The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1940 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1940
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ISLE £ IMS Guests Limited To l( Couples At A Time Foi 2 Weeks CLEARWATER, Fla (UP) — A little coral island in the Gulf o Mexico less than t mile frorn he is providing scores of newij'wed with » romantic start their mar ried Urcs might not have otherwise. It's Honeymoon Isle and null Sept. l* It will be open to chosen ne»ly»eds v,bo want to spend their first dajs of 'married life in an Idyllic, South seas setting. • Clinton M. Washburn, Tampa millionaire and owner of the Island explained that the project, was "just an kit* of mine" to get young people interested In the west coast of ; Florida. "The Island will be open to hon- cymooners for 10 couples for two weeks at ft time until Sept. l,' Washburn sal4 v ' The only requirements are tliat^ they send ap'plica- tipns to me • accompanied by at least two .."references and their snapshots. , Mast Be IWirrfcd 30 Days "Couples must-have been married within 30 dajs pnoi to their llio Island." Three miles, long and about n mile wide, Honeymoon isle has everything needed for a back-to- nature lioney'moon There ib a long sandy beach, palm trees and tilt •warm waters of the Gulf. Best 01 all, there Is complete privacy, to\ the island is isolated from tlu mainland.' A ..watchman la constantly on duty at the islands only dock. Arid there's a "No Visitors" sign, too. Washburn put as much south 6ea atmosphere as he posslblj could Into .dwellings for the honey- rnooners. Each couple has n Inn completely thatched with pain, fronds and located only a stone's throw from the Gulf. Huts. Fully Equipped Besides the 10 huts there arc a recreation tenter, bath houses anri a 'Jcuig's palace," all thatched. There !s cooking equipment In all the huts and each bride prepares her husband's meals The first couples to return from the island described their honeymoons as ideal. Pishing, boating and hours on the sun-bathcc. beach had -given them nil,, rich' coat^ of lan v They reported '"'mutiny threatened" when it cain: tune for them to vacate their hut. for the next group of brides anc bridegrooms. Cariithersville Society—Personal /Re-oo-n Club Meets Mrs Wayne Gooodmau cntcr- lamcd members ol the R«-oo-n Club at her home Tuesday night Mtes Ethelynda was club guest for the evening. Mi« Mary Creus Jopltn received costume jewelry tor high club prize, and Miss Reynolds received handkerchiefs for guest puze. Miss Minerva Phillips bridgoed and won a lapel ornament After the games the hostess served a salad course. • * * West Side Cltti Meels Mrs. J. L. Daniels was hostess lo members of the West Side Club at the home of her sister, Mrs E. S. Huffman. Tuesday afternoon High score prize was won by Mrs. Gils McAllister, who receiver] hosiery, and Mrs.. Huffman' bridgoed and won a double deck of cards. The .hostess serve'd sandwiches and a dessert course. • '•••*,'••*•'• ' UB» Robert^ 'fjiwrcwe (-'irclc , Mrs. ..Viola.' Yoiing entertained members ol the Una Roberts Lawrence Circle of, the Baptist church Tuesday ..evening. Aboiit 12 members and .two visitors were prcsenU Mrs. Garth t)pss was in charge of the program, .assisted by Mrs. V>ung,, Mrs.; .Wtllteih AciitT, Mrs. Ora Ledbtttir, Mre,s,C. Stephcan. Mrs.. VfrgUvo^ls.gave the