Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 30, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 30, 1937
Page 4
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PAGE /otm HOPE STAR, HOPS2, ARKANSAS Thursday, September 30, 1037, More You ftell. the Yrfu Sell" RATES One ttna«—2e word, minimum 30e Htfise-. ttoes—3M£c woid, mln. 5<te Six times—6c word, minimum Me One month (26 times)— 18c word, minimum $2.JJ Kates are for continuous Inset* tlons only. In making word count, disregard classification name such aa "For S«at," "for Sale," etc.-thls is tee. Bat each Initial or name, or com- Jtete telephone number, counts as a full word. For example: FOB BENT—Three-room modern furnished apartment, with garage* Close In. Bargain, J. V. Blank, phone 9999. Total, 13 words, at 2c word, 3*e for one time; at 3hc word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTE: All widen placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation at bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience tt R. Segnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf Don't sleep on knots. Let us build you a new mattress or rebuild the old one. HEMPSTEAD COUNTY MATTRESS SHOP, 712 West Fourth, Phone 853-J. Paul Cobb. 23-6tc For Rent FOR SALE—Now is the time to so\v oats. We have the best seed you can buy. Ferguson No. 922. Re^cleanecl tested, 50 cents per bushel. Sow oni and n half bushels per acre—it's plen ty. ffope Brick Works. 29-6tc FOR SALE — One master Edisoi Phonograph, with Victor attachment First class condition, best assortmen of records both Edison and Victor Price reasonable. Mrs. D. T. Chamberlain, 717 South Main. Phone 315. 30-3t Found FOUND—Purse, Call at Hope Star. contains money 24-6tc FOUNI>—Two keys on small ring Owner may claim by paying for this notice. 23-3tclh FOUND—Key ring with eight keys Owner may claim by paying for this notice. 27-3tdh. Lost LOST: Black mare mule, with white mouth, weight 900 pounds. See James Brown. Fulton, Ark. 28-3tp Notice NOTICE—Red Lake four miles South Last of Fulton, Arkansas, is closed to he use of Seines. Trammel and Gill s. Arkansas Game and Fish Com- nission. s 30-3tc FOR RENT—Close in. desirable furnished or unfurnished apartments, private baths, continuous hot water, utilities paid. 413 South Main. 29-3tp FOR RENT—Two nice apartments modern, just outside of city or Rocky Mound Road. L. C. Summerville. Phone 8-6J. A pasture for cow. 30-ltp FOR RENT—Two large unfurnished rooms. 423 South Hervey. 30-ltp FOR RENT—5 room furnished apartment with private bath and garage, in my home. J. A. Sullivan, 404 North Main. 30-tfc Today's Answers to CRANIUM CRACKERS OUR BOARDING MOUSE, With Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY Questions on Page 1 1. The authors are: Harriet Beecher Stowe, James Fenimore Cooper. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Bess Steeter Aldrich, Edgar Allen Poe. 2. The plural of macaroni is macaronis. The others are the same in singular and plural. 