Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 1, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1937
Page 5
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Friday, October 1,1937 ) HOPE, ARKANSAS 5O Passes to the Saenger Theatre - - 5 Each Week Hero are the rules for the Food Page Contest. 1. Write out your favorite receipe (based on economy and originality), 2. Clip out any advertisement appearing on Food Page. 8. Mail or leavo rcceipes and the advertisement that you have clipped care Food Department. Hope Star. Look in next Friday's paper weeks receipes. for winners of this Winning Recipes Hot Tnmnlf Pir 2 cups Ki'ouml cooked meat. '••,! small clove of K'irlU'. 1'j tabli'Spoonful chili )<>wder Ealt nncl rc-d popper 1 quart of rooked mu.sl. Mu.Oi--2 cups meal. G cups water, fnll to taste. Cook unli.1 thick. Mix meat, seasoning mid stock and bring to Uiil. Line IxikinH dish with tmi.sh and pour i" linnale mixture. Cover with mush, dot with butter and b;.ke. MRS K. D MIDDLEBROOKS Apple Krisp Slice 3 medium npple.s thin. Cook with water until clear. Pour in baking dish and add 1 U'asponn cinnamon. Mix together: 2 hcap'mn tablespoons butter. '•» cup flour, 1 cup lirowu su^tr. •^i cup white sugar, and put over apples. Bake in oven about 30 minutes. Kerve warm with whipped cream. MRS CLYDE MONTS French Dinner llolls One cake yeast; 1 cupful scalded One cake years 1 cupful scalded sweet milk 1 tciispouiiful sugar 3',4 cups sifted flour White of 1 t-RB 2 tablespoons melted shortenim; Llevel Ica.spoonful sail. Cool milk to lukewarm; add sugar and crumble yeast into it. Let stand five minutes. Boat OKK white. Add one-half of the flour to the milk, yeast and sugar and beat until smooth and bubbly. Add egg white, shortening, ancT'sall, then the remainder of the flour and niix well. Knead Igihtly. But in a yreased crock or pan, grease top of tioiiKh and let stand in warm place wntil it doubles in sue 'requires about I'.-i hours). Knead down lightly, form into rolls, let rise one hour and bake in a medium oven. MISS MAMIK TW1TCHKLL 1 cup nf shorlonuifj IVfe cup of sugar 3 cups of flour Vii teaspoon salt 3 CKR.S, well beaten 1 teaspoon sod.t in 1 tablespoon hot water 'i teaspoons cinnamon 1 cup raisins 1 cup cl.opped nuts With a teaspoon drop on greased tin, two inches apart. Bake in moderate oven. MRS. R. 0. BRIDEWELL Sour Crcnm Devil's Food 'L cups sifted flour 'i teaspoon salt \:s cup butler or other .shortening 1 Clip SURIIl 1 <'I!H. well beaten 1 tc;\!-pooii soda 'L- cup smir cream •J Uiblt'Apoon cocoa. Sift flour, mea.sure, add salt nnd ciicoii rind sift tnt>ethcr 3 times. Crcnm huttor thiiruuKhly. :uHI sutfar grudunl- ly and cream together until light niul fluffy, add aK({ and heat well. Dissolve suilii (ind rrcam, add flour mix- turi' to cijke ulternately with cream :i small amount at n time. Beat after ich addition until smooth. Bake in two nroiisr«l layer pans in moderate own. Put layers together with chocolate icing. Chocdlatu IciiiK I 1 '.- cup KUKiir •''•i imp nv.lk pinch of salt 1 tablc.sjjixjn butler. Cook until forms soft ball in water. MRS. FRED CAMP Ar Held Baby's Death Sheriff Says She Delivered Infant Herself and Buried Him Will Distribute More Text Books 150,000 .Free Text Books Are Now Ready for Distribution FAYETTEV1LLE, Ark.-f/P)-Shcriff Herbert Lewis said Thursday night a 31-year-old Fnyetteville womnn. employed nt a locnl hotel, was being held in the Washington county jnil in connection with the death of her infant son. Lewis said the infant's body was found Thursday buried in a flower bed nt the woman's home. An Investigation was begun following a re- txm the woman recently had given birth to a child which was not at her home, he said. The sheriff snid two charges, murder and manslaughter, hnd been prepared in connection with the finding of the Ixidy. Lewis said the woman, in a statement made before Prosecutor Jim Trimble, Assistant Prosecutor Tom Pearson and other county officers, said she gave birth