The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on November 21, 1948 · 95
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · 95

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 21, 1948
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Page 10 Section 4 THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Sunday, November 21, 1948 TODAY'S RECIPE Mincemeat Turnovers Two cups( sifted flour, hi teaspoon Bait, cup margarine, Vt cup water, 1 cups molat mincemeat, hi pound Cheddar cheese, sliced. Combine flour and salt In a bowl. Cut margarine into flour DOROTHEA HAKE'S FOOD NEWS; New Book Abounds In Recipes For Preparing Yule Cookies AS SOON AS Thanksgiving Is -pes and to give you smart tips over we'll all start thinking about how to make your cookies bet-Christmas. There's a lot of work ter than ever, there' a new nic- to be done in the intervening thne.ture cookie book Just printed by, w'th Pastry blender or two knives and baking Christmas cookies is manufacturers of a populai brand no small part of the planning forjnf flour. It Is filled with every-the holiday festivities. T "e, un- thing you want to know about like fruit cake and plum p'dding.mnking cookies with a g-nerous you can't make your cookies scv- supply of show-hov Illustrations. It eral weeks ahead of time, but you is a 43-page booklet, containing can be prepared Dy seeing tnat lis of the most popular recipes, nu have all the necessary lngro- from the company's test kltch-dients on hand and the recipes ins. The booklet is available toi you want. the public for 25 cents. We Willi To make it especially easy for he glad to give you the name oi you this year to add to j'om cul juie company and tell you how you lection or Lnristmas coowe reci- can get your copy. U C .J Takes Off Inches 3 Unsightly Fat Flabbinesi-. . Arm and Hip Itinera Disappear l.ih Magic Ciime in or a FKhE liediiring Treatment No Oblln'lnn On Vour rsrl OriN EVENINGS No Disrobing Diet or Drugs Steam Baths Exercise Also Hecnmmemled for I'aor ( imitation and IServousness REASONABLE RATES FOR APPOINTMENT PHONE CH 2670 REDUCING SALON ABBE 621-30 KEITH BUILDING 525 WALNUT STREET ; THEN THE other day we ceived fiom the test kitchen of one jof the manufacturers of aluminum ware a five-page folder of choice co(.k;e recipes which are simple to make and add variety to your collection. The recipes printed Included Ambrosias, Swiss Treats. Eier Platchen, Orange Dainties Sprite Cookies, Ginger Snaps, until ouarse crumbs are formed. Add water gradually to make a very stiff dough. Roll dough to hi Inch In thickness and cut In 6-inch squares. Fill with mincemeat, moisten edges and fold over, pressing edges together. Brush tops of turnovers with milk and top with slice of cheese. Placs on baking sheet and bake in hot oven (450 degrees F.) about 15 minutes. Yield: Eight servings. containing produce that was wilted or otherwise deteriorated, had not been segregated from other first-grade produce nor had their sales price been reduced. This, he said, detracted from the potential repeat sales volume and unnecessarily discredited this form of merchan disi.ig. Thanksgiving Dish For Small Family . 4 J- ,r rN . p.r . is-; & K J 4 xwm D Dream B ;rs, Butter Balls, Candied lDack i nerry urenms and several others for c Ht-iii iur a suiJiny ui iiiB3t-grading, packing, distributing loioers ana win ne nappy to malilmcrchandlsing. If It is to be per you a copy upon receipt of a'manently successful. It must be ac r. Hauck contends that "pre-! 'V .SpGT -T1 7 V kaging of perishable foods call' '" k ' r exacting care at all points-. p.v--.v, . f.-.-'.JHi , "S, 'vC'Vw M., ling, packing, distributing and' 9 ', 4,." J" srij, ',xZ' stamped and self-addressed envelope. KKSrONSIBIlITY of food pack ers und retailers to maintain high standards of quality and freshness in pre-packaged fresh (unproc essed) fruits and vegetables was emphasized recently by Dr. Charlcn W. Hauck of the Department of Rural Economics at the Ohio Agri cultural Experiment Station, Woost-er, Ohio. Commenting on recent observations in 10 typical retail stores in Columbus, Dr. Hauck pointed out that of many thoussnds of self-service, transparent packages of farm produce offered in these companled hy constant effort on the part of retailers to maintain high standards of quality and freshness, and a. sincere readiness to replace any nnsatisfactory pur chase with good merchandise. Since packaging Interferes to some extent with the consumer's ability to form an Independent judgment of the contents, the retailer must assume even greater responsibility than when offering conventional bulk goods." PERIIArs YOU haven't