Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 13, 1934 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 13, 1934
Page 5
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f , HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Birthday Party Is Tendered A. C. Moody Among (ho interesting features of the week end was n hirthday dinner l-.iven Timrsd.iy <it the home of Mr. and Mi':;. A. C. Moody :uul Mr. niid Mrs. Arl W. Moody, Hope Rome 1, honoring A. C. Mondy in which n Ror- yoous meal \vn.s served including n Inn. 1 birthday cake wild 57 eninllo.s. After this Die giicsls engaged in nn old-fashioned Ki(;ry-t.>'iiing contest in which Mr. Clnii',1 Biiehimnn won the j/ri/c. following \vilii a watermelon Candidate for Re-election Throughout the most vital period in our state's history Oscar Humphrey has served the people of Arkansas faithfully in one of the most important offices of their Government. Millions of dollars in vouchers have been audited, covering not only routine operations but extraordinary additional amounts in road construction and PWA funds—Not once has the voice of criticism been raised against the opera- lion of this most important office. On the basis of: intelligent, conscientious service, your vote is solicited for Oscar Humphrey in his race for re-election—Compare his record with the mere claims of his opponents. Remember that more than 100,000 electors endorsed him in li)M2; an even larger number will return l.o I lie office this year. Vi.ur Vote and Influence cordia od. Candidate.' for "Rc-Electicm as Your Vole for For b$B A man who has wper*i hiy life in Henipstead county, and has always stood for the Right A mm\ who, if elected, will give you n fair and impartial Administration, and not a "flat Full" of a!i~ Otis ad paid for by friends of George W. Schooley Storks Win Again Over Tiremen 12-6 Of LasL i) Games Hope Has Won 7, Tied One, and Lost One The big bats of Manager Rod McClendon'.s Storks boomed apain Sunday afternoon for M hits thai carried j them to a do/.on runs lo defeat the ; Texarknna Tirfinc-n al Pair Park, 12 j In ft. | The Storks moved closer to top po- ! .sition in the Two States League as | the Transport erf;, leader:; of the cir- jcuit, were splitting a double bill with I the liiil-cnd Allan);! rlnb. i In thf last, nine stalls (he- Hope 1 learn lias won .seven, tied one and lost one. I Kilcy and Hurrel! with three hits I GUI, of four visits lo the plate, led the , Stork attack. | Kelly for Hope, tjave up 11 bits, while the Stork:; knocked out Carr . tind Thompson. Wagoner finished on j the mound for 'iexurkana. Tin- Storks had two biy innings. . fr.oriiif, six runs in the fifth and four • in the sixth. The final two cumu ill j the eighth inning. ; The Transporters are next on the Slork .schedule, the f,'ame lo be played Thursday afternoon in Hope. i Boston Rids Babe ! RuthTarewei 4 7,000 Fans Rise to Cheer Greatest Figure in Baseball HOSTON, Maw. — (7P) — A record crowd of 'lii.Tdfi' bade farewell to Babe Kulh who made what he said was his last appearance as a regular player in Huston Sunday us the Ked Sox and New York Yankees divided a double- hiadur. The Sox won the first. C to •!, and the Yankee.'; the second. 7 to 1. The Babe played throughout the fiirl name and neven and a half iu- nin/y; of the second. liVVen he left the paint.- ihe crowd, ku-ge.-t ever to al- luiid :n i American League pi i nc here. arose and j_;a\v baseball's most color- nil player ;i in-iiH.'iHlmis ovation. Twenty llioii:;;.i!(l other fans were lurnod away for lack of space. It wa:: the Yankee's lust appearance of tlte :;ea.':\i/i in Boston. Test:; reveal flowers rank in n.-jjurd to Iheir keeping qualities, as lullow.s: Roses, orchids, lilies, canm- lions. chrysanthemums, spring flowers and calendulas. ANDINGS PACfl Peach Prices Clubf New Orleans Chattanooga Nashville Memphis Knoxville Atlanta Birmingham Little Rock Southern Association Won Lost 33 23 21 23 10 20 17 15 12 16 21 24 22 20 2-1 20 Clubs New York Chicago St. Louis Boston Pittsburgh Brooklyn .. Philadelphia Cincinnati Nallonnl ]>nguc Won Lost 70 06 02 54 52 45 44 37 3!) 43 40 54 54 60 03 71 American IjcnBite Detroit 71 .'17 New York GO 41 Cleveland 57 43 Boston 58 53 Washington 40 St. Louis 47 Philadelphia 41 Chicago ;)8 57 57 01 72 j F. O. B. shipping point information I reported for Friday, August 10- I NASHVILLE, Ark. Hot and cloudy. i .Hnulinge decreasing. Moderate wire Pet i in( I uir y. Demand moredale, market 733 llbcut si °ady. Carloads f.o.b. cash track 'w'n I and usual terms. Elbertas US No 1 ; bu baskets 2 is to 2VJ. in min 1.25 lo 1.50, 1 3-4 in min min 1.00 to 1.25. El- bcrlas US No. 1 boxes 55s and 90s few * i ."