Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 2, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 2, 1937
Page 3
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,EOPB,Sf AB, JJOPE, .ABKAKftAS i U 11 111II ITTTii H ope s musement ection Gary Cooper in a New Epic of Sea Frances Dee .and George Raft in Cast—Saenger Sunday to Tuesday Picture's most famous soldior-of- fortttne, stalwart Gary Cooper, comes to the screen again us an ndventurer in whnt hns been called the most powerful role of his distinguished en row In "Souls nt Sea," the epic of the .sen which opens Sunday at the Snengcr theater through Euesdny. Cooper pluy.s the hero of <i true story for the first time in his career in "Souls nt Sou." He rc-emicts the role plnyed In red! life by "NugRin" Tnylor, ti sea captain uf the '40's, whose famous trinl for manslaughter on the high sens is one of the occnn's most amazing and thrilling stories. He is supported by George Haft, Frances Dec, Henry. WDcoxon, Harry Carry. Olympe Brndnn, Robert Cumminjis, Porter Hall rind many other noted featured players. Cooper's prototype. "Nugnin," was n pii&senfier aboard tho bri({ "Wlllinm Brown" when thM ship iniide her last voyage from Liverpool to New York. Among the passengers was his swecl- henrl, played by Miss Doe. and his constant companion, played by Raft. In mid-Atlantic the vessel caught fire under the most mysterious of circum- Mnnces. Her master, portrnyod by Carey, was killed anil because of his riink, "NuHgin" assumed command. Despite tin.' efforts of the ship's company to .stern (lie fire it soon became apparent that the ves.seI was lost and that the entire company must take to the two smivll boats, wholly unnble to handle the large number of survivors. "Nuggiti" summoned the crew and r/usscngers before him and made them tell him why they thought they should be saved. In this way he assigned most of the list to the ocean's bottom and 11 select few. including himself and his sweetheart, to the precarious "safety" afforded by the small bcvits. He saved himself, ho'Inter testified, because he was the only mnn left who knew how to navigate a boat and the safety of the survivors depended upon him. Despite this, his sweetheart turned on him—mainly because he had consigned her brother, a renegade British officer mixed up in the slave trade, to the bottom. But "Nuggin" was not convicted by the court who tried him later. The reason why makes "Souls at Sea" just as amazing us tho true story from which it was taken. "Souls at Sea 11 at Saenger = >Cobb*8 Racfio Service = RCA Kndlo Tubes E Everendy Batteries E.. Expert Repair Work E Phono 383 208 So. OAK LOGS .We are In the nuirkct for a round lot of Forked Lea." White Oak,, Cow Oak, Overcup, Burr Oak, nnn Hrtl Oak I^ogs. For Prices and Specifications Apply to Hope Heading COMPANY I'lione £15 Imitation of Life' in Return Showing Faimous Claudette Colbert Film Coming to,Saenger Wednesday Seldom, if ever, has there been such a combination of elements which mean good entertninment as there are in "Imitation of Life," that Manager Swanke has booked for a one-day, Wednesday, return showing at the Saenger. Fannie Hurst's great novel, will interest millions of women. "Back Street" proved that Funnie Hurst un- .lerstnnds thoroughly what women like ;o see in n moving picture. John Stnhl in that picture proved that he knew iiow to transpose to the screen every last ounce of interest which lay in a'Fannie Hurst story. There is no director in the world who has this faculty in the same degree that John Stahl possesses it. And he directed "Imitation of Life," also. Then there is the popularity of Cluudcllc Colbert, who is an ideal heroine for Fannie Hurst's story. John SUihl searched for throe months before he .was satisfied even with Claudcttc Colbert. The minute her .tests were seen, however, .he knew that she was the "Bca" Pullman. A dozen leading men were discarded before John Stahl decided upon Warren William. These two are just now being acclaimed for their work in "Cleopatra." The cast supporting them is of real star proportions. Rochet Ic Hudson plays the baby grown up, with Alan Hjile, Ned Sparks, Henry Ar- metUi, Louise Beavers, Henry Kolker. Alma Tell, G. P. Huntly, Jr.. Wyndham Standing and Paul Porcasi. SAENGER SUN. MON. & TUES. Gary Cooper and George Raft —In"SOULS AT SEA" WEDNESDAY—2 Shows Only 2:30 and at 8 p. m, Claudcttc Colbert In a return showing of Fannie Hurst's "IMITATION OF LIFE" THURSDAY & FRIDAY PAUL MUNI—in "THE LIFE OF EiUlLE ZOLA" RIALTO SUN. MON. & TUES. Return showing of Clark Gable & dins Laughton in "Mutiny on the Bounty 1 ' WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY Return showing of Robert Taylor and Janet Gaynor -in"SMALL TOWN GIRL" Double Show Sat. at both theaters "Mutiny on the Bounty' At the New Sea Classic Returns Sunday for Three-Day'En- gagement Here Proclaimed the .greatest of all sea iramas, "Mutiny on the Bounty" opens i