rtcvo- MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS - n *y >i«s ush Out Poiionou, Wa.le Oao?""" «»te. "' » "• - y-P w^» pi. -. [or oStr 40 vtari T " *" TERMINATES BRUCE -.MEMPHIS tlonal. At the close of the incct- Ing Mrs. Young served ice crcnm, onto nnd coffee, Novelty Easier favors were given lo all present. * * «... Monday Nljhl Rook Club Miss Nellie Summers was hostess to members of the Monday Night Rook Club nt the home of Mrs R. T. White this week, Mrs, While was club guest. Mis. Parker Morgan won ir cosmetic purse kit for nigh score prize and Miss Mamie HCID- don received n plant stand for low. Mrs. While was ttwaidcd pol hold- ei's for guest prize. • After the games Miss Summit's served chicken saliul, moulded salad. Ice cream Easter egjjs, cookies and iced drinks. The Easter motif was 'carried out In Uilllrs, score- pads and table appointments.' +. * « Miss Dorothy Jane Tistntit, <i student at the Southeast Missouri State, Teachers College at Cape Oirardeau, Mo., spent the Easter holidays - here with her parents. Mr. tind Mrs, Maurice TUlndt. She arlvcd Thursday and returned to Cape Gtrardean Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. R, M. Pierce spent the week-end at Jackson and Cape Clrnrdcau, Mo. Mrs. w. L Cnntrell was a Kcn- nett visitor Monday. Mrs. John McDonald left Wed-' nesday morning for Clcorwater, i Fla., where she will spend about two weks. .! John Van Ausdall left Tuesday morning for Nashville. Tcnn., where ne Is a student at Vanderblll University. He was accompanied as fails Jackson, Tcnn., by his mother Mrs. J. H, VanAusdall. Elbort Ford mid John Noble of Kennelt visited In Carulliersvllle Monday alternoon. Miss Zclnm Shearer of tills cllj spent the week-end In Blythevllle with her aunts, Mrs. H. E, Smith and Mrs. Ross Beavers. Mrs. Ronnie Grecnwcll of Hayti visited in Ciiruthcrsvillc Wednesday morning. Charles Oliver of McGhee, Ark., spent Tuesday and Wednesday here with his aunt and uncle, Mr, and Mrs. Vest Oliver. Charles L. and Claude Hankin pf Wardell spent Wednesday here. Grvfllc Brown of Porlagevllle was « Tuesday visitor In Caruthersvllle. W. W. Graves of steele was here on business Wednesday. Mrs. D. 1. L. Seabaugh of Jackson, Mo,, wss In CaruthersviHe Tuesday and Wednesday to attend the Golden Jubilee celebration of the local Woman's Club. Mrs. Bea- tmiigh is the president of the Ninth district of the Missionary Federation of Woman's clubs, she was Die house guest of Mrs. Morrell DeHeign Tuesday night. VOll 1'IE CRUSTS THAT MELT IN YOUR MOUTH BLYTHEV1LLE (AHK.) COURIER NEWS Snake 'Walks' On Stomach When crawling slowly, a snake may progress In a straight line by bringing forward the broad plates of the abdomen and then pulling them back again. It actually "walks" upon these plates, When frightened, It travels swiftly along In a series of' lateral undulations Some Europeans still believe Umt animals take on the power of speech at Christmas. ENTERING ADVISES YOUNG GIRLS WOMANHOOD Thousands ol young girla enteritis womanhood linvo tuund u "real Wend" In Lydll B. 1'takham'B Vctetshle Compound to hclj) them BO "amUlM Una" rcatlcM, moody, nsrvous ciinKs, and rellavecrarapj.lirailacliB, bacl»cbo«ml cmtiarrasilnj t.lnllnit B|>jll» duo to fonialo functional Irregularities. Famous lor over 60 years lo helping "women's" functional complaints. Try it! NMn I'lnltliaiii'i ComiHiatKl conei In etllier lliiuM c,r h.iijjr » c.irr lablcl form (flltnllar furmula). For Greater Convenience and Economy Go Florence in 1940 FLORENCE See This Complete Showing Now! Florence Wickless Oil llaiige An attractive low-priced con- Kole range in open front design. 