--ales ,70c. ;!; .CROWLEY RIDC.E Section: Hot, partly cloudy. Haulings decreasing. Good wire inquiry. Demand good and | market slightly stronger. Carloads f. o.b. track and usual terms. Elbertas US No. 1 bu baskets 2 in min to 2% in min 1.75 to 1.85, 1 3-4 in min 1.00 lo 1.10. CLARSV1LLE, Ark. Hot and partly cloudy. Haulings moderate. Moderate wire inquiry. Demand moredale, market about steady. Carloads f.o.b. cash track and usual terms. Elbertas US No. 1 bu baskets 2 in min few sales around 1.25. Cash sales to truckers- Elbortas US No. 1 bu baskets 2 in mill •0!i7 mostly around 1.20. Commercials 70 .G17 j per cent or more U£ No. 1 1 3-4 in min .538,000 to 1.00. .523 CONDOR, N. C: Hot, rained during .462 afternoon. Season practically over. Sheppard .500' .439 • .360 Pel. .642 .GOG .574 .500 .491 .42!) .411 .343 .452 .402 .345 SUNDAY'S RESULTS Soiillieni Assocalton Nashville 7, Little Rock 4 (15 innings) New Orleans 3-1, Knoxville 1-0. Atlanta ll-.'J, Knoxville 1-0. Chattanooga 7-3, Birmingham 3-1. National League Fittsbun/h 9, Cincinnati G. Chicago 7-G. St. Louis 2-4. Boston-New York, rain. Brooklyn-Philadelphia, rain. American League New York 4-7, Boston li-1. St. Louis 4-2, Chicago 2-3. Detroit 'C, Cleveland 5. Haulings light. Rather lighl wire inquiry. Demand slow, market slightly weaker. Carloads f.o.b. usual terms and cash track. Elbertas US No. Is bu baskets 2 in and 2... in min GOc lo 1.00. This is the last report for the xeason. PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 19 Referred lo the People by the General Assembly in regular session assembled, 11)33. Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Arkansas and by the Senate of the Slate of Arkansas, a majority of all members elected lo each House agreeing thereto: That the following is hereby proposed as ati Amendment to the Con Mrs. Fannie Blackwood and Mrs. Pearl Cornelius were shopping in Hope Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. George Gilbert r., were shopping in Hope Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chandler were shopping in Hope Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert and children, and Miss Ophelia Cuningham spent Sunday with W. L. Cornelius and family. The parly given by Raymond Cornelius was enjoyed by a nice crowd. Key Cornelius returned from Nashville Monday. Mr. and Hrs. Bill Boa-/ of Broken Eow, Okla., spent Sunday night with Mrs. Waller Cornelius and family. Clinton Chandler was shopping in Hope Saturday. Waller Cornelius has been very sick for Ihc past few days and we hope for him a speedy recovery. Mr. and Mrs. George Gilbert and family, Misses Lucile and Christine Cornelius, Mrs. Ethel Cornelius and Miss Ophelia Cunningham spent 11- vvliile Friday night with Mr. and Mrs Frank Chandler. Mr. Ccote Clayton called on Raymond Cornelius Monday morning. Philadelphia 1. Wa.shinglon 1 (lie, 7 I slitution of the Slate of Arkansas, and, innings, rain). I upon being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection ul the next general election for Senators and Representatives, if a majority of (lie electors voting thereon, at .such an election adopt such Amend- Missionary Society | mcnt , the same shall become a part Blevins Is to Stage Play Friday Night The Methodist. picnic with ice cream as a chasrr. All reported a nice time.' with a family riM.inii.ii Unit, will he long rcmombcr- i.d. AniouK I he guests present were Mr. and Mrs. Claud Buchanan. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Buchanan of Frcscolt, Mr. and Mrs. M. IT. Mo.ody of Hope. will present a H-nct musical comedy Friday night at 8 o'clock in the school auditorium ut Blevin.s. Over 50 local people in the community will take part in the production and they promise plenty of amusing entertainment and laughter throughout the evening. Miss Ethel Bruce is accompanisl for the choruses. There will be a bridal chorus of eight of the most prominent business men who will dress like women and serve as bridesmaids. Those taking part in the play are Marie Ward, Alcne Yokem, Ester Stephens, Annie Jean Brown. Ethelen and Kath- ' case of an emergency, by the votes of of