three day return showing Sunday it the Rialto. Aside from entertainment, it pre- ienls an Authentic visual document Of one of the most notable chapters f maritime history—the mutiny on he H. M. S. Bounty one hundred and 'ifty years ago. In the annals of Die sea there is no inoro fascinating story than that told of the Bounty which set sail from England in 1187, bound for Tahiti. In charge was Lieutenant Bligh, n harsh taskmaster. Storms lengthened the voyage, food ran low and as Bligh's temper increased he raged at his underfed and embittered crew, 'the : goldcn days that followed the arrival at Tahiti 'temporarily quiatcd his men, but shortly, after the .start of the 'return voyage Bligh's tyranny brought rebellion to the breaking point and his men rose in mutiny. Then followed adventures that have never since had their equal in naval history; Bligh and his eighteen loyal seamen sailing 4,000 miles in an open boat; escaped mutineers seeking refuge with their native wives; Bligh's return and.the. capture of several of the mutineers; another shipwreck and Bligh again in an open boat at the mercy of the sea on a 3,500 mile cruise; and the'final naval courtmartial back in England with all its tragedy and faded hopes. Three of :the greatest odors either on stage or screen head the cast of more than fifty featured players. They are Charles Laughton, as Captain Bligh; Clark Gable, as Fletcher Christian, lender of the mutineers and, Franchol Tone, as Midshipman Byam. Revival Closes The revival meeting which has been going on at tho Church of the Nttea- rene located at the 500 block on South Elm street, for the last two weeks under the leadership of the Rev. A. J. Tosti, evangelist of Sebring, Ohio, will come to a close Sunday night. These meetings have been attended by fine crowds from night to night. A special Sunday School Rally is being planned for Sunday at 10 a. m. and all children are invited to attend. The rjieeting will be aided by special singing and music with people from Texarkana. The closing service will be by the evangelist in the evening service beginning at 7:45. A special invitation is extended to all to come and enjoy these closing services. Tho pastor extends a cordial invitation to all the pastors and churches of the city to attend this closing service. James R. Walsh, Pastor. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Fred R. Harrison, Pastor All regular services will be held. The pastor will return Saturday night from Stamps where he has been holding n week's revival meeting, and will preach at both hours Sunday. Small-fownW New ftialto Film Starring Janet Gaynor, It Will Be There Wednesday and Thursday The star of the immortal "Seventh' {even," Janet Gaynor, and the sen-, Cation of "Magnificent \Obsession,"; iobert -Taylor, have .joined -hands <to| >ring to the screen one of the most tirring modern romances in "Small 'own Girl." ;Bolh reach new heights in the stir- ing story about a modern runaway marriage brought about by the rural drl's effort to escape .the boredom of i small town that is snuffing out her ife. If you like real entertainment with thrills, laughs tears and action,'then see "Small fown jGHrl," Gaynor and Robert JCaylcMS Rialto Wednesday and Thursday special return showing. The whistles of the English Queen Mary, are seven feet In * Sunday and Monday of this week we have a dramatic romance "Sworn Enemy-wilh Robert Young, Florence Rice, Lewis Stone, Nat Pendleton. Story, production detail, quality of action and character of direction combine to make this picture substantial entertainment. In theme the film is a gangster-menaced dramatic romance. It moves fast, creating interest early and holding it continually. Dialogue and action arc well balanced and the situation developed are fresh and different. Desire for revenge upon a common enemy is the premise of the story. Crippled but vicious gangster Joe Emerald is the sworn enemy of fo' r people. Hank Sherman knows that. he is responsible for the killing of his brother. Doctor Cattle and his daughter are determined to square accounts with Emerald for his part in having Guttle railroaded to juil as a cover up for one of his crimes. A dumb prize fighter Krupp is convinced that Emerald causes his manager's death. As the gangster drama, constrastcd by appealing love interest involving Hank and Margaret Cattle, and hilarious comedy mainly provided by Krupp, is developed to the tempo of suspense- laden action, exceptional acting and intelligent direction merge to give the film an attention-holding character. Using the familiar, but effective features common to gangster-inspired entertainment, the story builds a unique and different climax in that Emerald's determination to bo supremely powerful in tho underworld is secondary to his ambition for physi- AT THE NEW Program Next Week SUNDAY & MONDAY ROBERT YOUNG -in"SWORN 'ENEMY" TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY Double Feature No. 1 "THUNDER IN THE.CITY" No. 2 "LAWLESS NINETIES THURSDAY-FRIDAY "NAUGHTY MARIETTA" SATURDAY THE 3 MESQUTTEERS —in"RANGE DEFENDERS" Orville W. Erringer Hope, Ark. Representing Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositors Corp. I'd rather be tho secretary to Mr. Manvitlc any day than be his wife.