Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 10, 1934 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1934
Page 5
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y, 'August 101984 Family on Trial for Girl's Death 6 Accused of Murder of Fostoi-Child in North Carolina WILKESBORO, N. C.- fXF>) -Tlie sl «te beEnn presenting to n jury of middle-aged farmers Thursday its version of the mountain drama which cuiniinalod in the strange death of kooda Childross, 18, for which five members of her family are on trial lot their lives. After the jury had been selected, opposinp lawyers spent almost the entire session examining and cross-ex- ninltiinB Nathan Tharpo, farmer- neighbor of Ihc defendants, who was one of the first persons on tde scene after the crimp. The state charges that Luther Tiley 32, fired the rifle shot that lulled his foster sister and that all five members of the family were engaged in » conspiracy to kill the pirl. Tharpe testified that as ho came lo me Tilley homo December 30. 1933 a fe wminutos before he and other neighbors found the dead fiirl in Ihc house, J,e saw Luther ruiminR out of the house with a shotgun in his hands. Iharpc told Ihc jury he rushed to UK- Tih'ey home- nftcr ho answered a party telephone lino ring and heard a voice cry: ''There are .some men here—three white rnen and a nosro—robbinp the place. They're about to kill me." fnarpe said that as he entered the room whore the girl's body lay, a rifle wa.'i again;.t the door, which would not remain closed without a prop against i(. Kelly Broan. 23, another neighbor of the Tilleys- corroborated mos$ of Iharpe's testimony. The defense indicated it would eon- tP'i'l Hint the girl killed herself. The prosecution announced it would contend that the pirl was slain to keep h»r from implicating Luther Tilley in the death of Andrew Eldridge, .slain in an alleged bootleggers' feud seven Says Russia Broke Propaganda Pledge JtOPB STAft,-flOPB, SiDECLANCES By George Clark Distilleries Urge (•:14 li .''.'.4 '_.'•••'<iw.':- : •.'•'•'"'.'.'•'•'•." '""''. ''• •'•>,'• •''> v : .i-.?'''•'>>.<:'- *-.<• •.-. 1 ,,^.. I»jT*TT"?*!"."*]«•*. 1 1 • l <• T\ Aid tor Dry Areas .U. Evidence wtilckbonald purported to provo violation of Russia's antl- propngnnda nRreement with the United States was offnrcrl by Archibald K. Stevens, secretary ot I.ho National Civic Federation wlifiii, as shown here, he appeared In New York before the Congressional Committee investigating '"im-Amnrlr.nii activities/' years earlier. Other defendants are Warwick W. Tilley, GO, patriarch of the family; hi: wife, who is 58; another son, Clyde, 18; and Luther Ti!ley's 30-year-old wife. The eller Tilleys were in Elkin ut the time. The home of John and Pricilln Al- clcn still stands in Duxbury, Mass. Near it is a monumen to Captain Miles Sttindish. Many times its own weight in water absorbed by the mat of leaves that covers the ground is a forest. Tho Sargasso sea contains fish with fins formed like gripping hands. These tire used lo cling to the seaweed. "I sol a swell idea for you. Draw a big, husky truck driver - ordering an ice cream cone." QUALITY GROCERIES At the Lowest PRICES POSSIBLE EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE, Lb. 19c Paper Bag PURE CANE 10 Lbs 53c Fresh Stock VERIGOOD 48 Lbs $1.59 Sour Red Pitted No. 2 pn r Cans £ 3C CORNFLAKES PINEAPPLE Sunnyfield Sm pkg 6c Brand Lgepkg....9c Cans BAKERY DEPARTMENT GRANDMOTHER'S DELICIOUS CAKES Pound Spec. I.- U|K . V Pineapple . QQ Cake /yC Layer Z3 C "ar* JJC . Flllffs Grandmother's Bread — 16 oz. Loaf ................ 8c Pan Rolls, doz ......... 5c Raisin Bread .......... 9c PRODUCE SPECIALS Thompson's Seedless Grapes—2 Ib.s Italian Prunes, Fresh—2 Ibs Fancy Iceberg Lettuce—large head California Oranges—Dozen Potatoes—Fancy No. 1 Reds—10 Ibs. Fresh Turnips and Tops—Bunch .13c .15c .. 6c .27c -19c -10c Pillsbury's Cake Flour—Pkg. BISQUICK—Small package WHEATIES, Cereal—Package PUFFED WHEAT—Package BOKAR COFFEE, Supreme—Lb. RED CIRCLE COFFEE—Lb. 29c .20c .13c lie .27c .2lc Allege Long Got Insurance Funds U. S. Investigating Crash of Union Indemnity Company NEW ORLEANS, "E;,. -(#)_ For two hours Wednesday Mike Moss once a powerful figure in the banking and political life in New Orleans, sat before u federal grand jury and told what he knew about income .taxes filed by Huey Long and his political associates during Long's admiriistrtion as governor. After his testimony the grand jury recehsed and not a person [ connected with the investigation would | say a word. Moss left the Federal building under guard of a federal agent. For months a squad of Treasury department agents have been invest! gating income tax returns of Long and a do/en of his political associates. Their efforts were spured when Mike Moss who retreated to his ranch in Arizona when his Union Indemnity Company crashed and carried down several other institutions',-gave an affidavit to the federal agents telling of various transtctioas that passed through his banking and insurance house. Immediately he was placed under a federal grand jury subpoena and a federal bodyguard provided him on the ranch. He was brought from Arizona to New Orleaas by the agent and escorted before the grand jury to testify. The investigating agents, in command of the agent who prepared the evidence that sent Al Capone to the penitentiary for failure to pay federal income taxes, will not discuss the It is known Hell Head Wire Control Body With Big Supply, Incentive Lost to Repeal State Laws i... • i- .