The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1940
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1940 BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS IN PHJPPIKS Surplus Of 8] Million In 1935 Nearly Wiped Out Should Hair Bo Up or Down?— She Says 'Both' By RICHAKI) 0. WILSON United Tress Siafl Comspoudciit .MANILA. P. 1., March M.—Philippines President Manuel L, Quezon lias sharpened his pruning knife to halt the annually increasing cost of government in Hie islands since establishment of the Commonwealth in 1835. Tlie Commonwealth government has levied many new taxes lo meet steadily increasing governmental bttdgeli, but the returns from these taxes have failed to keep pace with expenditures. The un- appropriated, unallocated cash surplus of nearly $8,500,000 at the time Hie United States handed over control of the insular government to Qucwm's Commonwealth administration has dwindled unlit it will barely total $1,000,000 at the end of the next fiscal year. "This situation demands Die exercise ol caution," Quezon warned the National Assembly in pointing out. various economies he proposed to effect. Largest economy provided in his budjet for the next fiscal year wns in national defense. He proposed a saving of $578.394 by combining the Philippines army and constabulary. By eliminating the annual national - mobilization of army trainees, an estimated $1.000.000 will be saved. Tax Hcccipts Down Disappointing returns from the increased (ax levies of Hie last two years have been largely responsible for the present pinning ol expenditures, with total revenue collections of $45,321,193 for the fiscal year ended June 3D, 1939. the Commonwealth enacted a new revenue code designed to produce an additional $5.600.000 annually. However, bureau of internal revenue estimates anticipate collections of $43,718.325 for the fiscal year ending next June 30, or more than $l,5GO,QOD less than for the previous year. "When the National Assembly was passing the new tax laws, leading business men warned that basic changes in the tax structure would disrupt business and would not increase revenues," the Philippines Free Press commented editorially. "Assemblymen listened tolerantly •ytnti then passed the new tax late -But. when ths new budget was presented lo the National Assembly a few days ago. it became apparent that the business men knew what they were talking about." Hiiilditip Program in Doiilit What effect the dwindling governmental revenues will have on the Quezon administrations ambitious public building program remains unclear. The American Congress lias forbidden the use of proceeds of (he coconut oil excise tax refunded to the Philippines by the U. S. Treasury for anything but economic readjiistmenl in anticipation of an Independent Philippines in 19-Ki. Originally, Quezon's government, had allocated part of the. more than $50,000.000 "windfall" thus far received from the excise tax refund to building stately new governmental buildings, and construction of several of these buildings has already ] been started. Extensive additions and improvements have been made to historic Malancaliang Palace, home of Spanish and later American governors, general until it became the residence of the Philippines president in 1933. Aero.™ the Pasl? river, which the stately palact overlooks, a large tract ol land lias been acquired and converted tiHo Malacimanj recreation park for IBS of Filipino chief executives. Presidential Project Kiscs Thus far constructed on (he 11 act arc ;i large banquet hall, outdoor dance pavilion, three houses and a huge tiled swimming pool. Several launches and a ferryboat mnkc it convenient for the president, and his guesks to commute between (he recreational rc- lre:H and (he palace across (turner. A new $7DI).CDO city hall Tor Manila is Hearing completion. Nearby two massive structures—one for the bureau ol commerce and the other ror (lie bureau of agriculture -arc under construction. -Whether fund.