— Dolly Goering of Kentucky, Tommy Munvillo's secretary. Who ever saw anyone got up from a good meal with anything but a cheerful, tolerant attitude toward his fellow man?—Lewis W. Waters, food technician of Cambridge, Mass. We categorically refuse to be hooked up with those whose scheme is the destruction of Europe.—Adolf Hitler. If you took every dollar of every multi-millionaire in the country into n pool, that would not pay the interest on the national debt, to say nothing of paying the principal.—Alfred E. Smith. The world stands out on either side, No wider than the heart is wide; Above tho world is stretched the sky, No hitthcr than the soul is high. The heart can push the sea and land, Farther away on cither hand; The soul can split the sky in two, And let the face of God shine through. —Selected. SATURDAY Johnny Mack Brown "A LAWMAN IS BORN" Last Chanter of "BOBJNSON CUUSOE" •»"0r /if'// wreak ymr how*t He's tho r«cfcete»t who owe the Uvea of wivos, sweet Uwte, RQBERT YOUNG FI-ORENCE RICE JOSEPH CALLEIA STONE NAT PENPUCTON Abo Selected Short Subjects Mrs. J. H. Glass left Thursday for her home in Con way after a weeks visit with her daughter Mrs. John Welborn and Mr. Wclborn. _O- Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Roberts, 923 East nd .street announce the arrival of ii daughter, Barbara Jean, Friday nt Julia Clu-ster hospital. Both mother daughter are doing nicely. -o- Circlo No. 2 of the First Methodist church will moot at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon in the garden at the home | of Mrs. J. O. Milan). Each member is hostess. Circle No. 1' of the First Methodist church will meet at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon ut the homo of Mrs. Krimk Hciirne with Miss Anna Wagner as associate hostess. Tho Jo Vesey circle of the First Muthodist church will meet at 7:30 Monday evening at the homo of Mrs. H. L. Broach. -O- Thc Young Mother circle of the First Methodist church will meet at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon at the home f Mrs. Burl Thompson on South Main street. Circle No. 3 of the First Methodist church will meet at 3:30 o'clock Monday afternoon nt the homo of Mrs. Don Smith with Mrs. R. M. LaGrone as associate hostesses. Circle No. 4 with Mrs. D. B. Thompson as leader will meet at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. R. M. Hriant. Mrs. Chas. Cox and son Robert Hugh, Mrs. Delia Cox, and Miss Rosa Harric srxmt Friday afternoon in Texarkana. Miss Mary Delia Carrigan of Hcn- drix College, Conway, is spending tho week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Carrigan. Miss Carrigan bus recently been elected President of the Junior-Senior house at Hendrix. J. M. Loe of Hope left Saturday for Lake Hamilton near Hot Springs to be the guest of E. C. Groover, general superintendent of Fanners and Bankers Life Insurance company. Mr. Loo represents the company at Ho|x>. -OJ. L. Goodbar, who has been spcnd- ng the last few months in Hope, was called to his home at Lebanon, Tenn., Friday on account of the passing of ris brother-in-law, Robert S. Askew, of that city. Mr. Askew has visited in Hope on several occasions and friends Here regret to learn of his death. Building by Home (Continued from Page One) The Best in Motor Oils I Gojd Seal 100% Venn., u,t _ SSc The New SterluiB Oil, q.t.— 30C Tol*E-Tex Oil Co. East 3rd, Ho|*-*Vpeii Day & Kite Herndon-CorneHus Burial Association Office at UOPE FUBNITOBE POMI'AN Hope, Arfc For Safe Protection Cull for «gcn|—Phone 5, 56.1, ? Russell LeWallen of Hope is one of he 35 students initiated into the Block and Bridle club at the Oklahoma A. d M. college, Stillwater, Okla. The club is an organization for students who are taking animal husbandry work. Annually the club sponsors a Little Royal Livestock show at which the college livestock entered at the large livestock show is exhibited. The initiates were given an outline of the history and activities of the Block and Bridle club by Dr. Oliver S. Willham. professor of animal husbandry. Refreshments were served to members and pledges by Ii. Clay Potts, short course director. The Y. W. A. of the First Baptist church will meet Monday night at ii o'clock at the church. — - •«»••••*- - • Igorot charlatan doctors of Luzon, P. I., use chicken galls to determine the, fate of their patients. Contributed by the sick person's family, the fowl is tastily broiled before the gall extracted. new program. 