIH Htri-et, - - Sim Fraiiulnco. Wool lings. Twine, Sheep Sin-lira, Slivcp Wfisha* s 8iilpliiij;_ai»l_Tohiicco for ante. DOORS, WINDOWS, BLINDS. W EIGHTS, COHU, I'ljLlET, Kc, Tor Circular! Jinti further information tiililrcfla E. II. K1T- T11EPBB A CO., ZB anil g» Cttllfoniln St.. S. P. per set. A T ROCK BOTTOM PRICES. DOUBLE FARM Harness with leather tracfiB,all complele. *a) to Hiraet. Single Ilngtf Hnrncas, 115 tu *fi 'orma SauiUps. 87 tu ISO each, with Hindi.,.,. ,,., ties, on rawhide or American tn-ej, JictoJlScac Orders toy Mail or Express promptly and faithful.. , filled and eatisroction giiarHntecd. W. DAVIS, 4'il I Market St.. San Fronciwio, Wholesale Saddlery Dealer. KOItOZC 21. li£.AK!s. Ay UTORSIA 3T., ROOM 13, - SAX 1OO.OOO CHOICE SMOKING TOBACCO, pactvt'tl In two, lour ami eight ounce Stcka from Forty to Sixty-five Gents per Pound. TJieseToliacuos v.iti be found snperlor to any In tb» iunr!:ct for t!ic priet!. IVe will semi thorn to «ny m» u'Jtlress tu loib of Dot less Thau QTO (5) poondB, C. 0. B address, E. BRIGGS CO., Tobacconist. ' OPIUM,MORPHINE 0 rUUDANUM Habit Cured! Without pain, prostration or loss ol business, "all 68 tu idence strictly confidential.·' ftlce 1 * per month--money refOaded if patient is not relieved. Address Look Box 1014, or call tip- on E. P. KV88EE.L. »OS Maaon St. «an Francisco. AfiEMTS~ D O I 017 WANT THE BEST LIKE fi||bn I W or ClironioH and Frames In America? Do you want the lowest prices and JTree outfit* f If so, Addrewi ALBERTDOKKEEACO.. 11 a Monroe Street. Chlcaeo. INFORMATION WANTED! . - OF LARGE ESP»- rfence, cue of whom has occupied tha position oC Judge, would UKe to iotato in some lire and ffrowlne Town oa tli« Piwlflc Slope, to engage in the protte* of It*. Information in regard to . ill tte ttmnKfulIy received. Addresu ITE. Ql»th». K . B. WHI P E N S I O Pritsnl n SO fitTM STHJ KIS1B, tla«e »tld 17 TKUi TOtor« diieuiot Kc WSSSaOJ BlSCT J8WOT U7 f. w. s. owautrp. N. GURRY BRO. 113 8*nsoin8 Street, San Francisco, iuooncrs and Dealers in every dewrip- tlon of · lfr«ecb and amzzle-LoaOiBg RIFLES. SHOT-6BI5 AND PISTQI A-;i;yoi:rC;ro(-er;orilfli]d tak» no other, ni it istti tj«etS«Mi.tcr]dliilly I.=L-. Knih lur wek'lm'one fii !«ntml Vt an- K!=" i-',p a'^-r.I»iur the Kulfic Coft n,r rLDiiMj, Tfiiu;rMi.\i'.«!. ( ruwc'ioiiutso-.! «-lll-r« ( ream Iiry If'.ji I'-jin-t, nnriitntcd to j»!ei Olllpfn Double KMrucf, the intrpst fttid fctron^Wst. G i l l r l N Union Sicnr in.ikestiie beet lemonade. «IMet'- linking I*f)»(if:r. niwnysBurc to ilvnic. Mllrf* roods for -ilc by ALKEBT MAU .t CO. Urct'T^aJB am! 2IS Ciiljfoniiii SIrcut, K. P. GREGORY CO., « A X D -i CA^JKORXIA Sr..S. F., S,»!G AjrtHtB r»r tin- Ccttlirntctl SPIDER HOSE! A Drum! ur Kubber Hose mmlp ex- prcusly for ii 1 ^ on Mm Pacific (Joust, Cobra mi more nn.l SJiinr.inteeil toottt- laet any-ot'icr inade. THE WESTERN RURAL. $6.000 ia Special Premiums PACIFIC WATER CURE Eclectic Health Institute, NORTHWEST cdfc»EB 7th AMD 1 STfi., SACUAMESTO, CAL. --FOB THE AfiiWliavcimM July 1,1979, In whtcli locoapleto their Clubs. We offer traong tlics* premium flr»t- class Farm^Landi, Plftnut, Organs, Farm Machinery, all kinds of Live Stock of liljth pedigree, ett, W« j!fe good pay lo agenK In nd Jit Ion ta these SpcclDl 1'remfftms. The *VOU!VO fOLKV 1 JtOSII'HIiY counts the Mine In Cltftw M THE WESTERN RVRAL. THB WK9TBK3T HVBAL il tftff Ltadinff Agricultural and Family Paptr, published by a practical farmer. Th* YOtHVG JTOt'HS' LT Isahige Magmlneof Si pages, contalnlnr a large amonnt of Reading Matter, SkctchH for Schools, utc. Send io cents for Premium List acid special terms to Agenti. A44rtH THE THE UNIQUE BOON! T ADJESnnd gcnticmcu. envc your money. Avoid All who arc afflicted ivith linrcl or wft Corn*. Kunionn. them completely «Ddnt ontc* and wltnimt Knilc m\n soreness or ftcurrldcrtlion- One nppliuaiioi] only re- (ititred, Ifccomineriilcd by Icadlnit fainlllcfl. I'ricc -yst-y*ld.| s. B.-Fctld or offensive Arm-pUs, ·eet. *£.. *Weh «riwi ftoni ,?,^'«cd__ P er 5 plr.wrr ntdll torment dt»eiw«oii lflc |rrinciplC5, t'-Rcllicr .wc vilti confidence ask r I'irUitr i'i\rttr,ulnrs wl- . »., ITuprlctor. ducti. ijof the kind. Price.*.. "U b VT ! 7-- r .« e Jf l £fp;i« v . cceint r M. K. HOE CO.'S CHISEL iiiiii Mill Edgrr nnd Slioj* fci-wn. Warranted Superior to ell '.thors. U Hoc Co.'s I'rlntTf: Prrs-cs, c. Albany J.u br! ca:l up Coiiiponr.d ana 'usw. \VorW Standard Cvlln- dt-r Oil. Setid for Circular's. F. N. ?. Co.. fX'.^v .·*.-)..H ), PRINTERS I'Ol'f., 15c. ; JO it,. kcRS, iu 111. ULI, "JOc. Alio m%nnl . - _ -- Holler composition. ·*- · IU It VL, J5t and 158 Fifth Avenue, Chicago, 111. JIBI 0«T!iHElH ItRD MD »IB«tl. A New Book by PRDF.A.CORBETT, Kx]lnlnlnf;tiiC lint rw* or Several M Helili 12 DIPMEA8 JMEW'SFAFERi IEWSFAFER!

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