Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 10, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1934
Page 3
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Jt/l Friday, HOPE STAR, HOPE, AKKANSA3 MRS. SID HENRY TELEPHONE 321 When one is thinking thoughts which terrify, Puzzling over things that no one knows, Wondering how the scheme of living goes, Trusting unpleasantness may pass him by—*.J. Sweep till these shadows swiftly from Ih sky And re.sl your eye where soft green pastures grow. Or watch R tug that brilliant barges tow, Plowing along where soaring sea-gulls cry. Yet. when distracted by Unit emptiness which lo the best of us at times must come— Grasp sights of nature that must please you some And dwell on these when you feel great distress. Let all those inner promptings be the sun Of bettor thoughts 'till self lives less and less. . . .Selected. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Urrey left Friday evening for a visit to the Century of Progress Exposition at Chicago. Friends of George Wilson will sympathize with him in the death of his father G. C. Wilson, who passed away in n Littlr Rock hospital on Thursday. Funeral services will be held from the First Presbyterian church in Gurdon at 3:30 on Krdiay afternoon. Mrs. Charles Briant is spending the week with hor daughter, Mrs. J. Ul- iner Hosier and Mr. Hester in Ovcrton,. Texas.' Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Briant and Mr. mid Mrs. N. T. Jewell arc spending the month of August in Battle Creek, Michigan. Chicago and St. Louis. Miss Mary Billingslcy is spending the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Jack Meek in Bradley. Mr. and Mr. Charles Bridewell and ;;on, Charles Jr., will arrive Friday night for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. II. O. Bridewell. .Vfr. and Mrs. Sid Bundy have a r house guests, Mrs. Bundy's sister, Mrs. Lloyd Reid of Foreman. Mis Nell Helms was hostess to the members of the Sub-Deb club and a few special guests on Thursday evening at her home on South Elm street. The rooms were bright with summer flowers and bridge was played from three tables, with Mrs. Henry Somor- ville scoring for the club and Mrs. Willie Ed Waller for the guests. Delicious ice cold watermelon was served. Guests other than the club members were Mrs. Willie Ed Waller, Mrs. Bert Mauldin and Miss Loraine Moses and Miss Minnctc Glenn of Pro scott. A most attractive and enjoyable party for the yoiinger set was given on Thursday evening by Miss Martha White at her home on East Second street. The rooms were bright with flowers and arranged for dominoes, with the prizes going to Miss Mary Calvcrt Franklin and Miss Florence Davis.. Following the games a delightful ice course was served to the following: Janet Lemlcy, Mary Ann Lilc, Nancy Robins, Florence Davis, Mary Wilson, Nancy Hill , Edith Boyetl, Rosalyn Hall, Frances Harrcll, Sarah Ann Barr, Marietta Presley, Martha Ann Alexander. Marie Antionclle Will iama, Mary Ella White, Mary Calvcrt Franklin of Gallatin, Tcnn., and Mary Alice Wepford of Nashville. Ark. The hostess was assisted by hre mother, Mrs. Eugene Whito and her grand- mothler, Mrs. E. S. Greening and Janet Lemlcy and Mary Ann Lilc in caring for her guests. Miss Moancttc Glenn of Proscott is the guest of Miss Margaret Kinscr. Mrs. A. C. Morcland has returned from a vacation in Shrcvcport and other points in Louisiana. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Middlobrooks have as house guests, their daughters, Mrs. Nash of Dallas. Texas, Mrs. Bril- cy, Dtr. Brilcy and two daughters of Sprindale, Mrs. J. E. Borry. Mr. Berry and daughter, Margaret, of Smaskover. Mrs. F. D. Henry and daughter, After a hard hot day . .-. . cool off at the - —and another crackerjack, action filled and mystery show is scheduled on our double program— SATURDAY GOOD AFTER THIS NOTICE—! Contest tickets NOT SATURDAY NIGHT JUDGES— for the final count Sunday will be as follows: — Roy Anderson, C. C. Lewis Mrs. Frank Hicks Walter Hussman —and the Saenger Manager ION N OW WILL ROGERS -In- HANDY ANDY' Chapter 4 Rin-Tin-Tin Jr. —in— "WOLF DOG" ii7iA.tn.ir-r> WINNER announced and presented at- 9:30 Sunday Night Q FIRST PRIZE O Free, all expense trip to Hollywood. Choice of any hat from i.. ('. Burr Co., and a pair of beautiful pumps from Geo. W. Robison Co. if' SUN-MON.