-, obtained from (he refund of U. S. coconut oil excise taxes may be used lo complete Ihese buildina.s has not been determined. Quezon's pruning of military ex- FOR SALE Vic have c;irli>ail rcrligrecd I). 1''. and Slonrville. Keral. Also large amount of same kind thai lias licen planted here one year. See or Gall Us For Price! Very llhrral price .iJtominci' for your old seed. L R. Matthews Gin Co, I'liunc m-\\.'l Varlito. Aik. PERILS OF1E I 7 uel Taiiks Developed To Resist Leakage Fvoni Bullets LONDON, March '28. (UP)— The mtr has revived Interest In the so- called "bullet-proof" fuel (nnk, llio development of wlilclt was begun as a result of the World Wnr. Goon after IQ1B, several Inventions for limiting (tie damage to tanks by bullets, aiul for prevent^ ing fire, were submitted to the ulr ministry. In most eases some nurt of rubber overcoat was suggested to se.11 Die hole wade by (he lull- let in passing through the timk. The Idea was Hint the bullet on emerging would stretch the rubber before piercing 11. Then, when the rubber reacted and contracted (lie hole made would be almost, negligible. About that time Jack Imhei, ;i prominent, airplane designer. Invented ;i tank which lie believed could Ijc rldillcd by bullets without ire 01 leakage. Ills lank ccmslstcrt if three main parts: A thin shell it tinned steel, a tubular frmne- vork upon which the baffles to U1LDEGARDE, the exotic liltle 1 - 1 blonde whose personality and songs have charmed New York, lias a new coiffure which is bolh gay and practical. It's an up-and- down, with hair at front and sides swept up to form n cluster of curls atop the singer's head and back seclion worn in a long bob. For evening, Hilciegarde pins a bow or a fresh flower in the topknot of curls. The tailored blouse is green and white striped silk. lienditures as a means of cm-tail ing governmental expenses was not entirely unexpected. Several timci since German absorption of Austria, Ciiechaslovaltia and Poland the adroit Filipino leader has publicly expressed doubt whether a heavily aimed small nation car ivert armed aggression from J larger nation. Mimlnl Pumpkin Faces A iladisoii, O., faimer-invemo owns a -pntciit for n speciall; shapeij .mold in which a growlni pumpkin is enclosed. Facial lea lures form on tiie vegetable as th, pumpkin grows and fills the mold keep the gasoline from slushing, were mounted, and u soil coal of pure paru rubber, There were no rivets connecting the .stiffening frame and the baffles to the shell, Hlvels N ml miglc* were found lo sprcud, or spin (he bullets. I'llzcs Offcici! by 'J'anks The air ministry olfere:! various prizes for crash-proof lnuks In 1822, when Uullet-iirout qualities were k-ss important than flic-proof projection. '1'he first prize, wns wan by n Silvnlown tank with dl.shcd-ln sides niul dchidiuule rubber covering. The tank wns designed 'so that pressure would only deform it Instead of causing a hurst. The Henderson Siili>ly tanV/ Is said to be crash proof ami bulletproof. (Hid Is n.sed in (lie Miles lln.sler training plane, In this design (here Is u compound rubber sea) between the in- ncr nnd outer shell. The Innk weighs about l.'js pounds per gallon, llullel holes can be repaired In about 12 minutes. The compound filling is non-eoriodiblc nnd insoluble In gasoline. The buffles and internal fittings are .secured to the walls of the dink by n self-rclrnslng device so Hint the. fuel does nol tenr (lie baffles away from the shell In a crasli. In a French dcbign, adapted by the British, protection