noticed it, but you Bre not nearly so likely to find a worm, or a half worm, in the apples you buy as before the war. What's more, the U. S. De- stores during three test periods of :that the roh!emBof tne resldu;,ert on apples after spraying is not so six, three and five weeks, about 10 per cent found to contain Inferior or deteriorated produce. Almost 30 per cent had been packaged more than two days, some as long as 10 to 15 days. More than one-half the packages, troublesome, either. The reason for these quality Improvements in apples is that DDT has proved to be an effective spray. The apple worm, or coddling moth, appears to IF YOURS IS A FAMILY of two and you don't contemplate more than two guests, you can be thankful for the broiling chicken. Two of these, stuffed and slowly roasted, will make one of the most attractive Thanksgiving dinners you've ver served. Here we show them nesting on a platter, attractively garnished with greens. And don't forget the cranberry sauce it goes equally well with roast chicken as it does with turkey. STUFFED BROILING CHICKEN. Two 2V4-pound broilers (dressed weight), '4 cup butter, Vi cup finely diced onion, 1 teaspoon salt, v. tenennnn nKnner. U teasnoon celery salt, hi tea spoon powdered rosemary, hi teaspoon powdered thyme, Si teaspoon powdered sage, 4 cups day-old bread cubes, 2 three-ounce cans chopped broiled mushrooms, 2 tablespoons fat, 1 teaspoon kitchen bouquet. Have your dealer clean broilers for roasting. Melt butter in frying pan over moderate heat. Add onion and cook about five minutes, stirring occasionally. Add seasonings and bread cubes, stirring lightly with fork to mix thoroughly. Drain mushrooms, reserving liquid for use In gravy, and add to stuffing mixture.' Stuff chicken. Close vent open ing with skewers and tie legs together. Blend together fat and kitchen bouquet and rub over chickens. Roast in slow oven, 325 degrees Fahrenheit, until the chicken is tender or a meat thermometer placed in the stuffing registers 180 degrees F., about ona hour and 15 minutes. Make gravy by pouring two cups medium thick white sauce into roasting pan to dissolve drippings. Add mushroom liquid and some minced parsley to gravy. Season to taste. Serve hot with chicken. cern to both apple growers ana the consumer, ONE OF THE BIGGEST problems facing the average housewife be on its way out as a major con- today is how to beat tha cost of living, especially when it comes to jof extreme food prices in two ways, feeding the family. In a recent They are buying foods with a lesser survey of a month's food purchases 'price rise aiid they are buying of its readers, the Woman's Home Companion found that American families have cushioned the effect v 177-7 10 to 5:30 Telephone DVnbar 4700 Fourifc at Rac On Quality Street It's A Tinrinnali ufc.7 Traililiim ... A Christmas Gift from I I i : V I J J HOtllld Cor day' h Perfume to Music Corday'g haunting fragrances have been set to music! For R.C.A. Victor, Harry Revel has composed expressions in music for six of Corrlay's melodious scents. Toujours Moi (Always Me) . . . music that evokes a mysterious mood. Fame ... a fled ing scent set to the tempo of a modern waltz. Tzigane (gypsy) . . . gay as the swirl of a gypsy's skirts. Jet ... a spiral rush of . . the black magic of the witching hour. Possession . . . waltz tempo, recreating enchanted moments. L'Ardente Nuit (Ardent Night) ... a scent of languour recreated with music. The album "Perfume Set to Music," contains six delightful musical selections, named after and inspired by Corday's magnificent scents. Album price. . . .3.2t"5 Perfumes: Jrl, from 2.00 to 12.30 Possession, from 2.7." to lt.00 Tiigane, from 2.75 " 1 JJ.00 Perfume pricet pint 10 fed. lax! Toujours Moi, from 2.7. to 35.00 Fame, from 2.7S to 0.00 L Ardente Nuit 2.7. to 18.00 Harry Berir Album Will tie Sold In Pogue'n Alnle ol Toiletries! Toiletries, Street Floor THE II. & S. POGUE COMPANY A gift pair thtit't really different! alternate foods in a lower-prlfe range. For instance, the American housewife has increased her purchases of poultry, which has risen 78 per cent in price, 11 per cent while at the same time she reported a 12 per cent decrease in purchasing meat, which has a 130 per cent increase in price. To regulate food budgets, the housewife has also been buying other lower-priced food. For example, she reported a 56 per cent decrease in butter buying, while her margarine purchases increased 236 per cent. Fresh fruits de creased 27 per cent in volume purchases, while cheaper packaged desserts increased 29 per cent. Frozen fish, vegetables and fruits had a bigger share of family budgets while