—Shirley Temple "Baby Take a Bow" Potatoes EXTRA NICK PECK 2Oc Rath s Corned Beef Hash Box Bacon ALL KINDS- POUND 27c Norwood Glass for Coffee KXTKA SPECIAL 29c HONEY Fine Quality 4"-" 3Oc All Accounts Must Be Paid Before the lOlh. MIDDIEBROOKS Phone 606 As Near As Your Phone Weekly Sunday School Lesson Weekly Sunday School Lesson ....... Text: Amos 5:J, 10-15, 21-24 The International Uniform Sunday School Lesson for August 12. By WM. E. GILROY, D. D. Editor of Advance A great figure in history is the prophet Amos. He was a man of his age, but hu reappears typically in every age, or, if not, a society where social injustice is rampant suffers through the lack of a great spokesman for the needy and the oppressed. Amos was a farmer or a herdsman. He had the clarity of vision of a man living his life in the open, working with the forces of nature and dependent upon the providences of God. Such a man develops strength and courage. Ho learns, also, some lessons of elemental honesty. He knows that if he would attain certain results lie must work with the sources and powers that God has established, He learns, also, the lessons of courage and sacrifice because the way of attainment is not always easy. He learns to bear losses as well as gains. It was a man of this sort, clear of vision, with a sense of rinht, with a true standard of values, with an un- dcrsUmding of the true economics of life, who came out from his herds and his fields to survey the society of his time. Think of such a man coming into one of our modern cities. Imagine hovv| he would be affected coining from his clean, pure atmosphere witli the fold air of the slums. Think of the effect upon him of the contrast of the great and beautiful buildings with the tumble-down tenements and rickety dwelling places, not homes, where masses of the people live unwholesomcly. Think of the effect upon him of I ho debased and debauched life that he observes as people go about their false pleasures. And imagine, also, the reaction of his mind and conscience as he observes beneath all this the dishonesty and corruption of those who are set to govern city and country and on the part of leaders in Ihc business and financial world. Imagine Amos, for instance, coming into our modern life here in America during recent years when we have been discovering how hollow and unsound was much of our so-called prosperity! It is in these terms that we must picture Amos if we would understand him in his own ape. He lived in an ape and society which, allowing for external differences, were very much like our own have been. The age was one of seeming prosperity, when wealth was flaunting itself, when the buildings of hewn stone were in contrast to the trading down of the poor and the burdens of the people. Along with all this there was the perversion of religion itself. It was a mailer of feast days and of much outward observance in worship, with very little regard for the realities of life and of justice. Even music and melody had enriched the worship, but upon the cars of Amos (here was a jarring note of selfishness and greed and injustice. Amos saw the hollowncss and injustice of it all, and he called upon men to turn from all this hypocrisy lo judgment and truth. His words ring with reality for our time and for every time. "Let judgment run down as waters and righteousness as a mighty stream." Bulls arc colorblind and can not be angered by the sight of red. Dorothy Lane, have returned from a visit with relatives in Shreveport, La. The Joe Vesey circle of the First Methodist chuhch missionary society hold a picnic at the Pines Monday afternoon in place of the circle's regular August meeting. After a refreshing swim a picnic luncheon was served to ninp members and two guests. Three new members were added to the roll. Mrs. W. M, Hart left Friday mom- ing for a two-weeks trip to Dallas, Fort Worth and oilier Texas points. CHURCHES First Baptist Church Wallace R. Rogers, Pastor Tho last week-night service of the revival meetings which are being conducted on the lawn of the First Bap- tish church wil be held at 7:45 Friday evening. The pastor will preach using flip subject. "Still Unsaved". The quartette which has sung request number. 