Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 13, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 13, 1934
Page 3
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Monday, August 13, 1984 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREB MRS. Sio HENRY ociet+y NRY HI||l| TELEPHONE 321 The Clara Lowthorp chapter of the C. of C. will hold their August meeting nt 4 o'clock Tuesday afternoon nt the home of Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp on South Elm street. All members nrc urged to bo present and all eligible children between infancy and 21 years arc cordially invited. Mrs. M. M. McCloughnn and little son Mcrclc Jr., have returned from n week end visit with relatives in Tex- nrkana. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Weaver and son John Cecil will e;we Tuesday morning for n visit to Ilio Century of Progress in Chicago. The next l>ij< event is election. Be sure you vote for the right man— ihcn come to the tool— NOW GftBXT/IKE A BO You'll love her! SHIRLEY TEMPLE JAMES DUNN OAIMTWYOR AUN DlNIHAUt -SHORTS— ''U«lc Jnck LHtle" Paramount Popeyc News Ciirtooti TUES. & WED. &30 Matinee Tuesday 15c 'I lie driimatic smash-hit (if 1934! DON'T defied his enemies to save a Nation! miss this real picture treat of the vcar! Did you give him a lift? He's a brother man, And bearing about all the burdens he can. Did you give him a smile? He was dowscast and blue, And the smile would have helped him to battle it through. Did you give him your hand? He was slipping clown hill? And the world, so I fancied, wns usina him 11). Ddi you give him a word? Did you show him the road, Or did you let him go on with his load? Do you know what it means to be a loser in the fight Whch H lift in time might set everything right? Do you know what it means—just a clasp of the hand, When a man's borne about all a man ought to stand? Were you brother of his when Hit time came of need? Did you offer to hejp him, or didn't you heed? . . .Selected. Dr. and Mrs. George Campbell and two sons of Belton, Texas were week uid guests of Mr. fitul Mr. Jimmic O'Neal, cnrotitc to the World's Fair in Chicago. o Mrs. Maggie Bell left Sunday for a few days visit with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marshall in Tcxarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrcll nnd little daughter, Frances arc seeing the World's Fair in Chicago this week. o Mr. and Mrs. Grayclon Green were week end guests of relatives and friends in the city. After a visit with relatives and friends in the city, Mr. and Mrs, John Green and daughter left Monday for their home in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Brown and little daughter left Friday for the Century of Progress exposition in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Hawthorne and children of Kilgorc, Texas arc guests of Mr. D. W. Hawthorne and family. Mrs. Jimmic O'Neal left Sunday for a visit with relatives and the World's Fair in Chicago. The following interesting program wil be given at the meeting of the Clara Lowthrop chapter of the C. of C. I Tuesday afternoon at ^ o'clock at the' home; of Mrs. Lowthorp on South Elm street. A display and history of Confederate money by Daisy Dorothy Heard. History of the coat of arms by I I Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp, president of the Arkansas Division ot the U. D, C.. Sherman's march to the sea, by one of the chapter members. A poem by Miss Mary Delia Cnrrigan. Vocal selection by Frank Lowthorp. Mr. nnd Mrs. Fulton Helms announce the marriage of their daughter, Nell, to Clyde Coffee on Sunday, August 12, in Nashville with Dr. T. L. Epton, pastor of the First Baptist church of that city, officiating. Hope friends attending the weding were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Somerville and Miss Elaine Reynolds. Immediately after the ceremony, Mr. nnd Mrs. Coffee left for a wedding trip to Caddo Gap and Hot Springs, after which they will be at home in this city, wliere the bridegroom is a popular salesman for Geo. W. Robison & Co. Mr. and Mrs. J. Proctor Hill of El- Dorado were the week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Sanders and other relatives and friends. Misses Harriet Story and Guiola BBS. ye arc guests of frients in Bait Knob this week. , o Mrs. George W. Robison and son George Jr., have returned from a delightful