to the child last Sunday night nnd delivered it herself. The woman told the officers, Lewis said, the biiby was not breathing when born and that she attempted to bring it to life by breathing in its face and washing i.s face with water. After this reutment failed, Lewis quoted the .voman as saying, she believed the :hild had been born dead. Lesvis snid the woman related she hen wrapped the baby in a blanket ind placed it in n trunk before her nolhor and two brothers arrived home :md hour and a half after she said the child was born. £he removed the body from the trunk Wednesday, Lewis said the woman told them, and buried it in the flower bed, replanting flowers over the grave. The sheriff said the woman told officers she had not missed any work at the hotel. She worked her usual hours the day after the child's birth. Lewis .said she related. The sheriff snid the woman refused to make a statement until examination by a physician revealed she recently hud given birth to a child. Lewis said the woman's husband was dead. She has two children, u boy 12, and a girl, seven, Lewis said. LITTLE ROCK—The State Board of Education authorized the distribution of 150,000 additional free textbooks to countie.s and approved a $100.000 lour from the ctiniimn school fund to the State School for the Blind for a building program at a meeting at the eapito! Thursday. With distribution of the addition!! text.s, schools of the .slate will have "jeen supplied with free books for 71 >er cent of their enrollment. The remaining 30 per cent will be made up by donations and by volunteer pur- eha.se.s by parents. A small sum was retained in the textbook fund for emergencies. HOPE STAR GUEST TICKET WINNERS Shows the tickets nro «iM>d for NEXT WEEK —nt HIP— SAENGER Sun. Mon. & Tues. —in— "SOULS AT SEA" Wednesday Only "Imitation of Life" Thursday-Friday —in— "Life of Emile Zola" HOLD EVERYTHING! By Clyde Lewis ; > "The caijlj-in.says 1'or.us to come right up, tjie ship's :! ill; in ft * '"'* "" ' - " 1 Pasture, Livestoek Meet October 8 Field Demonstration to Be Held at Fruit & Truck Branch Station Bulletins ATiniENS, Greece.— </P) —Roy Henderson, American traveler and an British flying officer were killed Friday when a British Imperial Airways flying boat sank while landing In I'haleron Bay. sinking Libby Hplrnon, Singer, N Is Reported Improved NEW YORK.-iVl')—The Daily News says Libby Hoi/nun, singer nncl actress, widow of Smith Reynolds, tobacco hour of Winston-Snlem, N. C.. has bec'n u patient in a hospital here since September 26. She i.s convalescing fro ma minor operation, the News says, adding that she registered as Mrs. Elizabeth Reynolds of Darien, Conn., thereby avoiding ublicity. The hospital verified that "a Mrs. leynolcls" was a patient, but declined give more information on the case. Pike Jury Acquits Delight Marshal E. S. Stockton Is Cleared for Killing of Rex Gentry MURFREESBORO, Ark.- (/P) -A Pike county circuit court jury Friday acquitted E. S. Stockton'. Delight marshal, of killing Rex Gentry of Antoine, last May. Hcmpslead county's share of free text hooks will be 3,138. Nevada county i.s to receive 1,937 books. Convict Trusty Sought LITTLE ROCK—(/F 1 )—State police started Thursday a search for Tom Bouncy. 28, Sebastian county convict, and a state truck. Donncy, a trusty de tailed to the Rirls 1 industrial school, failed to return after beiny .sent to Harrison Wednesday to obtain u truckload of apples. He had served about four months of a two year sentence for forgery. They think he is the grimiest living Democrat.—Governor Eurle of Pennsylvania, after trip abroad, summarizes President Roosevelt's popularity in Europe. It's obvious she's training them foi operatic careers.—Dwight Lighty, singing mouse's kepcer, visioning future of the mouse's seven babies. The rapidly mounting number ol accidents due to drunken drivers ii driving us back to prohibition.