Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 2, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 2, 1937
Page 4
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flat*" fa wpfd, minimum Jfe Mia. s ^ 'v^'* ' * *J*''A t ' f 'i 'i^? < « * . • ! t*E t (X ttm*s)~18e word, nut M* tot coatinuow Inset- WOru comity disW^oidi ition ftaaw such M -foe Sale," etc.—this Is tee. *cfi InlUal et name, or coffl- . _ teJepfione number, counts U t IdH word. Fot example: v iNiR EfiNT—Thtee-room modem Ipniahed apartment, with garag^ ttose lit. Bargain, J. V. ttlaak, plww! 9999. *, total, IS words, at 2c word, Me Me one time; at 3ftc word, We tor , ftifee times, etc. NVtEJ All *rden placed by ietephoue are due and payable upon ' at bill. PHONE 768 Service* Offered |;'Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing i. . Thirty years experience H. R. Segnar iJOi & Uervey Phone 171W 5-4.3 F.or Rent ; WANTED-Four or five-room house torrent. Apply to Mr. Hill at county agents office. 28-6tp FOR RENT— One four room house, 'one-three room apartment, Magnolia Addition. Mrs. J. £. Schooley. Telephone 1638-11. 23-6tc FOR RENT— Furnished rooms, with rprivate . bath. Mrs. W. R. Chandler, ,Mione r 906. l-3tc Found rtttg with eight kej*. may claim by paying for this Notice KOUCS—Red Lake four mile* South East of Fulton, Arkansas, is closed to the use of Seines, Trammel and Gill Nets. Arkansas Game and I4sh Com. mission. 30-3tc Wanted WANTED—New or renewal of Subscriptions to any magazine. Special clubs for schools. See Chas. IWyner- son at city hall, l-6tc Today'i Answers to CRANIUM CRACKERS ' FOR RENT — Two - room furnished ;apartment with private bath, and gar. age. All utilities paid. Phone 79. Mrs. •Frank Hutchens. 2-3tc. hot bale / FOR SALE: Residential property, 92x225 feet, Southeast Corner Hervey , and Avenue C. Box 1503, Shreveport, La. 22-14tp. FOR SALE—New sorghum molasses Irt'.neW buckets, high grade, 55 cents per gallon. Call at office of Hope iStar. 27-15-dh. FOR SALE—1936 1%-Ton Truck in -good: condition. See F, J. Gordon, 912 rEast Third street. 30-3tp. >vFOR SALE—Now is the time to sow oats. We have the best seed you can buy, Ferguson No. 922. Re-cleaned, ; tested, SO cents per bushel. Sow one and a half bushels per acre—it's plenty..- Hope Brick Works. 29-6tc -FOR SALE — One master Edison Phonograph, with Victor attachment. First class condition, best assortment of records both Edison and Victor. Price reasonable. Mrs. D. T. Chamberlain, 717 South Main, Phone 315. 30-3tc Abruzzi Rye, Oats, Barley, May Wheat, Vetch, Winter Peas, Winter Rye, Grass and Fall Bulbs. MONTS SEED STORE l-26tc Lost liOST—Two keys on small chain at Hope football stadium. Had small silver shoes on the chain. Phone 576. Mrs. J. W. Strickland. 2-3tc. Questions on Page 1 1. Outlying possessions of the United States are: Alaska, Hawaiian Islands, Philippine Islands (under commonwealth government for 10 years), Puerto Rico, Canal Zone, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, Wake and Midway Islands. 