Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 14, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1934
Page 3
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS rams Mi, a.sd Mrs. J. F. Brewer Jr., and sun of Louisville, Ky., arrived ay fur a month's vacation with rinowi.M 1 ':; paonts, Mr, and Mrs. lligijason. Mond Mrs. 1 1. V. Mrs Mi:::., visit R. T. Jack Stewart of Vicksburg, arrived Monday evening for a with or parents, Mr. and Mrs. While. Mrs--. Charles Briant has returned fioin a vi.sit with nor Ciaug'ntcr, Mrs. I-Jlmer J. Hester and Mr. Hester in Overtoil. Toxns. Mr:-:. Harvey Belt:; nnd little daui'h- U r anil Mis:; Lois Jones have returned from a visit with relatives in Hender::i;n, To.xas, Mrs. J. G. McCoy of Little Rock arrived Monday evening fur u few days visit in Dallas, Texas. sure you volo for the right man then come down In (lie cool- lie defied his enemies to save n Nation . . . a n (I his daughter's happiness! The dramatic triumph of I'J.'H Comedy— "Expectant rather" Hollywood on Parade' Life's C'imvas Sunshiii& and shadow and laughter nnd tears: They are forovcr the paints of the yeais. {•'plashed OK the canvas of life day by day; Wr are the artists, the colors are tho.v. We arc the painters, (he pigments we use Never wore wholly permitted to choose. Grief with its gray tint, and joy with its rod, Camo from life's tubes to be blended and spread. Now with the sunshine, and now with the shade, Slowly hut surely the picture is made; Kven the gray tints with beauty may glow, Revealing the joy of the long lost ago. Let me not daub it with doubt, and despair, Deed* that are hasty, linking and unfair^ But when thci last, bit of pigment is dried f.c-t me look at my canvas with pride. —Edgar A. Guest. Miss Ruth Barrett lell Tuesday morn in).' for a few days visit in Dallas, Texas. The pre-school study group will meet Wednesday afternoon at •) o'clock at the ho.me of Mrs. Eugene While on East Second street. All of the members are urged to be present. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Brooks and daughter, Miss Charlyno of Clarksdale, Miss., who have spent the past week in Hot Springs, arrived Tuesday for a few days visit with Mrs. Brooks' mother, Mrs. Florence Turner, and sister, Mrs. J. M, Harbin and Mr. Harbin. ——o Miss Ruth Arp of Atlas. Ark., is the guest of her sisiter, Mrs. Frank Stanley and Mr. Stanley. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Urro.y have returned from a visit to the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago. Mrs. J. R. William:;. with her daughters, Nancy Fay Patricia, who have spent the past two weeks with relatives in Bearden, Ark., will return home Wednesday. Miss Bess Walker has .returned from Chicago where she purchased fall goods for Hayncs Bros., and saw the World's Fair. Claud Levins Jefl Monday for Chicago where he will enter Coyne's Radio College. Miss Noble Loraine Simmons and Miss Dorothy Joe Yocum of Texarkana are guests of Mr. asd Mrs. M. M. Me- Cloughan. Miss Winifred Wise of near Hope, and Lewis Jackson Conway of Bright Star, were united in marriage August K;. The service was read by the Rev. Mr. Johnson. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Wise of near Hope. The groom is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Allen of the Bright Star commusily. After a bridal trip to Prize Peach Of Arkansas Thoy'iv picking poaches in Arkansas and llm prize of all was picked at Forrest, City— Miss jMaxino, Hrown, named <iueon of, Ilio Crowley Kirti;o 'poach t'esl ival,.-win) pours' hern •with her luimlr. full of luscious I'ruit. This festival, greatest, ol its kind in th« south, Is attended annually by thousands. Hickory Shade A large crowd atended the singing at Hickory Shade Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Calhoun and family. Mrs. B. S. Wjlson and daughter Gladys, spentSunda y with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bruce and family. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Prince attended the singing Sunday afternoon. Miss Rosie Lee Brown spent Sunday with Virginia Galloway. Miss Mittie Lee Rogers took diner with Miss Wilma Gentry Susday. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Terry of Hope called on Mr. and Mrs. Lester Bush Friday evening. Mrs. Malone and two children, Mrs. John Rogers and little son, are visiting Mrs. Roger's mother, Mrs. Alva Calhoun of New Liberty this week. A few from this comunily atend- ed preaching at DeAnn Sunday night. Miss Irish Bush has been spending the past week with her brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Bush. The party given by Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Rogers was enjoyed by all who attended. Bro. Rister will start the protracted meeting at Hickory Shade next Saturday night. The public is cordially invited to attend. Hot Springs. Ark., they will make their home near Hope. Let them go to distant places! Let