—Jack ILiy of Yougstown, Ohio, gas dealers organization. Phone 348—We Deliver CHOP? SHOULDER STEAKS 15c DRESSED FRYERS—Pound BRICK C H I L I—Pound ISe CHOICE NATIVE CHOP 3— Lb. STEW— Lb. •••"Ml UFA! • Cfifc RQAST-Lb DRESSED FISH, SHRIMP OYSTERS Cnsc lo Jury MURFREESBORO, Ark.—(A 1 )—A circuit court jury started deliberating Thursday night the case of E. S. Stockton, Delight city marshal, on trial for muriler in the slaying May 1 of Rex Gentry. Antoine. The case went to the jury at 8:30 p. in. after two hours of attorneys' arguments. Testifying Thursday afternoon, Stickton said he opened fire with his pistol after Gentry pounded him in the head with a rock. The marshal was attempting lo place Gentry in jail at the time. QneSNAPSUOT CUIL MIRROR PICTURES Gasoline Tax Sets New High Record Liquor Tax Collections Also Are Up, Report Shows H- .WE you over taken mirror pictures; that Is, for example, n picture of sister or the "girl friend" standing In front of a mirror perhaps "dolling up" a bit or maybe just admiring herself ? It Is the unusual that attracts attention but It Is necessary to use your eyes and ft little Imagination and Ingenuity to ferret out too exceptional a,nd get pictures that show individuality. When tnakitvg mirror pictures and focusing for reflected Images only, it is necessary to add, tho distance from the mirror to Uie subject, to, the distance from the mirror to ^ho lens of the camera, aud tUen, set the focus accordingly. If It 1s desired to include the subject In the picture with the reflected image tho focua should be set for the distance from the mirror to the lens. The smaller thq lens opening the greater the dqpth of field nnd the sharper will be hoth images. Of course, the nearer the subject Is to the mirror tho less Is required In the matter of "depth". Let us suppose that eister Is (wo feet and the camera six from the mirror. It you want tp iu elude sister, as well as her reflected image, in ihe picture, set the focus at si* feet. If you want only the re fleeted Image In the picture, you set the focus at eight feet. A pnotoflash l»mp simplifies your exposure prob leui and permits a small enough lens opening to gain a sufficient range o! sharpness. After locating rou,r subject finder and setting thp focus of ypur camera at the proper distance, the ehutter fpj- "time", placet photoflash hulb in an ordinary flooi lamp within reaching distance Iron the camera, tilting tua shade slightly upward and toward the subject. I you cannot tilt the shade, remove i from the lamp. It I« best not to I^YI any bright Mghts, burning near th< lens of tbe camera.' Set your le$ opening according to the table pi the photoflash lamp container. Tafce ypur position, ftl. (fee. cainera the cable release to open, your shut ter and immediately turn on th ihotoflaah and theft dulckly close he shutter —and the picture has een taken. Simple, isn't it? For this LITTLE ROCK.—Arkansas's gasoline tax collections soared to a new all-time high—$940,058.34—during September, accounting for more than one- half the total of $1,812,6-10.07 collected from 26 specia Hax sources by the Revenue Department, Commissioner D. L. Ford reported Thursday. The month's total was less than the ?1,855,482..1G collected during August and exceeded the ?1.G67,399.72 collected during September. 1936, by 5145,240.35. September gasoline tax collections, which were for .sales made during August, compared with ?!)17,8Q3.r>5 eol- IcetedmAugust and 5881.0G1.81 collected in September. 193G. N. E. Shuffield. Revenue Department cashier, said that less consumer buying during August accounted for a drop in sales tax collections from $432,- OG5.95 in August to $361.081.17 last month. The September total from this source, exceeded by $79.215.52 the $281,- 8G4.G5 paid in sales taxes during September of last year. Liquor Tax Gains Liquor tax collections jumped from $72,638.53 in August to $106,894.50 in Ecptmbcr. No liquor permit collections were listed because investigation of permit applications delayed making the remittance to the treasurer's office before the report was compiled. Frank Clancy, head of the department's automobile license division, said 21G.OG1 drivers' license had been issued since January 1, netting the stale $80,159.15. The total included the old 50-cent and the new 35-ccnt licenses. During September. 