Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 9, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1934
Page 2
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TWO Hope It' Star HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS fc- .. ° f*****, Deliver Thy Herald< From False Report! ev«y week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co.. incT ^ star buudlna 212 - a __ _ .C. E. PALMER, President »• WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher Knitted u second-jclffiss matter at the postoffice at Hope. Arkanrai ........... Under the Act of March 3, 1897. High Voltage '" Your Health By DR. MORRIS FJSHBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and of Hygela, the Jiealth Magazine Keep Your Baby's Skin Free . Prom Irritation - .. M.-^r -«J_™ .- • - ----- ^**~'; _^ WLDREN gy Olive Robertsarton , Your baby's skin requires careful dally attention to keep it clear from prickly heat and other irritations. "Interritb," 'is the scientific term for a particularly irritating condition view nf which occurs between the folds of the ' skin or where two skin surfaces are in contact This occurs mostly in hot •weather. Drive For Safer July 4 Should Be Started Now wearoer. T --snunus u campaign in -' Sometimes the irritation is due to! ™fv *?. put an end to Juj y Fourth wearing too much clothing. Noma-i w ns ', II is alw «ys too late, days , however, most, parents have' t £ use teUln S Jodnny or his dad learned that it is quite satisfactory U? ,?. awaLy from the cir cus after babv to fro ahnnt. in .-, h=+hir,r,; :. ne ca J'i°pe has started to toot. It is nr aftermath of the K ' ° n6 C3n *** a calmer ."^-among them fireworks l un £ g the excited days pre„ £ lg . ev ? nt No UEe beginning a campaign in Political Announcements The Star is authorized to announce he following ns enndidntes subject to li il 1 ° f tho Democratic primary election August 14, 1934. For State Senator (20th District) JOHN L. WILSON Vot Sheriff OEORQE W. SCHOOLEY W. AUBRY LEWIS CLARENCE E. BAKER J. E. (JIM) BEARDEN County & Probnto Judge H. M. STEPHENS County & Probate Clerk RAy E. M'DOWELL JOHN W. RIDGDILL Tax Assessor MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEABi R. L. (LEE) JONES C. C. (CRIT) STUART Road Overseer IDeRotin Towtishlp) E. L. SULLIVAN L. S. MAULDIN FRED A. LUCK . SIDE GLANCES By George Clark THIS , CURIOUS WORLD % for the baby to go about in a bathing ! f u S Ca - •— — "«"•• " '= . suit, a sun suit, or just a pair of over- I t tT SSme ng with fire works after alls. Children are not bundled up as i , ey . are on the st ands. If we want 1 they used to be. ."'-.- [ ? 0 c £ an S e the character of next Fourth .Even with very light clothing, how- !'" year , 1935> the time to begin is ever, some children will develop rash ' Jr ea T S an accider >ts in 1934 - on the skin. The ordinary heat rash j %*** do , ub . 1( f th ose of 1933, and four , is not serious. This may be treated s what they wero ^ W32. by washing the skin with a mixture Some Extra Dangerous of one part vinegar" and five parts There seems to be something wrong water. The skin then is dried, pow- here. Just what, it is hard to say dared with ordinary clean talcum but one thing have observed myself' - powder or powdered corn starch. The innocent-looking "«hS? : H, however, the rash is more than ! cracker, as it used to be called is no '£? ^T"?^ h 'f * P?' y ° U S ^ UM .' IOnger Indictable. Instead of' con- not try to treat it at home without taining a bit of gunpowder, some of advice of a physician. the smallest seem to be loaded wHh Due to the fad for sunlight, many ! TNT or at least dynamite, children nowadays are exposed to too j .-•,,_ ;„„*„„ T i. ,• . • much sun and their, skiJ; burn seri- I aU a£n B fT^ ' T' if T rth ously. You should expose your child i ? S ' y ? g m ° thcr bought a to the sun gradually, Tminute or two I fT «n°««>t-lookmg gadgets out of back and front the first day gradu- ' Vu on a , stor f jeounter that remind- ally increasing the time up to five ' v f old-fashioned torpedoes. minutes front and.back by the third Y ° U lemember-litUe paper bags the or fourth day. After the-tan is fairly •well 'developed, the child may play about in the sunlight for longer periods. You might try rubbing the skin •with an oil, like olive oil or any of the oiled preparations recommended for the skin. This will permit the size of a hickory nut, filled with pebbles and a cap. They were practical- "Something