'However, Arkansas is richly blessed with native materials such as rock, stone, timber, gravel and sand, and all the individual farmers need to do is to bring all or any of those materials together in the form of a house. When he docs this he is creating wealth just us much as when he produces a crop. "Iowa builds good homos from a commercial .standpoint, because Iowa has produced wealth, but it doesn't possess native materials. Arkansas hasn't produced great, per capita farm wealth such as Iowa, but she has the advantage of native materials, which can be used very effectively. "Tho objective of tho the program is the attainment of a bettor standard of housing through the use of available native materials ami home labor. A large amount of cash will nut bo an important factor in tho campaign in view of tin; fact emphasis is being placed on the use of toll-sawed lumber cut from farm woodlots, field stone? and rock gathered from hill sides, logs, sand and gravel, in addition to the vise of family labor in construction. The use of those materials and home labor will in turn release available cash lor investment in such home ecjuip- nent as storage space, cabinets, flooring, plumbing fixtures, screening, all of which in the final analysis moans u'ghcr standards of rural housing, tho igents said. Mr. ;md Mrs. A. W. Martin of tho Hopcwell community constructed u log muse using a house plan put out by ilie Agricultural Extension Service. fho Afar tins used mostly native material and home labor. Their five room house cost $100 and is valued at S2500. Included in this program is a plan .service for farm people of this county. Miss Bullinyton and Mr. Cmith iow have a plan service handbook in which are the plans of some 100 farm .Iwcllings and farm service buildings, developed for Arkansas conditions by the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. Farm families in this county contemplating farm construction now 01- in the near future may have the advantage of this service. Chicago was the most populous Catholic archdiocese in 1936, with 1,159,390 members. The archdiocese of Boston was second with l,W2,8tiO members. col perfection. A cripple, he is pathetically envious of Krupp's strength. When he tries to get the fighter under his management, he sets the stake leading to his : own dawnfall and the elimination of his mobsters. The production gives ample evidence of careful preparation with a particular eye towards providing something different in.a stock pattern to make for interesting entertainment. that Dumb Dessie thinks he must have letters patent on the mayor's job. What with the Klan case an.d Nazi charges that Masons are helping Spanish Reds, college fraternities found this fall's rushing prospects distinctly bearish. Marliene Dietrich phoned Hollywood from Austria, asking only lor a dozen pairs of false eyelashes. Apparently she had no trouble raising enough brows. Americans are advised there is a market for artificial fingernails in Australia, but it's too late. Our supply was exhausted in the court issue face-scratchin. An oil industry bulletin charges that a U. S. gasoline bootlegger has fled to Spain. Probably there to organize the pirate petrol. The National Apple Stabilization committee reporting the largest yielc on record, it will be fun to see what Florida or California can do with "Gargantuan Grapefruit" dance. Headline says war in China convulses markets. Yes, business men are just laughing and laughing as stocks, go down. 1 f Real Estate Notice 1 •••• I ALL OWNERS of residences, build. ^ ing lots, or farms, for rent, sale, orj trade are courteously requested to 1 phono 82G and give descriptions and] particulars of property to— Foster & Bordenj 123 W. Division St. Licensed Real Estate Brokers Mussolini says all his thoughts are bent on preventing war. Not bent, Ducc, just plain warped. Tommy Manvillo paying 5200,000 to be free of his fourth wifo should at least have the solace of an honorary certificate for sharing tho wealth. La Guardia received so many "write- in" votes in the New York primary CRANE I WATER HEATERS' $5.00 Dawn Harry W, Shiver Plumbing-'Electrical PHONE 259 ROY ANDERSON and Company Fire, Tornado, 'Accident Insurance COTTON LOANS We are now making Gov Cotton Loans. Bring us cotton for quick service. Jett Williams & Co, SUN. 2 and 8:45 j>. in. MON.&XUES. 1:45-and 7:30.p. m. Times Daily Return Showing-— —of one o /the most fascinating sea stories ever told! CLARK GABLE CHAELES LAUGHTON FRANCHOTTONE -in"MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY" Presenting— That Marvelous •Sea Story thatfe — Big Action filled DOUBLE SHOW — at'both RIALTO Magnificent with the courage of strong men and the alorv ?«f oreat love! GARY GEORGE SOULS JPnlB ^rfcJF^ - FRANCES DEE GARY COOPER "Noggin" Taylor, paramount News Events "Powdoh EXTRA -Added- Featurette CHARLIE MCCARTHY —that "chummy" 8*Ji° ndof W. C. Fields? "ANECKIN' PARTY" WED-ONLY 2 Special Return Showing —SHOWS ONtY- 2:30 8 p. m. 2 THUR-FRI The I93T Academy Award Winner— PAUL MUNI "THE LIFE OF EMILE ZOLA"

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