Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 4, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 4, 1937
Page 4
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# ' *^T' word, «tahM«B ifc .S^e wort, win. SOe Six tteis»— 4c word, minimum SOe Oft* month (26 Htoes)— ISc wotd, A-L }fi6ttii an tot continuous Inset- ttaus only. 'fit' Hiking word count, disregard «tosifi«attoa name such as "FM JSiflt," "for Sate," ete.— this Is bee. -B&i each Initial ot namev «f complete telSpBone number, counts as i fttfl word. For exam pie: - POtt BENT— Three-room modern furnished apartment, with gaiafe, dtoro in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9939. Total, IS words, at 2c word, 3lc for one time; at 3ftc word, 53e for times, etc. NOTE: All wfdew placed by telephone are dtte and payable upon «t bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience A ft. kegnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf " HOLD EVERYTHING. Don't have nightmares sleeping on that old hard bed. Let us rebuild it or call us for , prices on. new white cotton or feather mattresses. HEMPSTEAJD MATTRESS SHOP, 7l2 West Fourth Street, Paul Cobh, Phone 953-J. 4-6tc For Rent WANTED—Pour or five-room house to rent Apply to Mr. HiE at county agents office. 28-6tp FOR RENT— Two nice apartments, modem, just outside of city on Rocky Hound Road. L. C. Summerville. Fhone 815-J. A pasture for cow. 4-ltp FOR RENT—-One four room house, . one-three room apartment, Magnolia Addition. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. Telephone 1638-11. 28-6tc '' TOR RENT—Furnished rooms, with private bath. Mrs. W. R. Chandler, Phone 906. l-3tc - - FOR - RENT — Two - room furnished apartment with" private bath and garage. All utilities paid. Phone 79. Mrs. .Frank Hutchens. 2-3tc. • FOR RENT—Largp, desirable bed ' room for .couple, with board. Phone 238. . .. 4-3tc For Sale FOR SALE: Residential property, 1 92x225\feet, Southeast Corner. -Hervey and Avenue"'"(£..Box .1503, .Shreveport, La,; ":,*„..•. .> 22-14tp. FOR SALE—New sorghum molasses ""in new buckets, high grade. 55 cents per gallon. Call at office of Hope Star V 27-15-dh. FOR SALE—Now is the time to sow oats. We have the best, seed you .can buy," Ferguson No. 922. Re-cleaned, ; tested, 50 cents per bushel. Sow one and a half bushels per acre—it's plenty. Hope Brick Works. 29-6tc Abruzzi Rye, Oats, Barley, May Wheat, Vetch, Winter Peas, Winter Rye, Grass and Fall Bulbs. MONTS SEED STORE l-26tc Lost LOST—Two keys on small chain at Hope football stadium. Had small silver shoes on the chain. Phone 576. Mrs. J. W. Strickland. 2-3tc. Found jnOttNTM-Keji 1 rlttg with eight keys. Owner rttay claim by paying lor this notice. 27-.3tdh. ^ FOUND—A key ring, Owner please call at Hope Star. 4-6tc FOUND— A ladies purse. please call at Hope Star. Owner 4-6lc Personals WE BUY - IND1ANHEAD AND L1NC0LNHEAD PENNIES. WILL PAY UP 7t) $75.00 each for INDIAN- HEADS and 52.00 each for LINCOLN- HEADS BEFORE 1923. Write us for shipping instructions. Send lOc to coyer "mailing and handling our latest buying catalog. Prices guaranteed. WISCONSIN COIN CO., Box 523B, Milwaukee, Wis. 4-3tp. Wanted WANTED—New or renewal of Subscriptions to any magazine. Special clubs for schools. See Chas. Reynerson at city hall. 1-Gtc Help Wanted—Female WOMEN EARN GOOD PAY. Wonderful Opportunity. Experience Unnecessary. Addressing envelopes for us. Everything Supplied. Write, enclosing stamped addressed envelope. Nationwide Distributors, 401 Broadway, N. Y. 4-ltp Today's Answers to CRANIUM CRACKERS 1. "Gone are the days, etc,," are from "Old Black Joe." 2. Only angora will fail to heed your call. Angora may be a cat or a goat. 3. Of the states named, only Texas was in the Confederacy. 4. Plunder means loot, which contains the makings of an implement—tool. 5. The 13th will fall" on Friday. Apologies to H. W. L. Under the spreading chestnut tree The smith works like the duce, For now he's selling gasoline, Hot dogs and orange juice. JReal Estate Noticej I ALL OWNERS of residences, build- ring lots, or farms, for rent, sale, or |trade are courteously requested to 1 phone 826 and give descriptions and! • particulars of property to— ; Foster & Bordenj i 123 W. Division St. Licensed Real Estate Brokers CRANE WATER I 'HEATERS' SJlLES and SERVICE Harry W. S $5.00 Down tiiiyer Plumbing--Electr'ical PHONE 259 Stratosphere Flyer HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured balloonist. 