Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 1, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1937
Page 3
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October 1, 1037 HOPE STAB, H0f% ARKANSAS MRS, BID ilBNKY T.lfc Life is like a journey Tnken on ;i (rain With n pair of travelers At cnch window pane. I mny .sit beside you All the journey through Or I mny sit elsewhere Never knowing you. But if Fnte should make me To sit nt your side Lot's be pleasant travelers— It's so short n ri<!i'. --Selected. Mrs. George Green, Mrs. Clyde Hill and Miss Nancy Hill were visitors In Toxnrknnu Thursday. _O- M'rs. C. C. Stuart mid Mrs. E. V. Timberinke of Washington were visitors in Hope Thursday. .-O- St. Murks Auxiliary will meet lit 3:30 Monday afteriio-m at the home of D. M. Finley. 915 South Elm street. --O- Celobnitine the birthday (inniver- snry of Mrs. llntlie A. West, Mrs. M. H. Barlow entertained wilh a lunch- con at Hotel Hurlow Thur.sdny noon. The round table in the main dining room \VJLS centered with a huge Ixiwl of red roses and covers were laid for the following: Mrs. A. L. Severance, of Durnnl. Okhi.; Mrs. A. L. Johnson. Mrs. A. L Ulark. Mrs. C. C. Sprains, Mrs. H. M. IJrinnt, Mrs. R. O. Bridewell, Mrs. Nellie- Turner. Miss Matfj'ie Bell, the honinee Mrs llattie A. West, the hostess Mrs. M. II. Barlow. Following the luneiieon the guests were invited to Mis. liarlow's home on North llcrvry street where the afternoon was spent in pleasant conversation and clever stunts. At a late hour the party was invited into the IGHT COUGHS clue to colds... checked without "dosing". PROVED BY 2 GENERATIONS MAYBE IT'S YOUR F Very frequently doctors find that body pains arc caused by weak or fallen arches and other foot troubles. If such is the r.'isc we can show you how the proper Dr. Scholl FOOT COMFORT Appliance or Remedy will relieve your foot troubles. Come in for free Pedo-graph imprint of •your stockinged feel. HITT'S BKOWMjIII Shoe Store dining room where n huge birthday cake with 16 glowing cnndlcs was cut and served with an ice- course. Mrs. George M. Green and Mrs. Clyde Hill called during the tea hour. Horace Samuel has gone lo Chillicothe, Mo., where he enrolled Tuesday at Ihe Chillicolhe Business college for a course in stenographic and commercial training. Horace is the son of Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Samuel of Hope. MIND Your MANNERS Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking Hgniivil the authoritative answers below: 1. Does it bridegroom ever iisk men other than his ushers and besl nu.n to his bachelor dinner'.' 2. Is it eoi reel fur a bride to show her trousseau informally to i> croup of friends? II Where .should the minoRnim be placed on a pillow .slip? 1 When sheets are monogram- mcd, does the haw or the top of the loiters go next to the hem'.' 5. In a wedding procession, do the ushers precede the bridesmaids down the aisle? What would you do If—• You are having a small wedding parly and there are more men than women who rightfully belong at the bride's table 1 ' la) Not he concerned about the uneven number? ()>> Put the ushers at another table? <i-i Add a woman guest or two to make the numbers even. Answers 1. Yes. if he chooses. 2. Yes. but a iruusseau i* not put on display as are wedding gift*. 3. Half way between edue of eo.se and beKiniung of pillow. 4. Base. .1. Yes. Best "What Would You Do" solution -<c>. (Copyright. 1937, NKA Service Inc.) Revival to Begin Church of Christ Rev. J. A. Copeland of Dolight to Be in Charge of Services Revival services begin Sunday morning at the Church of Christ with the Kcv. J. A. Copoland of Delight doing tl c- preaching. Services nro announced to conlinue throughout the week, beginning each evening at 7:.'lft o'clock. This is Rev. CojX'liind's sotond annual visit to the church in 'lope 'or revival services in recent years, and Last Time Friday Clevk Gable Myrna Loy William Powell —in— MANHATTAN MELODRAMA FAMILY NKillT 5 hi Out- Family SATURDAY Johnny Mm* Brown —in— "A Ijiwnwn Is Born" Ijisl Chapter of "Robinson Crusoe" 'i Comedies We, the Women By Ruth Millett Hitler Dictates to Lovelorn It turns out thai Adolph Hitler-Germany's bachelor lender and leading jaehelor—knows women, after all. When he was called on to address 0.000 of them the other day, he didn't alk politics. He chose n subject that ivory woman since Eve ha* found absorbing: "How to get a man nnd lold him." After suspecting, from the ruthless way he has sought to drive German women out of public life and back to heir kitchens and firesides, that Dor 'uehrer was sadly lacking in a knowledge of feminine psychology, it now, appears that he really wo aid make ri jang-up Advisor to the Lovelorn. Not that there was -mythlng particularly startling in what he said. 