11 h as live burneri?, two beneath the oven, three surface burners. Oven is lli.x 18 inches with insulated top. Roomy cooking (<>|i hiis •/.hic- Florence Ttiblc Top CM One giant luirt U-o standard wfckloss burners. One standard burner nl each end ol cooking top, the extra-powerful giant burner beneath Hie oven. Fully insulated oven. Porcelained oven linings. A v beautiful, low-cost Unit. This linmlsome white porcelain model' lias red. chromium-trimmed liaudlts. Tiirce surface burners, two oven bill-arcs. Its extra big oven provides space to cook ;i whole meal nl one 11 m e. Smooth paneled front, lold- baclc top eovcr. Large utensil dtorage space. $45 39,50 Hubbard Furniture Co. Manila Society—Personal dren, Bobby June and Dixie Fayc and Mrs. H/ M. Fleeman were guests of Mrs. Louis Townsend In Jonfsboro Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. George Brown moved this Keek Into the residence of Mrs. J. Hnfmon. Miss Boyd Sptaki- Miss Ada Cpyd,. county l;e.a)lj) nurse, was the: principal tpeakei nt the meeting of the Parent. Teacher association Tuesday after- nooon at tlie high school auditorium. She used as her suhlect 'Health Habits of School 'Children." ' . Mrs. Claude Lancaster was leader of the prognun which was opened with a prayer by Mrs. 0. H. A»ha- branner. A chorus of high school students sang two negro spirituals under the direction of Mis* Caroryu Haley. : >.:.." During the business (lesiloiii presided over by Mrs.' E. E. Byrd awards of $t.OO 'each were presented to the home rooms pf/.Mlss Lillian Shaver and Mrs. John,Morris, who had the highest room count. The social hour was held in (lie home economics room where Miss Ruth Welch and her dass served refreshments. •• * * » Mrs. Ora Allen, of Walnut Ridge Is spending this week here with'her sister, Mrs. Joe Newton. . Mrs. Robert Klllian^ and chll- The bark of a wild dog can be' Imitated by the lyre bird. j Constipation Relief That Also Pepsio-izes Stomach When constipation brinzson acid indi- ecstMn, bioalinf. dizzy tpells, s as, coated tmgu«, eour taste, and bad breath your stomach is probably loaded up With^er- tamundiKestoltoodandyourlxwclsdon't move. So you need both Pepsin to liclp break up fast that rich undigested food in your »tom«h, and LaxativeSamatbpull the tri|jer on those lazy bow«!s. So be sure your Ujtativc: also contains Pepsin. Take Dr. Caldwfll's Laxative, because its Syrup Pejxm MM you gain that won- derfulstoirachcomfort.whiletlieUsative Senna moves ifour bowels. Tea ts prove I lie power of Pepsin to dissolve thoselumps of undigested protein food which may linger in your stomach, to cause belching, gastric ncidity and nausea. This is how pepsin- izmg your stomach helps relieve it of such distress. At the earne time this medicine wakes up bzy nerves and muscles in your bowls to relieve your comtipat ion. So see how much better you fccl by taking the laxative that also puts Pepsin to work on that stomach discomfort, too. Even fin. Ickv children love to taste this pleasant family laxative. Buy Dr. CaMu-ell's l,ax- slivej-Scnna with Syrup Pepsin at your druggist today I Rite Price Store Where You Get the -Most ot the Best for Uss Complete Shopping Center, sie^is, Groceries, Vegetables, Feeds 111 * 113 E. Main Phone 231 We Deliver Town or (Ttry See ana Use the Exclusive Glider Baskets for Convenient Shopping in Our Store., No wagging of Heavy BaskeK DUCKS Fat and Fine, Nice Size- Erich 39 C PORK STEAK Tender Lean «,. 