-n • ~V \" > — *"& country s distilleries have asked the Trca^. which jjrobably would decrease^e'lr owne sales. ATI appeal for special efforts to curb the shipments t>f tax- paid liquor Into dry stales, has been made, officials said Wednesday, to the alcholic lax unit of Secretary Moreen- thau's department. As a result, inquiries are being made into a number of coses whore wholesalers in wet states joining dry terri- (ory are receiving shipments regarded a.-, in excess of the requirements of their own legitimate business. Dr. James M. Doran, supervisor of the Distillers Code Authority, said the groups he represents were actively co-operaffng with the Treasury in exposing indirect 'movement o'f tax-paid liquor into dry territory. Privately gome officials said the distillers are concerned over the possible effects: the : flo wof liquor into pro- bibilion areas might have on the incentive in those states to support wet legislation. Wnth a plentiful supply of tax-paid liquor on band, drinkers ' might not bo interested in attempts] (o repeal prohibition statues. l -*"•••' I Beauty Sparkles Beside Spark Pbtg Minister Indicted in Deacon's Death Alabama Murder Follows Prolonged Church Quarrel MOULTON, Ala. — (#)— A Baptist minister Wednesday was indicted as the ambush slayer of an elderly deacon cf his church. Arraignment of the minister, the Rev. L. P. Royer, 55, on charges of first degree murder ot" Frank Pick-ens, 81, was set for Thursday. 'The minister and his son, William, 14, have been held in jail without bond since their arrest. Under Alabama law, the boy, because of his age, cannot be tried in cirucit court, however, until lie has been given a hearing before the Juvenile Court judge, Hoyer and hsi son have repeatedly denied any connection with the sloy- ing, which the state alleges was the result of an effort to oust the pastor from his pulpit in the Moulton Baptist church. 'Tin not surprised," .said Boyer, -as he was arrested in the basement of his church, where 'he -sat reading the Eible. "They have accused me of ev- j Providence Providence Mr and Mrs. M. C. Browning 1 tehir daughter, Mrs. MiMon SI.. and Mr Simmons in Fort Worth, as. Mr. end Mrs Clint Crawford children of near Blevins and Mr. am Mrs Monroe Willis of Matiltou, OldS "pent last Wednesday with Mi-, Mrs Charlie Roberts erything else." Pickens was a leader <3uite a tiumber from this attended the singing at Piney Sunday. Miss Farrell Mitchell spent a tfrfr days last week with her brother Qtf ville Mitchell and family ot Kvehiftg Shade Mr. and Mrs Jim Watson and child* Ten spent Sunday with her fraffiitet, Mi and Mrs J B Games of Hope/ ' Mr. and Mis Jeff Sutton and baby spent last week end »with ber pareai& Mr and Mrs Charley Roberts. Miss Pauline Ray is visiting lief Sis- tei, Mrs Carl Thornton of Piitey Giove and attending singing school, Miss Lillian Simmons is visiting hei? sister, Mrs Lorean Durham and family in Fort Worth. Mis<- Oclavia Wilson is visiting Mtef Oma Routhwell of Hope- Charley Roberts spent last week end with icldtives m Omaha, Txas. I Victoi Campbell and Thomas Morton mad a business trip to Bradley, Ark, Monday. ' Mrs Ross Roberts spent last Friday with her mother, Mrs P A. Campbell, Mrs Dale Tonnemaker and little daughter, Virginia, of Hope, Mrs. Dallas Yerger of San Antonio T«ca$, ahtf Mrs Omo Williams spent a 'While ton Wednsday with Mrs. P. A. Campbell. in the ouster movement and the night before he was .killed he had demanded the resignation of the pastor, which was refused. The eldery deacon was shot fron ambush as he rode a mule along a country road. More than 700 million dollars in gold has been imported into this country since the government startec iis gold buying policy: One New York skyscraped accumulates so much static electricity that a neon lamp can be lit by applying wires to a doorknob. Old Folks Like This Laxative J3e«UM of weafc«iwd digestive organs, old people need a thorough laxative, but a gentle >ne. Delicious Fcen-a-mint, the chewing gum axntive distributes the laxative ingredient by Chewing, uniform!)' into the srsrem, thus giving l full complete action that is more natural —and gentle. Doctors regular!)' prescribe the axative ingredient in delicious Feen-a-mint, Delay is dangerous, so today safely get iack in schedule and stay there; Chew non-habit .owning Feen-a-roint for constipation. HOT SPRINGS, ARK HOWE HOTEt RATES—#1.50 to #3.00 PER DAY New •— Fireproof 100 Rooms European Plan Centrally Located Corner of Central ana Canyon streets—only one block from bath house row, shopping