'Men and women like to live together ind will." We knew—or at least suspected—that. "Women shoulr! cm- Tody the ettrnal feminine because that never fails to attract men." We knew that, too. "The manlier a man and the womanlicr a woman the better they get along in their life and work." Thai sounds familiar. But it is interesting to believe that in this modern age even n dictator must see women as they arc—live, warm human beings wilh thoughts and codes peculiarly their own. Arid Hitler's lalk is Inlercsling loo— so far as We American women are concerned—In the picture it gives us of today's German women. Most of us have wondered how German women have rcocled lo Iheir social "slavery." We have imagined them as being too busy saving scraps, having babies, and sharing work equally wilh men to have as "fluffy" thoughts as "How can I hold my man now that I have him?" But it is the Chancellor's business to know what things German women art interested in. And if he talks lo them abou "sex appeal" they probably are not yet so bowed down by the psychological nnd social burdens of Nazidom that their femininity is utterly crushed. We may be able lo change our mind's picture of the typical German woman. Put red nail polish on her capable work-hardened hands. Brush lipstick on the niouth we Ihink of as delcrmin- cd. Think of her as giggling at a bachelor's hints on feminine wiles—• instead of listening seriously to long political speeches. Poor German women—will) all their "equality of duties"—they still have to have "sex appeal." (Copyright, 1937, NBA Service, Inc.) 7 Degrees Listed for Radio Laughs 'Slugola' Means You Died Laughing—'Stiff' Means' Joke Died By JACK STINNETT At* feature Service Writer NEW YOIIK.—If you -almost died laughing" last night, the chances arc it was because a "slugola" smote your llev. .1. A. Copeland we 'have reason lo believe that thi. meeting will be a .successful one. Ilro. Copcland worked with the ehiirrh some in her early years, and lias dune extensive work in the missionary fields nil over Arkansas, as tt'ell n.s other .states, so he comes to us as an old time friend and not us a stranger. Many will welcome this opportunity In renew their acquaintance with him .•is well as In he.'ir him preach the gospel with his usual power. At present he is associate editor and fielil representative of the Gospel Liliht. n weekly religious publication. He i.s fin iible gosjx'l prcfichcr witli years of experience. The public i.s eordudly invited and urged to attend 1 mv and all of these services. There will lie a special service at the Hn?.el street negro church Sunday. Plans for the annual conference and financial drive will be discussed, W. H. D. Bright, pastor, said. All pastors and members are urged to be present. MELROSK BAPTIST CHURCH Services at Mclrose Baptist church Sunday October 3. Sunday school at 10 o'clock. At 11 o'clock R. L. Bycrs will lecture on the "70th Week of Daniel" or "The Indignation Period." Group Meets at Ozan Thirty-four regular members and Due lo the bu-sy lime of harvesting |' cmps, onlv seven members met with ' ,7. tl e Bineon home demonslriilion club . Methodist Missionary Tuesday ntfcrnoon. Septcmlwr 2K. The meeting WHS opened by readiiu: the club creed together, after which the Lord's prayer was repealed in unison A.s the secretary WHS absent the minutes of (he last incetinR were omitted. New and old business was discussed including plans for achievement day which, we hope to attend. Miss Rouse gave us some wonderful ideas for making ornamenls of gourds. Kcvfval Closes Sunday The revival services which arc being conducted in the church of the Naz- arenc will continue until Sunday night. A nice crowd attended the service Thursday night and heard the