motor trip through interesting points in the South, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Young have as I house guest, Mr. .Young's nephew, I Beverly Young of Topcka, Kansas. I Mr. and Mrs. Nick Jones of Poteau, Okla., arc the guests of Mrs. Walter rJ. Jones of this city. Mrs. Ollic Sandifur, formerly FERA statistical clerk for Hempstead county, has been appointed field supervisor of gardns and food conservator in Nevada county under the new administration. John Kent is entertaining his brother L. C. Kent, of Las Vegas, Ncv., and his daughter, Mrs. Vcrdo Middlebrooks and family of Los Angeles, California. Gasoline Suffers Vapor Power Loss Its Potency Varies From Day to' Day, Tests Disclose To the Voters of Hempstead County Of course, vote for Luther Higgason for County Judge because: (1) He reduced the County debt while Judge from $31,126.00 to $5,574.00, - over $1,000.00 per month every month he was Judge. (2) When he went out of office Dec. .11., 1932, Hempstead County was one of the ten Counties in good financial condition. How is your county today ? He was kind and helpful to the poor and needy. (1) He built more gravel roads than any Judge before or since, (5) He gave employment to the people all over the county. (()) He exercised care in spending YOUR money, as he do<*s his own. (?) He is honest, fearless and effi- !.<!!!•!! U'.t Ml! •!!.•• !!5!!!!l!il I: >••!•!!!!!!!I-' -Paid for by the friends of Luther Higgason for County Judge. TROY, N. Y —(/P)—A three-year study of service station gasoline, revealing that its "test" efficiency varies from week to week, even day to day, and from station to station, was made public Sunday at Walker "Laboratory of Mcnsselaer Polytechnic Institute. The variations were found in the same brands of gasoline, from causes all or mostly outside the manufacturer's control, and clue ol storage, delivery, weather and heredity of the gasoline. The study showed changes may be sufficiently great to affect car performance, but probably not enough for the average motorist to notice. They disclosed new "kinks" in the gasoline problem and indicated that there has been a broad improvement in motor fuels, in that they increas- ly approximate the car needs for which they are made. The investigation was made by Dr. H. M. Faigcn- baum. M. D. MacNaughton, H. D. Donovan, G. F. Hodgson and R. M. Beach. It was explained that some of the gasoline escapes by evaporation, and the truant portion is the fast vapor- i/iiiK stuff which affects the "test" rating. "Gasoline," the report said, "is often stored and delivered several times before reaching the consumer. The sequence might, be: Refinery, barge or tank car, distribution center, delivery truck, station tank. Storage and delivery occur at each of these points. "Fro mthc standpoint of distilation range (high or ow test) the effect is to reduce the volatility. This is due to direct loss of the lighter portions, particularly in warm weather, since they are the easitest portion to votal- ize." WARTIME CONTROL (Continued from Page One) major crops and some feed and- forage crops together. Coupled with these plans also may bo a crop lending program patterned after this year's corn loan plan which stored 25(i,r>.'i2,000 bushels of corn on the ffirms of 142.D68 borrowers and advanced them 5120,647,500 on the security of the stored gain at the rate of 45 cents a bushel. The entire administration from Secretary Wallace down is watching uoather reports with increasing interest. Relief efforts continue with the total of cattle purchased in the drouth area having reached 2,623,000 head, hlheep purchases ii\ Western range slates are to begin late this week. Shark oil in a bottle is used as a barometer by the natives of Bermuda; in good weather it is clear, but it turns milky with approach of a storm. Don't Sleep On Left Side—Affects Heart If stujii.ii-h GAS prevents sleeping on light side try Adlerika. One dose brings out poisons and relieves gas prc-sMiiy mi heart to you steep soundly all nipht. John S. Gibson Drug Company. ~T~FTU S~STTs." ABOOMJNAirs'UP^"" I rUKTS. ELASTIC KNEE CAPS I AND ANKLETS Our .''lock is all new and of the very latest and improved merchandise. We lit children as well as grown-ups. For many years we have sold this line of poods and now is quite an important department in our store. This stock is curried in a separate room where our fitters can serve you without interruption. We make no charge for fitting and our prices will please you. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company 4 States Going to Polls on Tuesday Ohio, Nebraska, Idaho and Arkansas Are Holding Elections By (he Associated Press Ballots will answer lively political campaigns In four states Tuesday. Senatorial contests hold the fore in Ohio and Nebraska primary elections; Idaho and Arkansas arc interested in the choice of nominees for governor. Bitter intra-party strife, particularly among the Democrats, has aroused Ohio voters. Governor George White, Congressman Charles West and Former Governor A. V. Donahey seek the Democratic nomination for the senate seat now occupied by Simeon D. Fcss. Fcss is opposed for the Republican nomination by two World war veterans—Walter B. Wanamakor of Akron and John M. Vorys of Columbus. Nebraska Democrats pas son the question of "Bryan control" in choosing between Governor Charles W. Bryan, brother of the "Commoner," and Congressman E. R. Burke for the senatorial nomination. The faction headed by Arthur F. Mullen, former national Committeeman, is supporting Burke. Nebraska Republicans, have the choice of a candidate antagonistic to the "new deal,' 'such as Congressman Robert G. Simmons, or one less objectionable in Senator Gorge W. Norris. In Idaho Governor C. Ben Ross, seeking his third term, is opposed for the Democratic nomination by Frank Martin, former state attorney general, and Asher B.-Wilson. The Republican' nominee will be one of three aspirants—Frank L, Stephan, Wesley Holden or H. F. Fait. Closing' of filings in Maryland showed Governor Albert C. Ritchie asking a fifth term, will have as his principal opponent Dr. Charles H, Conley of Frederick. "WITH MY USUAL CONTEMPT" (Continued from Page One) paper of becoming a national menace! XXX Where we stood two years ago we stand today—Futrell for governor and anybody besides Norwood for attorney general. Norwood says our charges are "false," but fails to say in what particular. He says our editorial is "sloppy," but it makes him turn rhetorical hand-springs. He has "contempt" for this writer, but so does he have contempt for the people and the rights of the people. 1, turning the light on a forgotten office, have merely drawn down upon myself his special, first-class, cellophane-wrapped "contempt." Auslis motored to Arkadclphia Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Nolen, Mrs. Carl Brown and Miss Kathleen Brown left Monday for Tuscon, Arizona for a three week's visit. Chas. Huddlcson of Nashville was in Blevins Monday. Mr. asd Mrs. Horace L. Huskey of Oowa, La., and Miss Ruth Huskey of Prcscott were Saturday guests off Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wade. Mrs. Birdie Morrow came home last week from Sandy, Texas, where she has been visiting her son, Russell Morrow. Mr. and Mrs. Hug Yarberry and Miss Vocic Yarberry were Friday guests of Mr, and Mrs. J. A. Wade. Misses Charlie Stuart, Elizabeth Francisco, Frances Francisco, Inez Mattlok, Mr. and Mrs. John Auxicr and sos all of Prescott, and Mr. Alva Francisco of Poplar Bluff, Mo., attended church at the Blevins Churh of Christ Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. Hunt,, Miss Gladys Hunt, Misses Dorothy and Loyce Stewart and John Stewart atetnded church in Blevins Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. Goc. Wilson of McCaskill were Saturday guests of Mr. HARRISON TO HEAD (Continued from Page One) The new directors, the administrator said, were selected primarily for •sales promotion activity. They will contact local communities through chambers of commerce, women'h and civic clubs to tell home owners how and why they should borrow for home modernization. "It will be purely a local effort, steered by the directors," Moffett asserted. Ten regions were established, including: Number Five—Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee; Hugh Humphreys, Memphis, business man. Slate directors included: Arkansas—J. J. Harrison. Little Rock, head of an insurance organiza* tion and state director for the National Emergency council. Blevins Mr. and Mrs. Walton spent last week in Texarkana visiting their daughter Mrs. EIRoy Beauchamp. Mrs. Delia Austin spent last week with er daughter, Mrs. E. M. Bonds and Mr. Bonds. Miss Ruby Smith of Rock Hill, Okla.. and Mr. Harmon Smith of DeQucen were the week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Griffith. Mrs. W. L. McDougald spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. Mont Harris.