3. The Atlantic borders on all states named except Pennsylvania. 4. Edam cheese is reversed to "made." 5. The house at 619 Crow street faces east. WANTED—Four or five-room house to rent.. Apply to Mr. Hill at county agents office. 28-6tp FOR RENT—One four room house, one-three room apartment, Magnolia Addition. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. Telephone 1638-11. 28-6tc For Sale FOR SALE—Stoves, heaters, bedsteads, all kind used Furniture. Used Furniture Co. 3rd and Hazel, Hope, Ark. 15-26tc FOR SALE: Residential property, 92x225 feet, Southeast Corner Hervey and Avenue C. Box 1503, Shreveport, La, 22-14tp. FOR SALE—New sorghum molasses in new buckets, high grade. 55 cents per gallon. Call at office of Hope Star. 27-15-dh. FOR SALE—All porcelean $310. nine foot Fridigaire, slightly used. Ideal for home or cafe. Will sacrifice for $110.00 cash. Phone 855. 28-3tc FOR SALE—1936 I's-Ton Truck in good condition. See F. J. Gordon, 912 East Third street. 30-3tp. FOR SALE—Bermuda and Johnson grass, this week only at 12 and 15 cents, at Tom Carrel Mule Bam. 29-3tp RIGHT? Want It Printed We'll have a printing expert call on you, and you'll have an economical, high quality job. Whatever your needs, we can serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY "Printing That Makes an Impression" HAW, M'DI=AR, SHE WAS ALWANS is WHBRE HEATftt? VDU TO VISIT SHE . MEMTIOK/ IS THIS THE SAME OWE WHO SAVS TWAT ALLTH6 HOOPLES ARE AKJD WHO ALWAYS A SO SHE £AW CLIMB DOWN OUt OF THE TREES? FAVORITE SISTER AKJC? RAISED ME— SHE TALkSHT ME ALLTHE "FINE • PRINCIPLES UPOKI WHIdH *L BUILT MVC3REAT SUCCESS AND CHARACTER/ THE MEWS TO By WILLIAMS SH£ KEEPS FLIFPIM' IT BACK, ALL TH' TIME- -w t DID YOU HELP IT 1WTO THE IWVSWE.LL ) WHAT'S HIS INKWELL DOIM 1 OPEN? WE AREN'T MOW- f M Pf C U •; P*T, OFT" COPR 17,i; BY Nt* StRViCE I^C BOI2M THIRTY VEAC.S TOO .7 .(7 vVl l.' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES The Very Idea! By MARTIN ALLEY OOP &ooW. HE GOOLOK>'T EO v\t TWt V OOO r Martyred Maid NOBODY'S LOOK.IM a,ST IS CL.EAE IIS.VEESIOM An All-Round Mystery COPR. 1937 BY ftEA SERVICE. INC. T. M REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. ^AIMT MO TIME TO ™P AK.V m 1 6ET TOLJ6HI WE ' RE OOPAKJ GU7.S |U A ccrrT' THPY THEY'RE Giviiil !£&, ?C^GET By HAMLIN WASH TUBES THE OMLV THING THAT SAVES US ,, IS, IT WAS SO PAEKTMEV /^ A GlGL, DIDM'T UECOCbW'.ZE AMV OF f V'SAY? MY GOSH, U5...BUT I LEAEWED THAT, / WHO?? WE'VE GOTTA STEADA U5 CHASIM' OME. V FIN ? OU J FO P E THEM GUVj WE. WERE CHASlKi' >-- CjUV5 DO « TWO-AN' OME OF "MEM VA* A GIRL. 1 m. Closing In / i . 1Q37 DY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M, REG. U. S. PAT. QF By CRANE HORIZONTAL 1 France's heroine, pictured here. 8 To fawn. 12 Ready. 13 Mover's truck. 14 Sound of sorrow. 16 Father. 17 Myself. .18 To mako lace. 19 To affirm-. 20 Portion of mouth. 21 Fence bar, 23 Told an untruth. 24 Grazed. 