vangelist speak on the subject, "What man." And what is his duty here. The service will be aided Friday ight by special music and singing Nth people from Texarkana taking art. There will not be any service alurday night, but a Sunday Schoo ally is being planned for 10 o'clock unclay morning, and the closing ser- icc by the evangelist Sunday night. visitors of the Ozan Methodist Women's Missionary Society mot in the home of Mrs. Rush Jones, at 2:30 p. m. Tuesday, for the quarterly social meeting. Mesdnmes J F. Stuar, H. O. Su:irt. Miller Stuart. J. T. Nelson, and E. Hudson served us assistant hostesses. The following interesting program on , Friendship was given: also the cotton burr, pine cone and , ,,,.,,• sweetgum balls. ( Jugular order o the business meet- Our next demonstration will be (infi Seripti.ro reading, Mrs. Ben Good- nalrcss making. KOKKKT YOUNU H.OHICNl'K KICK u:\vis STONK —In— "Sworn Enemy" INSURE NOW With ROY ANDERSON anil Company Tire, Tornado, Accident I us urmu'o — ' ""'-j-^=S' ~ Europe is in » bad state and the licit. Song, "Where He Leads Me." Devotional, Mrs. Lula Goodlctt. Prayer. Mrs. F. P. Citty. What is a Friend?, Willie Stuart. Vocal duet, "What a Friend," Mrs. F. P. Citty and Mrs. G vhole worlrl is dominated by fear. 'eople do not ho|7C any more, thc.Vj.V Smith. A poem. "Speaking jiilv fear. - Bernard M. Baruch, Amer- Krieivls." Mrs Hush Jones. can financier. "Mutiny on (lie Bounty" Sunday r J M % M DOUIU.K SHOW HOOT GIBSON "SUNSET RANGE" DON TERRY 'Dangerous Adventure' "Souls at Sea" Sunday at the— —ONE SHOW— TONITE "VARSITY SHOW" L AUNDRY $5.00 Down Harry W. Shiver Plumbing'-Electrical PHONE 259 Dr. Manton Wilson's Travels, a letter to Mrs. J. S. Wilson, of Columbus read by Mrs. H. O. Stuart. Dr. Wilson, .son of Mrs. J. S. Wilson, i.s doinj, I wonderful work in a leprosy colony ii Korea. 1 A playlet. "The Unveiling of tin Moslem Women." After the clo.se of the program two entertaining games were played. Mrs Aulrey Sniead won the prize in thi "Know Your Cars" contest. To deter mine Ihe efficiency of the group il 'wo.'iriitK the pant.s' in Ihe bnusehoU in a case of necessity, the member chose three young women to dress ii man's full regiihn. All three contest ants proved themselves handsomi youths, but Willie Smart was volec the handsomest. Delicious ice cream and cake wa served after the games. Thcie were several out of town vis ilors and two ntw members presen '1 In next meeting will be in the hum of Mr.-. Chas. Locke, October 5. Ci'lainur i.s a phoney .state of mind. I hale ^l.'iimi'uii.s [X'ople; they annoy me for the simple reason they are kidding themselves and expect everyone to Weekly Sunday School Lesson By WM. E. GtLROY, D. D. Editor of Advance Christian Sonshlp Text: I John 3:1-6, 18-2-1 From the far-off scene of the early ifc of Israel, we return now to a hrce-monlhs' course of studies in 'he Christian life, based on various pa-sages in the New Testament. We have seen how the great and oasic moral and spiritual principles emphasized and illustrated in the early history of Israel and in the leadership of Moses have applied to our own time. But in this leasson on Christian sonship we have a striking illustration of the way in which Ihe New Testament fulfills tine Old and goes beyond its teaching in lifting us lo a higher plane of vision and privilege. We ought, of course, to remember always the words of Jesus, that he had come not to destroy, but to fulfill. In many respects, his teaching and his emphasis alike were new. Where moral leaders of early Israel had said, "An eye for an eye, and a toolh for a looth," in itself some real progress in justice from real progress in justice from the blind vengeance eardrums. A slugola, in the lalets lingo to establish itself firmly in the radio broadcasting sludios, is a gag or joke lhat jerks the victim into the last stage of collapse before sudden death from laughter. It is Ihe one which, in old vaudeville parlance, rolls Ihem in Ihe aisles. It starts with a thunderous guffaw rips off into rocking gale that cause; the viclim lo do a sltinding-jack-knife sprawl on Ihe floor, and recover minutes later between hiccoughs and gasps for breath. Gauging "Horsepower" Slugola is the seventh word in the dictionary of hurnor which radio come