district, doctors' offices and theatres. M highways and street cars pass our .doors. All outside rooms with .bath toilet—lavatory—phones^-fans —>bed lamps. Fine furnishings and equipment. Reasonably Priced CAFE Roof-Garden. Garage, Beauty Parlor, Barber Shop, Clear and News Stand. Golf and Country Club Privileges J. WILL HOWE President and General Manager To head his newly rrenh>d commission whirh will I-PKU- Inte the communications 'industries. President J'looxevelt lias picked KiiKone O. Syl«;s, above, of Mississippi. Sykes, who has been chairman of I ho radio commission, will serve a seven- year term in his new post. Hussna's population has been placed at 147 millions, making it the third largest in the world population lists. RAJAH SALAD DRESSING PINT JAR I5c FAMILY QUART 25c OREO SANDWICH COOKIES—Lb. 27c GRAHAM CRACKERS—Pound box 19 C MEAT DEPARTMENT STEAK L te!r d Kt tSc have questioned more than a dozen of Long's political captains in an effort to detrmine if they and Long had made proper returns to the government. Before Moss' financial enterprises struck the rocks, he was a close bu- intss and personal friend of Seymour Weiss, Long's political treasurer. During the United States Senate's committee's investigation of Senator John H. Overtoil, a Long associate, Julian Long, Huey's brother, said he had seen Moss hand Long large packets of money which Long would shove into hsi pockets. GLORIFYING YOURSELF pf By Alicia Hart Tall Korn Sliced Bacon-Lb. 20c TEXAS LONGIIOKN—POUND 15c Smoked Bacon IN PIECE-POUND 17c Dry Salt JOWLS-Lb. 9c SPRING LAMB-FISH & CHICKENS Watch Our Windows For Added Specials v-j A New Coiffure May Change Or. Emphasize Your ry|j.» Did you ever notice how an actor or an actress wil get almost the entire key for a character part by means of u wig that somehow denotes the kind of person that is to be played? The fact that a wig, can work sucl miracles .gives an indication of the change a new hairdress can make in your own appearance. I have seel women change their types entirely by altering their coffitures, becoming viv id and provocative where before they had been dull and everydayish. . As a matter of fact, something very much like that happened to the popular brown-eyed, red-haired Jane Gaynor of film fame. Miss Gayno; always was a pretty little girl, bu when she used to wear her curly hah long, screwed up in a bun at tht buck, dalfway parted on the side, and rather undiscipled and undistinctive, she mifiht have been any one of fifty other pretty little girls. It was only after she cut her hair, clicked down the front a bit, made the part more decisive to emphasize her round face with thu dimple in the chin, and won; the curls long oil her neck, that girls all over the country begun to copy her. Incidentally, plucking her rather heavy eye-brows improved Janet's appearance, too, and a judicious use of mascara on the lashes aided in creating that clear, candid gale that has become no famous. iVe may not have studio makeup artists to tell us what to do, but nevertheless we can all study ourselves for 20 years or more. United States coinage mints are located in Philadelphia, Denver, ami j San Francisco. and choose a hairdress that will make us stand out as individuals. WARNING ORDER In the Hempstead Chancery! Court. H. M. Stephens Plaintiff vs. Oda Hollomon, et al Defendants The defendants Magnalene Coker, Carrie Hollomon Russell, Lily Cowit, Lois Hollomon Dorrah and Lola Hollomon are hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff hei-ein. Witness my hand and seal as clerk of said court on this 21st day of July, 1934. (Seal) DALE JONES, Clerk, July 21-28, Aug. 4-11. DRESS SALE Entire Slock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP Phono 252 Are You Familiar With This Mans Platform? Bigger Than Ever! Kexall Factory lo You SALE Profits sacrificed to make more friends. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Hope, Ark. Established 1885 Fires, wuislorms, explosions and collisions do NOT respect persons of circumstances. I N S U H E AGAINST THEM. ROY ANDERSON*ft PHONE 610 HOP*; AM WE URGE EVERY CITIZEN TO HEAR HIM AT 8 P. M, Monday, August 14th ON THE CITY HALL LAWN AT HOPE ON- L Increasing the Inheritance tax rate. 2. Materially increasing the income tax rate on all incomes in excess of $50,000.00. 3. Paying the Soldiers' Bonus. 4. Prompt and fair treatment to all WAR VETERANS. 5. An Old-Age Pension law. 6. Taxing all Government Securities. 7. Any law that will bring about a redistribution of the buying power of the world thereby enabling the industrial worker to purchase the product of the farmer's toil, and the farmer to purchase the products of the industrial worker's toil, without which permanent recovery cannot be had. IF YOU BELIEVE THAT THE GOVERNMENT WAS F 0 U N D E D FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE- THEN GO TO THE POLLS TUESDAY, AUGUST 14, AND VOTE FOR W. S. ATKINS FOR CONGRESS Published and Paid for by Friends of W. S. Atkins

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