14,654 persons obtained driver's licenses. Ehuffield said wine, beer and liquor taxes of all kinds brought $157,033.88 into the state's coffers last month, compared to $106,581.43 from the same sources in September. 183G. The annual pasture and livestock meeting will be held at the University of Arkansas, College of Agriculture, Fruit and Truck Branch Experiment Station, at 2 Friday afternoon October 8, according to an announcement by G. W. Ware, assistant director in charge. Visitors will have an opportunity to see how worn-out Impoverished land has been converted into excellent 8- month pastures, which produce more than 400 pounds of beef per acre. Professor Martin Nelson, Head, Department of Agronomy, College of Agriculture; L. A. Dhonau, Extension Agronomist; J. B. Daniels, Extension Economist; and several other agricultural leaders, will be present to assist with the meeting. In addition to these timely discussions, the following features will be included in the afternoon program: 1. 'Seeding and terracing demonstration. 2. Planting and innoculalion of winter clovers. 3. Mowing and harrowing pastures. '4. Hay stacking demonstration. 5. Eradication of bitter weds. G. Identification of pasture plants. The regular program will be terminated with a livestock display, animal weight guessing contest, and a bareback mule race with negro riders. Many visitors are expected to attend from southwest Arkansas. Texarkana Men Buy Stock of Hope Store TEXARKANA — W. B. Simmons, owner and manager of Simmons Cut- Rate Drug store, announced Thursday night that he and C. D. Reasons, of the Reasons Drug store, had purchased the entire stock of the Checker Pharmacy of Hope, Ark., in addition to that of the Texarkana store. Simmons said the stock at Hope would amount to considerably more than $2000. Farley Proclaims Harmony in Party Says Republicans Have Vain Hope of Overthrowing New Deal LANSING, Mich. — (/P) — Postmaster General James A. Farley, Democratic national chairman, proclaimed the unity of his party Thursday night and asserted predictions of Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg (Rep., Mich.) that a new party alignment would overthrow the New Deal were "a vain hope" born of desperation. Democrats, Farley said in a radio address, will not become "a sort of trailer to the Republican bandwagon." "We Democrats have had a few differences of opinion," he sa'.d, "but we are going to find the correct answer at our own cpuncil tables. The assumption of Senator Vandenberg that because they disagreed with President Roosevelt on one issue, Democratic senators are going to follow him (Vandenberg) into a bankrupt political organization that doesn't even know the United States is living in the Twentieth century is too absurd for words." Farley said the Republican party "tried coalition in last fall's election" and failed. He said another election would find the Democratic committee working for a victory of the party's entire congressional ticket, regardless of individual agremeent with policies "Oi course." he continued, "the Republicans have no disagreements, because they have no policies and no program." Movies Shown to Hope Rotary Club British Denounce Invasion of China "Don't Buy Japanese Goods" Is Solgan of- British Boycptters LQNDON—«P)—British liberals Snd Laborites prompted an anti-Japanese boycott throughout the empire Thursday night. h> Public gatherings denounced tne Japanese invasion of China. Art ill- formed source disclosed that British colonial authorities at Hongkong had opened an official inquiry into the reported sinking of Chinese fishing nmKS and loss of 300 lives under attack by Japainese submarine. "Don't buy Japanese goods! 