dians, gag writers and stooges have evolved to describe the laugh-produc ing qualities of a joke. This technical jargon of the clowns according to such masters of the craX as Jack Pearl, Fred Allen, Jack Ben ny, George Burns and Gracie Allen, i the result of 10 years of steady re finement. It grew out of the necessity of an alyzing audience response to radio jokes and situalions. Il is now quite common for henchmen of the jesters to sit inside the radio control booths and jot down on the scripts the "horsepower" of each witlicism, Ihere being one "horsepower" ascribed lo each of Ihe seven stages. The result is obtained from the visual and audible reactions of the studio audiences. The Seven Stages The technical terms, according to a standing commillee of comedians at the National Broadcasting conipanay studios, are as follows: 1. Stiff. The only negative term in the list, it describs a bust, a flop, a complete failure. The audience response is a dead pan face and utter silence. 2. Soso. This two-horsepower gag, if successful, wipes the scowls off Ihe faces in the audience, puts the listeners in a kindly, more receptive mood 3. Lamlaff. It produces the first Butler 'Tells' on Mrs. Joyce All are urged to coine and enjoy that would demand a life for a toolh, neso mcelings. The pastor extends r a life for an eye, Jesus had said, "I special invitation to all of Iho hurches to attend and help in these evival efforts. Services Friday night al 7:45. James R. Walsh, Pastor GARRETT MEMORIAL Eld. Hollls A. Purtle, Pastor 8:45 Sunday school. G:45 B. Y. P. T. C. 2.30 Monday, Ladies Auxiliary. esson will be the Hth, 14th, 15th and fith chapters of Proverbs. 7:30 mid-week prayer service Wed- icsday night. The service will be in charge of Mrs. Clifton Booth. HOl'E GOSPEL TABERNACLE Bert Webb, Pastor Further improvements have rcccnt- y made in the Sunday school rooms o lake care of the recent promotions Ihe school. Competent Godl> teachers are in charge of all classes; you will profit by attending the Tabernacle Sunday School next Sundaj and every Sunday. The pastor will speak at bolh Ihe morning worship service and the even ing evangelistic service on Sunday. Children's church and Christ's Am- ba.ssadors meet at 6:45. Spend an enjoyable hour Sunda} night at the Tabernacle, il is Hope's Full-gospel center. FIRST PIIESBYTEUIAN CHURCH Rev. Thomas Brcwster, Pastor hehevo they're not.—Gary movie M.ir. Cooper, f-'moke from a burning field of IHHSUII ivj will irritate the eyes, and even wind-blown pollen of the ivy plant is poi.sunnus. We m a k t yoan smart, /athionab /*, remove all soils, dirt& wrinkle* by dry cleaning. PHONE 385 HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters SEE US J* For KcflnJsliiiitf T »J Bed Rooms Suits and Ice Boxes »J £ 0. K. Body Shop »'1Q15 S. Ebu (Old Hgh. " £ M. M. MOUOAN T. B. Billingsley Will Sell One Carload of Young Fillies Tuesday, Oct. 5 At Sutton & Collier's Sale Barn Auctioned Off to Highest Sunday school will be held Sunda; at the regular time, 9:-15, but our Rail; da yexercises have been |>ostpone< until the following Sunday, Octo ber 10th. Morning Service 10:55. Night Service 7:50. Meeting of the Woman's Excculis Board Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock Midweek prayer service Wednes week of the 4th also has been post-d until the third week in October. unto you thai you resisl nol evil." He taught men to love their enemies, vhere in the ancient story enemies vcre only o be fought and cast out, r killed. Bui Jesus did nol give Ihis new cm- ihasis and leaching as a denial of the >ld; rather it was a fulfillment bring- ng up the ancient teaching to a high- •r plane and a higher light. There is he justice thai measures tc reward of :vil exactly according lo the amount if evil done, but there is also the jus- ice that is patterned after the mercy ind grace of God. H is Ihis higher element of mercy and forgiveness that we have brought to light in the conception of the Christian life. We have had a lesson from the life of Israel on the need lhat a nation las for religious homes. Here this old matter of home and family life is lifted up into a divine atmosphere. The writer of this lesson calls on us to behold "what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the