Is obtained from a rcsilfcnl covering applied to the outside of the tank. This In linn is protected by mi outer layer of relhiloscd green fabric. A ooverhi" one centimeter 1 thick is supposed lo make the lank proof agaiusl crasli and ordinary machine gun bullets. Two centimeters \ PAGE i'lVE? will provide protection agulnnt 20 m. in. airplane cannon. Mil! '1'i'sl Successful A tn-gallou tank of this ivjie Itnce-quiulcrs filled with nvliu'lon fui'l was dropped GO feet onto n road OH which giisollne wns bvini- i»S. The lank remulned in the burnlnjf fuel for four mlmilcs, until A square of the protective tover- l»B was pierced with a pencil, on withdrawal Hie hole immediately fciilcd Itself, nnd except for (he loci that (he fabric outer covcrlrg »'a> marked and (he rubber n mile bnnsrd It wns Impossible to tell 'Hat it hud been pierced, penell was pushed Ilirougli Irctive coverlnu experleiieed inove "inin than il n bullet had pierced " "( high s|iee<l. *lislil lenkiiiic of ttasolhie aids ic M-allni; of tlit 1 hole, as one ( ,[ be protective layers U a form of urc remnrkiibly effective, nllhoueh .somewhat liesvy, KxnmlimlUm of a Ilelnkel bomber, brought down In IHc Hi'lllsh Isles, disclosed the secrets of the latest German fuel tanks. They me built of layers of fiber, buckskin nnd raw rubber, with n final covering of vulcanized rubber. A bullet hole In Ihl.i type of lank would be difficult to repair. Their seir-scnllng capabilities arc believed to bu very efficient,. 'o»ly rubber which, vvlin, )„ ,.„,. net ivllli the gwsollno, expands ami thus prevents fmiher lenHaRc. .,,m. Ls bcltcvecl UnU most aeniiim m tniy B(l . cl , lfl nff , Wl prolc'ded ' ...... Protective Medina DLEN01U) WHISKEY Calvcri "Special"; 90 Vroof-72«/,% Grain Neutral __Siurns. CopyriRhl 19 in, Calvcri DJMillcrs C«f|»nration, New Vmk Cily. FLOUR Cold fllcdal, Dishes with Eiich Hack, U hbs. $1.18 12 Mxs. IjSc: I) l,lis. 38 L SPINACH Ozark New Pack No. 2 Can .. 2 cans for !Sc TOMATO JUICE Jack Spratt 47 oz. Cc.n ......................... I. Ea. 17c PEAS Green Giant Garden Fresh Nc. 303 Can Ea 17c TURNIP GREENS Arkansas Packed No. 2 Can ......... 3 for 24r GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Garth's 47 oz. Can ...... 'I~II1.~^. Ea. 16c COFFEIEJiogers, Reg, or Drip, Mountain flavor ib 27c KIDNEY BEANS Joan of Arc No. 303 Csn Ea 7c PEACHES Rosedale in Syrup No. 2i Can Ea 'l4c CHERRIES Red Pitted for Pies No.~2 Can Ea lie SALAD DRESSING Butter Cup Fresh Q t ' ig c CORN Pride of Illinois Full No. 2 Can ........................... I .......... 'I. Ea! lOc RJ&KFRY UKI\UI1 I t:AKKH ? v mjr choice of 1-1H.S. 1't.rc Fruit & t'ceuiis, HOMINY Everett Old Fashioned No. 2 J Can Ea 8c SALT Old Rip 1 i Lb. Boxes 5c 'Value . 2 for 5c TUNA FISH FLAKES Sea Pride ........................ I.'.'." ......... '. ..... IZIZ Can He PICKLES Sour or Dill Green Beauty ...... ...................................................... Qf. 13 C SUGAR Domino in Cloth Bag .................. ............................................... 10 Lbs. 57c "Ideal", Ik'sl for Yinir !'ds; Case (if <I8 _ _ CRACKERS JKiohTLb. Box Fresh & Crispy box 15c TOMATOES Hand Packed Standard No. 2 Can 2 Cans 15c M{LK p et ................... 3 Large 22^; 6 Small Cans ... . 22c POTATOES Extra Selected U .S. No. 1 Red 10 Lbs 23c TOILET TISSUE Delsey Wonder Soft 3 f or 25c HOT TAMALES Wilson's Certified ....... ..................... : ...... .......... 1 Lb. Can He BftCOIj Smoked in Piece ...... ife. 12c PORK ROAST Shoulder Lb. 12c PORK CHOPS LARD Loose Pure BEEF ROAST COTTAGE CHEESE Lb, 15c Lb. 8c Lb. 23c 1 Lb. Ctn. 15c SALT MEAT Best Grade Lb. 9c BUTTER Creamery Lb. 33c FRANKFURTERS LAMB Shoulder Roast BEEF STEW Brisket Lb. 16c Lb. 23c LI). 