1 ! each evening will sing again, beginning at 7:45 and singing until 8 '.''clock when the congregational singing will .start. Tho Sunday services in the church will begin with thu Sunday school at !):4S and will run according to the regular schedule. The pastor will preach bulh morning and evening hours, and tlio H. Y. P. U. will meet at 7:30 for the Prayer service before the evening preaching hour. MELROSE CHURCH Or. ,/. C'. Williams of Washington will hold services at the Melrose Presbyterian church Sunday afternoon, August 12. at 3:30 p. in. All residents of (he community are cordially invited to uttond the service. Defy Judge; Protect News Source Holly Grove The revival meeting began here on Monday night conducted by the i>a«- tor, Bro, Rogers, Everyone Is invited to come and take part. Mrs. Clarence Ross of New Hope Is spending this week with her father, Mr. Yeager and family. Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Willis and daughter, Mildred, have returned to Oklahoma after a visit here with relatives. Mrs, Ollie vans and son, Norman, spent the week end with relatives in Hope. Mr. and Mra. John Breeding and son, Coy of DeAnn spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. M. V. Derryberry j and family. ' I Little Miss Jewel Dean Yeager spent; Sunday night and Monday with Miss ' Beatrice Hembree. | Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Payne and Mrs. Walker and Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie' Lumpkins atetnded the singing at New Hope Sunday. Mrs. Alia Bowden spent Monday afternoon wnth Mrs. Maude Elliott Several from hre attended the rvi- val meeting at Bells Chapel last week.! Mrs. Flora Murphy has returned to | her home after a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Bill Clemens of Hope. Mr. and Mrs. T. Hembree and their children attended the singing at New Hope church Sunday night. oakenr.qoalguest Mrs, Ross Stephens of Hope attended church services here Sunday night. Mrs. Ethel Stone has arrived home after spending some vew years at Boonevillc, Ark. L. H. Huskey of Kilgore, Texas was here over the week end visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Huskey. Miss Anna Mae Brown of Prescott Fined, jailed, freed, with the program repeated day after day for refusing to bare their Information source on a story concerning hanging In effigy of a state legislator,.these two Danville, Ky., newspapermen, Jack Durham, left, and Wesley Carty, are shown grinning but determined behind Jail bare. Judge Jay W. Harlan warned them that he wag prepared for an endurance test till they "yielded. pair hare received commendation and Qnancial aid offers from all over the country. SLIGHT HOPE FOR (Conllnued from Page One) * SALE * COOL Summer Wash Dresses Ladies Specialty Shop "Excusive But Nut Expensive" recorded 100 at Oklahoma City it was the 36th consecutive day there about or equal to the 100-dcgree mark. The reading at South Bend, Ind was 102. At St. Paul the temperature was 81 degrees, 10 points lower than on Wednesday. Southwest Suffers The Southwest shared in the heat wave. It was 102 at Pheonix, while Dallas was an eevn 100 and Tuscon, 10H. Showers fell in northern Utah and southern Idaho. The temperature at Salt Lake City was 81. The Pacific coast enjoyed mild weather. Showers fell at Washington, D. C. where the temperature remained in the 80s. New York was more com- fortabl with 77. Moderate temperatures prevailed in Pennsylvania. Green Laseter Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ross visited with Mr. arid Mrs. J. T. Cumbie Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Taulbcc of Spring Hill were Friday night visitors of Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Johnston. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sparks and family of Oak Grove spent Sunday witli Mr. and Mrs. Louie Frontz. Miss Dorothy Robertson of Spring Hill visited with Miss Ruth Ann Cum- bic the past week-end. Mr. James Butler of Liberty Hill has been visiting with Mr. Russell Lcwallen the past few weeks. Mrs. Earl Fincher visited awhile Sunday aftcrnopn with her mother, Mrs. J. C. Ellis. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ross spent a while Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Johnston. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Cumbie Jr., spent a few days of this week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Cumbie Sr. Russell and Emmott Lcwallen and James Butler were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Collier of Shover Springs. Mrs. Mary Pulman is visiting her daughter Mrs. Raymond Ross of Oal: Grove this week. Mra. Ozettie Williams of Oak Grove was the Thursday dinner guest of Mrs. Earl Ross. Mrs. Joe Sparks of Hope, spent Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Purtle. 'Hie Home Demostration club of this place will meet at (he home of Mr?. Leslie Purtle next Wednesday. All members arc urged to be present. rF Tokio Mr. and Mrs. Lee Tyndall of near Paris, Texas are visiting relatives here now. Mr. R. A Yarbrough of near Washington was a business visitor to Tokio Monday. Mrs. A. N. Youngblood and little daughter Joyce of Marietta, Okla., were visiting relatives here last week. Mr. and Mrs. Glair Nance of Willow. Okla.. are visiting relatives here. J. F. McLaughlin was a business visitor to Bingen Saturday. Mjss Elain Bradley of McCaskill. spent Thcrsday night here with her cousin, Miss Irene Warren. Miss Osic Cooley was a Murgrccsl boro visitor Wednesday nifjht. Vcrnon Harris and Charley Smith look a truck load of peaches to Smackover Friday. Oscar Pate of Nashville was a business visitor here Friday. Miss Thelma Hatch'of Texarkaiia is visiting relatives here now. Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Orr and children of Doyle are visiting rclaticcs here. Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Morris were Nashville visitors Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon McLaughlin were Nashville visitors Saturday night. Guard your Health __ KILL FLIES, MOSQUITOES r AMD OTHER INSECTS Belton Several from Ihis place went to the candidates speaking at McCaskill Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Ira ley and Mr. and Mrs. Menus of Gage, Okla., arc visiting rclaitves and friends here this week. John Ridgdill of Hope was in Beltin Saturday. Severay from here attended the flying circus in Nashville Sunday. R. H. Dobon and son, Raymond, of Mision, Texas was the guest of C. T. Dodson and family Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Elcy of McCaskill wcr the Sunday guests off Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Eley. Everyone is invited to come to the sineins at. this place Saturday night. A singing school began at Avcry Chapel Monday conducted by Earl Womack. /v party consisting of Mr. and Mrs. J.. V. Hampton, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Stone, Mr. and Mrs. Crith ley and Ward Cox wenc fishing Thursday night on Little Missouri river. Sweet Home The series of meetings hehe is progressing nicely with very good crowds and good attention. Br. C. C. Merrill of Blevins is doing the preaching and Bro. Edgar Levcrette also of Blevins is song leader. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Huskey of Iowa, La., have returned after spending several days here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Huskey. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Foe and children of Richmond, Ark weer here Monday visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Huskey. Mr. and Mrs. Llody Corruther and children, Mrs. James Corruthers and daughter, Jennie, spent the week here with friends and relatives. Misses Carrie Mae and Irene Huskey spent Friday in Prescott. Miss Ruth Huskey is spending the week in Kijgore, Texas visiting relatives and friends. Bro. O. . Phillips of Abilecn, Texas presented a fine discourse here on Sunday afternoon, the subject was taken from the 13th chapter of Revelations. Lee Montgomery of Prescott was here Monday visiting his brothers, M. H. Montgomery and Oscar Montgomery and their families. Mrs. McCain of Idabel, Okla., is her for a visit with her daughters, Mrs Sam Yarberry and Mrs. Carl Morris. The body of Mr. Stanley Wilson of Prescott was interred in Sweet Home cemetery Satruday afternoon. Funeral services were conducted at his home in Prescott by Dr. Cannon of that place. Mr. and' Mrs: ~A1 Thompson and children of Blevins were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Huskey. John Ridgdill Kept Faith . „. „ .with the taxpayers of Hempstead County He took a reduction in salary in accordance with the Taxpayers' League resolution; thereby keeping in line with private business whose em- ployes took salary reductions on account of depressed conditions of the country. If elected as your County Clerk, I will again abide by the decision of the Taxpayers' League. Every property owner in Hempstead County is familiar with the service that has been rendered during the time John Ilidgdill has been your Tax Assessor. Such service deserves promotion. He will give you the same service as County Clerk. Vote for John W. Ridgdill For County £ Probate Clerk NOTICE! Have that old Mattress Renovated. We make them look new. Call for and deliver. Give Us A Trial Home Mattress Shop R. E. Hatcher 115 N. Hazel St. was the week end guest of her parents, Mr, and Mr*. S. A, Se*elL NOTICE! I have moved my shoe shop to ti» Hope Fruit Co, Store building. All Work Guaranteed J. W. PARSONS Shoe Repair Shop Phone 667. We call for and deliver 111 South Main Streei - - Pays Up to $24.00 Cash NOTICE WANTED TO BUY OLD GOLD AND SILVER Pays Up lo Cash Hotel Barlow, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Mr. Pheips, gold buyei*, under Government License, D-12-89, at the Hotel Barlow, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August 9th, 10th and llth. pays up to ?24.00 an oz. cash for all kinds of old gold, jewelry, watches, rings, gold teeth, fountain, pen points, eye glass frames, ete. Hunt up your old gold, bring to the Hotel Barlow and inquire for Mr. Pheips. We buy all kinds of sterling and coin Silver. Telephone for special appointments. Estimates and appraisals free. Gold Is CASH IN YOUR Gold U Cash OLD GOLD AND SILVER Cash Do You Dread to Shave? . ~.. • i It is often a real job, especially in hot weather. Make it as pleasure by getting quality shaving needs Here. Gem Micromalic Blades, 5's Gillette Blue Blades, 5's 35c 25c 25c Eveready Lather Brushes $1 lo Colgate or Palmolive OJEft Shaving Cream All Popular Brands of Talcum and Lotion. John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Deliver 'M' System Store It Pays to Buy Quality Groceries Specials for Saturday LEMONS CA^FORNIA RED BALL—DOZEN 17lc Green Field Peas—Lb. 4c Kelloggs Corn Flakes-pkg. 7c Tomatoes, No. 2 Size, 3 cans CRACKERS 1fc r 2 Lb. Box I °*» MUSTARD -I Eft Quart Jar ' vv Lime Rickey 2 large bottles.. Domino Pure Cane—10 LB. Cloth Bag 54c MEAT Dry Salt, Best Grade—Swift's Branded—LB. 14c SALMON CHUM—2 TALL CANS 25c SOAP FEET'S WHITE Or O. K, 4 Bars 1 5C RED AND GOLD-POUND 19c Table Garden Relish Spread and Salad Drssing „„„„..„„ 25c BROOMS 4 SI ran, Fair Quality—EACH 29c CHERRIES No - 2 Cans Red pitted for Pies—2 Cans 25c LARD 100% Cotton 8 Lb. Carton 60c Seed Oil 4 Lb. Bucket 34c FLOUR 48 Lb. Golden Puff 48 Lb. Shawnee's Best $1.59 .$1.75 -MARKET SPEC1ALS- BEEF STEAK, Round-Lb. VEAL ROAST 25c PORK ROAST-Lb. CHEESE, Full Cream-Lb. 16c LIVER, Sliced-Lb. 10c BOLOGNA SAUSAGE-Lb. IQc Sliced BOILED HAM-Lb. 35c , r-J ^|

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