children of rod." Could there be anything higher or more sublime than thai men are Ihe children of n loving and gracious falh- er, who really cares for them, and whose love and grace become the example and pattern for Iheir own altitude and their dealings with one another? Here we have not only a fine and beautiful teaching concerning family was holding its own; 49.9 per cent said religion is losing ground. The sermon Sunday morning discusses some possible reasons for this state of present day religious feeling. The sermon is the firsl of a scries of Ihrec on "The Five Year Program of Advance." Every member of Ihe church should hear Iho complete series. The evening sermon, in a service lasting one hour only and beginning day 7:30 p. m. i promptly at 7:30 p. m., is an evange- The Mission Study scheduled for the j i isl j c message, "A Personally Conducted Journey." It is based on ohn 14:16, "And I will pray the I'ather, and He will give you another Advocate tor Helper or Champion or slages of a smile. The listener is amused. 4. Titlah-ma-lillah. Provokes broad smile or grin which any moment may break into a laugh. 5. Hupcha-di-bupcha. This one causes rhythmic, rippling laughter. 6. Belly punch. The gag or joke lhat draws the well-known belly- laugh, that convulsion that starts in the midriff and emerges from the larynx in jerky but generous yawps. The seventh and epitome of all radio humor is Ihe slugola previously defined. The aim of all ether funslres is lo avoid Ihe sliff. Two sliffs in succession, it has been discovered, create an unfavorable attilude in an audience which will ruin an entire program. The perfect program is continuous lamlaff, sprinkled with a few belly punches and garnished wilh al leasl Iwo siugolas. Says Income Taxes May Be Increased Middle Income Bracket: May Be Raised, Says Representative WASHINGTON — Representative Celler (Dem. N. Y.) said after a conference Thursday with Roswell Magi! that the Treasury undersecretary "spoke of increasing taxes in some o the middle income brackets." Celler. in company with Morris S Tremaine, New York state comptroller called on Magill to urge revision of the capital gains and undistributed profits taxes. Tremaine said Magill gave them the impression "the Treasury i.s interested in getting in sufficient revenue. "It wants taxes for revenue to pay the cost of government, and not for punitive purposes," Celler added. He said Magill did not detain the brackets on which increases might be sought. U was his understanding that Magill had in mind the possibility of tax increases with reference to both individuals nnd corporations. The "perfect butler" employed by attractive Mrs. Nelle M. Joyce, above, came to the aid of her husband, James Stanley Joyce, below, millionaire Chicago lumberman and former husband of oft-married Peggy Hopkins Joyce, in the divorce suit Mrs. Joyce brought against him. In a deposition Joyce filed, the butler, Walter Nohl, accused Mrs. Joyce of trysts with men other than her husband. Building Activity Is Reported in Ozan Area With the coming of autumn Ozan continues its building program begun carty in the summer. Mrs. Chlora ;itly is having her home covered with composition roofing and all of the exlerior parts painted. The work is mproving the attractiveness of the -tome, located direclly in line with the main street. checks fififi Malarja If til I in 3 days VVV Colds Liquid, Tablets Salve, Note Drops first day Headaches, 30 minutes. Try "Rub-My-Tism" World's Best Liniment mazing Owe- Wire It's Got That REAL OLD COUNTRY BEER FLAVOR And it's made right here in America by old time master brewers who learned how across the ocean. EoxDeLuxe Beet is leisurely brewed add expertly lagered under uniform temperature co ntrol until aged to the peak of perfection.' That's why Fox De Luxe gives you real bid country goodness : : t with a rich, creamy collar and a mellow tasty flavor that makes every ~ glass a drink of delight. It's so fine in 'quality that it won FIRST PRIZE at the Brussels, Belgium Exposition in competition with the, world's best beers. One taste will con* vince you it is the real thing in old country flavor. Try it. Get a supply from your dealer today. 