15c BfiCOH, Sliced, Rind off We Deliver 101 S. Division Street I'hoitc 181 C. L. NABEHS GROCERY ^ MARKET I'Yidu.v, a-tltinlay, Monday, fllaixli ai), ,'iU, April I Demonstration Club News Notes Km oil Nru Mrmliris live new mi'iniicrs were enrolled »t (lie second meeting of |ho Pint. Lake Home Demonstration cltib Tuesday. Tills brlnns tlie lolal number of members up lo 10. Kach member responded lo Hie roll cull by telllim "What. I slmll Ubrltig Hie prOBi'iim, the club song for (lie mould was »ang by Ihc group mid t)to iwcm wns rend by Mrs. M, 0. Crittenden,. Mrs. j. j. Hums was appointed child welfare chairman. HcfreslimonU; were served during The sldt panel describlag Durlcee's "Improved Procfis" counts ns an «lr,i coupon. This is In addition to itic riMi-flap coujxui. Uje Duikcc'jl Save tlie coupons, Gel nny oae of immy valuable articles. Kilrj coupons muil b the social hour by the hostess, Mre.*- C. M. AbiKHt. J' FOR SALE SPECIAL BARGAINS i il room cottnse on Kentucky. Nicf home close In. Price $1650. $25* cash, bal. $15.00 month, includM)' Interest, (axes and insurance. ?• JO'I B, Davis. 7 room stucco. $1750. Owner says "sell 11." $350 cashj ual. $'21.00 month,••Possession toi dny. • ~ On tllgliway 01 —VO noes anil handsome brick rcaWcncc. Aft- conveniences. 'Mils liome Is new. I'rlcc $0,500; Sec us for terms. '•!• Thomits Land Cn. i Sole AjiB, :' Spring is m the air—wcall fool it. Let's, bring that atmosphere into our homes with the aid of new colorful drapes, curtains and slip-covers. We can show you a well balanced selection ot : ready-made.curtains, scrims, drapery and slip-cover materials. Nicely l-'iiilslicd NET PANELS 79c „. The fine quality of the mn- lerlnl In these: mute them IwiiK beautifully, and hold Iliclr shape well I l''ine Qmilily PRiSCILLAS Pair Doited and plain uiai(|Ulset(e In exceptionally well made cur- liiins will; tailored edge French ruffles that will cascade yacr.- fulfy nl J'our windows. These sire cuslom (ouches Mint are new nl this price. In pastels and foamy whiles. SLIP-COVERS!!! Nii-iily I'ltiishcd PRISCILLAS 49c™ You en11 have fresh new cur- Inliis In your house at tills low price! Deep self nifties and neat, tlcbncks. Colorful Cottage Sets 38c „ Flm: [pmllly pin dot marqul; KC.UO. uiiidras marcnilsellc ami sheer printed voile. I'rohty ruffled cmcl lallorcci styles with colored lape or colorc, dbordcr.s. In the newest spring colors thiil will refresh your windows. K,Y<|lli.sito MARQUISETTE PANELS fnlcresdiii; textures-all ' dnlnty marc|iilsettes| '•' Cretonne! Crash! Moral and plain New As Spring! COTTAGE SETS 49c pr Mditiuiscltcs "nnd . prlhtnl scrims, trimmed wllil dainty nitllcs and perky checked nnd prtntetl percale. CRETONNE •I!l/'!!r \vidr-! Vat ilyr.d! Hun Fast! Tub I'' Cicshnmk! High .slyln pattern.', :nul colorings! A II •(Ictlriililo crush cretonne. Yd DUST ItCSfSIAN'T CKETOSNK! 36" vvicfr! IMttorns, weaves, and lltilsh specially .inilablc for slip coverings, drapes, pillows; Sun- last— Tub! Yd. PKNNl-VAV CliKTONM'.! amtast! Tublast! -W" v.'itle! An unusual ipuilily tof thi'i price! Yd. It OX ti IKY CI! i; T O N N I; S—wcil ki)«)»'ii f»r Ilirjir IODK wpar. and tlie rn-=y v.ay they n-ush! :ili" v;idc! Yard DRAPERIES!!! Select (he pattern to suit 'yum- needs! BrtiiB Slirirg Inside with a new colorful, drnpery treatment! "liNiMAiS 1 STHil'K" HOMESPUN 59c Yd. .- Sti" wide! The design for this i::iy colored all cotton crush was pat- krned (voni American Indian head- works! 21c 19c 15c "CHKKNUHlI'Ht" HOMES A Irxlurccl cotton draprrj' with (lcu)l vine anfl cord slripfs tiv plcn.sin? color en n (flu weave eround. 50" wkle! Yr. etrlpos ot leaves and briers in puic while ovrr bright rough surfactrt grounds!. 36" wide; j r d. 4Sc 29c

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