2. Ferret—a weasel-like annimal, is the only correct definition. 3. Lincoln, Neb.; Madison, Wis.; and Jefferson City, Mo., were named for Presidents. 4. McDonald had eight pigs and 17 chickens. 5. An ibis is a bird, and so is the question. OUR BOARDING MOUSE. . , . , with Major Hoapta OUT OUR WAY By WILLI/ SEE US ; For Refinishlng . Bed Rooms Suits and Ice Boxes O. K. Body Shop J1015 S. Elm (Old Hgh. Shopji At M. MORGAN We makt yours smart, /atAionai It, remove * 11 setts, diriGf wrinklet by dry cleaning. PHONE 383 HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters L AUNDRY Red Cross Worker • HORIZONTAL 1,6First American Red Cros* worker. 11 Sound of sorrow. 12 Constellation. 13 Animal victims. H Abolished. |5 Toward. 17 Degree. 81 Small memorial. 25 Ulcer, 26 Conscious. 30 Authoritative prohibition. 0J To separate Irom others. 33 Physical instructor. 35 Part of a cornice. ?6 Coat of eyeball. Answer to Previous Puzzle 51 Ejects. 53 Imitated. 55 To bury. 57 She helped the wounded in the War. 87 Electrical unit 59 She the 38 Encountered. American 40 To obtain. Red Cross. |} Street. 60 Stints. 42 Existed. VERTICAL 44 Striped 2 Gibbon, fabric. 3 Beer, 46 Wing. 4 Beam. 49 Thin tin plate. 5 Valuable property. 6 Vessel. 7 Shaded walk. 8 Inlet. 9 Child. 10 Unit. J3 She was the first of the American Red Cross. 15 Many rulers — her, for her work. 18 Portions of medicine. 19 To press. 20 Celtic-speaking person. 22 Bad. 23 Smooth. 24 Passages, 26 Salt tree. 27 You and \. 28 Right. 29 Gaelic. 32 Intentions. „ 34 Things dont 1 . 39 Beret. 40 Pistol. 42 Ala. 43 Species of a pier. 45 Morsel, 47 Molten rock. 48 Honeybee. 50 Ozone. 51 Silkworm. 52 South Carolina. 54 Deer. 58 Half an em. 58 Neuter pronoun. PRACTICE 5«-*A-UMP: MV ELIZABETH ARRIVES, TL MAV TAKS HER TO -SPEWD A WeSK-ENP AT SIR 6*e66R\ TWeeTELLEFVS PALATIAL- AMP 1 MOPE """' TO <3BT IM A "FEW " Oti "POLO/ VOU't> BETTER STUPF 'Ve>U« PEPfeY T*ULL OP- A "FEW PALLS, SO YOU'LL PE6L AT HOM£ WHEW YOU MOUWT A POKIY/1 SUPPOSE YOU'LL <ao ON A T?IET Ol* AMIMAL, CRAdKEPS TO GET IKJ SHAPE; TH' 8,0 a BLOW/ )|p WEWT ^ FOR A CAUTEtt Cw A cSO-KOUWD x HE'O POLL UP LIKS TH' MASTER OFTH' HOUNDS t s H^^ 1&% ST. 10-7. ^ A SERVICE. inc. t. M. REG, u. s, P/T. b»: •— \] )ALLY-HOO=. BLAH-*** Sl&N A, eOOK PER. A \ GOVERM1WT' WONT CHEW Of- T'BACCER.'J TAKfe VOUft WORP BAH -* WHUT'S THIS/ P6J4. NOTMlW OM THE INCOME TAX. YOU GOT TO SHOW 'EM , 'SPECIALLY ON THIS CHARITY STUFF. COUNTRY COMtN 1 'O-Zg, -j- THAT (aUY LY"lW TO POES HE REALLV PUT THAT INTO HIS INCOME TAV.? y A.W-~ HIS WIF6 THINKS HETS S IMS tOO MUCHj MONEY, ANP HA5TA KEEP A RECORP—BUT JUST AS BAD, THE GOVERM& TAX., 1 •~r/ii. IIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIimi /^ <3t \ 1>J7 BY NE* SESVICE, INC." 1 . M. BEO. U. S. PAT. OFF. STOPPING THE BUMS' RUSH. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Y. •--•'- J*- Up in the Clouds £> VOOWD ALLEY OOP Tempting Fate , SOU'.'.'. T. M. BEO. U.S. PAT.< OH/NAV 6Q5H/WRER.-WHAT WILL WE PO? OUtt ONLY HOPE OP FINDIN 1 OUT x^AN' TH' STUFFH WHO WAS-.LISSEMIN 1 \Ni ONi OUR. /COMES FROM A NEFARIOUS PLOT 15 TH 1 STUFF PLANT THAT GgOWS I IN THAT JAR., WHICH NOW V A LONG WAVS By HAMLJ ., V'AINT GOT! FROM MOO- ... . , IT P TANh U> PPWS B6f>60LLV,WIZEIcSrr l 6O AFOOT"WE 6ETvSCMB\ AN 1 THERE ?rr SHOULDN'T 1 ARE DANGERS BETSUCHAVE^V , .- ,., CHORE; ^ SAY!/ IF 1'P TELL VOU JUST WHERE] TGO AN 1 vyHATT"SET/, WHY COULDN'T VOU'/THAT'S IT, BORROW VER. PAL'S/WI7ER! PA.&60NE1 PINOSAUR AN 1 — I YOU'RE SMART! 1 'WHY'N'CMATHINKAl THAT AT TH' START? \A « V'i^ 'I'M TAKIM 1 TH'.Cm'NCE OF HIM 'STEALIN'MY STUFF, T VAJAW Up ' v^r^ 7^ nfc- WJOW HOW/^" wwujvs>t. i ' J'Ffti nWSHOULP TRV MONKEVIN'^ WITH IT~WELL,IV\-— •ANSWER FOR TH 1 SM^KXCONSEQUENCESL- £ WASH TUBBS I BIM ROBBEDy SOMEBODY TORE MY MATTRESS APART ANP STOLE OVEK. N V j ^^\ i \ i ^f^ ^^J / /C/ h AN' I DERM GOOD IDEA WHO PJP LISSEN^lF VEK. 1NSINUATIN' THAT STOLE ANYTHING?/ VER LIBUL TO" SET A BUST ON THE NOSE. Easy Comes Through EAsStoVlCE, INC.T. M. REO'. U. S. PAT. OFF. T By CRANE" THAT AIMT MEITHER HEE& " NOK THERE, BOYS. THE FACT REMAINS THAT MISS KELTOM CAKl'T RAISE THE MONEY TO PAY US CREDITORS OFF, ANP/BY RIGHTS, TH£ LUM&ER COMPANY'S OURS I'll'ii i IIIIIIIIIIIH im _ ^^ ^^ ' ^*. IT Ri A7P<^ JITSEEM5 THAT WHEN VQJJ ROBBED PUV-C?./Y OU NBeLECTEP TO ROg EASY, A> / IN BOF OF MC DTI HAD NO PIFFCULTY IN BORROWING AMPLE SUM OF MONEY. "FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS" COPH. 1937 BY.NEJrSERVICE, JN Now It Starts By BLOSSI WH^W WE GET IW THAT MUD, WE'LL ALL LOOK ALIkE/ YOU .SPOT FRECKj, EVEW "IHP HE IS OW OUR ©iPEj AMD V/E'UL WORK HIM OVER.' DON'T PLAY FOR ©MADY- SIDE -fHIS YEAR^ ME DOES'W'T EITHER ! H AND WEI \ )CAW ALWAVS 1 J SAY we: r MISTOOK •<'HIM FOR SOMEONE ELSEJM THAT MUD,' vi WHEW I BLOW "THE WHISTLE, BOTH SIDES CHARGE?THE JUWIORS WILL TPY TO TEAR DOWW "THE R.A<3, AMD WILL PROTECT IT/ COVER, YOURSELF wnw MUP AS soow j CAN, AMD HE WON'T KNOW WHQl WHATEVER WE DO TO| HIM, I HOPE IT'S MOTHIM<3 TRIVIAL^, LET'S (30.' AS ' YOU ARE.' AMD': MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NORSE "Bull" Gets His Orders ' *W T.M.REa,U,». p«.Off.J COPR. 1»J7 BY ME* SEHVlCt. INfc V (SEIZED a> &y A .STCAKJGE AUD TO TU 70 THE OPERA7l)sJ6 gOOM, MVEA TK/ES TO PLEASE/ I MUST T/TAKE IT EASV, GO BACK.' J'M / BABV.' TELL ME ASSISTIW& IU ) V WHO VOU ARE AM OPEKATIOW I'M DC. VOK) BOPEN'S MEW NUBSE, AMD TELL YOU I MUST OO BACK! ' THAT MOMEKiT, THE DOCTOR APPEALS AT TUB POOR OF OPERATINa ROOM,HIS FACE LIVID WITH RAGE..... .f WAIT FOE. IW THE OFFICE.' By THOMPSON ANP CQl I THOUGHT THAT FACB WAS FAMILIAE... HE'MUST BE "BULL" KACPOM, THE NOTORIOUS OAMQ -i LEADER..'

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