fresh fish, butter, cake flour, sugar and baking powder had been proportionately decreased as items on family grocery lists. YOC MAY FIND one. two or three types of figs at your grocer's. The less expensive cooking figs usually are the Mission figs, so- called because they were the variety planted around the missions In California by the early Spanish missionaries, the Adriatic or the Calimyrnas. Mission figs are dark, contain small seeds and have a distinctive flavor which many per sons like. The Adriatic rigs are amber colored. Calimyrna figs are larger and sweeter than the Adriatic. For cooking, buy one of these varieties whole in bulk. Pressed packaged figs commonly sold as confections are generally hlghor priced. Squash For Dinner And For Luncheon; Here Are Recipes Who'd suspect simple old squash lived a double life? For dinner some evening .surprise the family with savory squash casserole. Then, If by chance there's any left over, turn it Into little squash pancakes for luncheon the next day. SQUASH CASSEROLE. One small hubbard squash, 2 tablespoons butter, lvs teaspoons salt, "4 teaspoon pepper, hi teaspoon onion salt, Vi teaspoon celery salt. Cut squash in half, bake cut side down in moderately hot oven, until tender, about one hour. Scrape out pulp, mash and measure out one quart. Add remaining ingredi ents. Mix together until light and fluffy, adding a few tablespoons of milk if necessary. Pile in s greased shallow one-quart casserole Sprinkle with paprika, dot with more butter if desired. Bake In moderately hot oven until thor oughly hot, about 20 minutes. SQUASH PANCAKES. Two eggs, 1 tablespoon flour, tablespoon sugar, .i teaspoon salt, 116 teaspoon nutmeg, 3 tablespoons butter, 1 cup squash, un seasoned. Beat eggs well. Combine with flour, sugar, salt, nutmeg. Blend well together. Melt butter, blend into egg mixture with mashed squash. Drop by tablespoonfuls on greased hot griddle. Brown on bot tom, turn and brown on other side Serve with maple syrup or honey for main course at luncheon bacon or ham. with Sauce Gives Life o Leftover CaJe Tc To dress up a leftover cake or add zest to a pudding, use this eapy-to-make tangy jelly sauce. To make it, you'll need: Three tablespoons butter, 3 table spoons margarine, l cup firmly packed confectioners sugar, pinch of salt, vt cup tart Jelly (currant plum, etc.), 1 whole egg. Z egg yolks, 1 tablPspoon lemon juice. Cream the huttor and the mar garine in the top of a double boiler. Gradually add the sugar, salt and jelly. Now add the beaten egg and yolks, insprt pan in bottom cf double boiler and while water Is boiling, beat sauce wilh rotary egg neaier until it is very foamy, about four minutes. Remove from the heat and stir In the lemon juice. This tart iellv sauce may ne served either warm or cold. The recipe mnkes about Lasting GIFTS By Paul Schutte BRIDGE SET STURDY 5 PIECE MA-HOGANY FOLDING BRIDGE SET. , Imitation leather covering en table top and chair seats available in ivory or red. The chairs are ideal for use in the dining room. These , attractive sets are delivered in cartons for convenient storage in your home. .75 NEST OF TABLES HANDSOME SOLID MA-HOGANY NEST OF TABLES WITH GENUINE LEATHER HAND-TOOLED TOPS on all three tables. These tables are generously proportioned and can be used separately as lamp tables or cigarette tables. A Truly Lasting Gift for every member of the family. .50 34 69 MAPLE t'fAViVnVi ''i til hvh I yLlli it ilf4 LOUNGE CHAIR LARGE COMFORTABLE SOLID MAPLE LOUNGE CHAIR with separate spring cushion seat and back. Perfect for the living room, den, or bedroom. Available in a lovely selection of plain colors, stripes, or quaint plaids. We have priced this chair exceptionally low in order to correct an overstocked condition. 34 Shop now while our gift $tock is complete. .75 PAUL DCHUTTE i i r i i i i C O M r A H V Sfore Hours: 10 A. M. to 5:30 P. W. 9 I art. I r " -v fix 1 v KUii .Jjt.Jl..J.l.! y j A Poijue Permanent, Given lift a llair-Slifliitfi Specialist Means ... lasting loveliness for your hair Arrange now to have a Pogue Beauty Specialist give you the right Permanent Wave and to style your hair most becomingly. With the coming holidays . . . and the festive fashions that dress the season . . . well groomed hair is essential to any disrerning woman. And this is the time to get your Permanent Wave. A Pogue specialist will suggest the rigl't '.VP of permanent for your hair fven. !' might he problem hair, bleached or Oyri. I'ogue's Permanents start at U Beoufy Solon, Sixth Floor TIIK ,1. S. VOW COMPAQ Call DVnbar 4700 for on opponent today. i two cups.

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