the same," said the. man, "only you light them at the top' instead." There is no doubt that he didn't know what he was selling. Need Selling Restrictions She put one in the end of the sand- skin to become well tanned and cap- , put °" e ln the end of * e sand able of withstanding sunlight. ^ , and Ut U ' then turned to pull Far too many city parents do not her little boy aside. Lucky she did. realize the danger of oversunning. " bl ^ w the end off the box, a hole in | They take the family along on a short ;r e bottom and sht >t the sand across vacation hi the country or to the sea- ,, yar shore and the children are badly y cntlclsm is not with fireworks, burned the first day, so that the rest ' the kind made and Eold to cl "'l- of the vacation is ruined. dren that co "'ain death and injury in Once upon a time bathing weekly their murd «°"s jackets. If adults or less frequently was also a custom j want to set Ulem off - th =y Q t least SOUTH AMERICAN HONEY BEES THEY DRIVE OFF AN INTRUDER BY SWAR/AING INTO HIS" EYES, NOSE, EARS, AND HAIR.. AND CRAWLING UNDER. HIS CLOTHING. KlTCH Hew to Utilize Sour Milk In Your Baking—Common Sodn Neutralizes Acidity BY MARY E. DAGUE NBA Service Slaff Writer .Many women write askilng how to use sour milk in baking. Well, milk hat ha sjust turned will need a small amount of soda to neutralize it and enough baking powder to leaven the mixture, or in other words, to make Nowadays, at least a daily bath is recommended for most persons. You need not be afraid of more frequent bathing during hot weather know they are fooling with danger. Where are inspectors of fireworks? Where are labels that give the true character of contents? Where are the -AN UPRIGHT LINE APPEARS LONGER. THAN A HORIZONTAL ONE OF EQUAL. LENGTH, BECAUSE IT REQUIRES MORE EFPOR.T TO ELEVATE THE EYES THAN TO ' MOVE THEM FROM SIDE TO SIDE. . PITCH OF A QELL CAN BE EITHER. RAISED OR. ZOU/iSQfiO BY TRIMMING THE A\ETAU AWAV. weaer. A bath morning and evening with i laws that prohibit promiscuous sell- additional sponging and bathing during the day is helpful to keep cool, and will prevent skin irritations. Rubbing with alcohol after the bath, and powdering all surfaces where there is irritation will serve to avoid prickly heat Sometimes it is difficult to sleep at night during the hot weather, and ing to children? As for inspection, it begins with the making. Fireworks are dangerous, but defective fireworks are worse. One time i set off two large pinwheels. The third I lighted in the same way. It blew up in my face with a terrible explosion, and what saved my eyes, goodness only knows. jugiu auring me not weather, and ""••-" '"J =.r», svuuneaa umy Knows children become cross and irritable I * was 3 uite black, and badly burned, from lack of sleep. A daily nap in I Next year wil1 tlle casualty list be the open air protected by mosquito ! double d again? Certainly so unless the open air protected by mosquito netting and umbrellas will serve to keep the child's temperature on an even scale and avoid a good deal of irritation in the home. restraint is used. Our lethargy toward fireworks has assumed the proportions of crime. _ GLORIFYING YOURSELF Heard A Bird Talk—Then He Was . Killed—German Dies Mysteriously In This Murder Tale y Alicia Hart If you have the kind of hair that • can stand it, by all means go in for make the curls yourself. Just get some inexpensive metal gadgets for rolling the hair, available at most stores, put the hair up at bedtime and by morning you'll have curls that will be the envy of your friends. Co-eds Like Them This is an especially nice hah- dress for the college girl who dreams of going back to school with everything new and different to surprise the crowd. Don't forget, though, that if hair is to be worn this way, it must be always soft as silk and beautifully clean. Otherwise the effect will be lost, bnampoo the curls at least once every two weeks. If your scalp is in the least inchned toward dryness, rub in hot olive oil and leave on over night. After the shampoo, rinse with lemon juice, taking care to finish off with clear, cool water quality and condition 1.25 to ., few fine quality and condition higher! This is last report for season. CANDOR, N. C. Warm, showers, Haulings moderate. Good wire inquiry. Demand good, market slightly stronger. Carloads f.o.b. usual terms and cash track Elbertas US No. 1 bu baskets 2 in min and larger 1.50 to 1.60. Peach Prices