1 was the boycotters' slogan. Although sponsors admitted there, was little hope of obtaining the government's open endorsement, they ex- • pressed confidence that the movement will spread to other countries. The National Council of.Labor sa'd a wide response had been given its, proposal to hold demonstrations throughout Britain over the weekend. Demonstrators will express op-: position to bombings of Chinese Civilians. Newspapers were deluged With letters protesting Japanese military activities. One correspondent urged a boycott of the 1940 Olympic games in Tokio. Pure ocean water has a clear blue color because salt water does not absorb the blue rays of the sunlight as it does the red days. The blueripss of sea water depends largely upon its saltiness. Mrs u Easterling, 87, Dies at Bodcaw funeral Services for Pioneer Woman at Florist Hill Cemetery A section for unusual pictures will brighten tho pages of any album, type of picture a No. 10 photoflash bulb \yill furnish enough light. In amateur photography, experimenting 'becomes the spice of Ufa ^ you will ba surprised at the interesting e'lects you will get in working out "stunt" pictures on gloomy, rainy days when outdoor activities ari> tahoo. JlesuUs, in some instances, pi^y be rather grotesque but you will have a lot of inexpensive e.musement and pictures that show Individuality. Anyone can take the ordinary run ol pictures but it re- quiries a little ingenuity to ge^ tho unusual. Tfcat is what you should "shoot" for, and the rasultlng pic lures will be far more interesting th&n ordinary record pictures and breathe life itself into your photograph album. John Vaa Guilder Mrs. D. S. Enstcrline, 87. died at 3 o'clock Thursday mornintf nt the home of her son, J. C. ICii.sturling, :it Bodcuw. Funeral services were to be held at ^lorist Hill cemetery, conducted by the v. John White and the Rev. De- ,vard Silvey. Mrs. Eiislerling i.s survived by three other suns: S. Easterling of Emmet; W. N. Eastorline of Hope. B. T. Easterling of Redwuler. Texas; eight daughters. VIrs. Ethel Bell of Maude Texas, Mrs. Dannie Latham of Tc-xarkana. Texas. Mrs. Barbara Pin-lull of Hope. Mrs. Suda Lyon of Childress. Texas. Mrs. Ada Hamilton of Emmet. Mrs. Lule Bann of Texarkana, Texas. Mrs. Ruth Brooks of Lamesa. Texas, and Mrs. Eva Rogers of Ros-ston. Two New Orleans Newspaper Men Die NEW ORLEANS- -i:Vi~Ne\v Orleans mourned Thursday the deaths of Cup- tain John Walker Ross, 69, editor of the Ne,w Orleans States, and Alvin P. Howard, 48, financier and vice president of the Times-Picayune. Captain Ross, who had been in the service of the States for the past 52 years, died Thursday morning as result of a general breakdown. Howard succumbed to a heart attack at Planvicw, Texas. Statement of Uie Ownership, Management, Circulation, Etc., Required by the Acts of Congress of August 24, 1912, and March 3, 1933. Of Hope Star, published daily except Sunday, at Hope, Arkansas, for October 1, 1937. State of Arkansas, County of Hempstead, SS. Before me, a Notary .Public in and for the State and county aforesaid, personally appeared Alex. H. Washburn, who, having been duly sworn according to law, deposes and says that he is the Publisher of the Hope Star and that the following is, to the best of his knowledge and belief, a true statement of the ownership, management, circulation, etc., of the aforesaid publication for the date shown in the above caption, required by the Act of August 24, 1912, as amended by the Act of March 3, 1933, embodied in section 537, Postal Laws and Regulations, printed on the reverse of this form, to wit: 1. That the names and addresses of the publisher, editor, managing editor, and business managers are: Publisher Alex. H. Washburn, Hope, Arkansas. Editor Alex H. Washburn, Hope, Arkansas. Managing Editor Leonard Ellis, Hope, Arkansas. Business manager, Alex, H. Washburn, Hope Arkansas, 2. That the owners are: Star Publishing Co., Inc., Hope, Arkansas. C. E. Palmer, Texarkana, Texas. Alex. H. Washburn, Hope, Arkansas. 