- Mrs. Bryan Andres of Hope was the week end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sage. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Carruthers and children of ElDorado visited relatives and friends in Blevins last week. Mrs. Sweescy Copeland and son Jim of Hope spent Tuesday in Blevins. Kenneth Coopwood of Tuscon, Arizona is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brown. Miss Dove rCnotts of Hope was the Thursday guest of Mrs. Ella Bright. Houston, Texas are visiting relatives in and near Blevins. .Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Bonds, Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Bonds and Mrs. Delia Candidates... Bring your friends to our soda fountain. You will make a life long friend out of them with one of our delicious sodas. If you feel the need of it come in Wednesday morning and get a Bromoseltzer for yourself. It will make things look brighter. John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Deliver and Mrs. Henry Griffith. Rev. W. J. Whiteside of WE. Ida is visiting in Blevins. Miss Flora Cotton of Hope was Monday and Tuesday guest «f Mr. asd Mrs. A. H. Wade. Miss Ruth Garland of near Hope spent Tuesday in Blevins. Miss Imogene Noland Was the week end guest of Miss Marie Ward. Mr. and Mrs. Rufuh Steed of Shover Springs are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jim Garner. Mr. and Mrs. John O'Neal, Mr. and Mrs. Wyndal Holmes of Malvern were Sunday guesU of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Brooks. Mrs. Jack Foster of Tuscos, Arizona is the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Foster. Mr. and Mrs. Lige Loe announce the marriage of their daughter, Lucille, to Mr. Chas. Harris. The certrtWariy was performed in Hope. Immediately afterwards Mr. and Mrs. Harris left lof the Rio Grande valley, Where they will maek their home. Jack Stewart of Prescott was in Blevins Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Hilrey Nolen and thtit children left Monday for Tuscon, Ariz ona. Miss Gertrude Honea accompanied them home. Pipe, Valves & Fittings Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical AppllanMi Phone 259 New Price Schedule on Dairy Products Due to the fact that the price of feed has been skyrocketed, by the governments -purchase of feed stuff, we are forced to raise our prices as follows: ft New Prices MILK Quarts 13c Pints 7c Half Pints Cream 15c Dairy Butter, Ib 40c Dairymen of Hope DRESS SALE Entire Stock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP Phone 252 NOTICE! Have that old Mattress Renovated. We make them look new. Call for and deliver. Give Us A Trial Home Mattress Shop R. E. Hatcher 115 N. Hazel St. AND UP. Six Sfwt Roadster at Fliru, Michigan* tt-65. With kumptrt, tpara tire aai tirclock,tkolutpri<*ii $16 additional, Priori fttiyec* ttt dtange without notfaB* WORLD'S LOWEST PRICE FOR A SIX CHEVROLET PRICES HAVE BEEN REDUCED NOTICE! 1 have moved my shoe shop to the Hope Fruii Co. Store building. All Work Guaranteed J. W. PARSONS Shoe Repair Shop Phone 667. We call for and deliver 111 South Main Street /CHEVROLET The exceptional popularity which Chevrolet has enjoyecl for many years has naturally had its effect on Chevrolet prices. Large sales have enabled Chevrolet to maintain consistently low purchase prices, which were recently lowered even further. As a result Chevrolet now offers you the lowest priced six-cylinder automobile obtainable—a big, comfortable car with Fisher Body styling and refine* ment—-safe, weatherproof, cable-controlled brakes—the smoothness and economy of a valve-in-bead, six-cylinder engine—and typical Chevrolet dependability. In offering this car, and the Master models, at substantially lower prices, Chevrolet hopes to repay the motoring public in some measure, for consistently placing Chevrolet so high in public favor. CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY. DETROIT. MICHIGAN Chevrolet's low delivered prices aiui easy (j. A/. A, C. tcrtru. A General Aloton Valua * SALE * COOL Summer Wash Dresses 95c Ladies Specialty Shop "Excuiive But Not Expensive"

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