F. OB shipping point information reported for Tuesday, August 1. NASHVILLE, Ark. Hot" fa£, hauling heavy. Good wire inquiry. De By BRUCE CATTON . . „ American engineer, strolling in a: the carefully casual arrangement of ... & .._<,,.,. uuou Wlre mau j rv n German town, is approached by a nice : httle soft curls a" over the head that mand good market steadv Ca'rln H« old man who tells him, very puzzled, is the perfection of artful artlessness. I i.o.b. cash track and usual term-El that a sparrow just spoke to him. The | A fe w lucky girls are blessed with' bertas US No. 1 bu baskets 2 in min nice old man repeats his odd story' the kind of hair that, left to itself, j 1.35 to 1.50. Commercials ringfaced and then falls dead, a bullet in his vn . il swirl into these seductive ringlets i 80 per cent or more US No. 1 13-4 in heart. Result: American is involved : v '''hout more than a careless brush, min 1.25, poorer packs and grade as in a murder case in which Nazis, ab- [ ^^und the finger. But even v/hen low as 65c. sconding accountants, and pretty mis- ; the hair is naturally wavy, this head- tresses' of rich Germans all seem to I dress usually requires a little artific- play parts. All this occurs in '"The Talking First comes a special short cut in —"••""•"<••>" atur.-n, rnarKet dull Uar- Sparrow Murders," by Darwin L. un <--ven lengths over the head with the ' l ot - no saler reported. Truckers taking —* "" • - • • back Inpk-c- I«.ft Inr-.w if. *U« 1. rm i mr,t t~f nrr\*-i ^'nri nn . r-,,. CLARKSVILLE, Ark. Hot and clear Haulings light. Moderate wire inquiry Demand moderate for large stock and slow for small stock, market dull Car,. , ___ •—' *>.n fe n.o vyw*_i LIIU ueau wiui uiu 4ijfc > *'»-' ^a**-* -ic^uiieu. irucKers taking Teilhet (Morrow: ?2), .and it's as neat bac!t iock s left long in the neck. Then I mot cf crop paying growers Elbertas • - - - - - - if you've had a permanent, you can't US' No. 1 bu baskets 2 in min mostly and entertaining a murder tale you're apt to find all summer. Mr. Teilhet uses an adaptation of j Man at the Window," by Jean Tous- The around 1.20, smaller sizes 60c to 90c CROWLEY RIDGE SECTION: Hot,' clear, haulings moderate, good wire Herby S. Downs Is Assigned to Cruiser NEW ORLEANS, La. —Herby S Downs, son of M. D. Downrf of Hope who entered the U. S. Marine Corps last September at the district office, 535 St. Charles street, New Orleans recently received assignment to the cruiser Richmond, flagship of the Special Service Squadron, now at Fort Everglades, Fla. He is a graduate of Boughton, Ark., High School. Downs completed a course at the training station at Parris Island, S. C. in November, 1933, and was selected' among those most proficient in train ing, for sea duty. He was transferred to the Marine base at Norfolk, Va where he graduated from the sea school. He served for a time on the destroyer Babbitt before receiving his present assignment. Tomorrow's Menu Breakfast: New seedless grapes, cereal, cream, milk waffles with butter and honey, milk, coffee. Luncheon: Chicken broth with rice, sliced tomatoes, sliced bananas with cream, molasses cookies, milk, tea. Dinner: Hot veal loaf, macaroni baked with tomatoes, carrot and rreen pepper salad, blackberry shortcake, milk, coffee. Storks to Meet Tire Nine Friday Victory at Fair Park Will Put Locals in Second Place After a victory march that raised them out of the cellar to third place in the standings, Red McCledon's Storks will attempt to knock off the lexarkana Tiremen here Friday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock. If successful, the Storks will advance from third place to second—putting the birds a half game out in from of the tiremen. Carro.ll Schooley will pitch Friday's game. Out of the last eight games the btorks have won six, lost one and tied on. Tho Tiremen will return to Hope on Sunday afternoon for another game. 1 I 1 it "rise." An eighth of a teaspoon to a quarter of a teaspoon of soda to a cup of slightly soured milk and the usual amount of baking powder called for in the recipe using sweet milk should be used when sour milk is substituted. The acidity of the milk must be considered and when »Kk is thick and definitely sour, the general rule is'to use one-half teaspoon soda for one cup of sour milk and omit one teaspoon cream of tartar or two teaspoons baking; powder from the recipe. Use of Baking Soda Baking soda by itself is not ordinarily to be recommended as a