12-OZ. STEINIES Han d y short necked bottles easily stored in refrigerator. EtECTRl pone- FIRST CHRISTIAN V. A. Hammond, Pastor Every member of the Bible School should be present Sunday morning for two reasons. The day begins a new quarter, and a date is to be selected for our annual Rally Day. Supt. Donald Moore is urging all teachers and officers to be present on time. In a session of the Workers' Council Monday night Mrs Ernest Graham was elected head of the primary department, with Miss Ruth Dickinson as assistant. Mrs. V. A. Hammond was elected asxislanl teacher for the Busy Bees and the pastor was elected aj- teacher for the new Younk People's class, formed by combining the Loyal and the- Trojan classes. A new system of records and class reports was adopted. The morning sermon, following a communion service to which all Christians are invited, is on "Spiritual Witchcraft." It frankly surveys the reason for the apparent decline in the influence of the church today. A survey made some months ago by the magazine "Fortune," in which the question was asked 4500 religious leaders of America, "In religion in America gainuig or losing ground?" brought the fojipwing consensus of judgment 24.8 per cent said it is gaining; 1.3 pel cent said it has no influence; 6.8 per cent did not know; 17.2 percent said if World's cheapest most effective livestock fence. Controller plugged into light socket or battery gives wire harmless kick. Livestock won't over or under it. We prove it. SAVE SO', IN FENCING COST Save wire. Save posts, use stakes. No gates, use snap. 'No tip-keep cost except about lOc monthly for electricity for one to 200 acres. 30 day trial. Ask for Free Demonstration F. L. PADGITT, Agent, Hope. Strengthened to be forever with you —the Spirit of truth." A companion text is John 15:15, "No onger do I call you servants, because a servant does not know what his master is doing; but 1 have called you friends, because all that I have heard :rom the Father I have made known ,o you." Come to the evening service and invite others to come with you. There is not much excuse for any Christian driving to church with a car filled to capacity. Bring some- ixxly with you. The Missionary Society will meet Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs Tom Kinser. Mrs. W- L. Carter is pro- life, but we have the revelation of the very highest ideal. The test of the reality of this son- si.ip of God is whether we have in ourselves toward others the love that God has for us. Ihe 10 commandments are not lost out of our lives, nor are they weakened but they are lifted up into this great positive higher commandment, "that we should believe m the name of Jesus Christ, and love one another." This is God's commandment, but it is first of all God's way of dealing with Herndon-Cornelius Burial Association Office at HOPE FURNITURE COMPANY Hope, Ark For Safe Proteclion Cull for agent—Phone 5, 56!, 227 gram leader and Mrs. J. F. Porter- J \f-;~- —r .- The Best in Motor Oils Gold Seal 100% Penn., qt 25c The New Sterling Oil, qt. 30c Tol-E-Tex Oil Co, East 3rd, Hojx -4. pen Day & Nite > **^*^***^*^*^»^*"*' r ^ r '*l I Cobb's Radio Service 5 E B C A Radio Tubes = = Evcrcady Batteries s = Expert. Rcpahr AVork S =Phono 383 208 So. Elm= Orville W. Erringer Hope. Ark. Representing Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositors Corp. field is co-hostess. All the ladies of the church are invited and urged lo attend. The October meeting of the official board of the church will be held Sunday afternoon at 2:30. The fall program for the church will be discussed, with particular reference to the part of the local church in the brotherhood's | J "Five Year Program of Advance." All j members of the board are especially urged to attend this program planning meeting. Our sentence sermon: "It does not pay to go to church in the morning if wu are planning to go to the devil in the evining."—Chas. M. Sheldon. Think thnl through. GOVERNMENT COTTON LOANS See Us McFADDEN&OATES FRANK NOLEN AGENT Distributed By JAX SALES CO, Main St. Phone Nashville, Arfc. t? 8-OZ, CANS The newest thi ng in can n e d beer Holds just u handy glassful. V4-GALLON DRAUGHTIES Full 32-oz. bottle in convenient family size. Contains 5 iull glasses. PETER tOX aREVP CO.. CHICAGO

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