Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 10, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1934
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Architectural Wonder 4 What is pictured hefe* i3 Ethical. Answer to Previous WBBKSEl HS SKJll HSUi ourt 9 to hiVe off. 10 Utifl Of wofk. 11 Hlgflt la if is th«- lottt- «st •— m 46 Father 1? Neither. 13 "to sink. wander 1BQNTO ^ ^ 26 Greek letter". 2?J*rfie' eJlftn In WAter, spout fotth. tOStyte. 31 Impracticable. S3 Devoured, 34 To choose by • ballot, 35 Gloomy $6 Entwined into .- fabric. 3? Exists. 39 Upon. 40 Provided 41 Pair 42 To lubricate. 44 Born. 45 Low tide. • 47 Girl. 4S To remain. 50 Dexterous address. 51 Pillar of stone. 62 Tubular plant sheath. 54 It stands in the Champ de Mars, . France. 55 It bears the name of the • who built 16 Dry. 19 K«tob, 31 Sn«I as blood. 22 Armadillo. 24 Almond.. 25 Sketched. 26 At that ttma. 28 JtootstOofc 30. Musical It (pi.). VERTICAL 1 It \Vas' built for the ' of 18S9. 2 Type standard 3 Electrified particle. .:'.:,. 4 Point of '3* starting. •, 5 Lives. 6 Deity. 7 Seventh note.j' S Assault of 32 To loan. 34 Bad. 35 Middiy 41 To harass. 43 Tardier. 44 Motbcr-of- OUR BOARDING HOUSE jriday, August 10,1984 an army. dialect. 47 Decorative raesb. 49 Affirmative. 60 2000 pounds. El Spain (abbr.). 53 Like. 'Sell Itl Rnd It! Rent III Buy «f in the Hope Star Market Place Remember, tile more you telL the • quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30o fat consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 fimes r 5c line, min, 9Qc 26 time's, 3%c line, min. jaft (Average 5% words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted wifif the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication, Phone 768 WANTET. TO BUY Old gold and silver. Mr. Phelps, gold buyer, under Government license D-12-89, will be in Hope at the Barlow Hotel all day Thursday, Friday anc •Saturday, August 9, 10 and 11. Pays up to $24.00 an ounce cash for ai kinds? o£ old gold, jewelry, watches rings, gold teeth, fountain pen points eye glasses, frames etc. Hunt up your old gold, bring it to the Barlow Hotel Inquire for Mr. Phelps. We buy all kinds of sterling and coin siver. Estimates and appraisals freee. Telephone fpr special appointment. 8-3t STUDENTS interested in making up High School Work call Glenn J. Durham, Phone 213-W. 8-3t BE SURE — Insure with Mtna. Wayne H. England, Phoiiq 475. First ITattonal Bank Building. 4-6t Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOR RENT FOR RENT—Five room apartment in my home, vacant now. J. A. Sullivan. 4-7tp FOR RENT—Five room house, furnished, modern, convenient. Call this office. 8-3tp FOR SALE FOR SALE—Gun Shop, Piano and Victrola. Mrs. R. L. Taylor, 815 West Sixth Street. 7-6t POR SALE^-Young Jersey cow with tiwee-months-old heifer calf. Reasonable. Phone 180. 6-3tp. Used parts for all cars. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. 16-26L Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. FOR SALE—Trailer, 5 ton Nabors Wait 34x7 Duals—16 foot Stake Bed wtfth Ridge Pole and Tarpaulin. Call '4t. Thompson Bros. 4-3t Used cars bought and sold. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. 16-26t. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. NOTICE have moved to Hope Fruit Co., Ill South Main Street. Bring your cream, eggs, and poultry to our new place. Thanks. J. D. *templeton. 3-2 tp LOST LOST—Black and white English Setter dog, 10 months old. Reward. 684 or 768. LANDINGS Two States League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. Southwestern 12 3 .800 Goodyear 6 8 .428 6 9 .400 Atlanta 4 8 .333 Southern Association Clubs- New Orleans ... Chattanooga .... Nashville Knoxville Memphis Birmingham Atlanta Little Rock Won Lost Pet. .. 22 12 .707 . 20 1C .556 .. 20 19 . 19 . 21 .. 17 .. 17 .. 