them sail the seven seas! Let them trade in spices, laces, Scimitars and filigrees. Let them dock at far-off Aden— We can find romance and more On the shelves so full and laden Of our corner grocery store! There we'll buy black tea from China, Fragrant cloves from Zanzibar, Figs that come from Asia Minor, Other products from afar. We can get at bargain prices Coftee out of hot Brazil, Simple foods, exotic spices— Anything we want, at will! Oh, they'll go on yearly whalings— Let them! You and I can roam, Build our ships and make our sailings Within half a mile of home! Let them follow their wild notions! Let them sight their Trinidads! City streets will be our oceans, And our charts will be the ads! There's a world of adventure waiting for you- in the advertisements of this newspaper! Oak Grove Wo are certainly having some lift and ry weather and Would bo good of a good rain. Mr, and Mrs. Jim Skinner and Nen- cr Npll Mullens spest Saturday night with Mr. nnd Mrs. Hollis Williqnis of Wafer Creek. Leo Collie nnd family and Hatlie Jackson spent Saturday night and Sun day with their sister in Toxarkanu. Mrs. Marvin Toinlin spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs. Frank Mullens. MI-B, F'red Camp spent Saturday morning with Mrs. Bonnie Jones. Miss Grade Tomlin spent Saturday afternoon with Miss Jewel Ross. Mr. and Mrs. Sid Skinner and family nnd Mrs. Burl Ross spent the week end in Louisiana. Miss Kathleen Ross .spent Friday night with Miss Marjorie Byers. Brice Jones is spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Bcnnie Jones. Miss Lucille Hutson and Miss Jewel! Ross attended church at Big Bodcaw Friday and Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Loo England spent Wednesday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Ross. Mrs. Charlie Williams is spending a Tew days with her daughter, Mrs. Allen Mathis of Hope. Miss Lucy Hulsos of Hope spent tiie week end with Miss Jewell Ross. Mrs. Frank Mullens and children spent Saturday night with her father Mr. Mike Purtell. Miss Hattie Jackson spent Tuesday night with Kathleen Ross. Raymond Ross called on his brother Ernest Ross Saturday morning. Mrs. Waller Lee Allen spent a few, days with Mrs. R. D. Allen of Walnut! Hill last week. Miss Lucilc Hutson and Miss Jewell Ross spent Sunday night will) Mr. and Mrs. Howard Collier of Shover Spring. Center Point The health of this community is good at tho present lime. Oscar Middlebrookn had the misfortune of losing a mule last Saturday morning. It fell dead on the road to Hope, where he was carrying a oad of watermelons. W. W. Wright nnd J. B. Wright returned home Wcdcnsday from Highland. Lilian Wise of Mclrose spent ed- ncKflay night with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright and ehildren. J. B. Wright spent Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Wright at Rocky Mound. He also bailed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Rothwelland family, Mrs. Vannie Richards and granddaughter. Miss Mary Glenn Becham sepnt Thursday night with Mr. and Mrs, Ode Taylor and ehildres. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Vines and children spent several days last with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thad Vines of Harmony. Mr. and Mrs. Sim Middebrooks and, family of Louisiana are visitisg frinda and relatives here. Miss Delilah Galloway spent the week end with Miss Dora Mangum of Bright Star. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Middlebrooks and family spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hubbard and family. Mrs. A. L. Caudle estertained a host of young peopje with a party Saturday night. Everyone reported a nice time. Miss Iva Nell Caudle returned home Saturday after a weeks visit with friends at Bright Star. Miss Evelyn Hodnetl of Bodcaw spent the week end with Miss Marian Meers and attesded the party at Mrs. Caudles. Misses Clara and Dcnzil Ellis of Green Laseter accompanied by Jim Wright and Hanson Rothwell of Hope attended the party Saturday night. Emmet Mr. nad Mrs, Ira Brooke and children have returned to Monroe, La., after an extended visit with relatives and friends. Mrs. Mac Garland left Wednesday for Sheridan to visit her daughter, Mrs. Doyle McCoy and Mr. McCoy. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Thomas are visiting Mr. and Mrs. George Townsend of Arkadelphia. Mrs. Merrill Baker of Watpnga, Okla., and children are visiting Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Pankey. Ivan Wade returned home Tuesday after a week's visit in Smackoyer. Eiila Jo Johnson is visiting relatives in Strong. Hays Harden Spent Sunday -with his mother, Mrs./lijoks Harden. Hays is in the CCC camp at Murfreesborp. Mr. and Mrs, Rayburn Bautts of Jonosboro Returned home Tuesday. Miss Hattie Cox accompanied tham. Hays Pankey of Vivian, La., Visited relatives heer this week'; Miss Mary Beauclair who is tedjd|ijg a business course in Lftlle Hock,- S& spending the week end with her moth, er, Mrs. Willie Beauclair. Mrs. Connie Ward is spending several days visiting relatives in Malverrt Ark. Mrs. John Young of PatmOs has re* turned home after vjsiting Mrs. Albert Arnett for some time. tyrs. Elige Matthews has returned home ofter spending two weeks w|th Mrs. C. A. Landers! If a man leaves a million pounds sterling on his death in England, his heirs get only 600,000 pounds, the rest going into the treasury. According to recent investigations, girls are better sleepers than, boys. They rest more quietly and drop off to sleep more quickly. •!fi$ , v$ 9 KlTCH Us Sharp Knife in Making Sandwiches Creamy Butter Helps to Give them a Creamy Appearance-Children Like Odd Shapes BY MARE E. DAGUE NEA Staff Service Writer Lord Sandwich being in a great hurry one day and not wishing to take tho time to. dine in tho proper manner, asked the shocked butler for a slice of meat between two slices of bread. The concoction was so satisfactory that, the rest of the court followed his example and there have been sandwiches ever since, steadily gaining in popularity and variety. A sharp knjfc and well creamed butter are essential if neat, attractive sandwiches a're to be made. Bread of firm, even texture is important too, but less so than the keenness of the Tomorrow's IVIcnu BREAKFAST: Cantaloupe, cereal, cream, shirred eggs, toast, coffee, milk. LUNCHEON: Ham' rolls filled- with potato salad, baking powder biscuits, red raspberry preserves, milk, tea. DINNER: Squash stuffed with creamed left-over meat. French fried potatoes, green peas, melon and grapefruit salad served with open-faced combination sandwiches, deep dish apple pic, milk and coffee. knife and the softness of tho butter. Crusts arc permissable on children's full meal sandwiches. Dainty party sandwiches should have the crusts rein ived moved. Avoid waste by cutting off the crust before sicing the bread. Children love .sandwiches cut in fancy shapes with cookie-cutters, hearts, animals, half-moons and diamonds. Open-faced sasdwiehes are often cut in faneh shapes too, and are nice on a tray if assorted sandwiches. Following are the fillings for many varieties of sandwiches: Children's Luncheon Sandwich One cup of chopped cooked liver, 1-2 cup grated raw carrot, 1-S teaspoonful onion juice, 1-4 teaspoonful salt, cream. Combine liver which has been put through a food chopper with grated carrot. Season with salt and onion juice and add enough cream to make moist. Put between slices of buttered whole-wheat bread, Sahnujid Sasdwiehes One-half cup cooked salmon, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1-2 cup finely shredded lettuce leaf, cooked salad dressing. Remova skin and bones from salmon. Mash with lejnou juice and add lettuce. Mix thoroughly and add salad dressisg to make moist. But between thin slices of white bread and butter. Ham ami Egg Sandwiches One-fuorth pound cold boiled ham, 4 tablespoon minced onion, 3 eggs and a few grains of popper. Trim fat from ham and use to cook filling. Cut meat is shreds and add with onion to well beaten eggs. Season with pepper and pour into hot frying pan lightly greased with fat. Cook 1 .slowly, stirring, until consistency of I , scrambled eggs. Put between thin j | slices of buttered bread. This fillinu j j can be used either hot or cold and it ] I is good between toast or plain bread. 1 Combination Sandwiches ' Four tablespoons peanut butler, -11 tablespoons cream cheese, 1-2 eui> o grated pineapple. Combine ingredients, working them with'a fork until well blended. Put between thin slices of buttered whole wheat bread. This mixture is splendid: to pipe around the edge of open faced . sandwiches too. ; There are no insects to pollinate the' blossoms of the pineapple in Hawaii. : On this depends Hawaii's pineapple i ( industry, for when the flowers are j pollinated they produce I'ruit contain- ( ing hundreds of hard seeds. ! In the English, French, Latin. Italian, and Greek languages, the moon • ' is feminine, but in the Teutonic lan- i guag'es it is masculine. Crocodiles are unable to swallow their food out of water since iheyj have no salivary glands. They muM ' wash their food clown with water. , It's there in ABUNDANCE.... See your dealer today about an automatic storage water heater.' This modern gas appliance will bring to your home many years of trouble - free water-heating. That's the comforting thing about an automatic water heater when you heat with gas , . . you don't have to plan in advance for hot water. A turn of the wrist and it's there ... in abundance. No waiting between baths either— whether there's one, two or ten in line for the tub. Arkansas Natural Gas Corporation Natural Gas Service A Cities Service Unit Crane Qualified Contractor Dealer HARRY W. SHIVER Gas Water Heaters Convenient Time Payments Plumbing * Electrical Appliances Phone 259

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