the Constitution of Die State of Ar. kansas, to-wit: That Article 5 of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas be amended by adding thereto the following: SECTION 1. Not less than a majority of the mennwrs of each House ol the General Assembly rnay enact a law. SECTION II. None of the rates for property, excise, privilege or personal taxes, now levied shall be increased i by the General Assembly except after I the approval of the qualified electors voting thereon at an election, or in !een Stephens. Juanita Mullins, Catherine Brown. Watt Bonds. Cohen Frey burger, Eurl Yates, Herman Brown. Brazil now has telephone service wilh nearly every country in urope. throe-fourths of the members elected to each House of the General Assem- j bly. SECTION III. Excepting monies j raised or collected for educational r ent icient If you as a business man had an em- ploye with a record unblemished, who has PROVED he is faithful to his trust, . .courteous and competent, you would continue to retain and advance him. That's good business. I have conducted a Clean Campaign Based Solely on My Qualifications. I am asking Tor a Promotion. It is costly to torn over a public office to an INEXPERIENCED man, regardless of how qualified he may be In other lines of business, My experience as County Tax Assessor QUALIFIES me to efficiently and economically carry out the dut- ies.ol'COUNTY'CLERK. Candidate for County & Probate Clerk Your Vote and Influence Will Be purposes, highway purposes, to pay Confederate pensions and the just debts of the State, the General As| setnbly is hereby prohibited from appropriating or expending more than the sum of Two and One-half Million Dollars for all purposes, for any biennial period; provided the limit herein fixed may be exceeded by the' voles of three-fourths of the members elected to each House of the General Assembly. SECTION IV. In making appropriations for any biennial period, the General Assembly shall first pass the General Appropriation Bill provided for in Section HO of: Article 5 of the Con- J I .slitution, and no other appropriation | i bill may be enacted before that shall j have been done. I SECTION V. No expense shall be ] incurred or authorized for either House except by a bill duly passed by both Houses and approved by the Governor. The provisions of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas in conflict! with this Amendment are hereby re-,' pealed insofar as they are in conflict i herewith, and this Amendment shall : be self-executing and shall take and •, have fiill effect immediately upon its | adoption by the electors of the State. I The above resolution was filed Ini the office of the Secretary of State of • the State of Arkansas on the 30th day j of January, 1933. | Each elector may vote for, or against, the above proposed Amendment. WITNESS MY HAND and Official^ teal of this office this the 28th day j of March, 1934. j ED F, MCDONALD, | Secretary of State. '"$24,750" Juries are awarding liigli verdicts in cased oi' iiuti,mobile injury cluinis. it is NOT expensive to have your uutuiuohilu liability iasurunco vrillen fur uu AD1C- <Jl! VTE umuuut. Only n tiitlo more than U tiow paid for an uvcrugo Iiulioy will iiKTi'Ubo >our liability prolcc- tiouijymuiiytlumtjuiids ul cloUurs. COMPUTE IN5UJ?ANCEi£WICf Phone 81O Hope, /Arkansas C. G. 'Crip' HALL The Winner for •Secretary of State Never before held public office. My opponent,. M.cDonald, is asking for a THIRD TERM, despite his state capitol roofing scandal, which has been severely criticized throughout the State. Put a New Face in the Secretary of State's Office "The life, record and platform of Wade Kitchens will justify your vote and influence. He received 13,892 votes and carried four large counties two years ago. Reports from all portions of the .district are very favorable. He will receive a good gen-, eral vote from all townships ill the i ' A * I W ••• , \ istnct . • ' . The victory for Good Government is assured. From every section of the State come messages of cheer. Farmers, merchants, doctors, 1 a w,y e r s, ministers, teachers, bankers, laborers, public officials—representatives from all of the agricultural, industrial, commercial and professional groups—With a unity of purpose are going to the polls Tuesday, August 14, to cast a vote of confidence and emphatic endorf sement. •

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