15 19 22 22 24 24 .513 .500 .488 .436 .415 .385 National League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. New York 68 39 .36 Chicago 64 41 .610 St. Louis 60 44 .577 Boston 54 52 .509 Pittsburgh 49 53 .480 Brooklyn 44 59 .427 Philadelphia 43 62 .410 Cincinnati 36 08 .346 American' League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. Detroit 68 J7 New York 64 39 Cleveland 57 46 Boston 56 51 Washington 49 55 St. Louis 44 56 Philadelphia 39 61 Chicago 37 69 THUrtSDAY'S RESULTS .648 .621 .553 .523 .471 .440 .390 .349 Southern Assocation Little Rock-Knoxville, off day. Atlanta-Birmingham, postponed. New Orleans 5-2, Nashville 0-0. Chattanooga 4, Memphis 2. National League New York 15, Brooklyn 5. Chicago-Pittsburgh, postponed, vain Only games. American League Detroit 13, St. Louis 2. Boston 15, Philadelphia 2. New York-Washington, rain. Only games. Williams Lumber Defeats Hospital Loreco Wins Over Light Plant in Second of Double-Bill Williams Lumber company defeated the Julia Chester hospital team, 20 to 5, in a soft ball gauu played Thursday night at the high school athletic field. A second game between Loreco Oil- ers and the Hope Water & Light plant team, resulted in a lopsided score of 40 to 4 in favor of Loreco. The country spends approximately a billion and a half dollars annually :o care for 300,000 criminals. Cows which freshen in November are better producers than those that 'reshen in June. e !so n "Nuclei iis LAUNDRY Wash Suit* Properly Laundered. PHONE 8 .50c By AHERN OUT OUR WAY SUN-UP TOMORROW WR, LAKE WSOlSOKiSO mCK UP MY W4toOftOfi»E TON I<E>HT-*MY AIDING. TOfe© . AND YACWTIN(S> OUTFrT, EGAD/ WAV, YOU B-ETTEP, WIFE THAT YOU LEAVE ,/s.r vf LU'SE OK/^f VW\t! By WILLIAMS FO OVAM A YAR.f COOKIN' 10 A ON BEt^KfeLY HtLU, 7-^x1 *""Jy \ «. *• JiiiFjV f THAT LOOKS SWELL, .. .._. &OCKS BISNDIN'OFF IWTO THIS Pi MS OP DIRf,H£RE7 PUT •SOME PLdweRS IN THIS AN' IT WOULD KEEP:YOC. . .,_. GARDEN" FROM LOOXrN' LIKS A j PIMPLE ONJ A BALD HEAD. THIS /<s WCUt-t? MAKS. IT YOU SET THAT PILE OF > PlRT AND THOSE ROCKS HAULED AWAY. YOOR ART IS ALL IN YOU* .BONE'S—IF THAT'S WHERE LAZINESS AFFECTS; A PERSON. WHY MOTHERS <5ET<3ftAy BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Tsk! Tsk! Uy MARTIN MOTE/ , AH OlOW'T Stta Ofc FkOWAA POT OE OHV\ —A WOTB. TO £<b&,HtAO — . 'GO ".'. \-Qow. Out NOW T tt 1 . ' ALLEY OOP HeDoesn't Speak Her Language! By HAMLIN YOU e\G LAND-GOING VJMALE, VOO TO ee ASHANSEID OF VOURSELF. PICKING ON A UTTLE FEU.ON*) VJTV SAURY, AFTER HE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR GETTING YOURSELF OUT THAT \ OONfT JUST KNOX/v) V1HAT ' SHOW N\E VJHE.RE: AV.V.EY OOP is BUT W GOING TO TAKE CHANCE ON VOOR TAKING ME ^$&&m#< . e IBM BY ht*MRvict-mc.. T. M. nt«. u.s. PAT.orr. WASH TUBES IT WORKED, PODWER. HEA6RE£D. OLD -\\66REED TQ (SO OM A CAMPING'TRIP. Rough on Boardman! By CRANE /LOWEST TO HENRy.' WE'RH> 60IN6 tO ONE OF HIS PRIVATE LAKES— IT'S A 'NUMDREO MINES' PROM A WVEDROAP, OR A. posr /- —•<< OFFICE. / NV60SHJWHY, WE'LL'MAKEA MAW OUTA TH' OLD poy YET. I'M 6OINQ Ta ROUOH IT <W THE 1 WILDS) BAXTER. SEE THAT Ntf SERVANTS GO flLONG 6.JCCEPT A CrtEP. NV SSCRETARV. AMt> MY VALET. , — _^ 1931 BY NEA SERVICE, AMD BY THE WAV, 8AV.TER, HAME Tiyo> AMPHIBIANS READY. SEE THAT THE CAMP JS PROPERLY EQUIPPED WITH HOT AMD COLD- WATER, REFRIGERATORS, AND ECfRrC LK5HTS. NOTHING- FANCY, MlKlD ^OU—I'M 60IWGTO ROUGH IT. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Revenge! IS THIS FELLOW BATEESE A BAD HOMBRE By BLOSSER HE'S A COWARD- FOOLS AROUND WITH PETTY STUFF, BUT HE'S AWFUL NASTY WHEW HE' RILGD.' SHERIFF, TWEY FOUND YOUR NAG OVER NEAR BARLEY FLATS...WE'D ' THROV/N A SHOE, BUT WASN'T IN BAD // CONDITION.'.' rW' 1 '. ^^"*-^r~*^__ tt ^^—— ,.//' s i f\ ^ ^•''~r /' THAT MEANS BATEESE IS COIN' INTO THE BACK COUNTRY! Too WOODEP FOR A HORSE // Shi WHY NOT FORGET HIM? HE PROBABLY \, IS SO GLAD ft) BE LOOSE, HE'LL, MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS FOR AWHILE/ ^ ® --f *5 a. NOT BATEESE! BESIDES, J* CHARLIE SHONTASSS HAS' TWO TfeUHIG klDS BACk IN THE WEST FORK, CM A CAMPING TRIP.... THEY WERE THE ONES WHO TURNED BATEESE IN.'.' They'd Better Watch the Postoffice! ' His KIND DON' T FORGET.' HE'LL TRACK 'EM DOWN,IN HIS SNEAKING WAY, AND MAYBE K-NIFE 'EM IN THE BACk .. I'LL HAVE TO WARN 'EM, SOME WAY ." TUPM BECAUSE SOMEONE ' \ BETTER GET STOLE VX BADGE LAST ) BUSY A^4D ^>°HT ^ 1>— _^/ POUND UP THE REM. CULPR(T JES WAIT |T(U- I LET WHAT'S THE MATTER? By COWAN MY KEYS! THEY'RE GOME.' SOMHOK1B STOLE THE JAIL KEYS f I

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