12r PIG LIVER Sliced Fresh -.:—.:,..;..., Ib. 7ic , HAM Country Center Slices.;;.,.. . ea. 1 Oc PORK CHOPS Extra Nice L.. . . 5 for 10- GRAPEFRUIT JUICE : 46 oz. Cans 12c MARSHMALLOWS..; ;!...;... f u ll Ib. 14c CHUM SALMON Alaska '.. can 13c H OIID ^ res h ! & 'Guaranteed. I»l. or S. R. rLVUn Omega 5 Ibs.Me; Shihlcy's Nest 24'lbs 78e'. ..5""?'^.- Bcsl 6'lhs.'29c; Gulf .Pride. -18 Ibs. '$1.35" TABLE PEACHES Larire No. 2 Can ea ; Me PICKLES Sour or Dill Sliced. gal 4'Jc HEINZ CATSUP Large Size ... ea 17c SCOTT TISSUE lOGO's >..;.. 3 (or 21c WHOLE STRING BEANS Like Fresh lOc PRESERVES Pure :..V_ 24 oz for 24c PEANUT BUTTER.: JL.: 8 oz. W 8c I ADD Purc & 1 '' resh >n Cartons, Pails -1 Ihs. 2Sc: fcMHU S Ibs. i)5c; 25 Ib. Can ^11.75; r>0 Ibs. $;j.2!> VANILLA or LEMON FLAVOR 16 oz. 16c IRV1N COBB'S BURGOO STEW . « 15 oz. 15c COFFEE First Call, Max. House .... Ib. 24k CRACKERS Liberty Bell 4 Ibs 25c JET OIL All Colors bottle !0c EPSOM SALTS Mb. box 5c KITCHEN TOWELS 2 rolls 19c PLANTS & SETS PURE GROUND BEEF : ..-'. ib. 15 C MEAL ,. ,24 Ibs. Std. Cream 44c HENS Fancy Full Dressed Ib 20c BEEF ROASTS Swih's or Armour's Ib.' !9c SALT MEAT Finest Side > Ib 74c PIG EARS - NECK BONES .1 Ib. 5c ^AAP r - & (; - "i 1 o- K- in^ UVHI (;ian( sj, c ;J for , gy BACON Black Hawk Fancy-Sliced Ib. 15c SUGAR Domino ClotK Bajr 5 Ibs. OOc; 10 Ibs Oflc OLEO Pure Veg. Ib. lOc; Country Butter Ib. 25c MILK Pet or Carnation 3 tall 20c; 3 small lOc FEED 16'- Dairy $1.59 24'' Dairy $1.95 Shorts $1.49 BABY CHIOKQ Heilv ^ r M ^ x€d w Straight AAA UMUi VniURQ Quality, 100 tor ......57.-1S KOTEX 12's KLEENEX CANDY BARS, GUM LIFE BUOY, LUX TOILET HUMKOlb. lOc; /lib crt CRACKER JACK POPCORN 20c or 2 pkgs. 39c .. 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Club No. 2 Can 3 for 25c HEINZ BABY FOODS 2 cans 15c CRISC03Ib.can.....48c; llb.can 18c KROGO SHORTENING 3 Ib can 43c Jcllo or Koyal 3 Pkgs. 14' \ I '•° TWINKI,E Oflalinc 3 For 1 Pkir. Free 14' Hotdated Coffee I French Lib..: 20c3 : !b. Bag • C, Club, Ib. Can .. 1 Hi. Hag ....ISe^lOn Pure Ciine-Paper SUGAR 10 Lbs. 47c Clock WRKAD 15c MARSHMALLOWS lOc Cello. t,| (,/. I.; ;H -II Coffee "¥§: 2% COFFER Chase & S'born Lb. - 20k C. Club No. 2>/, HOMINY 2 For ISc UK DA Red No. H 70. AHI\U size 2 For 4jC Size, 2 For• Quart 22c PRUNES 2'. Lh. IJox S!)c 5 Lbs. t!) c CALUMET BAKING POWDER 1 Ib. can 19c BAKING POWDER C. Club 25 oz. can 17c LOG CABIN SYRUP Ige. 33c; table size 17c HUMKO I Ib. ctn. lOc; 4 Ib. ctn. 40c JEWEL SALAD OIL Qt. 35c; Pt. can 19c KNOX GELATIN. . .. . pkg. 17c No. 2.Can SPINACH 2 Ciins- 15c Miss-Co. P K A S Can FREE Crystal Hostess Dishes with 6 Ibs. 36c Purchase Gold Medal Flour 12 Ibs. 64c r. A: u. Crystal'While 0. K. 5SOA1' ' 7 Hars 25c Searchlight .MATCH KS 3c LIFEBUOY, LUX SOAP 3 bars 3 7c CHLORITE CLEANSER Pt. 8c; Quart lOc OXYDOL, R1NSO Ige. 19c; small 3 for 23c NAVY BEANS Lb. 4Jc; RICE Ib. 3k AVONDALE FLOUR 6 Ibs. 23c;,12 Ibs. 3?c SCOTT TISSUE ;.i.:..:...:......:.::..;..'3 > 0 ik 20c A. & II. SODA 2 I'kgs. 7c Clif(on TISSUE « Rolls

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