10 Melody. U Demonstrative pronoun. 12 TO proffer, 13 To encourage. 15 Upon. 16 Saucy. 17 Being. 18 Three. 19 Poker stake. 20 Started I suddenly. 122 Drive. 23 Rabbit. 27 Sprite. 28 Eccentric wheels. 29 Lost to view. 30 Or> his last flight he i landed in the ; ^_ (pi.). 32 Withered. 33 Musical note. 3<$ To slumber. 35 Blank line. Answer to Previous Puzzle 30 Company. 37 Exploit. 38 Beef fat. 39 To doze. 40 Hammer heads. 42 Armadillo. 43 Local position. 44 Short intermissions. 45 Military assistant. 46 He has ascended over 10 . 47 He is a by profession. VERTICAL 1 Shirt ruffles. 2 Ireland. 3 To help. 4 North America. 5 Passages. 6 To gossip. 7 Auto. 8 Accompanies. 9 Compact. 13 To take notice of. 14 Grafted. 16 Prior choice. 18 Glazed clay block, 19 Intentions, 21 In this place. 22 Tense! 23 Flock. 24 Form of "be 25 Road. 26 His native continent. 28 Price. 20 Irish fuel, 30 Snare. 31 Harasses. 32 One that 35 As it were. 36 Provisions. 37 To handle. , 38 Speculation.' 39 Spiders' nests 41 Silkworm, 42 Onager. 43 To perch. 45 Monday, Octobe HOPE STAR, tOPB, ARKANSAS By W1LL 55S5y? WAY E<3At%'-i*At>S/ 3UST WAIT" •*-•*•>*•-"•-• 'ME.ET feLIZABETH. MY FAVORITE SISTER, WHEM SHE AftlSUveS AY HCOPLfe FOR A VISIT/. SHE TOOK CAft£ OF ME WH9M 1 WAS JUST A KIP/ KAFF OF YOLJP, RlBBlKJQ«^l AM. HAS ME MIMP OF A HOOPLE <JUICK AS A STEEU TRAP/ I&jorHpopie OUR BOARDING HOUSE IF £M6 WAS TM^ONJE YOU B(JD£/W3 OW TH' -, VOU REALLV ARE eoiM© AMD CL&AKJ H6B. LIKXS SHE MER tlMfe Cut! ALU. POP AMP WO '^ &OBBV? VIS, HE'S CAWU'T \yVALK Ofc TOO MUCH FOOTBALL. VIS, HE'S RILLS' SHAPE - is»« pott, ME IrJTO HG>UD tHAT IW FOR TH' HEtt LlFS WHEW SHE SEES WHAT A YOU/OR IMTEULkSEWT LOOKIM MUT to BE t r A WAT*MIMG= COPB * V V MOTHEES SET GSAV. By MARTIN Enough Is Enough BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES !! ^ HOVO \Vi 1937 SY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S, PAT By HAM ALLEY OOP Uninvited Company AW, IHA'5 ALL RIGHT. PAL- WHADA I CARE HOW FAE. VEE COlM'- I ( IM SPITE. OF TH' DI THAT MAW6LE AM' CHEW, I'LL TH' STUFF, ' VCOULD - IP L HE WU7. AT.' OH,HECK.'TMA'SSO I'D PLUMB FOEGOT.'.' NOW MV VE&V L4S7 HOPE. 15 CQM- THE. JAE COMTAIMIWG THE MVSTER.IOUS FOWOEIZ THAT BRIKies FORTH THE VOICE OF THE WOOZV EMPTY.'/ DESPERATE FOR, IW - FORAAATIOM OMLV THE WOOIV CAKJ GIVE,THE OEAND WIZEE DETAILS TO THE JOB OF REMEWIM6 THE S EH? ALL VER LADV FRIEUDS RIDIW, HAW/ . .__,-_.,, i WHERE V'OOIM 1 ? ) L ACTT THIMfi WAIT, I'LL GO L5 MS HUWTIM' 'IAA FOE. SEVERAi. DAVS- S^/.r^ By CRANE Shots in the Night WASH TUBES HEAVENS.' PISTOL , .'1 WHAT WAS IT^? I SHOTS. J MAKE A SILLV.' / OP THE RO SEE WHO'S M A.TREPS, LIKE THE GATHERING NIGHT, GR.OW PEEPER. AMD BLACKER... \ JrLlTT . LIGHTS THE HOTEL/THERE SLINKS A 5TEALTHV Fl&URE, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Dirty Job OUCH J HEY, FELLAS PLEASE: LET OP MY LEG V/ELL,ARE VtJLl IW FOR THE WINTER ? DON'T JUST SIT THERE ? EVERY OME ELSE HAS GOME.' IT'S ALL OVER....LET'S GO TO THE SHOWERS .' SB ANNUAL POLE-RUSH IS OWj AMD 7HE MUD- PILE IS SERVIWG AS A SMOKE SCREEW FOR PIRTY WORK BY CRASH I DOW'T WANT ANYONE TO SEE ME, WUTTY I DON'T THINK 1 CAN WALK // YEAH V/HY SURPRISED NEARLY YAWKED OFF HIS LEG; WHILE YOU WERE TWISTING HIS AKIKLE .' LET'S PUCK UWTIL THE SMOKE CLEAR Sj WE GAVE HIM THE — "TTM'REO.O.S.PAT.OFF. NE*SEHVICE. INC. By THOMPSON AND COW< A Tough Character MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE HELLO, .JIM- TELL AAE..VVAS THE OPERATIOM A SUCCESS! TO &E FCAMK WITH YOU. PLEWTY PUZ2.LED &V THE WHOLE ~/VOU MEAM YOU'VE / PEI^FOR^AED 1HE / OPEEATIOU OW HIAA, AMD IT DlDkJ'T REMOVE HIS CRIMIMAL V TEMPEMCIES? EB ...AH, I WOULDM'T THAT &Ln HE STILL NEEDS A &l'T OF. EE-PSYCMOLOeiCAL &LJIPAMCE MV PEAE. - I'M SO SOI2RV IF'BULL" HAS AMMOYED vou - HE is OKJE. OF oue lViP AFTER. ME'E. EXPERIEMCE WITH THE A\AM WHOM SHE KECO6MIZED AS "BULL" KAEPOM, THE KIOTO RlQJ ViVEA WA.I1S IM THE HALL TILL THE IS F'WSHED.

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