leaven, although it often is used alone and atisfactorily, too, in making ginger brcadr, spice and chocolate cakes and ookios. There's always a question about vhether soda should be used dry and ifted with the dry ingredients or mixed with liquid and added the last hinp before baking. If you mix and ut the dry ingredients thoroughly, epcating the process several times until you are suro that the soda is venly distributed through the flour, foil will find the result satisfactory, f it isn't thoroughly mixed and sift- d you will find tiny brown spots .irough your baked stuff. The pro- dutc will not be light and the brown spots will have a bitter, unpleasant tas-te. When (he soda is moistened in a liquid there's no danger of insufficient mixing although some of the leavening gases escape before they can act on the mixture to be baked. lYIclasrcs Cookies These cookies are made without Full Pint . . . Kitchen Hand Lotion Almond Benzoin and Honey Lotion Latimer's Astringent Dlstlllj.,1 witch Hazel Bay Rum Your Choice 25c each B r i a 11 f s g Store Will Speak to the Voters of Hempstead County In the Interest of His Re-Election to heart disease- beneath the window of mirl , «• ai!h a farm house. That's all right except i *? iV* • ^ that somebody discovers that six olh m "*" ' ut ._.— _, — »^ / ^»^Wi4 »y ** *• inquiry. Demand good, market slightly stronger. Carloads f.o.b. usual terms Elbertas U. S. No 1 bu baskets 2 in and 2 in min £!£ .' ithat staccato, hard-boiled style which j saint-Sa.-nat (LippincoU: $2; -me seems to go so well in. mystery stories.; scene is a French provincial town in His American can't make anybody f which a respected millionaire dies' of believe that the old German told him" *• " • • about a conversation with a sparrow, and when he sticks to his story everybody thinks he's holding back some- i er people have died thing. Hence he comes under suspicion, I The unraveling of thb and before he gets cleared he has a • makes good reading. The- OLMUUUJJ, lot of excitement, drifts out of one j which rings in South / rnerican ruins love affair and into another, and pro- and laca god* is a bit far-fetched, c^^ter^rT'^ThSV^M^e?! vides the reader with a lot of amuse-j bin the tale is pleasantly written and' ate wire inquiry. Demand moderate m %T • . . , . . .„_ _ , j u f Pretty likely to hold your inter- 'market firm, carloads f.o.b. usual You might also enjoy "The Dead j cat throughout. terms and cash track Elbertas US No 1 a HiU sh< ~ et to be Ladies... We have installed a new patented machine that sews on soles. Old fashioned tacks no longer necessary. No advance in pi-ices. Give us a trial. All Work Guaranteed Theo P. Witt Shoe Repair Shop 210 South Main On the Lawn of the First Baptist Church Saturday, August llth, at 2:30 o'clock P. M, "I was thinking: that too—be nice to get home a few days before I go back to work." eggs, and are deliciously old-fashioned, sure to please tho men of the fam- ly. The cookies tire soft and puffy. One-half cup butter, ft cup Inrd or ether shortening, 1 cup granulated ugar, 1 cup baking molasses, % cup our milk, 1 tablespoon ginger, 2 teaspoons soda, 4 1 A cups flour, M> tea- poon salt. An extra amount of soda is used in this rule because of the molasses. Cream shortening and slowly beat i in sugar. Mix and sift flour, salt and ginger. Dissolve 1 teaspoon soda in molasses and add to first mixture. Add half the flour mixture and mix thoroughly. Dissolve remaining teaspoon soda in sour milk and stir into mixture. Mix thoroughly and add remaining flour. Roll on a floured board into a sheet about 3-8 inch thick and cut with a floured cookio cutter. Bake twelve minutes in a moderate oven. NOTICE Drive In.... ! •} } :». . . . to Hope's most completely equipped service station. This station is under new management, whose purpose is to give Hope a real deluxe service station. $500.00 worth of new equipment has been installed to insure your car the full benefits of our certified lubrication service. New Repair Department We take pleasure in announcing that we have just added to our personnel two of Hope's highest class mechanics: Mr. Haral Robberts and Mr, Alonzo Elkins. All work guaranteed. If you want your car repaired by experts—see us! If you want more miles and power per gallon of gas and oil- Buy Esso Essolene and Essolube. "Service h Our Motto" Esso Service Station West Third at L. & A. Tracks '•'4:

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