3. That the known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders owning or holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities are: C. E. Palmer, Texarkann, Texas. Alex. H. Washburn, Hope, Ark. 4. That the two paragraphs next above, giving the name? of the owners, stockholders, sad security holders, contain not only *he list of stockholders and security .lolders as they appear upon the books of the company aut also, in case where the stockholder «r security holder appears upon the books of the company as trustee or in any other fiduciary relation, the name of the person or corporation for whom such trustee is acting, is given: also that the said two paragraphs con;ain statements embracing affiant's full knowledge and belief as to the circumstances and conditions under which stockholders and security holders who do not appear upon the books of the company as trustees, hold stock and securities in a capacity other than tnat of a bona fide owner; and this affiant has no reason to believe that any other person, association, or corporation has tay interest direct or indirect in the said stock, bonds, or other securities than as so stated by him. 5. That the average number of copies of each issue of this publication sold or distributed, through the mails or o&er^lap.' to paid subscriber during the sjx liw^hs preceding ww date shown sbpve is 3,886. ALEX. H,. WASHPUW. Sworn to ahf* sjpsja^b?4 before roe this 1st day of October, 1937. Paul H. Jones, Notary Public. My commission expires March U, 1941 Rev. W. R. Hamilton Ex hijjits. Wary Films of. London and England Motion picture furnishd by the Brit ish division of Rotary Internationa were shown to the Hope club Frida noon at Hotel Barlow by the Rev. Wil Ham R. Hamilton, pastor of First Bap tist church, on his own fine IGmm projector. Introduced by Dr. A. C. Kolb, th Rev. Mr. Hamilton's picture exhibitio: entertained the club for half an hou with moving scenes of London aiv rural England. The other gust Friday besides th Rev. Mr. Hamilton was Pat Fort, Ro tarian from Belleville, N. J. Elephant Trainer Dies BRIDGEPORT, Conn.—(A 3 )—Georg Denman, 66, known among circut peo pie as "king of American eiephan trainers" for a quarter of a century tell dead here Thursday. Denman, who was born in Bayonm N. J., formerly had charge of ele phants with the Ringland Brothers an Barnum and Bailey circus. U. S. Admiral Hits (Continued from Page One) ese capital, the Tokio note invited he government to "co-operate" with be Japanese government to insure the - afety of American nationals and yes- ( els at Nanking. Observers interpreted the invita- ion to "co-operate" as a renewed request that the United States order ite , diplomatic representatives and naval •essels at Nanking to seek safety elsewhere, i r Secretary Hull told newsmen that,the American note of protest and the reply must speak for themselves. There seemed no disposition among officials lere, however, to "co-operate." Officials declined to indicate whether Lhis government contemplates further action. There was widespread belief that the question of responsibility/ might not be settled until the fighting has ended. Work Seems Easier A.nd Life Pleasanter When You Are Free From Constipation The bad feelings and dullness often attending constipation take the joy out of life. Try & dose of Black-Draught at the first sign of constipation and see how much better it is to check the trouble before it gets a hold on you. Black-Draught is purely vegetable and is so prompt and reliable. Get refreshing relief from constipation by taking jwrely veffetable Black • Draught A GOOD LAXATIVE West Third Street Home of Better Meats BABY BEEF ROAST—Pound 15c BEEF TONGU E—Pound 15c CALF LIVER—Pound 20c PORK SAUSAGE—Lb. Shoulder Roast—Lb. CHOPS—Lb 2Sc MIXED SAUSAGE—Pound 15c T-BONE and SIRLOIN STEAKS—Lb. 25c TENDER BABY BEEF STEAKS—Lb, ISc No. 2 ROUND STEAK—Lb. 20<? A Complete Line of Groceries BAKERY i

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