25 Rabbit. 27 Intolerant person. 29 Greek letter. 30 Month. 31 To combine. 32 Musical note, 33 Coin. 34 Ascends. 35 Night birds. 36 Wood demon. 37 Avenue. 39 Ell. Answer to Previous Puzzle R_W;AYUELJH A A K OM R A Gl|A L Ai|P L O PC, ooBTsirc.a'E'c i •£ isMA D iS.L ; E 5 EI Ulf IATJPTAC R I ! Y MT E'DMj iS • E_ iSlNTE PIP! E 'R iA^A|E ^BHI T E:: P.E R "^*"**" -l ^ l J Q i A k. ifr\ A • K i; A^HTc /^\ 1 H MlAlRll iTTrTM'ET~lS T u!XX T T:Ej5 40 Plural pronoun. 41 One that yodels. 42 To slip sideways. 45 To help. 46 House cat. 47 Once more. 49 Males, 50 Beverage. 51 Sanctions. 52 To scorch. 54 She was called the "Maid of 15 Guided. 18 Cravat. 19 Sloth. 20 One skil:ed in law. 22 Constellation. 24 Crowning ornament, 25 She was tried for . 26 To restrain. 27 She was —*• at the stake. 28 Examined. 30 Affray 55 She led the 33 To «use to French famt •™^~~»s suocpss* ^y'S fully in battle. „„ experience. 38 Drunkard. VERTICAL 40 To flinch. 1 To crush. 42 Perched. 2 To work. 43 Caress. 3 Preposition. 44 Within. 4 Egg-shaped, 45 Pertaining 5 Obese. to air 6 Form of "a." 48 Aeriform fugi 7 Cavern. 49 Insane. 8 Auto. 50 Toward. 9 Bone. 51 Note in scalf. 10 Mineral. 52 Plural. 11 Knock. 53 Hour. SPEAK UP, YOU GUVS! PO VOU WANTA WORK FOR A FRIZZLE -HEAPEP, FOOL- WOMAN, OR WHY, WE WANTA 1 ) OF WORK. FOR VOU,/COURSE — -J WE <^X 5 ' THEN PO AS 1 SAY, WE'LLU PUT THIS KELTON PAME ON THE SPOT, SEE. SHE HASN'T A DIME TO HER, NAME. Vv'Eui-yMrSS, SINCE VOU PISCHARGEP \ WE QUIT' WE ME, VOU CAN PAY UP MV CONTRACT I DEMAND SIX TO THE TUNE OP $2,8^0. ^-/ WEEKS'BACK -./ \^ WAGES, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THERE EES A LEETLEA GRAND TOTAL*.' ITEM, SlGNOP.iTA, OF 45,R4r)' $1,800 DUE ON THE ^ »="O1^. MORTGA&E TODAY, y/,- SOOD HEAVENS'. Two Heads Are Worse Than One By BLOSSER THAH,.,,THEy WUPQED ME OFF THE TEAM SOOM AFTER THEY SLICED YOU ! I WOHDER WHO SNITCHED SO THEY GOT YOU TOO, EH? FRECK M C GOOSEY, IF YOU ASK ME!HE WAS THE OWE WHO SAW US MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE THAT'S V/HAT I FIGURED, TOO ! SAY WOULDKI'T IT BE TOO BAD IF HE COULDW'T PLAY THIS YEAP .' HESTHE BIG SHOT, YOU KkfOW....AKID v/rrwouT HIM IKJ THE LIWE- THEY MIGHT IKIVITE US BACK .' WHAT DO YOU MEAKI r? < • X TWIWK HE GOT-US IKTTO TWIS....AWD rr WOULD JUST BE TERRIBLE IF WE DIDWT DO SOMETHIMQ ABOUT FT ! MAVE YOU THOUGHT OF THAT ? o ; BUT I'M \WILLIWG ~ro HELP YOU TWIMK ABOUT IT J AH...! SEE YOU'BE ALL READV FOP. YOUB. OPEEATIOKJ... DOCTOe, aASOM.YOL) WILL ADMirOISTEB-THG AWE&THETIC. WOC.TH WILL ASSIST- WITH 1HE IMS7E.U- MEMTS- A Rush Call for Von Boden By THOMPSON AND COWL. 7«S VOW BODEM RAISES HIS 4. 1 AAASHS IMTO PLACE.. HE CASTS. A SEARCMIW& GIAMCE AT DB JASOM. VOU MAY FIWD PAG.7S OF THIS PGOCeDURE QLK7E ADVAMCED, DE. JASOM-- BUT 1 BE GLAD TO EXPLAIM THE FIWE POIMTS. LATEI2. LOOK.' THERE'S SOMEOME OUTSIDE- THE WIWDOW- HEY, DOC.' C'A/IE RE-I GOTTA SEE VA RIGHT AWAY.'

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